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Some of my work - by Anwendungsfehler

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Nearly through all the parts I need for some pet fun :) Just two joint connectors are in the works...

Eckverbinder 02b.pngInsanity.jpgStupidity.png

All the black bars are procedural, which means you can set the length just by typing a value in mm...
At the end of next week (15th) you'll see the first real girl device...
(something like calico is enjoying...)


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Detailing my new shackle system :) Hope you like it!

AEEE ShackleSystem  - Info.jpg

My intention is to create something new, not seen before, based on some of our stuff I made over the years for J's and my enjoyment. The parts are made to measure and will fit to G8 / Birgit, my little volunteer :)

There are adapters for 12, 3, 6 and 9 o'clock, any shackle. The 30mm adapters are mounted by an Allen bolt or a knurled screw, depending on the adapter type. Some examples will follow.

Cheers, A.


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Birgit failed to give head. So she will have some time to contemplate - of course with a BJ trainer - the lights will be switched off till tomorrow...
Testing my new systems :)


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The result from Sunday evening. Still in the works, have to design the very special crotch addon and several more cuffs, e.g. for the foot, upper arm, thighs and some specials.
Work in Progress - WaistCuff.jpg


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Sadly, I had a sdd crash, so I had to restart the work from the last two months :(
My last 3D backup was from April, so Birgit and some other characters have been safe. Monique has been overhauled and fits now G8.1.

So the next evenings I'll bring in Birgit and Mo, let them play some nice BDSM games, PonyGirl style.

Scaffolding Kitbash System 2.0.jpgMonique Evolution 2.3.jpgScaffoldSystemV2-Conn49.png

Have fun!



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WaistCuff -Final-1st Test-01.jpg
Finally the waist cuff is done

Monday evening: Ankle cuffs, and perhaps upper arm cuffs. The waist cuff has some extra mounts for some special devices, not allowed here at dA. Feel free to visit my homebase or backup page - links in my description!

Overall: Neck, arm, waist, upper arm, upper thight, knee, ankle... then I will model all the goodies,Birgit will get a full automatized torment rack, including a servo driven buttplug changer hrhr :) (I have posted an unfinished rack months ago)

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