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The CruxForum 2020 Xmas Magazine

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It's FREE and has 24 pages of jokes, cartoons and lots of bits and pieces.
image_2020-12-07_152552.pngSince Xmas is upon us why not download it (Requires a PDF viewer) as a Xmas prezzie from CruxForums to yourself. Also please consider donating (Via PayPal) say $5 or 5 of whatever currency to the Help The Forum Fund. ImageMaker pays for this site out of his own pocket and December is the month of the biggest bills. We still haven't quite reached the target for this month yet and we should be looking at January 2021. If just 20 or so members contributed $5 or£5 or E5 then we would hit the target. These magazines do take a fair while to put together especially when you don't know all the tricks like me. I would like to produce another for Easter 2021 so I'm hoping this will be a success. Please give something today. Thanks.


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