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The Day to die-a 3 part story

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Assistant executioner
In any other country my crime would be petty, with a minor punishment. But my country needed capital punishment as an entertainment for the masses, and a warning to a few. Here I am, in a cell looking out onto a square. I can hear the chatter and excitement of the crowd as the daily execution time approached. I had been part of the crowd many times, in many towns. I have cheered and jeered and laughed at the ending of real human lives. I had not cared what they had done, they may even have been innocent. The only thing that mattered was seeing them die.

My favourite deaths were the beheadings, as large numbers would be executed each time. What a turn on it was to see a line of naked prisoners calmly move a few steps forwards at each drop of the blade until none were left. I had even hired a balcony overlooking a square once. There to the sound and sight of decapitation my girlfriend and I had made love. I can even remember I orgasmed as a head rolled away from the neck of a beautiful 22 year old woman, red fountains of blood following the head to the ground. She was stunning in her nudity, for all deaths were carried out that way. It only added to the enjoyment, seeing breasts and penises bounce as the victims walked, or were dragged out.

Now my time was near. As was the custom I had been whipped in the square the day before, as a prelude to that day’s executions. I could still feel the pain of the whip and the humiliation of it all, exposed in front of the crowd. Led back to my cell I had a clear view of the executions.

Three young men and a woman, all about twenty were led out, hands tied behind them, hiding nothing of their bodies from the eager crowd. Four upright iron posts were already in place. At the base of each was a pile of wood and straw. The victims skin all glistened in the midday sunlight, due to their bodies been covered in a thin layer of oil.

Each was secured to a post, hand tied behind and feet secured by shackles. One of the men was fully erect, for the other two fear had been a shrinker of any erection they may have had after being led out to their place of death. Four executioners walked across the square. Each carried a flaming torch. In turn each pile of wood was lit and soon the flames caught and spread upwards onto the oiled bodies.

The screaming and begging was high pitched and urgent, but with no chance of reprieve. I watched closely as the woman’s pubic hair burnt quickly with a bright yellow flame. The erect man’s penis literally melted in place onto his body. It was still visible as his whole body was engulfed in the flames. One of the other men urinated over the flames engulfing him, perhaps in a vain hope that the fire would go hope. The crowd were cheering wildly. Even worse than the sight was the sweet smell of burning human flesh that drifted across the square and into my cell via the barred window. Even after the screaming ceased the bodies could be seen moving inside the wall of flame surrounding each post.

After about an hour even that stopped and the flames died down and eventually ceased. Left at each post was a smouldering upright lump that had been a human being. Charred beyond recognition it was even difficult to tell the men from the woman. The chains securing the bodies were still too hot to touch as they glowed bright red. The crowd wandered away, satisfied justice was served well that day. As evening came buckets of water were thrown over each post. Steam rose up as the iron rapidly cooled down. The four lumps that had entertained the crowds were unsecured and thrown in a cart and taken away. I witnessed it all and knew I had no hope.


Assistant executioner
Despite the pain of the whipping and my forthcoming demise I somehow did fall asleep. I was woken only by noise outside as the stage was reset for the entertainment that day. I would be the star of the show. It was about 11.30 when they came to my cell to prepare me. I knew resistance would be of no use so I did as I was told and stood against a wall whilst I was hosed down. No clothes to take off as all prisoners were naked for their last 24 hours.

I could hear the crowd cheering as the next day’s condemned were given a sound whipping. The guard told me it was a married couple who were unable to pay a debt and tomorrow they would be skinned alive. Their skins would be tanned and sold as leather to pay off the debt. The guard then smiled and opened the door leading to the square. I could see a naked couple being led across the square to another set of cells, accompanied by jeers, whistles and calls. Despite her bloodied body she was a stunner and my thoughts were about fucking her. I looked down as my erection grew.

The guard tied my hands behind me and led me out. I held my head high despite my desperate situation. But then I saw my method of death, the new improved impaling spike. I started to shake with fear for I had seen this before and knew it to be the worst death I could imagine. For imagination had gone into it’s creation as a cruel tool of a long and painful death. I know because I helped design it and had viewed the tests.

The testing was done on slaves purchased cheaply who were considered worn out. Normally, and for them luckily, they were quickly slaughtered on a beheading machine, then butchered for use in meat pies and animal feed, their bones used as bone meal for farming. The ones for the test were impaled on the spike for a certain time and then dissected alive while on the spike to see what damage was being done. I personally had helped in about fifty tests. Probably over 200 tests were conducted to perfect the new spike design. All horrific deaths but at no point had I cared what was happening. Now the table was turned and no one cared about me as I was to be impaled on the spike.

I was the only execution due today so attracted a smaller crowd, maybe a few hundred, eager to watch the latest form of execution. Perhaps counting them as I was high on the pole would distract me from the pain? I was walked through the crowd, some of them grabbed at me, trying to touch my now fully erect cock. It was considered good luck to stroke the cock of a man being executed.


Assistant executioner
Ahead was the stage, clearly visible was the pole I would soon be impaled on. The pole was 3 metres tall. It was made of 3 sections of stainless steel, the diameter was about that of a broom handle. The bottom half was solid, secured at the base to a metal stand. The next section, which screwed on top of the base section, was hollow, with small holes all around. Then the final section, screwed on top of the middle length, had the spike, also hollow. The tip was rounded to a blunt narrow point. The reason was this would go into a human without tearing their insides as it slid through. To aid this the spike section was coated in Teflon.

Just below the spiked point were a set of triangular sections, pointing towards the ground. This made sure that the pole was only a one way journey, as to try to get off the spike would lead to the victim pulling out their internal organs. Each side of the pole was a wooden footrest, with straps to secure each foot, currently set at about a metre from the top of the pole, The footrests were on long screw threads that could be slowly wound down to lower the unfortunate victim onto the spike.

Old style impalations had used a crude pointed pole of wood or metal, greased at the point and shoved between the legs. Sometimes the victim was lifted up to allow them to sink onto the pole and die. Usually this was speeded up with weights or their legs being pulled downwards. Though painful it was fairly quick for most as either the victim was internally ripped apart or they suffocated if the pole got as far as the wind pipe and even mouth.

I had helped with the new design of pole I was to die on. I knew what would happen to me. I knew my death would be longer and more painful, because this was what the people wanted. Despite the grabbing of the crowd my cock was now shrinking as I walked up the flight of steps onto the stage. The crowd cheered loudly in expectation of the sight they would soon enjoy.

A set of steps on wheels was placed against the pole and an executioner carefully helped me climb them. I knew what to do and also how I could die as quickly as I could. If I remained calm and did not move about I would slide down the pole quickly and try to bend my head backwards so the spike would pierce my jugular and I would bleed to death in minutes.

I stood with the spike just below my backside. The executioner tied first my left and then my right foot in place. He pushed me slightly forwards so the spike would be positioned for easy entry. The footrests slowly lowered. My execution was beginning. The executioner held me by my buttocks to guide the spike into me. I felt the cold Teflon tip penetrate me a tiny bit. The executioner was satisfied with the position and he climbed down the steps and wheeled them away.

I look out at the crowd. Did any of them know me? Was there even one person who had sympathy for me? I knew that was unlikely amongst the sea of happy faces of all ages. The footrests slowly lowered and the spike penetrated me like a cock would during a rape. I felt the pain and my body reacted as the spike pressed against my prostate. My cock stood to attention, loud whooping from the crowd accompanied this. I looked down, unable to do anything to stop this.

My cock was now throbbing and I had the most engorged erection I had ever had. It was bright red looking and about the same diameter as the pole I was sliding onto. My pain was not much at this point so I could feel what was coming. Without any warning my balls clenched as I ejaculated . One, two three, in fact eleven times I came. The creamy liquid shot across the stage with great force. My last sperm wasted on the wooden boards of a stage. The crowds counted each spurt out loud and jeered when I ceased pumping.

The footrests carried on down and then stopped when the spiked top section was fully out of site inside me. The executioner undid my feet and quickly lowered the footrests to the stage floor. Now all my weight was on my body, pressing down on the pole. I cried and screamed like a girl, the pain was beyond any endurance. I begged to be killed quickly, the executioner laughed at this. I started to kick my feet about, even though I knew this would extend my death. I looked like I was dancing on the top of a metal pole.

This is what the crowd came to see, the cruelty of the death. Thankful it was not them and happy to see a free show. I looked up and down and my cock was still erect and also going up and down. I had been on the pole for twenty minutes now and still I had a long was to slide. I could not feel much down below though I had a taste of blood in my mouth and could see blood was sliding down the pole from inside me. Another loud cheering and counting from the crowd. I saw, but felt nothing, as more sperm shot out across the stage. Surely that was it?

I could now feel the metal sliding slowly up me and carefully it passed into my windpipe. I stopped crying out as I forgot to bend back my neck and the tip came out of my mouth. I could see the bloodied tip slide up beside my nostrils and past me eyes, which were watering with pain and I was going blurred. My head now pointed up to the sky and I could not see the crowd, which was probably good for me.

In the past by this stage the victim would suffocate as the iimpalement pole would block their airway and they would be dead in a couple of minutes. But I knew this would not be my fate. The improved version I had helped design allowed air to enter the victim via the hollow sections and small holes. I was now unable to scream but could still just about breath. I could feel the pain racking my body and my legs still kicked out, my penis still throbbed, my chest gasped as I breathed in and out.

I had now been on this pole for over an hour, I had heard the town square clock strike once for one o’clock. I could see nothing but the crowd changed their noise. I sensed the executioner was next to me. I hoped he would be merciful and put me out of my misery. But I knew this was not to be. Suddenly I could feel something happen, a slicing sensation, a sudden jerking pain in my crotch area.

A huge cheer went up. I knew from watching past executions what was now happening. I was being emasculated alive, in front of a live and eager audience. First my ball sack was cut off me, castrating me, not that it mattered anymore for my ruined body. Then a second sensation, another cheer, and my still erect cock was cleanly removed from me.

The sex organs would be auctioned to earn extra money for the executioners. The testicles would be sold as an aphrodisiac to a couple wanting to have a baby, if each ate one ball before sex it would improve their chances, so the old story says. The ball sack would make a lovely change purse. The penis was a popular engagement gift from a man to his future wife, so she could practice her technique! Imagine long after my death part of me would still be fucking a woman.

But that was not enough punishment for me. To stop the crowd drifting away the executioner had another idea for my battered body. I could feel as he carefully cut me open from my sternum to where my sex organs used to be. He pulled my insides out and my intestines, gut and other organs fell out onto the stage floor. Still I was not dead, though I was feeling less pain now as my body shut down.

Now for the finale. He used a saw and cut off both my legs just above the knee. Then each arm at the shoulder, first left, then right. I was being literally dismantled alive, the limbs placed in a metal bucket. I felt the executioner get close to my head. He unscrewed the spike section at the top of the pole and took it away. He proceeded to wind the footrests upwards until they hit my leg stumps and slowly pushed my head clear of the pole. My head fell forward and I could see the crowd again, though now blurred and their cheers just a dull noise. I did see the executioner place the saw across my throat and start sawing. I felt my blood streaming out for a few seconds before everything started to go dark and all feeling, and then sound ceased.

The executioner removed the head of the condemned and held it up to the crowd. They roared in appreciation and threw coins onto the stage.

The remains were disposed of for animal feed. One less criminal to worry about. Justice had been done well today.

In the cell across the square the married couple awaiting their fate had seen it all and it turned them on for the best fuck of their lives.


Very well written. Very arousing story.
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