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The Beauty Of Wooden Pony

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Simply, perfect and erotic. I'm thinking about which forum members should take her place :devil:

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okay, you can put me up there ...

i can see why you men like doing this to us, it's such an exquisitely simple way of forcing us to display our bodies, twisting and squirming, shaking our heads and our boobs, struggling to find a way to ease the pain - which seems slight at first but quickly grows - yet the minimal bondage is sufficient to make us totally helpless.

Put on display.
Exposed to every passer-by.

"Mercy, Overseer, Sir, please ...
please, mercy ..."

Tecnically she's riding a sedile but since she isn't nailed I placed this in the wooden horse category. Her poor puss probably can't tell the difference.
Hopefully the purists among you will not be offended :nusenuse:

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Nice to see a girl who looks like me getting the full treatment!
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