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Spanish Holiday 4

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Travelling across Spain with my Lawyer friend and companion Esteban was already yielding some great results, we had already witnessed first hand the tyranny of the justice system in the remote areas of Spain.

We had seen women who had been made to ride the Wooden Horse, tortured on th Water Wheel and generally interrogated harshly.

I asked Esteban if he knew of any cases where women had received the death penalty for the crimes they had committed; he told me it was actually against E.U law for any member state to carry out the death penalty.

My heart sank as I thought I would never get to seen my ultimate fantasy of a beautiful woman being put to death by the State....

However, Esteban continued, in neighbouring Andorra no such legislation exists as they are not members of the EU ......

I could now feel my heart race with expectation.

It just so happens, Esteban said, that I know of a case coming up in a couple of days which may be of eenterest for your book....

He explained that a young woman in Andorra he recently, been found guilty of infanticide, which carried a mandatory death sentence.

The Defence had argued that she had been suffering from post - natal depression and this had caused her to kill her baby.

The prosecution had argued that she was of sound mind , the jury agreed and now Maria Gomez was to be publicly executed in the Spanish tradition - by garotte.

The unfortunate woman was brought out into the Town Square, wearing her traditional Andoran costume, she look slightly worn and haggard by the trial, but showed little emotion as she was led to the place of execution.

The scaffold was raised, to afford a good view for all the spectators and on top of the scaffold stood the garotte.

After a blessing from the priest she was made to sit on a wooden seat, while the executioner pinnioned her stocking clade ankles with iron shackles, manufactured to the original design.

Next, an iron D-bar was placed around her delicate white neck, and fastened into place.

The executioner waited while the magistrate gave the order, then he began to slowly tighten the cruel iron band.

Tighter and tighter it went causing the young woman to struggle helplessly against the choking metal, writhing and struggling as the last breath escaped from her full red lips.

Her body went limp and the crowd watched in silence as the execution came to its completion, the young ladies lifeless body on display to all.

I felt a tingling sensation in my loins and a warm spreading glow as I realised i had just witnessed my first ever execution- My travelogue would benefit greatly from this experience !

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