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The Magic Of Being Tied Spreadeagle

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Calf #15

How lovely. Just looking at this picture breeds the story leading up to it. The woman being led to a separate room to have every part of her body professionally waxed a couple of days before her performance (it just wouldn't do for her to have her skin inflamed when the guests of honour arrive). Then, the very morning of her performance she is told to strip in front of the other slaves, her wrists and ankles are wrapped in bandage to avoid damaging the goods in case one of the guests decides to purchase her. Her arms are then tied behind her back and she is blindfolded before being led off towards the Burgundy Room, where she is secured to the soft floor and left for some time, still blindfolded. Her wait comes to an end as she hears steps approaching on the soft fabric. She had been told that there would be multiple men, but hearing them arrive, chatting lightly as they approach her makes her breath uneasy. She thinks she recognises one of the voices - its very familiar and distinct, but she is unsure... She just lies there, helpless, unable to cover herself even if she tried... Not knowing how many men there are around her, waiting to violate her, use her like an appliance... Not knowing for sure if one of them isn't the owner of the appartment she had been renting before volunteering as a slave... She blushes, as she knows she had left without paying her last monthly rent...


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