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Would you buy a full Crux story?

  • Yes, absolutely! I would like to see the full story, before and after, even for 10$.

    Votes: 193 74.8%
  • No, your free pictures are good enough for me.

    Votes: 64 24.8%
  • No, your work sucks, and I don't even look at it, because I have no taste.

    Votes: 1 0.4%

  • Total voters
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Yes, SJ has too your own private life and job, so we can only patiently waiting for the next chapter. Maybe few months... But i think it will be worth :)
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Deleted member 16320

Sj promised it, so we don't really have to worry about Sarah on the Cross ...
and it is said to be the best and longest crucifixion and execution he has ever done!

but we'll wait for a few more parts ... I'm interested in the fate of Ashley and Sonia, she will definitely die on the cross!
the question is how and when it will be ... it would be interesting if ashley was injured because of sara, or if sah had to force her to execute her herself ..

I'm just looking forward to it!

Praefectus Praetorio

Brother of the Quill
Such is the Will of the Dark Gods! Yet still my Lord Tzeentch wonders whether Chapter 18 is in the works and if it will come before November. He has thus far been pleased with recent chapters and is once prepared to offer a tribute of $10 for the privilege of owning yet another part of the story.
The Praetorian Prefect stands ready to match that tribute to SJ, Elegantiae Arbiter.


Hair and Nails
Honestly $10 for the sheer volume of pages as quality of renders Skating Jesus produces is a steal! I think he may have brought more people on board to this kink than anyone else just from the number of people who enjoy his work on deviantart and elsewhere.

Deleted member 16320

I'm still alive, and I'm working on another way for my future works.

My SuscribeStar account is under construction!:)
so the hell happened
... the deviantart whores really blocked you?! ... so the fucking side is completely boring and uninteresting for me! I'm thinking of sending them some pretty vulgar message what I think of them! does anyone here know about any of their email?
SJ do you already have a new account? and where will you publish your comics in the future? renderotica or other?

Thanks friend!
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