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Skatingjesus's Crux Thread.

Do you like my work about crucified girls?

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Latest Andaroos, number 18, is fantastic! Such a hot, hot crucifixion scene. I could really put myself in poor Nathy's place. It was especially cool to see the nail points poking through the crossbeam, and the shank of the nail protruding through the bottom of the poor girl's feet. I am a fan of three nails, so I especially appreciate that.

Also, great plot complication with Sonya loose, and looking for Ashley. And, of course, we know the indominable Sarah will be returning! Already, I am eagerly awaiting the next installment.

And, frames 19 through 26..... My goodness, just imagine this saga animated! Be still, my beating heart!
I think this crucifixion is my dream!
I visualize Red Sonja crucified in this way and I turn on! I understand you perfectly! Furthermore, this crucifixion is slower than the Roman one, due to the position of the body. I imagine you see yourself crucified like this in a deserted place. Feeling how the hours pass under a scorching sun, your skin turns red, without even a drop of water, your lips dry, sweat running through you, and of course, after a while various insects appear that run through your naked body. In addition, if you have been whipped previously you will notice the stinging of the whip wounds and how they dry out. It's awful. And the difference with the Roman crucifixion is that by being able to breathe better, the agony lasts even longer.


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Love the shiny dark skinned Emily. Any links to find more of her story ?

Emily has the thousand yard stare of a woman trying to get through the unimaginable ordeal, good luck to her. The others, eyes closed and heads raised, already seem to have their minds fixed on the afterlife.

Nice little loin cloths too, just covering the minimum and leaving a little something for our imagination
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