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Skatingjesus's Crux Thread.

Do you like my work about crucified girls?

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Crucifier of Pixels
The thief must be Dorothy as Emily is a fallen bad empress. or just a rebel depending how you look at her :p
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I second the motion, but have long since reconciled to the fact that a sizable cohort of crux addicts come for the loincloths. :rolleyes:
Wonderful recent images from SJ but I too do so very much wish the crucified were not wearing loincloths. Crucifixions should be completely naked with maximum obscene exposure. Max pain and max humiliation, that's the standard, dadgummit! :D:D I would even prefer nude with ropes over loincloths with nails. Why conceal some of the lovliest bits of a woman.

But great artists, such as SJ, should do what they wish. I respect that. I just tell myself that in these images the women are not permitted by law to be viewed completely nude in public. That include executions too. Might rile up the young men too much. The ladies are entitled to some dignity even under such gruesome conditions.

Perhaps a loincloth is just sexier than being nude? It would be if it were slowly slipping away leaving the poor thing utterly naked.


Hair and Nails

after a long time I talked to SJ and he wrote this off ...

SkatingJesus: Oh, and I'm finishing Andaroos 19, it will be ready next week!

this week!:):popcorn:
C’mon dude, let him be the one to announce it, don’t steal his thunder. It’s been a long time coming.


Honestly the best chapter was 14 ... Inge's death won't beat anything ... I was done with that shock ... Well, I know what you can do in cooperation! Seriously, all honor! I'm already looking forward to my friend!
Inge's death was a great plot element. I just wish she'd been put up next to Erja so they could bitch and taunt at each other in their throes of agony.
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