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I found out recently that I have Celiac disease , I need to change my diet and I have found that gluten free products here are very expensive , for example a loaf of gluten free bread is 10 dollars.
My sympathies.
I know bread is considered a staple, but I find I hardly eat it (not because of coeliac). It takes a lot of effort to change a diet, but think of gluten-free bread and pasta etc as a treat and get your carbs from potato and rice.




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Sorry to learn that Kathy - someone close to me has that trouble, and it is difficult. Not just alternatives to bread, it's a nasty surprise how many products contain gluten in some form. But I hope you'll be able to work around it, eating other good nourishing food rather than looking for substitutes/ imitations for things you can't eat.


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Very fortunately it seems that sperm is gluten-free, I’m sure that is good news for everyone :devil:
Actually, fish sperm(milt) is quite delicious when cooked in a stew :)

@Kathy Maybe it's time to try some Asian cuisine? As you know, most of Asian diet consists of rice instead of wheat and there are many different ways to make a decent meal out of rice.

A good thing with rice is that it's pretty easy to store and cook. If you have a rice cooker, it's just a matter of put some rice and water into it and press the button then wait about half an hour to make steamed rice to last a day.

And there is even a pre-cooked variant which can be stored up to 9 months and consumed after microwaving it for a minute or two. I'm not sure if it's allowed to link to the Amazon page, so I won't mention it here. But if you feel interested, you can search "Cooked White Hetbahn, Gluten-Free & Vegan" on Google to see it.

Of course, you don't normally just eat rice for a meal. But there are a number of pretty easy recipes like fried rice or bibimbap, and you can also buy various pre-cooked packs which you can microwave with the above mentioned instant rice bowl and combine together to create a quick meal.

In case you love cooking, and interested in trying some exotic food based on rice, I think you may find some hints from this popular Youtube channel:


I'm sorry to hear that you have such a condition. And I hope you will soon find a way to manage the symptoms without too much trouble.

(You need to stay healthy if you want to be put on a cross over and over, I suppose :) )


Because I have a problem staying away from political commentary, I thought I'd ask if there are any other NFL fans here. (That's American professional football, if you don't recognize the acronym.)

I was born/raised in Baltimore, Maryland, and I'm a big fan of the Baltimore Ravens. They're one of the best and most exciting teams in the NFL, and I'd be happy to engage in any friendly banter about them and other teams. It will keep me (and maybe you) away from political debate and insults, thus overall improving the ambiance of CF.

Their quarterback is Lamar Jackson, an incredibly talented and humble professional athlete (which is a rarity these days in any sport) only interested in his team winning. He has set numerous records, but eschews the spotlight. He is only 23 years old.

Here's a play from last year that's become rather famous. Even though he prefers to throw the ball, he can just run around would-be tacklers when he needs to. (GIF hosted on Imgur.com.)



It's a recently released song that I found a few days ago, so I can't post it in the Music Nostalgia thread. And I'm not sure if it can be considered an 'uplifting song' either, so I decided to dump it here (you can watch it with English subtitle):

As a song, I find it a bit too monotonous. But I find the imagery shown in the video to be quite impressive - a group of Mongolians riding motorbikes instead of horses, playing a rock version of a war song regarding a wolf totem with their traditional instruments.

P.S.: I've just read the Wikipedia article about the band and learned that even the singing style is a traditional one. How cool is that? :cool1:

P.S.2: It feels a bit ironic that it mentions that the band received the highest state award for promoting Mongolian culture around the world, which is called "The Order of Genghis Khan". Is culture really something that can only spread and thrive through conquering and mass murder? It's difficult to answer for sure, but I can't deny it looks that way when I see that most successful ones have thrived by such methods and that we are still honouring those figures who were the most successful in such acts.
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