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Ummm ... I thought I had been assigned a bottom bunk? :confused:

Figures you'd want to be underneath . . . . it was funny seeing you pop up there :)

part 5



I like how proud and confidently she walks behind her master, while being chained naked with her hands tied behind her back. As a slave, her only attribute is her value as a piece of properthy and her master's willingness to display her and claim her as his own in public with a leash. As a slave who is kept naked and in chains, she has learned to value this, having lost everything else as a free woman, and is quite proud to let her naked breasts jut out on display.
However, this dosn't stop her master from occasionally giving her a sharp tug, stopping her from becoming too confident and proud, and reminding her of her place as a slave. He thinks she looks much better without that proud smirk on her face and instead, struggling to maintain her balance with her breasts bouning up and down.



Here is another slave, obediantly returning home with her errands.
This is a somwhat privilaged slave, being granted shoes so she dosn't have to walk over the sharp gravel barefoot, but still being the only clothing that is appropriate for her. Her leash is always attached to her collar, marking her as an owned piece of properthy, but even so, she is still granted the autonomy and trust to perform her errands.

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