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different situations

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different situations

Pic #4 is actually a BATS scene. To be exactly, it depicts a scene from Tarquato Tasso's Gerusalemme Liberata (1596), where King Aladine of Jerusalem has just condemned a young Christian woman, Sofronia, to the pyre, since she took up the guilt for stealing a shrine depiction of Holy Mary from a mosque. Her lover Olindo tried to avert the sentence by claiming the guilt, but Aladine just decided to burn him too. Both lovers were prepared for the sentence, tied back to back to the stake, and stripped naked.

Just when the fire is about to be started, A woman warrior, named Clorinda, intervenes to stop the execution, confronting Aladine with the fact that he violates himself the regulations of islam, by keeping depictions of humans in a mosque. She obtains pardon for Sofronia and Olindo from Aladine and in exchange offers him to fight for the muslim's cause against the approaching crusaders.

I have written about that story earlier in this thread.

Pic #4 is part of a ceiling fresco, painted by the German Romantic painter Johann Friederich Overbeck (1789-1869) in the Casino Massimo in Rome, (1819-1827). The scene shows the just-in-time arrival of Clorinda, from the right. In the middle are king Aladine and his advisor, the sorcere Ismeno, who gave the king the ill advice to put the shrine in the mosque.


Likely, the most famous painting of the scene is from Eugène Delacroix:
But there are much more...


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It certainly looks like that. It's not Wigtown Bay, but it looks quite similar. Google can't find the original, maybe Phlebas knows the source or artist?

I can be surprisingly hopeless at remembering where I sourced a lot of this material, sorry :(

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“How do you feel about us violating the Hollywood Code of Decency?”

“Well, I don’t know. What about our studio contracts?”

“No problem, we’ll do two versions. And Cecil B, has given it his blessing.”

“So, does that mean you’re going to rip away my clothing now?”

“Un huh.”
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