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The breastrippers saga

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I must confess something, breastrippers, especially red-hot, are my main fantasy.
I was extremely impressed by a drawing made by artist Zerosen circa 2000 (first on left). So impressed that I commissioned or got from a friend various tributes to that pic.
Later, I found some texts describing the " how to do" with those tools, the best being that relation of Jacques Lapin , extract from his novel "cleaning of a rebel village"

Of course, more to come. I'm in search of good texts too....

"The four girls to be burned were taken to their stakes and were tied to the stakes with their hands high over their heads. The three whose breastswould be mutilated were tied

to tall fence posts - their arms pulled sharply back behind them and their breasts thrust out in front of them for mutilation. The six to be impaled were held at the ready - with my favorite girl selected to be the first to be impaled. She was tied face up over a low stone table, with her legs tied apart and her cunt open and ready for impalement. I was glad that she had been shaved and enjoyed the view of her open and dripping cunt lips - a view that would be enjoyed as the wooden shaft entered her cunt and was shoved through herbody.

I decided to start the executions off with a mutilation to properly and visibly set the tone for the day's event and to signal to the captive women that there would be no fun today for them. Before beginning, I had the brazier ignited so that it would burn down to a nice bed of coals to heat the rippers in. After that, I looked over the three women tied to the tall fence posts for mutilation. After fondling their breasts and pinching their cunt lips to test for fullness I selected one of the younger women - one about 25 years old - with large hanging breasts. She'd had some children and her breasts sagged a little from the swelling during pregnancy and from feeding them. Still they were very attractive with a nice pointed shape with large nipples on the ends of them. The ends still pointed up and outnicely.

She cried when she was pointed out and the group moved over to surround her tied to her fence post. She'd obviously been an attractive rape target as many of the soldiers murmured in agreement and noted how they'd enjoyed her cunt earlier. The cum dripping from her cunt and down her inner thighs gave away that fact that she'd had more than the usual attention.

With a little wait for the fire to burn down to coals, we tested the rippers for fit on the terrified girl's tits. The ripper was brought over to the girl's dangling teats. While her heavy sagging breast could easily be inserted into the ripper when the ripper was cold, we wanted it red hot to burn her flesh as it tore it - and we didn't want to get burned in the process. We came to a clever idea. I had a thin rope tied to a hook with about a 4- inch curve to it. With the hook secure on the line, the hook was jabbed through the screaming girl's breast and the line pulled tight to pull her breast out taut from her body. With the tit pulled out, the ripper could easily be threaded around her tit flesh - hot or cold. Good news for us, but horrifying for the girl whose tits were now threaded with hooks and line awaiting mutilation. The others for mutilation look on in terror as the first girl's tits had the hooks set in them in preparation for breast rippertorture.

After testing the cold rippers on the poor girl's tits and then placing them in the coals, I played with the trembling girl's wet cunt with one of the fire irons. The hooked end was held in the coals for a few minutes and then slowly pressed in to her wet cunt and rubbed around inside it, causing big drops of sperm to sizzle inside her and drip out on the floor under her. She screamed and then moaned in pain as her raped cunt was probed with the hot tool. After 10 minutes or so of playing with her cunt, the fire had heated the rippers to a near red-hot level. To get them fully ready, a bellows was used to quickly bring the heat up on the fire and soon the rippers began to glow in the heat. Soon they glowed with a reddish orange color and were ready for the girl'storment.

I walked over to the terrified, crying girl and ordered her right tit to be pulled out tight. When the tit was in position, the ripper was carefully positioned and the thin line pulled through it with the tit just inches away from the glowing iron. Slowly the ripper was moved closer to her and around the tit - touching the flesh in many places and starting to smoke and sizzle as the larger end of her tit near her chest was engulfed. She screamed at the burning pain as the ripper now pressed against her tit on all sides and thrashed around in her bondage to try to escape the searing pain. When the ripper was pressed all the way to her chest and her flesh began to smoke and sizzle, the ripper was slowly turned clockwise and the sharp ends of each of the ripper's points began to dig into her breast. As the ripper turned the points dug deeper and with its glowing heat began to tear at her breast ripping and burning its way into her tender breast. The red-hot ripper now was pressing against the fat inside her tit and was beginning to bubble and sizzle as it ripped and tore her tit open. As the ripper reached the halfway point, her tit was now torn badly and blood and burbling fat began to flow over the red-hot iron and thicken as it steamed. Slowly the ripper continued to turn and as it neared a full turn her tit was ripped almost completely free hanging from a thin tread of flesh. With a sharp pull the smoking tit was torn free and with a shake of the still-red ripper dropped onto the dirt with a soft "plop" where it lay smoking and bubbling. Another guard took a heated iron and rolled it over the girl's jagged bleeding flesh where the breast had been. While the girl screamed and tugged at the ropes that bound her, the wound was cauterized and the bleeding bubbled to a stop.

A soldier with a gloved hand picked up the burned severed tit and backed the hook out of it to make it available for use on the next tit. After the hook was pulled free from the bloody, charred tit the mutilated breast was tossed into a small basket - one that would eventually hold all six tits ripped from thewomen."03-03-026.jpgbunny med cust.jpgDTitsLR02Cam05Hairy.jpglolo_02a_by_gallows_girl_amy-dcpnzr4.png1 - Anna_4torture_FULL.jpgBranding 183.jpg
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Saint Agate is "the queen" of breastrippers. I'll show some of my favorite pics describing her martyrdom ( I have a lot ) mixed with medieval stories I get too.

I go on with some Jacques Lapin's stories too (16 texts)

  1. The DailyImpalement

It was midmorning and now time to prepare for the day's noon impalement execution of a captive female traitor. I had reviewed the list of current female prisoners, and had walked through the prison compound, looking into each cage to select the day's victim. All of the prisoners were convicted en masse in a judgement finding them to be traitors, and as such all were subject to execution as we wished. Captured men were either put into slavery in our mines or in our fields, or killed in a group as traitors and war criminals.

Women, at least the nice looking ones, were culled out and imprisoned, and executed for our pleasure. Most had probably not done anything explicit. Their crime was to be on the losing side in our town-to-town battle across medieval Europe to suppress the traitors who had staged a revolt against our empire. They'd pay dearly for that.

Rather than a mass execution of the female captives as we conquered each town, we held smaller group executions of them on a daily basis, as they served well to motivate our soldiers. There was the entertainment of watching a young female captive stripped, humiliated in front of the crowd, tortured and then killed. Perhaps more importantly, the blood- thirst that was generated motivated our soldiers for battle and with victory, more traitor captives to play with. The soldiers were well trained to bring captives back for our pleasure, and as a reward, the soldier who captured each victim was applauded at her execution, and allowed to participate in her torture and killing as he wished.

Today's treat was Mary, a single girl, a young - I guessed probably 19 or 20 years old - blonde. She'd been captured in a recent pillage of a town and was found hiding in the rubble of a building. She had been raped a few times by the troops that caught her, but she was not mutilated or ruined like many others were earlier in the war. Noon today was her time, and her carefully preserved flesh would be squandered in an hour or two.

I ordered her brought to my quarters this morning. When I responded to the knock at my door, two guards were standing there holding the sobbing, trembling fair-haired girl. I told them to drag her in and leave, that I'd take it from here. She was pulled into my office and slapped hard across her face to quiet her sobbing.

As the guards left, she just shook in fear and stood silently looking down and avoiding eye contact. I told her to calm down a little, that I was not going to hurt her, at least not right now, and that our meeting was a chance to work for a little better treatment. Surprised at this opportunity, she looked up at me hopefully.

I untied her hands, and after she'd had a few minutes to rub the pain out of her wrists, I told her to strip, as I wanted to go over her body for a while to plan some details for the afternoon. She moaned a little in fear, but still hopeful of mercy, complied by slowly pulling off her partly ripped blouse and pausing in shock before dropping her thin slip to the ground.

I had to remind her that "strip" meant being nude in front of me and to get totally nude immediately. She certainly should know that her tits and cunt would feature prominently in her entertainment execution this afternoon, and I wanted to see them and use them first!

She stammered "OK" between tears, and slowly first removed her slip and kicked it to the side. As she stood up straight, her breasts flopped out and when I told her to put her hands behind her back again, her pretty hairless cunt was in full view for me. The guards knew their job and always made sure to remove the females' body hair, preventing lice infestation and giving the crowd an unhindered sight during the execution. It was also part of the degrading process, which was useful as it allowed a sentenced prisoner to behave as a whore, or even a pain whore, if ordered to. I told her to spread her legs so that I could see her sluttish shaved cunt lips and enjoyed the view of her full lips as she moved her feet apart.

I moved to her and savored the weight and firmness of one breast, while my fingers probed first through her slit and then deep into her cunt to feel her wetness that I'd soon be enjoying. She cried and pleaded for me not to hurt her, and that she'd do anything I wanted. I told her that she already would do anything I wanted and more, but that I would consider softening her punishment slightly in return for grateful enthusiasm on her part. She asked what she could do and I told her we were just getting to that part. I told her to kneel in front of me and when she was in position, I pulled a chair over, dropped my pants and sat down. She was told to take my cock and begin showing her appreciation.

Her sucking and licking quickly produced an erection and she worked me slowly and gently until I filled her mouth with cum. I'd warned her not to spit or dribble, and made her hold my jism and show it to me in her open mouth before I allowed her to gulp it down and lick her lips clean.

Over the next two hours I made Mary beg for mercy by giving her body to me. I made her suck me and swallow my cum, then I fucked her twice, and then reamed her asshole with my slippery hard cock. Mary's cunt had seen cocks before, but it was obvious from her screaming and pain during her anal rape that her asshole was virgin pure and that my cock was the first in there. I took long slow strokes until I came in her, which lubed her tight hole and let me slide more easily while still enjoying her tightness on my cock. When I pulled out of her cum filled asshole, Mary was made to lick my cum and her shit off my cock and finish me with another full sucking of my cock. At the end of it, Mary fell back exhausted, and quietly sobbing, while I was exhilarated at the splendid fucks I received from her and the fun I expected to have with her during her last day.
With my play with her done, I was ready to return Mary to the guards, who would soon lead her out to the field camp's assembly ground where she'd be executed on the wooden pole.

Since we had only an hour remaining until her time was to come, I told the guards to have her remain in the nude, and that her asshole was very tight and needed some opening up. With a smile the guards grabbed Mary and she was dragged off for the guard's enjoyment in the remaining time before the execution. She looked back at me over her shoulder as she was hurried along the corridor back to the prison cages for a last few rapes by the guards. I waved and told her I'd see her in a few minutes.

I went to our camp's assembly area and busied myself getting ready for the execution. Now that I had first hand knowledge of her mouth, cunt and asshole, I selected the right stake for her, choosing one that was the right thickness to slide into her asshole - stretching her painfully, but not ripping her anus open. If I avoided excessive bleeding from tearing her asshole open, she'd live longer in torment.

I lit up a brazier of coals, and selected some irons to use on her. I then checked out the impaling rack... really a table that restrained her arms and legs and held her in position while she was tortured and impaled.

I turned when I heard a commotion from the slowly gathering crowd. I could see Mary was being dragged out, screaming and resisting very hard, and digging her heels in to keep from being dragged to her death. Her hands were tied behind her back, and she was being tugged along by guards who had fastened a leather leash around her neck.

Mary was still totally naked - actually looking quite pretty in her fear and resistance - and ready to be hurt for our pleasure. With her bare feet, she couldn't dig in enough to really resist and the stones in the assembly area hurt her feet as she resisted. Her breasts thrashed around as she fought, and excited me, and the whole crowd waiting for her, as we knew we'd soon be having fun with them.

As she was dragged over to me, the crowd closed into a circle around us and hushed as the process started. Mary was yanked roughly up to me, and her face pulled up by a guard to look directly at me. Well Mary, I said, it looks like we don't have to take the time to strip you do we? With that I had the guards turn her naked body around to face the audience so the crowd could see her and her considerable physical charms.

I asked for, and quickly got, 10 volunteers from the crowd to rape her before she was tortured and damaged. This was always fun because it totally degraded the prisoner, and also gave the crowd a chance to see the prisoner tied down fully exposed, spread and opened up and used. Mary was spun around and led to a table where she was to be tied down. She was pushed onto her back, with her hands still tied behind her, and her legs spread and fastened down. After she was tied down, the 10 slowly took turns on Mary as she sobbed and moaned in pain as each took their turn energetically fucking her. When all had finished with her cunt, Mary was untied, turned over, and retied and another 10 men were selected to ass-fuck her, both as a humiliation process and to loosen her ass up for the impaling. She cried in shock as she was turned over and a rolled blanket placed under her hips to lift her ass into position for rape. Mary cried in great pain as the 10 took their turns in their mini-impalements of her still tight young asshole.

As they finally finished, Mary lay on the table in agony and exhaustion from her own cumming, with cum dripping out of both her asshole and her cunt from the 20 rapes. Mary was unbound and pulled to her feet and dragged over to the impaling table. She was quickly thrown on her back and chained down tightly stretched out, and the brazier of hot coals and the selected irons brought over to the end of the table nearest her cunt.

"I guess you know what's next, right Mary?" I asked as I noticed her looking over in horror at the brazier and the red-hot coals. I pulled a rod from the coals and came over to her moving the glowing tip close to her face. I whispered to her that normally, her face would be burned, and her mouth and nose and ears would feel the red-hot brand. Because she'd fucked and sucked so well I was going to show her some mercy and only do her tits and cunt for the crowd's pleasure.

With that, I touched each of her nipples with the glowing rod and listened to the combined sounds of her screaming and the hiss of the searing metal on her nipples. Next I took a fresh rod and ran it through her cunt lips, letting it rest in the crease of her cunt as it sizzled and steamed on the fresh cum oozing out of her. Mary's screams were totally out of control at this time as her tender cunt flesh was first seared, then steamed and boiled in her juices and, then when dried out, charred by the red-hot rod.

When the rod had cooled in her cunt lips, another rod was taken out. I spread her painfully burned cunt lips with my fingers and this time plunged the rod directly into the depths of her cunt. The heat seared her cunt walls, blistered her inner skin and then boiled the pool of cum that was in her vagina. Steaming cum fumed and boiled out of her cunt as she shook her hips against the chains that held her down. As hard as she bucked though, I held the searing rod in her cunt, until it cooled down.

Mary thought the torture was over when her leg restraints were loosened, but her legs were quickly re-fastened with chains around each knee, pulling back over her head and lifting her ass up in the air. With her freshly raped little asshole in position, the last rod was pulled out of the brazier. I took a few fingers of animal fat from a nearby tin and ran several fingers full of into deeply into her asshole and around the rim of her ass. Then I quickly plunged the glowing rod into her asshole as she exploded in steaming cum and ear-piercing screams.

Mary bucked her hips around hard and only slowed her thrashing when the rod of the rod cooled down again. When she'd stopped, we were ready to take her for the big ride, the long wooden shaft. The now cooled rod was pulled from Mary's ass and the long wooden pole brought over by her for insertion. Mary cried in terror for mercy, but was told that she'd already gotten that and was lucky not to be nursing a burned mouth and tongue now.

We'd decided to impale her asshole rather than her cunt. As we got ready, we first held the pole on top of Mary's chained body with the tip at the base of her throat and made a small notch at the level of her crotch. This way we'd know when we were ready to enter her throat. We also made notches about 6" apart so we'd know how deeply into her we were at any time. After that was finished, I set the tip of the pole on the table right at the opening of her asshole. I liberally greased her asshole and then asked Mary if she had any last words for other traitors before we started impaling her. She simply continued to cry for mercy and shook her head in denial. I picked up the pole and placed the tip of it into her asshole after I rubbed it around her crotch a little to painfully scrape her clit, her burned cunt lips, and her ass.

With the tip now held in place with her asshole, I took the pole and slowly pushed it into her, feeding it in and stretching her tender hole as the pole widened down from the tip. In less than a minute I now had about half a foot of the pole into Mary and she was screaming in pain as her asshole was stretched out to its limits, just short of tearing open.

I gave the order to the guards, now holding the end of the pole, to push it slowly into her. The tip of the pole slid deeply now into her greased asshole, and began to cause Mary enormous pain as it started stretching her asshole. Shoving the pole deeper and deeper we soon penetrated her intestines and in no time at all blood started to flow slowly out of her asshole as the pole was turned and maneuvered around her internal organs. We continually measured the depth against her and moved the end around inside her if we hit anything too solid. Mary was in incredible pain as this happened and tried to buck and move her cunt around to avoid it, but after 10 minutes she was deeply skewered on the pole and it was at the notch we'd made and ready to come out of her mouth. We felt around inside of her with the tip, aligned it with her throat and pushed it through with a sharp jab. Mary's screaming stopped momentarily and she choked and gurgled frantically as the sharpened pole came up her throat and out her mouth, effectively turning her screaming into helpless choking noises.

We continued to push the pole through her until a few feet of it had come out of her mouth. Then we loosely tied her arms over her head and bound her feet to a spreader bar threaded through one of the holes drilled through the base of the pole. After her feet were fixed, we tightened the ropes on her hands, stretching her out on the shaft. As she was pulled tight, the piece of the pole that freshly slid out of her ass was covered with blood and Mary's slimy internal juices. With her stretched out tightly on the pole and her legs spread, Mary's seared cunt was in prominent display for us, and ready for some further play.

With her fully secured to the pole now, Mary was lifted upright, and the pole end placed in a hole in the ground. Mary screamed a little as her body weight made her sag on the pole some. Mary's gurgled screams were heard as the guards were jostling the pole, and shoving in and out a little as her pole was fitted to the hole.

I walked up to her, reached forward and ran my fingers through her seared cunt, pulling away little pieces of burned flesh as I fingered her deeply. As the crowd finished circling her, three men with torches were called forward and took their respective positions with a torch held under Mary's cunt and each of her tits. As the flames licked each breast and her cunt, her flesh slowly browned and then blackened as her skin blistered. As the blisters popped and her juices ran out, little bursts of flame popped up and the running juices sizzled in the flames. Mary screamed with her little remaining energy and begged to die quickly. Laughing at her plea, her cunt and tit roasting continued for the crowd's enjoyment until after 20 minutes or so of her writhing in pain, her body slumped in her bonds, nearly in death.

Satisfied that we'd completed the final tortures, we walked back a few steps to admire our work. A cheer went up from the crowd. The pole was then dismounted from the hole and carried by both ends over to a roasting rack over an open fire pit. As Mary's impaled body was dropped in place on the rack and suspended over the coals, she jerked for a while as the heat hit her tits and cunt. We turned her every 10 minutes or so to brown her evenly and to see the results of her roasting. After about 30 minutes, her skin was mostly nicely browned and her fat from her tits and thighs bubbling off her. Her skin blistered in a few places and the parts we'd enjoyed burning before were now darkly browned from the coals.

By this time it was apparent that Mary was dead and that the execution was finished. Mary's body was taken off the coals and remounted upright in another stake hole at the entrance to the assembly area, and would be left in place for a day to horrify new captives as they arrived daily. After that she'd then be taken down by a group of terrified captives, who were the next to be executed, and cut up for dog food out in back of the kitchens.

With this day behind us, our thoughts turned to preparation for the next execution tomorrow.0c55fbb5c2ddcce32c92ff9284c52df7.jpg0d9655ab9bf92e4e3f4e73023a1a9f53.jpg032C.jpg046.jpg054E.jpglucy_veronese.jpgMA03853A.jpgtumblr_nd8e41w6du1qhi6wuo1_1280.jpg
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More stuff

  1. Boiled Until Dead​

Cheryl stood waiting in the stone chamber. The wooden door in front of her was all that separated her from a jeering crowd that would watch her torture and death unfold in the next hour. She could hear them out there, yelling and chanting for her to be dragged out. She trembled in fear because she simply didn't know what to expect, although it could hardly be worse than what had been done to her sofar.

Cheryl was standing in the chamber nude and had her hands bound behind her back and had a leash fastened around her neck to drag her along through the stone corridors. Her clothing had been stripped by guards two hours ago as they prepared her for her execution. She had been bathed twice - once to clean off the dungeon dirt and scum to make her clean enough to be raped by the guards, and then a second time to wash away the blood and cum that coated her cunt, legs, ass, mouth and breasts when they'd finished with her.

During her first scrubbing, her reddened cunt had been shaved clean with a skinning knife. This way her most private parts would be visible to all in the crowd during her final tortures and execution. Her hands and arms were then bound - first at the wrists,and then in two places up her arms.The tight bindings pulled her shoulders back and forced her breasts out unnaturally, all the more for the crowd to enjoy.

As a roar rose up from the crowd, the door was pulled open and the bright sunlight filled the cold stone chamber. Cheryl was jerked forward and stumbled out into the open where she was shocked to see a crowd of hundreds surrounding the raised stone area in the center of the crowd. While she recoiled from the noise of the crowd and the blinding sunlight, Cheryl also searched out to see what objects were waiting for her - to see how she would be tortured and die in front of these enraged people. Her question was soon answered - much to her horror when she saw a large iron cauldron sitting on a stand over a large pile of firewood. She was going to be boiled to death - a cruel and painful way to die.

Near the cauldron was a large table with iron rings at each end with chains fastened to them. No doubt she'd be restrained here and tortured for the crowd's enjoyment first.

Cheryl was pulled to the center of the stone platform for the crowd's viewing. Her leash was pulled up through a pulley and pulled tight, lifting her nearly off the ground. Her feet were each wrapped in chain and pulled widely apart, revealing her freshly scrubbed and shaved cunt in full detail in the bright sun. Two guards came over beside Cheryl - one holding her firm breasts up for display, while the other ran his fingers deeply through her cunt as her sentence was read by the head Witchfinder,

The Witchfinder solemnly faced the crowd and pointed to the nude Cheryl on display: "Cheryl, for the crime of witchcraft, you will be tortured and boiled to death, until all of the evil spirits in you are cleansed out of you. After death, your cooked remains will be charred on a spit and fed to the village's dogs to anoint them all with the blessings of your freshly cleansed flesh."

I watched in some amusement as Cheryl sobbed and pleaded for mercy. As I ran the prison, I had the opportunity to visit with each prisoner and condemned as I wished. Cheryl had been brought to me late yesterday afternoon for my inspection and pleasures. I made her strip off her prison robe and display herself for me. She was pretty - with large but firm breasts and a slim waist, a nice tight ass, and a nice full set of bald cunt lips.I told her that she'd die tomorrow-that the time had come

- but that we hadn't yet decided how. She was told she could beg for mercy - and that some actually got a little of it from time to time. Cheryl pleaded not to be hurt, not to be tormented, and promised anything for mercy. She was told what she needed to do, and she happily agreed to do it.

Two hours later, Cheryl had finished her eager performance. I'd cum deeply into her mouth and raped her cunt

to the point of making her bleed. After she cleaned me off with her soft wet mouth, and had gotten me ready again, her small asshole was the target of my abuse and I alternated between her asshole and cunt as I worked her from behind. When I finished, Cheryl lay on my bed in exhaustion, with my cum dripping out of both her ass and cunt and her face covered in cum, blood and shit from my demands that she suck and cleanse me.

For her good efforts, I told her that she'd keep her eyes and that we'd not torture her face. While she'd die, she go to her death as cute as she was now, not with her pretty face ruined by a torch held under it as we did with many unfortunate witches. Luckily she had strong talent and a will to earn her mercy through vigorous fucking - many didn't and they paid for their lack of effort.

Turning back to the proceedings, I waved for the event to begin and the fire under the cauldron was lit. A slow smoky flame began, but picked up fairly quickly as the tinder caught and spread the fire to the wood circling the cauldron. It would take 30 minutes or so to come up to a boil, and would give us some time to entertain the crowd at Cheryl'sex pense.

As a first step, Cheryl was flogged lightly by the two guards to soften her up a little and to let her have the taste of paintocome.Cherylscreamedasthewhipsstartedtoflayher

- striking her breasts, ass, legs and stomach, but staying away from her face - a choice target - as I'd promised her mercy there.

After 20 strokes taken over perhaps 10 minutes, she was sobbing uncontrollably and we ended the flogging to move on to her primary punishment. Cheryl's body was wiped down with vinegar and salt water. While it cleansed the blood off of her, it hurt terribly as the salt entered the fresh whiplash wounds. When the clean up was finished and she'd stopped screaming, she was unchained and led over to the table next to the cauldron for preparation for her boiling death.

Cheryl and most of the crowd didn't know what was to come next, but the few that did eagerly pushed to the front to get a full view of the terrible torment that was to come. A spectacle unfolded for them that rivaled any execution - even a burning - for its horrible torment and ruelty.

Cheryl was pushed onto her back on the table. Her hands and arms remained bound tightly and her legs were chained to the table and spread wide apart. Her leather leash was pulled back and secured off the end of the table, thus stretching her outtightly.

An executioner came up to Cheryl and took several minutes to whisper something to her that made her bawl and scream for mercy.The executioner laughed and then moved
down to her cunt which was nicely spread open for all to see. With his fingers the executioner spread her cunt lips apart and slowly forced his entire hand and arm into her young tender cunt, opening her wide. He felt each hip - with one hand on the outside and the other inside her cunt to gauge the position of her hipbones, which was critical to the next step. With her hands still chained, Cheryl was pulled over to lie on one side. An iron bar was brought out and readied for her mutilation.

Because our cauldron was of limited size, and because we wanted the witch's private parts - specifically her cunt - to feel the pain of the boiling water first, we had devised a way, learned from breaking women on the wheel, to twist her legs and hips so that her cunt entered the boiling water first. Cheryl's hips would be shattered one at a time and her now dislocated and unrestrained legs folded over behind her and tied tightly to her arms. Hearing the details of that was what had made her bawl when she was told what was going to happen to her.

As Cheryl watched in horror, the heavy iron bar was raised by the executioner and slammed down on Cheryl's raised left hip. She screamed in horrible agony as her entire hipbone was shattered with three heavy blows. Guards then took her leg and twisted it to disjoint it from the fragments of her hip, and it was folded over in back of her and tied to her arms which were bound tightly behind her. The crackling of the bones could be heard between screams as the mutilation and terrible twisting and binding took place. Cheryl was then rolled over for the other hip, screaming further as every motion caused unspeakable agony. In a few minutes, both hips were shattered, both legs twisted and tied to her arms and she was ready as a tight little package for her boiling. Thus her arms and legs lined up with each other, and her cunt and her asshole were left protruding out from her shattered hips and thighs.

At this point the Witchfinder asked if anyone in the crowd wanted to fuck Cheryl before her boiling took place. She looked pitiful, but very interesting, with tears streaming down her face and her hips splayed around behind her leaving her shaved cunt wide open. About 15 men shyly raised their hands as interested in this, and slowly came forward and took their positions in line in front of her gaping cunt. Cheryl screamed in agony with each thrust of their cocks, but in the period of 25 minutes all 15 had raped her for the crowd's lusty enjoyment. By now the fire was burning with great heat, the water was boiling and we were ready to proceed with Cheryl's cruel execution.

A chain was threaded under Cheryl's armpits and fastened to a rope threaded through a pulley on the gibbet above the table. Cheryl was slowly and painfully hoisted up and
the gibbet turned to hang her over the now boiling caldron. Cheryl continually screamed and begged for mercy as the heat of the steam reached her freshly raped cunt.

I gave the order to proceed with the first dipping and the executioner slowly lowered her to just dip her cunt into the boiling water. Cheryl uttered the most terrible, agonizing cries to everyone's great satisfaction. I had her held with just her cunt and her little belly up to her navel in the rolling boiling water. She was held there as I watched carefully. I waited several minutes enjoying her screaming, until I saw fairly significant blistering taking place at which time I ordered her raised up for a bit out of the boiling water. She stopped her intense screaming and just cried and pleaded for mercy.

Over the next five minutes she was dipped three more times into the water to boil her cunt and asshole. After the last time, I ordered her pulled and the gibbet rotated to hang over the table again. Cheryl was lowered to the table so the crowd could see her blistered red cunt, her steaming asshole all red and puckered out, and the blisters across her ass and her lower belly.

While the pot reheated, I reached out with a pair of pliers and grasped her clitoris - now all red and swollen and bulging out from her steaming cunt lips. With a painful wrenching twist I ripped it off to Cheryl's horror and agonizing scream. The freshly boiled tidbit was tossed to a villager's dog, which happily chewed and swallowed it. Cheryl was then ordered re-trussed for her breast dunking.

The chains were rearranged so that Cheryl's breasts hung down when she was suspended. Raised up again, she was turned once more over the cauldron and her breasts dipped into the steaming boiling water to her agonizing pain and the crowd's amusement. When turned back and dropped on the table, you could see that all the skin had blistered off her tits and chest. I took the pliers again and repeated the tearing I'd done with her clitoris to each nipple. With each little piece of freshly boiled meat, another pup was made happy.

Cheryl was now ready for her final death. She was repositioned for cunt first immersion, and hoisted over the water. I reached up and held a short chain with a 10 pound weight on one end of it and a large hook on the other. I took the hook and ripped it through her cunt lips and dropped the weight, pulling painfully on her cunt as the hook set. The weight would keep her from floating.

As the crowd roared, Cheryl was fully immersed in the boiling water. She screamed and thrashed as she was lowered in, stopping for a few seconds at her cunt, and then again at her breasts. After some minutes, we finally lowered her head into the boiling fluid and she soon stopped her awful screaming and her thrashing movements.

After 15 minutes of boiling a thick greasy scum rose to the top and we pulled Cheryl's now still body out of the water. Her eyes were white and her mouth frozen in a boiled scream of agony. Her flesh had split in several places and the fat was starting to be parboiled out of her breasts and mangled thighs.

We lowered her boiled corpse to the table and unchained her. I played with her tits and cunt a little with a knifeblade to show how stiff the boiling had gotten her. I then ordered her readied forroasting.

Kitchen slaves - each one of them a candidate for this exact fate - were dragged out of the field kitchen - nude of course - and as they trembled in terror were made to impale Cheryl's red blistered body on a black iron rod. She was then hoisted up and carried away for roasting over an open fire in back of the kitchen to afterwards to be cut up as dog meat.96d4d79624c8282ea7cf45dfa92d6c54.jpg119.jpg149C.jpg317.jpg349.jpg502.jpgMixtequito1.jpg
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  1. But I'm Not aWitch​

Penny stepped out of the shop onto the gravel lane that went through the village of Carleton. It was a sunny day in the English spring, and the countryside was greening up as summer neared. Penny was just 20, and had enjoyed her life since she was born in 1640.

A pretty girl, Penny drew admiring glances from the townspeople as she walked down the road towards her home on a farm outside of town. As she walked along, she saw the Elder Samuel watching her from in front of his leather shop. Samuel was seen as an evil man, but was well connected with the towns people and headed up the local church's council. Severe, he had a reputation for recommending cruel punishments when church trials were held. Now with the passing of his wife, he was more lonely and embittered than ever. His stare at Penny wasn't a happy event for this pretty young girl.

Penny was caught up quickly in conversation with some friends, and forgot about the Elder for a bit. To her surprise when the conversation ended and the group parted, she bumped right into him as she turned down the road. She apologized hastily for bumping into him... he smiled with sort of a sinister grin, and asked Penny where she was in such a hurry to go to, and if she didn't have time to come to his shop to see the latest leather goods from Spain that he had. Quickly - perhaps too quickly - Penny blurted that she had no interest in leather and couldn't afford it or the time, and then whisked away from Samuel. Unhappy, Samuel gazed after Penny, thinking somber thoughts about the missed chance to spend some time with her, and perhaps to please her with a sensual leather gift.

Penny thought nothing of the encounter and hurried home to feed her elderly father - blind and bedriddden. After his dinner, he fell asleep and Penny snuck out to meet Tom, her lover and long term boyfriend. Penny usually met Tom in the hayloft of the farm's barn. It was quiet and away from the house, and with the soft hay, Penny and Tom could roll around and make love late into the night while her father slept.

When Penny saw Tom, she happily pulled of her dress and ran to greet him naked, her breasts tossing gently as she ran towards him. Tom dropped his pants and shirt and for hours the two kissed and rolled in the hay. With her father to care for, Penny couldn't take a chance on getting pregnant, so every night, she let Tom enter her, and take as many strokes as he could, but as he approached cumming, she made him pull out and she took his cock into her mouth. While her deep sucking was wonderful, poor Tom missed the joy of feeling Penny's cunt get slick with his jism. Even this night Tom was very frustrated and asked when they could marry and truly consummate their relationship. Penny said little, only that her father was her obligation now, and she had to wait for his passing to marry and bear children. Hoping to please Tom, Penny took his cock in her mouth again and tried to bring him up, but Tom was frustrated, and pulled his pants on and walked off into the night.

Penny began to sob, and lay back in the hay. Suddenly a voice came from the dark... the voice of the Elder... "Penny, you are guilty of sodomy and witchcraft, come we are taking you in for a trial." Penny looked up in the dim shadows and saw the cloaked figure of the Elder, along with three of his Church henchmen. Horrified, Penny tried to run, but to no avail, as two more of the Churchmen blocked the door from the barn. Rudely bound with her hands tied behind her and her dress thrown roughly over her, Penny was led off to a closed horsecart, locked in with the Elder, and taken away.

Seemingly hours later, the carriage stopped and Penny was dragged from it into an old stone building. There, by torchlight, she was thrown into a large stone room, with straw on its floor, lit by candles. As her eyes adjusted to the light she could see that she was surrounded by 7 or 8 men, all dressed roughly and taking in low gutteral tones. Let's see 'er, the man in the center said to the Elder... and then two of the men stepped out to her and ripped her dress from around her and held her up by her arms. The Leader stepped to her and grabbed Penny's pert breasts, feeling them for weight and firmness. Aye, pretty said the Leader, she'll do for certain. And 'yer fee, mate? An hour with the bitch said the Elder Samuel. Good for me said the Leader... then we get to play with her before the public trial, right? Yer right, she'll stand convicted of witchcraft on my word. Bind her to a bench said the Elder, I'm old and don't care to wrestle with my treats this late at night. Aye, the Leader said... boys, tie 'er up nice, and prepare her and leave her cunny open and her tits out for the Elder. If he wants her arse, we'll come back in 30 ticks and turn 'er over for 'im.

Penny was then dragged over to a narrow bench and tied, with her legs hanging off the end, her ankles tied to the legs, and her hands tied around under the bench. One man deftly shaved her armpits, cunt and ass crack with a hunting knife, scraping roughly but carefully until she was bare and smooth like a baby's butt. She was totally exposed, her pretty little cunt out in the open and her breasts fully exposed. The Elder took his time, first stroking her breasts and exploring her open freshly shaved cunt. Then, he dropped his pants and let his long wiry cock hang out and came over to her. Penny shuddered as he approached her, and screamed in anger as he slid his sticky member into her pretty young cunt. Soon the Elder developed a rhythm, and soon after than he shot a load of spunk into her. Horrible Penny thought, all those nights of saving herself from Tom, just to have this happen.

Groaning from his exertion, the Elder crept away in the night buttoning hispants.

Soon after, Penny heard the sounds of footsteps, and the voices of the men again. Well I guess he's done and she's ours boys, the Leader said, laughing as he entered the room with Penny bound to the bench. Well boys, its almost dawn, and we have until noon with her. She'll burn in the village square then.

Arggh, do we have to burn her so quickly? Yup we do, noted the Leader, that was part of the deal with the Elder, get rid of her quick before anyone asks about her. Cinders don't tell stories, then do they boys.

Looks like she's ready for us now, shall we take her? Go for her boys, but leave some for me. With that, they all ran to line up on Penny. OK now boys, we'll do her cunt first, and then we'll do her ass. One by one, the 7 men took their turns with Penny, plunging into her cunt and ravaging her tits with their biting as they fucked her. As the last one finished, Penny's sobbing continued. She'd been fucked hard by 7 men, and her cunt was in agony and her tits torn and bitten. Laughing, they untied her, and took her to a sort stake near the wall. She was bent forward over the stake. Her hands were tied to the bottom of the stake, and her ankles chained to iron rings in the floor. With her ass now exposed, the line reformed on her, and one by one, the men took her ass with their filthy cocks.

As they finished, they all ran off to do their morning chores at their farms, agreeing to meet at 11 for the burning. The Leader stayed with Penny, and untied her and pushed her to the floor in front of him. It's not often we get a looker like you, he said. We have a ceremony every year before the crop is planted, and we usually have to burn some witch we catch in a hovel in the woods. You're young and pretty and our Spring witch burning will be an event to remember this year. Now you'll be tortured first, you know. The crowd likes to see a witch in pain first. We'll flog you properly and then I'm afraid we'll have to torch your pretty little cunt and your tits first before we set the death fire. That'll take an hour or more, but the fire won't last too long, and then your hurtin' will be over.

Now I can make the fire long and slow, or I can make it quick, so if you want some mercy, you have about an hour to work for it. I suggest you start by seeing how much of my cum you can take into your mouth.

Shocked by what lay in front of her, Penny slowly reached for the Leader's cock and too kit into her mouth, much as she had with Tom. Slowly the Leader grew hard, and after seemingly forever, shot his load into her bruised mouth.

Ahh, good now. You sleep for a bit if you want, the boys will be back soon to get you ready for the parade our to the stake. Penny just broke down and sobbed, laying slowly down in the straw. She sobbed off to a restless nap, thinking about the hour in front ofher.

Soon the men arrived, laughing and joking. Happy they were, for they'd be the "big wheels" in the ceremony today, and they'd done well finding a pretty witch to roast. Penny was quickly pulled to her feet by the men. Her hair was roughly brushed back... "make 'er look good boys... you'll get your cocks sucked this afternoon by your girls for this fine time..."

How about one more round with her, the men asked. She's prettier now than she'll be in an hour, that's for sure. OK then, but only a few strokes each. And if you fill her up with cum, we have to wash her out some so that she doesn't drip to much in front of the women watching out there. With that, Penny was pulled down on the straw again, and a line formed. Each man fucked her slowly and deeply, making their strokes in her pretty cunt last. They'd agreed that they'd wash her up, so they each let a load go into her cunt. The last two men had a pretty sloppy time of it as jism flowed out of her tight bald cunt as the next cock filled her tight little passage.

At the end of the line, the Leader fucked her again and when he finished he had a bucket of water thrown on her open cunt. Taking a ripped piece of the girl's dress, he wrapped it around his hand and stretched her cunt open, and reached in and swabbed her vagina out. Penny screamed at the pain, but shut up when she was told she'd know true pain in a few minutes.

Penny's cunt was rubbed dry with other shreds of her dress and she was pulled to her feet for the march to the village square. Crying and begging for mercy, Penny's hands were tied behing her back, her smooth shaved cunt was toweled off one last time, and she was spun around towards the door. Crying, she was pushed a few feet at a time out the door of the stone building and guided down a path. The path to the village square was lined with jeering townspeople, held back by burly farmers, each holding a smoking torch. Ahead, Penny could see the center of the square, and a stake erected in it. Deafened by the yelling crowd, Penny recognized to her horror that she was in Dinsmore, a pagan town almost 20 miles from her home town. Dinsmore was home to all manner of strange folk, and burning a witch was no surprise here. Slowly she was led to the center of the square and closer to the stake that awaited her. As she entered the open square, she saw again to her horror that the take was in the center of a stone platform, butt hat the only wood was piled to the side, and that various metal rings and chains were set in the stone. All to be used to restrain her during her flogging and torture. The other horror was the brazier of coals that set smoldering on the platform, with several iron rods stuck into the smoking coals.

First Penny was brought to the center of the platform, as the crowd went wild. She was slowly turned around so that everyone could see her pretty face, her pert breasts and bulging nipples, and her pretty shaved cunt and asshole.

Penny felt so humiliated. Here she was, stripped naked in front of the crowd, and as pretty as a picture. Her tight little body and pointy tits, her trim hips and her smooth mound and cunt lips just being held there like a piece of meat waiting to be cooked. She'd saved her cunt for Tom all that time and now she was going to burned at the stake for the pleasure of a crowd of pagans.

The Leader called out to the crowd, "Here's the witch of Spring, caught doing Satan's work and brought to us to be consumed in the flames". Then, she was led to the stake and fastened to it with her hands tied to iron cuffs pulled high over her head. Each ankle was wrapped in chains, and fastened through a ring several feet apart. Slowly the chains were pulled tight and her legs spread wide apart and her weight was held up by here cuffed arms over her head.

First we'll flog the witch, until she begs for our God's mercy. With that the Leader reached out and cupped Penny's pretty breasts and then slowly stroked her tightly spread cunt. We'll tenderize you a bit before we roast you, Penny.

With that, the Leader took up a heavy whip and began circling Penny, flogging her skin, and taking care to aim for her breasts and cunt. Penny screamed in pain at the flogging, and whimpered as she saw trickles of blood come out of the welts on her creamy white skin. The villages were wild about the flogging and enjoyed watching her breasts bounce as the whip hit them, and watching Penny jerk her hips as the whip hit her thighs and tender cunt.

After five or 10 minutes of flogging, Penny neared unconciousness. Not wanting to lose the thrill of watching Penny writhe at her tortures, before her burning at the stake, the Leader stopped and Penny was unshackled from the stake to be taken to the torture rack. She was led crying and in terror to a sawhorse and tied along its length, so that her arms and legs were tied to the four legs and her pretty but whipped cunt exposed to the cheering crowd. Her soft breasts flopped to either side of her pretty body as she lay there tightly bound.

The Leader then walked to her and began to play with her cunt, opening it up with his fingers to show the villagers her wet pink insides. A selected villager was all owed to come forward and rape her, taking long deep strokes inside her tender cunt. Now, two guards moved the brazier over near her, and Penny knew immediately what was to happen next.

A large, penis shaped iron was pulled from the fire and brought within inches of Penny's face so that she could feel its heat and see its size. Penny gasped, and shook her head in anticipation of the pain she knew would come. The Leader took the rod and lay it into the folds of Penny's cunt lips, letting it roll around and sizzle as it branded her clit and her cunt lips. Penny bucked and thrashed, but the Leader held the rod in her cunt lips until it cooled and stopped glowing.

The rod was placed back in the coals, and a smaller rod with a cup-shaped end on it pulled out. A helper held Penny's right breast up with gloved hands, while the Leader applied the cup to the nipple and end of Penny's pretty tit. Next, the other tit was cupped and similarly burned as Penny screamed and thrashed around as much as she could in her bonds.

Now the penis rod was hot again and ready for the final plunge. Pulled from the brazier, the Leader held the rod up to show the crowd... and they all realized what was coming next... all except Penny that is as she was still recovering from her tit branding.

The rod was quickly pressed against Penny's cunt lips, and this time pushed firmly deep inside of her vagina. With the instant heat, the cum from Penny's last rapes came to an instant boil and steam and foul gasses spurted from her pretty vagina. Penny gasped and then began to buck to avoid the burning rod, but again to noavail.

As Penny lay there with the smoking rod stuck in her cunt, the guards began to prepare to burn pretty Penny at the stake. When the steam stopped coming from her cunt, the penis rod was pulled out and Penny was unbound. Strong guards lifted her to her feet and dragged her back to the stake she had been whipped at... this time never to leave it.

Penny knew all too well that the Dinsmore people knew how to burn a witch. Their style was to hold the witche's hands over her head in iron cuffs and to press a block of wood between the stake and the poor girl's back so that her breasts were thrust forward to taste the flames sooner. Penny was dragged to the stake and held up as the iron cuffs were locked around her wrists. The chains were pulled tight and her body was hoisted up against the rough wood of the freshly hewn stake. The block was spiked behind her shoulders, pressing her breasts out forward to better taste the flames. The carpenters each getting to suck on a nipple as their reward for preparing the stake for her. Penny's legs were spread wide and her ankles chained to each end of a log spiked to the bottom of the stake, so that her cunt and ass would be exposed to feel the taste of the flames very early. Penny knew too, that they burned the cunts and tits of the girls first so that they could enjoy the specific pleasure of watching a girl's pussy consumed in flames and each tit torched. She'd heard stories of young girls taken captive there and burned as witches in Dinsmore and heard tales of terror of the horrible screams that came from them as their freshly raped cunts were burned to cinders for the crowd's pleasure. Now Penny watched in chains from the stake as the boys in town were rushing up to her front to look up at her cunt and tits, pointing at her pussy and giggling about how it would be burned.

Penny's pussy had been carefully preserved in the branding, so that it would remain unmutilated for this particularly spectacular step. The Leader stepped up to the stake, bowed to the crowd, and turned and faced Penny. He held a bucket of warm pine pitch in his hand and had a glove on the other. He held the bucket under Penny's nose so that she could smell the strong pine scent of the tar. Reaching into the pitch with a stick, he showed her how sticky it was, and told her how well it would cling to her pussy, and how his cum in her cunt would blend with the pitch to make a bubbling rancid oily flame. He drew out a sticky hand full and reached down and stuffed two fingers of pitch up deeply into Penny's cunt. That my dear, he said, will bubble and drip out and feed a flame in your tender little pink hole for 10 minutes or more. Another two fingers were rubbed deep into her anus with the Leader's fingers squirming around in her tender ass pulling at her hole so more pitch could be squeezed in. then pitch was rubbed all through Penny's cunt lips, and her clit was stretched out with the Leader's fingers and coated with pitch. Last, Penny's pretty smooth shaved pussy was coated in the amber liquid.

Well Penny, the Elder said from the first rank of the crowd, would you rather be sucking the cum out of my cock or would you rather be here now? You had a choice once you know. We had a girl from another village that could have been burned tonight instead of you. She'll just wait until next week now, you know. I'd 'ave been nice to you to you know, it wouldn't just be all fucking and sucking... I'd treated you nice. But no, you're a friggin princess aren'tyou.616.jpg800px-Sebastiano_del_Piombo_001.jpg2016-10-09 (40).jpg2016-10-09 (48).jpg33420.jpg591974931_small.jpgtumblr_nge3wth5Z61sn6cuso1_1280.jpg
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The end :

With that, the Leader took a torch and held it into the pitch, and then touched it to the brazier that held the heated rods that Penny had been tortured with. Quickly the torch popped into a thick smoky yellow flame.

The Leader stood by Penny and slowly brought the flame to her each tit and let it burn under each one. Penny screamed in agony as each tit was slowly charred by the flames. After about 10 minutes both tits were blackened and blistering.The Leader put the torch down and took a knife and slowly sliced each tit in half from top to bottom, letting each half spread apart. Then the torch was brought to Penny's raped, oiled cunt and held about a foot under her cunt lips. Waking to a new agony, Penny screamed for mercy as the tar boiled on her cunt lips and began to smoke. Bringing the torch closer, Penny's cunt burst into flames, rising slowly to engulf her whole cunt, the crack of her ass, and her once beautify pussy. Penny thrashed at her chains hoping to escape, but she was tightly bound and could only twist and thrash in her chains, waving her flaming cunt at the cheering crowd. This was one of the best burnings yet, they all thought. They hadn't had this pretty a girl in over ayear.

As the fire rose and consumed Penny's cunt, the crowd all stood to watch the spectacle. After what must have been ten minutes, the flames slowly flickered out... fed every once in a while by drops of tar that dribbled out of her cunt or ass and sparked a new burst of flame. The Leader came up to Penny and with a gloved hand, reached out to grasp her charred cunt lips. Penny screamed as he opened her charred cunt with his gloved fingers, and then pulled pieces of charred skin off her cunt and inner thighs.

The Leader then ordered the wood piled around Penny, as he enjoyed her cunt with his gloved hand. Now ready to burn, he kissed her goodbye, stood outside the circle of wood and tinder, and tossed a torch into the pile. The flames rose slowly at first, but quickly gained height. Penny thrashed for a bit, but had been pretty much spent by her cunt burning. Fat dripped from her slashed breasts and her exposed skinned cunt and thighs, and the flames quickly grew around her, consuming her body in a shorttime.A1.jpgA2.jpgA3.jpgA4.jpgA5.jpgA6.jpg
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  1. Footloose and Fancy Free​

Our town, Dinsmore, was situated in the medieval English countryside many miles outside of any large city. We were governed by a Duke, distracted in his castle many miles away, and in essence ran our own lives. A hard-working community, Dinsmore's men began work in the fields as children and as young men had farms and families of their own. Women too, were hard working, and typically were married and had their first children by the time they were 17 or 18. Because life and work was hard, honesty was important, and punishments were harsh for those caught stealing from others.

Alice had been caught red handed. She'd stolen from the church and from several merchants in town. Dragged off to the town's jail, Alice's trial was swift and sure - humiliation and death. Her punishment to be delivered today. Her fate still unknown to her, Alice would be taken to the iron cage suspended from an oak tree three miles from town, stripped, abused and mutilated, and locked in the cage without food or water until she died.

Before her capture, Alice was distant and reclusive. She was young, about 19, and pretty, but always had stayed separate from the others in the town. At 15 when she started to develop, she was fair and well shaped and attracted the attention of the boys in the town. She avoided them though, and acted strangely, so they stayed away, but with her looks, they had a lingering curiosity about her, and several reveled at the thought of seeing her publicly humiliated and punished.

As the executioner, I always met early on the day of the execution with each of the condemned and told them what the day would be like. Usually, there were a few hours for them to reflect on their fate. With a pretty girl like Alice, I'd always find something to keep them busy and to keep their mind off their coming fate. One of the perks of the job, I guess.

As I'd instructed, Alice had been taken to my quarters for her meeting with me. She was left alone in the main room of the cottage dressed in a rough cloth smock with her hands bound behind her back and her feet hobbled with a short rope tied tightly to her ankles. As I entered the cottage, I saw her standing there staring at me with terror in her eyes.

Even under the rough cloth smock it was obvious that Alice had a nice shape. Her pretty face was stiff with fear though, and she eyed me warily. I explained to her that I was the executioner and that she had an appointment with me this afternoon. It wouldn't be pleasant, but given that she was pretty, that there could be some plea for mercy from the worst of the treatment that could be given to her.

Looking up at me hopefully, she asked what was going to happen and what I could do to help her - that she'd do anything to be spared some of the pain she feared.

I said OK, and bent over and unbound her feet. Sighing in relief she moved her legs around to stretch them, and I reached behind her and unbound her hands. I told her I had no fear that she'd run, as we'd surely catch her and then if she did run, our little deal would be off, wouldn't it? She agreed, and thanked me for untying her.

I told her to remove her garment, as I wanted to look at her as I explained what we'd be doing to her today. Shyly, she looked around hoping to avoid the inevitable, but seeing no alternative but to submit to me, she slowly pulled the smock over her head. Doing so, she revealed a long pair of trim legs, a well rounded but slim set of hips and large, well formed breasts with large pointed nipples. Her pubic mound was shaved smooth as was the rule in the gaol. She tried to cover her breasts and cunt, but I asked her to put her hands down, as I wanted to see her clearly, and that it was part of our agreement.

While running my hands over her, I bluntly told her she'd die locked in the iron cage outside of town. While that in and of itself didn't seem too terrible, she had to know that there would be cruel treatments before that she'd not enjoy. Because in the past some of the fair girls sentenced to die this way had been "saved" by outsiders and wanderers, we learned to ruin their beauty and function so that they'd not be a treat to be pried loose from the iron cage and taken away.

I pointed to her feet, and told her they'd be hacked off so she couldn't walk. Taking a hand and wrist, I showed her where her hands would be severed with the axe to take her grasp away. And then reaching for her breasts and fondling them, I said "these will come off too and your cunt too will be cut away after we use you." She put her face in her hands in dispair and said "how then are you saving me?" I told her it could be far worse. We often made a fire and had hot irons, and slowly burned away the soft flesh of many a young girl as we listened to hours of screaming through the afternoon. "This I can save you from."

What did she have to do she asked. I told her that I would, as I did with all the others, spend several hours testing her skills as a woman. Every opening would be explored and used. She'd first clean my cock in her mouth, then I'd slide into her cunt, and then her ass, after which she'd clean me with her mouth and we'd start over again. I'd take time playing with her breasts, which I would later today cut off. I would softly stroke and play with her full young cunt which would be cut away just before she went to the cage to bleed and die over the next hours or days depending on how much strength remained after we were done with her.

After her slow cart ride for the few miles out to the cage site, she'd be stripped, and as was the practice, all those that wanted to come along could have their way with her first. When the group was finished raping her the cutting would begin and her severed parts hung on a string off the bottom of the cage, probably attracting wild animals to the fresh meat and blood. Be prepared, I told her, for some of the men will want another turn with you after your hands and feet have been severed, and just before your breasts and cunt are sliced off. I told her I thought that cruel, but it excited some of the men, so we allowed it as a part of the punishment.

As Alice sobbed a little, I took her by the hand and stroked her hair out a little, trying to comfort her. I pulled her close to me and began looking her over closely for our first encounter. As I cupped her breast with one hand, and pressed her naked hips up against my surging cock. I then positioned one of her hands on my crotch, and told her to undo my pants and to take my cock out. Shyly, she complied, and soon had my throbbing cock in her hands. I asked her if she'd ever held a man's penis, and she said she'd had one encounter in the hay in a barn with a passing musician, but had feared bearing children, so avoided sex.

Well, children aren't a big worry for you now, so you're free to fuck all you want to I told her. She somehow didn't see the humor in the situation. Sitting her down next to me on my bed, I rolled her over so that she faced me with her head on my lap. Now, I commanded, lick my cock all along its length, and then take it deeply in your mouth. I want to feel it slide through your moist lips and feel it rub against the back of your throat. Slowly, she submitted and began to lick me. Then when I was all wet, she let my cock slide into her open mouth, and drew her pursed lips tightly around my shaft as I slowly slid in an out of her.

As I watched my cock slide through her lips, I reached out and spread her legs and began to stroke her smooth pussy and cunt lips. I clutched them in my fingers and thought about how they'd be to slice off with a sharp knife after she'd been raped, her hands and feet hacked off, and her breasts cut off one at a time. She'd be all blood-soaked and in shock, but still able to feel the pain of the blade as I pulled on her hairless cunt lips to make them stretch out taut to be sliced off.

Just the thought made me very aroused, and I shot the first of many loads of warm, slippery semen into Alice as she slowly sucked my cock. As she gagged a little, I pushed her head down on me, and warned her not to spill a drop, but to swallow it all by the mouthful as it spurted into her mouth.

When my cock finally stopped pulsing, I let her up for air, and looked into her tear stained face with my jism all around her mouth. I think after I rest for a few minutes it's time to explore your cunt, I said. Roll over onto your back and spread your legs wide apart for me. I'd like to watch you get into position while I get hard again.

Alice wiped her face off on her arm and shuffled around on the bed to position herself as ordered. As she lay back on the bed, she spread her legs slowly and awkwardly, revealing her young tight cunt with its fine pale hairless skin, so perfect for the knife. Looking at it, and watching her lips spread ever so slightly to reveal a wet pink interior, I envisioned her tied to the rack after being hacked and sliced apart, and taking the knife to her freshly raped slit for her final torment.

Thinking of her screaming in pain for the 20 minutes or so we'd take to mutilate her gave me an instant erection, and with my cock still wet from her sucking, I positioned the head of it in the folds of her tender cunt. Feeling the tightness of her vagina, I penetrated slowly at first to listen to her moan, and then plunged in deeply to make her gasp for air at the shock of the violation. I began to stroke slowly in and out taking long deep plunges into her cunt while I held her firm breasts and sucked her nipples. Forgetting for the moment her upcoming death, Alice responded to the fucking with slow rhythmic motion of her hips, increasing the pace with mine until we were both in a fucking frenzy.

After 15 or 20 minutes I grew wildly excited at the thought of cutting off her tits and blew my load deep into her vagina. As we slowed, Alice broke into deep sobs and began to weep as I lay on top of her still inside her. Pulling out slowly, I racked back on my knees to watch a river of cum begin to flow out of her tight cunt lips and down into the crack of her ass. Stimulated again, I turned her over with her hips and rubbed the cum into her asshole to lubricate it, opening her hole with two of my fingers and rubbing the rim of her ass with my cum. Alice yelped in pain as I opened her, and screamed as I drove my newly hard cock into her asshole. Driving hard again at her, she screamed in pain with each plunge into her, and broke down again in sobs as I filled her asshole with another load of cum. Giving her no rest, I yelled at her to turn around to me and to suck the juices off my cock. She gagged at first as she took my cock into her mouth, tasting a new set of flavors for her first and last time.

I rested for a while with her sucking my balls as I played with her tits and cunt, studying them further for the afternoon. Then after another hard fuck, I made her get on her knees in front of me and suck my cock while she begged for mercy in the afternoon. Her final plea was answered with another mouthful of cum, which she was made to hold while she let my cock shrink down to normal in her mouth.

Finished with her for now, Alice was told harshly to put the rags back on and then I tied her hands tightly behind her again. Looking a little dismayed at my sudden abruptness with her, Alice asked if she did everything all right. I told her yes, she had been a good fuck and would be given mercy, but business was business and we had things to do now.

As I bound Alice's hands, I heard the cart with the guards stop in front of my quarters. Alice was pulled out the door and shoved into the waiting cart. The bright sun blinded her a little and the jeering of the crowd of 10 or 15, mostly boys and men who'd seen her develop and wanted to savor her in her last moments. The shock made her cry again as she was tied standing up in the cart as it began its slow jostling pace to the iron cage.

As the cart passed by houses and workers in fields, they all turned to cheer the procession, and took long penetrating looks at the doomed Alice. A few more joined the procession of yelling, singing men who followed the cart. This was a good day for them, as Alice was prettier than most girls in the village, and they were going to get to see every inch of her, and fuck her too.

As the procession pulled up to the cage, Alice was made to look at it, and to see where her last hours would be spent. Then she was taken off the cart and shoved over to the rack where she'd be tortured and made to stand in front of it. As the crowd gathered around her and came to a hush, I reached up behind Alice and untied her hands, and then slowly cut away the smock she wore, parting it at her neck and slowly revealing her full breasts and trim waist as the garment was ripped from her. Cheers came up as the men knew they'd be enjoying her in a few minutes.

With Alice standing naked and exposed to all the men in the bright sun, I read her death sentence, and then told the crowd and Alice again, how she'd die.

At that, Alice was made to drop to her knees again and to suck my cock in front of everyone as a stimulant to the crowd. As I neared readiness to cum, Alice was pulled back over a raping bench positioned just behind her, and held down as I plunged into her cunt for a final rape. After I finished, Alice was tied to the bench with her well shaved cunt tilted up into the air, providing easy access for the 15 men waiting to fuck her in the first round.

As the line eagerly formed Alice moaned softly, waiting for the first of the 15 cocks to enter her. As the fucking began, Alice would occasionally yell as her nipples were pinched or her face slapped. About an hour later, all had finished raping her, and the men were relaxed and sitting on the racks and benches enjoying watching Alice groan from their unrelenting plunges into her.

Finished with her abuse for now, Alice was untied from the raping bench and dragged over to a round rough wooden table where he'd be stretched out and tied down and mutilated. Crying out now for mercy as her time of real pain approached, Alice was spread-eagled on the table. We then tied her so that each arm and each leg was fastened either above the ankle or above the wrist, giving me a clear shot with the axe at each extremity, yet holding the stump of the limb in place.

As Alice looped up at me in total fear, I slowly rubbed the axe blade over her nipples and reminded her of the next steps we would take. I asked her where she'd like me to start, if she had a preference. She shook her head in tears and just kept saying "please, no, please" to the anxious crowd. I reached out with the axe handle and slid it through her cunt, pressing the end through her lips and up into her vagina. Twisting it sharply over her, the end of the handle pivoted down inside her and severely bruised the bottom of her tender cunt. I pulled it out and made Alice suck on the end of the axe handle for a last moment of embarrassment before the chopping started.

Each hand and foot was now pierced with a large needle with a twine through it so that we could string the detached parts up from the bottom of the iron cage. It was easier for us to run the needle and twine through while her hands and feet were still on her, though it caused great pain. Her screams gave a kind of prelude to the real pain to come. Alice screamed as the needle penetrated and the twine was pulled through the hole in the soft part of the toes of each foot and the palm of each hand. We let the strings drop out of the way of the axe to begin the cutting.

Motioning for the men to stand back a little, I went down to Alice's right leg and raised the axe over my head. Coming down hard, the blade struck just above her ankle and quickly severed the foot, crushing the bone and splitting the skin. A horrible scream came out of Alice as the crowd roared in approval. The severed foot was quickly picked up by the string and held up for Alice and the crowd to see. A heated iron was rubbed on the stump of her leg, boiling the blood, and stopping its flow.

After a few minutes of listening to her cry, I move up to Alice's side and positioned my self by her left arm. Raising the axe again, I came down hard on Alice's left forearm, severing her hand at the wrist. Again, the severed prize was raised up to Alice's screams of pain. Repeating the work, Alice's right hand was hacked off and then her left foot was severed... each being seized by the crowd as others busily sealed her wounds with the red hot irons. The initial mutilation was done.A21.jpga926f779430988eb7a5122e74e8fab7d.jpgaga.JPGagata1.jpgagata3.jpgProcaccini_GC1.jpgSaint Agatha (Orazio Riminaldi) (1625).jpg
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The end

I stood back to admire my work, and as the crowd watched Alice's pitiful writhing body. I offered her young cunt and tits again to anyone who wanted to enjoy her in this state wracked with pain.

Shyly about half of the men admitted they liked this part the best, fucking her while she was freshly dismembered and in deep pain. With huge excited erections the 7 of them took their place in line at Alice's cunt and in turn raped her as she cried out in deep sobs of pain. As the fucking ended, I stood over the sobbing Alice and reminded her of what was to come next - her final ruination.

I asked that Alice's legs be spread further on the table. The men quickly unbound her legs and retied them so that they were further apart, thus opening her cunt up more and letting a rush of new semen mixed now with a little blood, flow out of her raw slit. Sitting down next to Alice on the table, I held a long bladed carving knife up to her face. I told you you'd lose your tits here Alice, and now's the time.

Taking a large iron meathook with a string attached to the shaft, I sunk the hook into Alice's right breast, and pulled up on the string to pull her tit out straight. Working at the top of her breast with the knife blade I first criss-crossed the tip of her nipple, splitting it into four pieces. I then slowly sliced through her breast as she screamed and gurgled in pain. Giving the severed tit to waiting hands, I took Alice's remaining tit and repeated the painful hooking and tugging, this time cutting up from the bottom of her tit after the other nipple was split. The bottom of a pan of red hot coals was placed on each open wound, causing steam to come up as it sizzled on her chest and sealed the wounds. Alice thrashed at her bonds as the wounds were sealed.

Cunt time now Alice I said, waving the knife in front of her again. Reaching down I roughly fingered her cunt, and pulled her clit up and cut it off - tossing it to a villager's dog who stood nearby wagging his tail. I then pierced one cunt lip with a needle and twine and then grabbed the cunt lip and stretched it out. Slowly I began to slice the lip from her crotch, giving her the mercy of not cutting her entire vagina out. She'd live longer in the cage with her vagina intact anyway. Tossing the severed lip to the gang, I repeated the needle on the other lip, and sliced it off slowly, starting this time near the crack of her ass and cutting up to her belly. Alice yelled in a low, gutteral moan as her last cunt lip was cut from her. A flaming torch was set into the wound where her cunt was, and the flames sealed her vagina shut forever.

Alice's severed feet, hands, tits, and cunt lips were all laced together ready to hang. We untied Alice and had her sit up to watch our work as the freshly severed parts, dripping with blood were displayed to her and then taken to the iron cage and hung from the bottom ironbars.

Only one thing left now Alice, and that's into the cage with you I said. Nearly faint from the shock and pain, Alice moaned as she was lifted up through the open door of the cage and it was locked with her in it. I said goodbye to Alice, and told her to be a good girl, and not to steal anything more, and certainly not to run away. Then she was slowly hoisted up the oak tree to wait for her death, as the collage of her severed limbs and body parts swung slowly in the breeze under the cage.

The cart was loaded with our equipment, and we turned, waved to Alice and walked back to the village with our day's work done. A lesson to all about the perils of theft.__hr_fan18.jpg1-Branding 4.jpg09_01_2017_ppdofgzzz80.jpg023_#01_28.jpg023_#01_29.jpg30.jpg
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Probably most of the guys who have been breastfeeded focuse on tit torture ?

  1. Parade of the Captives​

It was about 10 in the morning. We'd conquered the village of Dinsmore at around 1AM when the last of their defenses fell to our strength. It had been a long siege and battle - taking over two weeks and costing us about 100 of our soldiers. We were battle weary, but happy that this last enemy stronghold had fallen. With Dinsmore now ours, we were now the undisputed owners of the entire Northland and could now relax, take inventory of our captives and their property and enjoy the remainder of the summer.

We started in Dinsmore as we did with all the other fallen villages. The captives were divided into several groups: men who were persistent in their resistance were executed immediately by the sword or axe, others who had given up resistance were taken as slaves for field and factory work. Women were divided into groups also: the old, the unfit, the fat and slow were generally executed, again by the sword or axe and with no ceremony. The strong and young were separated out further: The fairest of the young women were kept as our playthings, the others turned into field and factory slaves. Women under 18 were not harmed, but were kept as workers until they matured and could be separated as those over 18 were immediately after the fall of the village. In a town like Dinsmore, with a population of 10,000 in the village and surrounding farms, we could expect to execute 2,000 and to have 1,000 young attractive women in our captive group of women to pleasure us.

To avenge the long siege, we would hold hourly executions for the first two days and would select women from the most attractive group to torment and execute to show the people of Dinsmore that we meant business and were to be obeyed instantly. Further executions would be held if needed to enforce our law.

To sort out the captive villagers we formed two long lines of villagers, separated into men and women. Heavily armed soldiers guarded the line and kept strict order with several summary executions held for those that failed to heed the guard's commands. The line of men led to the main village gates while the women's line led to the town square. As the women's line entered the town square area, senior guards culled out the slaves and separated out our prizes. The ones that were questionable as even being slaves were put through strength tests to decide their fate - unhappy as either outcome would be. The special ones - the fairest of them - were directed to a line leading to the center of the town square.

At the center of the square a reviewing area was set up and manned by my senior commanders. Many of our troops had gathered to watch the inspections and sorting process, and they cheered frequently as one beauty after another came to the front of the line for inspection. As each girl's turn came for review, she was forced to strip completely and the guards would throw her clothes into a basket by the side of the review area. Now totally naked, the girl was grabbed by each arm and pulled forward for the commanders' review. Most of the women were trembling in fear in the line - looking ahead to see what was happening to each girl as she was reviewed and to see the fate of them after the review. As they approached and stripped, nearly all of them broke into tears and pleaded for mercy. None received it.

The review was brief and to the point. The nude captive was circled by the commanders and inspected closely. The beauty of their face was considered, the firmness, size and shape of their breasts, their figure, and their legs. Their breasts were fondled and squeezed and their cunts probed for tightness, the size of their cunt lips, and the appearance of their cunt hair. Finally the girl's ass was squeezed and then spread apart and her asshole probed. From time to time a girl was rejected, her rags of clothing retrieved, and she was sent to the slave compound. Out of the group of several hundred kept for our pleasure, a total of 24 were selected one by one for executions which would be held on the hour, each hour for two days. The hundreds of women kept for us had their clothing returned after evaluation but were told to stay nude and herded over to join the select group. Meanwhile the smaller group growing to twenty-four were not given clothing back. Instead they were given warm water buckets and ordered to clean themselves carefully and to shave their own armpits and cunts, which they did without protest, no doubt thinking they were granted a privilege. Then they were led nude to stakes that were posted near the center of the town square. Each nude girl was chained to a stake with her arms held over her head and her legs spread apart so that her freshly shaved cunt was nicely displayed.

One of the girls to be executed was of particularly striking beauty - with long auburn hair and a tall slender figure, a small firm ass, but with the moderately large firm breasts of a bigger girl. I asked that she be given to me for a closer inspection. At my request, she was unchained from her stake, and tugged stumbling along to me with a chain wrapped around her wrists. I told her to follow me, and pulled at her chain to bring her to my quarters in a home recently liberated from a formerly wealthy, but now enslaved or dead Dinsmore citizen. She followed obediently, but showing obvious stress of the uncertainty of her fate. None of the 24 girls knew for sure what their fate was, but they understood now that to be kept nude and on display chained to stakes in the town square wasn't a good sign.

After I pulled her inside, I asked my attendants to leave, and closed the door behind them. I asked the girl her name - it was Elizabeth she said - and told her that I would unchain her for the time being. As I unwrapped the chains from her red, bruised wrists, she thanked me, but asked what her fate was. I told her I'd relate that soon enough.

Elisabeth - or Liz as I called her - was of course totally nude. As she stood there quivering in fear, I was just starting to fully admire her. I told her to stand tall for me for a good inspection. She raised her arms over her head as I ran my hands over her trim body - pausing to fully hold and knead her breasts and of course to run my fingers slowly through her smooth cunt and to feel her cunt lips. She shivered a little at my probing, but stoically obeyed my commands as she was probed and inspected.

As I ran my hands over her, I matter-of-factly told Liz that she would be executed sometime in the next two days. Why? As a payback for the resistance her village gave us. How? I didn't know specifically how she'd die, but it would certainly be painful and highly sexual given her fine form.

I told her that my interest right now was in having her beg for mercy by amusing my cock. Any attempt to escape, to resist, or to harm me would result in a death more terrible than could be explained. In gratitude for being spared the most terrible of deaths, she could begin by sucking me, but to be prepared to be fucked quickly. She agreed while sobbing quietly that she'd only had sex a few times and may not be as experienced as I wished. I told her that I'd teach her quickly, but that refusing any command would cost her dearly.

Her sucking was clumsy at first - she'd never done it before - but improved quickly with instruction. After standing in front of her knelling form for a while, I decided to lie back on a large bed in the room and made her lick my balls and asshole for a while before continuing to suck. She was carefully told that all cum needed to be held in her mouth until I allowed it swallowed upon my command - none could be spilled or spit.

Liz performed dutifully on top of me for another ten minutes until her mouth was filled with large spurts of hot jism. She almost made the error of dribbling it, but caught herself and then - when she was allowed to - quickly swallowed the warm mouthful, gagging a little on it.

She was told to resume sucking to keep me hard, as I wanted to fuck her immediately. Liz obeyed quietly and continued to suck, cleaning me off and keeping me very stiff and ready to fuck her. I then rolled Liz on her back and after a brief probe with my fingers, plunged into her. Over the next half hour, Liz was vigorously fucked in both her cunt and her asshole. Her ass was very tight, and I caused enormous pain when she was raped there, but her cunt was tight but nicely slick and fully ready for my cock.

After two more rapes over the next hour, I told Liz that I had finished with her and that I had others to inspect and that I'd return her to her stake in the village square.

I rewrapped her wrists with the chains, thanked her for her good efforts, and led her out of the house to the town square. Liz cried softly as she was led away, and continued to beg for mercy, promising me anything I wanted for the rest of her life. I told her I already had that, but thanks anyway.

By this time the inspection of the several hundred women was finished and they were assembled - still nude, but holding their clothing - in a large group at the back of the village square. The 24 chained nude girls awaited their fate. Our troops had entered the square, and 1,200 strong, they awaited the show.

Since Liz was already inspected by me, she was ready for execution and was selected as the first to die. I nodded approval to the guards and then watched as Liz was unchained from her stake and led with a pained confused look on her face to the center of the square where a rack was waiting and a stake standing awaiting its first Dinsmore victim. The guards held her firmly beside the rack.

I made a brief announcement thanking the troops for their fine effort and noting the sacrifice made by 100 of our men. I pointed to the several hundred nude girls who would be made available to them, and to the 24 nude girls who would be executed first. Liz was pulled to the center, displayed in the nude, and introduced as the initial Dinsmore woman to be executed and I commented on how, in addition to her beauty, how fine a fuck she was, something that she'd get to demonstrate in a few minutes. The troops cheered knowing that they'd each get some Dinsmore cunt tonight after the first execution.

Liz was then pulled down onto the rack and restrained with her hands over her head and her legs spread widely apart. The executioner took time to work her breasts and show how firm they were and to finger her cunt, noting the size and firmness of her freshly shaved cunt lips and her wet freshly- fucked vagina.

Twenty troops - one selected from each platoon - came forward and began a slow process of raping Liz with each one showing how hard he could fuck her and how much pain he could cause her with his cock or by biting her nipples. The troops continued to cheer loudly and to call our suggestions as to how to rape her, torture her and finally execute her.

After ten soldiers had raped Liz we halted the rape briefly and I sent two guards out to wash her cunt off. After she was splashed with cold water and her cunt wiped out with some leftover rags, she was ready or more. A white-hot iron was brought out and her clit was slowly seared accompanied by horrible screams of pain from her. After it was charred and was all swollen and blistered, I grabbed it and stretched it out with a pair of pliers and cut her clit off at her cunt, leaving only a stream of blood to flow through her cum-soaked slit. The white- hot iron was inserted in her vagina for almost a minute to the accompaniment of clouds of steaming bubbling cum and unearthly screams from Liz.

The remaining ten rapes were then resumed, only now Liz screamed in far greater torment with her burned mutilated cunt being ravaged by our troop'scocks.

When the rapes were finished, Liz remained restrained and a brazier of hot coals was brought to the end of the rack nearest her cunt. Guards slowly took turns burning Liz's breasts and cunt and asshole with the heated rods, taking their time to let her regain slight composure between burnings and to let the crowd listen to her plead for mercy before the burnings continued.

After 30 minutes of burning and screaming, Liz had been reduced to a sobbing mess of burned flesh. I ordered the hot rod torture to stop and pointed towards the stake. Guards nodded, and unbound Liz from the rack. She lay slumped back for a minute or so, and then slowly tried to sit up.

Time to burn, Liz, I said, and pointed to the waiting stake. Liz cried for mercy, but I told her that this was really good, that while this was painful, others would suffer some worse fates that her.

The guards seized Liz and pulled her off the rack and dragged her to the stake. I noted that I wanted her hands over her head so that we could all see her breasts burn. After her legs were spread and her feet fastened firmly, the chains wrapped around her wrists were pulled tight and she was stretched taut along the stake ready for burning.

I walked up in front of her and told her the steps that we'd now take. First her cunt would be burned, then her tits would be tortured and finally she would be burned to death. With that a guard brought me a fresh tin of pine tar and a glove. After putting the glove on, I reached into the tar and brought out a warm handful of the flammable paste. After I held it up to her face to let her smell it, I slowly worked it into her bald pubic mound and cunt lips and her ass crack and asshole. She'd burn brightly in torment with this on her!

She startled at the warmness of the pitch, and then her expression turned to complete terror as the torch was brought forward. Slowly, Liz's entire crotch - her cunt, her ass, and her pretty hairless mound - were consumed in the flames that started slowly and picked up energy until they formed a small but intense flame that charred her entire crotch. As the burning eased off you could see steaming cum dribbling out of her cunt and down her long legs.

Next her tits were roasted one at a time with a fresh torch. One tit was slashed in an X pattern that split her from the nipple all the way back to her chest. The ends of the slashed tit were carefully charred with the torch - as I alternated with the slashed tit and the one that remained whole - whole so we could see it blister and the skin split and crackle as it roasted.

Now only the final burning remained. With the separate torments ended, guards were sent to pile tinder and wood around Liz. Minutes later with the piling of the wood completed; she was ready to burn.

I tossed the torch used for her cunt burning into the dry tinder and watched the fire roar into life - and with it take the remainder of Liz's life as she screamed all along her way to death.

As the fire continued to burn and to reduce Liz to ashes, the group of selected women - except the now 23 chained to stakes - where lined up and paired off with a soldier. They could be raped as much as the troops wanted, but were to be returned alive and unmutilated for continued fun in the morning. The next execution would begin in 30 minutes... and I had things to do with the next girl to be executed.


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