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Skatingjesus's Crux Thread.

Do you like my work about crucified girls?

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Well, I didn't made anything for CF for a while, it would have been a shame if I didn't made anything Top Class stuff before retiring.
You guys deserve some kind of "Grand Finale"! :D

I always have some stuff to test for my future crux works, so I guess I will have something more to post in the future!
Awesome work, particularly Irina #5: the agony, the body contorted, the sweat. . .

Deleted member 16320

Enjoy the following!:)
Sj is overcome!
gorgeous models of girls, amazingly drawn sweaty female body with beautiful breasts and brown nipples
and the details of those nails in the wrists!

I want to see this in the Andaroos executions! just amazing!

the loincloth is great, but I prefer the older models ... how did you get it in the picture of Sarah kneeling by the cross?

there could only be less blood on those acquired legs in the future ... the nail is not very visible ..
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