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Strip Search

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Now, bend over, that's right, now squat for me . . .

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Pics from this scene was posted on the forum "Forced Undressing," by Phlebas, and felt I would be remiss in not posting the scene here as well, as it is a very good strip search. This is from the 1969 British series Manhunt, in the episode titled Degrade and Rule. The actors are Cyd Hayman and Robert Hardy.

A great scene, which I remember well from the TV series. I have commented on it previously,referring to Cyd Hayman, but Robert Hardy was a notable actor,not quite in the Olivier or Gielgud class, but very close. He was also renowned as an an expert on the English long bow,doing a couple of programmes on the subject.


Here's a few more screen caps from "Orange Is The New Black," this time of a group strip search. At the beginning of the second season, Piper Chapman has been transferred to another facility with a group of other inmates. They are lined up naked against a wall. The corrections officer tells them all to turn around and grab their ankles. A few balk, Piper among them. The C.O. asks if they would prefer "A private showing . . ." A few, including Piper, raise their hands. The C.O. continues with ". . . in solitary!" Resigned to yet another indignity, Piper turns around and bends over.

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This struck me as a little inconsistent, since Piper didn't seem to be the least shy or humiliated during the first strip search she went through immediately after her self-surrender. But this time she seems really shy and humiliated by a process that she must be used to by now.

Anyway, it turns out that Piper has been transferred to the Municipal Corrections Center in Chicago to testify against the drug lord her lover, Alex, worked for. Before Piper appears in court, Alex tries to convince Piper to lie, and Piper does so, testifying that she doesn't remember anything about the drug lord.

I doubt if anyone else is interested, but I found it weirdly erotic to calculate how much more time Piper could get due to her perjury. So I researched the Federal Sentencing Guidelines. By my calculations Piper could get around three years for that. But the kicker is that it's very likely that Piper's original plea deal for the money laundering and conspiracy charges (the fifteen month sentence) included an agreement to testify against the drug lord. Her failure to do so puts her in jeopardy of having the plea deal nullified, and getting resentenced on those charges. Money laundering and conspiracy sentences are calculated based on the crimes they're associated with, so it gets a little complicated. But by my calculations Piper could be looking at another six to eight years for the original crimes. So total it all up and she could be doing somewhere around an eight to twelve year bid. That's a whole lotta strip searches.

Jodie Foster directed this scene hahaha


Lately the old classic prison strip search has been really pushing my erotic buttons. I've hesitated posting my thoughts and pics about it because it seems like pretty weak beer compared to the wonderfully appalling crucifixions, impalements, whippings, etc., etc. that we all know and love on this site. I say "weak beer" because I'm talking about a professionally administered and thorough strip search that would conform to an official prison policy. Which means that the Corrections Officer doing the search will be of the same sex as the prisoner, will take the prisoner to a private area, out of view of other prisoners to do the search, will not verbally or physically harrass or assault the prisoner (i.e. no calling her "fuck meat," no groping of her breasts and ass, no "cavity search" with an enormous dildo, etc, etc.) And will do all in her power to respect the humanity and dignity of the prisoner (lol, even I can't write that seriously) consistent with the discipline and efficiency necessary to do a distasteful but necessary task.

What I find erotic is the idea of a young, attractive woman, perhaps naive, perhaps even innocent, caught in the toils of a soul crushing machine called a Correctional Facility. And who must now, at the impatient insistence of an imposing and utterly unsympathetic Corrections Officer, strip herself completely naked, and expose every orifice on her body, on command, to this representative of the repressive authority she has been condemned to live under.

Confused and frightened, she sets down the neatly folded pile of prison clothing she's just been issued where the CO indicates. Nervously she crosses her arms in front of her, and looks up at the severe CO, dreading what she knows will be her next order.

"Strip!" the officer says. "Everything!"

This is what got me started. I was browsing on the ENF/CMNF (Embarrassed Naked Female/Clothed Male, Naked Female) website and came across the strip search scene from the movie "Ma Fille Est Innocente."

These pics are from that movie which, for those of you who don't have a fluent command of French, means "My Filly Is Innocent." The title makes no sense because the movie actually has nothing whatsoever to do with a young, female horse. But hey, those crazy French and their language, am I right? No, the movie is about a woman who has brought her young, attractive daughter to the island of Bali for a vacation. Juliette, the daughter (Josephine Serre), meets a young Frenchman and things start getting romantic. They're waiting to go on a boat ride when the police come aboard with a drug sniffing dog. Juliette's new friend abruptly excuses himself and leaves her holding his pack. He promises he'll be right back, but disappears as the dog indicates that there's a little something something in the bag Juliette's been left holding. Of course the boyfriend is, completely unbeknownst to Juliette, a ruthless drug trafficker, and the bag is full of product. She is arrested and taken to prison where she is strip searched.

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I love the expression on the Correction Officer's face. You know she would just as soon take a rattan cane and skin the ass of this red headed white woman as look at her. And in my fantasy, that's exactly what she gets to do.
Very sexy. The due process of a sentence can be very very erotic...

Jon Smithie

I recently happened upon a clip from a producer previously unknown to me: "CaptiveClinic." It seems to focus primarily on medical fetish and prison or otherwise unwilling gyno exams, but there are some strip searches as well. The site bills itself as "unique BDSM influenced style of MedFet. . ."


Anyway, this is Lainey undergoing a strip search after being pulled up out of a line by TSA.

lainey strip1a.pnglainey strip1b.pnglainey strip1c.pnglainey strip1d.pnglainey strip1e.pnglainey strip1.jpglainey strip3.jpglainey strip5.jpg

The video is shot almost solely POV, which is particularly annoying to me, since the camera is in constant, jerky motion, and follows the sight line of the camera wearer, who is not always looking at the model, or getting the best views of her.


Prison strip search of women is a big turn on for me!
I had watched a porn movie 1-2 years ago, though I cannot find it, I have found only few pics and a smll preview. If anyone knows the movie I would love to watch it again!

20843069_forced-in-prison-two-girls-fuck-ass-copmled-link-http-zipansion-com-unzj-thumb.jpgαρχείο λήψης (1).jpg


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Prison strip search of women is a big turn on for me!
I had watched a porn movie 1-2 years ago, though I cannot find it, I have found only few pics and a smll preview. If anyone knows the movie I would love to watch it again!

View attachment 932091View attachment 932092
Not sure about the movie but the actresses are Clea Gaultier and Cassie del isla. google them along with the words "strip search" and the video is a easy find.



Not sure about the movie but the actresses are Clea Gaultier and Cassie del isla. google them along with the words "strip search" and the video is a easy find.

Thank you my friend!
Here it is after a long search i had only to ask in CF


The sad news about strip search is that modern techniques make strip searches no longer necessary, think about the new strip machines at airports, 640x360.jpeg so called body scanner. The good news on the other side is that soccer fans smuggle pyros in their anus, which makes need of more body searches,https://www.blick.ch/sport/fussball/em/drei-fan-schmuggelt-18-cm-pyro-im-po-id5169075.html. then. again the bad news is, you had to body search ugly male soccer fans, with special emphasis of their backside instead of nice young girls, like that onec1ef3370371ea40e3f577215b92ca81a.jpg
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