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Slaves at work

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Although us Alpha manikin males here on CF are beyond question capable to fuck a dozen slaves 24/7 into oblivion, there are a lot normal men out there who can´t. So there are a lot of slaves that would idle if they had no meaningful task.
This thread should show them. Please don´t confuse this with wifes being in their natural environment, like kitchen or ironing board.


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8D0A6BA6-6A5E-4CBE-8898-94D8B0D8EBD1.jpeg Cool it with the lash, will ya? Can’t you see I’m trying? :mad:




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Well done Connoisseurs, we've been needing a slavegirl training thread here for a long while -
there are some of us here who appreciate the finer points of subservience,
but others, I'm sorry to tell you, are unteachable ;)
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