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Some Sketches

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It Was A Mistake - three days later.

The festival would start tomorrow. Thousands of pilgrims and visitors just watched the dying couple on their crosses, and moreover the next day soldiers would be needed for patrolling the city streets and they would have no time to waste standing at the gallows. The hours of the thief and his woman were numbered.

A final blow of the metal rod has broken the legs of a husband, but as for the wife, her widespread legs suggested to the soldiers another solution. A mighty thrust of the spear pierced her lower belly but it was only the beginning. For the next ten minutes or so the soldier pushed the spearhead slowly up and pulled it down and spinned it and rotated its shaft as if it was a paddle, accompanied by painful moans, horrific cries and inhuman shrieking of the crucified wretch, before finally he pull the blood-covered point out of her mutilated vagina, pierced her bellly button and then reaped her boobs with two quick blows, and left the totally blood-covered but still consciuous and crying woman to die. And then his comrade broke her legs as well, just to be sure that she would die quick.

Despite the terrible massacred intestines and a massive bleeding, it took a quarter or more for Melissa's soul to finally set off to the kingdom of the dead.



It was a Mistake featuring Melissa


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