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The Magic Of Being Tied Spreadeagle

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Graf von Kreuzigung
A few beach spreadeagles in the last posts.:zplayita:

I always have a backstory in my mind, of anthropologists, arriving at far away beach, to start field work. Setting foot on these beaches is always a dangerous phase of their field resarch, since they never know how the natives, the subject of their project, will receive them.:tiburon:

It often turns out that they immediately get subjected to local habits, making their field work interactive and experience based! What scientist would not dream of that!:rolleyes:

Here a few reported study cases. :

1601717426169.png "Our fishermen will return soon from their hard and dangerous work at sea. They will be happy to find some physical distraction on the beach, they certainly deserved." (meanwhile, the wind blows the sharp sand and weed over her body).

1601717622933.png "So, anthropologist, mhhh? This is a peaceful island, and we want to keep it like that! This is what our tribe does with unwanted trespassers! Write that in your report! I hope the coral debris under your fat butt is not too sharp"?

1601717744939.png And this anthropologist has just set foot on the shores of Arkansas. (I know, Arkansas is landlocked!:doh:). She neither made it far inland.
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