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All jokes aside being the daughter of 2 old school catholic parents me being pregnant and not married is not making them happy
I assume your parents are decent people and faced with facts instead of theory they will come around.
I will say three things.
Here is a story from Mark, starting at 7:25.
A "syrio-phoenician woman" (i.e., a gentile) is desperate to cure her possessed daughter, and seeks out Jesus.
Jesus says "It is not right to throw the bread meant for the children to the dogs".
The woman replies, "Yes, Lord, but even the dogs eat the scraps under the children's table".
Jesus is shamed, and cures her daughter. So I think that when religious BS clashes with humanity, humanity wins for most people.

You are from Canada, and know of the scandal in British Columbia that deceased "first nations" children were buried on the grounds of Catholic boarding schools while their parents were told that their kids ran away. (A similar thing happened in the Church's "mother/baby homes" in Ireland--deceased babies buried in an old sewer pipe to avoid any unpleasant questions from the authorities.) So maybe your parents can come to see that the Church shouldn't be pointing to the "speck" in your eye and ignoring "the beam" in its own eye. It always baffles me (and I had two old school Catholic parents too) when people think that God fixates on sex when there is so much blood and war around, and so many people can't get medical care and don't have enough to eat. I don't recall Jesus mentioning sex at all in the Sermon on the Mount.

There are two books I always give for baby presents. (It is fun to let the kids grow into them.) One is Mercer Mayer's "Everyone Knows What a Dragon Looks Like". It's a little subversive. The other is "The Muffin Muncher" from Serendipity Press (which comes perilously close to violating the Second Law of Thermodynamics). Both involve dragons. Maybe the monitors can figure a way (a Post Office box in New Caledonia or something) where things like this can come to you anonymously?

Congratulations. (I personally always say that I like to rent kids (go to the zoo, say) but I wouldn't want to own one. But then I'm kind of asocial.)
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Ok then try this.

Our appetite he feeds,
Loves light, yet darkness needs.
He does for nothing lack
With a room upon his back.
He does all things espy
Yet has but one glass eye.
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