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Some of my drawings

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I really enjoyed this one. Other than a few missteps because I wasn't paying attention, it wasn't too terribly complicated. And I really like how the postures and expressions turned out. Better than I'd hoped. They both seem truly content and happy, which is exactly what I was going for.


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Post Apocalyptic Story
Chapter Seven pt 2

Goddamnit. 3:00 AM. Alarm clocks were definitely not something that I missed from the ‘civilized’ world. I did not know if it was actually 3 AM. I had stopped using a clock months ago. When I plugged it in, I guessed at the time, and set the alarm. But the clock said 3 AM. And it definitely FELT like 3 AM.

I nudged Cindy awake.

“No. Not now. Too tired,” she mumbled.

I kissed her naked shoulder, then lightly slapped her naked ass. “Time to get up, slavegirl. Come on, before I’m forced to spank your pretty little ass.”

“Promises, promises,” she mumbled. Then, as an afterthought,”...Master.” And then she was stumbling out of bed.

As I was getting dressed, I told her, “I want you to start making some breakfast. Something hot, that smells good.” I thought for a moment. “And you’ll need to get into the emergency coffee stores. I’m gonna need it.”

I pulled her close, and we kissed. It wasn’t a lust-filled passionate kiss. It was familiar, and comforting. I held her for several moments before sending her off with a pat on the ass. I loved that ass.

Several moments later, I was collecting the things I needed and headed to the garage. As I was passing the kitchen, Cindy was putting water on for coffee. I hoped the coffeemaker still worked.

I pushed open the makeshift blanket-curtain and entered the garage. The girl was on her knees, hands above her head, with her head tilted far back. She was asleep, but not comfortably. I was quiet as I set the laptop, power cord, and microphone on the end table. Quietly, I went back and got more supplies: a bottle of aloe vera skin gel, a drill and some long drill bits, an extension cord, and finally, I brought down the dressing mirror from my bedroom. It banged against the door when I brought it in, causing a noise that woke the girl with a start. She jumped lightly at the sound, then quickly adjusted her body to kneel the way I had instructed.

I went about setting up the computer, then moved the mirror behind the girl. I adjusted it so that I thought she could see it in the other mirror, reflecting her red striped backside. Then I went to work drilling into the interior wall.

Back in the kitchen, I asked Cindy if we had any orange juice left, and told her to make a pitcher, and chill it. Then it was upstairs to drill a in hole in my bedroom floor for the HDMI cable. That one took more time and effort than I had anticipated. Floors are a bit thicker and trickier than walls, but I finally figured it out.

Then it was back downstairs, again. Breakfast was almost done. So I gave Cindy final instructions, and started snaking the computer cable through the wall to the garage. I went in, and pulled enough through so that it could reach to the end table, with a little slack.

At that point, my lovely naked wife brought in a tray filled with breakfast. The smell of freshly brewed coffee and hot pancakes was overwhelming. I had forgotten just how it could make you feel. Suddenly, I was famished.

“Mmmmm...that smells delicious. What did you bring me, girl?”

“Thank you, Master. You have a stack of pancakes, with honey and fresh strawberries. To drink, you have hot coffee and cold orange juice.”

“Mmmm! It looks wonderful. I’m starving!” And with that, I sat on the couch so that I could see the new girl’s face in the mirror. I knew that she would be watching as I eat. I beckoned Cindy to sit at my feet to the side, also in view of the mirror.

And then, setting the tray across my lap, I started to eat and drink. It was largely meant to be a temptation to the starving girl, but it was truly good.

Though meant to be a show of casual excess, it was a meal that I rarely had the pleasure of eating. The only grains that we currently farmed were a tiny patch of barley (which was not yet ready) and some corn. We rarely got eggs from the ducks at the nearby pond, and had no chickens. So, this was a pre-made mix, which meant a very finite supply. I had no current source for honey. And though I had stocked up on coffee, it would eventually run out, and could never be replaced.

We did have a source of oranges and lemons, from trees in our neighborhood. There was an orange tree hidden in my neighbors backyard, in fact. But they were not ripe right now. And this orange juice was very cold. Cindy must have squirreled away a can of concentrate in the freezer. While this may have been normal in the past, this was now a meal fit for a king.

I immersed myself in the luxury of it all, savoring the richness. After a couple of minutes, I brought myself back to reality. I kissed my girl on the lips, and then the forehead, in recognition of a job very well done. And then, I took a small piece of pancake in my fingers, and offered it to the waiting lips of my dedicated slavegirl. She took it silently, obviously enjoying it as much as I. I smiled, and she licked, then sucked, the last bits of honey from my finger and thumb.

“Thank you, Master.”

I drained the cup of coffee, and sent her back to the kitchen for more. While she was gone, I put two pancakes on the small plate that had held the few strawberries. I set it on the floor where Cindy had been, and made a show of pouring honey on each of them. Then I enjoyed the very cold orange juice. It was heaven. The girl in chains on the floor could see exactly what she was missing.

When Cindy returned, she knelt and proffered the cup up to me. I drank deeply, then leaned back. Cindy waited for my command. I took a bite of the last strawberry, large and ripe. I took another deep sip of coffee, and then set it aside.

I put the last half of strawberry in my teeth, and pulled Cindy up to me. Her naked body sprawled luxuriously across me, large breasts crushed against my chest as she took the fruit from my mouth. I devoured her lips with mine in a deep passionate kiss, before allowing her to chew and swallow her treat.

Putting the cup in her hands, I commanded, “Drink. You may use your hands to eat, but leave the plate on the floor to lick it clean.”

“Yes, Master. Thank you,” and then she drank deeply from the coffee cup, holding it with both hands before moving on to savour her breakfast.

I watched for a moment before standing and walking toward the chained girl, tumbler of orange juice and plate with honey container in hand. I stepped in front of her. She kept her eyes down. She had done everything I had commanded. I had no reason to physically punish her.

I knelt down before her, and set the plate down where she could see it. There was one pancake left. I lifted her chin. I could see her lips moving in and out slightly, as she struggled. Her stomach growled. I stroked her face lightly with my fingers. I took a drink of juice.

“Are you thirsty, slavegirl?” My hand trailed down her neck and over her breast as I spoke.

“Yes, Master.” Her voice was rough. Tired. Begging.

I took a large mouthful of juice, and then pressed my lips to hers. She opened her lips and accepted my gift, drinking it down greedily. I repeated the gesture, with the same result. Only this time, I pushed my tongue into her mouth, and she sucked on it briefly, before I pulled away.

I smiled. “That’s a good girl. I think you’ve earned a bite.”

Her eyes widened with hope. Her mouth opened slightly in anticipation, as I tore off a bit of pancake. I held it just out of reach.

“What does a girl say when her Master shows her kindness?” I wanted this to become habit for her.

“Thank you, Master.”

“Good girl,” and I pushed the hot, fluffy tidbit into her mouth. She closed her eyes briefly as she enjoyed the taste.

I pulled off another small bite, and held it near her mouth. This time, though, I put a finger on her lips, and played it over them, tenderly, teasing as a lover would. But we were not lovers. I was her owner, and she was my toy. I enjoyed the game, and rewarded her with the morsel.

The third time, I soaked up a small bit of honey with the piece of pancake. I dabbed my thumb in it, partially covering it. When I gave her this piece, I put my thumb deep into her mouth. She sucked it slowly. I don’t think she wanted to be enthusiastic, but she also did not want to miss any tiny taste of the honey.

I let her suck a bit, my thumb moving around, exploring her mouth, playing with her tongue. I pulled away and took a bite of the pancake myself.

Mouth half full, I said, “If you aren’t going to strive to serve enthusiastically, then you won’t eat.” I dropped the remaining half of pancake onto the floor, several feet in front of her.


Post Apocalyptic Story
Chapter Seven pt 3

Confusion, then pain, then fear played across her face. She had been doing so well. She was finally being fed and treated with kindness. She wasn’t sure how she had failed, but she was sure that she had. She did not know what the full consequences would be, but she knew that she would not eat. The wonderful, life saving meal lay discarded on the floor, just out of her reach.

She wanted to speak, to beg, to ask why. Wisely, she stayed silent. She was a quick study.

“Cindy, come here.” I pointed to a spot directly in front of the bound girl.The buxom slave crawled to kneel at my feet, inches from my captive. “Look up.” She complied without a sound.

“You must always remember that your ultimate purpose is to please me.” I reached down to the plate and dipped my thumb in the honey again. I placed it before Cindy’s face, who opened her mouth expectantly.

“Now, watch.” I put my thumb into Cindy’s mouth, caressing her face with my fingers, as I did so. She began to suck, slowly, sensuously. Eyes looking up at me, she moved her mouth back and forth, playing her tongue around the knuckle, then sucking deep as far as she could.

“You must learn to serve in everything you do. You must seduce me while doing the mundane. If you do it well, you may be rewarded, even cherished. But if you cannot, or will not, willingly give me everything that you have, serve without reservation, then I have no use for you.”

Cindy had now reached up and was caressing my wrist and arm with her hands as she sucked on my thumb. Her eyes were large, adoring, her gaze never leaving my face.

“This is how you must learn to serve. Do you think that you can do that, slave?”

Her voice was choked with desperation and hunger. “Yes, Master.”

“What are you willing to do for me, girl?”

She hesitated. Cindy continued to enthusiastically suck my thumb, inches from her face.

“Whatever you want.” She was holding back tears.

I raised my other hand before her. She expected the slap. She grimaced.

“Whatever you want, MASTER.” I did not slap her, but instead caressed her face with my palm, my fingers touching her earlobe. After a moment, she opened her mouth to suck my thumb, but I would not let her. She settled for lightly kissing whatever she could reach.

“Whatever you want, Master.” She could not decide whether she should look up or down. I played my thumb across her lips, and she kissed it lightly.


She stopped kissing. The question caught her off-guard, and she looked directly into my eyes.

She looked down, more in shame than respect for protocol. “Because...” She bit her lip. “Because I am a slave.” Her whole body turned crimson.

I turned my attention to Cindy. “And what will YOU do for me, slave?”

She slowly, sensuously removed her lips from my thumb and answered, “Whatever Master wishes.” She began licking my thumb and hand.


“Because you are my Master, and I love you, and would do anything to please you.” Big eyes looked up at me as her mouth closed around my thumb again, her fingers massaging my wrist. This was a master-class in easy seduction. She was showing exactly why she should be the preferred slave.

.”You see how this is done. Would you like another chance to prove your worth to me, slave? To earn that precious meal? Perhaps some of that sweet honey? Would you like to show me your passion to serve?”

“Yes, Master.” Her eyes raise cautiously. “Please.”

This is what I wanted. This is where the real breaking and training begins.

I pull my hand away from Cindy and dip one finger of the other lightly into the honey. I take Cindy’s hair and face her directly toward the bound girl.

“Pout,” I command. She did as she was told, and I saw the realization in her eyes as I spread the honey on her lips. This would be a chance for both of them to prove their acceptance of the situation, and their willingness to please.

“This is yours. You may have what you will take. Remember: Seduce me.”

The girl bit her lip. Then, with no further hesitation, she moved forward and began to kiss the honey from my wife’s lips.

“Good. Good girl. Kiss. Lick. Show more passion. Seduce me. The better you please me, the more you will receive.” The kissing became hotter, more intense.

I dipped my finger again in the honey. This time, I smeared it on Cindy’s neck, from her soft earlobe to the metal collar around her neck. I placed my finger between their kissing lips to clean, then moved the new girl’s face to Cindy’s neck. The kissing and licking continued.

I gently fondled the breasts nearest me. Cindy looked at me, eyes unsure, but pleading. I took her by the hair and kissed her mouth deeply as the second girl kissed and sucked her neck, tongue darting around ear and under collar to get every last drop of sweetness.

I pulled them apart again. “Tongue!” I commanded. Obediently, Cindy stuck out her tongue, as she had hundreds of times before. This time, I covered it in honey. I nodded, and the chained girl took Cindy’s tongue into her own mouth with a passion that surprised me.

“Very nice. Both of you, kiss. Show me how you want to please me.”

As the two girls were locked in their passions, I enjoyed the sight and feel of their bodies against one another. My hands roamed over soft skin. I played with the nipples of two breasts smashed together. The nipples of each were getting hard.

My hand roamed down between Cindy’s legs and caressed her smooth pubis. I heard the intake of her breath over the kisses as two fingers slid between the folds of her labia to surround the sweet, hot mound that waited there. I played my fingers around the sensitive sheathe of her clitoris, and felt them starting to get slick.

I pulled back and watched a moment before pulling the two girls apart a few inches. They stared at each other, as I picked up the honey container. Taking hold of Cindy’s hair, I pulled her upright on her knees. Then, slowly, I poured honey liberally over both breasts, watching it run down over her nipples, and into the valley of her cleavage.

I put a hand on the other girl’s head, but she needed no guidance, only permission. Tongue out, she lapped and cleaned the sweet, sticky liquid off of my wife’s ample breasts. My hand guided her mouth to a pert nipple, where it closed over it, sucking diligently.

Cindy closed her eyes. I leaned forward and kissed deeply at her neck, around the collar. Then, as my mouth found hers, my fingers again searched out the familiar cleft between her thighs.

“Clasp your hands behind your back,” I whisper.

Quickly, she did so. Her breathing was getting heavy. Once again, I attacked her lips with mine. My fingers worked effortlessly, playing a familiar tune on the instrument that is her body.

Her body shuddered and undulated under my guidance. I knew this dance well. I could play her body like a puppet on strings. But this time, there was the addition of the second girl, following my commands, licking and sucking a sensitive nipples.

In moments, she was gasping, then pleading. “Please. Please. Please, Master.” The begging got faster and more intense. The second girl was licking between her breasts. I redoubled my efforts.

“pleasepleasepleaseplease”, she begged, almost crying.

“Quiet, slut. You’ll wait for my command.” She couldn’t answer. It took all of her strength of will to control herself.

I addressed my new girl. “Slave! Suck hard on a nipple.” There was high pitched whining. “Good. Now the other one. Nibble on it.” Cindy was crying in earnest now, her hands clutching desperately at each other behind her back. It was cruel, but I was enjoying myself. They were both mine, after all.

I took a handful of Cindy’s hair and tilted her head back, as I redoubled my efforts on her clitoris. I knew that at this point, I could put the new girls mouth on her pussy without effort, and make Cindy climax without thought.

I could, but I would not. This orgasm would belong to me, and me alone. There would be plenty of time for those other games, later.

I sucked and nibbled at her neck, before moving to her lips. Much more, and she would break, either climaxing without permission, or losing sensitivity.

I redoubled my efforts on her clitoris. Tearing my mouth away from hers, biting her lip as I pulled away, I growled, loudly, “Cum for me, girl!” I pushed my fingers deep inside of her, and she exploded in relief and pleasure! I put as much pressure as I could on her clit, and wiggled my fingers inside of her. Her orgasm went on and on.

Soon, her body was spent, and she could give no more. She shuddered, her belly trembling, as she leaned her body on me for support.

I gave her a moment to recover. Eyes closed, her head against my shoulder, she whispered, “Thank you, Master. Thank you.” I kissed her lightly, as I gently stroked her pubis.

I eased her down to a normal kneeling position. I lifted the second girl’s head and brought them together for a kiss. It was light, affectionate. I enjoyed the sight. I joined in, kissing one, and then the other.

“And what do my girls say when their Master is finished with them?”

Cindy spoke first, followed quickly by my new slave, “Thank you, Master.”

I put my cum slick fingers between then, and they cleaned them with their tongues. When I was satisfied, I stood. Cindy fell to the floor to cover my feet in kisses. The new girl, hands still bound to the cable, could only lower her head.

“Cindy,” I said, “go and lower the cable.”

“Yes, Master!” She scrambled to do my bidding. My new girl never moved. Her breasts heaved.

I walked to the half eaten pancake lying on the floor, and stood over it. Cindy was now turning the handle on the wall, lowering the cable. “That’s enough, for now,” I told her.

“Come to me,” I commanded my new slave.

Cable lowered, she could now put her hands on the floor, but she didn’t really have enough slack to crawl on her hands and knees. She dare not waste this opportunity. She could put her elbows on the ground. From there, she eased down onto her belly, her hands again over her head, pulling up and and backwards. She wiggled forward as best she could.

I put a foot forward, and she kissed it. She was beginning to understand. I knelt, and stroked her hair. “Good girl. You’re learning. You’re smart. You’ll do well.” I meant it.

I called to Cindy, “Three more clicks.” Then to the new girl, “wait until you are given permission.”

“Yes, Master,” she whispered between kisses.

I stroked her back and hair a bit longer, then stood. “Eat,” I commanded.

On her belly at my feet, hands up and behind her head, the girl lapped up the half eaten pancake on the floor. There was no pretense of disgust or disdain. She had been literally starving. She would not complain.
To the contrary, I believe she was truly thankful. She only had two things to worry about, at this point: avoid pain, and avoid starvation. She would do almost anything to avoid those consequences, and be grateful for the chance. She had much to learn, but she was well on her way to becoming a true slave. Time and training would do the rest.

She finished her meal quickly. There wasn’t much to it.

“How do you show your gratitude, slave?”

Still on her belly, she kissed my foot again. This time it was long and lingering. She rubbed her face against me, looked up with doe eyes, and said in a sultry voice, “Thank you, Master.” Then back to the those long, slow kisses. She had listened, and taken my direction to heart. She was learning to seduce me.

I looked down on the naked, bound girl at my feet. Her body was a bit worse for wear, but her ass was still plump and inviting. And though I would be stretching her mind beyond it’s limits, breaking her spirit and wiping her thoughts to make room for new ones, her brain was quick and sharp. In time, with the right training and conditioning, this girl would be a true pleasure to own.

I watched her lick and kiss a bit longer. I enjoyed the sight of her exposed flesh. I enjoyed the warm pressure of her lips. I reveled in the feeling of power I had over this creature. But, it was time to move on.

“On your knees, slave. It’s time we got on with your training.”


A little more...intimate pic. I figured that it would fit somewhere in a later chapter of the Travel Story, should I ever finish it. Just an average night, really.
For the few who know me in RL, yes, you recognize these people.
I may have to do some variations on this one. I'm finding that I enjoy reworking pics to get a slightly different feel.


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Since this IS CRUXForums, I figured I might actually do an honest-to-goodness crux scene. And, as usual, it got away from me. So much for trying to do more simple scenes.
Anyway, here is your New Year massive multi-crux pic.


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Since this IS CRUXForums, I figured I might actually do an honest-to-goodness crux scene. And, as usual, it got away from me. So much for trying to do more simple scenes.
Anyway, here is your New Year massive multi-crux pic.

That’s really well done! I like it :)


That’s really well done! I like it :)
Thanks. I got a little too ambitious, I think. I've been working on it, on and off, for weeks. Of course, after looking at it for so long, all I can see are the flaws. Like many artists, I'm still not happy with how I draw hands and feet. And the background leaves a lot to be desired.
Overall, though, I think I got the effect I was looking for. I am very happy with how I managed to draw the main character's facial expression. That turned out much better than I expected.


I know that has to a thread somewhere on this forum where this last drawing could/should be crossposted, but my brain is not braining, tonight. Anyone wanna crosspost or point me in the proper direction?


Waiting for Master - Girl and Dog
Did this one in one sitting, tonight. May re-work it, later.


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