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The trader orders the item to present itself for further investigation.

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The trader calls out,

"So who is going to take this delicate slender beauty into their possession! "
"I welcome the usual bidders, but I must say I'm pleasantly surprised to see a visitor who has made the long and dangerous travel all the way from the hermit kingdom! "
"Where will she go, I wonder ... consider that once she's gone, she'll be far far away and you'll never see her again! "
"You lost the bidding just because you wanted to save a few lousy coins ... that's a regret that will haunt you till the end of your days!"
"Five hundred dollars? What are you, a bunch of paupers?!?!"

The trader thinks to himself, ...

they have no idea. They only ever see the finished product ... a perfect. unblemished, obedient slave-girl.
... and they never want to think about all the bloody work that goes into it ...
just to get one girl like that on the block for them to buy without having to take a risk in their life.
The scouting, the failed raids, the runaways, the unbreakable spirits you have to crucify ...
... the disappointment when the whole coffle gets the drop-dead fever, and it was all in vain.
It ain't easy being a slaver, I say, the hardest work there is!
... and when they think we can't hear them, they sneer, they look down at us!
And where would their nice and shiny empire be without us? Right down the drain!
Ain't never gonna get respect from them for all the hard work I do ... so I'm gonna go for their money.
At $500 I'm barely breaking even!
Nicer and nicer.....


Angelus Mortis
Staff member
One of the pics has a Cyrillic signature on it that says "Popov"

and when I throw that one at google images it tells me "Victoria Sokolova by Andrey Popov".
Thank you! :) There are indeed a number of images of Ms. Sokolova around the internet. I now have somewhere around 85 images of her to play with in manips.




Stumbling Seeker
"Troubles with a New Purchase..."

"take care slave!
I don't want to see you drop another one of these!
They may not look like much but they are ancient family heirlooms!"

"What is it with you!
Are you trying to ridicule me?
Half my friends already consider me a laughingstock,
... overpaying for a worthless creature like you! Just because of looks!
And the trader doesn't even do buybacks!
now STRIP, and get yourself over there!

Damn it, where in this godawful mess is my whip!?!
At least your hide should be good for laying marks on!!!"
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