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The cruel pleasures of Capua

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Just before arriving, at the place of our torture, I heard behind me Cathia, who must have been looking at my ass when I was able to slide my loincloth, who whispered to me "bitch" !

That to me shivered with pleasure, she's right!

I'm the worst bitches !

I'm walking towards death and my pussy is flowing like a fountain.

The crucifixion was terrible, my screams were pure suffering, I could not enjoy it,

I am only beginning to come to my senses to see the castration of Piralandus who did not resist the pain and passed out!

And to think that those balls there, along with his cock had given me so much pleasure!

Fun !

Let's talk about it!

For now, I only feel constant pain with surges of pleasure insufficient to bring me to supreme enjoyment!

And as for the pain, I suffered tremendously when the nails went through my wrists and my feet but it was too brief and it didn't get me what I was hoping for!

On the other hand, when Covida attacked my tits it sent me to seventeenth heaven and I screamed at my pain which turned into an orgasm!

As soon as her glowing clamp touched my nipples, my pussy started to squirt and my whole body was seized with a sort of uncontrollable frenzy that I had barely come out of!

So I have no more nipples and my belly is burnt in many places.

After letting me recover, no doubt the better to make me scream, it's back!

I'm shaking on my legs this time I'm really scared,

She stares in my eyes, but this time I don't have the courage to challenge her, I lower my eyes in submission.

With the same thread that was used to castrate Piralandus, she tightly encloses the base of my breasts which become almost instantly purple!

The sensation of pain caused by this thread which penetrates into the tender flesh of my breasts makes me wet again intensely!

A mixture of fear and excitement, a fantasy that will come true, my belly tightens an incredible orgasm is rising, the weights it hangs on the thread that cuts me is the click which, suddenly, light up fireworks in me!

I cum, I have a blast, I scream my pleasure and my suffering big tears are running down my cheeks, the thread continues to cut my breasts little by little!

She adds more weights further increasing my ecstasy until the thread ends its action and separates my two breasts from my body!

My pussy is squirting again, the fountain fed by my internal glands looks endless and the orgasm going through me looks like I haven't made up my mind to stop, I piss on myself at the same time I feel on the verge of fainting and, when she presses a reddened bar on what used to be my proud breasts .

I can no longer resist and in turn pass out, overwhelmed by the pain and especially the pleasure.

When I am brought back to reality with ice water, I can only see my body devastated and destroyed forever!

Fortunately, death will come soon because, damaged as I am now, I could no longer live.

I believe that Piralandus hopes like me not to spend hours on this cross.

It's Coronavirus now coming towards me and telling me it's over, that I will never cum again and shoves a hot bar into my vagina setting my lower abdomen on fire before whipping myself,

I scream suffering and he is right I can no longer enjoy I scream in pain.

Even more torn both, they abandon us to our sad fate because for them, the feast continues, there are still many who are waiting to be crucified.

Our eyes meet with Piralandus we smile, now we are going to attend the torments of the following while waiting for death to come and seek us.


Terra Nova Tramp
I'm afraid !

When I see the horrors that have been inflicted on those who already sit on their cross, I sincerely admit to expecting the worst!

Already my right breast is damaged, I really wonder what to expect!

They are the cruel torturers from Rome who have just finished their dirty work with Nicole and Piralandus who come to get us Mariacrossa and me!

She's all shaking and hasn't stopped sobbing since she saw that her father was going to suffer the same fate as us!

I have the impression that she feels responsible and cannot control her emotions.

But I have to stop feeling sorry for her, I will already have all the trouble in the world to deal with my own situation which, I admit, really does not present itself under the best auspices!

My loincloth is directly ripped off and Coronavirus sticks my face against a post and holds me there by pulling my arms while his accomplice begins to whip me!

Directly, all my wounds from the day before reopened and started to bleed!

She then stops her flogging and, using a razor sharp knife, cuts relatively deep cuts in me that extend from my shoulders to under my butt!

I scream my pain and feel my blood run all the way down my back!

Happy with her work, she lets Coronavirus pull me up to my cross and lie there on the rough wood which increases the pain of my back wounds!

Meanwhile, Covida has shed her short gown under which she is completely naked and comes to position herself on me, her knees painfully locking my arms and her wet pussy on my face!

Instinctively, unwittingly, my tongue wandered over her clit and into her vagina, I have to drink the cum production she gives me.

Without my noticing it, Coronavirus has grabbed nails and a hammer and nails my right wrist to my patibulum.

The pain is searing but Covida's pussy keeps me from screaming!

I barely have time to breathe when my second wrist is also attached to my cross!

I rear up, toss my legs in the air showing off my clean shaved pussy the night before to the cheering crowd!

Coronavirus also stripped naked and shows off his impressive cock before shoving it deep inside me!

Despite my pain and my very special position, I can not help but feel a certain pleasure that quickly turns into an orgasm certainly thanks to the drugs with which I am filled!

In this state of enjoyment, I continue to lick Covida's pussy and it is together that we explode when I feel hot spurts of cum squirt inside my vagina.

Covida stays on me but Coronavirus pulls out and directly grabs my feet, positions it on my stipe and pierces with one nail!

After the fun, the horror but that's it, I am nailed to my cross and ready to be trained which they do not fail to do immediately!

Erect, I directly feel the weight of my body pulling on my attachment points causing me excruciating pain!

As if that weren't enough, Covida picks up her whip again and gives me a harsh volley of punches all over the front of my body, ripping off the nipple that was barely holding on by a miracle and the other!

She smiles at me and tells me that there will be no jealousy!

So here I am damaged everywhere on this cross which possesses me and will kill me!

I hope it doesn't last too long!



Now it was my turn. I glanced to my side and saw the stoic figure of Heineudus, naked and ready for death. He had joined the condemned through choice, presumably because his conscience had got the better of him … he was a former Gladiator and there he had been helping to emasculate and humiliate his fellow warriors, like a coward. Had he now received some form of redemption? Not in my eyes, for I could not forget the enthusiasm with which he had scourged my back and enjoyed every minute. I could still see the hard-on that had pushed from his groin into the thin cloth covering him … Heineudus had no restoration in my eyes, none at all. As he looked at me, I spat in his face … then I was taken from the line.

Gripping me firmly, the guards forced me to straddle the wood, lay horizontal on the ground, and then they quickly had me down on its crude surface where the many splinters and patches of bark dug into the wounds on my flesh. I cried out from the pain as they stretched out my arms on the beam once more and held them down.

Another soldier appeared with nails and a hammer.

“Please no,” I begged, but it was futile.

I closed my eyes and clenched my teeth, trying to steel myself to what was coming. I felt the point of the nail in my right wrist, then the terrible pain as it was hammered through skin and bone and into the beam. After bending the nail over to make sure I could not wriggle free, the soldier moved to my left wrist and did the same.

The two men who had held down my arms now grabbed my legs, spread them apart and pulled my body down the splintery pole as far as my nailed hands would allow. The soldier with the hammer laid a spike against the slit of my sex and tapped the head to anchor it into the wood. Then my body was ushered upwards. The spike was then moved up the tree by a short distance and driven into the wood at an upward angle. It was upon this harsh length or crude iron that my cunt would open and become gradually impaled …

I sobbed quietly.

Those guards holding my legs then placed the right heel over my left heel about twenty finger spaces below the nail so that my legs were bent and the knees spread wide apart. The point of another long nail was then driven through both my heels into the post and bent over.

“Aiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!” I cried out, I could not help it. The pain was excruciating, but nothing compared to what came next as they raised the cross to a vertical position and dropped it into the prepared ground hole, filling packing around it to ensure it held firm.

A cheer went up from the crowd at the sight. With my knees splayed wide, my pussy was on grotesque display and pain that I had never believed physically possible blazed through my body.

I was not hanging entirely from the nails in my wrists as I had expected; because some of my weight was pressed into the end of the spike they had placed beneath my crotch. Though the pain from my wrists was extreme, the cunt-nail soon began to compete. Very soon I found it was hard to exhale because of the way my body pulled upon my arms.

I seemed to be suffocating.

I thought that would be a good way to end all this: just let myself suffocate out. But my damned body would not allow it, and reacted to my impending demise by pulling on my wrists and pushing against my ankles. The agony produced by that manoeuvre was beyond belief, but I couldn't help it.

As soon as I was able to breathe again, I impaled myself once more upon the crotch nail. And the cycle of smothering and torture began again. The crowd loved it as I alternated between the two agonies, groaning and crying. Going up, going down. I prayed desperately that I would die quickly, appealing to every God that I could think of.

The Romans, in their hellish cleverness, had developed the crucifixion process to maximise pain and prolong agony. They had learned how to minimise blood loss, avert shock and stretch out the length of time each crucified wretch could survive in the extremity of torment. They had practiced the art on hundreds of thousands of men, women and children all over their realm for three hundred years. I was only the latest of those wretches to suffer the most cruel death ever invented. And this was only the beginning …



Had I slept? It didn't seem like it. How could I sleep when the pain never stops, always grows worse, constantly demands a shifting of the body on the nails. First up. Then down. Up. Then down. Each movement such agony that it stops the breath, blocks the voice, rends the mind!

Lifting my head from the shoulder of my Master, I looked at him. His eyes were closed and his breathing shallow. My weight upon him was killing him more quickly and for that I was grateful. His cock was still inside me, the thorny surface digging deep into our bodies but the pain caused by that was long gone, as was any sexual implication of our conjoinment. I ground my teeth. Hard! But it didn't help.

Nothing helped.

And the thirst! Building up. Drying my mouth. Cracking my lips. All I think about is water. And the pain.

Short lapses of consciousness before my body forced itself push against the nails and the inflamed nerves of bone and muscle screamed at me! Making me maddeningly aware of the agony!

Ah, those Roman soldiers! How cleverly they had placed the nails. Miss the arteries and veins. Hit the nerves. Minimal bleeding, maximum torment! The body will do the rest as it demands the right to breathe!

In the midst of this gruelling, helpless battle to inhale, all I wanted to do was die.

I prayed for death, but I was ignored, and instead continuously regained a consciousness that I didn't want.

I hoped for madness to blunt my senses, send me adrift into delirium, a fantasy world where there is no pain or thirst. But madness wouldn't come.



I had to lose consciousness, for a while the suffering was beyond what I could bear, I wanted to go beyond my limits, Now I know that I also have a limit to the bearable. I watch my painful body destroyed forever, I don't want to live anymore, and I want to be finished quickly. Despite this I do not regret anything, I had such incredible orgasms, it was worth paying for them at the cost of my life


Heineudus' Perspective

I am now nailed to my cross side by side with Peonia. Peonia spat in my face and I didn't react. I deserve this. How could I let myself be carried away to something like that. Two of the soldiers hold one of my arms and then the man comes who pegs me. The pain is indescribable but I try not to scream or moan. After that, the cross is immediately straightened up, which again causes endless pain in my pierced arms. After the cross is upright, my legs are nailed to the right and left sides of the cross. Since they are careless, I can kick one of these executioners in the head with the right foot so that it flies backwards and briefly loses consciousness. But unfortunately that doesn't help me either. All I can do now is hang on the cross and wait for my death. Now I just hope that Tiberius really allows some of his admirers to kill us one by one. Then our suffering will end this night.


(Tellius Caius: responsible for the arenas of Capua and organizer of the circus games)

Sincerely, Tiberius sees the big picture and doesn't skimp on the number of human lives for today’s party!

Following his instructions, I had to distribute to each of the spectators over eighteen who were part of the plebs a brochure with an engraved number telling them that it was an opportunity to win at the event.

A draw during the show!

Win what?


Here is the moment when twenty numbers are drawn and the twenty winners are asked to descend into the arena in front of Tiberius’s stand!

Thirteen women and five men of all ages find themselves face to face with the “divine” emperor who speaks to them in these terms:

“Citizens of Rome, the people who are here before me have won a grand privilege!
In each play, there are the stars but, to accompany them, there are extras!
This role, you have gained the privilege of interpreting it and, moreover, in my presence!
You will therefore all be crucified at the same time as these traitors who dared to endanger Rome and its emperor.
Guards, undress them and nail them to crosses just behind the condemned! "

Without further ado, they are stripped of their clothes and led to the rear of the arena where they are directly crucified!

I think Tiberius is crazy but I won't venture to say it out loud because I'm sure then I'll end up on a cross too.

Never will the arenas of Capua have welcomed so many crucified people at once!

This is pure cruelty!

I am really not surprised that plots are born aimed at the removal of the tyrant!

Unfortunately, it's not yet for this time!

Today thirty-nine people will end their lives on a cross, it is abominable!


After the two dolls Cathia and Mariacrossa which are now well displayed on their cross, it is up to us, Fataslavia and I to face the two demonic executioners from Rome!

Our loincloth is quickly removed which enchants my friend who loves to strut naked and that this piece of fabric bothered!

They put a leather strap on our left wrist and connect us both with a chain a little less than a meter long!

We are put a whip with lead balls on the thongs in our right hand and we are made to whip each other in turn!

Behind each of us are Coronavirus and Covida too with such a destructive whip!

If we don't hit hard enough, their whips will kick in!

So we start timidly and, each time, our executioners remind us to strike harder by slashing our backs with a much more serious lash!

Caught up in the mood emanating from the crowd, our shots get louder and more precise!

With each impact, blood and shreds of flesh escape from our wounds which multiply all over our body!

We are now both on our knees and our torturers stop our game!

The time has come to move on to our crucifixion.

The guards practically have to drag us to our crosses because we are so exhausted and, on top of that, the suffering we experience is by no means simulated.

So here we are stretched out on our T-crosses, well maintained by guards so that Covida can pass through our limbs with impressive nails and fix us in the rough wood that was used to make our crosses!

Quickly done but well done and in unimaginable pain we are definitely nailed down!

In a fit of kindness, Covida invites the four guards who kept us each there to take advantage of the exposure of our bodies to satisfy their sexual urges.

Each in turn therefore come to ejaculate inside us and it is the pussy dripping with their sperm that our crosses are erected!

So here is what Rome does with the widows of its senators, it crucifies them after having whipped and raped them!

Never in my life would I have thought to end my days like this!

Now, I don't even think about fighting to survive anymore, but the crucifixion is so done that even if you want to let go, the body instinctively rebels and defends itself!

How long will this cruel and painful ordeal last?

(Love this Piraland, thank you)



Why did dad want to intervene for me?

As if in the family it was not enough that I had to die on a cross!

Here he is destined, like me, to die nailed to a cross!

I hate myself terribly because, if I hadn't refused to join Macron's service, to become one of his whores, nothing would have happened and we would have stayed with family!

I must be beautiful with the tears that keep rolling down my cheeks!

People must think I'm afraid of what's going to happen to me.

Well yes, I'm afraid!

Afraid of suffering, afraid of dying but I can't hope for anything anymore,

it's Cathia and I who are being taken to undergo our final ordeal!

While our two executioners take care of Cathia, my back is fixed on a pole!

So I can see all the abuse that is done to her!

I suppose the flogging and the cuts that were made on her back, it was only so that the contact with his cross would be very painful!

So here she is, nailed and erected with her cross after having been raped once more!

I hope for her that at least she came before she began her slow agony!

So that's where they are heading towards me, Coronavirus with a whip in hand and Covida with her knife.

My chest, stomach and the front of my thighs are quickly decorated with red, bloody and very painful streaks!

Some beatings even hit my barely groomed pussy after being abused during the executioner orgy, it’s really horrible!

Covida now comes to finish their work with her knife and slashes me all the front of my body with sores especially on my breasts, the inside of my arms and my thighs!

I'm bleeding all over the place and my pain is huge!

They bring me to my cross but lay me on my back before placing my cross on me!

Crushed by the weight of these heavy beams, I really wonder what they are doing to me?

I quickly get an answer because they fold my arms around my cross and start to nail my wrists in that position!

Each blow of a hammer applied to one of the nails has repercussions throughout my body blocked by the wood to which they are busy uniting me, the pain is indefinable but I am not at the end of my troubles because it is my turn. legs to be crossed on my stipe and my feet are therefore nailed too!

I have just been crucified face to face against my cross!

Helped by guards, my executioners turn my cross over and place it on wooden blocks so that my hands and feet are not crushed by my cross.

Cathia before me was treated to the huge Coronavirus cock in her vagina, I just realized that he is going to satisfy himself in my anus!

It penetrates me very painfully because it reopens the internal wounds of yesterday!

Luckily, it didn't last very long and I was almost happy to feel his cum invade my rectum!

They now raise my cross that I hold as I would hold a lover who would come to satisfy me! Alas, it is not a lover but the instrument of my death that I embrace in my arms!

Like Cathia, I am now entitled to an extra volley of lashes on my back and butt which, until now, had remained virtually intact!

So now there is no part of my body left that does not make me suffer!

All this for a refusal to serve the treacherous right arm of Tiberius! It’s really expensive to pay to die for this especially since my father will suffer the consequences too!


How time passes slowly when we find ourselves nailed to a cross and we suffer excruciatingly!

Since my castration, I am not even a man anymore!

What am I again?

A corpse on borrowed time waiting in pain for death to come and take it!

All of us, naked on a cross, exposed to the gibes of the crowd, are living our last hours trying to find on this cross of which we are now part a position that would allow us to calm our pains a little!

The cross is so made that it leaves no respite for those who were unlucky enough to be crucified there!

Whether I look one way or the other, all I see is pain and agony!

Perhaps the tyrant who now rules the Roman Empire was not sated with blood with us terrorists, that he had to have twenty more people executed just to satisfy his sadism, his thirst for corpses and death!

Beside me, Nicole no longer fights, she is prostrate and no longer thinks of enjoying, but rather seems to wait to take her last breath!

Cathia and Mariacrossa, both destroyed, are no better, bloody and destroyed they also wait for death to come and free them.

Plus, Mariacrossa just witnessed the crucifixion of her father who was brutally whipped before being nailed!

His only fault, so to speak, is being the father of a condemned woman!

This is not what will cheer him up, which is really very low!

One might believe that justice no longer exists in this decadent empire.

Further on, the two matrons Roberta and Fataslavia seem less affected by their ordeal and, although their suffering can be read on their faces, continue to discuss together while waiting the fateful hour.

This relative ease has been noticed by Covida who comes back to them and inflicts an additional volley of lashes!

Further on, I can't see what's going on but I guess none of us endure this heartbreaking torture!

We all suffer for the great joy of all the spectators!

Barbara and Eulalia are still on the platform, forced to watch our executions!

I have a feeling that Tiberius is saving them for last and must have instructed her tormentors to be given special diet!

It seems that Tiberius is going to give his guests of honor the opportunity to come and give us the final blow!

I wish he didn't hang around too much and quickly send us these bearers of the dead who can choose how they will take us from life to death!

It's the madness in the tribune of honor, the orgy that takes place there is beyond comprehension, all mix and it is not the wives of the politicians present who are the least active, I even see one that I took for a stuck kneeling at the feet of Tiberius and administering a fellatio that does not seem to displease him!

Death in the arena and enjoyment around!

The feast of Tiberius does not have the same taste for everyone !



Our work is progressing well and we are very satisfied with the way people suffered and are still suffering on their cross!

We'll go back to see them again and maybe break some legs!

Coronavirus loves to do that!

The sound that the bones of convicts make when he breaks them excites him higher, higher and, afterwards, it is with insane rage that he penetrates me and we enjoy the best together!

But, for now we are heading to the back of the arena to see how the soldiers, not even apprentice executioners, managed to crucify the twenty more victims!

It’s an unimaginable waste!

Nothing was inflicted on them before nailing them, not even the slightest of flogging!

Of course, they are in pain from the randomly hammered nails going through their limbs but will die far too slowly!

Tiberius' festivities normally do not have to last all night and these people will take at least three days to die!

This is way too much and so I guess they will be completed quickly!

I hope I can kill a few, I feel full of ideas today and can't wait to turn them into real action!

Alas, Telius Caius the great organizer lets us know that Tiberius has just decided that these twenty crucified people would remain at the disposal of the Praetorian Guard who would shortly be able to take them for targets and finish them happily by defying each other. another in archery!

It is a great pity but it is the divine Tiberius who decides and we can only bow and return to our first loves, our famous condemned men whom we will therefore help to suffer a little more on their crosses!

First, for Piralandus and Nicole who don't move very much but are still very much alive, I'll let Coronavirus take care of them!

He comes forward with a heavy metal bar and starts breaking their legs just below the knees!

Four very specific blows carried with violence are enough to break clean the tibias and fibulae of the two crucified who, once again, cry out screaming this new pain when they should rather save the air they will now have even more. difficult to get into their lungs.

For Cathia and Mariacrossa, the new torture will be the same but will not follow the same course!

Through Cathia's vagina, I insert a metal bar a little over two meters long that Coronavirus will help me with using a hammer to push in little by little so that it goes through her whole body!

The tip of this bar is rounded enough so that it does not directly destroy all the organs but rather spread them apart until it finally comes out through its throat and mouth!

The journey is long and painful especially for Cathia but we are happy to see that we have succeeded without killing her but inflicting endless pain on her which will only subside with her death!

It is very beautiful to see this bar emerge from the mouth of Cathia who will never cry again!

It’s Mariacrossa’s turn to be penetrated by a similar bar, but for her, the starting point for this painful penetration will be her rectum!

We are less satisfied this time because the bar leaves the body of the crucified just above her right breast!

It is less successful but the image it gives and the cries it makes are very pleasing!

We love to impale convicts like this, but you have to be real experts to do it while keeping them alive and making them suffer as much as possible!

The big breasts of the two matrons Roberta and Fataslavia have interested me from the start and, after being pulled up by hanging them yesterday, this time they are going to be pulled down!

After having surrounded them with very tight necklaces, we attach a chain to them, from which we hang a bucket that we gradually fill with sand until they are completely full and put them in a very uncomfortable position, their breasts stretched out. down and their arms also outstretched to the extreme in the total impossibility of standing on their cross again and causing them to suffocate slowly but surely.

We are happy with the results obtained and also the crowd who applauds us and never stop shouting their satisfaction with the show offered!

Blood and suffering are very fashionable and are still a recipe today!


(Tellius Caius)

Macron has just descended into the arena to review all the crucified and to start the archery competition of his Praetorian Guard!

The aim of the soldiers is not to kill them but to reach the unfortunate people tied naked on the crosses while still trying to keep them alive for a while!

A gesture from Tiberius and Macron then gives the start of this friendly game that will only kill people who do not represent anything for Rome!

The arrows therefore start to hit the victims, hitting them in the arms and legs, but all the praetorians are not shooting champions and some of their arrows are lethal, leaving no chance for the crucified, whose number of survivors is decreasing quite quickly. .

This spectacle excites the people who continue to loudly show their satisfaction!

Some are busy copulating in front of everyone, including a woman in the front row who, completely stripped down receives the homage of a man who works her very violently and makes her cum loudly!

Alas for her, this will be her last enjoyment, as a stray arrow, probably from the bow of a clumsy and certainly drunken Praetorian, hits her between her breasts.

In her last orgasm, she collapses in the arena!

An additional victim greeted by a hilarious Tiberius who appreciates terribly!

Soon, with the exception of a few who are dying with their bodies lined with arrows, only corpses remain on these crosses!

The only advantage these people have is that their crucifixion will not last very long!

But time goes by and the heavy sun that has accompanied us since the beginning quickly descends on the horizon and it is time to light all the torches in the circus which will give the show which, of course continues, different colors but just as attractive!


I am not really a torture any more and, deep down, I like it enough that my legs have just been broken because then my body will be less able to defend itself and death will come faster!

Obviously, that adds abominable additional suffering but I have reached such a point of pain that it forms a whole!

I am already no longer a man since my castration and I am getting more and more used to this suffering and reacting less and less!

I believe that Nicole next to me must have reached the same point as me because I did not see her have any exceptional reactions when the metal mass broke her legs!

Her cravings for orgasms must now be over because her pains have probably become so intense that they must now prevent her from coming.

Both of us hope that death will take us quickly because I believe our ordeal has lasted long enough!

If we didn’t scream like possessed during the last abuse inflicted on us, Cathia didn’t scream throughout the progression of this murderous spear that ran through her body!

Her screams stopped when her vocal cords were destroyed by this invader who was finishing his journey inside her before emerging through her mouth which will never close again!

Mariacrossa continues to scream her sorrow and pain as the cruel bar did not reach her throat but came out destroying her right breast!

Moreover, in her position, she has just witnessed the death of her father who has just expired on his cross.

What about the ridiculous position that has just been imposed on Roberta and her friend!

Hanging by their wrists and unable to straighten up from those buckets full of sand hung from their breasts!

Although they are both forces of nature, I don't believe they will be able to withstand this load for very long!

I also think of those poor people who came to spend a fun afternoon at the circus and who have just died crucified naked and riddled with arrows!

How far will the cruelty of Tiberius go?

The mood is changing now because we just lit all the torches in the arena!

The reflection of these flames on our naked bodies gives us a different look, we are all like dancing on our crosses!

The public appreciates it and lets it know by continuing the insane orgy that takes place in the stands!

We, the poor victims of the tyrant, want nothing more than to die.



My two legs have just been broken!

I have to say, I hadn't expected this to happen to me and initially it was not in my fantasy!

Since the last orgasms that went through me when my breasts were tortured until they tore, I have waited for nothing but death!

All the nerve endings that were so active that allowed me to transform pain into pleasure were all destroyed by the glowing bar that was introduced into my vagina!
I no longer even feel my clitoris, which I have often achieved fantastic orgasms through, it must be completely shrunken because it burned to the extreme!

My body is now only pain and I can't wait to die so that I can be free from this unbearable suffering!

I hardly have any reactions anymore and try to move as little as possible!

I am completely exhausted and become a stranger to all the cries that my neighbors can make on their crosses!

However, I have found that my good master Piralandus has undergone the same treatment as me on his legs and does not move much more than me!

On the other hand, seeing Cathia undergo the journey of this stake in her, I wondered if it could have made me reach new heights of pleasure because it was one of my fantasies before arriving here!

The total penetration, my vagina invades and destroyed by this cock colder but harder than that of a man and which does not stop progressing in me until it comes out of my mouth!

Come to think of it, I feel very limp and still wanting to cum, but I no longer have the strength or the means!

Her neighbor suffered the same abuse, but I personally believe that it is through the vagina and not through the anus that I would have preferred to be invested.

All of these thoughts allow me to forget a little about the pain I am feeling and the darkness that is invading the arena situates me better in time!

They will surely not be long in coming to give us the final blow that we are all impatiently waiting for!

Finally, with Tiberius at the helm, it is possible that he will prolong our ordeal even further, that he lengthen it as much as possible so that we suffer as much as possible because his sadism and cruelty really have no limits!

And to think that Barbara and Eulalia's ordeal hasn't started yet!

Until they are crucified and tortured, I don’t believe we will be killed!

What has Stabia planned for them?

I might be dead before and so never know!


Our crucifixion, despite the fact that our whole body was well marked by the numerous lashes, made us suffer very badly, did not go too badly!

I am starting to have very painful cramps in my arms and legs, the places where they pierced my wrists and feet are also very sore and my breasts are feeling from the stretch from our hanging yesterday but, sincerely, I thought I was suffering a lot more!

Things still seem to be moving and our tormentors are coming back!

They just broke Piralandus and Nicole's legs and impaled Cathia and Mariacrossa!

What will happen to us now that they are heading towards us!

I see them inspecting us from top to bottom !

They feel our breasts and judge our excitement by searching us between the legs, taking advantage of the passage to introduce their fingers into our pussies and our anuses!

Definitely, it is our big breasts that seem to inspire them because it is they who are going to be mistreated again!

They are starting to put on very tight leather collars at the base of our udders and tighten them so that they return to their mauve, almost black color they had yesterday.

They now link empty buckets to necklaces with a chain!

So far except for the fact that my breasts are really tight, I don't feel any additional pain.

Armed with shovels, they begin to fill the buckets with sand!

From a moment on, each additional shovelful feels like a shock, the weight of the buckets starting to pull our breasts terribly!

Now I have the feeling that my wrists are going to tear from my cross or that my tits are going to tear but everything is holding up painfully!

The position I occupy on my cross is more and more uncomfortable because it prevents me from standing up so that I can fill my lungs with oxygen!

My arms are now making me suffer terribly as well as my breasts!

I won't last long in this position!

Honestly, a few minutes ago, I felt good on my cross!

(Loving this, thank you Piraland)



Carlotta could hear the sounds, but they were vague, registering only in the inner recesses of her mind. Cries of anguish and pain, some of pleasure and lust … but all just nebulous, nothing clear, no clarity. All the poor, crucified girl could focus on was the numbness in her body. The only comfort that acted as a saving grace was the fact that her head rested upon the shoulder of Fossius, her Master, whilst his rested upon hers. Although the Gladiator was more slumped than resting, his body having been rendered lifeless a short while ago when his shallow breathing stopped completely.

At least he had died with his cock still hard and embedded inside the nubile body of his beautiful muse.

“Is she dead yet?” Carlotta heard those words. They were spoken from directly below her, and although these bastards from the Praetorian Guard had many, more medically oriented, ways to tell if she was still alive, they chose to open up her anus with something large and thick in order to detect her condition …

Despite her obvious demise, the intrusion into Carlotta’s tight rectum caused her to groan and shift her position a little.

“She’s alive? Good, then fuck her ass with the spear handle …”

And so the Guard did. Following his orders to the letter, he screwed the thick, long wood into the girl’s already broken body until she defecated the remnants of what was left inside her bowels onto the floor before him …

It was her last act …

Peonia meanwhile, Fossius’ equally beautiful muse, was unable to ‘enjoy’ any comfort at all. Crucified alone and in a place that afforded her a full view of her Master and her sister, entwined until death, poor Peonia hung, nailed and impaled, alone.

She could feel her life’s breath ebbing away, but not quickly enough, and she knew that whilst ever she breathed, these monsters would think of ways to take their pleasure from her. Peonia had seen the poor civilians, innocent of any crime, crucified too, just to compound the perverted pleasures of Tiberius.

Her breathing was shallow, her bones almost at the point of rattling the sounds of her death, but not quite, not yet, and that was enough for the two Guards now standing below her cross.

“This cunt lives, scourge her body.”

Peonia couldn’t complain, she couldn’t offer dissent, she had no energy to object and so as the barbed lash ripped into her flesh, carving the front of her body in the same manner as her back, she could barely cry out.

As the barbs fell and her nipples were torn, Peonia looked down and caught the scourge across her face. Long trenches of flesh and muscle were torn away from her cheek and the end of her nose, causing her stunning features to assume a grotesque appearance.

Still the scourge fell. Gouging away the skin of her stomach, her breasts and her abdomen. The shaved, bare mound, still impaled on the crude iron spike, dripped with blood and torn remnants of skin flapped in the slight breeze.

It was too much, and Peonia was glad. She knew that her end was nigh. Suddenly she pushed upwards on the crucifix, her body finding one final surge of strength and she yelled out “My Master … My Sister … I’m coming to you …”

And then she was gone.

For Fossius, Carlotta and Peonia, the light had finally been snuffed out.


Terra Nova Tramp
I never thought we could suffer as much as I suffer nailed naked to my cross!

This crucifixion is truly the most barbaric method of executing people!

I dare not put my destroyed back against the wood of my cross and therefore exhaust myself very quickly working with my arms and feet nailed!

I managed to get through several orgasms rather caused by my exposure in plain sight, my vagina open and dripping, and my clitoris aroused, erect and out of its usual hiding place.

I hope that death will not forget me for too long and will take me quickly to end this throbbing pain that never leaves me!

But, haven't we been tortured enough?

Our executioners return and, directly, break the legs of Piralandus and Nicole!

They come towards me, will my legs suffer the same fate as theirs?

I feel like my legs are going to stay unharmed, but another torture awaits me!

Coronavirus begins by stroking my clitoris and inserting three of its rough fingers into my vagina!

It’s quite nice and I really wet those fingers that invest me!

He quickly stops, running his fingers covered with my cum in his mouth, seeming to enjoy the taste and smell.

Now it's Covida who introduces me to my next lover, a metal bar with a rounded end!

The start of this new penetration is quite welcome but it quickly turns into a nightmare!

I feel rushed inside by this invader who soon entered my uterus and continued on its way, pushing aside every organ it encounters one after another!

The fire has settled in my stomach and the pain caused is still far more than I had felt until then!

It is to the rhythm of hammer blows that this invader continues to advance in me!

With each stroke, he makes a painful leap of ten centimeters!

I can feel my pussy dripping, but this time it must be blood spilling inside my thighs.

I scream without stopping but, suddenly, here I am speechless, still in pain, my invader has just broken my vocal cords!

Coronavirus pulls me by the hair to position my head back!

I feel in the back of my throat the head of the stake coming in and, a moment later, emerging from my mouth!

Although I can no longer externalize my pain, my suffering is infinite and my position absolutely ridiculous with this bar which has crossed my whole body and will remain in me until my death which I hope will be quick!

I am impaled until my last breath!
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