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The Beauty Of Wooden Pony

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Thanks a lot for those clips! I find them highly arousing since they are totally consensual and the models in Queensnake (as herself) are declared masochists.
Somewhere I saw the end of this session and Tracy leaves the stirrups and crosses her lesgs letting her whole weight on her pussy. Do you have that part?
Could you post it?
Thanks again!


Where did you get these?
Is there one for a rack?
(...answer the second question first!)

Hell I've been tortured and killed in so many sims in SL I have no idea (but a couple of guesses) where that device is (maybe was, owners change them out form time to time).

And yes there are a wide variety of racks in SL. I just haven't shot one recently of someone (usually me) on a rack but I am fairly sure there is at least one video I shot of me being racked hanging out here at CF.


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