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Sex Slaves

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We just made this using a well known background and only elements from Madiosi's Crucifixion Construction Kit. 4 girls, 3 flower crowns, 1 bridal collar and 1 chain.
See http://www.cruxforums.com/xf/threads/crucifixion-manipulations-construction-kit.4027/

The three girls up for sale were all virgin sisters and were soon snapped up by Isabella The Insatiable..two for herself and one for her guests.
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Nice Melissa...one could write a very nice little story about that...:rolleyes:


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I've been watching "Marco Polo" on Netflix.
slave0003.jpg This looks the scene where new girls are introduced for try-outs to the Khan's harem.

Not all make the cut!

attentive2her_71a6d1.jpg The Khan's a big man. Likes to be on the bottom. Stay in shape ladies...lots of up and down work on his jade shaft!

gorean-bdsm.jpg How about some "round-eyes" for a little diversity...these look like they'll do!
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I love picture one. She obviously is very embarrassed that hubby is showing her off to all his mates. Or are all the other wives waiting in the wings? Perhaps it's a wife swapping party.
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