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Some Sketches

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Helen during her first trip to Rome, contemplating the splendid cityscape from the viewpoint on the slopes of green Palatine Hill, from the elevated structure made especially for her of the wood and few nails.

Love that one for its detailing of the scene below. What did poor Helen do to end up crucified on the hill? Accused of stealing in the marketplace? Overhead saying something negative about the emperor?

Frank Petrexa

To be fair to the History Channel, the interviewee does mention that there is little evidence for *how* the Romans crucified people, with the positioning of women being one of the “controversies.” They probably decided to depict the two women crucified in that way because 1) it looks different and adds to the visual tableaux of the whole documentary; and 2) it gives the viewer someone to sympathize with.

The fully-clothed woman does a really good job of looking meek, pathetic, and agonized. Surely the audience feels sympathy toward this poor girl and her plight! The topless one kind of mails in her performance, but they had her positioned in an awkward way with a support under her diaper-style loincloth so they could get some longer shots.
Also, the History Channel is not willing to be accused of "pornography". They aren't going to depict something as it really happened if it meant nudity. They are playing to a more general audience.


...and the last minutes of my damned life before the crurifragium and departing into hell, this time take a look on me as a frontal view, i.e. the onlookers' point of view. Look at my shame, mock me, and be damned as well! See you in hell!


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...and the last minutes of my damned life before the crurifragium and departing into hell, this time take a look on me as a frontal view, i.e. the onlookers' point of view. Look at my shame, mock me, and be damned as well! See you in hell!

She’s not the Messiah. She’s just a delusional whore. All three of us are going to the same place in just a few moments. At least I didn’t beg for the naked “Queen’s” favor! I’ll go Hell with whatever tiny shred of pride I can take with me.

She’s not the Messiah. Right?


Fate of a young slave girl, Silvia, who made efforts to cover the free man he loved (even if she loved him without reciprocity) on his lawsuit, giving to the judge the false testimony. Finally the young man was acquitted after his father paid a proper sum of gold. He was thankful to his father and hardly noticed her father's slave girl who tried to rescue him. He was a free man and a rich one, but she was not and when her lies were revealed, her fate was doomed in an instant...Silvia 01.jpgSilvia 02.jpgSilvia 03.jpgSilvia 04.jpgSilvia 05.jpgSilvia 06.jpg
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Nails through the soles of their feet...ouch!

With their feet fixed like that, one on top of the other, it’s going to be difficult for them to brace themselves against the cross for support. They won’t be able to open their knees enough to put the stipes between them and hang low. And good luck to them trying to push or pull themselves up the cross with their feet like that. They would have to do what the lady with the lovely ponytail is trying and do a pull-up like movement...and endure the pain her ruined, nailed hands.

If I’m one of those ladies, without support from a cornu or sedile, the only way I could think to even try to gain some respite from the cross would be to spread my knees as far apart as possible and get the stipes wedged up between my thighs. That would require some hip-humping motions that would only add to the phallic, sex-mocking nature of being crucified facing toward the wood.

Andy, I do so enjoy your depictions of ladies crucified in this way!


For the moment, once again "the new media" topic. Making some small details for the cardboard paper model I thought of our most interesting activities ;) so I tried to use some glue, few orange coloured paper clippings and two spare white plastic little distance crosses for tiling, cut to the shape, to crucify two paper ladies, roughly in TT i.e. 1/120 scale. I am not especially happy with the results but there are some possibilities to improve the idea and at least new media are often worthy a new try. :)

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