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The CruxBar

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When I saw my workplace from the corner, I checked my watch. It was almost eight o`clock PM. Phil did not tolerate the delay. He had accepted that I could not arrive at six as usual, but I promised myself to eight, and I knew I could not afford arriving later than that. I entered the door below the neon sign that let the people know that this was the CruxBar: A place of fulfilling desires hung up.
Fortunately I did not have to change dress. The uniform was simple, and fit to streetwear: A skinny jeans and a fitting top, in any color. I just had to take my jacket off.
The bar was dark and very narrow and symmetric: In front of entrance, on the other end there was the bar, with the most expensive lagers and everything else that rich people drink after collecting that enormous money they let here. To left on the same wall the store-room, to right the office and our private rest -and changing room.
Between the entrance and the bar there were two rows of tables, along exact perpendicular and parallel lines. On the left and the right walls there were the doors to the private rooms. And between the doors the public cruxes: Occupied and empty ones. Right besides the entrance I found Melissa hanging. She did not notice me entering: Her head hung down and she tried to press as much air to her lungs as she could before the weight of her soft ass streched out again her breathing muscles. I stopped in front of my naked colleague.
-Hi Melissa -I saluted. She managed to look up. Her eyes were filled with the discomfort of very hard work. She managed a louder "Hi", than tried to push up to be able to speak.
-Don`t do that if it`s not good! -I warned her. I knew what he felt, I had felt the same before. It made me to think about my today shift. My back gave the sign of phantom agony under my jacket.
-Everything is OK? -She asked from a middle position above me. Her tits hanged down toward my head. I knew she meant to my late arrival, but still it was weird that the naked, sweating woman asked it from me, a clothed free one. Looking at her trembling thighs even I had to shift my weight between my feet. I was aware that the group of men sitting at the table behind me followed the change of the shape of my ass caused by the movement in my tight jeans. They were who ordered Melissa up to this cross, and I wasn`t sure that they did not do it to me on the next cross, or even on the other side, in front of Melissa. In this case we could check the suffering of each other. It was embarrassing on different way than in front of just stranger men. We never got used to the sight of the naked body of each other, at least because of fluctuation. I was happy that my tits did not hang down as much as of Melissa. I felt it too personal if I show any physical imperfection to the watchers. I still had too much. Phil accepted any kind of girls, even the ugliest or oldest ones. He paid by order, not monthly basis, so if the visitors did not like someone and not ordered her, she left the company anyway, Phil did not loose.
I reached out with my right hand and using the back of my hand I lifted up Melissa`s right tit to put my palm to her upper ribs in order to check her respiration. I knew she was embarrassed by the way I touching her, I tried to draw her attention.
-I just consulted with Noah`s teacher. I will tell you about it when they will finish with you. Your breathing is slow a little bit. Shoud I call dr. Porter? -I recognized that she was thinking for a moment, but than shook her head and sank back down, showing that she did not want to speak more. I understood. I knew how exhausting the cross was.
I left her and went accross the main hall. I was aware of all the male glances and gazes that followed me. I hailed Gracie who tried to deal with a steeped footrest on her cross. It was really frustrating to stand on something and still feeling that weird force that kept pulling you forward, but much better than just hanging from your wrists like Melissa.
I entered the restroom and threw up my jacket to the coat rack. I checked my tits in the top, my jeans if my panties did not slip above its waistline, my long blonde hair and my makeup. A looked around the resting girls. Most of them were after a crucifixion. They sat and lied on the resting bags, rubbed themselves and each other. Some were still naked, but more of them took back their underwear, and a few all the clothes, mostly who were ready to go back. I recognized a new face. She sat on a bag fully clothed in black jeans and red top. She was very nervous. She strained her hands together strongly and was biting her lips. She almost cried.
-Hi! I am Kathy. -I introduced myself.
-Marcella. -She answered very simply.
-Any problem, Marcella? -I asked.
-She is sitting here since opening. -Barbara said instead of her, pushing back her legs into her jeans.
-Go to work, Barbara! I said. -Do your next five minutes before you beg dr. Porter to let you down. -She buttoned her jeans, fastened the bell on it and left the room without a word. I turned back to the new girl.
-Don`t wory. We all can do it, and you will get used to it too. Dr. Porter is a nice person. He take care of us, and not let any girl to get in any trouble on the cross.
-But doesn`t it hurts too bad? Does it? -She asked on high voice.
-Think about the thousands of dollars you will earn today, if you are clever and devoted. -I avoided the answer.
-I need this money. -She agreed. -I need so much, but I could not bear the touch of that ugly strangers. I hoped this place would be better, but now I am not sure.
-Up to you, Marcella. -I smiled to her. -Up to you. Do one evening. What is it at all?
She took a deep breath, and stood up. She grabbed her jeans, pulled it up a bit, and took my hand.
-Do you come with me? -She asked. I nodded and hand-in-hand we entered the main area. Dr. Porter was talking to the heavily sweatening Melissa. The group of men who ordered her were very amused apparently. Their eyes almost fell out. Barbara was already surrounded by three businessmen. They ordered her to turn around, checking her tits, ass and loin. Then they called Phil to discuss the price and details and disappeared alltogether in one of the private room. I hoped they would order something hanging cross with a cornu to her fat ass. This girl ned to be fucked hard to rally herself. She tried to give back to her colleagues what she had to suffer from the guests, and it was really not cool.
We sat down to the bar. Marcella asked for a whiskey-cola. I looked over her body, imaging her hided parts. She was so young. We got again a pair of tits that is better than mine.
-Drink it. It will be good for the first evening. -I said. -But do not get used to it. It is better if it does not irritate your bladder on the cross.
-Maybe nobody will choose me tonight.-She told wishfully.
-Maybe. -I agreed. We sat there for a while in peace, waiting the guests if they pick up any of us. All of them saw me when I was walking over the main hall, by two hours after opening. If any would want me, they was here already. It would be bad if I do not earn a cent this evening, coming here in vain, but my deeper part releived by this conclusion.
Phil stepped to us. He just nodded to Marcella, and turned to me.
-I`m happy you arrived at last. Everything went well with the kid? -He asked, but I did know it was just small talk.
-It was ok, Phil. What they ordered to Barbara? -I continued his chat.

-A pole footrest.-He answered. It was a cheap version of crosses. A meter wide rounded pole was used as footrest on which the cuffs were at the ends. It pulled apart our legs slightly that opened our vulva to the eyes of the guests, but we could stand on it straightened. Its narrow shape tortured our soles quite harsly on long term, but we had some inches to change position, and it paid quite well, even not so well as a hanging cross, not mentioning a cornu attached. My last crucifixion came in my mind on that kind of cross. It was private with one fat man in the room. It was a very long crucifixion. He did not even care of me at the first time, even if I tried to talk to him. He was occupied by his phone, writing text messages and rolling facebook, while I stood in front of him naked, with legs apart. The time passed and the wage of every minute was higher by a dollar than the one before, so I was happy, but meanwhile the lack of his attention annoyed me and hurt my vain. At last I started to shook my tits, even let a stamina drop on them. He started to be interested when my soles started to aching quite harshly, and I could not hide it. She just took out his penis and started to jerk it when I had to hang down from my wrists to release my feet, but he stopped it sometimes and just observed me. It was very frustrating when I built up the hope that he would come this time, than he paused and started again a few minutes later. At last I agreed that he may ejaculate on my foot, even if it was ont he edge of breaking the first rule of the bar: It was not allowed to touch any of the employees.


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based on feedbacks. What would you ask if you was a guest? How would you feel yourself if you was an employee?
Interesting story concept. :rolleyes:

Imagine making a living in a cheap club in which for money you allowed the patrons to order you crucified naked for a set period of time? You writhe and suffer while they drink and watch. How many times a night do you agree to perform this very wearing erotic act? Why do you do it? Is it the money? Who knows? Beats lap dancing, I guess.


based on feedbacks. What would you ask if you was a guest? How would you feel yourself if you was an employee?
I would probably ask for some whipping and a large heavy cross. Having the cross beam and post separate where the employee is raised after they are attached to the beam.

I would just try to last as long as I could if I was an employee.


Interesting story concept. :rolleyes:

Imagine making a living in a cheap club in which for money you allowed the patrons to order you crucified naked for a set period of time? You writhe and suffer while they drink and watch. How many times a night do you agree to perform this very wearing erotic act? Why do you do it? Is it the money? Who knows? Beats lap dancing, I guess.
it really depends on the type of crucifixion. As you see, anything can be ordered. After a hanging there can be acceptable another one with some footrest. The problem is that apparently not the girls choose


I would probably ask for some whipping and a large heavy cross. Having the cross beam and post separate where the employee is raised after they are attached to the beam.
I may give you this chapter or thread in the story.

It makes no sense, but I cannot even write about beating a woman. Here I tied up to the cross dozens of them, in very uncomfortable positions, accidentally I even killed one, but I find not any joy in beating any of them


-And? -I asked, hoping that I would learn some details how she is suffering or being hunmiliated.
-The dumbasses had chosen an apparently cheap version, but they got bored soon. They collected some more money and asked for a dildo inside her. Could you manage this? -He asked, pulling out an ugly brown plastic penis with overemphasized veins running along it. I had no desire to fumbling inside the body of Barbara, but I knew it was not a request, moreover an order. I grabbed the dildo and said some encouraging words to Marcella before I left her alone.
I entered the private room where I had been sent. The guys were on the sofa in front of Barbara`s cross. Her clothes were on the floor. I greeted the guests and walked to Barbara.
-Hi. I was sent. Are you ready? -I asked her.
-Get over it. -She answered, pushing forward her hips. She was the girl who did not really shaved her pussy. It disgusted me, even if I wore a narrow hair under my jeans too. I had a question but I did not know how to ask it.
-How to...You know. It should be wetter. The men started to giggle behind me. Barbara looked to them over my blonde head.
-Should I stroke it? ... Or lick the dildo a little bit instead of? -I went into the details. She changed the position of her soles on the pole. I felt the smell of her sweat and the odour of her pussy. Why couldn`t she took care of that damned hair.
-I do not want your stamina inside me. I will do it. Give it to me! -She ordered. I raised to my tiptoes to reach her mouth with the dildo and avoiding her big breasts meanwhile. She tried to bend down, but her fixed arms defined a limit. At least her mouth came closer above her tits. When I was sure that she could reach the dildo with her mouth I looked down and stared at her navel. The soft female skin was a kind of friendly sight, and the rising and sinking movements of her breathing indiced sympathy. My fingers felt the forces as her tongue pushed the sides of the dildo. The strong and silly giggling of the men embarrassed me, and I could not imagine how it embarrassed Barbara. They may stared at my ass in the jeans, but not my full naked crucified body. I looked down to her feet on the so narrow pole. Her foot fingers were constantly moving. I reached out with my other hand and carressed them. I let it there when I took back the dildo and started to search the entrance on her loin into her tortured and humiliated body.
-Relax! I said, and opened her outer lips. The dildo was so thight and I even saw with my eyes that she could not ease her muscles. I wandered what the men were thinking behind me. They had no chance to understand the feeling of accept an alien object into their body in that particular part. How many conditions ned to be fulfilled to find joy in it as a woman. Being crucified in a bar, with pain in the soles is the farest from that.
From a sudden idea I kissed the point where her thighs joined her loin, then I stood aside to let the onlookers see what was happening, then tried to push up the dildo, slightly rolling it around. I heard that moan that comes not from the pain of rubbing dry lips, but when the body feels the insertion. I knew that I had to bury the dildo as deep as its possible. That is what the guests wanted to see. But I did not want to cause pain, so I pulled it out a little bit before I pushed it further up with a few centimeters and tried to feel the part where Barbara`s vagina started to tighten toward the gate of her womb. I did not know how she was feeling about the knowledge I learnt about her body in details, but I was sure I had to know it in order not to hurt her. This cross helped me in terms of not letting Barbara to close her feet together, but I recognized when she tried it. When I felt the deepest point I looked up to her face to get feedback. I looked for the signs of the small pain that was normal and accepted by every women. Another thing that the laughing men behind me would never understand.
When I learnt every little details of her womanhood, I started pulling and pushing the dildo inside her. If I wanted to please her I would just move it a few centimeters, but I knew that had to demonstrate the lenght of her vagina to the men who ordered her to the cross, so I pulled it almost out and pushed it back until I felt the pressure I had learnt where to stop. She started to breathe heavily to control her body and not to strain her muscles that would cause just pain.
Soon one man left and the other gave me order.
-Let it inside her and come here! Sit down! You worked hard. -I obeyed and sat between the two remaining men. They looked over me.
-Next time we should try her. -The right one said, carressing my thigh. -Which cross is your favourite, babe? -He asked. I was thinking a little bit.
-I like the classic hanging one. -I choosed a quite expensive one, which was quite bad, but at least short. -It occupies me entirely. But if you miss my first round, for second time I probably would prefer a tiptoe-footrest. -They laughed, but I saw that I turned them on.
-What if a cornu instead? -They asked.
-You gentlemen apparently like to see a girl being fucked. But I think you don`t understand the spirit of this place. These opportunities are just additional ones. However the cross is... -A knock was heard. Barbara let out the dildo which fell down to the floor. I looked up to her to see how was she.
-Should I continue? -I asked, thinking that this would be a shorter, therefore better way for her. Te man on my left looked at her too.
-Certainly, just wait for Walter.-He said. We looked to each other with Barbara. She took a deep breath, knowing what probably would come. Walter entered the room, with another dildo. It was a very flexible, smooth and less tight than the former one, but long. Really long, at least 40 cm. The man besides me continued.
-Use this. And we want you to use it, not just a part of. -I stood up, and went back. I should be happy, because I also got some money from the renting fee of the tools, and this one must be an expensive item, but I felt simpathy to my naked colleague, who faced hard time. I felt myself guilty that I had wished this before, as if this was the direct consequence of my thoughts. I went back to the cross of Barbara, and transferred her clothes to another place from where I had to stood to reach her ass. I remembered how he buttoned it in the restroom, for a so short time, as it turned out. I took the dildo from the man who handed it over. Barbara tried to follow me from the cross as I went halfly behind her.
-OK, rely on me, and always tell me what you feel! -I was assuring her. I carressed her hip, than pulled away her right buttock. She had some overweight, the anus was quite buried in his arse. I knew that we were going to have a different relationship after I would do this to her.
At least this hole was simpler than a womanhood, I could insert the tip easily, but long way was ahead it.
-Be...slow! -She emphasized from above. I squeezed her buttock to indicate that she could rely on me, and started the pull out a little - push in a little bit more -sequence. It went quite well. The men stared intensively to her belly. She just moaned little ones.
-Doest it work well? -I asked.
-The entrance is OK, will be tightened soon enough. I feel some small pressure inside, but not everywhere, just in some points. Bearable, but very scary. As if it was not come from back outside.
I almost succeeded to bury the dildo entirely when she moaned unexpectedly strong and bent forward. I immediately stopped. The men became very exalted. I pulled out the dildo entirely. I wanted to enter again after a few seconds, but she thrusted forward her hips to close her buttocks. I saw the men looked down to her pussy that was revealed in the same time.
-OK, I call dr. Porter. -I decided. I did not like that I did not know what I was doing. He arrived immediately.
-Doctor, did you see this thing before? -I asked. He came besides me, looked at it.
-Phil showed me when the guests asked him if they can use. -He turned around Barbara, and pushed her belly in sime points. He looked up to her face.
-Ok, Barbara, you colon runs all around you belly, just behind your skin. This dildo will turn right inside you then turn up again. You will feel some small pressure, your organs will reposition a little bit, maybe you will have urination stimulus, but it is entirely reversible. Just relax and let it in. -He turned to me. -It has no use to pumping it. Push it up a little and wait for a few seconds. Barbara, take a few deep breath this time. Ok, I go. I have to take down Melissa in any time.-He said, then left the private room.
The weight of anticipation filled up the room, just in different terms. Barbara was gasping for a few seconds, then she calmed down and laughed up nervously to show me that I might continue. She pushed back her buttock toward my face to open her anus to me. I put back the dildo and followed dr. Porter`s instructions. Nobody had wanted this doing to me, I could not imagine what Barbara felt, filled up so much. Her anus was undulating around the plastic. I reached the maximum. More than forty centimeters of felxible dildo was curving inside her body. I started to move it in and out just in the range of a normal dildo.
-I see it! Oh, my god, I can see it! -I heard Barbara, staring down from her cross. The men burst into ovation. I looked forward above her hip, and I saw it too: the tip of the dildo under her skin, just besides her navel. This was they wanted to see.
Barbara tried to relax, but after a half minute her body contorted and she tried to escape. She bent forward to the maximum as if she got electro-shocked. This time I pulled the dildo out, waited until she calmed down than I continued her exortion as I had to. I tried some tricks. Before I inserted back the plastic I put it in front of Barb`s belly, holding its bottom around where it used to enter her, so they could see where its other end should be in her body. After I had to push it up again and shuffling her abdominal wall, but when I felt her collapsing again I stopped moving and put my other hand to her belly where the dildo teased it. It calmed down her panicking body and turned the men on.

I was pounding her, checking the signs like how hard she pulled her wrists in the ropes, how strongly she pushed her left buttock against the cross, when one of the guests said: -Gentlemen, time to leave! -And he started to unbutton his pants. The other two stood up and one of them nodded to me that I could finish it and should leave with them. I released Barbs colon from the dildo. She remained on the cross trembling and breathing, looked really exhausted and collapsed. "Be strong for a little bit more!" -I thought. In this state she would finish all the men one by one quite soon. That state of the women was they came for.
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