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The breastrippers saga

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The Long Wait

About 2 in the afternoon Hope was awakened from a languid afternoon sleep on the straw on the floor of her prison cell by noises in the cells across the hallway in the stone prison that she was a captive in. Cheryl and Mary - both recently convicted as witches - were held in those cells and they were to be executed late this afternoon. Hope listened intently - in terror at every sound - as she was convicted of the same crime and was to follow them the next morning. She assumed that anything that happened to Mary and Cheryl would also happen to her.

While Hope was in terrible fear of her execution the next morning, it was really the apprehension and the wait that was tormenting her the most at this time. Certainly she'd suffer terrible pain in her burning, but she was most in fear of the tortures that would come before it, and of course the shame of being led out nude in front of a crowd straining to see her humiliated and tormented prior to her execution. Witches were always burned in the nude. While prison garb would certainly burn away quickly, the crowd loved the look of a nude witch - especially pretty young ones as had just been convicted - being led out, shamed, perhaps raped again for everyone's enjoyment, and then chained to the stake and burned.

In the next cell, five guards had entered the cell and had shouted for Cheryl and Mary to get to their feet, that their time had come to be executed. Hope could see across the stone hallway that both Mary and Cheryl had quickly jumped up from the floor and were now standing trembling in front of the five guards. Both girls were wearing the rough rags that made up their prison garb. Two guards grabbed Cheryl by the arms as the leader of the execution detail approached her. The leader took the front of Cheryl's crude dress in his rough hands and slowly ripped it open, starting at the neck and continuing until it was ripped apart right down to the lower hem.

The dress was spread apart by the guards, revealing Cheryl's ample breasts and hairless cunt. Her soft natural blonde cunt hair had been burned away during her interrogation, as had Hope's and every other prisoner's. Hope cringed as the leader began to play with Cheryl's breasts and began stroking her cunt. Hope knew what this was leading up to, and knew that early tomorrow morning, she'd be experiencing the same treatment as a plaything for the guards and a stripped prisoner to be put on display in the nude. Hope had large pointed breasts and already knew that they attracted the guards. She'd been told many times of how she'd be stripped and raped, and how they'd enjoy toasting her tits before the final fire.

As Mary and Hope watched in horror, Cheryl had become very aware of her immediate fate. Her dress had now been pulled completely off, and the leader was now probing deeply inside her cunt with his fingers and sucking noisily on her nipples and as much of her breasts as he could get in his mouth. With a quick bite to one of her breasts, he was satisfied that he had her naked and in terror. The detail then turned to Mary who was similarly held, stripped and probed. Mary had soft brown hair which had once matched nicely with her now gone pubic hair and her smaller, but nicely pointed breasts made her an attractive captive for the execution detail. Mary's cunt was tighter and she cried in pain during the rough probing of her vagina

The leader told both girls that their execution was to occur in two hours, but that they had the time in between to beg for mercy. Begging meant that they would have non-stop sex with the execution detail for the next hour or two and would perform every act that they were asked to perform no matter how distasteful it seemed to them. Mercy would only be given if they both performed eagerly for the guards and failure to show great enthusiasm would lead to certain extra punishment.

At the same time, Mary and Cheryl were told that they had to "earn" the tinder and wood for their fires. The guards provided only the minimum for a fire that would kill them, but it would be a small fire and take a long time to kill them, during which they would be slowly burned and in terrible agony. They could work to "earn" the tinder and wood - a bundle of tinder for every sucked cock, a bundle of hardwood for every enthusiastic fuck. Any less than 5 bundles of each would mean a slow painful death. At the end of the time, they'd be told how much they'd earned.

The other four guards watched in great anticipation as the girls were told this. The girls were both very young and attractive and would be enormous fun to fuck, sodomize and torment in the coming hours.

Both Mary and Cheryl were forced one at a time to stand up and display their young bodies and to beg for mercy and to ask each of the guards to fuck them and to humiliate them as much as they wanted to. Each girl was asked what she wanted done to her and what she feared the most. It was interesting for the guards to watch each girl stand naked in front of their executioners and tell what sexual acts they liked and disliked. Hope really wondered how she would answer these same questions tomorrow.

Both girls said they accepted being fucked but from their experience in the prison, didn't like being made to swallow cum and really disliked being raped in their assholes. The guards all laughed at their answers, and quickly decided how the next hour or two would be spent based on the girl's worst fears and dislikes.

Mary and Cheryl were told to get on their knees and begin to beg for mercy. They were told to be very specific about what they would do to avoid pain and mutilation. Both girls knew that they had to suck all of the guard's cocks to earn the tinder to start an adequate fire. Stammering in disbelief at what they were saying, both girls asked to suck each guard's cock in return for the tinder and mercy during the execution. The guards, of course, granted their wishes and quickly stripped off their trousers and bared their now stiff penises for the girls. One at a time, the girls took each guard's cock into their mouths and sucked and stroked them until, one at a time, their mouths were filled with each guard'scum.

After each guard had been through the two lines in front of each girl, two benches from the cell were pulled towards the middle of the cold stone cell and each girl was pushed on her back and her hands were tied together underneath the bench. They had been positioned so that their bald cunts were near to the edge of the bench and their legs were left free to be spread by each guard in his turn at rape. The guards each took their turn with Mary and Cheryl with the first in line with each of them slowly spreading their legs to reveal their young tender cunts. The girls were told that to earn their firewood they had to move their cunts around suggestively for each new rapist to assure that they were appealing rape targets. As Mary and Cheryl swayed their hips, the guards slowly placed their cocks in their cunt lips and pushed inside them. Each rape took about 5 minutes with the guards fucking them very hard - after all, they were to die in an hour, who cared how they felt. Half an hour later, the line had finished, and Mary and Cheryl slumped in exhaustion on the benches. Cum flowed freely out of their raw red cunts and their nipples were all red from being sucked and bitten.

The leader spoke to the guards and said that it was now time for the final act of depravation in their cells - the rape of their asses. Mary and Cheryl moaned and begged not to be raped this way - noting that they'd been so good during the sucking and cunt raping. The leader replied that indeed they had been good, but that this was torture prior to execution, not a Saturday party. The guards would contribute a cup of oil for the fire for each time they were raped, and that would make their pain far shorter while at the stake. The guards nodded in agreement and began preparation for the rape of the two young girl's assholes.

Mary and Cheryl remained tied to the benches where they were raped. Their legs, free for the guard's pleasure in moving them around, were now wrapped in rough rope at each ankle and the rope threaded through metal rings fastened to the stone walls of the cell. The ropes were pulled tight, spreading each girl's legs apart and pulling them over their heads, thus positioning their assholes for easy inspection and ultimately for rape.

When this adjustment in the girl's bondage was finished, the guards laughed at the total helplessness of the two girls and took turns fingering their smooth hairless cunts and assholes, scooping the cum that flowed from each cunt out and rubbing it around the girl's tender assholes to lubricate them for rape.

The leader took the first move, positioning himself by Cheryl's open crotch. He slowly shoved his cock into Cheryl's cunt again to get it wet, and then pulled out and pressed it against her cum-soaked asshole. With a hard push, the leader's cock pushed past her tight opening, and plunged into her dark moist ass. Cheryl screamed in pain at the violation of this most private space. As Cheryl's ass rape continued, another guard mounted Mary, starting too with her cunt and then moving into her asshole. Both girls were now screaming in pain.

When the leader finished and filled Cheryl's ass with a load of cum, he pulled out and noted that the oil would be earned when Cheryl sucked his cock clean, as they could rape her without her cooperation. Cheryl moaned at the prospect of this, and gagged a little as the leader's wet and now dark streaked cock was placed in Cheryl's mouth. She gagged and spit, but dutifully sucked him clean and steeled herself for the next guard's assault on her asshole.

Half an hour later the ass rapes were finished and each guard had taken a turn stroking his cock deeply into the ass of each of the girls. The girls were a mess now, with cum flowing from both their cunts and their assholes, and sloppy streaks of cum and feces on their faces from cleaning the guards cocks off.

Still tied up, the girl's torn rags of clothing were taken and used as cloths to wipe off their cunts and asses and mouths to clean them up for presentation for execution. They were then untied from the benches and pulled to their feet in readiness for the walk to the stakes where they'd be burned. They were turned around and their wrists bound behind them and then jostled into position between the guards for the march to death. The guards pulled at them and grabbed their breasts to pull and turn them intoposition.

As the girls were lined up for the march, the leader saw Hope watching from the next cell. He told her to watch carefully, as everything she saw would happen to her tomorrow, and that she could help herself out by getting her openings ready for the five guard's invasion.

With that, the guards taunted the two crying girls briefly about the horrid details of their impending burning, and then marched off, dragging the sobbing girls with them to their stakes and death.

Hope turned away for her cell bars and turned to the window. As one of the next to die, she was given a cell overlooking the courtyard where the executions were held. This was to allow her to experience the full terror of the death she'd have to anticipate over the next night.

Hope saw Mary and Cheryl being dragged out to the assembled crowd in the courtyard. A hush fell over the crowd as the girls emerged from the heavy wooden door of the prison, and then cheers and catcalls rose form the crowd as they were led to their stakes. Mary and Cheryl were blinded by the bright mid-day sunshine as they'd spent the last week since their inquisition and trial in the darkness of the prison, only seeing light yesterday when they were transferred to windowed cells overlooking the execution yard.

Cries of "rape them, rape them" rose up form the crowd as the girls were both very pretty and the crowd wanted to see their pretty cunts and tits abused for a final time before their death. The leader looked to the commander of the guard for direction. He shrugged and said OK, it is fine with me - they are witches after all. The leader pointed to two separate spots on the platform, and Mary and Cheryl were quickly thrown to the ground to be raped. Mary and Cheryl were deeply humiliated by their nudity and were terribly confused by the sudden bright sunlight, the horrible shouting of the crowd, and now being thrown down like rag dolls.

Ten volunteers were quickly taken from the crowd, and split into two lines - one line for each girl. As Hope watched horrified at this further shame and assaulton poor Mary and
Cheryl, the volunteers were each allowed to take their turn with a girl. Cheryl and Mary moaned as each villager knelt down and spread their legs, mounted them and pounded them until they came in them. Fortunately, or unfortunately, the assault didn't last long and soon the rapes were finished and the girls lay exhausted on the stone floor of the execution platform awaiting execution.

Cheryl and Mary were now dragged up onto the stone platform and each brought to a stake. The guards untied their hands behind their backs and quickly pulled their arms in front of them and chained them together. Once chained, the chain was run through a pulley at the top of the stake and the girl's arms pulled over their heads. Each leg was pulled apart and chained to an iron ring set into the stone. Then the chain holding their arms was pulled tight and the girls were each stretched out tightly, their breasts hanging in front of them and their hairless dripping, raped cunts fully exposed to the crowd.

The leader ordered a brief flogging, and two guards took short, cat-o-nine tail whips and began working all over each girl's skin, being sure to hit her breasts, her cunt, and her thighs with only the charred wooden stake protecting their asses and the back of their legs. The guards took turns flogging the girls, alternating strokes so that the crowd could enjoy the full impact of each slash of the whip. Mary and Cheryl screamed in agony with each stroke, and sobbed in between strokes as the other girl was flogged.

After about 5 minutes and 20 lashes each, the flogging was stopped and the only noise heard was the girl's sobbing and moaning. They were covered with welts from the whipping and small traces of blood flowed from the worst of the whip marks.

They were now ready for their pre-execution burnings. At the leader's signal, guards brought forth a large brazier of hot coals and a quiver of tarred wooded torches set next to it. With a nod, the leader pointed to Cheryl and a guard took a tar- dipped torch and plunged it into the coals, immediately lighting the tarred end of it.

The flaming torch was taken over to Cheryl and placed close to her face so that its heat was almost overwhelming. Cheryl screamed at the closeness of the flame. After a few seconds, the torch was pulled from her face, but quickly placed under her left breast. Cheryl screamed again at this new torment, but to no avail. The guard slowly roasted first her left tit and then her right tit with the yellow flame. Skin began to blister on her tits and after extended application of the flame, her nipples turned black and crispy. Cheryl's cunt was next. The flame was first held briefly under her cunt lips so that any regrowth of pubic hair would be burned off. This was a long held custom but not really necessary. Then after the guard stepped back to admire her cunt, the torch was applied for a longer time to her cunt lips and red bulging clit. Cheryl's screams turned to rough gasping as her throat dried and and soon the major noise was the hissing coming from her cunt with the juices and sperm dripping out of her raped cunt and bubbling and boiling as the flames hit them, creating a thick steam near her cunt. Soon Cheryl's cunt was a crisp, blackened mass. Another guard came over and grasped her cunt lips with his bare hands and peeled away some of the blistered and burned flesh throwing it to the stone platform floor.

With Cheryl nearly unconscious now, the guards turned to Mary who, along with Hope, had watched this terrible mutilation of Cheryl's tits and cunt. Mary screamed and begged for mercy, but of course there was none to be had. She cried and screamed as the guards repeated the routine of tit burning and the incineration of her reddened, freshly raped cunt.

When Mary's terrible ordeal stopped and her screaming was reduced to horrible whimpers, it was time to prepare the fire. The leader told both girls that they had done well in their work to earn tinder and wood, and that they'd enjoy a mercifully hot fire which would kill them quickly even if painfully.

Guards then piled a layer of tinder around each girl and then stacked hardwood on top of it; all in a circle leaving about two feet of airspace around each girl. The fire was stacked to roast them first and then with some burning, to collapse inward to finally incinerate them. After stacking, the guards poured the several cups of oil over the hardwood - oil that the girls had earned by eagerly giving their assholes to the guards for rape and then sucking them clean.

At the leader's signal, Cheryl's pyre was set on fire and the crowd watched in fascination as the fire spread though the tinder and then set the hardwood on fire. The heat built slowly as first, bringing screams out of poor Cheryl. In the first few minutes, Cheryl only roasted and the crowd took note of the browning and blistering of her skin, its popping and cracking and the beginning of the dripping of her fat into the fire. Cheryl's voice gave out again as she gasped for air to scream with. After 5 minutes of terrible burning, the fire collapsed in ward and the dripping fat caught fire and the inferno burned. Cheryl thrashed around for a few minutes, but died and collapsed in her chains and the inferno continued until little remained of her body.

Mary's turn to burn came after about 20 minutes of terrible suspense. Her fire proceeded in much the same manner - with a slow building of flames, a few minutes of terrible screams and thrashing around in her chains, and then slumping in her chains as her death occurred.

Hope had watched all of this in terror, knowing that much the same thing would happen to her the next morning. She cried sitting on the floor of her cell until a detail of guards came to collect her and three other prisoners for a clean up detail.

The fires had burned down and the girls were given big copper buckets to shovel the remains of the coals and the girl's charred bodies into. Both stakes remained intact, although heavily charred. The chains smoldered slightly and poor Hope cried when she was made to reach up and pull Cheryl and Mary's detached hands, wrists, and forearms from the chains. Their arms had separated when the flames consumed their bodies, but the fire didn't reach high enough to burn their wrists and hands.

The buckets were carried off to a shallow ditch behind the blacksmith shop where they were emptied. The girls were then marched back to the prison to await the next day. Hope and one of the other girls were to die tomorrow, a third one the next day, and the fourth girl was not to be executed, but was to be mutilated with breast rippers in a public punishment on the coming Saturday at noon. She was pretty and had large pointed breasts and was terribly afraid of what was to happen to her.

As for Hope, she knew what would happen, and she solemnly returned to her cell waiting for dawn to break which would bring the guards to strip her, probe her, rape her and then drag her out to burn in front of anothe rcrowd.

It would be a long night, and a terrible dawn.


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View attachment 914181 I read a true account by an explorer about a visit to a powerful African king. The explorer commented on the nice tits of one of the topless serving girls. A few minutes later a servant entered the room, carrying a tray. On it, you have already guessed, were the breasts of the unfortunate serving girl. A gift for a special guest!

posted elsewhere in CF, but I think that stresses the idea

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Swift Justice

While virtually all of our captives were held for the pure purpose of entertainment at our regular ceremonies, we occasionally had to deal with one of them outside of the formal torture and execution process. Karen fell into that category.

Karen was a young, very attractive blonde - about 23 years old - who had been captured in a raid on a health club that we'd made about 6 weeks ago. Karen was a "target" captive - tall, athletic, well built, and with shoulder length light blonde hair. Karen had a pretty face - that of a real "looker." She was also spirited, and didn't just accept her fate. She'd not yet been scheduled for a formal ceremony. I enjoyed raping her a few times a week, and she understood that she could strike a short-term truce and that by being a good fuck, she could buy time.

I'd had a particularly delicious evening with her - one in which I ate her freshly showered and waxed cunt, had an exceptional deep sucking blow job and then had her lick my cock hard again while I played with her tits and cunt. When I was ready, I had a nice long slow fuck, after which she licked my cock clean again. The next morning, I was surprised to find that she'd tried to escape that night, and had killed one of our guards in the process. She was quickly recaptured, and was brought to me for judgement at 9 that morning. She looked like hell, with obvious bruises from a struggle with the several guards that recaptured her, and cuts on her from running through the brush that surrounded our compound.

With the anger of our people focused on her, I had no choice but to sentence her to a swift and painful death in the Town Square. She looked into my eyes for mercy as I prepared to pass judgement, but looked down in shock as she heard the sentence... "Karen, you will be raped, tortured and burned to death over bales of straw at noon today in the village square." At that Karen was led away by guards to be cleaned up a little for her punishment.

In the prep room just off the courtyard, Karen was dragged into a shower and roughly stripped of her torn clothing. She clutched for it as the guards threw it into the trash, and was shocked to hear and truly realize her fate when the guards told her she'd never wear clothes again.

Throwing her to the shower floor, she was hosed down with a high pressure hose, and then held face down with her ass up in the air and given a deep enema to be sure that her lower colon was well flushed out. No one wanted to see her lose control of her bowels as the flames started to lick at her ass and cunt. She was probed and flushed 4 times with the hose, and after each time but the last spewed a dusky stream out of her ass. Satisfied that she was now clean, we hosed her off again and gave her cunt a final hosing out.

She was then dragged out and held while she was dried off, and her hair dried and combed out with a hair dryer. We wanted her looking good but it was fine if she was a little trashy looking.

By now it was about 10:30 and a small crowd had begun to form around the square, with more joining at every minute. Just prior to leading her out, I talked to her. I told her how fucking stupid she was, that we'd had a good long-term deal going and that she might have gotten off quietly - but that now her fate was absolutely sealed and the crowd was awaiting a small but interesting spectacle.

At about 11 AM, we told Karen that it was time to be brought out. She was pulled to her feet and, still naked, had her hands tied behind her back. We didn't take time for any ceremony by dressing her in an execution gown. Besides it was always totally humiliating and terrifying to be led out naked through a crowd of our people yelling and jeering and demanding to be let loose on her to inflict her torture and painful death.

To control Karen during her short march to the town square and her torment and death, a short, 10 inch metal device with a rod end was inserted in Karen's tight little asshole. With the turn of a knob at the end of the rod, 4 sharp barbs sunk into the flesh of her colon. A 15-foot wire rope was attached with a shackle to the rod, and now Karen was firmly under our control without the burden of chains or other heavy restraints. The slightest yank resulted in instant pain and control, yet Karen's pretty body was fully open to view by the crowd.

The door to the outside was shoved open, and Karen was half dragged, half pushed through it. As the crowd of about 100 citizens roared in expectation of an hour or so of fun, Karen tried to turn around and hide her breasts and exposed cunt. We quickly spun her around by the shoulders, and made her face the jeering, waiting public. With her large firm breasts bouncing as she walked, her pretty face, long trim body, and her little bald pussy winking in the bright sunlight she was beautiful and totally vulnerable. After walking through this roaring gauntlet, she'd be tied down and humiliated, fingered, groped and raped by anyone who wanted her. Then she'd be tortured for the crowd's amusement, and finally burned to death.

Karen's fleshy cunt lips were fully visible under her rounded bald mound as she walked, and her pretty, tear- stained face showed the fear and strain on her, as she was led to the square. Men along the path would see her approach and passby, stare at her and watch the luscious parts of Karen bounce by them. In astonishment at her beauty, they'd rush to the square to get an early place in line to fuck and torment her. The choice spots went to the first 20 men. They'd have a chance to fuck her while she was still tight and could feel the pain of their lunging cocks... later, she'd be in a little bit of a daze and soaked with cum and maybe blood as her public rape continued until all were satisfied.

Karen was pushed along, with an occasional tug on her ass-tether to steer her, until she was all the way along the path to the square.

Now arriving at the square, and passing through the throbbing crowd into the center, Karen gasped as she saw the three bales of hay - one bale stacked on top of two bales - where she'd meet her death after her rape and torture. Begging for mercy, Karen was slowly walked around the circle that the crowd had now formed, and every few feet turned to the crowd and her breasts held up for them to touch, and her hips pushed forward so they could finger her cunt and feel her soft hairless pussy. It was so interesting for a man in the village to see a pretty girl like Karen. Such an experience to be able to reach out and squeeze her tits and finger her cunt and then to get in line and have her legs spread and her dripping cunt available to him, and then to know that she would then be tortured and burned, all over a course of maybe an hour.

When the circle tour was complete, Karen was led to the straw bales. She was turned around and made to bend over and the knob on her ass tether turned so that the barbs released themselves from her flesh. The rod was then pulled out of her ass, thus allowing her to be tied down to the bales to be raped and then burned.

A small towel was laid over the narrow end of one of the bales - not to protect Karen, but to protect the swaying balls of our men as they fucked Karen on top of the bales of hay. When her rapes were done, the towel would be yanked out, leaving nice dry hay under her cunt to burst into flames. Karen was then shoved back over the top bale, with her cunt hanging over the end and her legs pulled wide apart. Her arms were pulled back over her shoulders and fastened under the bale, fully exposing her breasts and thrusting her chest upwards.

The line had now formed, with the three guards and executioners getting "first crack" and the line of maybe 50 men forming back from them. Others in the crowd... a few men that didn't feel like fucking a traitor, and some of the women ... waited eagerly for the rapes to begin. Karen's cunt was greased with petroleum jelly by the three executioner guards, and the first of them dropped his pants and let his cock fall out by Karen's dripping cunt. Seizing her tits, he pronounced the sentence upon her - rape, torture and death - and then plunged his cock into her.

The rape continued for about an hour, with each man in the line taking his turn on Karen. Some took their time, while others came quickly at the excitement of raping this pretty young blonde. A few wives came up as their husbands fucked her and teased her about the torture and burning to come. Karen just sobbed as the line worked along, sometimes interrupted by someone insisting on her sucking him hard or licking him clean of her soiled juices.

At the end, Karen's tight cunt had turned into a stretched out whore's cunt and was dripping gobs of cum and streaks of blood. As she gasped for air, a brazier of heated rods was brought forth, and the guards moved the crowd back so that all could see Karen's torture. Seeing the rods plunged deeply into the red-hot coals, Karen knew what would be happening next and started to scream and plead for mercy.

The family of the killed guard came forward, and each of the three of them were given blacksmith's gloves and allowed to take a red hot rod from the brazier. Two were assigned to Karen's tits, while one - the wife of the guard - was given the honor of quenching the rod in Karen's cunt.

At my sign, they proceeded - first with her right tit, and then with her left. Each rod was slowly applied to the nipple, and then rolled around her breast causing Karen to scream as the sizzling and popping of her flesh could be seen and heard.

Then the guard's wife began - first touching Karen's asshole, which steamed and hissed from the blood from the rod and the from the cum that had dripped down over it during her rapes. Then the rod was rolled slowly through her cunt lips, sliding steaming and sputtering over her bruised clit, and scorching her inner lips. Then, in one swift motion, it was plunged into her cum-soaked cunt, causing a big cloud of foul- smelling steam to rise from her gaping crack. Karen jerked at the ropes binding her and thrashed around to the limit of her bonds from the agony. As the cunt rod cooled, the tit rods were re-heated and Karen's tits, lips, nose and ears were blistered with the rods.

Only one thing remained before Karen's death: her limbs were to be broken. Heavy iron rods were brought out, and with the three guard's heavy, surely-aimed strokes, Karen's arms, shins, and thighs were shattered. Karen wailed as the blows struck and shook in sobs at the horrible pain.

Now the towel was pulled out from under Karen's cunt and the final preparation for her burning began. Used motor oil was poured over the hay bales, and allowed to soak in, carefully avoiding spilling it on Karen. Then Karen's cum- soaked cunt was squirted with a waxy charcoal starter that just looked like more cum on her. The three family members were each given a torch. The wife again being allowed the highest honor, this time to start the fire by laying the flaming torch in Karen's crotch - setting her oiled pussy on fire, and then letting the flames slowly extend to the oil soaked straw right under her writhing, naked body. The other family members lit the two hay bales at the bottom, and stepped back as the smoky flames very slowly rose up to meet the yellow flames in Karen'scunt.

The whole lighting took several minutes, time in which Karen slowly but very certainly felt the steady increase in heat - first in the complete agony of the charring and incineration of her cunt, and then all around her as the fire rose. Soon, parts of her skin were blackened and blistering. Fat boiled out of her rounded curves as her skin split. The fat fueled the flames all the more, especially as her ass and breasts came under the touch of the rising flames. After several minutes, the flames engulfed her and her screaming slowly faded away, with the echo off our stone buildings keeping her screams going seemingly for ever.

As the flames rose to a crescendo and then slowly withered, the crowd drifted away, not wanting the charred corpse to steal the image of the beautiful girl facing them in terror and pleading for mercy as they prepared to rape, torture and burn her.

Justice was swift andsure.


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Six toGo

I stood in front of the crowd of a hundred or so people at the execution site awaiting the arrival of the three horse-drawn carts carrying the 6 women that would be executed today. We'd watched the three carts, each carrying two condemned, leave the gates of the town at the foot of execution hill, and begin their slow procession to the hilltop where their punishment would be meted out. The jostling carts slowly entered the woods on the west side of the hill and remained out of sight for 10 minutes or so, until they slowly emerged from the woods into the sunlight and began to draw closer to the hill top.

As the carts drew closer, we could make out for the first time the identities of the women in each cart - causing me to slowly and deliciously reflect back on the past 2 days and the encounters I'd had with each of them in preparation for their execution. As the town's head executioner, I had open access to the prison, and had carte blanche rights to the women for anything I wanted. Customary rights gave me full liberty with each of the women for several nights before their death. Taking advantage of that right, I had the guards shuffle the girls between their holding cells and my quarters, allowing several hours with each of them over the course of the two nights prior to today's execution. While they had each suffered tortures in prison as their inquisition was conducted to extract their confessions, we purposely limited that torture to water torture and torture to their feet and hands, so that their sweet young bodies stayed fully preserved to be shared by all on their day of execution.

As the horses were pulled to a stop by the execution area, clouds of dust drifted through the air from the dusty road. I looked up into the faces of each of the 6 women and could see the pained look of fear and confusion on their faces as they saw the excited crowd rush towards them and gather around the carts to view them at close range. The light breeze slowly cleared the dust from the area as guards mounted each cart and unchained the two women each cart held, each tightly bound to a center stake in each cart. As they were free of the cart's stake holding them up on display, each woman was pulled roughly out of the cart by the still-attached chains and dragged to the front of the crowd beside me to be put on exhibition. As the 6 condemned huddled together in fear, dressed in only revealing, short rough smocks, the crowd circled around them eagerly waiting for them to be stripped and displayed prior to their painful tortures and executions. The selection of the first to be executed was to begin and a hush fell over the crowd as I turned to the prisioners.

Standing up straight in the middle of the cowering women, Suzanne looked over and stared at me with anger burning in her eyes. Responding without blinking at her penetrating look, I pointed to her and ordered the guards to strip her first, as the crowd cheered at the order.

Moving quickly, the guards grabbed her chains and dragged the lovely but terrified Suzanne to the front of the crowd, and quickly ripped the rough cloth from her body, leaving her standing up straight in front of the crowd stripped totally naked with only the chains around her wrists. Suzanne's blonde hair draped down over her shoulders and just reached down to touch the tops of her large firm breasts. As the crowed stepped back slightly to give her room to be seen, I yanked her her head back sharply to thrust her breasts out. The sun shone brightly on her in the open circle formed by the crowd, showing every detail of her trim body, and lit her shiny, smooth hairless pubic mound like a bronze statue's, but with her ample cunt lips protruding from her fleshy cunt mound. Prisoners are always given a careful pussy shave, from day one of their captivity, and are kept that way until their execution. Nothing must hinder the audience's view or the executioner's tools - besides, a hairless slit always makes a sentenced girl's inner lips and clits look bigger, thus inviting more punishment for such sluttiness - and last but not least, this effect is not always pure illusion, a stiff clit is not an uncommon sight on a scaffold, and the wenches' behaviour is much improved by that small barbering.

Seeing her nakedness gave me a flashback to our meeting last night at about midnight when she was brought trembling to my quarters. After an introduction to her, telling her I would be the executioner tomorrow, I told her that I had not yet decided her fate, but that it would not be pleasant in any case. Suzanne claimed that she was not the witch people said she was and begged for mercy - promising anything in return. Seeing her beauty, and the opportunity for an enthusiastic few hours with her, I told her to dry her tears and that we might work something out to at least ease the pain of her execution. Gratefully, she again promised me anything I wanted - a promise I let her keep over the next few hours. Suzanne was first told to stand naked and display her breasts and vagina for me as the first step toward her redemption.

I gave her a thorough squeezing of her breasts and other fleshy parts and a good slow probing of her cunt and asshole, finishing by making her suck on my slippery fingers. Suzanne was then instructed in how I wanted my cock sucked, with careful attention paid to how she'd have to retain my cum in her mouth, swallowing it all when she was given permission. After that, she was told about how the next few hours would be spent in as low deep fucking of her cunt, then her sucking my slick cum soaked cock back to hardness, followed by a painful anal penetration and a deep, hard fucking of her tight asshole, followed again by another oral cleansing. With Suzanne's acknowledgement of her understanding of what was to come, I told her to get on her knees in front of my chair to prepare to start the first step, sucking my cock.

Shedding a tear or two, Suzanne slowly dropped to her knees as I sat down in the large chair positioned by her. Suzanne's breasts jiggled a little as she moved into position, and I reached over and fondled them as she obediently took my cock in her mouth. As she sucked, I slowly related the various things that could happen to her, and asked what she thought she'd prefer. After 5 minutes or so of her sucking, I shot a large load deeply in Suzanne's mouth, enjoying the gurgling sounds as she choked down my sperm, having been warned not to spill any seed. When she finished swallowing, she looked up at me for approval and waited for my next pleasure with her. With my cock still hard I wanted to do more things to her. I pushed her down so she was lying on her back, spread her legs apart, played with her cunt briefly, and then rammed my still-wet cock into her wet cunt, fucking her hard while I played with her breasts. Cumming again after 15 minutes of deep hard fucking, I lay still in her tight cunt for some time and then rolled over and told her to get me clean and stiff again and ready for her ass. Suzanne obediently took my cock in her mouth again, and slowly cleaned me and brought me to full attention again. Pushing her back over again, I first slipped into her cum-slick cunt to get very hard and slick. I fingered her a little as I fucked her, and wiped the pussy juices on her asshole to lubricate it and quickly pulled out of her cunt and pressed the tip of my cock against the rim of her now-wet asshole. I pushed hard, and Suzanne screamed in pain as I rammed deeply into her ass. I slowly slid in and out, opening her up painfully with my hard but slippery cock. I finally came again, as my balls rubbed up against her cum filled slit. After I came, Suzanne reluctantly but obediently licked my cock clean and asked searchingly if there was anything else she could do for me. I told her that I was satisfied with her full offering of her body to me, and that while I was using her I had decided on her punishment.

I told her that, as we did with all convicted witches, I would burn her at the stake but because of her beauty and form, that I would take special time to burn her cunt and breasts ahead of the main fire. I noted that I particularly wanted to see her pretty hairless slit spread open with my torch held under it, hear the sizzle of her wet cunt roasting and to see her nipples blacken and blister and crack in the flames of the torch. First though, to fully humiliate her, she'd be raped in front of the crowd by eager volunteers.

There was some good news though. Because she was compliant, and eagerly fucked me, I would not have her tongue cut out or her face and eyes burned with torches, sparing her much pain and humiliation. She'd at least die able to talk to us and see what was happening. While she quietly thanked me for the few mercies I offered, the thought of her impending torture and burning quickly overwhelmed her and she began to sob, putting her arm around my hips and stroking my still wet cock to appeal to me for further mercy. While her hands felt good stroking my cock, I was tired of her now, and eager to abuse all of the others before their execution. I could defer her execution for a few days, or even keep her as a slave, but I looked too much forward to torturing and burning her, so I decided it was time to have her taken away. With that, the guards were called and she was sent back to her cell for the guards to play with her for the rest of the night before her cart ride in the morning.

Now standing nude in the sun on the hilltop, Suzanne was ready for the agonizing death that I'd promised. After I read her sentence, including a detailed description of the punishment that I'd decided on, the crowd cheered with the knowledge that several of them would get to fuck the lovely young girl before her torment and final fire. Suzanne was dragged over, pushed down, and tied tightly to a raping bench, a narrow bench with the legs on one end higher than the other end so that her cunt would be elevated for display and easy access. As Suzanne struggled in her bonds, her breasts flopped from side to side and the opening of her cunt widened, revealing the pink slit that would soon be filled with the cocks and cum of our men. Ten men were selected from 50 eager candidates, and told to have fun with her, while we selected and stripped the next girl to die. As I turned to the remaining 5 girls to select the next one for death, I could see the 10 men lining up in front of Suzanne's open cunt, and listened to Suzanne's moans of pain begin as the first hard cock entered her cunt, probably still stinging from a prior night of rape in her prision cell.

Debbie stood in the back of the group of 5 women, trying to look inconspicuous to avoid attention. Debbie was small, only about 5'1" but had a wonderful figure, with large breasts and trim hips and a pretty face wrapped in her light brown hair. I moved a little from side to side to get a clear view of her face and to get her attention and force her to look at me. Debbie's face flushed as she saw me looking at her and her lower lip began to quiver as she understood that she was the prime candidate to be next to be stripped and executed.

"Step out her Debbie, lets get a look at you" I said, and Debbie shyly moved to the front of the crowd and stood looking at the ground. I reached out and lifted up her chin so that I couldlookdownintoherprettybrowneyes."You knowyou're next don't you Debbie" I said, and watched the tears run down her cheeks as she nodded her head in acknowledgement. "Do you want to strip yourself, or be stripped?" I asked. She said that she'd prefer to do it herself. I pointed to the raised platform that Suzanne had occupied minutes ago, and told her to stand up there and show us the pleasures we'd get from her today. Debbie sobbed and turned towards the platform and watched the crowd part to create a path she could walk through. She slowly walked to the platform, and stood in the center of it as tears streamed down her face. "Come on Debbie, lets see you, or I'll have your clothes ripped off" I barked. Sensing the inevitable, Deb reached down for the bottom of her smock and quickly raised it over her head and tossed it to the ground. The crowed roared its approval as Debbie's pretty body was revealed. She'd clearly be a pretty thing to burn or hang today and the rapes and torture ahead of time were now eagerly awaited - including my announcement of her fate.

I climbed up the low platform and stood next to Debbie, taking a little time to stroke her ass and cunt as I passed by her. Getting the eager crowd's attention, I first read Debbie's list of crimes - adultery and child neglect - and her sentence - first hanging by breast hooks, having her cunt burned, and then being dropped for asphyxiation by noose after her breasts were severed while she hung by them.

I walked back behind Debbie and reached around her and fondled and squeezed her breasts to show the crowd that while Debbie was small, her breasts were really quite large and were going to be a delicious object of attention over the next hour or so. The crowd roared its approval. While they cheered, Debbie was told to suck on my cock as a warm up. As she knelt down in front of me and hesitantly took out my cock and began to suck it, I reflected back on the fun I'd had with her yesterday afternoon.

I'd had Deb delivered to my quarters just before noon. I let her keep her short skirt, with no panties, and a halter top on as we took a blanket and cooler out by a stream about 1/2 mile from my place for a little "picnic" in the woods. I did have some drinks and sandwiches and warned Debbie that this could be her last decent meal so she'd best enjoy it. Seemingly starved, she ate hurriedly and thanked me for the food and drink.

After she'd eaten a little, I told her that the picnic might be a little more fun if she was wearing less, as she was certainly the intended dessert for me today. Her dessert, of course, would be mouthfuls of my semen and other drippings on my cock after she was fucked and ass-raped. She looked a little startled, but quickly got the drift of where things were going. She shed her halter top sitting on the ground next to me, and I played with her tits for a little while before ordering her to remove her skirt. Debbie stood up to do that and pulled her tight skirt down revealing her cute well-shaved pussy right in my face. I reached out and fondled her cunt, and then pulled her close and took a deep lick through her cunt lips to taste this scared young girl. Debbie had been carefully bathed before coming to my quarters, and was very sweet and delicious and I pushed her down on her back and enjoyed her cunt for quite a while before moving on to other things. Debbie, of course, was asked to suck my cock during much of her cunt-eating, and she'd gotten me really hard - a good match for her nice wet pussy that I'd opened up. I rolled on top of Deb and raised her legs. Spreading them, her cunt opened up and I surveyed the nice view of her from cunt to breasts to face, taking in a good look at what I was about to fuck - and then kill later of course.

I fucked Debbie really hard for about 20 minutes, enjoying the feel of her young, tight cunt and her trim hips and ass under me, and sucking on her breasts and nipples. Debbie's cunt juices were really flowing now, and had drizzled down and covered her asshole with nice slick girl juice. I worked her asshole for a few minutes with a finger until it opened up a little. Without hesitation I pulled my cock out, pressed it against her wet blossoming asshole and rammed it into her. Debbie screamed in pain as her young asshole was penetrated for the first time. She quickly understood, though, the importance of making this fun for me though, and winced a little as she began to buck her hips to get me sliding deeply in and out of her ass. After another 10 minutes, I was ready to shoot. I blew the first burst of cum deep in her ass, then pulled out and shot a spurt onto her open wet cunt and then made her take my shit-streaked cock into her mouth for the full load of cum. She gagged a little and spit a few times, but took me fully and kept sucking until all of my throbbing stopped, taking another few minutes to really lick my cock and balls clean. As Debbie finished I rolled over and sat up. Debbie turned onto her back supported by her arms and smiled weakly at me looking for approval. Her pretty smile shone through the streaks of cum dripping down her face, neck and tits, and gave her an appealing cuteness. Knowing that I'd execute her nude in front of a jeering crowd the next day added to the magic of the moment. I then told Debbie that I'd decided her fate for her crime of faithlessness. She'd be hung by her breasts, tortured with fire, and then hang to die on the gallows after her beautiful breasts were severed to release her from the hooks. She looked shocked at the cruelty, but I quickly explained that death at the stake would have been much worse, and that we could have skinned her and slow roasted her over coals - an acceptable punishment for her crime.


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Quickly returning to the present, Debbie had me nearly ready to cum in front of the waiting crowd. I motioned her to her feet and picked her up by her hips and took her over to a nearly table. Clearing away several iron torture instruments, I quickly cleared a space that pushed her on her back with her cunt hanging off the edge of the table. I then plunged my wet cock into her, and stroked for about 5 minutes to her increasing moaning - finally blowing my load deep inside her cunt as Debbie's chest heaved trying to get her breath. Pulling back quickly, I ordered her held down and grabbed a small iron from a nearby brazier of coals and slid the red hot tip into her cunt causing her to scream in agony as clouds of steaming cum and cunt juices frothed out of her bucking cunt.

After it cooled and the steam stopped, the rod was then extracted, and Debbie fell back on the table near collapse. The guards were called over, and Debbie was dragged, pleading for mercy, across the platform to the death station that had the breast hooks and gallows for her torture and death.

Suzanne's rapes had now finished, and she was lying exhausted from the 10 men that had ravaged her. I ordered the guards to hold her down and tormented her for the crowd's pleasure with a long red-hot iron poker with a hook on the end of it. Twisting it around in her vagina, I was able to scoop out a steaming flow of cum and a little blood as the hook tore her soft insides and boiled her juices with its heat.

The guards then cuffed an iron spreader bar to her legs to assure that her cunt was fully available for the burning that was to follow. Her hands were pulled over her head and cuffed with iron cuffs, and she was dragged sobbing to the first stake, a tall charred pole standing in a circle of cinders. Wood and tinder was piled next to the stake for the burning, but Suzanne's cunt and tit incineration was to come first.

Suzanne's arms, cuffed together over her head now, were fastened to a chain that lead through a pulley at the top of the stake. The guards slowly pulled the chain to hoist her up. When her spread legs broke free of the ground, the ends of the spreader bar were chained to stakes in the ground. Before the final tightening of the chains, I reached over and inserted an 18" metal rod, with hooks on the end, into her cum soaked asshole and yanked it back sharply to set the hooks in her asshole. As the guards maneuvered her into position, I slid the other end of the rod into the best one of several holes already drilled into the wooden stake to hold her locked in position and with her cunt pushed out forward. With the ass-rod holding her in position, Suzanne's arms were pulled tightly over her head as she screamed in pain at the rod in her ass and the chafing cuffs on her arms and legs. Tightly stretched and mostly immobilized now, Suzanne was ready to be burned.

The crowed formed a circle about 20 feet back from her so all could watch her final torture before her death. I stepped forward in front of her stretched cunt and asked for another brazier of torches. I looked at Suzanne's expression of horror as the brazier with 5 or 6 torches and branding rods was brought over. She thought her first cunt branding was the end of it! Branding came first, and I selected a branding rod with a wide tip for her breasts. A guard worked the bellows to heat the iron white hot and I pulled it out and held it in front of her face. I reminded her that we'd normally be taking her tongue out now and burning her eyes, nose and mouth. For being a good fuck, she'd be spared that, but we'd have the pleasure of listening to her pleading for mercy instead of just gurgling. Both nipples were then slowly and thoroughly branded as Suzanne screamed in pain and pulled at her chains.

Suzanne's cunt was next, and a fairly thick rod was chosen to match her vagina. Heated as the first rods were, it was again held in front of her face. I then dropped to my knees and held her cunt lips apart and rubbed the rod through her cunt lips first to sear her entire slit and clit, and then turned the shaft and slid the white hot smoking rod into her vagina. Steaming cum spewed out of her cunt as she thrashed in agony, tearing her asshole some as she pulled against the hooks on the rod in her ass. A small trickle of blood flowed down her inside thigh mixing with steaming cum flowing from her smoking cunt as the now cooled rod was extracted.

Next she was to be burned. Seeing her getting weak, I wanted to be sure that the crowd enjoyed the burning of her cunt. I'd normally burn her tits first, but didn't want to lose her consciousness without the fire being applied to her most tender freshly raped parts.

I took a torch and held the flame in front of Suzanne's horrified gaze as I had the rods. Slowly I lowered the flame to a foot or more under her cunt and watched the growing sensation of the heat hit her as the smoke rose in front of her face. She soon began to plead for mercy and to try to squirm and move her cunt away from the heat - all to no avail with her secure chains holding her in place.

The torch was slowly raised to just under her cunt and moved back and forth slowly to insure that her entire crotch - cunt and asshole would feel the heat of the flames. As I moved the torch forward, the crowd cheered until the flames died out leaving her pretty bare pink cunt, singed, and smoking. Then about 5 minutes, and two torches later, her cunt was cooked - charred and dripping a mixture of blood, sperm and piss. I did each breast next, after bringing her to full awareness with cold water before each torch was held under a nipple first and then the whole breast. The crowd hushed to listen to the sizzling and popping as each nipple blistered and split in the heat and her juices dripped into the flame and began to add to the fire. Suzanne now slumped in her chains, her vagina blistered and her cunt and tits blackened.

Satisfied that Suzanne had felt this punishment, we then stepped back as guards quickly assembled Suzanne's pyre, starting first with the tinder and then the wood, building it into a tight pile around Suzanne's tortured body. After 10 minutes, they pyre was neatly stacked under her and she was ready to burn to oblivion. I walked up to her through a small path through the wood and fondled her burned breasts and cunt, and asked her if witchcraft was worth the pain. She just sobbed. With that the final fire was all that was left. "Suzanne, you will now be burned to death and into cinders" I somberly intoned as I held a torch under the tinder, and watched the flames rise around her as the crowd cheered.

The four remaining girls huddled together in terror as the flames lit their faces. They, and Debbie, being held by the gallows, watched in a emotionless gaze as Suzanne, their friend, burned to death.

While the flames grew and then slowly burned down, we allowed as many man as wanted to rape Debbie. As she was young and pretty, a good line of 20 or so men formed by her and took their turn with her. I enjoyed watching each take their turn, enthusiastically fucking her, and watching her soft body squirm under the hard plunges and thrusts of each man. From fucking her myself I knew how nice her cunt felt, and how enjoyable this must have been to the hard working villagers who came out today to participate in the executions.

After the last man finished, Debbie was pulled to her feet and dragged over to the gallows, where the breast hooks were hanging down. Each hook was forged from 1/2 inch black iron by the village blacksmith, with a finely hammered point at the tip of the large loop of the hook. The hooks were suspended from long chains that ran through pulleys fastened to a cross bar on the gallows. Further out on the gallows another pulley held a rope with a noose at the end. The set up allowed the unlucky prisoner to be suspended by the hooked breasts with her feet a yard off the ground, and with the noose rope slack but tight enough that when the prisoner's breasts were severed she would fall half the distance, jerk to a halt tightening the noose, and slowly choke while she danced.

In Debbie's case, her cunt was to be burned while she hung, so an iron spreader bar was attached to her feet while she stood crying waiting for her breasts to be pierced by the ominous black iron hooks. While the bar was fastened to he ankles, her hands were pulled behind her and tied together at the wrists. Another rod with hooks atone end and a line attached to the other end was shoved roughly up Debbie's ass and the line tied around her wrists, pulling her arms down and her shoulders back so that her breasts stuck out forward more. They looked so firm and beautiful in the sunlight, and I again remembered our picnic when I played with them, thinking of how this moment would be like.

The guards lifted and positioned Debbie under the gallows, and the noose was pulled down from the pulley above. I slid it down over her head, pulling her long brown hair through it, and pulling it tight enough around her neck so that it wouldn't pull off when she was dropped.

The tit hooks were next, and guards lowered them to a position right by her breasts. I stood in front of her and held one of the hooks up in front of her face, to show her the horror these iron tools would be for her. She simply stared out in fear and shook her head back in forth saying "no, no, please." As she sobbed, I had a guard pull her head back, and then lifted her right breast up and held the point of the hook underneath it. With a firm motion, I plunged the hook through her breast and out the top. A little blood spurted out, and Debbie screamed at the pain. I then took the second hook, and repeated the motion, and speared her left breast. The guards then slowly tightened the chains until her breasts were pulled up, and then pulled very tight and then Debbie was hoisted off the ground, screaming. The rope with the noose was now very slack and was tightened slightly, so that when she was dropped, the noose would jerk her to a stop above the ground. While she was trim, her body weight caused her breasts to stretch out terribly, and the hooks tore a little at her tender tissue under the strain.

She spun around a little, but the tension of the two chains slowed her motion, and she slowly came to a halt, facing me. The brazier we'd used for Suzanne's torture was moved over, and I took a red hot rod out of the coals to begin Debbie's treatment. As with Suzanne, I then took quite a bit of time sliding the hot rod through her cunt lips - no easy task with her bucking around - before it was plunged into her juicy raped cunt.

A flaming torch was then slowly brought under her bald defenceless cunt, to blacken and roast this juicy part. The crowd first enjoyed seeing her smooth cunt burn away as she thrashed around as much as her chains let her. Taking my time I slowly roasted her cunt, and as she hung free from any stake, I also took the time to roast her whole crotch and her ass.

When her cunt roasting was finished, I took a small knife, and took the liberty of removing Debbie's charred clit. Holding it up in my hand for the crowd to see, I tossed it to a villager's dog and everyone laughed as the dog happily ate the treat. "Want more" I said, and as the dog jumped and barked, I returned to Debbie and cut away pieces of her burned cunt lips and tossed them to the eager hound. The whole crowd roared inapproval.

Now for the debreasting and hanging. Debbie's breasts continued to stretch out from her weight, and they were now very purple. I took a large bladed knife on a long handle and after walking around her and poking her a little with the point, stepped up closely under her. Reaching up with the blade I slowly severed her right breast and watched her spin and jerk to a halt as the hook and chain swung free with her speared nipple and tit on it. I waited a little to see if her remaining breast would tear off. While it ripped a little it held, so I reached out and quickly sawed her left tit off. As her remaining tit was cut loose, Debbie dropped about a foot and jerked to a halt as the noose tightened around her neck. The crowd then enjoyed 5 minutes or so of her thrashing and dancing as she slowly strangled.

At this, we decided to take a little intermission. Suzanne's charred remains slumped down into the embers, and more wood was added to totally incinerate her. Debbie remained hanging for the crowd to watch. The four remaining women were dragged up to the platform and tied to benches, with their cunts and bodies available for rape or other enjoyments while we relaxed a bit and drank. Music began and some dancing, and lines of joking, laughing men began to form at each of the four girls to enjoy them.

We had a full day ahead of us.


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The Arrival​

Amanda was wakened early in the morning by scores of guards who ran through the dank prison where she and hundreds of other captives were being held after the fall of their city. Guards ordered all of the women in the prison to get on their feet, strip, and to stand naked by the doors to their cells for inspection. Amanda had learned that slow obedience was nearly as bad as disobedience so when the order was shouted throughout the prison, she and the other women jumped to their feet, stripped off the few rags that passed for their clothing, and stood by their cell doors in a mix of fear and curiosity.

Within 15 minutes of the order, a captain of the guard slowly came through the prison, followed by an entourage of scribes and guards. He stopped at each cell and made a brief inspection of the captive or captives in the cells. As he looked them over and finished his quick survey of each girls body he would point out the ones that he had selected to the accompanying guards. The guards in the entourage quickly pulled the selected women from their cells and they were hurried away, still in the nude, to the courtyard of the prison.

When the captain came to Amanda's cell he stopped, looked her over and took quick note of her beauty. Amanda was only 19 and was tall with raven black hair. While full- breasted, she still remained trim and had a narrow waist, hips that flared out nicely, and long legs. Amanda's cunt was full, with nice lips covered by nicely trimmed pubic hair. Amanda had taken good care of herself in her 19 years, and had served as a courtesan to a senior member of the fallen city's government. Viewed as a prize when she was captured, she had been imprisoned, but allowed to keep herself clean and presentable as she was taken out of her cell every few days for the entertainment of visiting officers from the conquering Roman army.

The captain pointed to Amanda and she was quickly pulled from her cell and dragged to the courtyard. The girls in the courtyard stood huddled together in the center of the stone- paved courtyard. This had not been a happy place for them after the fall of their city and the courtyard had been the site of several executions, many just for the entertainment of the conquering troops. A set of six stakes were embedded in the stone of the courtyard and they bore the charring and bloody streaks from the torture and death of many of the women who resided in the city. The stone floor was scorched where fires had been set at the base of the stakes - each holding a young woman at the time the fire was set. The women feared the place, and for good reason, and certainly their being assembled here - naked and totally vulnerable - was not a good sign.

After another half hour of touring the prison, the captain of the guard had finished his selection and there was a group of exactly 50 women in the courtyard. Guards surrounded them and prodded them to follow the orders that were barked at them as they were lined up in two columns of 25 women. As the lineup was completed, they were directed to turn and face the captain for instructions.

The captain stood in front of the assembled women and addressed them telling them that their fallen city was to have an important visitor - the Senator responsible for captured lands - and they would be part of a greeting ceremony to be held on his arrival this afternoon. No more was said, but nothing probably was needed. They were all nude and being marched out to greet him - certainly they would be executed in a ceremony.

Guards passed along the line of women, stopping at each and tying their hands tightly behind their backs and affixing a hobbling rope to their ankles that would let them walk, but would prevent them from running if they tried to escape. As Amanda's legs were tied, the guard reached up and fingered her cunt, remarking how much fun she must be to fuck and expressing his hopes to do that before the afternoon was over. Amanda responded with a string of curses to him - costing her two painfully pinched nipples when he and a fellow guard confronted her after her remarks.

When the girls were all tied and hobbled, the two columns of women were slowly marched towards the heavy wooden gates of the city - kept in line all the time by guards who held long pointed lances and prodded them to keep them in line and to keep them moving. One guard beat a drum to keep a pace for the group and it had the ominous tone of an impending execution to it. A small cloud of dust was kicked up by the hobbled women as they crossed the courtyard. Small stones made the walk painful, and they kept picking up their feet as they stepped on small sharp stones.

It was a short but painful five-minute walk to the gate. As they stumbled along and approached the gate, they could see that it had been crudely repaired from the battle marking the fall of the city. The gate had by stormed by the conquering troops and heavily damaged. The gates were made of very heavy wood with massive iron hinges. The dark wood was all fire stained from the battle, and large beams still hung loose from the supporting structure awaiting repair. As the column of nude women and the accompanying guards approached the gates, the sentinels manning the gates slowly swung them open using the effort of captured soldiers from the fallen army to pull the heavy gates open. As the women were herded through the gate they were shocked at what they saw. At first it looked like trees had been planted along the desert road leading to the city. Then they saw that those werent trees - instead they were stakes - 25 of them on each side of the road stretching for hundreds of yards out into the desert. Each stake had a pile of wood at its base taken from the ruined homes of the villagers. The intent was obvious - they would be burned to death at the stakes for the enjoyment of the arriving senator.

Prodded along by the guards, the nude, hobbled captives marched down the dusty road to their fate at the stake. The column of women kicked up a bigger cloud of dust as they proceeded down the road which along with the desert dust in the wind choked the girls towards the rear of the column, making them gasp for air as they were marched to

As the girls approached each set of stakes spaced about 25 yards apart - the two lead girls in the column were pulled away and made to stand by the stake. Several guards were waiting at each position for them and seized them to make sure that there would be no embarrassment of an escape. The guard that let a girl escape would take her place at the stake himself.

Amanda was in the middle of the line and watched as 12 girls in each column ahead of her were pulled to each side of the road at a stake. Soon, she was at the head of the column and ofwas roughly pulled out of line and shoved to three waiting guards. As she was seized by them, the line continued to move along leaving a small cloud of dust as it moved away from the city to the end of the line of stakes.

The guards now in charge of Amanda held her by both shoulders and turned her slowly around to inspect her and see what they'd been given for the ceremony. They were pleased at their prize. While they'd hoped to get a blonde captive, Amanda's ample breasts, trim hips and long legs promised them some good entertainment in preparing for the ceremony. Actually, Amanda was surprised that they were not as cruel to her as she'd expected.

The commander the guard in charge of the other two - spoke plainly to her. He asked her name, and she told him Amanda and then he said that it was pretty obvious what was going to happen this afternoon. She'd be burned at the stake as a part of the arrival ceremony. He explained that while he didn't necessarily favor putting her to such a horrible death, that it was his job, and that he had to do it, and in fact, she'd been on the losing side of the war and that was her fate. He pointed out the stake and an A-shaped cross with a wooden cross bar across the top. He told her that she'd be nailed to that first, and then hoisted up to the stake. Her legs would go on each of the sides of the A and her arms would be aligned along the cross bar and her hands nailed at each end, making sure that she'd stay spread eagled during her burning. Yes, it would hurt to be nailed to the frame, and yes, the fire would certainly hurt.

The guard said that they could do things a lot of different ways this afternoon. While the fire would be painful, there were other things that they had some flexibility in. They had several hours to wait until the senators arrival and she was theirs to do whatever they wanted to with her in the interim. She just had to be mounted on the stake ready to burn when the arrival ceremony started. If she were good to them, then they'd be as good to her as they could be and not inflict any unnecessary or extra tortures or pain which was wholly their option. Most importantly, if she submitted to rape at their will, she could avoid being nailed to the frame until the last few minutes. It would be easier that way for all of them if she agreed.

Amanda considered her options, which were none. She could, in fact, hear some screams from other girls at nearby stakes as some of their tortures were beginning from crueler guards than those that held her. One girl at the stake next to her - apparently having cursed at her guards - was already being nailed to the rack that would be used to hold her spread apart as she was burned. She'd certainly be tortured for the entire period before the ceremony. Amanda was immediately worried that her guards would forget about any kindness to her, and that they'd begin to torture her instead. She cried a little, but agreed to do what she was asked to do in return for some kindness from them. All three guards smiled as she accepted their offer - smiling because of the pleasure they could expect over the next hour or so - and they'd still get to burn her.

With her acceptance, the guards now thought briefly about what to do with Amanda first. She was totally naked of course, so there was no need to strip her. They were out in the barren desert along the roadway into the fallen city, and there wasnt any shelter available. Of course none was really wante as all 50 of the women were now being raped and tortured in some manner and the bright sunlight added a specter of intensity to the foreplay that was proceeding. Each girl burned a little each minute she was nude in the bright sun - a mere token of the heat they'd soo nexperience.

The commander of the unit went over to the pile of wood by the stake and picked up a piece of burlap that had been used as a sling to hold the wood when it was carted out to the stake. He took it and placed it on the ground and ordered Amanda to step onto it.

The commander looked at her hairy cunt and thought for a few seconds and then ordered her shaved. While her pubic hair would start a nice fire if they left it on her, she'd be more fun to rape if she were shaved first. They decided to save her shaved cunt hair and use it for part of the torch they lit her pyre with. They'd paint her thighs with tar anyway to get the flames going quickly, so her cunt hair really wasn't needed.

Two guards quickly dropped down beside Amanda. One sat on her facing her cunt, while the other held her legs apart. Taking a sharp skinning knife from his belt, the guard deftly shaved Amanda's cunt hair off, leaving her bare cunt lips reddened and glowing in the sun and a pile of cunt hair on the burlap between her legs. The guard who'd shaved Amanda reached down and collected the cunt hair and stuffed it into a pouch on his waist belt to be used for the torch later on.


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Amanda was now ready to be raped. She'd start earning their mercy and kindness by sucking off each of the three of them first. She was told to get down on her knees. Amanda took her position as ordered and knelt on the rough cloth. The commander took a place in front of her and opened his leather tunic and motioned for Amanda to begin on him. Amanda had done this before, but only as a prized courtesan, and not the victim of a gang rape and torture session. Still, she had no choices, and slowly began taking the commander's cock into her mouth and began sucking on it while the other guards watched and laughed at her plight. She was warned that she had to catch all of the men's seed and then penalty for spilling would be mutilation of her tits with their swords. She took careful note of that threat and promised to suck and swallow all of their cum. There was little hurry as they had plenty of time, and so after about 10 minutes of slow sucking and licking, them commander finally shot his load into Amanda's pretty mouth. Amanda made some sharp gurgling sounds as the warm semen flowed into her mouth and remembering the threats, was careful not to let any spill on her or on the ground. When the commander was completely drained, he pulled away from her and the next guard took his place in front of her. The same actions followed with him and the other guard until all of them had enjoyed Amanda's mouth. Amanda stayed kneeling - head bowed - with her face covered with their semen.

Now it was time for some fucking. Amanda was ordered to lie down on the burlap and a piece of the firewood was positioned under her ass to lift her cunt up into position for easy fucking. While the pieces of wood cut into her back rather painfully, the guards really didnt care, and they wanted the best access to her cunt. Amanda was told to spread her legs and to raise her knees up to provide nice easy access to her cunt. The three guards again joked about Amanda and laughed at her total exposure lying on her back naked in the bright desert sun. The commander noted that while this might not be the most fun for her, that it was better than being nailed to the rack now and tortured and better certainly than her burning would be, and that she should be thankful for their mercy.

The commander took the first turn again, as was his right, and he dropped to his knees between Amanda's spread legs. He wiped a little spit on his fingers and slid them into her cunt to get her wet enough to rape easily. Now aroused at her gaping cunt, the commander placed his cock in Amanda's cunt lips and pushed slowly into her cunt. Amanda took the penetration well, exhaling slowly as his cock drove into her. The pace then picked up and over the next 10 minutes, Amanda was raped hard by the commander, who fucked her violently as he came in her at the end. Both Amanda and the commander were dripping with sweat after the rape and Amanda was gasping for air from the weight of the burly guard. Not rest was to be had though, as the next guard quickly took the commanders place and quickly drove into her and began fucking her just as hard as the commander had done. As she was fucked, cum started dribbling out of her cunt from her prior rape and was soon joined by a further flow from the two guards. When the third guard pulled out of her and stood up, Amanda's cunt gaped open from the constant fucking and a stream of cum flowed out of her cunt and dripped down over her inner thighs and her asshole. In half an hour, Amanda had been raped three times and was lying exhausted from the ordeal on the rough burlap cloth on the ground.

The commander took a few minutes to walk over to the stake next to theirs to check on what they were doing with their nude girl and to see how much time they thought they had left before the ceremony started. While he was a hardened warrior, he was a little shocked at the scene at the next stake. The girl, a young blonde of about 18 years of age was already nailed to the A-frame which was lying on the ground. Blood dripped from her wrists and ankles from the nailing and her shaved cunt gaped open from the persistent rapes since she was nailed. The guards had started a small fire and were busy heating iron rods in the coals. As the commander approached, one of the guards pulled the pitiful girl's cunt lips apart as another one plunged the heated iron deep into her cunt, sending the girl into spasms of pain. As she thrashed, gobs of steaming cum spattered out of her cunt and landed on the ground and on her inner thighs. The commander asked why they'd nailed her so early. He was told that they intended to rape and torture her right up to minutes before the burning and wanted her ready to go. Besides, with her nailed into the A frame she was easy to manipulate and keep in good raping position.

The commander just shook his head and noted that they'd struck a deal with their own girl and that she had been an enthusiastic sex slave for the past hours just by promising to be a little nice to her. Plus, they were going to fuck her in the ass and that would be hard to do with her nailed to the A-frame. The two commanders laughed at their separate choices and the commander of Amanda's guards turned to walk back as the girls screaming continued as more glowing irons were applied to her cunt and tits.

As the commander returned to the stake where Amanda and his fellow guards were, he watched with some interest the current amusement they were engaged in. Amanda was on her hands and knees, sucking on one of the guards' cocks while the other was busy fucking her from behind. After being watched at this for several minutes, the guard being sucked fired off a huge shot of cum in Amanda's mouth and while she choked and gurgled to hold the jism as ordered, the other guard began fucking her very hard, slapping his balls against her and ended quickly by exploded in her cunt. Exhausted by this double rape, Amanda collapsed on the ground with cum dribbling out of her mouth and cunt.

Laughing a little, the commander told Amanda that it was now time to explore her a little further and that he was going to rape her ass. He couldnt speak for his men's ability to join in, as they'd just filled her with spunk, but he was ready, stimulated by the fresh thoughts of seeing the slaves at nearby stakes punished cruelly by their guards. It was time to start hurting Amanda a little, he thought. Nice is nice, but this is an execution, and it is time to start getting a little mean.

He told Amanda to use one of the burlap rags to wipe off her cunt and then to lie on her back, as he planned to start out by fucking her and then would use her ass to finish. While Amanda groaned at the impending ass rape, she slowly complied and began cleaning herself up a little and preparing for her next rape. As she did, the commander reflected a little on her impending fate and reflected back on the many young girls he had executed in the past year. Most of them had been pretty and met their awful fate in various ways. Some, like Amanda, had been burned at the stake, while others were whipped to death or mutilated with knives, swords, and breast rippers. They all ended up in much the same manner - screaming their throats dry as the final tortures were applied to end their lives. He watched her wiping the cum off her cunt lips and her face and saw the look of grim resolution as she looked up at him, ready to accept his rape of her cunt and ass.

The commander quickly dropped to his knees and opened up his cloak, letting his now revived stiff penis fall out. He told Amanda to hold it in her hands and to insert it in her cunt. He liked that feeling of a condemned woman trying to please him by sliding his cock into her. Amanda complied and after inserting his cock into her, arched her hips to drive him deeply into her - hoping a little that he'd be satisfied with her cunt and forget about fucking her ass, which she knew would be painful and even more humiliating than just being raped. The commander took several deep strokes in Amanda's cunt, letting her juices flow out of her and down her crotch and over her asshole. The speed things up, he and then turned slightly to wipe some spit on his hand on her asshole. Removing his cock from her cunt, he pressed it against the dripping wet but tight puckered asshole and pushed hard, plunging deep into Amanda's ass in one stroke. Amanda shrieked in pain, causing others in the area to turn to look - and then laugh as they saw what was happening to the poor tormented girl. Soon enough, they thought, she'd wish she was back her doing that instead of feeling the flames against her legs and cunt.

The commander took his time with Amanda, taking long deep strokes into her ass. While it was very painful at first, Amanda's tight asshole slowly opened up and she was able to be more accepting of his rape, still hoping for some kind of mercy today. He smiled at her efforts to please him and gave her ass a sharp jab with his cock to wipe a little of the simpering smile off her face. Pleased with the pain he was inflicting, he took another 5 minutes in her ass before coming hard in a series of sharp thrusts accompanied by yelps of pain from Amanda. Pulling up to his knees, the commander withdrew his cock from Amanda's asshole and moved around to her head and made her suck his cock and balls clean. Amanda was a little disgusted at first at sucking his shit-stained cock, but when he barked an order at her to do it right now, she knew it was time to obey and choked down the juices that came off his cock as she sucked and licked it clean.

At that time, a Roman soldier came down the street announcing that the time had come for final preparation events to start happening for the ceremony. All the girls were to be nailed to their racks in 10 minutes and a crew with warm tar would be coming through in another 15 minutes to paint all the girls with pine tar so they'd burn with a bright yellow, smoky flame. They needed to be nailed in place ready to be hoisted up in that time.

Amanda was lying on her back finishing the cleanup of the commander's cock when she heard that news. Fear took over Amanda's expression when she heard the word that she was to be nailed in place. She knew all along, of course that something would happen, but the final realization of being nailed to a rack and painted with tar to prepare her for burning alive just took on sudden reality.

The commander looked down at her, noting the cum starting to drip out of her asshole, and told her to get ready, that the nice part of the day was over. He yelled over to his other team members and asked them if they wanted a last fuck or anything before Amanda was nailed. Since they'd just raped her, they really werent ready for more yet, and just said no, that they'd play with her a little after she was nailed to the rack.

The two guards then walked over and stood over Amanda and each reached down and grabbed an arm and pulled her to her feet. Time to feel the spikes now honey, one of the guards said, sending a chill all through her. Amanda struggled a little, hoping for the commander's intervention. She hoped he might let her escape, or at worst, use ropes to bind her instead of the painful spikes. To her horror, the commander came over and slapped her hard across the face and told her to obey, that she was a traitor sentenced to death and that was that. Amanda just broke down into sobs and let the guards drag her away to be nailed.

Amanda was pulled over next to the stake where the rough wooden A-frame shaped rack was leaning. One guard released Amanda and grabbed the heavy rack and threw it to the ground, while the other held the sobbing girl. Amanda was then told to lie down on the rack. She looked up pitifully, and seeing no mercy, slowly obeyed, dropping to her knees next to the rack and then rolling over and lying on the rough wooden A- frame. The two guards dropped down beside her and told her to spread her arms out along the crossbar. One guard took the hammer and a spike and positioned Amanda's wrist on the wood, placed the point of the spike on her wrist and hammered it through her wrist and into the wood. Amanda screamed as the terrible pain coursed through her. "That ain't nothing honey, wait until we do your ankles, that will show you real pain." Hardly consoled by this, Amanda had barely stopped crying when the guard handed the hammer to this partner who nailed Amanda's other wrist in the same fashion, accompanied by more screams.

Amanda began to kick her legs to try to escape having her ankles nailed. One guard, now tiring of Amanda'sfighting, punched her in the stomach to get her to stop kicking. As she gasped for air, he rammed his whole hand into her cunt and told her that he'd rip her guts out through her cunt if she didnt cooperate. Then the guards doubled up and both held her right leg. One guard then took the hammer and spike and positioned it over the top of her foot as the other held her leg firmly in place. With a hard blow of the hammer, Amanda's foot was shattered and the spike drove through her flesh and the splintered bone into the wood, securely fastening one leg. As Amanda screamed in agony, the two guards quickly seized Amanda's other leg and repeated the painful nailing. This time, however, the spike seemed to split her foot bone only partially, making it all the more painful for Amanda as she writhed about on the rack, moaning in pain.

The two guards then took the rack with Amanda - moaning and screaming - and securely spiked to it, and leaned it up against the pyre at the base of the stake. Stepping back to admire their work, Amanda gazed out at them with an expression of deep pain. "Hey honey, you're going to really look pretty once youre painted with tar and ready to burn. That'll happen in a few minutes, so we only have a little time to play with you until the tar man comes to do you."


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One of the guards went over to the next stake and asked if he could borrow a few hot irons. The crew there laughed and told him it was about time that they got past raping the girl and started to inflict some pain. "Just listen, you'll hear some pain" the guard replied.

Taking two white hot rods from the brazier, the guard returned to their stake and to pretty Amanda. He handed one of the spikes to the other guard. "OK Amanda, lets see how those tits feel now." Laughing, they both stepped up to her and moved the heated rods to within an inch of her nipples. Amanda now shook in fear, but couldn't move much due to her painful nailing. Simultaneously, each guard pressed the heated rods into Amanda's nipples, savoring the smell of her flesh, the sizzling sound of her sweat boiling off, and the sound of her screams of agony as she thrashed at the pain, and then screamed even further as the thrashing tore at her spiked wrists and feet.

Pleased with their work, and the cheers from the adjacent burning crews, the guard went back for two more glowing rods. Amanda wondered at first why he had two rods, but that soon became clear. First one guard separated her cunt lips and the first heated rod was shoved deeply into her vagina. She bucked hard in agony as steam and boiling cum sputtered out of her cunt. After about three minutes she stopped and slumped in her bonds. The two guards then turned the A-frame around, giving them clear access to her ass. She pleaded for mercy as she saw what they were ready to do, but of course no mercy was to be had. As with her cunt, one guard parted her ass cheeks while the other took the glowing rod and inserted it in her asshole. This was even more painful to Amanda than having her cunt burned and she thrashed around while the crew laughed at the steam and cum bubbling out of her freshly raped ass hole.

Meanwhile the commander could see that the tarring crew was rapidly working its way towards them, and that they were now working on a girl just two stakes away. The commander watched the girl's lower body being slowly painted in pine tar watching somewhat in wonderment as the dark tar stained the girl's pale white skin and prepared her for even greater agony at the time of her burning. The crew finished the girl's ass and the back of her legs and the guard crew turned the rack, with her nailed to it, around so that her cunt, thighs and the front of her legs could be painted with tar. The guard wielding the brush took time to paint her legs thoroughly and to work the tar into the poor girl's shaved cunt - actually shoving the tar laden brush up into her vagina - and then took a quick swipe at each of her nipples to finish her off. The girl moaned and sobbed as the warm tar was painted on her, not only because the brush applying it was rough, but really because she knew the pain it would cause when it was set afire and she was burned.

Just minutes later the tarring crew arrived at Amanda's stake. The commander and his fellow guards greeted the crew who were long term fellow soldiers and veterans of many burnings.

"What have you got here?" asked the head of the tarring crew taking a quick look at Amanda nailed to the frame and moaning in pain. The commander responded that her name was Amanda - a captive girl taken in one of the last towns. "She's pretty, the crew chief replied." "Yes," said the commander, "and good entertainment while we were waiting.do you want to have a shot at her before she's tarred up?" The crew chief replied no, that he was a little in a hurry to get all the girls tarred up so they'd burn good - don't want one of them to go out, now, that'd ruin the party wouldnt it. He said he'd take a few seconds to check her out though. One of the guards slapped Amanda to attention as the crew chief approached her. The chief took a grip on Amanda's tits, holding one in each hand as he hefted them to feel their weight and their firmness. Nice ones, he called out, I bet they were fun to play with, eh! Nice wet cunt too, he said as he fingered Amanda deeply and probed the size of her cleanly shaved cunt lips. Too bad to have to burn her, she'd make good fun in the barracks - but hey, there's lots of others waiting for us back there.

"Do you want to cut her tits up a little before we tar them, they'd be nice split open a little" muttered the crew chief. The commander stepped over and thought about it for a few seconds. He saw the look of despair on Amanda's face, but he also saw the grins on his guards' faces at the suggestion. "Sure" he said. "Let's cut her up a little." The commander took his long steel blade out and held up Amanda's left tit. "What works best?" heasked?.

The tarring crew chief said that he liked to see them quartered - they still kept the image of the girl's normal tits, but were split open and the slits held a lot of tar and started a nice fire when it came time to burn her.

The commander agreed and moved towards Amanda who began to scream at this final mutilation. The commander paid no attention, as Amanda was painfully immobilized through her nailing to the rack. Not only couldn't she move, but any attempt at it was terribly painful, particularly with her left foot bone split by thespike.

Grabbing one tit, he held it firmly by the bottom and then sliced it horizontally, starting at the nipple, and slowly splitting it in half as he drew the blade through her flesh. Amanda let out a piercing scream at the pain. He then took the same tit and sliced it vertically, dividing it now into four parts. Letting go, the slashed tit flopped down on Amanda's chest in a stream of blood, and the four pieces spread apart a little revealing the flesh and fatty insides of her tit. The commander took a heated rod from the nearby brazier and rubbed it into the slashes, boiling Amanda's blood and cauterizing the nasty wounds.

He then grabbed her other tit and did the same thing, only this time, cutting diagonally, to cut the tit in an X-pattern. The heated rod stemmed the blood flow again, and the only action was from Amanda crying and writhing against her nailed arms and legs.

Now the tarring crew stepped forward and carefully brushed warm tar into all of the slashes on her tits. He was right; the cuts did hold a lot of tar. They then turned to tarring Amanda's ass and then her cunt, taking special care to get good big globs of tar into her vagina. Then her legs were painted with tar.

"She'll burn nicely" the crew chief said as they walked away to the next stake. "See you at the next burning, I think there's one in 2 days - this coming Saturday".

With Amanda now fully tarred, there was nothing left except to hoist her up onto the stake for her burning. A lead rider would come through and point to each stake to give the command to light it at the right time. That way the procession would see each girl ignited in turn as they proceeded slowly down the entrance road to the captured city.The visiting dignitaries would get to watch each girl set afire, and her screams as the burning began. With the tar, they'd die a little quicker, but the flames would burn nicely and evenly, and they'd be able to take the time to see each girl scream and writhe in pain. It just took too long when they only used wooden pyres.

The commander told his guards to get her up there and at his command, a rope was thrown over the top of the stake into a notch cut for that purpose, then fastened to the top of Amanda's rack, and then she was hoisted up by the two guards, while the commander pulled the frame and Amanda away from the pyre so the wood wouldn't be all knocked over. When she reached the right height, the rope was tied off and a guard climbed up to fasten chains from the stake to the rack, as the rope would burn through and let Amanda fall off the pyre. In a few minutes all was secured with the rack and Amanda held now by chain to the stake.

Not too soon, the commander noted, as they could now hear the beating of the processions drums and hear the screams of girls nearer the front of the line as the burnings started. The drums quickly got louder, and the burning girls' screams very loud and vivid as the visiting Senators procession approached. The commander took his torch, complete with Amanda's shaved cunt hair, and lit it in the glowing brazier.

Now the director of the ceremony was beside him, smiled at him and pointed to Amanda. The commander bowed slightly and took the torch and ignited the tar on Amanda's legs making sure it caught completely. As the tar ignited, the fire slowly climbed Amanda's legs and hit the mass of tar in her crotch. She'd already begun to scream at the first flames, but her intensity peaked when her cunt was afire. The flames continued to climb up her torso, and ignited the great mass of tar on her tits, sending smoke then flame up into her face as her body was enveloped in fire and smoke.

As the Senator and his honored guests passed, they watched Amanda's fire start, grow and then consume her, moving on to the next girl as Amanda's screams and thrashing gave way to unconsciousness and later death. The commander threw the torch into the pyre, to let the long burning wood turn Amanda toashes.

As the Senators procession moved towards the city, the drum beat grew softer, and the screams of the next few girls gradually fade dout.

Their work done, they were relieved of duty for the day. Slave crews would be marched out to clean up the mess. Tired from their work, the guards and the tarring crew planned a night of drinking, with some entertainment form other captives they held in their prison.

As the commander and guards began to walk away, they stopped briefly, turned around and looked back at the carnage they had created. Fifty smoking stakes stretched out in two rows before them, each with the charred remains of a once-pretty girl still attached to them. They looked up at Amanda, now dead and charred beyond recognition, with mostly bone remaining and the few clumps of flesh all blackened and burned, and her head - now mostly a skull - slumped forward in death.

She was pretty,the commander thought, and gave us anice time simply hoping for a little mercy which I guess she never got. It seems cruel, but that's how life works in these times. All rebels are condemned, and a painful death is their only path.

They turned and walked away, looking forward to a night of drinking and wenching.


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The WelcomeCenter​

I had finally been successful in completing the submission of the Midlothian rebels. Their revolution had started with a small group of dissenters and had spread from village to village across much of our fiefdom. They had complained about taxes and of our conscription into our army. While we had tried to reason with them and to point out the threat of marauding Vikings who frequently raided the coast, they would not relent and had finally taken to violence and had taken over ten or more villages across our territory.

While it pained us to take extreme steps, their rebellion had severely disrupted our reign and we decided that annihilation was the only cure. As a farmer did with rats in his barn, we did with them - killing them without mercy and saving none of them from death.

To rivet this vision into the minds of our people so as to firmly prevent any further occurrences, the suppression of the conquered rebels was violent and public.

A large prison had been built on the plains outside our walled village. Any surviving captives were taken there for processing, and almost always for execution. Most of the men were killed on the battlefield -either in the course of battle or shortly after their capture. Their bodies were left in the battlefields to rot and we expected farmer's plows to turn up their bones for decades to come.

Men in the village - workers, shopkeepers, etc. were captured and if they had a useful craft, were kept as slaves. All children under 18 - boys and girls - were separated out and kept in a camp and used as helpers and slaves. None would be harmed in anyway.

Women if useful, were kept as household slaves, but if of no use were immediately executed with a swift stroke of the sword and dragged off into a mass grave.

Attractive women - generally the young ones - were separated into a group and kept as breeding stock, for our use as sex toys, and for frequent public executions to keep our men stimulated and our other villagers aware of the pain of being on the losing side of a rebellion. Girls in the children's group who reached the age of 18 were evaluated and if they met our standards of attractiveness, joined the pool of captive women for sex and executions. Others were dispatched as required.

Pleased with our recent victory, I decided to take 2 of my fellow commanders into the prison's intake area to see first hand what was going on today and to have a little fun. The captives from the village had just arrived after an overnight forced march and were beginning to be processed.

A very large group of women and children were assembled in a mass outside of the prison. First the children were called forward for processing. Mothers bid tearful goodbyes to their children, only slightly consoled in the knowledge that at least the children wouldn't be harmed. The women were then formed into a long line feeding into the center. Soldiers along the line kept the prisoners at bay and in a neat line 4 abreast. At the front of the line four of my line commanders manned tables to sort out the captives.

If obviously old or feeble, they were culled off to the side and marched away to the side of the mass graves for a quick but unpleasant fate. Those of youth and beauty were separated into a second group, and the third group Ä perhaps of some value were interviewed for their skills. Some, if questionable as to which category they belonged in, were stripped and evaluated by a small team of squad leaders and sent to the proper group.

Every 15 or 30 minutes, the group of "select" women was moved inside the center for further processing.

This was truly a place of terror for the women and all who approached trembled in fear. Outside the gates of the processing center Ä a prison and torture facility - two young women were impaled on poles and were writhing in their final hours of anguish. The rumor quickly spread that two new women were impaled there every morning - the truth was that it more likely happened two or three times a day as there were literally thousands of captives and all would be executed. As soon as the impaled girls died, they were pulled off the poles and dragged away to be roasted for the prisoners' food, and new women brought out, raped, tortured and quickly impaled on the long wooden stakes and displayed to the horror of all the captives standing by.

Once in the center the women were stripped and made to tie their clothing in bundles and tossed them in a pile to be given to the slaves for their attire as they worked our fields and farms. The select women would be imprisoned in the nude. Guards then grabbed the stripped women and pulled their arms behind their backs and tied them at the wrists. Pubic hair was usually shaved or burned off at this time. The girls to be executed were preferred to have their cunt and especially their cunt lips fully visible.

Two steps occurred next; first, they were given a more detailed inspection and evaluation, and were marked for their eventual fate. Secondly, they would receive their initial rape to be sure that no sobbing girl claimed virginity as she was about to be burned, impaled, crucified or some other form of death.

The nude women were taken one at a time and inspected by several of my men.They were given a thorough physical check - and a taste of deeper humiliation. Their breasts were fondled, their cunts felt and probed and their asses and thighs squeezed and stoked to test the tone of their flesh. Occasionally a girl would come through who really didn't meet the standards and she was quickly pulled aside to be led off to the mass graves and executed perhaps with some torture or abuse beforehand at the guards' whim. Debreasting and other mutilation was a common humiliation given these women before they were killed by the sword.

Most however were attractive young girls, wives and mothers and would provide great entertainment in the coming days and nights. An iron basket of glowing coals stood near the 3 judges with several irons sticking out of it. Each girl stood briefly before the soldiers as their mulled the girl's fate. When a decision was made, the proper iron was pulled from the coals and the girl was turned around, bent over and firmly held while she was branded on the cheek of her ass with a B for burning, I for impalement, C for crucifixion, H for hanging. Other treatments were added, like D for de-breasting or F for flaying. Sometimes girls received multiple brands, say if she was to be flayed before hanging she would get both the F and the H brand. The girls generally screamed and thrashed around at the pain of the branding, particularly if a girl received 2 brands. The criteria for the girl's fate were pretty loose, but generally thin girls with small breasts would be impaled or hung, while girls with larger breasts would be burned at the stake or flayed. Anyone flayed would generally receive a second final punishment, such as burning or crucifixion. Occasionally a girl with large pendulant breasts would be marked to be hung by the breasts (either by breast hooks or by ropes tied around the breasts), usually with a small open slow roasting fire lit under her after a period of flogging, torching, or other torment. An H brand on one breast with a B on the ass cheek was used to denote this unhappy fate. Girls that resisted too strongly received a taste of the glowing iron on their mouths or assholes and usually became more compliant after that.

The girls were allowed to recover briefly after their branding and were then pushed to the lineup for their rapes. Any of our soldiers, if not on duty that day, were allowed to come to the prison and participate in the rapes as much as they wanted to. Generally the wait in line for a girl was short and the men then had a good choice of young attractive women who were in complete terror and who would do anything for some hope of mercy. The girls were picked out of the waiting group and taken over to a set of 10 or so tables with blankets on them. The soldiers usually checked the girl's brand to see what her fate would be - and if 2 or 3 soldiers were working on a single girl they'd often play a guessing game to see if they could guess the girl's fate. After some laughing at the girl's anguish the soldiers told her what she was to get as she usually could not see the brand on her own ass. The now distraught girl was lifted up on the table sitting on the edge and was then pulled down on her back. She could then be restrained by a leather strap around her neck. At the soldier's choice, ropes could be tied around the girl's knees or ankles to hold their legs apart for their rape. Containers of fresh lard were kept by the tables to smear in the women's cunts if lubricant was needed. Often 2 or 3 men would select a single girl at a time and gang rape her, choosing another and another as they finished with each one.

There was usually a little foreplay to tease and torment the girls before their rape. While sitting on the edge of the table, the girl was often asked if she was a virgin and if not, if she'd had much sex or had children. Her cunt was usually being fondled while she was asked these questions to validate her answers. After being pulled back on the table and being spread and restrained, the girl was often fisted by each of the men in turn prior to being raped. Her clit was also usually an object of interest and it was usually stroked to the point of great sensitivity prior to her rape. A girl with a large clit was sure to get additional torment on her execution, starting with such stroking to get it stiff and erect for its punishment and mutilation, so the men were interested in testing her reactions.

Rapes generally took quite a while as the men had been at battle for some time and without the company of women other than the few skanky camp followers that always trailed behind the troops. It was also not unusual for the girl to be raped by 2 or 3 of the men and then to have a second round taken raping her ass. That almost always required lubrication and was usually accompanied by much screaming as these girls were almost never used to anal rape until this day.

Following the first set of rapes the girl was untied, except for her hands behind her back, and pushed stumbling along barely able to walk into a second group waiting to be taken to holding pens by execution method. The soldiers could select from the second group if they wanted to, but unless there was an unusually pretty girl there they generally took a fresh girl from the incoming line.

Even with 10 tables, the rape process moved fairly slowly with a single girl often taking 15 to 45 minutes to be toyed with and then raped. Still, time was not important. What was important was that the troops had fun and relaxation at the expense of these totally expendable captives and that the other citizens clearly understood the penalties fo rrebellion.

After watching for a while, we decided to join in the fun, but would use a private table set inside a set of three walls . A very attractive young Nordic blonde had just entered the group after her branding and was standing next to a tall, striking raven haired girl. The blonde was sobbing and was asking the raven haired girl to read her brand so that she'd know her fate. We decided to take both of them aside for a few hours entertainment.

We walked up to the two girls and ordered them to follow us. They had just entered the group after branding and weren't fully aware that they were to be raped next. We took them by the shoulders and turned them to face the raping tables and laughed as the horror of the situation was made clear to them. We told them that they'd probably do better with us that with some kill-crazed foot soldiers, and pulled them off to our more private setting for some fun.

Since both girls were already nude, we didn't need to strip them, but we did want them unbound. We untied the rough hemp rope around their wrists and kept the cord by the tables, as we'd probably re-tie them after we finished with them.

After untying them, we checked their brands to see what had been planned for them. The blonde was scheduled for burning at the stake and the raven haired girl was to be flayed and impaled. We nodded in approval, but thought that the raven haired girl might better be hung by the breasts and roasted. No matter now though, we'd decide as we toyed with her.

Both girls were backed up against the edge of the raping tables we'd had positioned in our private area. I took the blonde, and my fellow officer took the raven haired girl. I talked to the blonde for a bit to calm her down. She'd be more fun to fuck if she wasn't agitated and we'd have plenty of time later to do things to her when she was very upset with us.

She calmed down fairly well when we appeared interested in her and didn't immediately brutalize her. She was of Viking descent, and had been captured in a raid, brought back to England and raised from infancy. She was unmarried, but was popular with the young men in the village, and had had sex about 10 times before we'd captured her. She'd had no children. I fondled her pert breasts and nipples gently and asked her if she'd ever sucked a man. She said no, but that she'd do anything we wanted if we'd be merciful to her. We told her that we liked to be satisfied with her mouth first and then we'd explain what we wanted. She smiled a little and said she'd do what we wanted.

Meanwhile the raven haired girl remained hostile and called the blonde a traitor for being cooperative. We told her that she might change her mind after a while with us and that we'd certainly order a more fitting and painful death for her.


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With that, the raven haired girl was tied down to the raping table and prepared for rape and torture. Her arms were pulled back over her head and fastened tightly, and her legs were spread apart until she shrieked from the pain in her contorted spread hip joints as we had guards help to spread her. Ropes were then wrapped around her knees and pulled back tightly keeping her hairless cunt wide open to us. I stood over her and twisted her nipples painfully and told her that she'd see the difference in treatment between what she got and what the pretty blonde got. At the same time, my friend had slowly worked his entire hand into her cunt and now was clawing at the back of her vagina to tenderize her a little. "You'll be roasted for the prisoners' dinner table, wait and see" Ä we told her. The girl writhed in pain at her cunt being stretched and aroused a laugh from us as we told her what it would feel like when she was suspended over the coals hanging by her freshly skinned tits.

While my friends started taking turns raping the raven haired girl, I turned my attention to the blonde sitting nervously on the edge of the 2nd raping table.

I came over to her and put my hands on her waist and watched a look of fear sweep over her. Talking softly to calm her, I told her that we could avoid some of the unpleasantness if she was very cooperative and worked hard to please us. Hearing the moans of pain from her friend as she was raped and abused, the blonde nodded vigorously that she'd do whatever we wanted. I stroked her cunt as we talked and felt some wetness in her slit as she calmed down and focused on trying to ease her impending pain.

I told her to kneel on the ground as I sat on the edge of the table. She was ordered to suck on me but to be sure to hold my cum in her mouth. She agreed that she would and began sucking me slowly and deeply while stroking my balls. While she claimed to be new at this, she certainly had innate skills. Too bad she'd burn at the stake soon I thought. After 10 minutes, I blew a large load in her mouth and cautioned her again to hold it.

She mumbled a reply fearing that she'd spill the mouthful if she talked. I then told her to get on her feet and to take the load in her mouth and spit it into the raven haired girl's mouth. She looked surprised by got to her feet and walked to the table where the raven haired girl was restrained. Go ahead... kiss her and spit the cum in her mouth. If she won't open her mouth, we'll get it open for you. My two friends stopped their rape of the girl for a few moments to allow the pretty blonde to deposit her mouthful of cum on the raven haired girl. As the blonde approached, the raven haired girl turned her head back and forth to avoid the cum-filled kiss.

Then, however, she saw me approach with a red hot rod in my hand. Open wide I said or you'll have so much steam coming out of your cunt you won't be able to see ten feet. In horror, she relinquished, and opened her mouth to receive a big glob of cum and spit from the blonde.

The raven haired girl gagged a little, but as she was restrained on her back there was not a lot she could do other than take the load in her mouth and swallow the sticky jism.

Having emptied her sticky load, the blonde wiped her mouth off on her forearm and walked away from the table where the raven haired girl was awaiting rape. I took her by the arm and led her over to her table and told her to sit on the edge and that I'd be back with her in a few minutes to rape her. The blonde took her place on the edge of the table - watching as we both surrounded the raven haired girl and glumy awaited her own rape.

My friends went back to their rape of the raven haired girl. She'd become slightly more docile after seeing that we'd use the heated rods on her if she didn't cooperate. Still, she resisted the rape and strained against her tight bonds as they took turns with her. Her legs were pulled widely apart though and her cunt beautifully exposed for our enjoyment.

I went back to the blonde and asked her if she was ready. She shrugged her shoulders in consent to her fate and said "sure, I guess so... what do you want me to do?" I told her to lie on her back and that I'd tell her when I wanted anything done. As she rolled over onto her back, her ample breasts flopped around and rolled softly to her sides. She spread her legs for me and revealed a beautiful full cunt. Her lips were fairly full and baby smooth without any pubic hair. Her bush had just gone to the soldiers' razors, they had not burned it off her juicy cunt. I walked up to the head of the table and told her to suck me hard again while I opened up her cunt. She cooperated fully and took me into her mouth again as I fingered her cunt and got her juices flowing.

Now rock hard, I walked down to the end of the table between her legs and slid into her wet lips, pushing hard to drive deeply into her with a long first thrust. She gasped a little, but too it well and soon fell into a rhythm with me. Her cunt became very wet and juices ran out of her and down through her crotch and over her asshole. As we fucked, I fingered her ass and slowly opened it up and rubbed her cunt juices around in it. Wanting a little change, I pulled out of her cunt and pressed the tip of my cock against her asshole, opened it up slightly and then pushed hard to get past her tight sphincter and into her asshole. She yelped in pain at the anal rape and grimaced as I pushed hard into her. She soon caught her breath and while her face was obviously strained at this

invasion, she cooperated and let me fuck her ass for the next 5 minutes.

Feeling myself nearing climax, I pulled out of her ass and went back into her cunt to finish things off. She smiled a little when I went back into her cunt and bucked hard with me to bring me to a finish. I came deep inside of her, pushing her legs over her head as I drove deeply into her and then finally collapsing on top of her as we both breathed hard at the finish. When I rose back up on my feet and pulled out of her, I smiled a little at the sight of the flow of my cum flowing out of her cunt and down over her ass on to the table.

You're a great fuck I told her... too bad we have to burn you to death. She burst into tears when I said that, and sat up bawling into her hands, then stopped and looked up at me still sniffling and sobbing.

I told her that there wasn't much choice about it. That in a few days, if not today, she'd be taken out in front of a crowd - still naked of course - and raped again, flogged and tortured with glowing hot irons, and then tied to a stake and burned. Because she was pretty and blonde she was a natural selection for this, and our soldiers took great pleasure in watching the rape, torture and burning of our captives.


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A Private Execution

In Dunsmore in 1534, rebellion had raged in the towns surrounding this medieval capital and center of commerce in this still primitive and feudal country. Years of rebellion had just been crushed and the army was slowly returning to home after years of bitter combat and many losses. Some celebration was seen in the lingering gloom of battle, and as troops returned home, they brought with them bounty from the many captured and ransacked towns and cities across the land, and they brought back prisoners who faced a life of slavery, or for many torture and death at the hands of the conquering army.

The Jameson family had a commanding hold on commerce in Dunsmore and across the country. Their wagons traveled the many dirt roads from town to town and their ships plied the seas between the kingdom's islands. Commerce had been badly disrupted in the years of the war, costing the Jameson family much of their wealth. Worse yet, two sons had been lost in major battles in the war and the family grieved heavily for their loss. Revenge for both the loss of wealth and the loss of their sons weighed heavily in their minds.

Sir Robert, the head of the family, had a birthday coming this month, and it was generally celebrated at the full moon to please the Pagan Gods that most still believed in despite the rising tide of Christianity that was filtering through the kingdom. To celebrate his birthday tonight, Margaret, his wife, had arranged a special party for him.

Seeing the steady flow of prisoners and slaves that accompanied the returning troops, Margaret spoke to the commander of the King's special guard, who she knew well from many social functions and made arrangements for a special ceremony.

Richard, the commander of the King's guard made arrangements for the ceremony tonight and early on this Saturday morning, tasked his best squad leader to take three of his men and to select three women for execution in a private ceremony at the Jameson's house this evening. The girls were to be young and attractive, and with three of them to be executed, exacting a 50 percent greater toll from the conquered rebels as they had through the loss of the Jameson's two sons.

The squad leader immediately gathered his men and went to the town's prison yard where all incoming captives were being taken for processing. Timing was good as a new batch was just arriving and the squad leader was able to watch the arrival processing of the women captives. Here the women were separated into the pretty - destined for entertainment executions, the strong - destined for slavery, and the weak and infirm - destined for quick execution and burial in a mass grave. To the squad leader and his team's great fortune, the daughters of a rebel town's mayor had been captured in a nearby town and were just being processed. They'd been determined as 'pretty' and their grooming had already started. The three girls - now standing nude with freshly shaved cunts and sobbing in front of the three inquisitors at the processing desk - were young and attractive and seemed to not only meet the requirement, but as sisters added a special twist to the​

revenge for the Jamesons'sons.

The girls were 18, 20 and 21 years old at least according to their statements at the processing desk. Because they were over 18, they were subject to any punishment desired, including the worst forms of torture and execution. The squad leader called the head inquisitor over and quickly made arrangements to take the three girls into their custody. The squad leader told the inquisitor to mark them down as executed - private ceremony. The chief inquisitor dutifully noted that, and blotted the ink dry on his register and turned to the next girls for processing.

The three sisters were startled when the guards and the squad leader came up to take them away so quickly. One sister resisted slightly and was rewarded with a hard slap across the face and a punch to her trim stomach. The squad leader shouted loudly to stop the punishment, as he was afraid the attack would mark the young blonde girl's tender skin. Quickly, the girl's were hustled off to a nearby holding cell for the beginning of their preparation. A large copper tub was filled with water and each girl was pulled from her cell and made to bathe in the cool water while the guards watched closely. In turn each girl was taken from the water after her bath and made to stand in the sun in the atrium of the holding cellblock. The guards were pretty excited by the time the third sister had finished her bath and was lined up with her sisters and her hands tied behind her back. A small pool of water collected at the feet of each of the three girls as they dried off in the sun. The wait was horrible for the girls as they had no idea what to expect next, but held no hope for kindness or mercy.

The guards then looked hopefully at their leader awaiting a sign from him. The squad leader understood their interest and after teasing them a little, told the three guards that they could take the two oldest sisters and rape them, but that he was going to take the youngest one for his own fun. He cautioned them to make no marks on the girls as they had to be perfect for the execution this evening.

Shouting and clapping their hands, the three guards grabbed the two girls and threw them down on two nearby tables and prepared to rape them. With their hands tied behind them, the captive girls were quite helpless and cried and begged for mercy when the attack started. No kindness was shown, though, and the two young girls began the first of a series of rapes that would last until their execution later this night.

The squad leader held the youngest sister and made her watch the beginning of the rapes of her sisters. After she'd watched in horror for a bit, he then spun her around and told her to follow him. She was led to a nearby hallway and shoved back on a heavy wooden table and told to spread her legs. The girl was so inexperienced that she didn't fully understand the orders given to her but quickly understood as the squad leader grabbed both knees and pushed them apart opening her tender bald cunt to him. The girl pleaded with him to be gentle and he did in fact take his time inspecting and admiring the tender young genitals of this slight, pretty girl. Quickly though he moistened her slit with spit on his fingers and pushed her legs further apart. Dropping his pants, he revealed a stiff cock ready to deflower the girl. He pushed his cock up into her lips - paused for a moment to capture the look on her face - and then pushed hard into her enjoying her screams of pain as she was deflowered and then continued to be raped hard.

The squad leader grabbed the poor girl's breasts and squeezed them and twisted her nipples in his fingers as he continued to drive hard into her cunt. Moans and screams from the other two girls filled the room as the three guards enjoyed the smooth hairless cunts of the three pretty captives. Ten minutes into the ordeal, the first guard finished raping the middle sister and stood up to admire the cum flowing out of her young tender cunt as she lay on her back sobbing. The squad leader lasted the longest with the youngest girl, but soon he was standing up between her legs listening to her sob and watching a stream of cum and a little blood ooze out of her tight young cunt. The three guards signaled to each other and agreed to swap positions. In seconds, each guard was positioned by a new girl to discover and torment.The girls were made to take guard's cocks in their mouths and clean them off and in the process making them ready for the next round of rapes. As soon as one of the guards was hard again, the raping started over. This continued for another hour until each guard had raped each of the girls and they were fully satisfied sexually. As only the oldest sister had had sex before, the two younger girls were in considerable pain from this rough treatment on their first sexual experience. The youngest girl was bleeding from her vagina and all of them had sore breasts and nipples from the abuse they took.

When they finished the three girls were returned to the bath and told to clean themselves up for presentation to the Jameson family. The guards watched as the girls helped each other into the tub filled with cool water. When they finished, they were tossed rough linen cloaks - really just cloth sheets with a hole for their heads - to wear for their delivery to the house where the executions would be held. The cloaks were pulled over their heads and their hands tied behind their backs underneath the cloaks - this way they could be stripped naked without being untied when they arrived at the execution site.

With the girls now ready for presentation, the guards began the task of gathering supplies for the evening's event. They requested and were given three horse drawn carts and spent the next hour or so gathering materials. The three guards conferred with the Captain of the guard and agreed that the executions should include a burning at the stake for the oldest sister, impalement and de-breasting for the middle one, and skinning alive for the youngest and certainly the prettiest sister. A burning stake - a thick wooden pole that was debarked and about 10 inches in diameter and twelve feet long was procured and loaded by two guards into one of the horse drawn carts. It would be buried four feet into the ground and a pyre built around it. An impaling stake - only 8 feet long with three feet to be buried was gathered and loaded next to the burning stake. It was much slimmer than the burning stake - about three inches in thickness - and was smooth, with a softly pointed tip. Three large timbers were also loaded to build a frame that the youngest sister would be tied to for her skinning and de- breasting. The frame would have two vertical members planted in the ground far enough apart so that the girl's legs would be widely spread when tied to the timbers, and then a crossbar spanning the top that the girl's hands would be tied or nailed to. The remainder of the cart's space was filled with two shovels, a rake to smooth the ground after the stakes were planted, a brazier and some charcoal and then a load of firewood for the burning. The second cart was left empty to carry the three girls to their execution, and the third followed along to take refuse back.

The three carts - one loaded with execution supplies - pulled up to the dungeon and the three girls were ushered out and loaded into the back of the led cart. After they climbed in, the cart started up and they struggled to remain upright in the jostling cart. As the cart moved away from the dungeon they looked in horror at the contents of the cart behind them. It was obvious that they would be executed as the burning and impaling stakes and the firewood left nothing in question. The three timbers were a bit of a puzzle to them, but they assumed no good would come out of any of this. The guards rode on horseback and accompanied the two carts in a slow journey across the town and up a hill in the center of the village to the relative mansion that the Jameson family lived in.


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Townspeople came out of stores and stood in the street and watched as the procession went by. They knew the three girls were being taken to be executed but as they hadn't seen any public notice of any special ceremony, and knew only of the daily noontime execution of a captive girl that was held in the village square. Every day some poor captive girl was dragged from the prison to the village square, raped, flogged and then either burned or impaled - or some other horrible death at the executioner's whim - to keep the village's spirits up and to celebrate the victory over the rebels.

After a half hour's ride across the village, the carts arrived at the Jameson's large country house. The squad leader called on the front door and was directed to the entrance to the courtyard where Lady Jameson would meet them. The girl's were unloaded and tied securely to the carts while the guards unloaded the stakes and timbers and carried them into the courtyard. Two of the guards began to dig the holes for the stakes and timbers at a point that the squad leader directed. After they started digging the third guard and the squad leader took the girls to the courtyard. Lady Jameson met them there. The girls were lined up in a sunny spot in the courtyard and their cloaks removed to display them in their nakedness. Lady Jameson gasped when she saw the beauty of the three girls and expressed great pleasure to the squad leader for his selection. She called Lord Jameson out to see them. He came out quickly and was very pleasantly surprised at the sight of the three girls. A nice celebratory execution for you tonight dear, Lady Jameson said.

With that, Lord Jameson went over and inspected each of the girls, testing the firmness of their breast and feeling their cunts. He turned to the squad leader and grinned and noted that the girls had likely been tested this morning. Yes sir, the squad leader replied, we wanted to be sure that they were the best for you.

Lord Jameson then noted that they'd probably have to test them again to be sure, at which his wife laughed and told him to have his fun with them. One of the girls began to shout angrily at Lady Jameson and was quickly slapped into silence by a guard. We'll take care of that before the executions your Lady the squad leader noted.

Lord Jameson inspected the work the two guards were doing and noted the burning stakes and impaling stake and asked which girls were for which. The squad leader suggested they thought the older one should be burned as she had nice ripe breasts and a good plump hairless cunt. The middle one will squirm nicely on the impaling pole Sir. What about the timbers, what are they for, Lord Jameson asked? The squad leader replied that the youngest girl had nice, very firm young breasts and a very pretty face. We thought she'd look good tied to the four corners of the standing rack and then slowly skinned and de-breasted. Her cunt will be peeled off too as she's skinned he added. When it's tanned, it'll make a nice ornament for your belt, Sir... a nice memory of the occasion.

We just want to know if you want them flogged before each execution. We usually do that just before they are executed. Certainly, Lord James replied. And let's have them raped for the crowd and perhaps some heated irons? Certainly sir, our men will be proud to show how wet these rebels cunts can get. Everything sound good sir?

Good choices Lord Jameson said and congratulated the men on their work. I'll see you about an hour before the ceremony to hold the final "test" of the girls. You can prepare them in the garden shed over there - it has plenty of table space and some sturdy timbers holding the building up that you can tie them to if needed.

The squad leader told the guard to led the girls to the garden shed and to tie them to a post. He told all the guards they could have fun with them up until the executions, but they had to be spotlessly clean and unmarked by 4PM when they'd be given a final inspection and test. Save yourselves a little too, as you'll be expected to rape one of them for the crowd before their executions.

Oh, the squad leader said, before they are led out for killing, but after the inspections and tests, I think we will want to cut their tongues out. They speak English as we all do and I don't want another outburst like that little bitch did earlier. Its one thing if they beg, mutter and scream in another language, but I don't want them understood by the Jameson family. The bleeding usually stops fairly quickly - we can cut them one at a time at about 5PM after they are raped by the men during their inspection. We'll want their tongues still in them for that I think, they may need to lick some cocks. The executions should begin at about 6PM as it gets dark.

The girls of course heard this and turned to each other in horror at the thought of their mutilation before their execution. Quickly, the guard dragged them off to the shed, slapping the oldest one on the ass with his riding crop to get her moving. We'll see that ass of yours move when the flames begin to hit it, that's for sure he said.

In the garden shed, the three girls were turned to back up against three separate posts and their hands re-tied around the post. He looked hungrily at the middle sister for a few minutes after she was tied, and went to her and untied her. We have a little to check out with you, I think, he said. You're going to get the spike this evening and we don't know whether to put it up your cunt or your ass. I already know your cunt can take the spike, but I'll bet your ass is very tight at your tender age and needs to be stretched a little. The girl was bent forward over a table and her hands tied to the legs on two corners. The guard found a little tallow in a tin and put it on the table beside her. He then dropped his pants and began working his stiff cock up against her cunt lips. After plunging in and fucking her for a few minutes he took a little tallow on his fingers and worked it up into her asshole. He then pulled out of her cunt and pressed his cock against her asshole - waited briefly to savor the feeling of her tight ass checks against his cock - and then pushed in, giving her a first anal rape. The girl screamed in pain at the invasion, and continued to cry for several minutes until the guard came in her, making her asshole slippery and slick and easing thepain.

The guard slowly lifted off her, holding his cock in the crack of her ass and letting his cum dribble over her asshole and down into the slit of her cunt. The girl lay exhausted and in pain on the table, still tightly bound by the ropes that stretched her arms to the far corners of the table.

The guard looked up from the poor girl's ass and turned around to see the horrified looks on the faces of the other two sisters. The horror of the anal rape terrified them and disgusted them that their sister was being so painfully abused. Seeing their near hysteria, the guard untied the younger sister and pushed her over to the table in between the middle sister's legs. Clean her up he yelled. I want you to like every gob of cum and shit off of her ass and cunt right now or I'll burn the inside of your cunt with a red hot rod. The youngest sister looked around for a rag or something she could use to wipe off the cum, but nothing could be found. Lick it off you bitch, shouted the guard and pushed her head down into the crack of her sister'sass.

The young girl sputtered and complained at first, but then saw the inevitability of the disgusting act she was ordered to perform, and slowly began licking her sisters slippery cunt and asshole, carefully cleaning out all of the cum in her asshole and the folds of her cunt lips. Ten minutes later she looked up, seeking approval, and was told "that's good" and was pushed back over to the post and re-tied. The middle sister, still tied in an awkward spread eagled figure lay there terrified of further abuse. That was good thinking on her part, as the guard who'd just raped her approached again behind her and drove three fingers deep into her cunt and twisted them around inside her. He then pulled them out and stuck two of them back into her tight asshole, painfully twisting them and stretching her ass. This caused enormous pain and the poor girl began to scream at the abuse. Not wanting to cause a great disturbance at this time, the guard slowly withdrew his fingers and made the girl lick them off. She was then untied from the table, pulled to her feet and pushed over to a waiting post where she was retied to wait until her final rape and execution.

During the hours prior to the execution, not much happened other than elaborate preparations for the party with food and drink arriving and a group of musicians arriving and setting up their instruments for the party. The guards had finished setting up the execution grounds, so the burning stake was in place with flat stones mounted around it to lift the older sister up above the firewood pyre that would burn her. The impaling stake was firmly planted with about five feet of the sharpened stake remaining above ground - a comfortable height to lift the middle sister to for her torment. The timber rack was in place with the two upright beams and the crossbeam in place. They'd decided to mount the crossbeam at a height where they youngest sister's hands could be nailed to the beam instead of being simply tied. It struck them as a crueler and more dramatic step to nail the girl as opposed to simply tying her up.

From time to time a girl would be untied from her holding post and raped or forced to suck a guard's cock, or shown to a delivery person who'd brought party supplies, but not much else happened. The guards chatted with the girls and to heighten their fear, spent some time explaining to each girl in clear detail what would happen to her tonight and enjoyed the pleas for mercy and the tears and sobs that the stories of their impending torture and executions produced.

By 4 in the afternoon, the members of the party had arrived and were enjoying wine in the courtyard and inspecting the guard's work in setting up the execution equipment. The squad leader announced to the small gathering that the girls for the evening would now be displayed for them, which brought most of the guests to the courtyard.

The naked girls were untied and lined up in age order and marched to the courtyard. There they were ordered to form a line and then turn and face the crowd so that they could be inspected prior to the start of the final activities. A hush fell over the crowd as the girls were brought out, with the musicians playing a somber dirge in the background. While public executions were fairly commonplace, they were more often gatherings for all classes of the townspeople and rarely a dignified event with only the kingdom's more exalted people in attendance.

The girls stood facing the ground, their faces holding back tears and facing down at the ground. Then after the initial visual inspection, each girl was walked over to her particular piece of execution equipment and tied with a long leash to the equipment. This was to show the gathering the selected form of death for each girl. When the girls were all in place, the crowd moved forward to inspect them at close hand. To the guard's surprise both the women and the men at the gathering seemed to take pleasure in going over the girls, and otherwise dignified women would finger their tender young cunts and hold their tits in their hands to check the firmness and size of the poor girl's breasts. The noble women exchanged smiles and laughs as they handled the girls like meat being inspected for the table.

After 20 minutes or so of inspection, the girls were untied from the stakes and racks and made to stand in line for a final humiliation. Each girl was made to kneel in front of the crowd and take the cock of a guest in her mouth. The crowd watched as the girl's face was slowly raped, and laughed as she gagged on the cum that filled her small mouth. Then the girl was pushed flat on her back, her legs spread and her open cunt shown to everyone. She was then raped by another guest. When the three girls had each been raped for the guest's entertainment, they were pushed together and returned to the garden shed where they were being held. Dance music accompanied their departure and the crowd laughed and joked as the girls were led away for their final preparation.

The men from the party were then invited into the shed where each girl was standing naked waiting for them. The guests - excited from the prior rape display- could select any girl they wished and rape her. Buckets of warm water and fresh cloths were available to clean up each girl between rapes. The girls could be taken to tables and pushed down on their backs on them, or made to bend forward or backward over wooden railings and raped from the front or from behind at the man's choosing. This took about an hour as there were only the three girls and there were about 15 guests at the party. At the end, each girl was washed off carefully so that she remained young and fresh looking as was possible.

The guests then filed out of the shed joking about the fun they'd had with the three girls and how they were awaiting the remainder of the evening's events. When all had left, the three girls were retied to their wooden posts, but this time in a kneeling position. It was time to cut their tongues out in preparation for the executions.

Cutting a girl's tongue out was cruel, and an emotional moment for the girl facing the mutilation which generally preceded death. Some girls would understand the inevitable and open their mouths for us, but generally this was a difficult job as the girls typically fought hard to avoid the painful process. They would pull at their bindings and bite and spit and turn their heads to avoid being mutilated. It had been found with practice that a girl would open her mouth and accept being cut if we threatened her with anal insertion of a glowing heated iron rod. The guards started with the youngest sister who was untied and pulled out into the center of the three guards. One guard took a red hot iron and sat down next to her with her ass available to him. The other two guards positioned themselves in front of the girl, with tools at the ready at the girl's mouth - one holding tongs and a hook to pierce the tongue and stretch it out tightly and the other standing at the ready with a curved bladed knife to cut the tongue out at its base as closely as was possible.

The girl was first asked to submit and told she'd not be burned with the rod if she didn't resist. She of course refused and tried to clench her jaw. The guard beside her then took the heated rod and pressed it on the cheeks of her ass near her asshole. She jerked against her bonds and screamed in pain and screamed for mercy. She was told that the next time the rod would be pressed against her asshole and that the time after than it would be inserted deeply into her asshole. After that if she resisted, her jaw would be cracked, and her tongue pulled out beyond her control. Nobody liked to do that, though, as it often marked up the girl'sface.

The young girl looked down at the heated rod, began to sob, closed her eyes, and slowly opened her mouth and stuck her tongue out offering it up for removal. The guard immediately grabbed the tongue with his iron tongs and hooked it with the iron hook. He pulled tight on the girl's tongue and the girl gagged and gurgled in pain. The other guard held her mouth open and deftly reached in with a sharp knife and cut her tongue away at the base, with it breaking free and waving around in the air dangling from the iron hook. The iron rod, intended for her ass was brought up to her face and inserted in her mouth and pressed around the open wound where her tongue had been to cauterize the wound and stop the flow of blood. The girl was released and she immediately coughed and cried making undecipherable sounds. Blood dripped from her mouth, but quickly stopped as the iron rod had sealed the cut. The girl was dragged to her feet and brought screaming, gagging and choking back to her post and retied.
he middle sister was done next. She needed considerable persuasion and they finally had to insert the rod six inches into her asshole and let her thrash around with the pain before she yielded her resistance and gave up her tongue. She too, gurgled and screamed at the pain of the mutilation and looked around in vain for help or mercy.

The oldest sister remained proud and dignified and gave up her tongue without resistance - spitting at us though when they'd finished. For spitting, she was pushed face down on a table and the heated rod was inserted eight inches into her asshole and held there while she bucked and screamed until the rod cooled down. She'd feel heat soon enough, and her dignity certainly wouldn't sustain her through the fire.

It was now 6PM and time to bring the girls out for the gathering. The squad leader announced the beginning of the executions and the crowd gathered around the front of the courtyard. The girls - still in shock from their mutilation - were marched out to a slow drum roll, and stood by each piece of execution apparatus. A plate was brought forward holding the three girl's tongues which were shown to the gathered party goers - some of them amused at the cruelty, some horrified. A ladder was brought forward, and each tongue was nailed side by side in the center of the cross beam of the skinning rack above where the youngest sister would be tied and skinned.

After the tongues were nailed to the crossbeam, it was decided to start with a partial skinning of the youngest sister as the ladder was already in place to help fix her to the timber frame. Her flogging would come first.

A guard went to the girl, standing by her rack, turned her around and tied her hands to one vertical beam with her back to the audience. A whip was produced and the girl was flogged for several minutes. Her cries were quite muffled without her tongue and the audience murmured their approval of this cruel but effective technique for silencing the girl. After a light flogging, the small young girl was grabbed at the waist and held up by two of the guards and a guard on a ladder took each of her hands and nailed them through both the hand and the wrists to the ends of the crossbeam, stretching her arms widely apart. Next her legs were spread apart and each leg was nailed through the foot to the vertical beams, leaving her spread eagled for the crowd. The girl was in horrible pain from the nailing, and sobbed and cried for several minutes until her fear returned, and she wondered what would come next. She'd been told about the skinning process and was terrified of the pain she'd face.


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The two older sisters were next to be flogged and the process was repeated, with each girl tied with her arms over her head to the burning stake for the oldest sister and the impaling stake for the middle girl. They were flogged lightly, inflicting pain, but not deeply marking their pale flesh as that might spoil the beauty of the upcoming executions. Special attention was given to the oldest sister's nicely shaped breasts, and the pain of the whip on her was evident, but due to the skill of the guard, no cuts were made and only a few reddish welts remained.. After her flogging, the oldest sister was led to the stake, made to climb up onto the flat stones piled around the base of the stake and was then chained to her stake. A set of chains and wrist cuffs had been affixed to the top of the burning stake and her arms were tightly cuffed in them and lifted up over her head. Her legs were then spread apart to open her cunt to view and each ankle chained to iron stakes driven firmly into the ground. With her nicely positioned for some final torture and her burning, most of the wood piled was piled around her, leaving a small path to the stake for the squad leader to enter to administer final tortures and to light the pyre. With her up on the flat rocks, the wood only rose above her ankles. It would be a slow and painful fire for her, and the audience'd enjoy watching her roast for some time - squirming and thrashing to escape the low flames and dancing around as the rocks she was standing on heated up.

With the three girls flogged and secured to their respective execution devices, the guards stopped and faced the crowd, awaiting their next instructions.

Lady Jameson nodded to the squad leader and he then whispered a brief commend to his men. A guard came forward with a skinning knife and moved to the youngest sister. Another guard came forward with a heated iron rod and moved to the front of the small girl. At the squad leader's command, the rod was pressed against the cunt of the young girl. A second rod was fetched and the girl's nipples were each seared by the red hot iron. She gurgled in pain and tried to scream, but with her tongue freshly cut out, could emit no loud noises or curse the party goers. Her eyes bulged wide open and her mouth opened as the heated rod was applied to her nipples and cunt, but only gurgling noises and a rush of breath was heard. She thrashed some at first as the hot rod hit her, but with her freshly nailed to the timber frame, her thrashing only caused her more pain, so she simply jerked around trying to avoid the direct hit of the heated rod. She had no luck of course as the guard was skilled and experienced at this form of torture. The rod finally found its way into her cunt lips and smoked and steamed as it hit her juicy young cunt and boiled away the cum that was still inside her vagina and that was dripping from her cunt lips.

The guard with the skinning knife them came forward and looked over the girl. He held up one of her small but nicely shaped breasts and felt the weight of it in her hand. He turned and looked to Lady Jameson who nodded inapproval.

With his starting point now set, the guard carefully circled the girl's nipple with the knife, cutting into the skin all around it. Then he traced a similar circle around the base of the girl's breast close to her chest. A thin line of blood trickled from the cuts, but the knife was so sharp that only a small amount of bleeding occurred. The girl whimpered pitifully as the cuts were made. Several cut lines were then made between the two circles. The guard then put the knife carefully back into its sheath and with his fingertips loosened the edge of the skin near the girl's chest. When he had enough of it loose, he grabbed it with his fingers and carefully peeled it off the poor girl's tit. With this sudden peeling of her skin, the pain was very intense, and the girl screamed for mercy and tried to spit out a plea for him to stop. Smiling broadly, the guard continued to work on her tit, and with twelve more pulls, had totally skinned her tit, leaving only the nipple with a small piece of skin on it. When he finished, he turned to Lady Jameson, who nodded in approval at his skilled work.

The guard then proceeded to do the same work on the girl's second breast and within 10 minutes had that one peeled too. The skin strips were tacked to the upright timbers and later would be either tanned for ornaments or fed to the Jameson's dogs.

The other two sisters were crying at the sight of their little sister being so painfully mutilated, and knowing that they too would suffer similar pain before their endcame.

At the end of this step, the little girl was on display - her chest all red with her small, firm pointy tits almost glowing red and dripping small drops of blood and body fluids from the skinning. Household salt was obtained from the Jameson's kitchens, and rubbed into the fresh wounds, causing a repeat of the gurgling and gasping that happened earlier while she was flogged, burned and skinned.

Her tits would be removed later, but for now, their red, shiny wet glow was ample tribute to the guard's skill in skinning and the depth of the conquering army's revenge. Knowing she understood English, the guard approached her and whispered to her "we're going to remove your cunt in one piece a little later

- think now about how that will feel while we finish off one of yoursisters."

It had been agreed to save the burning of the oldest sister for last so the time had now come to introduce the middle sister to the pleasure of the pole. An excruciating look came over her face when she saw the squad leader give the order to his men and then turned and started coming towards her.

While chained to the stake she'd had ample opportunity to study not only the slightly rounded tip that would penetrate her, but to also study the knots and pieces of bark that remained on the pole and thought about how they'd feel as the pole slid into her. What she didn't know was where they'd insert the pole - into her ass or into her cunt. She'd thought about the alternatives and was horrified at either of them. Both would be intensely painful, although she supposed that her cunt might take the stake more easily as her cunt should have been able to bear a child had she been allowed to live that long.

Over the last hours, she'd been heavily raped in both her cunt and her ass, and they'd told her they were raping her ass to get it ready for the pole. The guards added the twist that they wanted to use her ass so that they could leave her cunt available for other things during the impaling. It was not for nothing if, when she'd been classified as 'pretty', a guard had taken a sharp knife and shaved the hair off her cunt lips, leaving them bald.

Strangely, the women at the party seemed to think - and perhaps prefer- that she'd be impaled through her cunt, as several of them were feeling the poor young girl's cunt during the introductions and initial inspection and comparing her opening to the size of the stake. The women probably thought of the impaling as the ultimate male-pleasure punishment, while the sadistic guards knew an anal impalement would be just as painful and the availability of her cunt would give them the opportunity for even more torment as the girl slid slowly and painfully down the pole.

As the guards approached, the girl tried to beg for mercy but with her tongue removed was only able to gurgle out meaningless babbling noises - to the great amusement of the party-goers who were watching her closely. Four guards seized the girl - holding her up by the legs and arms while her hands were untied from the impaling pole. The girl was carried forward to the crowd, and body lifted up so that her cunt and ass were presented to them. Her cunt and ass were both red from the repeated rapes and a shiny wetness covered her whole crotch. Her smooth bald pubic mound had been toweled dry after her last rape, but it was sticky with cum.

The squad leader briefly reviewed their intentions with her and announced that they intended to impale the girl through her ass and that they would torture her cunt as she was impaled. When she was fully impaled her cunt would be cut off and awarded to one of the party-goers as a belt ornament. A tanner in town would take the fresh cunt at the end of the evening and preserve it and ready it for wearing. The girl's breasts would also be skinned for preparation as small fine- leather bags and following skinning, her tits would be carefully cut off and roasted as treats for the Jameson's dogs who were sitting by the crowd watching the goings on with great curiosity.

The girl was very attractive and with her cunt on such lurid display she was very appealing. The look of terror on her face and her complete helplessness made her all the more appealing and one of the men at the party asked if she could be raped for them one more time. The squad leader nodded in approval and pointed towards a narrow table which was quickly brought over in front of the group. The four guards carried the girl to the table and dropped her on her back on the hard wood

  • with one of them holding her arms up over her head and two other guards spreading her legs far apart opening up her cunt for them. The fourth guard moved in between her legs at the end of the table and dropped his pants. A cute young serving girl - a higher order of slave - from the house was pushed out in front of the crowd and the top of her robe pulled open to reveal her breasts and she was made to suck on the guard to ready him quickly for the rape.​
In spite of a demanding afternoon, the guard rose to the occasion quickly and placed his cock in the doomed girl's cunt lips awaiting the OK to proceed with the rape. The squad leader gave a nod to proceed and the guard plunged into her with her squealing and gurgling in pain as her cunt was very sore from her day of torture and rape. The girl was raped for about 5 minutes - much to the amusement and interest of the crowd - and he finally came in the girl in a series of long hard plunges followed by applause from the party goers. When he pulled out, the half naked serving girl was again pushed down in front of him and made to lick his cock clean. The crowd laughed at the obvious discomfort of the poor serving girl at this embarrassing task and she was told that she'd done well and might get more used to public display and abuse in the future. After the guard was licked clean, the girl ran off in terror at this suggestion. Lord Jameson thanked the guard for the performance and said that the serving girl would be delivered to him for the night if he wanted her.

It was now time for the impalement. The girl was flipped over on the bench and her arms tied at the wrists behind her back. A crossbar was tied between her ankles holding her legs widely and firmly spread apart. When the final tying up was finished, she was flipped over again and the four guards picked her up by the legs and her shoulders and brought her over behind the stake. A bench had been placed behind the stake for the two guards holding the girl's shoulders to stand on so that her back would be straight up and downwhen the pole went into her. The two guards holding the girls legs positioned the point of the stake near her asshole while the other two guards climbed up on the bench so that the girl was now suspended over the stake. The squad leader than came over and lubricated the girl's asshole with tallow and then moved the girl's asshole so that the stake was now inserted an inch or so inside her. Her eyes opened wide and she gurgled in pain with this first trivial entry. The squad leader stepped back, turned for the Jamesons' approval to proceed and at their nod of OK, he told the squad to proceed with the impalement. The two guards holding her legs pulled down on her ankles and the spreader bar moving the stake into her several inches with each coordinated pull on her. A horrible gurgling scream came out of the girl as the stake entered her ass, started to rip her anus apart, and started penetrating deep her colon and intestines. You could tell when the stake hit the first major bend in her intestines and ripped through into her abdomen when pain obviously swept over her, and she screamed and gurgled even though without her tongue she couldn't really shout or beg us to stop.

The guards at her feet continued to pull her down by the ankles while the other two steadied her body so that it remained in alignment with the stake. She tried to thrash around and somehow avoid the stake, but it was now deeply inside her and there was literally no escape. With her insides torn, she was doomed - perhaps slowly - but she'd begin to bleed and a horrible infection would follow even if they decided to pull her off the stake for some reason.

When she was half impaled the guards pulling on her legs stopped and played with the girl's clitoris for a few minutes. One guard took a small sharp knife and held her stiffened clit out and cut if off. The girl bucked and squirmed in pain as the clit was removed.

After this brief halt, the guards continued to pull on her until it was apparent that the stake was nearly fully inside her and that they could let go of her and the stake would support her. While it was dramatic to try to get the stake to puncture her throat and come out of her mouth, that tended to tilt her head back and could cause immediate death from bleeding. By leaving her fully impaled but without the end of the stake coming through she had to face her tormenters and they could see facial reactions as more tortures were applied.

With her now fully impaled the guards stood back from her and let her stand alone on the stake, then they turned to the watching audience, and bowed as if they were performers on a stage. The crowd at the party applauded loudly at the performance and then walked forward and surrounded the impaled girl and inspected her.While she was in horrible pain, she was awake and looked around at the laughing crowd that quickly circled her. With her tongue cut out she couldn't really speak or even beg for mercy, and her hands were still tied behind her back so she couldn't reach down to the stake and try to make it feel any better, not that it would do any good.

A few of the men came close to the girl and played with her tits and fondled her cunt to see if they'd get a reaction from the spiked girl. She started at them in terror as they stroked her tits and nipples - worried about what was to come next and knowing that her torment wouldn't end until she died. The men walked over to the squad leader and spoke to him briefly - he then nodded to them and walked off to get two of his guards. The squad leader and the guards returned and stood by the girl, asking the crowd to step back a little to let them work. The guard pulled out a long, very sharp knife and held it up in front of the impaled girl's face so that she could clearly see the instrument that would be used on her. The guard turned and asked if they preferred to have her tits skinned or mutilated. The people looked at each other, shrugged, and agreed that the girl should be mutilated. Lady Jameson told the guard to take his pleasure with her with the knife and to cut her up, that no skinning would be needed. The guard bowed in acknowledgement and turned back to the girl. He smiled at her with an evil grin, and reached out to her and held up the girl's left tit, jiggling it up and down in his hand. The impaled girl stared down at her breast being held with one of the guard's hands and his knife poised in the other. He took the knife and drew a long bloody streak down the center of her breast starting at her chest and extending all the way to her nipple. The girl gasped as the cut was made, knowing that worse was to come. The guard went back to the start of the cut and slowly cut deeply into her tit, cutting in all the way through, and slowly splitting it in half along its length. Blood flowed out of the tit and trickled down her chest and over her stomach and then down over her cunt and legs. The guard made a second deep cut and cut each of the halves in half again leaving her tit cut into four pieces, much like you'd slice a melon. The second tit was similarly sliced, with the guard taking his time and drawing the knife slowly and very deeply into the girl's flesh. With both tits now sliced in four pieces each, the guard first fanned his hand over each tit, letting the four pieces flop around independently. He then began to cut away two of the four pieces of each tit, taking opposing pieces off, and leaving the remaining tit flesh in a bloody and bizarre pattern. Finally, the remaining pieces of tit meat were severed, and all of them dropped onto a platter held up by one of the guards.

Next the girl's cunt was to be removed. The guard reached down and scraped away the blood that had flowed over the girl's stomach and bald cunt, so that her bare skin was visible again. Then he made a cut just above her pubic mound and continued around her cunt lips. He had to drop down on his knees to do the last parts of the work, and cut all the way back to where the stake had entered her asshole. He then reached his fingers into the cut above her smooth bare pubic mound and pulled the skin down in a continuous flap, taking care to use the knife to cut away the skin cleanly. As her triangle was removed, he made additional cuts to free her entire cunt from the rest of her body and in a few minutes had the cunt and vagina completely separated. He spread it out flat and placed it on the same platter with the tit pieces. The tit pieces were taken to an outdoor grill and cooked up for anyone that wanted to try some girl meat and any leftovers would go to the house's lucky dogs. The cunt was salted and preserved for the tanner who would make an ornament out of it.

Attention now turned to the partially skinned sister. The guard who had skinned the impaled girl turned to her and slowly began working further on her. She gurgled and screamed as the skinning resumed, having been left alone for a half an hour of so while her sister was impaled and mutilated.


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The guard first carefully removed the two skinned breasts, slicing them off close to her chest, and placed them on the platter that held the other sister's cunt. The guard then started working on her ass and was busily peeling away strips of skin from her ass and then from her inner thighs, working up to a second crescendo with the skinning of her cunt. The party crowd circled around the guard and the girl while her cunt was being peeled off of her, enjoying her strange gurgling screams and noises as the cunt was peeled off and then her vagina severed with a few deep cuts. The prized cunt and vagina was held up on the end of the knife for the crowd to see and then placed on the same platter with her skinned tits and the other sister's cunt.

After the cunt was removed, her stomach was peeled, and then as a last measure attention turned to her face. Her ears were removed, her lips sliced off and her eyelids pulled back and sliced off. No longer pretty, the time had come to finish her off. With two strokes of the knife, the girl's abdomen was sliced open, her entrails pulled out, and then her throat was slit and in seconds her head fell over to the side as she died.

The finale was now at hand - the burning at the stake of the oldest, and some said the prettiest sister - and certainly the most developed one. She was already tied to the stake where she'd watched the slow horrible death of her two sisters. Now terror came fully over her as she knew her time had come. They guards turned towards her and approached her. She knew the burning would be painful, but just wanted to get it over with and let death take her - and she hoped she not be brutalized too much for this crowd's enjoyment before the fire was lit.

She'd now been raped many times during the day and her cunt was nearly glowing red from the abuse. Her breasts, while pretty and creamy white were sore from being tugged and pulled as she was raped.

The squad leader suggested that they have her dance a little first. A torch was brought forward and lit in one of the charcoal braziers. The torch only had a small end to it and it had been dipped in pine pitch to create a small, quite hot flame that allowed for a very focused application of the flame to the girl. To ready her, one of the guards rubbed some oil into the hairless cunt and pubic mound, which made her cunt glisten in the light of the torches that illuminated the party area.

The torch was first held low on her legs, around her calves. That way she felt the heat of the flame and knew what she'd soon experience as the flame certainly would be moved up higher on her. The small torch did an effective job, causing intense pain where the flames hit her and causing the poor girl to thrash and jerk at her bondage to try to escape the heat of the flame.

In a few minutes the torch had been moved higher and higher up her body and was now directly under her cunt, but more towards the back of her crotch so that the small pine pitch flame reached up and just burned her cunt lips. The flames began to sear her cunt, causing the wetness from the earlier rapes to turn to steam and for her cunt to turn from a creamy white to red and then to black in the areas that the flame touched the most. Working the flame back and forth over her cunt, she was slowly being broiled alive... causing incredible pain, yet not inflicting a life threatening wound yet. She'd soon be burned to death, but faced a long time of intense suffering as the slow charring of her tender sex parts continued.

After her cunt lips had been carefully burned, the torch was raised up slightly to attack her bald pubic area. The girl cried, both from the pain of the flame and from the intensity of the invasion into her body... and of course from the anticipation of the final burning that she knew would happen soon. After the smoky fire went out, the guard fondled her cunt, feeling the contrast in textures of her skin and pinching at the charred stiffened flesh of her cunt lips and feeling the warm softness of her inner vagina that had felt the heat but not the direct flame. Pieces of her cunt flesh came off in the guard's fingers as he fondled her cunt lips, and he held his fingers - covered with charred flesh - up to her face for her to see.

With the girl's cunt lips charred, the guard turned his attention now to herbreasts.

Taking a new torch, the guard played with the small flame on the girl's nipples, letting the heat hit quickly by holding the flame very close to her creamy white skin, and then linger on her by holding the flame to her long enough for her flesh to redden, then darken and then become blackened and charred. In ten minutes of concentrated torment, the girl's breasts had turned from a beautiful creamy white, to red, blistered flesh with dark black tips where her charred nipples were.

As he'd done with her cunt, the guard reached out and twisted the girl's charred nipples, breaking off some of the blistered skin and in fact pulling off her nipples that had been reduced to hard brittle nubs by the flames. These too were held up for her to see and then tossed to one of the household's dogs as a little snack. He took out his knife and scraped the blade over her blistered breasts, breaking some of the blisters and flaking off the charred pieces of skin that were peeling away from her. This left her tits as blackened shapes, with patches of dark red flesh showing in areas where her skin had been peeled away.

The guard motioned to the other guards to come and help him, and a crew of four guards first laid down a layer of tinder and then began piling the wood around the feet of the girl, reading her for burning. A relatively small pile of wood was laid around the girl's feet. They didn't want too big a fire in the open yard, and besides, a smaller fire would keep her in torment longer and amuse the crowd more with her gurgling noises and attempted screams as the flames hit her.

When the pile was completely stacked, they stepped.back and the squad leader looked at the Lady of the House, looking for a signal to proceed. Lady Jameson gave a quick nod in return,and the squad leader immediately placed a flaming torch into the wood pile, starting the fire, but taking care not to let it get too big. The fire slowly built up and soon the heat hit the girl and she began to struggle to escape her bonds which held her against the stake. The flames rose to about half way up the girl's legs and began first to redden, and then to blister and burn her, much as a chicken roasting would darken and blister as it turned over a bed of coals. The girl was now tugging frantically at her chains, but was not able to obtain any relief at all from the heat. A little more wood was carefully placed on the flames which smoked for a bit, then burst into flames and quickly rose up so that the tips of the flame was reaching her cunt and ass. She continued to thrash for a while, but the power of the flame continued and slowly blackened and soon slumped down with the ropes acting as the only force to hold her up it was evident that she was dead. At that, more wood was thrown on the fire to build it up to the level where it could consume her. With the excitement of her thrashing over, the party crowd first applauded the guard's work and then dissipated, and only the guards watched as the girl was finally consumed by the flames.

While the fire burned down to ashes, the guards began the unpleasant task of cleaning up after their work. The stake with the impaled girl was pulled out of the ground and thrown onto a cart with the girl still impaled on the stake. Similarly the skinned sister was cut down and her body thrown in the same cart. The stakes holding her hammered apart and pulled out of the ground. By then, the fire was largely burnt out, and the charred stake pulled down. The burned girl's body was mostly consumed and the remnants fell apart in pieces in the ashes. The ashes and the girl's body were shoveled into large copper barrels and lifted up into another horse-drawn cart for disposal. The grounds were raked clean and the holes where the stakes had been refilled with dirt and raked over so that the ground was smooth.

Just as they were about to leave, Lady Jameson came out of the house, pulling the little servant girl behind her. She had a rough cloak over her, but was obviously naked underneath as you could see her breasts jiggle as she was pulled along. Her hands were tied behind her back and she was looking glumly at the ground.

Lady Jameson said to the squad leader that she remembered that she'd promised them a reward for their work, and that they could have the young girl - probably 19 years old - for a few days to have fun with. Do what you want with her, but return her unmarked as we want to have some fun with her around here too - and at that she turned the end of the leather leash over to the squad leader. He smiled broadly, looked at the girl and laughed, and thanked Lady Jameson for the opportunity to serve them and for the reward. Come along little one, he said to the serving girl - I hope you're well rested as you're going to have a busy night. He pulled her up into a third cart that held the tools and some extra supplies, and the three carts and the guards on horseback slowly left he house and went through the village stopping first at the burial grounds to dump the bodies, and then to a dump to get rid of the charred stake and ashes. Villagers stood to the side of the road as the caravan of carts came through and looked in wonder at the smoking barrels of ash, the charred timbers and the horribly mutilated bodies. They also looked into the eyes of the little serving girl - so sad that she was being taken away probably to be raped for several days. She knew that after a little while they'd make her suck them, and that soon after that they'd tire ofher mouth and cunt and then they'd turn her on to her stomach and start raping her ass - that was what she feared the most.

Coincidentally, just at that time the squad leader - following behind the caravan was looking at the little girl and how her long legs went up under her rough cloak. He wondered what her ass looked like, and thought for a bit about how she'd deal with having to lick his cock clean after her ass had been raped. They'd be back at their quarters in less than an hour, and then the fun could begin.

This tale told by Jacques Lapin, 1534 inD Tunsmore​


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Halting the Insurrection

It was late summer, and the harvest was just competed across much of Germany where I was stationed. We Romans had conquered this territory some years ago and had it largely under control at this time. I was the commander of a small outpost, with the mission of keeping order across about 10 small villages in this hilly rural farming area. As the harvest came in, it was my responsibility to see that the Emperor’s 10 percent was collected and either sold in the local markets, or in some cases returned to Rome. I’d been there for several years now and had learned their language, and knew many of them from my frequent visits to each village to show our presence and to confirm our rule as was needed.

The villagers were at times difficult to deal with. We’d won over their territory a few years ago in a series of difficult battles and they had painful memories of the battles, and the punishment rendered as the aftermath. The male population was just beginning to re-establish itself after all the adult males who had proven to be impossible to convert to our rule - had been executed. Children, saved as farm workers and slaves, were now reaching adulthood. The women really outnumbered the men, as few had been killed, and most saved as field workers. As with the men, the younger women were now reaching young adulthood and were beginning to marry and have families which we permitted as long as the tithe of the crop was collected.
As in other conquered lands, I had established a rule of “first night” prior to any marriage, which gave me the right to meet the bride, and if I chose, to have my way with her for the night prior to her marriage. As the result, I came to know virtually all of the young women who were married, about half of them intimately if they were sufficiently comely to arouse my interest. In some cases if I was busy with tours of some of the more remote villages, the marriages were delayed until I could return or visit their village and inspect the bride,and if I chose to, taking her. This was viewed with hatred by many of both the men and women, although some of the women were secretly interested in the experience of a pure sexual relationship with a Roman commander. Still, I’d get unpleasant looks from some of the families as I rode through the villages as the women recognized me. Don't break the law I'd tell them, or I'll get to visit with you again.

When discipline was necessary, say if a family tried to short us on our share of the harvest, I would not punish the husband, but rather sentence the woman, often now a mother, to public rape and/or whipping. If they were older or unpleasant looking, they’d usually be whipped quite severely, with twice the normal amount of lashes, as no one wanted to rape them. The approach worked well, and while it deepened their hatred, it kept the married ones - generally the more productive farmers inline.

From time to time more serious punishment was required. I would judge each of the cases - a part of my responsibility as Commander of the territory - and order an appropriate punishment. I was fair with them, and if I truly believed them not guilty, they were released unharmed. This was rarely the case however.

Punishments were severe, as we demanded absolute obedience and there was no shortage in the population and lives were very expendable. As with the less severe infractions, I generally chose to punish the wife in a family and send the rest of the family into slavery if it were a family crime, again, given the relatively large number of women in the population. This seemed very effective as the wife would not let the husband break the laws if she knew she'd be the recipient of harsh Roman justice.

I would hold a trial, allowing the defendant to speak, and calling witnesses as necessary and then passing judgment usually delivered immediately following the presentation of evidence. Sometimes some bargaining for mercy was allowed, always through service provided by the woman, or a comely daughter, in the family - either to me, or to me and perhaps some of the complainants who had lodged grievances if the woman’s services we accepted by them as compensation. Generally though, the prisoners were shocked at the harshness of the sentences and the trauma of the male and younger female members being dragged away to slavery and the woman and perhaps a daughter, lead off for punishment or execution.

When judgment went hard against the person or family, and severe punishment was necessary, the family’s farm might be confiscated, the husband thrown into slavery for perhaps a decade or even for life,and the wife severely punished.

Punishments at the lower levels of infractions could include a fine of additional tithes of their crop, or in more severe cases, public rape and whipping, perhaps followed by some form of mutilation - removal of one or both breasts, breaking of limbs, or removal of hands or limbs. The most severe cases resulted in death, with executions performed bi-weekly during the full and new moons of each month. If a full moon, execution would be at moonrise, if at the new moon, execution would be at noon of the day following the new moon. While the villagers hated the level of domination we had and were shocked at our cruelty, they always seemed interested in what we did and a large crowd attended every execution and public punishment.

The executions generally took several hours, with the prisoner subject to extended public torment by a group of my men. The event would start with the prisoners being marched or dragged if needed out to the center of the town square for a public stripping, followed by multiple rapes not only by my men, but sometimes by villagers who were loyal to us with the pleasure of the rape awarded to them for their loyalty. I would sometimes chose to perform the first rape, but more often than not, I raped the shocked and terrified woman in my quarters immediately after her sentencing, leaving the fun of the public punishment to my men.

Some torture on the raping rack might follow the rapes, as the woman was already nicely spread out, securely tied, and accessible. A brazier of coals was always at the ready with hot irons - and in fact lighting it was one of their first things to happen after the women were stripped.

Flogging would follow the torture, and then the death sentence would finally be imparted to the sobbing often hysterical woman at the end of a series of increasingly harsh punishments. During the punishments, it became increasingly apparent to the woman that there would be no mercy, no last minute salvation, and that she was truly on the path to a slow and painful death.

The final execution steps were always dramatic and usually started with crucifixion on either an X-cross - used for younger more attractive woman - or the traditional cross, and then might proceed to flaying, or burning on the cross, or a combination of the three. Recently, one very difficult farm wife - actually quite a pretty woman who I remembered my night with before her wedding - was put through her humiliations of stripping and rape, torture with red hot irons, and then was dragged to the cross and crucified in the village square. After nailing her to an X-cross, she was "presented to the gathered crowd as her sentence was read, and then slowly tortured for our amusement and the crowd's fascination and horror.

Her breasts were slowly and carefully skinned, and the hairless skin of her cunt taken as a souvenir for one of the members of the execution party. Her fingers and toes were then broken and then hacked off and a bale of hay brought out and placed between her legs at the foot of the cross. Oil was taken from the family’s food larder and brought to the square and drizzled on the hay. After torment with the torch to her skinned breasts and the bloody remnants of her cunt, the hay was set afire, and the woman very slowly roasted and finally burned to death over the slow fire of the oiled but still fresh and damp hay. Before being dragged off to years of slavery, her family was given the task of disposing of her charred remains and cleaning up the execution site for the next victim.

These gruesome displays of our absolute rule served to keep things under tight rein - still we usually had at least one execution every new and full moon, and sometimes more than one at each occasion. When more than one was to be executed, all to be punished were brought out at once and stripped and tied up in public view and available for public examination with the crowd allowed to touch them as they pleased - often a spectacle in an of itself. The teen boys in the village were always drawn to the treat of playing with a tied up nude young woman. I was always surprised at how cruel the villagers could be to their own people. In spite of our conquest and the seeming hatred for us, they could not seem to resist the most intimate fondling and probing of a young girl tied up awaiting execution.

Following a period of public examination, one at a time they would be raped, whipped, tortured, and finally executed, with the prisoners getting the most severe punishments coming last thus building up a great level of fear and apprehension for the final prisoners as the lesser condemned prisoners endured their series of punishments and were heard screaming for mercy and the lucky ones released to their families minimally raped and whipped and perhaps minus one or both breasts or an eye or a limb.

The fall equinox - the time of the yearly harvest and a time we expected our coffers to fill to the brim - brought an unfortunate incident, which required rapid and effective intervention. One small village had outlying farms where a few of the families refused to turn over their tithe and resisted our efforts to convince them of the lack of wisdom of that position through civil discussion. I personally visited several of the farms, and made it clear to each landholder that refusal would be dealt with harshly. After a pointed discussion about the consequences of refusing to obey, all but one of the families relented. Foolish - they were clearly told of what lay ahead for them, yet they still remained intransigent and said that they'd had too much of our rule.

Time was of the essence, as it was already late in the fall in the higher foothills and the harvest had to be brought in or suffer damage in the first snows to reach the higher altitudes. I decided that swift and firm action was needed to show our strength and unfailing resolve to rule these conquered lands. In reviewing a map - carefully drawn on beautifully tanned goat hide - I noted that one small village occupied by only 20 or so families was the center hub of the network of villages in the area, and that all roads literally seemed to lead through it - a perfect place to make an example and show all that we meant business.

I assembled a team of a quarter century - 25 able troops and we set out at first light on the three hour march to the village. We went through the countryside with some fanfare to get attention to our mission and to incite the curiosity of other villagers. I rode a horse, and a team of horses with two drivers pulled a wagon of heavier arms and tools. the remaining 23 men, walked behind me and in front of the wagon. Two drummers marched together at the rear of the column ahead of the horses and beat a steady pace for the march. We arrived in the village just after the noon hour and stopped in front of the village's Gasthaus. I went inside with 4 men and ordered the building under our command, driving the terrified keeper and a few customers out of the rat infested place.

I then sent a team of 10 soldiers off to the stubborn - now doomed - farm that with orders to bring the head of the household, the wife, and any daughters back to the village square. Other males in the family were to die by the sword at the farm without either mercy or ceremony - simply bring them into the cattle pens, slaughter them and leave any children or elderly women at the farm to fend for themselves. I remained behind with the 15 soldiers unassigned to the roundup and we began preparations for the return of the roundup party with their condemned prisoners.


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We needed to build torture racks, stakes, and crosses for the upcoming executions. The village square was the designated place for the executions. I assigned two men to building racks out of the wood taken from merchant's stalls in the village market. While the wood was of poor quality and roughly hewn, it served adequately to build two primitive x- shaped racks each hip height and long enough to restrain and rape and torture a woman tied down on her back on the rack. Larger timbers were then secured and holes dug and five X- shaped crosses were mounted in a circle around the village square, ready to receive their first use. Anticipating that the male farmer would be captured rather than being slain in the capture, I had a single stake planted in the center, facing out to the X-crosses, for special viewposts for him.

Village men were ordered to assist us, and about 10 of them and three of my men then went around with the horses and wagon and pulled down several buildings and dragged back the wood from them and piled it all into large piles to either select timbers for stakes and crosses or for pyre wood for burnings. We didn't know exactly how many captives to expect, but in my earlier visit to the family, I noted that there was the mother and several young, attractive daughters. We guessed that we would get about 5 or so young, executable women, that is, over about 18 years, and young enough so that they were attractive. It was fine if we found that they were pregnant as their swollen teats were a source of great amusement to roast when they were nailed to the crosses.

By early afternoon the sounds of the returning squad could be heard off in the distance as their ever-louder drumbeats signaled their approach and return. Soon the returning squad could be seen in the distance coming over a hill and silhouetted against the sky, with a coffle of prisoners behind them with a few of my men working the whips to keep the prisoners all moving along.

A crowd of about 100 curious villagers began to gather around the village square as the squads came in. I came out to see what the catch was and was pleased to find that the squad had captured the entire farm family, which included the farmer, his wife, and four attractive daughters - one of which was obviously pregnant. I ordered the farmer dragged over to a single stake while he was dragged away, the family huddled together in fear. My men stood guard - making sure there were no escapes and keeping the more curious of the villagers a few paces back.

The first farmer was dragged to the stake, placed so he had to face the X-crosses his family would soon die on, and his arms stretched over his head and his hands nailed to the stake and his feet nailed at the bottom. A long nail was then inserted into his mouth and hammered through the soft flesh of the back of his mouth to keep his head facing towards the demise of his family.

With him in place, the captured women were ordered to strip to ready them for torture. The mother at first refused, but was quickly struck down with a cudgel and whipped and beaten. At that sight, the four daughters saw the inevitable, pleaded with my warriors to stop beating their mother, and slowly but obediently disrobed while the mother's clothing was ripped off and she was dragged to her feet and displayed to the village crowd - all of whom knew the family well, and had gathered to see what would happen to them. She was probably in her late 30's - and still attractive and only sagging slightly after the birth of her four, or perhaps more, children who were now of age for execution themselves. The mother was dragged over and made to stand by one of the torture racks, while the four daughters remained huddled together with their hands tied behind their backs, heads down and whimpering in fear. They seemed to huddle around the pregnant daughter, as if to protect her. The coffle rope remained around their necks and held them within a few feet of each other.

The mother was trim, but quite hair-covered, particularly in her crotch. Since we wanted to display her prior to her rape, torture and execution, I pointed to her crotch and ordered two of my troops to hold her while I took a lit torch and walked out in front of her. A look of horror came over her eyes as I approached her. As I came closer, my men held her firmly with two of them holding her legs apart. I told her that she'd burn later, that I was just making her a little neater for our pleasure now. With that I held the torch under her cunt and let the flames singe away the thick dark blonde hair around her cunt. I moved the torch quickly - this time - to only remove the hair and quickly had her slightly reddened cunt lips visible to everyone. She screamed as the heat hit her, but it was nothing compared to what she'd soon experience. When I'd finished trimming up her cunt, I turned to the four young daughters. While they weren't as hairy as their mother, I guessed they had nice meaty cunts to see while they were raped, tortured and eventually slaughtered. I had them pulled out one at a time to the length of the coffle rope and had their legs spread for burning. Tears, begging and screams followed as one by one they were dragged out, tightly restrained by my men and had their legs pulled apart and were cleaned up with the flame. I spoke to the pregnant one - playing with her swollen teats while she was held down - and noting that someone had taken some time with her, but that I bet it was not as attention getting as our time would be! With that, I took a torch personally, and burned the hair off her cunt. Following their cleansing the four whimpering women were then pulled by the coffle rope back against the post where they were re-tied.

We decided that we would execute the whole family together, spending the rest of the day and the night until the executions were completed. The crops were ripe for harvest, and we did not want this lesson to take an undue amount of time. The villagers were told that their presence was required through the entire set of executions and that they would learn important things from seeing our punishments first hand.

I was now ready to begin the executions, and ordered my soldiers to begin to make the final preparations for the night's work. The mother in the family was already roped to one of the torture racks, although not yet fully bound for torture. The three girls in the family were untied from the coffle rope and pulled out by the rack where their mother was restrained. The mother began pleading for their lives saying it was her fault and their father's fault, not the girls - that they had no real knowledge of the family's rebellion against the crop tax. All the more reason, I explained to her in her guttural tongue, that they should die as it was a harsher lesson for the village and all the more graphic an example of the firmness of our rule and the penalty that lay in wait for those that didn't obey.

With that I ordered the mother to be tied to the rack for punishment. Four of my men grabbed her and pulled her onto the rack and tied her down spread eagled over the rough timbers. The rack was just below waist height on a typical man, and placed the woman's vagina at just the right height to rape, or to punish. I gave my troops the first choice of raping the mother, and deprived of sex as they'd been with the recent war, they all eagerly accepted the offer and jostled with each other for position in line at the woman's cunt. I told the unlucky last ones in line that they'd get a better position with the other executions that night, and that all the women would be raped prior to their torture and death.

To those standing and waiting their turn at the mother's cunt, I noted that they could occupy their waiting time by lighting a brazier of coals and getting some iron rods and tools from the village smithy. They ran off to do that as the first of my men dropped his pants and plunged into the wife. She squealed in anguish at the attack and the embarrassment of violation in front of her daughters and the whole village. After thrashing for a while, she collapsed in exhaustion, and the rapes continued. In the meantime, I had the four daughters dragged over near the rape line. Selecting one of them, I took some time to examine her breasts and to fondle her cunt and to take her and twist her head around so that she had to look at her mother being raped. I told her - and the other two - to watch closely, as their turn would come next. This is what you get for defying Rome.

I continued playing with the daughter's bodies for the next half hour until the men had finished raping the mother. She lay there - tightly bound on the rack - and nearly unconscious, with my men's seed flowing out of her crack. Time for a little wake up I said, and went to the brazier, now glowing a nice red glow and with several iron rods inserted into the coals. I pulled a long thick rod out and walked over to the mother. She heard me come by her, and smelled the white hot iron and looked up. I asked her if she'd had some second thoughts about disobeying our orders... .she swore at me - I just smiled and came closer to her .I reached out and touched her drooping tit
with the white hot tip of the rod to get her attention - quite effectively as she shrieked in pain and surprise. She jerked and thrashed as I charred one nipple and moved over to the other, desperately trying to avoid the red hot iron. No such luck was to be had and the iron touched the other nipple and slowly charred her flesh as it sizzled and smoked on her nipple.

I fetched another rod as the first had cooled off, and returned to the woman on the rack. Her cunt was wide open and dripping seed from the rapes and was a very inviting target. I pressed the glowing tip into the folds of her cunt and slowly pushed into her as her screams filled the air. Steam and bubbles of boiling cum spurted out of her cunt and I had to concentrate to keep the rod in her as she thrashed against her ropes. I held the rod deep into her pressing it against the back wall of her vagina and moving the rod around in circles to rub the glowing iron against her cunt lips and the insides of her vagina. Her screaming was now a hoarse rasp as her throat was screamed raw. When the rod had cooled to the point that the steam stopped, I pulled it out, and the woman collapsed on the wooden rack.

"Cut her off the rack" I ordered, "and take her to a stake." My men quickly untied her and dragged her to her feet and pulled her over to the first stake. She was barely able to move her legs and could not stand at the stake so my men held her up from behind with one arm around her breasts and another hand in her crotch, using her cunt as a handhold and she hobbled over to the stake. Her hands were then bound at each wrist with a rope, and the rope then pulled over each end oftheX-cross and she was stretched out along the lines of the X. Two men took the end of each rope and pulled her into the air with her feet dangling below.

"Now flog her - 30 lashes and don't spare her tits or cunt" I ordered. My squad's whipmaster stepped forward, and began the lashing - taking time to make each of the 30 lashes count. The first blow went right across her breasts, leaving a thick red line across one nipple and up across her chest. Women in the crowd winced as the whip was raised over and over and as they saw their former friend repeatedly marked by the leather strap. You could see them whispering to their men that they would never risk this fate, they would always obey the Empire.

Other blows fell on her cunt and her thighs, and a deep red raised welt crossed her face and neck. Multiple strokes ran across her belly, leaving a nice red crossed pattern as the skilled whipmaster took strokes in alternate directions.

At the end of the 30 strokes the mother hung in pain and exhaustion, crying to herself. Her daughters were calling to her and begging us for mercy for her. I told them that there was not any mercy to go around, and that they'd soon be trying to get all of it they could for themselves as they took their turns under the lash of the whip.

After a few minutes of admiring the whipmaster's skill, a barrel was pulled over near her feet and one of my men climbed onto the barrel with a hammer and some spikes and nailed her wrists to the top of each arm of the X-cross and then cut the rope loose for use on the next to be crucified. The mother screamed in horror as the spikes were placed at each wrist and then hammered through her wrist into the wood. She hung from the cross fro a minute just by her arms - screaming in agony. Smiling at our success in causing her great pain, we proceeded to finish the crucifixion. The woman's legs were pulled out to each side of the X-cross, spreading her crotch apart in full view of the crowd. Her legs were then nailed to the wood at the ankle, again causing great screaming in pain. She gathered some strength to resist after her first foot was nailed, and two men had to hold her flailing second leg in place as a spike was nailed sideways through her foot, through the other already nailed foot and into the wood of the thick cross. The woman writhed around in agony at the nailing, with every twist and turn brought more pain from her wounds and shattered bones.

As the crucifixion proceeded and the mother's screams continued to fill the air, I grabbed one of the daughters from behind and held one tit tightly and jammed a few fingers into her cunt. You'll be next sweetheart, I said. I hope you are ready to be raped, burned and crucified. She screamed for mercy, pleading that it was her father's idea to refuse to pay the empire. As she screamed at me, she pushed away two village boys who had been playing with her - fondling her breasts and fingering her cunt. I turned to the boys and asked them if they wanted to fuck her before she died. They looked a little scared, but shrugged and said, "sure, we'll fuck her." Good I said, you two can be first in line.

I pulled the girl out away from the others, and shoved her to my men and told them that she was next... bind her and prepare her for rape. The girl was really quite young, maybe only 19 or 20 years of age, and very pretty. My men were visibly excited at the girl's appearance I told them to let the two boys go first, and then she was all theirs rape her, and use the iron rods on her and then flog her and nail her like her mother. Only take 10 lashes with her though, I don't want her to die too soon and she looks pretty weak now. Aim them well though, I said, I'd like to see a nice red line or two across her breasts before she's burned.

My men lead the two boys up to the restrained spread eagled young girl and told them to go ahead with her.It soon was obvious that they'd never had sex... so my men walked them through their first fucks - holding the young girl's cunt lips open and pulling her legs further apart. The girl - apparently "enjoying" her first sexual experience too - sobbed through the clumsy rape by the two boys, and then just lay back in shock as all 25 of my men took her very roughly. As her burning began, I ordered my men to take another of the daughters and use the second torture rack and to begin with her following the same process of rape, burning with heated iron rods, and then crucifixion and flogging. Soon there was screaming coming from both of the racks as the girls were raped, burned and then crucified on X-crosses and flogged. since the daughters were only to be given 10 lashes, my men took careful aim, and were very precise, making sure the girl's breasts were struck, their waists, their thighs, and that the whip found it's way to their crotches, to snap and crack at their cunts.

After the first daughter was crucified, the third daughter took her place on the rack and another line formed between her legs, with men finishing with the 2nd daughter coming over and joining at the end of the line with the third one.

We saved the pregnant daughter for last. She was in total terror by the time we got to her - having seen her mother and then each of her sisters dragged off and tortured and crucified. She was just standing alone and seemingly in shock or perhaps simply numbed and consigned to her fate... her hands bound behind her and her light blonde hair hanging down her back and over the front of her shoulders. Her belly extended some - she was obviously pregnant - but only perhaps 3 or 4 months so. Her breasts were swollen and full and hung down on her chest pulled down by the weight of her swollen brown nipples, stiffened now by the cool late afternoon air.

I pulled her over in front of me and examined her again. I'd enjoyed playing with her breasts before and this time I put my hand on her chin, turned her head up to look into my eyes and then held up both breasts, feeling their weight and softness and squeezing her nipples. With her hands tied behind her, she was completely vulnerable and I could move my hands over her at will.

I then moved my hand down to her softly rounded belly, gently running my hands over it. We'll have to see about this, won't we, I asked. You'll not live of course, but I have to decide if you'll be gutted before you die or if we will just nail you up and burn you intact. We can decide that when we've nailed you to the wood and see what you look like hanging here.

She lost her stoic control and broke into sobs at this talk. As she cried and begged to live and to let her baby be born, I ran my fingers through her cunt ,feeling her enlarged
lips, her wetness inside, and the little stubs of hair that remained after her pubic hair had been burned off her after she was brought to the village square for execution.

I told my men that I would like to take her first and that they could follow. I wanted to savor her swollen cunt and enjoy the sight of her tits rolling around under me as I raped her. I looked forward to slamming my weight down on her as I plunged into her - hearing her groan and gasp fo rair.


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I lead her over to the rack and pushed her back on it. No need to restrain her, I said, she is consigned to her fate and will take you all on without a fight. I spread her legs and opened her up to me, dropped my pants and ran the tip of my penis through her lips, moistening the end and getting my self fully ready for the first hard thrust. It took only seconds to be ready and I plunged into her, ramming in hard, and hitting the back of her vagina. To my delight she groaned and gasped just as I had anticipated. I took ten minutes with her throwing her around on the rough wood and knocking the breath out of her before I filled her with my seed. I lingered inside her a few moments, then pulled out and turned her over to the rest of the men. Fuck her hard, I said, wear her out.

The men cheered enthusiastically and took their places in line by her. I watched and could hear her continued grunts and groans and occasional yelps in pain.

Her rape continued for another hour as the villagers watch in grim fascination at the torment of their fellow villager. At the end, the girl lay there totally exhausted, her cunt and swollen tits reddened by the wear and abuse they'd taken.

I walked over to the rack and grabbed her by the shoulder and rolled her over onto her stomach, and pulled her down to the edge of the rack. Your ass is to nice to not take advantage of. I'd hate to see the flames licking at those ass cheeks without having had my cock deep into you. I yanked her legs apart again, wiped some of the abundant juices from her cunt into her asshole, and pressed my cock against it....hesitating only moments before opening her and ramming into her tight asshole. She screamed in pain at the invasion, and at the weight on her back pressing her soft swollen belly into the rough wood of the rack. Five minutes later I shot again, pulled out and offered her to the men. A few took my offer and her anal rape went on for another 20 minutes o rso.

At the end, she was almost fully unconscious, and was dragged over to the last waiting cross, pulled up on it, and nailed as the others had been. In her stupor, she only screamed as the second wrist was nailed, and of course, revived now, had the full horror of her feet being nailed to the wood.

I ordered a brief flogging, just enough to give her some stripes - but only on her breasts and thighs - leave her belly alone.

In another few minutes, the pregnant daughter's screaming died down and all of the nailing and flogging was completed with the mother and her four daughters were each nailed to X-crosses ready for their final torment. Their heads all hung down in exhaustion from the rapes and the floggings. Thick whip marks ran across all of their bodies and thin streams of blood dripped from places along each scar. Held vertically now, the cum from my men dribbled out of their cunts, ran across their cunt lips, and fell slowly in drops to the ground beneath them.

All this time, the other families in the village - ordered to attend the executions - were confronted by my men and threatened and teased. They watched in horror, knowing that their turn could come soon if they disobeyed in any way or even if I chose to accuse a girl of something. At my wish she would be mine.

From time to time I would walk up to a particularly pretty daughter in a family and tease her with the chance to avoid accusation if she became a sex slave in our camp. Two of them actually agreed to this. They were told they'd be "interviewed" after the executions and if they pleased us, they'd be taken back with us. Accusation or not, they'd only live a short while back in camp... we'd fuck them endlessly... and then when we tired of them, they'd be taken out and burned alive.

Turning back to the family nailed to stakes, I told my men that I wanted a few souvenirs before the executions. The mother was a little too old to cut up, but the two oldest daughters had nice pointed breasts and full cunt lips. The youngest daughter hadn't really developed fully yet, so she'd burn whole and the pregnant one... .well, I needed to give her fate a little thought.

I asked if there was a tanner in town, and after a long silence, one man spoke up that he was the village tanner. I asked him if he'd ever worked with parts cut off a woman he
said no, but that he'd made some fine lambskin bags and thought he could do the same. I told him to mark the cutting lines on the two daughters with charcoal from the brazier, and he looked around nervously. One of my men drew his sword to encourage him, and the shy tanner stepped forward and marked a cutting line around the two young girl's breasts. I looked at my men... asking in effect if one of them wanted to make the cuts. One of my centurions eagerly stepped forward and approached the two staked girls. The tanner was pushed forward and given a cloth bad to hold out near the girls. One man went behind each of the girls and held her head up so that
she could see what was about to happen. Each girl writhed and begged weakly an my centurion approached. Moving deliberately, he drew his knife and held it under the older daughter's breast at the scribed cut line... seeing my nod, he began slowly and carefully cutting being sure to remove adequate skin around the breast. The girl screamed horribly as the cutting proceeded. So the breast was removed and dropped into the bag the tanner held. The girl's other breast came off next, and then the second daughter was surrounded and cut in similar fashion.

I turned to the tanner and asked if he could also do belt ornaments out of their cunts, as they had nice full lips. Fearing our anger, he said he was sure that he could. I wanted a little fun, and stepped forward with my knife. Standing by the older daughter, I fingered her scorched and raped cunt and tugged at her lips a little to make them stand up some, then took a small round piece of wood and jammed it into the girl's cunt and began cutting her cunt away around the wood being careful to take it off in one whole piece and not to cut through any so that the full ring of her severed cunt was preserved. Once severed, the cunt was held up for viewing, and then dropped into the tanner's bag.

The second daughter's cunt followed quickly, only slowed by her thrashing and the mother's pleading, and the cunt soon followed into the tanner's bag. He was told to stand by and wait, as there may be others to harvest.

I walked up to the pregnant daughter and told her that I had made my decision. I would indeed use my knife to open her up, but wouldn't pull the child out. I took the point and held it between her breasts and applied force and ran it down to just above her pubic bone. A flow of blood and fluid came out and her intestines were visible but did not spill out. I then held the knife to each of her breasts and slit them in half from top to bottom. Enjoy the rest of the day I said to her.

I stepped back and admired the whole family with the two daughters now bleeding from the mutilations. "Prepare them to burn" I shouted and at that, my men began preparing the fires under each girl to burn them to death. Bales of hay had been gathered from a local farm and one bale was dragged under each of the four women. Then my men began taking wood off the big pile that we'd made off to the side of the execution area and began piling wood under each girl. Break up the bales just a little, I ordered, that way they start to burn better, but keep them tight, I want a slow fire under each of these thieves. Within a half hour, the pyres were all laid, and each girl was ready to be burned.

I took a torch and lit it in the brazier and walked over to the youngest daughter. You'll burn first bitch, followed by your sisters. Your mother can watch you burn one at a time to see the price of her defiance. Your father, nailed to the stake over there has about the best view in the arena today too... only mine is a little better. I'll give you a little treat first, since we decided not to take your tits and cunt... .and I held the torch under her crotch for a bit as she screamed. Each breast was then toasted a little and then I held the torch to the loose straw under the girl. The flames started slowly, and in about 30 seconds were producing recognizable heat... starting her screaming again. A minute later, the flames had begun to rise up her legs and then soon consumed her.

As her screams died out, the next daughter was ignited, and so on until the mother was singed with the torch and then incinerated.

When the last fire was going and the mother's screams had quieted, I drew my sword, walked over to the stake with the father, and swiftly took his head off in one blow. His head was nailed to the stake and it stayed up, but turned about halfway around pivoting on the stake through his throat.


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The ArenaSchool​

I had the good fortune to be living in Rome at what was later considered to be the peak of the empire. Our fortunes had gone well in foreign lands and we had conquered most of the known world, and the few small places not under our control were falling into our hands daily. It was a good time to be a soldier for the Emperor and I had excelled at that. I'd lead squads of men in successful conquests in many lands, seen my share of bloodshed, and returned unharmed to Rome, anxiously awaiting my next assignment.

The games in the area were becoming an increasing attraction in the city, and we began to celebrate each conquest with an elaborate display of captives, with many events following their display, not the least of which were the executions of the conquered leaders and their families. I went whenever I could, and enjoyed the festivities and the punishment of the arrogant fools who tried to resist us. How silly, how futile!

I was pleased then, when I was called to my commander's quarters and told that I had a new assignment. I was going to be sent to "arena school" recognizing my bravery and success and the knowledge that I had an inventive, often cruel but interesting mind - as had been observed after several conquests. School started that day and I was to report immediately to Gate III of the arena, with my sword and armor. Excited at the prospect, I barely could imagine the wonders I would soon experience.

I gathered my weapons and armor and went promptly to the gate where the school was. Entering, I was directed towards a group that was just assembling. I was greeted warmly by Claudius, a renowned soldier and the Captain of the arena guard. I introduced myself to the 10 others in the class and soon Claudius, that is Commander Claudius Sir, was introducing the class and its objectives.

The arena had become a central part of Roman life and exemplified the grandeur of the conquests we had made, the extend of it was so far reaching that we could slaughter hundreds or thousands and never run out of captives to amuse ourselves with, not to mention the fallen leaders who resisted us, and their families who were brought here for punishment. We had ideals though, Claudius explained, and the intent was to run the arena as a showplace of our artistry - cruelty as an art form. Everything was to run with exactness, no clumsy butchering, rather the artful and innovative slaughter of the unfortunate ones.

We were to learn the best techniques, and as bright upcoming soldiers, expected to innovate, to develop new ways to amuse the Emperor and the Senate and the throngs that attended. We would focus on the execution of women - slaves, criminals, and captive leader's families as that was the aspect of the arena games that was most closely watched and appreciated.

We would be thoroughly trained, and our final examination would consist of the execution of three women each by different methods to prove our expertise and diversity. Crucifixion was the central theme, but we would also do a burning and a dismemberment, either by the sword or with teams of animals which we would learn to handle and to set up for an execution, generally quartering of the woman.

We would be taught, and graded on our torture skills as a part of each final execution. The course would be interesting, but not necessarily to everyone's liking. Claudius acknowledged that some preferred the heat of battle and others took exception to the long painful torture and execution of women, some of whom were quite young an pretty. If anyone wanted to drop out, their wish would be respected and their military career continued withoutprejudice.

Perhaps a close up introduction, Claudius mused, would be the best at this time, as words often fail to measure up to the real thing.

With that, Claudius motioned to guards off to the side. Ten soldiers entered the arena, four of them carrying a wooden rack, two bearing a brazier of coals with irons stuck into the coals, and four carried a large stake - a twelve foot long beam. The beam was dropped into a waiting hole in the ground near us, and the rack and the brazier brought out and set upnearby.​

Next, five soldiers returned through the arena door they had entered though and came out pulling along a young adult woman, dressed in prisoners rags but barefoot. Her hands were bound behind her and a rope was tied around her neck - with which she was pulled along persistently by the two soldiers until she stood right in front of us. Behind her, the other three soldiers tugged along three young women, all about 18 to 21 years old, tied together in a coffle - also barefoot and also in torn rags.

Her name is Gretchen, Claudius announced pointing to the first older - but still young - woman. She is the wife of a German tribal leader who resisted us. He has been slain along with his sons. The mother and three daughters were brought to Rome for punishment and our amusement. Gretchen is still young though, only 38 years - young to have three daughters 18, 18 and 20. She will be executed along with the daughters and will be your first arena public performance victims after you graduate. Your final exams will be conducted on slaves of which we have many to choose from .I wanted you to see the attractive women who you will meet - and slay - in your work. Claudius ordered the four women to be dragged back to the dungeon, noting that we would be introduced to them more closely in the days before our first public performance.

First, we needed to learn the arena thoroughly. Our next week was spent going through every nook and cranny of the place. Learning all the dungeons, the staging rooms, the animal quarters and the equipment rooms where stakes, nails, braziers, ropes and other tools were organized and stored. Claudius barked at us that he didn't want to tell one of us to get him a blonde woman from dungeon three and find that we had mistakenly dragged back the tribal queen of some Baltic fiefdom by mistake.

The tour was amazing - seeing all the chambers below ground, some with little air and almost no light - and the animal quarters with dozens of lions and tigers brought from Africa and India. They were well fed and generally got to eat a captive nearly every day. We learned this technique early in our training, as nearly every day at mid-day a young slave girl would be brought out for our enjoyment. All ten of us would rape her, flog her, and then nail her to a wooden stake in a small pen off to the side of the arena. It gave us good practice in nailing and we took turns working on hands and feet until we were very adept at it. Each day we were shown carefully how to catch a lion or tiger in the dens, how four of us could hold it at bay using heavy ropes, and then move it carefully to the pen, and then take it in an release it. The animal would usually prowl around the enclosed area first, looking for a way out, and then would develop a curiosity for the naked slave who was generally screaming and writhing in terror by this time. We'd take bets on where the animal would attack first and how long it would take to kill and at least partially eat the young victim.

While this continued for our weeks of training, we were now being taught the fine points of execution - what to do right and what things looked like when they went wrong. We were always present at arena events and were assigned in pairs to master executioners - to assist and to learn from them. We see all the tricks. For example when a thin girl was to be crucified we had to watch out for the nails pulling out of the very thin flesh if we failed to drive through some bone or cartilage. Before driving a spike, the master would quiz us and ask us where the best place to locate the nail was, and then correct us as needed and explain why his recommended spot was better. Sometimes on a more full bodied prisoner, we had to double nail, with perhaps one in the palm of the hand, and another in the wrist.

We were shocked by the screams at first, but soon became used to it, and simply understood that each nail driven would result in a new session of begging and howling that would soon become background noise to us as the screams of 10 or 20 executions in process filled the air.

After each arena session, we would go around with the clean up slaves - usually those condemned and to be executed in the next days or week - and observe how our work held up after hours of strain from the many writhing victims. Once in a while an arm would pull loose or a leg would be kicked free...

.we'd examine the nailing point and diagnose he reason for the failure. Then, after our study, the nails would be pulled from the wood and the bodies taken down, and we'd collect the nails and return them to the supply room forre-use.

Burnings were a little different and took more time to learn - and some experience to deal with the new level of difficulty in handling the terrified prisoner and the firmness of the fastening required. The current arena style in favor was to take a freshly raped and flogged prisoner and to nail her to either an X-cross or to a medium height cross that had a crossbar for both the arms and the feet - with the objective of making sure the girl's legs were spread and her vagina fully in view and accessible for burning.

Once nailed in place, the girl would be prepared for burning, generally by painting her legs and crotch with tar or pine pitch. A small pile of wood was placed under the girl to sustain the fire, but we generally started by lighting the pitch, often by holding a torch under the girls pitch-soaked cunt and then after that had burned a bit and her screaming died down a little, the wood would be lit and she'd be burned to death.


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The first burning I was responsible for in school was memorable. The class was assembled sitting in a half circle in front of a stake, ready and eager to watch the burning as we each critiqued each other's work. I had been to three of my fellow student's work, and was learning the tricks quickly. For my test, a light-skinned Saxon girl was brought out to me nude. I was surprised when I looked at her as she happened to be a girl that I had selected from the dungeon the night before. She was terrified of what was going to happen to her the night before, and submitted to everything I asked very willingly. Of course I didn't know at the time that I would get to burn her the next day, but as I toyed with her that night, I ran my fingers over her cunt and her breasts and though how interesting she would be to torture and burn... dreams do come true.

She spent the night with me, getting some fitful sleep after licking me clean after her anal rape. She gagged a little, but did not resist, and then of course was taken again in the morning before I re-tied her hands behind her and took her back to the holding cell.

Rape was expected as the first step prior to execution if the woman or girl was at all comely - and just extra flogging or mutilation if she was fat or ugly. Sine she was already naked, she didn't need to be stripped, but we were taught that it was often preferable to have the girl brought out with a cloth of some kind covering her - particularly in small private executions like this. Stripping added to both the suspense and the humiliation. In large arena executions or games though, the girl's were already stripped as the crowd enjoyed seeing their breasts jiggle and they were dragged out.

I pointed to a bench and motioned for her to lie down for her rape... she sobbed and quietly lay down and spread her legs in submission to me. I gave her no foreplay this time, and took her quickly and finished hard and fast... I'd had my pleasure with the night before and wanted to get on with the execution.

Two guards assigned to assisting me moved over by her as I got up. As was custom, I offered the girl to them before she was to be flogged and nailed. As she was pretty, both agreed that they wanted her, and took their pleasure with her - with much grunting and groaning as they filled her with their seed.

After the rape, I did observe that she still had all her pubic hair on her, and thought it better if she were cleaned up prior to burning - as her naked cunt would look nice covered in pitch and awaiting the torch. Claudius confirmed my thoughts and agreed that taking a few minutes to shave her would be time well spent.

We had no water or soap, but her cunt was dripping in cum from the three of us, and so I simply wiped fingers full of it from her vagina and smeared in onto her hair, and scraped most of the hair off her with my knife. Luckily I was careful to sharpen my knife every day, so it was up to the task of shaving her. We'd been told that we might learn some skinning if we had time, so I always wanted to be ready for that as it was a skill I was eager to acquire.

When the shaving was finished, she was then pulled to her feet and taken over by the cross - tired from the last rapes, she needed to be pulled along to make it to the heavy wooden timbers. She was first tied with her arms over her head to the single upright stake for her flogging. She had her back to us for this, but her legs were forced apart, and we'd certainly take a few cracks of the whip on her ass and with some of our newly acquired skill, have a good chance to crack the tough leather tip up into her cunt.

I did the flogging and took about 15 lashes, being sure to inflict pain and some welts, but not to weaken her greatly as thetruefunwastocomeaftershewasnailedinplace.The
blows fell heavily on her, with some time in between each. We savored her screams at each crack of the whip, and let her settle down in between each before I struck her again. When I judged that she had enough, I motioned for her to be taken down and readied for nailing.

The two guards untied her hands, and then threw her to the ground by the cross bar lying on the ground waiting for her. I took my heavy hammer and nails and knelt down beside her. While I didn't speak her language, her pleading was obvious. With some good practice under my belt now, the nailing of her arms to the crossbeam went quickly, albeit with some thrashing and resistance and plenty of screaming as the nails were driven in.

We used a low cross, as we were to paint her with pitch as soon as she was crucified and we wanted her right in front of us. She was pulled up by the two guards, each pulling up on the crossbeam... the Saxon girl screaming in pain as she was hoisted up with her feet off the ground and the crossbeam securely fastened to the center stake of the cross. She kicked in resistance and first and then as every movement brought pain, she simply let her feet dangle and hung from her nailed hands. She revived a bit as a second crossbeam was brought out and fastened to the stake beneath her. Guards then held each foot against the newly added beam, and I bent over and placed a spike on the top of each foot and hammered the spike into the wood through the foot. Foot nailings were always more painful than hands, as the foot bones were generally shattered as the spike went through them, and this was no exception.

Now fully nailed and helpless, he looked up in despair at me with her tear stained eyes - spread apart like a chicken ready to be roasted on a spit. As I had fetched the pitch bucket and stood in front of her, this was the first time she saw and smelled the pitch, and it suddenly became aware to her that she wasn't going to be simply crucified - horrible as that was - she was going to be burned to death for our amusement. She screamed again, and tried to pull away from the stake, but the heavy nails held her very securely. She tried to move her body, but only succeeded in creating a more seductive image as her cunt wiggled around dribbling our cum out of it and dripping down her inner thighs.

I stuck a finger into the pitch and rubbed it over her lips and made her taste the thick fluid that would soon terribly torment her. Curiosity got the best of her and she ran her tongue over her lips and then gagged and spit the taste of it out.

I smiled and reached back into the bucket and gathered three fingers worth of pitch and slowly spread it over her cunt taking care to be sure that I pressed it deep up into her vagina and coated her lips and clit well with it. I took another three or four finger loads and continued to press it deep into her cunt, and reached back and made sure the crack of her ass and her asshole was fully coated. Claudius was watching me closely, as was the rest of the class.

Claudius approved of my technique and told me to do just her nipples next, but not to cover her tits as he wanted them to slowly roast in the flames that would come up from below, rather than be directly burned. She has beautiful long "goat tits" he said and they'll cook nicely. She'll last longer that way too, he noted, and her face won't burn as quickly.

Another few fingers full of pitch were used to twist onto her nipples, and under Claudius' watchful eye I took great care to only coat the girl's nipples.

I stepped back to review my work, and satisfied, I proceeded to finish the painting. She watched in shock as I then took the stick that was resting in the pitch bucket and pulled it out, let the excess pitch drip off it, and then began coating the inside of her thighs, her ass cheeks and her legs. Make sure you leave a little gap between her thighs and her cunt. You'll burn her nipples and then her cunt first and you don't want to set her completely on first at first - this is a slow process, really torture by flame, not a martyr's burning. It provides great amusement to the arena crowd, and they stay for hours and watch - filling the vendor's coffers with gold, I might add. The grateful vendors will reward our artistry - they'll bring in fine food and drink to you, particularly if you let them walk through the dungeons selecting the choicest girls for burning.

Anyway, enough of that... you will learn that in a few weeks in the arena. Let's burn her shall we?

Claudius helped me select a small thin reed - woody so it was strong and would burn slowly enough to last. I dipped just the tip in pitch, and then placed it in the brazier and waited the few seconds for it to catch on fire. Now I had a nice burning torch, with a bright yellow fire and black smoke coming from it.

Remember to go below her nipples and her cunt... let the heat rise and make the pitch bubble some before it catches on fire. She'll feel the heat better... the bubbling pitch is very hot and concentrated on those tender spots you so carefully painted.

The girl cried and creamed as I approached her... begging me or so it seemed in her Saxon language which none of us understood. She jerked and pulled - showing me very graphically the importance of a good solid nailing. Her screams started as soon as the first nipple was heated... and lasted for many minutes as each nipple was burned and then her cunt wassetafire. When her cunt finally burned out to a charred blackened and smoking piece of flesh, we moved a pile of small sticks under her and lit them. The smoke rose at first, then some flame, and then the flames licked at her legs and they caught on fire. The fire woke the girl again, and she screamed until her voice was a hollow raspy sound. In half an hour, the fire had burned down to coals, and the torture was finished.

As Claudius had said, the fire consumed her legs, and the heat rose to roast and burn the rest of her beautiful breasts. Her face was blackened, and her hair singed, but it didn't burn off. She actually remained quite attractive through the whole ordeal. She was only semi-conscious now... moaning and slumping against her nailed arms, and near death.

Claudius had me... and the class... come forward to observe her closely. He took his knife and showed us how each nipple could be pulled off now, revealing nicely roast flesh underneath. Similarly, her charred cunt was cut away. Claudius noted that when they burned heretics without using pitch that the executioners sometimes took some of the parts and dined on them while the girl slumped on the cross in her final moments. The pitch tastes bad he said - too bad though as she had nice tits.

Claudius instructed me to finish her... a clean swipe of the sword to her throat will do it nicely - and then we'll go onto the next lesson while the cleanup slaves come to tidy things us here.


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