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"Confess your sins, witch, and stop this suffering."


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I love this Zerosen/Cornelius story. A girl masturbates while having the fantasy that she is a Christian girl who is arrested at her home by Roman soldiers and taken to prison naked, bound and gagged on the streets while her neighbors watch her. Once in the dungeon, the legionaries alternate torture with constant rape. The girl is naked and bound all the time and has to suck the Romans who watch other slaves being tortured. She herself provokes her torture by biting the cock of one of the spectators. The fantasy of being tortured in public makes her so horny that she has an orgasm.

Just great.



The fantasies of Laura is similar but the action is located in XVI century judging by the clothes of the soldiers and the public. Here the girl´s fantasy is to be taken completely naked to a scaffold to be tortured before the crowd next to a criminal on a Saint Andrew's cross. The audience mocks the two of them as they are forced to fuck and flog them mercilessly. Meanwhile two other women prisoners in a dungeon witness public torture. The best is that in the end they are taken back to the fortress, probably to the torture chamber to be subjected to more cruel torments. The imagination begins to work .....
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