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The New Arcimboldo Archive

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Slave Trader
Or Rampant! He's all over this site! Anyway here's another new one headed for our new archive. Mr. A. said

"Ok, here comes another manip I finished last year.
It has some similarity with the former one, but is less destructive and contains most of my fetishes:
- public display and humiliation
- the pillar of the scourging
- fire and hot iron tools
- a ragged loincloth that hardly sheets what it should cover
- whipmarks, blood, sweat and sperm on formerly flawless skin
- lesbianism and lesbian domination
- anticipation, martyrdom, crucifixions"

(Pic hosted externally)

If that list was most of his fetishes then what on earth are the rest of 'em?
I am very much liking the “sfumato” effect that @Arcimboldo brings to his photomontages, as well as the harmonious colours and distinctive compositions :)
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Whilst I do not doubt for one second that all our members know exactly what is meant by the sfumato effect I'll just post a definition for any of our less informed members.

" Sfumato, (from Italian sfumare, “to tone down” or “to evaporate like smoke”), in painting or drawing, the fine shading that produces soft, imperceptible transitions between colours and tones."

Who on earth invents a word that begins with Sf? Men who talked like that used to get locked up!


I'm going to work through all the known Arcimboldo's in the archive. Many of them are low resolution, for example this one. I don't know its title or have any text and it's only 79.6KB. Anyone got anything better?
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Good idea,hopefully we will see some old favourites and some never-before-seen pics....
(like the one you've just shown)
Plus whatever new stuff R .Cimboldo comes up with.... ;)




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From my collection


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And more ...


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I think, thay are all from my archives.


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Lente has always been one of my favourites. It tells such a sad, cruel story. In fact, one of my very early stories was based on this render.



Crucifixion day! The victims are led out to the whipping posts. Beside each post a heavy wooden patibulum is waiting. Soon each of the women will be nailed to one of those beams! They will hang there for 24 hours! Spectators watch from the shade of umbrellas, sipping cool drinks served by semi-naked slaves.

The victims are very different in appearance. Amina is a stunning African woman. Tall, slender with almost blue-black skin, she has full, round breasts and a firm, shapely bottom. Tanya is Russian. Blonde, pale skinned with small breasts and a strong, slender body. Her arse makes very male in the area instantly want to bugger her.

Amina is tied to the whipping post, her hands pulled high above her head, body stretched so that her toes just touch the ground. A heavy bullwhip swings, and the first screams rend the air. The lash seeks out the tender parts of her body as she twists, vainly trying to escape the blows. No part of her body escapes. Her back, belly, breasts and thighs are striped and raw under the punishment. Finally, the whipping stops! She hangs by her wrists, sobbing!

Tanya is next. She is frightened now! She is lashed to the post. Her cheek rests against the wood and she smells the smell of blood and sweat and fear. Amina is lying on the ground next to her patibulum. Sobbing! Tanya will be scourged. The nine tails of the whip slam the breath from her body, the ends curling around her. After the first blow her back looks as if it has been clawed by a giant cat! Red wheals stand out against her pale skin. Another blow lands. She has never felt such pain! After the third blow she finds her breath and starts screaming. She struggles and twists! Blow after blow lands. Her struggles have turned her around so that her back is to the post! Horrified, she sees Theseus swing his arm again, the lashes cracking across her breasts. Another blow, lower, across her belly and the front of her thighs! The final blow finds her breasts again! This part of the ordeal is over.

Each girl has her patibulum tied across her shoulders. They stagger to the top of the hill. Already their shoulders are cramping from the unnatural position of their arms, and they are not even hanging from them yet!

The patibulum is taken from Tanya’s shoulders and fixed to the upright. She will be nailed first. The patibulum is fastened to the upright. Tanja is made to lie down on the cross. The rough wood scrapes painfully against her raw back. Her arms are stretched out along the patibulum. Two men hold down each arm. Her feet are to be nailed next to each other. Theseus carefully positions her feet. More men hold them in place. Theseus selects a spike, picks up the heavy hammer, and walks over to her. Unusually, he will nail her feet first.

He places the heavy spike against the top of her foot, feeling for just the right spot. The hammer crashes down! She screams, convulses, as eight men struggle to hold her down. The pain is blinding! White agony! A second blow drives the spike through her foot and into the wood. Two more blows, and her foot is firmly nailed to the cross. She has managed to free her other foot, and it kicking wildly with it. Four men grab it and wrestle it into place. There is no need, now, to hold down the first foot. Through the agony, she feels the pressure of the spike against the other foot. Another blast of agony! Four blows and both her feet, her beautiful, delicate feet, are nailed to the cross. The men let her go! She is free, apart from the fact that her feet are nailed to a wooden beam! She sits up, wanting to soothe the pain in her feet. For the first time she sees the heads of the spikes, protruding from the tops of her feet. She looks at Theseus! Pleading, tears rolling down her cheeks. “Enjoy the show,” he says.

Sitting on her cross, she has perfect view of Amina, and of the two holes where their crosses will be planted. Wrapping her arms around her knees, fighting the waves of pain, she watches the rest of the show unfold before her.

Amina is taken to her cross to be nailed, fighting all the way. Her nailing is more conventional. Her right wrist is nailed first. The spike drives effortlessly through her wrist into the rough wood below. She fights furiously, her free arm and legs lashing at her tormentors. They struggle to subdue her, their hands slipping on her sweaty body. Finally, they manage to force the other arm into position, and the hammer smashes down on the head of the spike, driving it through flesh and bone and into the wood below. Amina’s body arches in agony, her legs kicking furiously at the men. Half a dozen of them manage to hold her legs down. She screams defiance until a single spike is driven through her crossed feet. She writhes in pain as a group of men grab her cross and drag it to the hole prepared for it. Her screams intensify as the cross is raised, and her weight is transferred to her nailed arms and feet. The cross thumps into the hole, jarring her whole body and drawing fresh screams. She screams constantly, writhing on the cross, each movement causing the nails to grate on the shattered bones of her wrists and feet.

Tanja watches from her ringside seat!

Amina hangs from the cross! Her beautiful black body is covered in sweat, the muscles rippling like snakes under the velvety skin as she moves, trying in vain to find a comfortable position. She starts the dance that will last for the next 24 hours!

Theseus walks over to Tanja. Her time has come! She lies back on the cross, placing her hands in position. Men move forward to hold her down, but Theseus motions them away. He places the spike on her wrist. The hammer swings. The spike goes through the flesh and into the wood. Her body heaves, she screams! Two more blows and the job is done. Her free hand instinctively grasps the nailed wrist as agony flares. She stares at the nailed wrist. Theseus watches. Mastering the pain, she slowly releases her wrist, straightens on the cross, and places the free wrist in position. “I am ready, master.” The last spike is hammered home!

Hanging on the cross is a new agony. She struggles to breathe, and every movement brings new pain to wrists, to shoulders, to feet. From her cross she can see Amina dancing her dance of pain. Her body twists and turns. Her eyes look pleadingly at the spectators, at Tanya, at her master. “Please let me down! Please! It hurts! It hurts! I’ll do anything! Please! You can fuck me as much as you like! Pleeeaaaaase!!!!!”

Hours pass, seeming like days to the tortured victims on the crosses. Lunch is served. Watchers stand with glasses of wine, watching the show. The women on the crosses are thirsty, they plead for a drink. Theseus comes toward Tanya’s cross, carrying a hammer and a wooden phallus. A cornu. Men raise her up as he nails it to the cross below her buttocks. When they release her, she sinks slowly onto the thick plug. She sighs as it slowly penetrates her arse, stretching it to the limit. It takes some of the strain off her arms and feet. She still has to rise up to breathe, each time buggering herself on the wooden shaft. She feels her orgasm build.

Amina gets a double cornu, shaped like a rhino’s horns. Her arse and pussy are spread wide by the invaders. The crowd cheers as she double fucks herself. The mother’s cornu is long and thick, spreading her arse widely. The sight of her wide, gaping cunt, flies crawling in to get at the cumsoaked depths and her arse stretched around the cornu bring on new scenes of passion. Many slavegirls, and boys, now have their arses filled with meaty cocks, fingers or arms.

The sun slides toward the horizon. Many watchers have drifted away, some are dozing, the women dance on their crosses. There is a long night ahead, and a long day tomorrow. Will they survive?
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The Arcimboldo Challenge
Oh my word. There's plenty of material to work through there! Thank you very much to all contributors. It should keep me out of mischief for a while....well actually...not for long because I was idly making up anagrams of Arcimboldo when I came up with the idea of an Arcimboldo Challenge. The rules are simple. You
1.Think of an anagram of Arcimboldo
2.Make a pic that could possibly pass for an undiscovered Arcimboldo and put your anagram on it.
3.Include as many fetishes of Arcimboldo that you can think of'
Well it kept me out of mischief this cold and wet afternoon and here's my fake Arcimboldo (hosted externally)

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The Arcimboldo Challenge
Oh my word. There's plenty of material to work through there! Thank you very much to all contributors. It should keep me out of mischief for a while....well actually...not for long because I was idly making up anagrams of Arcimboldo when I came up with the idea of an Arcimboldo Challenge. The rules are simple. You
1.Think of an anagram of Arcimboldo
2.Make a pic that could possibly pass for an undiscovered Arcimboldo and put your anagram on it.
3.Include as many fetishes of Arcimboldo that you can think of'
Well it kept me out of mischief this cold and wet afternoon and here's my fake Arcimboldo (hosted externally)

I love Krista Kass !


Arcimboldo's Algolagnia as well as @cypher 's photomanipulations (most of them back then in a series called "muhammad's point of view") were favorites of mine back in the day,

here is Arcimboldo's explanation of the "making of Morocco".

and how it looked on page approximately, back then ...

View attachment 953572
This illustrates very fine one of the technical problems in the beginning: The insufficient contrast resolution of the pc monitors at that time. I could not differentiate between the different shades of grey ;) - nowadays monitors reveal the deficiencies.
I reworked Morocco and turnd it into SouhernCross.


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