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The discreet and cruel charm of the Greek Islands

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Here is the story of six people who will not find only peace and rest in the idyllic setting of a Greek island bathed in sunshine!

In fact of rest, it will be eternal.

Preface .

It is 2104 and life in the twenty-second century is like the twenty-first!

The rich get richer and the poor get poorer.

Cataloged among the very rich, the Greek shipowner Midas Petropoulos is known for organizing lavish parties attended only by well-to-do people whom he invites to his island in the Aegean Sea!

On this island, he reigns supreme and has the right to life and death over all his subjects!

This year, he turns 70 and wants the festivities to be grandiose!

So he decided to recruit six volunteers, three men and three women, whom he will sell to his guests and who can have fun with them, torture them before executing them.

With the misery that currently reigns in the world, it will not be difficult for its recruiters to find consenting victims because, now, everything sells and even buys life!

Indeed, it did not take long to find the "volunteers" who were summoned three weeks later to join the yacht "Athéna’s dream" which will be waiting for them at Cap d'Agde in the south of France.

Future “cruise passengers” must show up on Monday, June 3, between noon and 2 p.m. completely naked and only provided with their invitation letter!

The day before the meeting, the luxurious boat commanded by the sculptural and cruel Appolonia, the shipowner's right-hand man and chief executor, is docked and awaits its guests.

Midas Pétropoulos's yacht !



Arrived in Cap d'Agde since Sunday the 2nd afternoon, I pitched my tent in a campsite not too far from the port before going to the quay to see if the boat was there!

I found it quite strange that I had to present myself naked, but I quickly realized that it was quite normal here!

This city, already in the last century was recognized as being the most famous of the places where nudists and libertines met and this has only increased!

It is more normal here to be naked rather than dressed!

The city has become a permanent brothel where it is not strange to meet couples who copulate without any embarrassment and without shame compared to people who watch them and do not hesitate to masturbate and even join them.

In order not to stain I quickly got rid of my T-shirt and my shorts and am now in the local dress, total nudity.

But I didn't introduce myself, my name is Piraland, a 43-year-old civil engineer, widowed for almost a year and threatened with prison for fraudulent bankruptcy of my company.

When an emissary from Pétropoulos came to find me and offered me a million euros to become a slave who would be tortured before being put to death, I did not think long and accepted to ensure the rear of my daughter and my son whom I have neglected for a few years already.

I must say that, sexually, I have always been very submissive to my partners and have always liked to suffer!

Here, I was going to be well served on that side and paid too.

So I approach the boat that's there, at the dock!

On the deck, men and women only dressed in tiny loincloths go very calmly to various tasks in order to prepare for our arrival tomorrow.

I'm a little scared but I'm pumped up, ready to face the horrors that will probably be put to me!

Tomorrow, I will show up early enough to get used to the slave status that will become mine as quickly as possible!

I go back to my tent via the beach and stop near a group of libertines who practice their favorite sport!

A woman who conscientiously takes care of a man's cock signals me to come behind her and penetrate her!

I nod and do it right away!

The woman is soaked and my erect cock slides without any preparation into her pussy!

She's the one who goes back and forth dragging me in her pursuit of pleasure!

I really came across an expert because, in addition to her movements, my cock is expertly massaged by her intimate muscles.

I do not resist very long and let loose powerful jets of sperm inside her!

She seems to enjoy it and turns around before taking my cock into her mouth already full of the man's cum she was sucking!

Her mouth works just as well as her pussy, so I get a second ejaculation.

She wants to hold me back, tells me that the night will be long and very lively but knowing that tomorrow will be very special, I prefer to go to rest to be in great shape tomorrow to face my destiny.



The next day, I wake up around nine thirty fresh and refreshed!

After going through the toilets, I give up the few things I had with me, take my invitation and a little change to offer me my last free man breakfast and make myself decided on my appointment. with my destiny, towards my assured death!

I find it very pleasant not to have to wear any clothes in the sun that keeps warming my skin.

On the beach, I see that my partner from last night is still there, she is sleeping, recovering from her exploits of yesterday!

I do not stop and am quickly on the port!

It is eleven thirty when I arrive at the boat and am greeted by a magnificent woman dressed only in a mini loincloth that does not hide anything of her shaved pussy!

She asks for my summons and invites me to sit in a lounge on the deck !

Some kind of ponch is ready on a table and I pour myself a drink before I sit down!

I guess we are now waiting for the other guests who I hope won't hang around!

The ponch has a very special taste but is very refreshing and I refill myself a second drink when a very pretty woman arrives who greets me and says her name is Kathy and come from Canada!

She asks me if I am a candidate for our suicidal journey.

I tell her yes, invite her to sit down and pour her a glass of ponch which she hurries to empty quickly!

She helps herself again and we then discuss things and the like until a tall, muscular man joins us!

We introduce ourselves, his name is Vindex and admits, without going into details, that he has excellent reasons for being here!

We are directly interrupted by a couple who join us!

It's about Fossy and Charlotte who decided to try this deadly experience as a challenge in order to prove to each other that they can take anything!

The last lady who comes to join our group is also very pretty!

I have the impression that the women selected were not chosen at random because the three are absolutely gorgeous!

This latest arrival is called Nicole and also accepts the drink I hand her!

Here we are complete and the manager who welcomed us comes back to us and introduces herself!

" Welcome everyody ! Glad to see that none of you arrived late!
My name is Appollonia and I am the personal secretary of Mr. Pétropoulos as well as the general organizer of the festivities of which you will become the undisputed stars! Enjoy the ponch, it has everything you will need like vitamins and stimulants.
You are busy living your last moments as a person!
As soon as you pass through this door, you will no longer exist, you will have become slaves! “

With that, the ponch tastes different to me, but yes, no one has forced us to come here, we are all volunteers.


Terra Nova Tramp
I am exhausted and well marked all over my body by the lashes that my master gave me in our BDSM club yesterday!

Since I met him, my life has changed!

It allows me to realize all the fantasies that I repressed before knowing him!

He is wonderful, I love him!

If he asked me to die for him, I think I would!

Yesterday I suffered but I came so well that I don't regret anything that happened!

Completely naked as usual among all these men in suits I was still quite surprised that he introduced me to a Mediterranean type man that I had never seen in our parties and to whom he did not even tell me offered as it usually does.

Finally, I thought it was just a trivial matter until my master came into the bathroom while I was relaxing before healing the wounds I had all over my body!

He undressed and came to join me in the tub!

As I tenderly stroked his erect cock at his request, he started talking to me!

"Do you remember the gentleman I introduced you to yesterday? "

I nodded!

"He made me an offer about you and I can't refuse it! "

" And what is it? "

" Would you still be willing to give me your life? "

" I belong to you, my master and if you decide that I must die, I will die for you! "

" My decision is made and I have just sold you to a Greek shipowner who will have the right of life and death over you. "

The sky had just fallen on my head but what was said and I had to obey whatever it cost me even if I were to lose my life.

Surprise, I had stopped masturbating him and he didn't even look like he was mad at me!

He told me what to do!

In a week, I had to show up naked in the port of Cap d'Agde to embark on the "Athena's dream", the yacht of my new owner, Mr. Midas Pétropoulos!

In fact, I did not have to accept or refuse the proposal because my master’s decision was made and was irrevocable!

So here I am in Cap d'Agde as naked as the day I was born among all these nudists who wander without any embarrassment!

My boat was there, big, luxurious, magnificent almost as much as the sculptural young lady who greeted me!

A man was already in the living room on the deck and he offered me a glass of ponch straight away, which, thirsty, I swallowed in one gulp!

We chatted a little together and we quickly found ourselves with six, three women and three men, before our hostess gave us a little speech, in a way, of welcome!

My new and probably short life had just begun.



I must say that I was very surprised a few days ago when, leaving a supermarket and busy putting my groceries in the trunk of my car, I was approached by a man pretending to know me!

Personally, I had never seen him but, curious by nature, I let him speak!

Directly, he asked me if I would possibly agree to win a million euros while fulfilling my worst fantasy!

Surprised by this question, I first thought he was a joker who was only looking to find a sex plan but he insisted, explained to me that in fact he was in the service of a wealthy shipowner Greek and that my profile matched exactly what he was looking for!

He offered to buy me a coffee in order to explain to me in more detail what he expected from me!

There, I am sawn, he knows everything about me!

My submission, my exhibitionism, my masochism, he knows that my strongest orgasms are always obtained with suffering and that I always have in me this desire to exceed my limits but that, until now, I have always had too much afraid of the possible consequences that I could have kept!

He then exposes the deal to me, a million euros for my life!

To become a slave for a while, torturable and fuckable at will before being cruelly executed.

I never thought such a proposal was possible and in my case I promise the man to think about it and get back to him in a few days!

He gives me 24 hours and not one more, leaves me a phone number and withdraws leaving me quite thoughtful.

Back home, I analyze in my head the pros and cons of the proposal!

Yes, to accept would mean the fulfillment of the most inaccessible of my fantasies, but death is assured!

My pussy hasn't stopped sinking so much since just now, just imagining what I might go through makes me horny.

With the million, I will be able to help my family, including my niece, who has a disease that is terribly expensive to treat!

It’s stronger than me, I’m too attracted, I cannot refuse and shakily dials the number to signify my agreement!

I will therefore receive a letter with all the instructions!

The next day, the mail was there and I had to show up a few days later completely naked to embark on the "Athéna’s dream" which will be anchored in the port of Cap d´Agde.

Transport tickets are attached in the letter.

I just have time to prepare for my disappearance and, on the scheduled day, I arrive at the Cap d'Agde station, put in a locker the few things I had taken and, dressed in shorts and a T -shirt, I'm heading for the port.

After a hundred yards, I realize that there are more naked people here than dressed and I quickly get rid of my clothes and throw them in the trash!

It is therefore totally naked as requested that I arrive at the port!

The boat is there, clearly visible and, without looking back, I climb aboard where I am greeted by a sculptural young lady only dressed in a very small loincloth who leads me to a lounge on the deck where I am.

Three men and two women are already waiting as naked as me.

The adventure is about to begin, my pussy is dripping between my thighs!

I'm scared but impatient and terribly excited.


I must say that I have had a full life; a very successful import-export business that has allowed me to enjoy life without worries.

I was thus able to satisfy my vice for gambling, the endless social events, getting with beautiful girls and frequenting the most select sadomasochistic clubs in Paris.

It must be said that I am driven by a strong sadomasochistic leaning; often a hard, severe and demanding master with his submissives.

Over the years I've been a bit jaded by this role and I've tasted the other side; I've become a masochist. I discovered a facet in me that I didn't know; taking little by little an exquisite pleasure in undergoing the panoply of the most diverse abuses.

It was at the bar of the "Arena Roma" club that I met a guy who was totally unknown to me. He offered me a whisky. While sipping our drink he told me that he had been a spectator at last night's party where I was being tortured by a black woman.

Having found me very good in the role of a tortured slave he then made me this proposal; to join a group of hard BDSM fans on a sumptuous yacht belonging to a rich Greek shipowner, a certain Petropoulos.

Sublime tortures with death as the end result. A life-size game on a Greek island in exchange for 1 million euros. A straw for me, but the proposition titillated me. I will donate it to charity.

In spite of the ease of my existence I realised that life was slowly but surely no longer the same for me. Why not give it a try.

Once the contract was signed, I was given an appointment at the port of Cap d'Agde. The instruction was to present myself naked on board. No problem with that.

A little trip to my notary's office to deposit an amendment to my will and then to Cap d'Agde and get ready for my playboy outfits. You were born naked and you'll end up naked, I said to myself.

Arrived very early in the morning at the port. I go directly to the deck of the designated yacht. I am greeted by a sculptural woman who says her name is Appolonia. At the sight of her, I have a crazy difficulty to retain what I feel like a furious desire to jump her. But hey, behave yourself, big boy!

On board I am invited to join a couple already present. The man introduces himself as a certain Piraland; nice at first sight. The pretty lady introduces herself as being Canadian and says her name is Kathy; a pretty name I say to her while checking out her beautiful curves.

A ponch is served to us and is presented to us as a source of vitamins and substances to boost our libido. Delicious.

Then comes a handsome couple; the man introduces himself: "Fossy". The pretty lady accompanying him introduces herself as Charlotte.

I'll discover the latest arrival, a beautiful woman who says her name is Nicole. At the sight of her I must again suppress an erection, we must show restraint and show that we are a true gentleman; a hand kiss will suffice.

The secretary, Appolonia, now informs us that our group is complete and that serious things will start soon.


... I took another drink of welcoming cold beer and sighed.

"You okay babe?" Charlotte smiled at me whilst sipping on her chilled Chardonnay.


"More than okay baby girl, I have everything I ever wanted. Sun, sea, sand, money and the most beautiful girl in the world on my arm."

"Oh babe," she purred, leaning in to kiss me.

I had sold my IT Software business to IBM for a cool hundred million and so now at the age of 32, with this stunning and much younger girl on my arm (Charlotte is 23), we had retired to the Bahamas for a life of sexual luxury.

I looked back at Charlotte and frowned. "Is everything okay princess?"

She sighed and nodded, but it was a less than convincing action.

"What!" I pressed

" Sometimes babe, I wish we could do something really wild, you know like ..."

"Like what baby girl?"

"Well like ... This ..."

Charlotte produced her phone and swiped to a saved link.


We are looking for wiling, fit, beautiful young people to join a group of hard BDSM fans on a sumptuous yacht belonging to a rich Greek shipowner, a certain Petropoulos ..."

The article/advert went onto explain how the selected participants would be punished and tortured for the pleasure of the guests, but the prize simply for participation was one million Euros. It warned that the price however might be an ultimate one, but that was small print and begging to be ignored.

"Really baby girl, this excites you!"

"Oh my gosh babe, yes, so much. I could fuck you here and now just reading about it again ..."

I had my doubts ... I was happy laying in the sun drinking beer, but Charlotte was very persuasive.

"Okay baby girl send them a message with our pics, there's no way this crowd, whoever they really are will refuse us."

They didn't ...


I discover the other guests, the men are attractive, and it amuses me to see how they struggle to hide their arousals, at the sight of the naked bodies of the women, I admit that they are all attractive, and since I am bisexual I also appreciates. I am amused by Vindex who kissed my hand like a gentleman. But that's not what I'm expecting, I'm going to tell him I'm not a princess, but I'm a masochistic slut and he can treat me like one… My excitement is less visible than men, but my pussy is streaming down my thighs. I have a furious desire to be fucked


After getting to know the other participants in the suicide trip I decided to leave my conveniences and good manners on the quayside of the seaport.

I must admit that the desire to empty my balls by fucking one or the other of these beautiful crew members is getting stronger and stronger. This French girl, Nicole, seems to me particularly hot and receptive.

Maybe the opportunity will come once we are sailing at sea and we will be placed in the condition of "slaves".



I do not intend to waste any time, I want to make the most of the time I have left to live during this trip to get fucked and sodomized to the maximum, while waiting for the more powerful orgasms that will come with the suffering, I see Vindex staring at me, I think he likes me. In front of him, defying him with my gaze, I spread my thighs revealing my dripping pussy, I think it's unequivocal and that he will understand the bitch that I am.


As we sip our ponch, it is striking how close Fossy and Charlotte are. Piraland seems to fall under the spell of Kathy, the Canadian.

Slightly turned towards me, I noticed that Nicole was not indifferent to my presence; she has just ostensibly spread her thighs and lets me see a beautiful dripping cat that wets the fabric of the bench on which we are sitting. I take this as a call signal.

I start to boil from the inside. My dick gets erect; I can't contain myself. Ah, if we could isolate ourselves a little from the group, I'd eat her pussy and tease her clitoris. I make her cum with my tongue before I take her by force and smash her ass.

But, as we've just arrived nothing is clear yet about what we're allowed to do on this beautiful boat. Patience my boy. My erection must not go unnoticed by those around me, it doesn't matter to me; where there is discomfort there is no pleasure, as the saying goes.



After this quick speech, we renew our glasses and, after a while, we are invited to step inside this luxurious boat.

The first room that we cross is an office where a secretary, also dressed in this mini loincloth which looks like the uniform of the shipowner's staff, receives us each in turn in order to settle the last administrative questions. and make our transfers to the accounts whose numbers we communicate to them.

Now we don't exist anymore!

We have become slaves, we are no longer human.

We are now taken down a staircase which leads us to the bottom of the boat into a rather dark room where, on the right along the wall, I can see a bathtub filled with a grayish liquid!

We are told that we all need to be in this special bath that contains everything we need to make our skin resistant to the sun and to the abuse we are sure to suffer!

I am the first to enter this infamous mixture in which I must immerse myself completely!

I come out with disgust and wait for the others to join me as impregnated as I am and we move into the next room which is actually a shower room!

Cleaning will not be a luxury and we let ourselves be washed down by employees who give it their all.

It makes me happy to feel cleaner but, looking at Nicole next to me, I see that in addition to the mud covering us, her hair follows the same path!

I run my hand over my head and realize that my hair is falling out!

The six of us look at each other, amazed, losing all our hair!

Appolonia's voice then echoes and tells us,

"Not only will you never get sunburned again, you will never have to worry about bulky hairs growing all over your body again!
We've all been there in too and, as you can see, no hair grows on our body anymore except for our heads, which we avoided soaking in this super effective hair removal cream! Bald skulls are only for the condemned. »

She then pushes us towards the next hold where we are chained to the wall, arms and legs wide apart!

We then pass a close inspection!

Appolonia then walks up to me and grabs my cock, which she gently strokes!

Excited by the naked bodies of the three women and probably boosted by the drugs contained in the ponch, my cock straightens up in an unusual way, it seems bigger and harder to me!

She intensifies her caress, kneads my balls before inserting two fingers in my anus!

It's too much, I can't hold back my ejaculation!

Looking satisfied with my performance she passes to Nicole next to me and then to the others whom she has no difficulty in making!

Why did she do this?

Probably to check if we are all in perfect working order before reporting to her boss as soon as we arrive on the island!

She makes us free and makes us carry food and drink!

The meal is rather Spartan, a porridge with a little bread and, as a drink, water in which I recognize a taste already encountered in the ponch, surely more drugs!

Appolonia then withdraws after telling us that she is giving us all night to get to know each other and more if we feel like it.

So we talk a little, expose our motivations to others!

While talking, I see that Charlotte has grabbed the cock of Fossy her lover and masturbates happily!

My cock is erect and Nicole notices it, forces me to lie on my back and then begins to suck me in a very professional way!

Seeing this, Kathy settles on my face and makes me lick her dripping pussy!

Her clitoris is erect and hard as a small cock and I take great pleasure in gently tickling it.

Vindex doesn't hesitate either when Nicole's hand grabs his erect cock and pulls it behind her before pushing it into her anus!

Charlotte and Fossy came close to us while being intertwined with each other!

Our noisy breaths quickly turn into cries of pleasure and, all together, we have access to intense pleasures!

The sex carousel went on all night, we all mingled endlessly and I have to say that the night really felt very short!

Not knowing what we will have to go through tomorrow and the days that follow, I think we did well to make the most of it!


I crawled over to where Charlotte lay huddled in a corner, she is quiet … her head is bald, like the rest of us and we have absolutely no body hair anywhere.

Screenshot 2021-01-06 at 18.41.01.jpeg

“Charlotte,” I say, putting my hand on her shoulder. She turns and smiled weakly at me.

“This was a mistake babe,” she offers up, “we are not going home ever again. This will be our end.”

I glance down at the stickiness that still glistens between her thighs from the fingering she received via Appolonia. In fact, we had all been brought to orgasm and now, we had been sent to ‘spend some time together’.

Without another word Charlotte moved her mouth to mine and kissed me as her fingers curled around my soft shaft and began working to make it hard again.

I moaned into her mouth and felt her push our connected bodies towards where the others were also copulating. We needed comfort and warmth and so as my muse retained her grip on my newly formed erection I leaned across and pulled the mouth of the girl called Kathy to mine.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw a hand curl around Charlotte’s left breast and then her mouth too was pulled elsewhere. In short order my muse was on all fours and I was deep inside her body while her mouth worked on another hard cock.

We were a tangle of bodies and sticky mess of sexual juices … it was just the distraction we needed.


My job here on board is to ensure that everyone is fed. I am responsible for ensuring that the slaves' pulp and water are always given the correct amount of drugs. I have to watch carefully, because some of the female slaves eat very little and the dosage still has to be right.
The food for the rest of the crew is not fortified with this drug and is good and tasty. The entire crew (i.e. everyone who still has hair on their heads) can also take whatever drinks they want. However, alcohol is strictly forbidden while on duty and violating this rule would result in immediate demotion to a slave.
For our boat owner Midas Petropoulos and any special guests there is a gourmet cook on board who only creates the finest dishes and my job is of course to ensure that there is always enough fresh food and of course drinks on board.
I hope that in the course of the trip I can use one or more slaves, so that I can live out my somewhat perverse passion.


I've been terribly excited since setting foot on this boat!

Obviously, the fact of being all completely naked, having before my eyes these cocks which stand up and the hard nipples of the women in addition to their pussies that I know are horny and dripping gives me heat all over my body!

After Apollonia's speech and the passage through the office to have our million euros transferred, we arrive in a room where I only see a tub filled with a weird liquid!

Pira is the first to have to dive into it and we all follow him in turn!

This liquid is gooey and sticks to my skin and my hair and I'm glad we got cleaned up pretty quickly afterwards!

The surprise that followed was unexpected!

I could only see that all the hair I had on my body and on my head was leaving me along with the water that was rinsing us!

So here we are all six completely hairless!

I'm quite embarrassed that I lost all of my hair, but if that's part of the treatment we, slaves, have to endure, I couldn't resist it anyway.

The next room will therefore be our "cabin", the room is bare like us and devoid of the luxury that the boat could give us hope for!

We are chained to the wall and Appolonia conducts a full inspection of our most private places!

When it's my turn, I can't help but enjoy her caresses!

Already fully aroused, I feel myself liquefied and it doesn't take long to let myself go to the orgasm that runs through me!

This reaction is also that of each of us!

Women scream their pleasure while men's ejaculations are truly exceptional.

After that, we are released and served a very light meal before they abandon ourselves so that we get to know each other and enjoy each other.

I must say that our discussions really did not last very long because the six of us were in an unimaginable state of excitement!

Just seeing Fossy and Charlotte start to stroke each other and the other two men's erect cocks straight away, I can't help but push Pira onto her back and take his cock between my lips.

Kathy, still very pretty even though she is bald, does not hesitate to present her pussy to Pira's mouth caresses!

I also grab Vindex's cock and run it straight into my anus.

I feel, at the same time, the two cocks that I have inside me vibrate and ejaculate resulting in a very intense orgasm!

Kathy is also screaming because Fossy has also come to take her from behind while her Charlotte has also come to make her pussy available to Vindex's tongue!

The positions, penetrations and pleasures continued much of the night until, exhausted, I fell asleep still grouped with the others.

So far, I haven't been able to enjoy any violence but have experienced many orgasms.

When torture will be add to the pleasures of sex, I will probably be able to exceed all my limits,

I will go to my death with a light heart, happy with my choice.


One minute the room we were in was a heaving mass of writhing bodies and the next there was silence. I turned my head to the side from my position on the cold floor to see Nicole laying by my side, gasping and panting with exertion. She is face down with Vindex on top of her and between her thighs … I think he is still deep inside her bowels, having fucked her ass with plenty of vigour.

Kathy’s head is on my stomach with my flaccid, dripping cock just inches from her mouth and my most recent ejaculation coating her face.

Then I hear the sound, and realise that our orgy-like copulation is not yet over. Twisting a little, making the drowsy Kathy groan in the process, I see Pira with Charlotte. She is on all fours with him pushed hard against her ass. Which of her orifices he has penetrated I cannot say, but she howls with the sensation as he increases his speed.

“Join me,” he cries out, and slowly the group responds. First, Kathy slides over to their small, erotic vignette and raises Charlotte’s head before kissing her full on the lips.

“Do you like him fucking you Charlotte,” we hear Kathy say.

“Y … y … yes,” my muse responds with a gasping whisper.

“And where is he penetrating you huh?”

“I … in … m … my … ohhhhh fuckkkkk … in my … a …ass!”

“Is he deep,”

“Y … yes s … so deep.”

Kathy kisses Charlotte again, before Nicole too is with them. Together, while my girl is being ass-fucked by Pira, they kiss. Three mouths, three tongues all dancing with one another. It is a sight to behold, and makes my cock stir.

“Ohhhhhh FUCKKKKKKK!” We all turn to see Pira arch and thrust, then again, and again and it is clear he is filling Charlotte with his seed. He falls away, his dripping cock still post-orgasmically erect, to be replaced by Vindex, his thick, long manhood driving home easily into Charlotte’s fit and nubile body. She groans once more.

“Your ass again?” Nicole asks. Charlotte can only nod this time.

“Don’t worry we will make it feel nice for you.” Then I watch as Nicole at one side and Kathy at the other position themselves, kneeling by Charlotte’s body.

“We will use one hand on ourselves and the other on you honey.”

And with that both girls begin to masturbate both themselves and, by reaching under her ravaged body to her pussy, also my muse, leaving her head free for me to approach.

“Master,” my girl whispers, her speech now no more than a barely audible utterance.

“Charlotte,” I smile and, as I push my cock forwards her mouth opens obediently.


For just a short while we lay now exhausted once more. Charlotte had been taken by us all and the girls, Kathy and Nicole had pleasured my muse as well as themselves, and my cock had been well and truly orally serviced.

But we were not through. Charlotte held more attractions and, upon being asked by Vindex and Pira, Nicole and Kathy were beckoned to attend to softening erections.

Kathy took Vindex into her mouth and used her tongue expertly to have him hardening in no time, but Nicole wanted to feel Pira in her ass, opening her up, coating his shaft in her shady secretions before she then turned her position and sucked him clean, making him rigid in the process.

“Kneel!” The order was given to Charlotte in the manner that she likes, the style to which she responds. Standing one either side of her hairless head, Vindex and Pira jerked themselves to a climax allowing them to coat my muse’s shiny baldness in the thick, white semen …

Charlotte Bukkake.jpeg


I collapse on the floor covered with traces of semen and cum. What a day but friends.
I have to say that it was this stinking bath of slimy matter that put me off the most before I found myself, with my companions, naked like a little baby bird that had just been born. No more hair on my body. No more hair, pass again! But no more hair on my chest and arms, which she hates.

I loved so much the hands of the women who cheerfully searched my hairy chest as they straddled me.
This material must have contained something other than a depilatory product because I immediately felt an intense desire to "fuck", to enjoy myself.

What an intense storm in when, spread out against the wall, Applolina came over to jerk us off one after the other. What a powerful and jerky jet when her expert hand masturbated me; not to be said, she knows how to do it.
And in the end this gang bang with Fossy, Piraland, Charlotte, Kathy and Nicole; it was a fantastic ride, only happiness at the end of the cock.

Kathy's velvety mouth sucking me while Piraland was sticking it up her arse. Charlotte's deep caresses while Fossy fucked her with ardour. And this ass, Nicole's beautiful ass that I took divine pleasure in filing, kicking, impaling while she gave Piraland the pleasures of her mouth. What a pleasure it was to throw all the sperm I had left in my balls into her arse.

Believing I was finished, it was Kathy who came to give back strength to my softening cock. This bitch really knows how to reinvigorate the male.

Wanting to find a target to ejaculate, order is given to Charlotte to adopt the position of submissive; on her knees ! I am joined by Piraland who, warmed up by the pulpy Nicole, is on the verge of explosion.

In concert, in a groan of intense pleasure, we ejaculate on Charlotte's hairless head. Thick, fat sperm slowly flows from her skull to her face.

It is in ecstasy that I then let myself slide on the ground. There I am, lying on my back, tired but happy. Living in the moment, that has always been my motto. What will the rest of this cruise have in store for us? The pleasures of the Garden of Torments? Basta, let us let ourselves be led towards our destiny.
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