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Technical help with real crucifixion

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In less than a mnonth I will crucify a girl myself in a country house I have. Of course she will go through the judgement-whipping-hanging process. However I want to have some technical advice from those who have actually done this.
My big questions are:
What kind of rope is better so as not to cut her blood circulation or skin?
What order should I use in tying? First hands? First feet?
In principle, my idea is to tie a branch to a tree to get the T form and tie her arms up to the horizontal part while she rests her feet on a chair. After that I would tie her feet using double rope (as usual in Japanese bondage) which would be fist tied to the tree and the her feet to the rope (already tied to the tree). No footrest, since the ropes would be retaining her from her ankles and wrists.
I do not know if I have made myself clear.
Thank you for your answers when there are, and I promise to send at least a picture of the event


Staff member
You must have a thick soft ropes (the flax).
In the beginning fasten the hands, afterwards legs.


I have polyamid and flax ropes, will tie first hands then feet as Makar has pointed. The big day is July 26th. I promise pictures.
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