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Some crux ideas

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Baron Von Sade

I guess you are referring to my story "The Inquisition Game"? It is true, some of Ashley Lane's works inspired me while writing it, especially the interrogation scene in chapters 8 and 9, which has some resemblance to this Device Bondage scene.
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To honor Miss Lane, I named the story's main character after her (although I changed her last name). And she made it to the cover of the PDF version, too.

I also adore Ashley Lane, because her face and her body are average in the most beautiful way (a weird description, I know). She looks like the girl next door who has her dirty kinky secrets. And her performances are amazing!

Does anyone know if she ever did a crux scene? She starred in a ton of BDSM/bondage movies, there must be something. :rolleyes:
So agree with you on Ashley Lane. Easily one of the best acting and most expressive stars out there for bondage and spanking stuff, and is my dream girl for a crux scene. Her pained face is one of the most beautiful things to be watched.


Amarilis Lozano had been detained for a week. During all that time she was kept naked in a filthy cell and given very little food and water. Those seven days were hell, as she heard the screams and pleas of the detainees who were tortured 24/7. But they would not be as hellish as what awaited her. . . Now it was her turn to scream and plead. Suspended AOH from the ceiling of a foul smelling extremely hot torture chamber she has been beaten and is now subjected to the picana. . .JUNTAKSHARAELECTRO.jpg


All of a sudden it's a new year, so I thought it would be best to revisit the Roman arena. I hadn't done it in a while. All the best in 2021 to everyone.
The civil war is over and the new emperor has ordered the torture and execution of his dead rival's family. . .AGRIPINASTORMENTUM110.jpg


The arena again. My tastes and proclivities were set early, even before adolescence. The Men's Adventure mags got me set for the interrogation, sweat, and torn clothes fetish whether in a past or present setting. The Sword and Sandal Epics plus Biblical themed movies and art got me all set for crucifixion and torments in the arena. Add to that the erotic undertones I perceived in Dracula and the Werewolf and you have the perfect formula for a sick mind and twisted Eros.CROWDPATIBULUM.jpg
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