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Some Sketches

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Maybe sometimes I will color my crudy lines with pencils or paint but it requires much more time, while the most of my sketches are really speedsketches - see attached "minutewoman" (i.e. ready in 60 seconds)...

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You drew that in 60 seconds? That's amazing.


You drew that in 60 seconds? That's amazing.
Yes, maybe faster. It was drawn with a thick marker on the postcard-sized piece of paper... Full A4 format (i.e. most of my speedsketches) require some 3 to 5 minutes per victim, except the hatched or coloured ones, plus 10 seconds up to 15 minutes (in case of copying original cityscape from the photography) for the background.

See the sketch of the generic victim below for the comparison; I have made it while writing this post; it required 90 seconds, however it is not a piece of art to be precise.



This woman would have no support. She had been crucified alone. Perhaps she was innocent, but she was a stranger, she didn't speak Latin and she was arrested while departing silently from the town in the midnight. Maybe she had her reasons, but the borderland was uneasy and the town praefectus as well as the centurion leading a garrison would risk no treason. And for the last month not a single rebelling tribesman nor enemy spy was crucified, so this woman would make a perfect victim. And no one would express a pity for her being crucified, looking at her perfect body exposed on the gallows hill.

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