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The Beautiful Ass

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In my opinion, bodybuilding no longer looks so aesthetic after a certain level of training, whether for men or women. Fortunately, everyone has their own taste.
I think there is a modification of the event using a reduced training and no chemicals. There is an easy way out of that. Just made the presentations nude, you would see the shrinking penis and the to large labia of the females and you could give points for "proportions". The second possibility is to include some lifting or the like to see if the muscles are muscles and not something else.nude_photos_of_female_bodybuilder7.jpg


The governor had a special punishment for the four leaders of the rebellion, Randie, Amy, Sarah, and Bernice. They were to be nude for the rest of their natural lives, which would be short because they would be crucified, as usual, but instead of their faces shown they would have their asses out front while facing the wood. The crowd cheered when they did their dance of death. They also had a good time laughing at the rebels when they did their vulgar functions. But the thing the crowd liked the most was when the cornu of each woman went up their little assholes and penetrated deep within them. That caused a lot of pain in the women but it also stimulated them so much that they all had a lot of female cum squirting out of their open pussies. The rebels had to suffer pain and humiliation for their attempt to gain freedom for their people. In time bugs were all over their bodies, causing more anguish, even then the crowd was enjoying them suffering.

That's my very short story. It looked like they died in vain. Their people were not liberated.

Handsome Asses On The Crosses_LI (2).jpg
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