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The last Witch of Bamberg

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The last Witch of Bamberg

We are in December 1630 AD. The 30 Years War has been raging in Germany since 1618, the small town of Bamberg is still far from war events, but that will soon change. Instead, the witch madness rages here, fueled by a fanatical prince-bishop and his witch commissioners. Within only two and a half years, around 300 people were executed in Bamberg for witchcraft. In the summer and autumn of 1630, the emperor and powerful princes of the empire met in nearby Regensburg, which forced the bishop to suspend the witch trials for a while. But now, shortly before Christmas, an example is to be set again…

This is a fact-based story with a lot of fantasy and an authentic victim.
The story will have seven parts.

Part 1 – Inside the Maleficent House

In the early morning of December 15, 1630 they come to pick up 19-year-old Eva Maria Bachlin. That was at a time when nobody expected it any more ... And only five days later she was burned at the stake as perhaps the last witch in Bamberg.

For two and a half years, the witch hunts in Bamberg had raged particularly badly. It could hit anyone, men and women, young and old, pretty and ugly. But in the summer of 1630 the evil had subsided, people could breathe a sigh of relief and regain hope. The emperor and many princes of the empire met in nearby Regensburg to discuss the situation in the war that had plagued Germany since 1618 – a war for faith, but even more for power. Excessive witch trials were not what the country could also endure ... especially not if that led to the execution of almost all the men on the city council and their families, as in Bamberg. And so the powerful of the empire had unequivocally urged the Bamberg prince-bishop Johann Georg II to return to ‘legal norms customary in the empire’

Since then there has been calm in the city, a deceptive calm, because ‘legal norms customary in the empire’ by no means rule out witch burning, on the contrary! The bishop’s witch commissioners had not remained completely inactive; they had looked through the long list of accused who had not yet been prosecuted. When tortured, the confessing witches accused all sorts of people, and the commissioners knew that too. It was therefore always a matter of making the right choice, of paying attention to repeated accusations ... Especially now, after strict admonition by the princes.

Eva Maria has no idea that she was the focus of the commissioners, and that she was chosen to burn as a witch before Christmas – as a warning to everyone and to demonstrate the bishop’s ability to act.

She is the eldest daughter of the carpenter Michael Bach who had a workshop in the family’s small house. The demand for special pieces of furniture fell sharply during the persecution, wealthy families were exterminated or fled, craftsmen and traders in Bamberg has to feel that. With the production of tables, chairs and simple cupboards, the family struggles to stay afloat.

The girl has two younger brothers and a little sister, after whose birth the mother died eight years ago. Eva Maria had to run the household for everyone at the age of 11 and take care of the siblings. Later the brothers helped their father with his work, while the eldest received a little help from the youngest.

The family needs the marriageable girl, so she cannot think of getting married. Eva Maria is still a virgin, but she would be a really good wife: smart and hardworking, experienced in housekeeping and she is a really attractive girl. Her face looks a bit tired and she has little sad eyes from all the work and worries. Nevertheless, she has beautiful yellow-brown eyes, long dark brown hair and real treasures that are hidden under her dress: a firm, beautifully shaped bottom and wonderful, well-filled breasts for her age, the diet at the time and her slim physique.

The girl is busy preparing breakfast for everyone when she hears a vigorous, loud knock. Eva Maria instinctively senses that this doesn’t mean anything good. A witch commissioner and four security guards rush into the house when the father opens the door, frightened, and they push him aside. Two guards immediately grabbed the girl while the other two guards held the father and brothers in check.

“Are you Eva Maria Bachlin?” She just nods, scared. “I’m Commissioner Herrenberger, you have to come with us. I have an arrest warrant for witchcraft.”

The girl trembled with fear and shock and just stammered, “I’m not a witch ...” “That’s what everyone says ... We’ll have to check it out at the interrogation in the Maleficent House and, if need be, on torture ...” Maleficent House, torture, these words do it and make the girl very scared.

Herrenberger looks sternly into her fearful eyes; he notices her stuttering and trembling. As an experienced witch commissioner, he decides for himself without hesitation: She is a witch! She knows that she has been caught and that she will not escape her just punishment.

Now her father interferes: “Eva Maria is a good girl, she runs the house for me and takes care of her siblings ... She is definitely not a witch!” “Then she has nothing to fear ... But we still have to interrogate her, all witches are trained to fool us. There are three written charges against your daughter; she was even seen at the Witches’ Sabbath. “

They tie her hands behind her back and put a collar on her neck; then the girl is dragged away like a cattle. Only thinly clothed, they push the accused witch into an open but barred cart that is waiting for her, lock the door and fix her collar to the bars. Then the donkey starts up and Eva Maria is brought to the Maleficent House. She is very afraid and feels deep embarrassment because many people stared at her through the bars into the cart. But these looks are rather worried.

It’s a cold December day and soon the thinly dressed girl is freezing on the cart. Suddenly she sees the wall in front of her that surrounds the Maleficent House, where accused witches are locked up, interrogated and tortured. The gate opens and they are let in. For the first time she sees the house up close, except for the barred but large windows, the front looks nearly friendly. But on the sides there are only small holes that also have grids ... the cells for the prisoners!

Eva Maria has heard a lot about this house of horror ... in particular: “You only come out here after a confession and then the path leads you directly to the stake” But the pyre has not burned for a long time ... The house looks almost peaceful, and yet, there is something evil about it.

The girl is taken to her cell and her feet are chained. It is a narrow, cold room that awaits her. A little light comes through a barred, small window under the ceiling, but also the winter cold gets into the room. The door closes and it is locked. Eva Maria stays behind alone, crouches on a little straw, begins to freeze and cry. The hours creep by with worry. A thin soup with some bread is pushed over to her. She sips and eats the meager meal greedily; she has not eaten anything in the whole day.

She sees a few deep, yellow rays of sunshine; then it gets dark slowly. But suddenly she hears footsteps in the hallway, and she feels scared. In fact, she is picked up and taken for interrogation. Two witch commissioners and a clerk await the girl, added by a torturer and a guard. Herrenberger is one of the commissioners and he leads the interrogation.

Eva Maria is confronted with absurd accusations, she denies everything, protests for her innocence, but then she is yelled at, is accused of lying. She is scared and distraught.

The gentlemen finally take a break to eat. But the witch commissioner speeks to Eva Maria: “Time for you to seriously reconsider the matter in prayer.” During this “break”, the accused young witch has to kneel on the “Bamberg Prayer Chair”. This is a low stool with pointed wooden pins on the top that press painfully into her knees and lower legs. The longer she sits there, the worse it gets. Her lower legs are tied with straps, here hands tied behind her back. There is no way to relieve herself. She can only straighten her upper body, then it will be painful for the knees, or squat lower, because the pins press terribly on the shins. Soon it will be unbearable, Eva Maria wants to scream, but they let her squat all alone.

Finally the torturer returns and the girl hopes to be liberated. But the guy starts bothering her. He caresses her breasts, but then pinches her boobs meanly. "I haven't tortured such beautiful plump tits in a long time," he says with a grin.

Finally the commissioners come back with the clerk. Herrenberger asks for her confession. “What should I confess, I'm not a witch!” She says through tears. "Then we have to interrogate you more seriously!"

They put her thumbscrews on and squeeze her fingers until the blood gushes out. Then they go on with her legs. Irons with pointed pins dig into her shin and brutally compress her lower legs. The pain becomes unbearable, she begins to scream. Again she is called to order by Herrenberger, she should confess her guilt instead of complaining. At some point the interrogation ends, “She is obdurate”, the clerk notes.

She can barely walk, but guards drag Eva Maria back to her cell, where it is now completely dark and even colder. The night is getting bad, the pain in the thumbs, shins and the lower legs does not calm down.

The interrogation and torture continue the next day. Pain and suffering keep getting worse – Herrenberger makes promises, a mild judgment, perhaps a pardon before Christmas. If she still confesses today, that can be considered as halfway amicable. No trace of amicable, the torture is brutal and Eva Maria grabs the only straw that comes up to her. She confesses with unfounded hope of grace.

Seduction and fornication with the devil, attending the Witches’ Sabbath is what the commissioners want to hear from her, and the clerk is busy jotting down everything. The gentlemen want to know all the details as credible confirmation of her confessions. But what shells Eva Maria tell them? She says what occurs to her, what she once heard, what she thinks the inspectors want to hear.

“Three years ago the devil seduced me at the edge of the forest when I was collecting berries and mushrooms ... I have fornicated with him.” “Only once?” “Sometimes… when I rode to the Witch’s Sabbath with a he-goat. But I was not often at the Sabbath; I had to take care of the house and household of my family too much.”

She looks into attentive, almost excited faces. The gentlemen believe in all her fairy tales. Her story even pleases them and they want to know it more precisely. “How did you give yourself up to him?” When she hesitates with the answer, he asks her again: “You know it... how he took you?” Eva Maria feels totally ashamed. With a bright red head she says haltingly “Between my legs when he lay down on me...” “Was his cock warm or cold?”

Those were such absurd questions, how would she know? She thinks of hell and says “It was warm, almost hot” “Did you feel pleasure” ... of course not, that must be disgusting, the girl thinks. She feels deeply ashamed to make all this up and report such indecent things. “Yes, I felt pleasure,” she says with a sigh, not really knowing why. Her last two statements contradict most other reports, but the witch commissioners are all the more interested.

“Surely you had sex with the devil in your mouth and in your firm ass too!” Eva Maria shakes her head in disgust. “Admit, you did everything he wanted!” She feels deeply humiliated, but she firmly says “No, not that!” It is accepted.

‘She is a special witch chosen by the devil,’ Herrenberger thinks to himself, ‘She feels lust, he only does it in her lap, and the devil even gets hot’. Later he discusses these details with his colleagues and the bishop – of course that can have an impact on her sentence … and may even allow increasing her sentence.

Now she should also name other witches. “They have all been burned!” Replies Eva Maria very cleverly. But the commissioners do not want to be satisfied with “That was a long time ago, you must have met others in the meantime.”

They threaten to continue the torture, but not only that ... "If you do not make any statements about other witches, there can be no pardon for you," says Herrenberger sternly. The girl becomes weak and the name of an old woman occurs to her. "What about young witches ... at your age?" Eva Marie knows that it is a grave sin to accuse innocent people and she also knows what they had to expect afterwards. But she has no choice and she has also been accused. I do not blame my own family! In her distress the girl names two girlfriends from before. Herrenberger is satisfied with that.

She is taken back to her cell where she awaits her sentence. She waits until the next noon. It was December 17, 1630 when Herrenberger comes to see her anxious crouching on the ground, her feet chained. His message is brief: “Eva Maria Bachlin, you were charged and convicted of witchcraft, you confessed and you described in detail your misdeeds ... Your judgment has been passed and it is confirmed by His Eminence the Bishop. It is final!” Then he avoids her fearful looks while he announces “Your sentence is: Twice grip with the red-hot pliers, then burn! The execution is scheduled for December 20th.” There is a brief moment of oppressive silence. “I'll see you in three days; there are still many things to prepare…” he says as he walks away.


In the next part there will be some more torture and shame by looking back... In this first part of my story I described the situation and I was more concerned with the completely absurd confessions that were extorted at that time... And how it was believed that from these confessions they could explore the sexual behavior of the devil!



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Part 2 – Fear and gloomy thoughts

Eva Maria
is totally shocked when she hears the verdict. She had actually hoped that she would be pardoned by Christmas. But now she was to be burned and tormented with red-hot pliers. At the same time she is innocent, she only confessed in times of need of torture ... and they had promised her a mild sentence, maybe even a pardon, when she was finally ready to confess.

She was hanging from the ladder with her arms behind her back, tied at the very top, when the torturer was pulling her down step by step by her feet. After just a few steps, her shoulders hurt terribly. When the overstretching of her shoulder joints became unbearable the next time she slipped, the torturer started to hit her with a wide leather strap over her breasts, which were highly sensitive as a consequence of previous abuse. She had to twitch, to squirm, she tried to avoid the blows. Excruciating pain shot into her shoulders like lightning. It hurt so much, it was so cruel, and she could barely breathe.

Witch commissioner Herrenberger had spoken to her conscience, “Confess, girl, it has been a long time since a witch has been burned. Spare yourself further agony, confess your guilt and redeem your soul.”

While she was still struggling with the pain and her conscience, Herrenberger ordered the torturer “Spread her legs wide, burn the wool from between her legs and then hit her tits properly! I want to see how the witch fidgets on the ladder."

They pulled her feet apart and tied them to the rungs of the ladder, pulling the girl even lower. The pain in her shoulders made her cry out. Suddenly Eva Maria saw the torch in the torturer's hand; the flame came closer and closer and soon began to lick the inside of her thighs. With fear and horror she tried to dodge the flame, the pain in her shoulders exploded. When she became a little more attentive again, the man pushed the torch to the crotch of her legs.

Already half dazed by the pain she felt the heat on her unprotected pussy; the first hair began to scorch, to hiss, then the first, blue flames flared up directly above her labia. She screeched loudly, then called desperately: "Stop, no, stop ... I confess!" From then on there was no turning back...

Herrenberger is very satisfied; he had carefully selected this girl from the lists of suspects and he had made a good choice! Now he can deliver the bishop the witch he wants, even a quite passable unmarried young witch and her confessions offered reasons of particularly severe judgment.

He had used the right torture and tactics: 'a little carrot and a lot of the stick' – first intimidate, yell at her, and accuse her of lying – then pain, molesting, abuse and all kinds of shame – finally a severe, harsh torture... He had repeatedly offered her a confession as a release from the torment and he indicated possibilities of pardons … That broke her!

In just two days he defeated the witch girl, forced her to confess... and she will be burned within five days after arrestment … still before Christmas! And even better, she gets the red-hot pliers. That has never been seen in Bamberg with a witch girl her age, even though there have been so many executions… This will remind people to be more mindful again. And this girl is not going to cause the bishop any problems, she is a witch who deserves her punishment – it’s our duty to keep fighting witchcraft ... just a little more cautiously.

The serious, gaunt man suddenly has to smile. Did the little girl with the naughty plump tits really think that as a witch she deserves a pardon for Christmas? Did she really hope to seduce him as a witch commissioner with her lovely femininity when she rode the wooden horse naked, letting her tits shake and moaning so wonderfully with every whip?

"Our hands were tied for five months ... Now the little witch is the perfect Christmas present for the bishop and the whole city!" The man thinks. “And I kept my promise to stand up especially for her after her confession with the bishop ... But instead of pardon there are the red-hot pliers for her tits as special attention to their beauty... Yes, the girl is just what I wanted! She has really respectable tits crying for a punishment – of course these boobs are a gift from the devil! Therefore it will be a pleasure to attack her plump boobs with the pliers … And I make sure that they are really glowing hot. It's good that we have ordered two bites ... One of her breasts are as round and plump as the other one. It would be shameful not to reward both of them with the attention they deserve ... The little witch surely has been proud of her swelling tits once… and she still is. But she will regret this pride painfully... The pliers will really hurt; they are a taste of hell ... I think she will piss herself ... That will be a nice prelude to the real climax at the stake..." Then he meditates on: “She has a sweet, horny pussy too, the little witch. Too bad the devil has already ridden on her...

Harrenberger had renounced another interrogation of the witch to confirm her confession, although it was actually required for the sentencing and execution – three ays after the first at the earliest. But that would have wasted too much time ... and surely no one would check that later. The “legal norms” common in the empire, as the princes demand, were an obstacle everywhere, he cursed. Witches have no right to legal norms! The only right that witches have is to be burned at the stake!

They have brought Eva Maria back to her cell, where she sits huddled on the hard, cold floor with both feet on a chain. Fresh straw is scarce in winter; the little straw that is available to her cannot warm the girl. The pot next to her smells strongly of her feces and her piss... But those are not her worries now. For a while she is paralyzed by the shock of the judgment, later she is consumed by fears. Images of a witch burning that she witnessed come to her mind. She thinks of all the terrible screams and she panics. She had run away then, but this time she would stand on the stake, chained. There will be no running away! Finally the girl calms down a bit, is completely depressed and has to cry again and again.

She still feels the traces of her torture vigorously: Her overstretched shoulders stab with every movement; her thumbs and lower legs throb from the brutal bruises she had suffered the day before; her shins are swollen, her breasts are burning hot from the blows and they hurt with every touch, she has whip marks on her back...

But worst of all is the condition of her pussy, the sensitive, tender flesh of her vulva and labia are raw and on fire. A gentle touch to ease all the worries is out of the question. Between her legs she is almost hairless, only small remnants of burned hair remained. She is embarrassed; a little protection from intrusive looks even without clothes was taken from her as a woman. Resigned, Eva Maria tries to play with her nipples, but they also react overstimulated and dismissive after the abuse she has suffered.

She thinks back to the bad day, humiliation and pain come to her mind... That morning she was interrogated endlessly and had to strip completely naked. She was so embarrassed that she was not even allowed to cover her bosom and pussy with her arms and hands. All the men had stared at her with open eyes, the torturer and a guard, the commissioners and also the clerk.

"Don't be shy, girl," Herrenberger says. "Completely naked, it will be easier for you to find the truth and to confess ... that has been confirmed many times." Then he orders sternly: "And now show us your boobs!" She has to take her arm down. "Well, who said it, you have really well shaped tits ..." She looks shyly at the floor and has to listen to further comments about her boobs. "And now your pussy; put both hands behind your neck!" She does what he asks and trembles all over in shame.

"Push out your tits, show us what you have to offer as a woman! ... More, go on, push them!" Eva Maria feels so ashamed and begins to cry. "Come on girl, don’t stop; show us your plump boobs!" She sighs and obeys. "Well, it wasn't too bad ... and it looks good. It would really be a shame to hide those proud boobs under your poor shirt!"

The shame and humiliation continue. "You have a lot of wool between your legs, that will give a good harvest," says the second commissioner. She now has to turn slowly on the spot so that everyone can look at her naked body from all sides. It was so humiliating, so shameful!

Herrenberger inspects her body "Let's see if you have devil's marks", but he cannot find any noticeable spots on her skin. 'Then I'll have to look for other clues ... she's definitely a witch,' the commissioner thinks. He takes the opportunity to slide his fingers through her pubic hair, pull the girl's ass cheeks apart, and pinch the beautiful, firm curves in the process.

From behind he encloses her two breasts with his hands and squeezes them like soft rolls, whose freshness he wants to check. He plays with her nipples sandwiched between his fingers until they stand up hard and firm. She squirms with discomfort, but she cannot escape his grip. He ignores her whining "Oh, please don't".

When she takes the hands down from her neck, the witch commissioner admonishes her sternly, "Nice to leave your hands where they belong. If you're a witch, I'll find out, but I have to examine you everywhere on your body, including where you don't like it. Any resistance is an indication of your guilt!"

Finally he lifts her breasts with his hands, measuring the weight. "A bit heavy and plump for your age … it seems your boobs refuse to obey gravity", he remarks with a grin. “A gift from the devil?” … It was so shameful, so bad!

Despite her protests, he slips his right hand between her legs from behind, opens her labia by pressing the edge of his hand firmly into her vulva. Then he lets his hand slide back and forth in the most intimate place of the previously untouched virgin. When Eva Maria groans out of embarrassment, he remarks viciously and shamefully: “You are pretty wet between your legs… does it turn you hot when I touch you there? ... Admit, it excites you when you are allowed to show yourself naked and when I touch you at the place of your sins..."

Disgusted, she thinks "He's lying!" Her mouth is dry and this is exactly how it feels between her legs.

He lets her smell the scent of her pussy on his hand. "What do you smell?" Herrenberger asks sternly. "Pee", she says hesitantly. "What else?" "My pussy?"…"No, your horniness!" He corrects emphatically. "Admit it smells like your horniness!" He yells at the girl. Eva Maria winces and looks ashamed at the floor. He puts his finger back under her nose and repeats "What do you smell?" ... "I couldn't wash", she stammers apologetically. "It's just a good thing you can't wash yourself, so you can't hide anything from us ... But I asked what you smell. Describe exactly how your pussy smells!" The girl sighs "My pussy smells like pee ... and horniness", she says, close to tears. "Yes, you are horny between your legs, like all witches, and we can smell that very clearly!" he says viciously.

Suddenly he pinches both of her nipples hard, the girl howls ... But he squeezes them even harder. A little reddened, her brown buds stand out even more proudly ... even if they hurt. "As I can see, your perky teats are already very excited ... we will not disappoint them", he says meaningfully and nasty.

After shame came more pain... Eva Maria has to sit with her legs apart on a trestle with a sharp wooden edge. The vicious edge presses deeper and deeper between her legs, forcing her labia apart and torturing the most intimate and sensitive areas of a young woman. Then she gets lashes on the back ... the pain makes her twitch violently, it was hell between her legs.

The girl has begged and pleaded to be let down. But the witch commissioner only says: "Confess and you will be granted relief", while the torturer hung additional weight on her legs, he grins and says: "What you’re doing is called riding the he-goat, you should like it as a witch."

Her breasts are attacked with a kind of fly swatter, but made of heavy leather. Her tits bounce wildly to the delight of the observers, they turn red and hot and hotter. Like meat that is supposed to be tenderized before roasting, her breasts are pounded deeply – and the protests of her sensitive are excited and very angry. But nobody cares except the girl ... and she can't stop it.

Oh please, stop beating my breasts! And let me down from the edge, please. It hurts so badly", moans Eva Maria. "Then confess!" Herrenberger calls out to her, but to the torturer he demands, "Hit her tits harder! It seems to please the young witch." Soon she is immersed in pain as if in a trance.

Desperate and with tears on her face she was finally released from this wicked ride, but only to be hung on the ladder, the cruel stretching ladder... And finally she was forced to confess a lot of lies…

For the next two days she remains alone without consolation ... Only a scribe comes, she has to dictate her last will. But there is nothing she can bequeath! They stole a brooch from her, after Eva Maria was arrested – it was a gift from her mother, who died early. “No means of magic”, she was strictly instructed.

She dictates her last greetings to her father, but she is not allowed to speak of innocence or unjust judgment. “Father, forgive me for causing you so much grief. I still love you all! Good luck to you. Greet my sister and brothers. I'm going to face grave suffering, but it should probably come that way. Eva Maria“, that is all she wants to write down, and tears keep coming back to her.

The writer secretly changes her text a little before it is handed over to her father. Now he reads: “Father, forgive me for causing you so much grief. I have sinned badly! Good luck to you. Greet my sister and brothers. I'm going to face grave suffering, but I deserve it. Eva Maria"

Little does the girl suspect that the witch commissioner will charge her father for all the costs she caused: imprisonment and food, interrogation and torture, setting up and burning the pyre … the executioner, his assistants, even the red-hot pincers ... In addition to the lack of help through the girl and to the grief, this will put the family in great financial trouble...

There follow a night and another day of grim worry. The pain of torture has subsided, but that brings little relief for Eva Maria...


Notes on Torture

As far as the files on the Bamberg witch trials contain notes on torture, 7 types of torture are mentioned, which were apparently used regularly and mostly in this order: thumb screws, leg irons (studded with pins for squeezing the shins and calves), prayer chair (the victim was forced to kneel on a low spiked stool, a simple type of interrogation chair), 'sitting on the trestle' (the victim was forced to sit with her legs apart on a trestle with a sharp edge, that means riding the Spanish Horse), 'pulling up' (being pulled up by the hands, that are tied behind the back, hanging freely or on a ladder), sulfur feather (dripping burning sulfur onto the victim's skin), often additional blows (stick, whip, slap, this is not explained in more detail).

Instead of burning sulfur, I used a torch; otherwise I have included and described exactly these authentic torture methods in my story (unfortunately no information on torture has been received for the specific case of Eva Maria Bachlin).


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Part 3 – Raped in her cell

Eva Maria spent the last day before her execution in her cell with gloomy worries. It's raining outside and that suits her mood. She cannot look out of the barred hole under the ceiling of her cell, the heavy chains on her feet are too short for that, but she can hear the rain splashing.

The soup for lunch with a crust of bread gives her a brief distraction. The soup is surprisingly tasty and rich… The cook means well for her, maybe he even feels sorry for the young witch.

The hours run slowly and sadly. In the Maleficent House, word got around that a young witch is waiting in her cell to be burned at the stake. The last few months have been slow here, no arrests, no torture, and hardly any remaining prisoners. Eva Maria Bachlin finally brings some variety again ... and also sinful thoughts. Her judgment is sealed, her last will is written, but she is not picked up until the next morning. Until then she will be alone, there will be no disturbances, no one will notice anything...

Johannes, one of the guards, says what he thinks: "There is a girl up there in her cell; waiting to be executed ... Maybe we can keep her some company" "Do you want to comfort her and hold her hand?" The others laugh. "I think we could have some fun with her ... I mean, a girl like her, that's an opportunity... it doesn't come back soon" "You want to fuck her? She is a witch!”

"Fucking a witch, that must be disgusting!" "Not if she’s as beautiful as this one ... The torturer raved about her, this little witch has smooth skin and big, soft tits ... and she is still in good shape after the torture." “Then let's fuck the witch, this is a real challenge!”

“We could hang a crucifix around her neck, then she has no power as a witch and the devil in her is banished.” The three guards drink beer and pass the time with dice. In doing so, they encourage each other. "We will heroically attack the young witch between her thighs in spite of all the dangers ... and we'll not back down until she is defeated!"

That is how they decide … and they begin to roll the dice to determine the order of their attacks. "Let's flood the witch girl's lap to drive the devil out of her body!" "You are right, Johannes, that is an honorable task ... and in the end we will even do a favor to the girl..."

When Eva Maria hears footsteps in the hallway, she is immediately concerned. It's not yet the time for bread and several people come ... A key is pushed into the lock, a bolt is opened, their cell door is pushed open. Three guards step in; stare at her, looking a little unsafe. One of them takes courage and says to her: "We have come to keep you company ... maybe you would have preferred to expect the devil, but he won't come ... he never keeps his promises, he won't help you anymore."

The three guys come closer, the cell door is closed and the frightened girl crouching on the floor is surrounded by them. One guard stands on both sides, the third at her feet, behind her head is the cell wall; there is no escape. “Take off your clothes!” One of them orders.

'They want to rape me' flashes through Eva Maria's head. She is terrified and feels paralyzed. "Please don't ... please don't do that ..." she begs and shakes her head.

"Come on, don't be shy ... you did it with the devil too!" Her eyes are wide open while she stutters "Oh please no, I don't want that." "You better voluntarily pull your shirt over your head now otherwise we tear it up ... then tomorrow you have to appear naked in front of the people who will accompany you to the stake."

She is inescapably at the mercy of these men, added by the thought of the stake; the girl is filled with panic. Two guards grab her penitent shirt and help the girl pull it over from under her bum. The fabric is pulled up to her head, exposing her breasts; then someone tears it away. Eva Maria has nothing underneath; she is completely naked; the guys stare at her in amazement. Before she can cover herself, someone pulls her hands away. “Hey guys, this little witch has really gorgeous boobs”, someone exclaims enthusiastically. "I hope that she has a nice, tight pussy too", says another and everyone laughs – except for the girl.

"Tell me, witch girl, is it harmless to touch your boobs, or will I get struck by lightning?" There is more laughter and nasty remarks, “Are your tits real or a gift from the devil?”

Little later her wrists are firmly in the grip of one of the guards. He pulls her arms over her head and presses her to the floor. Her shoulders sting, she's still in bad pain from the torture. The other two pull her legs apart by the chains. Shamelessly spread, lying on the ground, she is at their mercy.

Her beauty inspires, her full tits and her unprotected sex arouse, now there is no holding back. One of the guys squeezes between her legs, opens his trousers and pulls out his cock, moments later he's completely straightened up. Eva Maria has never seen a man's aroused cock; she is shocked and even more afraid. Then the guard above her head presses his knees onto her hands and puts all his weight on them. He puts the crucifix he brought with him around her neck on a short string. Then he presses his hand over her mouth and closes it.

"Stay calm, don't fight," he says to her in an almost fatherly way and strokes her cheeks with his other hand. He saw the horror and fear on her face and doesn't want her to scream. The other guy fondles her sex and opens her labia; then he pushes his cock between them. Eva Maria feels his hard, warm phallus. She feels great reluctance and thinks "Oh please no, God help me, don't let it happen!" But she has felt abandoned by God for a long time...

The guy who lies down on the girl and harasses her smells disgusting of sweat and beer. She has never felt so harassed, never felt so much disgust, not even with the harassment during her torture. Her whole body is tense; her pussy is completely dry, her labia are still sore from riding the trestle during the torture.

The rapist struggles to get inside her. “She's damn tight and completely dry”, he complains. "What did you think? She is a witch!" The guys laugh. “Come on, Peter, ram the witch… tear her open… take her! Show the little witch how real men fuck", and again she hears laughter.

Peter grabs his cock, wraps one hand around it to give it more strength; then he butts it into her tight pussy like a battering ram. The sphincter muscles of her vagina desperately resist, but they cannot resist his hard thrust, but they give in, her hymen tears and the man's cock presses into her vagina, penetrates deeper and fills it. "I've got you, witch," he calls out satisfied, then groans, "Oh, she's tight as a virgin! A little dry, but it's wonderful!"

The two spectators laugh. Eva Maria feels pierced and torn open, her dry pussy stings, but worse than the physical pain of her defloration is the pain she feels in her soul.

The guy on and inside of her starts to fuck her. Excited and hectic, he pumps his cock inside her vagina. The other two watch him, almost trembling with excitement.

It is a foreign body that works inside her, she feels humiliation, shame and disgust, but she cannot prevent it. Suddenly she feels his hands on her breasts, they begin to play with them, they first gently press her boobs, but soon knead them more vigorously. Her rapist also plays with her nipples, squeezing and rolling them between his fingers. Her hands are still trapped under the body of the man above her head. She has to endure abuse and rape without resistance.

The man behind her head is still stroking her cheek. This does not bring consolation for Eva Maria, only minimal distraction. Little later the man is digging in her long hair, he sucks in her scent. Strange, he thinks, even after imprisonment and torture she still smells good. I really thought she would stink as a witch… Why wasn't the witch's hair cut? Her long hair will burn brightly at the stake.

The rapist pumping in her womb eventually calms down a little. He pushes himself up to her cervix and butts against it with force, while starting to moan. Grunting, he sprays his semen deep into the girl's lap. Eva Maria feels disgust, she does not want to receive his semen, but she cannot prevent it.

The security guard, whom they call Peter, withdraws from her and sighs appreciatively: "I didn't think it would be so good to fuck the young witch." He pulls away, but only to make room for the next one. He exclaims in surprise: "She is bleeding between her legs, she was actually a virgin!"

“I told you she was as tight as a virgin!” “The witch is a virgin? That can't be, she has admitted fornication with the devil ... It must be magic!” The third raves. The man between her legs is too aroused to let the surprising observation keep him from fulfilling his wishes and desires. "In any case, now she's no longer a virgin!" But Hans, the man at her head suddenly thinks: "Well, maybe she isn't a witch at all, she was just brutally tortured..." He looks at her crushed thumbs, red and blue, bad bruises, and he mumbles: "Poor little witch girl."

The second rapist, whom they call Johannes, crouches over the girl and nastily pinches her nipples; then he grabs her head by the hair and presses his erect cock against her mouth. She fights, but she can't turn away. “Come on, kiss him!” Demands Johannes. Eva Maria feels his throbbing cock at her mouth, it smells of fermented urine and rot, she has to gag in disgust. “Oh please, not that!” She moans. "Well, does the devil's cock smell better than mine?" He asks with a grin. He lets one hand off her hair, pinches her nipple again and hisses at her: "Come on, kiss!"

Eva Maria pulls herself together, she kisses his glans quickly. But the guy twists the girl's nipple violently and demands: “You can do it much better, now kiss him properly! Take my cock between your wet lips!” His request is unmistakable and she obeys. "Now lick!" She feels deep humiliation and great disgust, but she gives in. "That's better!" Johannes sees the girl’s beautiful, white teeth and thinks: “I would rather not take on the witch's sharp teeth...” He pulls his cock back from her mouth, in order to push it brutally into her sore lap. He begins to rape her unbridled.

Eva Maria lets him do. Almost motionless, she lies on her back, takes her thighs a little further apart and looks apathetically at the ceiling ... She just wants to get it over with. But she can't ignore the man's pushes deep in her lap, nor the grip of his hands on her breasts... His bad breath is repulsive.

Her hands are only held gently by Hans, but she does not offer any resistance, she endures her suffering. When she finally hears her rapist gasping, she thinks: "Another one ..."

"Come on, Hans, it's your turn, fuck the witch! She's really hot for you." Hans takes John's place and lies down on the girl. Now she's not even being held ... she feels so worthless, used, humiliated ... her will is broken.

When the guy wants to kiss her, she turns her head away. "Be a good girl, do not deny yourself; otherwise I have to force you". Resigned, she nods her consent and lets herself be kissed on the mouth, but Hans demands more. She has to open her teeth and she lets his tongue in… his tongue tastes like beer, it's disgusting. As he greedily licks out her mouth, he pinches her nipples to make her more obedient and to prevent her from using her teeth as a weapon after all. This threat would hardly have been necessary, she reluctantly puts up with everything…

“Come on, get out of my mouth, fuck me and then get out of here”, Eva Maria thinks to herself. Hans does her a favor, ends his kisses and pushes his excited cock into her now well-lubricated lap. He takes it with much desire, but not violently. She notices that he is not unkind to her, but that he is also determined to take what he desires ... and she has to endure it...

Intense moaning accompanies his climax, then the guy lies exhausted on her. “Come on, Hans, we have to go!” Someone calls out. He sighs, "Even if you're a witch ... you're a sweet thing," he whispers to her, "It's a shame they'll burn you tomorrow." Hans gets up quickly and zips his pants.

"See you at the stake, witch!" Peter calls after her and Johannes adds, "And at the red-hot pliers." Then they turn away.

It only took about a quarter of an hour to get through her rapes and suffering for the time being, but it seemed to be taking forever. The three guys disappear in a hurry, the door is shut behind them, and Eva Maria remains alone. She gets dressed again with trembling hands.

Sperm mixed with her blood runs out of her vagina. She can still feel the sweaty hands of the men on her breasts, the pinching of fingers on her nipples, the disgusting kiss on her lips, the strange tongue in her mouth - and worst of all, the never-ending thrusts of cocks in her vagina. She still smells beer fumes and strong, strange sweat around her - she feels so worthless, so humiliated, and so dirty. She is disgusted with herself.

Then she hears steps again. The dinner? She is scared; she doesn't want anyone to see her like that. But things should get worse ... Suddenly the torturer is standing over her. "It’s time for you, witch, to meet your obligations!" "Oh no, not again, please!"

He pulls Eva Maria up by her hair, “Come on, take off your shirt!” The man doesn't wait long and lends a hand himself. As soon as she is exposed, he says, "Your cheeky plump tits drove me crazy while I was torturing you ... how these boobs danced so wildly to the beat of my clap ... now they will finally dance to the beat of my hands!" Immediately he begins with the palm of his hand to hit her tits again and again. He slaps her boobs, sometimes left, sometimes right, from above and below until the girl whimpers.

"Oh, please stop, it hurts so much!" "Now let your boobs have some fun before they are grilled tomorrow." When he finally stops, the girl sighs.

"Now you'll be well behaved or I'll get really angry!" She feels her breasts glow as the guy forces her on the knees. He frees his cock, crouches down and enters the well-lubricated girl without hesitation. He starts to fuck Eva Maria hard at a rapid pace, grabbing her hips in order to push her forcefully back and forth. Again and again he rams himself deep into her vagina and pushes up to her cervix.

Eva Maria perceives to be pierced and impaled with every push. At the same time, the girl feels deeply humiliated, for she is taken like a dog. Her tits swing so hard that it hurts. Worse still is the dull pain deep in her womb. With one hand she tries to hold her wildly jiggling boobs while she supports herself on the floor with the other. "Hands off, I want to see your witch tits rocking thrillingly!" He barks at her.

The torturer soon climaxes and defiles her with his semen. He moans with satisfaction. Then he pushes the abused girl to the ground with contempt, gets up and leaves the cell without saying anything. It only took a few minutes, but for Eva Maria it didn't seem to end. She continues to cry while lying on the thin straw.

Eva Maria feels dull ache deep from her womb, her vagina burns, her labia are itchy and on fire, her breast hurt... But the horror that she had to experience is far worse. With the fabric of her shirt she wipes blood and sperm away from between her legs, using it to rub her pussy dry until it hurts ... But the feeling of being deeply soiled can hardly be relieved… and it continues dripping from her pussy.

They stole the rest of her honor she still possessed. Along with her virginity, they tore from her the hidden evidence that all her forced confessions were lies...

Eva Maria is trembling all over, she cries and sobs; she cannot console herself. When bread and water are brought to her, she does not want to eat; instead she was terrified at the thought of more rapists.

She cannot shake off the impressions of the rapes she has suffered, and as the night approaches, the fears of what is still to come grow worse. The girl is rolling on the thin straw, the cold creeps into her cell. She only falls asleep early in the morning from exhaustion.

The recovery is only brief; she is rudely awakened “Get up, witch! It is time for you to mount the stake that was prepared for you. "

There is one last breakfast, but it gets stuck in her dry throat. “Eat properly”, she is admonished, “it will be your last meal!” She tries hard and swallows everything with plenty of water. A little later the guards come to pick her up. They are not her rapists, but that's little consolation. There is terrible fear that floods the girl.

A security guard sees the string on her neck", look what she's wearing on her neck". Surprised, the guards pull out the small crucifix. "Why does she have a cross on her neck" asks one? “Maybe to banish her sorcery and to ward off the devil,” says another. They slide the crucifix back under their shirt. The rapists had forgotten and Eva Maria had left it on her neck in the desperate hope that it would help her.


I wondered for a long time whether this rape scene fits the historical reality or not. At that time people really believed in witchcraft, so rape a witch might have cost a lot of willpower, even for torturers and guards – that could bring bad luck! Nothing can be learned about this from the Bamberg files...

And yet this was documented elsewhere due to a special circumstance. Years ago I read about the case of a teenage girl from that time, whose documents have been preserved - somewhere in Germany, the source is no longer in my head. She had been accused of witchcraft, imprisoned and tortured, but she had refused to admit. Those responsible in her witch trial then had doubts and she was released after weeks of imprisonment (rare luck!)

But by then she was already pregnant! Her torturer had to admit that he had raped the helpless girl in her cell several times. But instead of receiving appropriate punishment, as an unmarried man he was given the opportunity to 'make things right': he married the girl!

How may she have felt to marry her torturer and rapist? But that seemed to have been the little evil at the time, compared to the need and shame of living as an unmarried mother with a child begotten in sin...

This document prompted me not to let Eva Maria Bachlin, as the last documented witch of Bamberg, die as a virgin… And so this scene came about.

In the following part the young witch expects more fear and shame, we receive information from a competent source and her brother enters the story as a personally affected observer…


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Those were such absurd questions, how would she know? She thinks of hell and says “It was warm, almost hot” “Did you feel pleasure” ... of course not, that must be disgusting, the girl thinks. She feels deeply ashamed to make all this up and report such indecent things. “Yes, I felt pleasure,” she says with a sigh, not really knowing why. Her last two statements contradict most other reports, but the witch commissioners are all the more interested.
I have the feelings that i saw this fragment on German a few years ago.


I have the feelings that i saw this fragment on German a few years ago.
It's the short opening scene from the film "Life Is hot in Cracktown' (2009) - I can remember how Stephnie Logo's tits jiggled wildly until she was holding them with one hand. That inspired me a little in describing the rape scene in this story in a semilar way...


Part 4 – To the places of punishment and execution!

Eva Maria
is roughly led out in chains, where an open cart is waiting for the young witch. Guards push her on the cart and chain her hands behind her backs. This time there are no bars, everyone should be able to see the witch on her shame and ordeal. The gate opens again and she leaves the Maleficent House behind. “If you leave this house, it will be your way to the stake”, this has been said everywhere.

Her way leads through the city, leisurely behind a donkey. It doesn’t lead her directly to the gate. As a witch she has to do a 'lap of honor' to give everyone the opportunity gazing at her. Market square, town hall, cathedral church, these are her stations, narrow and wide streets in between. People have gathered everywhere, there has been no execution in a long time and her verdict piques interest. "A pretty girl is burned as a witch and she gets the hot pliers first," these words spread like wildfire.

Most people just stare at her, some feel sorry for the girl, but almost all remain silent. There is little verbal abuse, but most people worry that the witch hunt and the burnings will start again, most of them had understand that it can affect any family.

For Eva Maria this is already a reality, she has completely different worries. The naked fear arises in her at the thought of what she has to expect. But the cart with the witch continues its rounds through the city. She wishes her family won't follow her. She doesn't want to be

The weather is uncomfortable, the wind is cold and at times it snows a little, the condemned seen like that, doesn't want her father and siblings to face her own suffering and shame… witch freezes chained to her cart

At home, the two youngest siblings cry, her father can't hide his tears either; they don't want to see their beloved sister or daughter ashamed, punished, or burned as a witch. Hans Michael can no longer bear tension, fear and sadness. “I'm going to the place of punishment and to the stake. Maybe I can help my sister in some way.” “Don't do this to yourself, boy, it will be terrible. You'll never get that out of your head!” His father says with a trembling voice. “I want to know what is happening to Eva Maria. Staying here and crying without doing anything is no better either! Maybe I find the truth."

The boy runs off, it's a cold, gray day, still early in the morning, at least no rain. At 18, Hans Michael is the oldest brother of the girl who is burned as a witch today. The brother cannot imagine that Eva Maria is a witch ... but what can he do for his sister? He doesn't want to wait for her witch cart, which is pulled through the city.

There was some frost on the clear night, now the sky is closed again, but it has hardly got any warmer. He runs to the city gate, then on to find the place where his sister should receive her first punishment, the red-hot pliers. He doesn't really want to see it, but ... 'Just get away' he thinks, out of town, where so many people know him and his sister. Nobody will wait out there just yet ... Cold wind mixed with some snow blows into his face; but Hans Michael keeps walking.

Soon he comes to a place with barriers for the spectators. He knows immediately that this is her place of first punishment! There he sees a boy, hardly older than himself, who is trying a little clumsily to start a fire. Some guards are standing a little on the edge, but they look cold and bored.

"What are you doing here?" He bravely asks the boy. "Prepare the embers for the witch, what do you think?" "The embers for the witch?" Hans Michael asks startled. “You work for the executioner?” “Today I work for the executioner, otherwise for the blacksmith. Red-hot pliers are rarely used during executions. Today it seems to be a really special case, a young but naughty witch, who deserves the bite of the pliers ... I'm Martin and who are you?” "I'm Hans Michael ... I'm her brother ... Maybe I can support or help my sister here in some way."

"You are the brother of the young witch who will be burned today?" Hans Michael nods, embarrassed. “I'm sorry for you… No, you mustn't help your sister, she’s a witch; you can't stand by her, that's impossible! She has to bear her grief alone, that's what her judgment demands ..." But then Martin has an idea: "You can help me prepare the fire and the glowing coals, unfortunately I injured my right hand while forging."

"I should help you to prepare the embers? ... So that the hangman can torment my sister badly? I'll never do that!” “Why not? Your sister will get the red-hot pliers in anyway ... If you help me, I'll make sure that you get a good place to watch, while you can pray for her - more help is not possible!"

Hans Michael hesitates. “What if my sister recognizes me?” “She has completely different worries when she is brought here. The witch doesn't pay attention to the audience; they are just shadows to her. She only looks at the executioner, the embers, the glowing pliers ... You can slide your cap into your face if you feel more comfortable with it!"

The boy is reluctant to take the offer ... on the other hand he wants to know what is happening to his sister... In addition, it is windy, uncomfortable, cold, even if it has stopped snowing ... He could warm himself by the fire and distract himself with some work and pass the time....

"Well, I'll help you, but you have to give me more information!" "It's a deal, what do you want to know?" Martin is happy that he gets some company and help ... And getting to know the brother of a real witch is something special.

“What's about the red-hot pliers?” Asks Hans Michal “I mean… How is the hangman going to torture my sister?” “She was your sister, now she's a witch, think about it!” Martin says resolutely. "Make it clear to yourself, keep telling to yourself: She's a witch! ... She's no longer my sister ... she deserves her cruel punishment… Only then you'll be able to bear watching her suffering." The brother wants to protest, but he is silent. "She's a witch ... she's a real witch… she deserves suffering…" Maybe Martin was right and it will be easier for him that way … but he can’t believe it.

The witch's cart is led to the cathedral; Eva Maria can already see a group of dignitaries with colored robes standing a little higher on the portal of the church. As she comes closer, she recognizes the magnificently dressed man with a staff in hand and a large cap. 'The bishop' she thinks, startled.

Her cart stops right in front of the portal. The people gathered there wonder: “The witch in front of the cathedral and the bishop? She must be a very special witch..."

The girl hears the bishop imploringly saying things in Latin, she cannot understand. Then the stout man suddenly strides towards her. His face looks angry, even cruel, as he speaks to her with loud words, so that it can be heard from afar: “Get away from me Lucifer! Get out of my sight, witch; burn at the stake and go to hell!"

Eva Maria is frightened at his words filled with anger and hatred show. She was always a good Catholic, so the bishop's curse shook the girl badly.

Her cart starts moving, but the mood of the people waiting for her becomes more and more excited and aggressive. Suddenly children are running next to their cart, repeatedly shouting "Witch, bad witch, you must burn on fire!" That tears her out of the gloomy thoughts. 'Why do these children hate me? What have they been told?"

As they drive through a narrow alley, a woman suddenly steps out of the line of people, walks a few steps towards the cart and spats at the girl from close by. Thick snot runs down her cheek, Eva Maria is disgusted, but with tied hands she has a lot of trouble wiping the nasty slime off with her shirt. Then she is spat on again, she hears the words, “That’s for you, witch!” The people laugh.

She reaches a wide street, there are boys waiting for the young witch and throwing freshly collected horse droppings at her. Some bullets go wrong, but the girl can barely duck. The first bullet hits her neck, the next her right shoulder. Suddenly someone almost throws from the front; the bullet hits her on the left breast. Not only does it stink, the heavy bullets of horse droppings hurt, especially at her breast. She realizes how painfully her breasts are tense on both sides, not just where she has been hit. Is it her anxiety and tension, an earlier menstrual period coming up, after-effects of her rapes and beatings? Probably it all comes together, because she feels it unusually violently now. Or do her breasts even ‘guess’ what to expect?

There are more insults now. Eva Maria doesn't even try to listen, but sometimes she thinks: 'They should sit here in my place! I'm certainly not more to blame than these people ‘... but in their eyes she’s a witch!

She is pelted with feces and spat on again. Suddenly a rotten egg is thrown on her forehead. It bursts, the foul-smelling content trickles over her eyebrows into her face and down to her mouth. It's just disgusting and so humiliating.

An old woman takes advantage of the moment when she can't see anything; she pours a mug of stale piss right into the girl's face. People applause and laugh as the piss washes her face and drips along with the egg slush onto the shirt, where it then sticks to the girl's breasts. The young witch feels very disgusted and has to gag while she begins to smell strong. There are further insults and curses, then shouts "Witch, wicked witch, you must burn!"

Eva Maria feels scared, dirty, humiliated, deeply embarrassed ... But all the wickedness also distracts her from her bad thoughts about hot pliers and the pyre. She notices that more and more people are following her cart. Suddenly she sees the city gate in front of her and she knows that her hour is approaching. All her fears return immediately...

While the two boys light a fire with dry sticks, absorb the embers and collect more and more of them in a bowl, Hans Michal learns from Martin what he wants to know. "There are many ways to bite with red-hot pliers ... The witch, well, your sister, is still young ... maybe her thighs, arms, back, or her stomach and loins ..." he interrupts... "Or her tits … if her boobs are well developed."

“They’ll bite into my sister's breasts with red-hot pliers?” “Not into your sister's breasts, into the tits of a witch! ... Does she have well filled boobs?"

Hans Michael is speechless and horrified. Of course Eva Maria's breasts have developed well ... He thinks back, he often secretly observed his sister when she had washed, dressed or undressed ... she was never particularly careful, she probably thought that her siblings were all still children. He really admired her breasts; they stimulated his youthful fantasies, sometimes during the day, often at night. And her boobs had become fuller over the years ... There were no girls or women for him, except his big sister...

“Will she really be bitten with pliers that really glow?” He asks hesitantly. “Of course she will! So it is part of her judgment.” “No, that can’t be true. They mustn't bite my sister's beautiful tits wit red-hot pliers!”

"She has really big boobs, huh?" Martin indicates with his hands in front of his chest what he means. "Man, her boobs are now witch tits, remember!"

"She has wonderful breasts," says Hans Michael almost dreamily ... "Remenber, her boobs are witch's tits now! It's justified to punish them."

"Can't we make sure that the pliers aren't red-hot?" "And you think the hangman won't notice?" "Please don't let them bite into her boobs ... not with red-hot pliers!"

“You lament like it's your own tits… But listen: We can make the pliers glow brightly or glow faintly, it doesn't matter! The bright, red glow is only for the audience and to frighten the witch ... The hangman always waits for the pliers to cool down a bit ... if they stop shining, then the right moment has come. The iron mouth is still scorching hot ... The witch's meat is grilled in seconds, but not burned - that's how it hurts the most! If her tits are burned too much, the pain is less."

“That's terrible; the hangman wants it to hurt the most?” “That's his job. She's a witch!" "But my sister isn't a witch, she's a good girl!" "Let's not argue about that here ... she was convicted as a witch and she confessed to be a witch!" "But she certainly was tortured; otherwise she would not have admitted it!” Martin just shrugs his shoulders.

“Your sister is 19 now?” Hans Michael nods. Martin hesitantly says "She's the first witch in months and she gets two pairs of red-hot pliers, that's very unusual ... She may have been nice to you, but I'm sure she's an evil devil's whore ..." "She isn't!"

When Martin sees how sad Hans Michael is standing there, he pats him on the shoulder and says: “If your sister already has decent or even proud boobs, then her tits will be bitten here and grilled from the inside, you can't prevent that! They use pliers in order to go deep into her flesh... unlike branding irons, which only work on the skin. I heard the witches scream, all of them much older than your sister ... uh, as the young witch today ...”

“It must hurt terribly, doesn't it?” Hans Michael asks shaken. "Yes, girl's and women’s breasts must be particularly sensitive... It seems to me that it hurts unbearable… Be glad you have no tits ... But apart from the pain, glowing pliers are a clean thing, there will be a little blood flow, nothing more."

"Unbearable pain, you call that a clean affair?" Hans Michael is indignant. "No ... I know that's very cruel ... But they're witches ..." Martin tries to appease the brother. "Your sister is a witch too ... She gets the opportunity to atone here." "Glowing pliers on the tender breasts of a girl to atone?" "Yes, to atone ... The more intense the pain, the more valuable the penance ... And your sister has to cleanse herself of the devil, so she has to atone extremely."

"You really mean, the more intense the pain, the more valuable the penance?" “Exactly ... The worse the witch suffers, the sooner her soul can be saved." "Isn't the stake enough to suffer?" "I don't know if I understood correctly ... but to burn at the stake does not replace a penance ... better ask a priest..."

"And if she is not a witch at all, I mean the torture..." "Then the Lord in heaven will accept her in his goods ..." Hans Michal tries to understand, but he cannot believe that Eva Maria is a witch and that she must suffer so terribly.

"Remember, she is atoning when you hear her screams. But there is something else: the more she screams here, the less she screams at the stake ..." "Because she's already hoarse!" "No, not hoarse, she's numb ... To be burned alive at the stake must be the most terrible thing I can imagine. The flames at the stake come from all sides. But the pain when the scorching pliers grill her breasts is limited to a small place, but there it's most intense ... for the young witch who was your sister up to now, it will be hell ... But after that she will be numb ... at the stake it brings her a lot of relief. I have observed this several times, the witches who had to atone with the glowing pliers were later as if kicked away ... While other witches suffered long and unimaginably."

Hans Michael sighs. “That is weak consolation…” “Better a weak consolation than none!” Replies Martin.

They see the executioner and witch commissioner Herrenberger approaching and the first spectators arrive. Hans Michael has a really bad feeling when he sees these people.

“Come on; let's get the pliers glow up quickly!” But when Hans Michael sees the witch pliers he is startled. "They have terribly big mouths!"

“Of course they have ... Remember your witch sister's tits ...These pliers were built to bite through her tits and not to get stuck in them ... even if she has really big boobs!” The brother looks at him with horrified eyes, but Martin goes on talking: “Look, the pliers are rather slim; they will torture her tits, but not destroy them... At the stake she will still have nice boobs that everyone likes to look at.”

Hans Michael just shakes his head and thinks: "My poor sister … her poor boobs!"


The next part is about a really cruel punishment and terrible pain…


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Part 5a – A penance with glowing pliers

After a long tour it goes to the gate and out of the city. A cold wind blows into her face and a few boys greet her with a hail of clay balls. A bullet hits the girl at the temple, and for a moment she feels dazed. But this time the guards who accompany their procession step in immediately. “The witch should burn at the stake unharmed and alive!”, a guard calls out to the boys with a warning finger.

Eva Maria’s thoughts become even more desperate, her heart begins to beat up to her throat. Many people now follow the witch’s cart. Soon after leaving the city, she hears excited calls from afar: “The witch is coming, the witch is coming!”

A little later, the donkey stops with the cart. On one side she sees people who have gathered, on the other side the executioner, recognizable by a hood with two eye slits. She freezes with fear. But then she sees something that frightens her even more: with horror, the girl discovers embers in a bowl that has been prepared for her, and two pair of pliers are waiting for her … and these pliers have terribly big mouths.

When she arrives, Martin blows on the embers. She sees the sparks rise, the coals shine brighter and brighter … she sees the iron glowing deep red and then orange. She pulls at her chains and knows that there is no escape. She realizes that if the red-hot iron bites her cruelly, these hellish hot pliers will be burned deep into her tender flesh. Her fear makes her tremble.

Hans Michael stands inconspicuously next to a pile of sticks for the fire and embers, he has his hat pulled down into his face, but from there he has a good view of what is happening. The witch cart stops just a few meters away from him. His heart is pounding, will his sister recognize him? Then he sees his sister and he is deeply shocked. Eva Maria looks to him like a ghost, deathly pale skin, with wide eyes and confused looks … “Oh God, what have they done with her?” At the same time he calms down a little, she just looks at the embers, she won’t detect him.

The frightened girl only has a tunnel view of what is going to torment her here and she is eaten away by the question: “Where will I be bitten with these terrible pliers?”

Suddenly two men take her by the arms. “Keep calm, witch!” They loosen her hands from the chains that fixed her at the cart. But the relaxation through her freed hands is short-lived. Three guards drag the girl out of the cart and push her to a sturdy post with a crossbeam. It’s a T-shaped pillory, about level with her shoulders. Eva Maria’s legs shake and the fear eats her up as the guards push her back against the post and chain her outstretched arms to the two ends of the crossbar but on the backside. She tears at the short chains, but has very little leeway. The fixation of her hands on the back of the crossbar pulls her shoulders back and forces to push the girl’s chest forward. Then a rope is wrapped around her feet and the stake; Eva Maria is completely helpless when the pliers attack.

Witch commissioner Herrenberger is very satisfied with the preparations. Of course, he could have tortured the young witch with the hot pliers on her cart, but the bishop wanted to attract more attention and have an independent spectacle held at the gates of the city, especially for those who couldn’t follow the witch’s cart to the stake in Zell.

While the girl is waiting at the post full of fear and Martin continues to blow into the embers, Herrenberger announces the verdict loudly in front of the assembled people: “The witch Eva Maria Bachin is supposed to receive two bites with red-hot pliers at this point. May she sincerely accept her pain to atone for her grave guilt and to purify herself from dealing with evil! All who have gathered here are welcome to testify of her repentance.”

Then the commissioner speaks to the strong man under the hood up close, so that no one else can hear: “I think the young witch is cold and she’s waiting impatiently for her penance; we don’t want to keep her waiting long. So that she doesn’t freeze when we expose her tits to the fresh air, let the pliers glow properly before you bite into her perky witch tits… The young witch deserves her punishment ... and maybe you can think of a little encore for the witch and the audience ...” “Don’t worry, I’ll surely do that!” The hangman replied a little thoughtfully and went to Martin by the fire.

Suddenly two guards reach into the shirt over the girl’s chest with the words “Now we want to free your boobs”. They tear open their shirt with force. Everyone can see her white, flawless breasts. Eva Maria feels indescribable horror. They continue to tear the shirt down to the waist and bare the young witch’s breasts completely. Eva Maria trembles with cold and shame, but even more with fear. Suddenly she feels her bladder, which she couldn’t empty in the morning.

One of the guards says to her: “You have really full boobs, which will please the hangman with his pliers.” In fact, Eva Maria has to stretch her breasts provocatively in the posture that has been forced on her.

There is a murmur through the crowd and all who have a clear view stare in amazement at the girl’s beautiful breasts. Eva Maria has really well developed and almost perfectly shaped breasts for her age and time. Nobody from the audience here expected something like that and she has no idea that her beautiful, proud tits were a major reason for her punishment here with red-hot pliers.

Hans Michael watches as if spellbound as his sister’s shirt is torn open, as her beautiful breasts pop out and wiggle excitedly. “Please not her lovely breasts!” He stares at her tits, sees the flawless, fair skin, but he also notices bruises … How often had he wished to take a full look at her wonderful boobs and to touch them, not just secretly squint if she washed herself a little carefree … Now he had that serene look, but in this way he would never have wished for it … Worried he looks to the hangman and the pliers. “Poor sister”, he sighs, “you have always been good and dear … and your boobs are much too beautiful to bite or punish them.”

Herrenberger smiles, then he see the little crucifix hanging from her neck. “Who allowed her to do that?” He thinks angrily. He wants to tear it off her neck, but that certainly doesn’t make a good impression in front of all the spectators and he changes his mind…

Instead of the glowing pliers in the fire, the executioner grabs for cold but vicious pliers that have the mouth of a very small crocodile (even if no crocodiles were known at the time). He immediately approaches the girl at the pillory. When she sees the cruel pliers, she shakes her head in horror.

“Just a little foreplay, witch … the right pliers are still waiting in the fire,” grumbles the hangman and slowly approaches the bud of her right breast with the pliers.

“Oh no, please don’t, no!” Eva Maria feels deep fear and despair, her heart begins to race like crazy. In vain she pulls at her chains, but she cannot escape the attack of the executioner’s pliers

There is excitement in the audience as the pliers mouth opens with a dozen small, sharp teeth over the top of her breast. Then the hangman bites hard. The girl screeches; first she feels a tremendous, intense pain; then she feels the warm blood potting from her nipple and the bud of her injured breast, running further over the cold skin on the underside. The pliers hadn’t ripped, but had bitten deeply and firmly into the most sensitive areas of her tender tit.

The executioner doesn’t give Eva Maria much time to scream out and taste the violent pain. Then he bites the bud of her left breast. The girl’s screams overturn, she drags at her chains like mad; tears roll down her cheeks. Everyone sees the deep red blood dripping from their breasts, many spectators are enthusiastic, blood and pain is exactly what they are expecting. There is not much blood flowing, but it will continue to drip from the many small wounds for a long time.

Hans Michael, too, is spellbound on his sister’s bleeding breasts. He is scared, but at the same time he hopes Eva Maria survived here, she would be spared the glowing pliers … But he should be mistaken, there will be no Christmas grace for the young witch.

Although he sees how bright the coals shine, the executioner orders Martin to blow into the embers again for the audience. Finally he pulls out the red-hot pliers. People shudder at the thought of what will happen, but Eva Maria feels terrified again in addition to her intense pain. The cold December air makes her skin pucker, makes her young breasts even firmer and her nipples protrude hard. Her bitten tits look excited, but not really as if, after the torments they had suffered, they suspected the really bad disaster was coming. And with some blood dripping from her nipples, her proud boobs look even more exciting to viewers.

“No doubt about it, these are witch tits! She can only get them from the devil”, someone mumbles and feels arousal, at the same time he thinks, “She deserves her suffering. The executioner should bite hot and deeply into her plump boobs!”

Excitement, shuddering and also fright, each viewer feels a little different at this sight and yet this cruel punishment pulls everyone under its spell, women and men, young and old. There are malicious joy as well as horror, others think: “It’s a sacrilege to destroy these delicate and lovely boobs… But it has to be, she’s a witch!”

An excited tension grasps them all, except Eva Maria, she feels like pissing on herself in fear. When she sees the forked tips of the pliers, her fear grows even worse … the pliers alone would hurt her tits very badly even without embers.

Someone grips her long hair from behind to hold her head. But Eva Maria only stares at the pliers that lie over her right breast from the side with its mouth wide open.

“Oh please not my poor breasts again, please don’t!” She begs the hangman when she sees the pliers with their terrible, red-hot big mouth in his hands. He just grins under his cap and says “What did you expect? Of course the pliers were heated for your boobs… Now I'm attacking your tits seriously!”

The hangman thinks, “Actually, it is always customary for witches to be bitten at their tits … Why did Herrenberger expressly point out that this witch’s breasts should be punished? Maybe because she is still young and has such beautiful boobs! But why did he want an encore?”

Pleading she looks up to the sky, “Oh, dear God, please help me!” Moments later she feels the heat of the iron on her cool skin, which is slowly getting more and more burning. The hangman makes her wait, stirs up her fear and the crackling tension among the observers, then his ruthless and brutal bite follows.

The girl closes her eyes and grits her teeth when she feels the terrible attack. At first, it’s just a terrible biting and burning sensation. Eva Maria hears it hissing, smells burnt meat – it’s her flesh, her tender bosom! She feels how the horrible pliers not only burn into her bosom, but at the same time deep into her soul. The big mouth of the slender ‘witch’s pliers’ keeps closing, biting deep into her left boob with its glowing hot teeth, penetrating painfully deeper and deeper until the teeth meet inside her breast. The hangman does not wait for the hot iron inside her bosom to cool completely, when she has finished her task, he opens the pliers again and pulls them out of her breast.

Hans Michael doesn’t like to look at all, but he forces himself not to look away. He sees the big mouth of the pliers; he knows how hot the iron is and how devastating its effect will be … He only suspects how terrible the pain must be that his sister has to endure. Moments later, he sees the pliers grasp and bite into her soft breast. The boy winces, it hurts his own soul … There is tense calm, he even hears it hissing, he sees the smoke … The pliers close slowly, biting deep into his sister’s bosom. The boy feels miserable; it seems to him that he has been bitten himself. He feels for screaming. When he sees the pliers open again, it’s a little relief for him, but not for the girl.

Again there is a murmur from the crowd again. Many avert their eyes; others stare spellbound at what is happening.

After the gruesome hiss and bite, Eva Maria feels a really terrible pain that swells inside her bosom, begins to rage and rages like a wild fire. She loses all control, her bladder empties, there is splashing between her legs, before she begins to scream. Her screams are horrifying, and many viewers are startled.

Everyone hears her gruesome screams, but many also notice that she pees in pain and fear. There are calls of malice: “When it gets hot on her boobs, the little witch pisses on herself!” … “Where are your magic skills, witch, can’t you cool the embers by peeing?”

From the distance of the observer, only a little more blood can be seen, which also oozes from her boobs after the executioner has finished his cruel work. But the embers inhibit the bleeding and only the girl can feel the brutal internal injuries. The audience can only guess at her suffering. Some people are numb from the distress they have seen before. Others only think of what they see: “It wasn’t that bad, her tits are still there, a little blood, the witch shouldn’t overdo it with the screaming.”

Hans Michael can’t stand his sister’s screams; he has to cover his ears. He will be never able to forget what he just sees and hears. While she gasps and groans for air, he looks at her injured breast – he sees exactly where the pliers have bitten, but the marks aren’t particularly noticeable… Martin was right. But the screams and his sister’s face say everything: She’s going through hell now; there can’t be any worse pain.

Priests and monks are also among the spectators. They have made a vow of chastity, but some feel their true destiny at the sight of the bared girl. Some turn away, others cannot look away. And so one of the monks thinks: “The girl bewitches me with her sinful body … The executioner should tear off her damned tits with sharp claws instead of just biting into them with hot pliers!” But others think, “What a shame on her beautiful tits.”


This episode with vicious and glowing pliers was a bit too long for one post, so the second bite follows in its own part. But first a few visual thoughts on the subject...


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  • 22_Witch Pliers with teeth.jpg
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  • 23_tortured with red-hot pliers.jpg
    23_tortured with red-hot pliers.jpg
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For me, 'Dakota Pink' would be an ideal cast for the role of Eva Maria Bachlin. In the following pictures she is about the same age as the victim (19 years). At least I indicated where the pliers will bite her and what nasty variants of pliers, rippers, claws there were... even if Dakota makes a very friendly face to my evil intentions…


  • 24a_Dakota-Pink_breast-ripper_0018.jpg
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  • 24b_Dakota-Pink_bite-pierce_tear_0101.jpg
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  • 24c_Dakota-Pink_spider_0112.jpg
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  • 24e_Dakota-Pink_croco pliers_ripper_0083.jpg
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  • 24g_Dakota-Pink_witch pliers_0088.jpg
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  • 24h_Dakota-Pink_pliers_spider_0065.jpg
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  • 24i_Dakota-Pink_nipple pliers_0119.jpg
    24i_Dakota-Pink_nipple pliers_0119.jpg
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  • 24j_Dakota-Pink_spider_0069.jpg
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66 and 68
Coincidence? I do not think so
24f and 24j are duplicates, but with different tools ... And then there is a triple of spiders; I thought the spider looks really good on her breast, even if it doesn't appear in my story.
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Part 5b – Kissed by glowing pliers

This time the hangman gives the girl time to scream and calm down a little. He realizes that this attack with pliers would have been enough to torment the young witch for her guilt and to present the audience with a gruesome spectacle. But her verdict is 'grip with pliers twice', after all she has two well-filled tits and the other breast is still waiting for the punishment ... after she has given herself to the devil. But he has never tortured such a young witch in this way.

Finally, Herrenberger speaks up again: "It's time for the second kiss of glowing pliers ... and for you, witch, it’s an opportunity to atone!"

The executioner looks into the glowing coals and waits until the iron shines even brighter. When the whole mouth is glowing red he takes the second pair of pliers out of the fire and holds them up to show everyone on this cold, cloudy December day against a dark sky that these pliers are correctly hot. Of course he knows that the pliers will only glow a little when he bites with them, but they will still be scorching hot and do their job on the witch's soft bosom ...

The people are excited and moved when the executioner approaches the girl's still uninjured, left breast from the side, while the witch waits helplessly freezing for her hot and agonizing fate.

“Why do you have to torture Eva Maria again with glowing pliers? She has already suffered a lot more than any human can endure…” her brother asks himself, stunned and angry.

The pain in her right breast is still roaring as she is attacked from the other side. “Oh no… not again! Not my breasts, no!” The girl laments and thinks, “How am I supposed to endure even more pain?” She used to be so proud of her beautiful, full boobs, which she often stroked tenderly ... But this is not the right moment for such thoughts...

There is no mercy. The pliers close again, this time around her beautifully exposed left breast. Eva Maria is frightened to see the horrible mouth with the split teeth that will bite her breast from above and below like the teeth of a giant rodent ... And she feels the hot glow of the pliers...

The hangman sees fear and pain in her eyes; he sees the girl trembling violently and tearing at her chains. The executor says in an almost fatherly tone. “You heard it; your other breast will not be spared. You can't escape the pliers… Look at your naughty witch tits, you can't deny that they deserve a severe punishment and intensive pain… Be brave, accept your penance!"

The girl breathes hectically, her marvelous boobs rise and fall. The horrifying fear of terrible expectation is even worse this time; Eva Maria knows exactly that it is hell that awaits her. But she sighs at his words and thinks, "Why are my tits naughty? Why do my poor breasts deserve this terrible pain and cruel punishment? And they've been bitten so badly yet…"

"Keep still!" Exclaims the hangman. She closes her eyes and holds her breath. His second, scorching attack starts at once.

The executioner feels how her beautiful, soft boob gives way under the grip of the terribly hot pliers. The four teeth of the witch's pliers quickly burn through her skin; the girl's tender tit gives in to the pointy teeth, the searing heat of the tool, and the strength of the hangman; almost 'willingly' her breast picks up the pliers. The executioner quickly penetrates into the depths...

“These magnificent witch tits are really made to bite them with red-hot pliers”, the hangman thinks at that moment. He knows exactly that the split pliers’ teeth make the bite easier, but then cause serious internal injuries in addition to the heat. At that time it was customary to think of special nastiness rather than relief for the victims, especially if they were convicted witches...

But what the executioner with his pliers succeeds almost playfully brings the girl unimaginable torment. Again she feels biting, hissing and moments later flaming pain. “Don't show pity!” The Hangman thinks and gives the witch and the audience another encore. He turns the pliers first to the right and then far back to the left, moving her boob over her ribs before the destroyed breast is released from the cruel grip of the pliers.

The Eva Maria begins to scream, she screams the soul out of her body, first shrill and garish, then duller until her voice finally croaks. The raging pain in her breasts almost drives her mad. In the end she just moans and whimpers.

Many viewers think, “Only a witch can scream so inhumanely - it's cruel for the girl, but it has to be done. She's a real witch, it's a fair judgment!" But more and more people have doubts about the bishop's righteousness and turn away in shock.

Hans Michael is deeply shaken ... This time he feels tears running down his cheeks...

Girls and women feel anxious and reach over their breasts protectively. A girl, around the age of the young witch, can no longer hold her tears and she pinches her bosom as if to reassure herself by pain... Her actions do not escape the witch commissioner's attention. He is used to looking into faces and paying attention to the behavior of the audience when witches are punished and executed. He'll ask for her name. “She's a witch!” Herrenberger thinks. "She also deserves the red-hot pliers on her perky tits ... and she knows it! And she’ll burn too."

There is applause from the audience for the executioner's work, he bows and steps aside. The witch commissioner will later praise him for his 'decisive commitment in the fight against witchcraft' and promise him an extra bonus for his good performance. On the other hand, he charges the victim's family increased fees for the work of the hangman with the red-hot pliers: surcharge for young, extraordinary large witch's breasts, which require bigger tools as well as particularly careful preparation and carrying out of the work.

Eva Maria is in shock for a while, she is as if dazed by the hellish pain in both of her breasts, but she is left at the pillory until her senses slowly clear in the cold winter air, at the same time she feels the cruel throbbing deep in her breasts more violent, and she still feels the biting of her breast buds. While her body is freezing, her breasts are burning hot. A lot of blood flows in and heats the fire that continues to rage inside her boobs.

"My poor breasts roar their terrible suffering and do not want to calm down," the girl thinks in agony.

She moans again and again, clenching her teeth ... She wants to scream out all her suffering, but her voice is already hoarse. She wishes that her tormented boobs will finally rest, but they continue to rage full of anger and they do not want to calm down. She wants to touch her breasts to comfort them, but her hands are chained to the pillory. Eva Maria only sees the deep bite wounds on the top of her boobs and some of the bite into her nipples and buds. Despite the severe burns, some more blood oozes out. From the bottom of her breasts, more blood runs down her stomach.

Market women have brought baskets with bread and pastries for the spectators and innkeepers sell wine and beer. In this way, people find the opportunity to pass the time during a conversation as well as with drinks and food. They can use this to distract themselves from the terrible experiences, or they can take a closer look at the tortured witch and examine the executioner's work at her breasts.

After the punishment she has suffered, Eva Maria remains standing at the pillory until the bells from town strike for noon. Freezing half-naked in the cold winter air she is gazed at, mocked and insulted while she is still eaten away by the pain in her breasts. Time passes excruciatingly and very slowly.

Hans Michael can no longer watch his sister's suffering and can no longer bear the sad sight of her once so beautiful boobs. His whole mind is filled with her screams. "Get away from here first!" He thinks to himself. "I don't want to see how my sister's tortured tits swell slowly while the spectators gaze at her." So he runs away, alone in the direction of the pyre and stake.

The guards finally release the girl from the T-post and drag her back onto the donkey cart, where she's chained up again. The torn shirt is pulled back a little, but her tortured breasts remain exposed for all to see.

When the cart with the young witch starts to move again, her breasts are still throbbing wildly, but they are bloated from the secretions that collect in them - her breasts are getting bigger and plumper – the sight is terrifying ... Eva Maria only suspects how bad the inner devastations are...

It continues leisurely, the young witch is driven a few kilometers from Bamberg to “Zell”, where pyre and stake are waiting for her. Witch burnings inside or in front of the city gates bring bad luck, they say here. They make her to suffer cruelly long.

The girl's struggle with burning pain and terrible suffering is so intense that she forgets almost everything else, even the fear of being burned. Sometimes she never wishes to arrive, sometimes that it should end quickly so that the pain would finally stop. The flaming pain inside her breasts swells with every heartbeat and consumes her slowly but ceaselessly. The protest of her tortured boobs is still unbearably angry, especially in her left breast, which was not only bitten by the scorching hot pliers, but also turned and pushed back and forth.

Sometimes she thinks, “Instead of calming down, my tits get even angrier.” She looks at her disfigured boobs, which are no longer hers, they have swollen to an unnatural size, they have become burning hot from the injuries and the blood that flows in. If only they would finally calm down ... but they keep raging and some blood is still dripping from the buds.

Eva Maria tries to free her thoughts from the pain at least for a moment. She is cold, hungry and thirsty, but that's no longer important. What is the point of still struggling, clinging to life that has become worthless? She is ready to die now. "Burning at the stake can't get that much worse", she thinks, but she is said to be wrong.

Suddenly the sun comes out as if the sky wanted to give a sign. Then she hears shouts “The witch is coming!” Eva Maria has reached her final goal, the pyre with the stake...


Now it's getting really hot! Poor young witch, she has to face her final punishment…


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I'm talking about your age. There is another breasts-hater somewhere here. He is almost in the same age as you are
I'm not a breast hater, on the contrary! Maybe this is a little difficult to understand at first sight ...
I'm describing punishments that people actually invented and carried out. And I try to describe without make-up what pain and suffering the victims actually experienced... And I also describe the very different perspectives of various observers at the time ... who were quite used to such cruel, public punishments. This also applies to the subsequent burning at the stake.
Unlike in most films or novels, there is no cut here, "We don't want to burden the reader or viewer with any more details..." If someone doesn't want to burden himself with it, please don't read it!


Part 6 – Ordeal at the stake

Hans Michael reaches the stake, a group of spectators from the surrounding area has already gathered, but most of those who come from Bamberg follow the witch's procession.

“What I am doing here? Do I really have to do this to myself?” The boy asks himself. "Haven't I seen and heard enough misery and torment?" But he decides, "I have to know if my sister is a witch or not!" I'll find a sign here at her pyre; I just have to recognize it. The glowing pliers hurt her cruelly, but what difference is there between being a witch or a dear sister ... But here at the stake a witch will die differently than an innocent girl...

The executioner arrives soon after him to make final preparations. The man recognizes the boy and asks if he would like to help him 'rework' the pyre a little, because yesterday's rain requires pushing dry sticks under the wood on the sides so that it can burn well... Martin, the young blacksmith, stayed behind to clean up the first place of punishment and with his injured hand it takes a little longer...

Of course, the brother doesn't have a good feeling about the proposal this time either. But he thinks to himself, I can't change her fate, but if the wood burns faster, my sister won't torment herself for so long ... So he helps the hangman, although he shudders from the executioner.

Another half an hour goes by, then the witch cart approaches and the train of people who follow it. The people gathered at the stake shout, scream excitedly: “The witch! The witch is coming!"

The cart stops, Eva Maria feels how fast her heart is beating. But it doesn't just hit her throat; it pounds wildly in her breasts and makes the pain hammer again. She sees the pyre and the stake that were set up for her, and yet she is desperate. She looks up to the sky and the sun, which is breaking more and more clearly from the clouds. “God is ready to welcome me kindly,” she thinks. Now I have to go up there and into the flames. It will be terrible, but in one hour I'll be through everything ... But her calming shouldn't last long.

They leave the witch sitting on the cart in anxious anticipation. First of all, the guards ensure order, make sure that all spectators step behind the barriers and that everyone finds his place. Only then is it time for Eva Maria to go on her last journey.

They loosen her hands, drag her from the wagon; push her to the stake. The people shout: “The witch must burn!” “Burn, witch, go to hell!” In front of her rises a cube-shaped pile of neatly piled trunks as thick as arms, with thinner twigs woven in between them. In the middle is a sturdy post with chains already hanging from it.

Her long hair gets tied with a bow behind her back. The girl's torn shirt is pulled off over her shoulders and arms down to her hips to bare her upper body completely. Then they push her to the stake.

Trembling with fear, Eva Maria climbs up, there are only a few steps, but they are the hardest steps of her life. At the top, she reaches the tiny platform in front of the stake on which she is supposed to stand. All around the wood is piled higher, the flames should surround her. But the day before it rained, the wood is damp now ... today it can take a long time...

The guards also jump at the stake. They quickly loop a chain around the girl's body, then her feet are placed in a leg iron that was fastened behind the stake, finally her arms are drawn up over her head, and further up on the stake they are locked in handcuffs attached to two chains. This is a position where her breasts are particularly exposed to the gaze of the audience. Now everyone can see where the pliers have bitten her, on the top and bottom of her breasts and at the buds from where her blood is still dripping down. And she takes a posture where she can squirm up ‘nicely’ in the flames at the stake...

The leg iron prevents her from slipping down the post later when the burning wood under her feet gives way, but it forces the witch into a position where she opens her legs and pushes her hips forward.

She only looks briefly at the circle of people who have gathered here. There are still nasty cries: “Burn, witch, go to hell!” But the abuse bounces off her; Eva Maria is too busy with herself and her fears. The executioner goes to the stake and checks that the young witch has been properly chained. “Pull your arms and feet!” He commands. She tries, the chains above her head have some slack, but her feet are caught like in a vice. She can move her hips back and forth a little, but by no means free them. The executioner is satisfied and gives a sign.

The people eagerly await the execution of the witch in the flames; they gaze at and marvel at Eva Maria. Everyone wants to see a clue that this young woman is really a witch. But they only see her fearful, almost disturbed looks; they see her plump breasts with the bite wounds.

“I can hardly see the bite of the pliers”, someone grumbles. “The executioner should have used thicker pliers or bite the witch's tits multiple...” “And he should have pinched the buds of her breasts too ... with red-hot tongs! The witch deserves to have her teats burned." His neighbor supports him.

Suddenly a bell rings and the people fall silent, the girl is frightened. Commissioner Herrenberger steps forward and announces: “In front of us stands Eva Maria Bachlin at the stake, who is a witch ... Her verdict is: burn at the stake today ... The witch has confessed heinous crimes, such as fornication with the devil and the covenant with him, she described in detail her fornication and her visits to the Witch's Sabbath... But see, the young witch wears a crucifix on her neck, but she does not carry the cross out of piety, but to ward off sorcery and the devil..."

The commissioner turns directly to the witch: “I hope for you, Eva Maria Bachlin, you sincerely regretted your atrocities and you took the opportunity to repent honestly while kissed by the hot pliers on your breasts… You should be grateful for this opportunity to atone with some pain in your witch tits... But now it's time for your sinful body to be burned so we can save your soul."

Once again, Herrenberger turns to everyone: "It's written in the Holy Bible: You shouldn't let a witch alive ... And so I'm giving her sinful body to the flames now!"

A priest comes forward and speaks words in Latin, then draws a cross with his right hand against the stake and the witch.

There is tense calm as the executioner grabs the burning torch and holds it up for all to see ... He lights the pyre from all four sides, brushwood and thin branches catch fire quickly, but the flames only slowly gain strength, the wood is got damp through the rain. Smoke rises with the flames and makes people cough. It takes a quarter of an hour for the pyre to burn high.

For Eva Marie it is a time for terrible fears. The wind drives the smoke away from her, only if it subsides a little she has to cough ... She still freezes on her bare upper body in the cold wind, but on her feet it will soon be significantly hot, burning hot ... and it should soon be terrible hot.

Hans Michael is standing a little to the side of the pyre, his hat pushed down over his face. As he watches his sister being led to the stake and chained up there, he feels miserable ... And when the inserted, dry wood is ignited, he feels guilty. He sees the fear on the sister's face and he sees the flames. He would like to run away, but he pulls himself together.

Most of the spectators look excitedly at the action; they feast on the fear of the young witch or delight in her beauty. They stare at her punished breasts, which the girl has to relentlessly present to them. The slight flattening of her boobs caused by the raised arms is compensated for by the swelling suffered. For some, her tits are now even more attractive with the clearly visible pliers' bites. They try to imagine how it hurt the witch when she was bitten on her tender boobs with red-hot pliers, but they cannot grasp the girl's real suffering.

When the flames hit the wood and lick between the witch's feet, the crowd grew more excited. Again there are calls: "Burn witch, grill in the fire!"

On her journey far out to the stake, Eva Maria had already finished her life, filled with the terrible pain inside her breasts, but when she is chained to the stake surrounded by flames, her fears are indescribable ... Her wide-open eyes and her hectic looks betrayed her panic.

As the flames lick her feet, the girl screeches. The pain quickly joins the horror of being grilled alive. Wildly she pulls her chains, but there is no escape. The fire slowly burns through the pyre, more and more flames shoot out of the stacked wood and they lick higher and higher at the girl's skin. Eva Maria is seized with wild panic. The painful throbbing in her breasts fades into the background. She feels how her feet are surrounded by flames and burn, soon the fire reaches her lower legs, the flames lick higher and higher on her unprotected legs. Her tortured shins fill with severe pain. First the skin of her legs turns red, blisters form, which get bigger and bigger and then burst.

Eva Maria writhes at the stake. Her face is making a grimace. She has to scream out the pain and realizes that it will be much more terrible to burn than she could have imagined. All of her thinking is filled with pain and fear.

With full consciousness, Eva Maria experiences how she is slowly grilled from bottom to top and then burns. Her body releases stress hormones, but actually to give her the strength to fight and flee. But fight and flight are impossible, there is no way to avoid the flames and the heat ... The excruciating pain is accompanied by panic and despair. Only later her brain is flooded with endorphins, her body's own drugs, to numb herself.

Her leg irons get hotter, soon they start to glow and her skin is grilling above her feet. The pain is extraordinary.

Suddenly the hem of the skirt is caught in the flames, the girl's penitential dress burns down to her waist, in the process it falls apart, sparks rise, and the ashes are blown away by the wind. Eva Maria utters horrified, panicked screams. But many of the spectators have been waiting just for this moment and they delight in the spectacle. The girl is standing completely naked at the stake except for a fabric ring around her waist; only below her knees flames obstruct their view somewhat. It is the first major climax of a cruel drama, especially with a young witch as Eva Maria.

Her feet have been secured behind the stake in the leg irons and there is a shoulder-wide bar between both feet. This forces the girl to open her thighs slightly and push her hips forward. Her pussy is bared; the thick, woolly pubic hair is visible to everyone. But if they look closely, in the glow of the fire the spectators can also see the pubic cleft between her swollen labia, which do not close completely after torture and rape ... after the hair on the lips of her vulva was burned by the torch that forced her to confess at the ladder…

Some people are horrified, others are amazed, many are enthusiastic, and as her skirt burns down there is even loud applause. Eva Maria feels shame only briefly; then the searing pain draws the girl's full attention again. Her feet continue to grill; flames lick her legs up to the knees. She suffers and screams terribly ... Everything around her pays less and less attention to her, the people around her fade into shadows. The throbbing pain in her breasts blurs with the indescribable agony on her feet and legs. She squirms in pain at the stake as if she is performing one last dance for the spectators or the devil.

“It's the witch's dance! The witch is dancing for the devil!” Hans Michael hears the excited calls and shakes his head, but he is shaking all over, the suffering of his sister has seized him deep in his soul. He shouldn't have expected himself to stay here at the stake. It will be worse and takes much longer than with the glowing pliers before...

The boy has a good view of what is happening. As the hangman's helper, he stands in front of the barriers and can even move. How amazed he watches as Eva Maria's skirt burns and she has to show herself completely naked at the stake to all the people. He feels ashamed of himself as she naked squirms in pain. Hans Michael is now almost directly in the direction of her gaze, but she will not recognize him, also because of her pain and she is by no means expecting him there.

The girl's upper body had long been bare. He doesn't even like to look at her breasts tortured by glowing pliers, but then he realizes that her tits don't look too bad when he looks at them; they are still nicely shaped, plump hemispheres with excited buds; only the bite wounds make him sad.

But now the boy's eyes glide elsewhere. He was never able to see between his big sister's legs, not even at other girls or women ... He never saw anything more than the black triangle of woolly hair. His curious looks are magically directed to where she can no longer close her legs ... He doesn't want to look between his sister's legs, but he can't stop it. He's just trying to block out the painful squirming of her body.

The boy has never seen a woman's labia; he doesn't even know that women have two couples. He didn't notice that with goats or horses, otherwise his only role model. The outer lips form the slit in girls, which he has often seen on his little sister. What comes next always remained a secret. With Eva Maria these lips look much thicker and reddened ... and they have opened clearly - the boy does not suspect the reasons, but he wonders why his sister can no longer close her legs.

Flames and smoke soon block his view. The terrible screams of the sister quickly pull him out of his thoughts and doubts into the cruel reality.

Suddenly the girl releases the remains of her bladder. Her brother recognizes between the flames how it splashes between her labia and then hisses. Strangely, he thinks, I've never seen Eva Maria pee ... only with her little sister. But he wouldn't have looked at it that way.

Some people have also noticed the witch's distress, they laugh and there is malice again. “Our little witch is pissing herself again!” Someone calls out “Well, isn't the devil coming to help you?” Eva Maria hardly realizes the bad calls anymore; her suffering in the flames is too terrible. But this malice angers her brother. “She is in great need,” he thinks, “that is not shameful! I would like to see you stew up there once..."

The flames lick higher and higher, but they only rise slowly. At some point her burned feet are numb, but the pain of her grilled skin increases with the flames. The girl's agony is barely comprehensible, and yet, she is now in shock, a bit numb and dazed by pain. With full consciousness all of this would be unbearable here.

At some point her thick, black pubic hair catches fire, a small blue jet of flame can be seen. Soon the fabric around her waist will burn too. Some spectators are enthusiastic, women present are shocked. The young witch stands at the pole squirming with slightly open legs in the flames... And when a brief gust of wind comes, she can be seen completely naked ... before the flames encircle her legs again and they flick high up to the open slit of her shame.

These are the last, terrible screams that Eva Maria utters as she feels the indescribably hot flames licking her pussy and then grilling it. She desperately tries to close her legs, but she doesn’t succeed.

Eva Maria's labia are slightly open; the heat of the flames captures her whole vulva and penetrates up to the girl's most sensitive areas. Eva Maria screeches desperately until her voice gets weaker and weaker.

Commissioner Herrenberger is happy to see this. With cruel intent, he had closed her feet behind the stake with leg irons set wide, so that she had to open her legs and expose her sex to the flames. "The flames must cleanse the witch of the devil," he told the hangman. "... And now the cleansing fire is about to burn out her sinful vulva", he thinks enthusiastically.

Soon Eva Maria only groans, filled with immense agony, but barely audible to the audience. The pungent smell of her own flesh mixed with smoke stings her nose, she has to gasp and gag, she struggles in agony for air that is getting hotter and hotter and contains less and less oxygen to breathe…

It won't be long before her lungs will be able to no longer perform their duties.

Wind and fire have dried the wood. The flames are beating up faster now, her legs are burned in agony, her pussy is grilled, but the flames keep burning and rising higher and higher. She has had fatal burns since a long time, but they work slowly.

Many onlookers not only heard her shrieking screeching, which was slowly getting hoarse, but they also noticed the frantic twitching of her thighs as the tongues of flames reached the secret area between her legs and the witch's dance at the pole changed ... more excited and hectic. As always, people react differently - from appalled… to moved… to filled with joy.

Herrenberger is one of those who feel satisfaction and joy in what they see. Finally a witch is burning in the fire again, a young girl who has given herself to the devil. "She deserves her punishment and she must squirm in righteous agony ... This will only be a prelude", he thinks", because soon the witch is going down to hell, where the devil is waiting for her with his true malice..." But how can he be so sure that it’s not he himself the hell is waiting for?

Some other viewers also think this girl deserves all her torments as a witch, but most of them are depressed by her fate. They feel anxiety, no matter what they think about witchcraft ... There are no angry or joyful calls anymore, the great excitement has evaporated, almost everyone is touched by what he is experiencing here with the young girl in flames at the stake, albeit in a slightly different way.


The redeeming end is near...


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If someone doesn't want to burden himself with it, please don't read it!
Good advice but i can't follow it because i read it already.
I would like to add some details.
You know, there was (or still is) the rule - If you lied you will go to hell.
And in following this rule a lot of women have been trying to endure it. To endure tortures because they knew that they can't lie.
It means that in the end of this they have a person that was totally devastated. Physically and mentally. How do you think, tormentors was able to resist the temptation to leave her breasts or other sensitive areas for "grand finale".
No, they wasn't. It means that her breasts (also fingers, shoulders, legs) were already ruined.
You just ignored this facts. Why?
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