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The Riwa Story Thread

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riwa - Such a good story by you. Nice background, plenty of female hangings. A bit of a wonder, though, that the hangees didn't include any Soviet partisan bitches. That would have added a little more variety, that's all.


riwa - Such a good story by you. Nice background, plenty of female hangings. A bit of a wonder, though, that the hangees didn't include any Soviet partisan bitches. That would have added a little more variety, that's all.
There may have been. Apparently she wasn't there to witness them. Still you would have thought he would have told her in his letters. Maybe he did and she just didn't write them down in her journal. You would have thought her enthusiasms would have made her keep track. So who really knows. ;)

I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Dorothy Brown

Brown Sugar
That story always got me hot because i know Aneeqa so well
Riwa wrote it especially for her,she loved it but i could`nt stop
orgasming. it`s as fresh today as the day he first wrote it



More quality writing and another like from me. You don't pull any punches in your stories and that adds to this reader's enjoyment.


Hot stuff, riwa, and another like. Honestly, though, I still prefer either crucifixion or hanging whenever you want to rid yourself of a troublesome partner. Still, given the cold conditions that you typically find on New Year's Eve, the stake is a practical way to do the job.



Sorry about your Yuletide troubles. This post from you, however, has possibilities. We can already see that The Twelve Days of Christmas song is now due for a change in lyrics, from "nine ladies dancing" to "nine ladies hanging". That alone might be worth all the trouble.


Boy, riwa, this time you've really left a trail of blood, gore and dead bodies. Now we your readers must wonder what part of the country will be next to bear the brunt of this frustrated couple's rage. Maybe It's time to hide under the bed.



So now your killings(and subsequent disposal of the bodies)are done in rhyme. I guess you aren't into cannibalism like hangingtree. Interesting to me to note the difference between the two of you. To each his/her own.


Short but nasty, eh, riwa? Good job yet again! You have here a three way race between hanging, impalement and electrocution as to what actually kills our tragic femme in this story. Any one method could win but only one does - hanging(I think).


Getting a new secretary (Blowjobs before executions)

I usually go through about two secretaries a year. That’s because my work on Santamos Island allows me to execute willing victims. So I hire female secretaries for that very reason.

Jayne saw my ad on the Internet for a secretarial position with unusual benefits. Pay is double what the normal secretary might receive. And there are certain sexual “benefits” that go with it, if you know what I mean. When I need a new secretary, it’s because the current one is about to “pass away”.

I wanted to make sure Jayne was fully aware of her duties if she decided she wanted to work for me. She told me she understood my rules and my “sixth-month consequences”. But she was still willing to come.

I paid for her ticket to fly out for an interview. She revealed to me she was excellent at typing and dictation. She even had a good recommendation from her last boss, which also worked in her favor. There was only one test remaining.

I have a private cabin on the Island where I’m granted a little leeway with the authorities. I brought Jayne out with me where I introduced her to Carly. Carly was “on her way out” so to speak.

Jayne watched in awe as Carly undressed for me in my execution room. Carly wanted to go out wearing her favorite attire. So I allowed her to clamp a small, gold chain to her nipples, a chain I’d given her previously for three months of loyal service.

Carly wore sheer stockings clipped to her garter. When she was ready I got naked before I noosed her up. I already had an erection when I tied her wrists behind her back.

Jayne watched in awe as Carly took me into her mouth and started sucking. Carly had learned over the last six months just the way I like it. And this time she really gave it her all.
I allowed her to dictate the pace of her blowjob. She spent ten minutes working me up to a fever pitch. Then I unloaded in her mouth.

She moaned as she hungrily swallowed every last drop. Then I raised her to her feet. I brought in a chair for her to stand on, which she dutifully climbed aboard with a smile.

She panted for breath; she was naturally a little anxious. But I could tell she was excited the way her pussy dripped. She smiled as she told me, “It’s been a pleasure serving you, Mr. Lathrum.” Then she stepped off the chair.

She gawked as the rope took her full weight, and she swung back and forth. I smiled as I stroked myself. Then I instructed Jayne to “Please place the small bucket sitting nearby directly under Carly’s fluttering toes”. Her eyes were wide, but she did as she was told.

Carly’s struggles began to lessen after a few minutes. It was a wonderful dance, and I thanked her for her service. By then drool was spilling off her lips onto her tits.

She quivered until she hung limp. I went up to her and felt her up, enjoying fingering her breasts and wet slit. She quivered and shuddered until she began dripping urine down her legs to fall into the waiting bucket.

I stroked until I shot my load onto her crotch. Her toes still wriggled a little as stray muscles fired. Then I turned to Jayne and smiled.

“As you can see, I now need a new secretary. Carly served me well, but her time was up. I often grow fond of the women I work with. But I tend to get a little too attached at times. This is my way of making sure our relationship remains physical and professional.”

Jayne came over and inspected Carly’s naked body. She asked permission, which I granted. Then she began feeling her up.

“Incredible,” she breathed. “Absolutely incredible. And you say this is what happens every six months with your secretaries?”

“More or less,” I told her with a smile. “I once got a little too attached to a lovely lady’s skills. She gave great dictation and loved anal. I delayed the inevitable an extra three months. She was the one who had to remind me I needed to execute her. I think she was looking forward to it.”

“I see,” Jayne panted breathlessly.

She said nothing for the longest time. I thought for sure she was going to back out. Then she said, “Is that secretarial job still open?”

I smiled as I told her, “It sure is.”

“When can I start, Mr. Lathrum?”

“There’s a number on my desk in the den. The authorities need to be notified to come pick up the body. Then you can meet me in the bedroom. As you may have surmised, I have further needs.” By then my cock was hardening again.

“Right away, Mr. Lathrum.”

She looked down at my erection and licked her lips. She caressed Carly’s naked body one last time. Then she went off to make the call. That’s when I knew I was going to have another six enjoyable months ahead of me.


Crucifier of Pixels
Must have missed this one... great story!!!


Ryan really has a racket going on here. Any time he gets tired of his flavor of the month girlfriend he just watches as she offs herself for him rather than his having to do the dirty work himself. Can you beat that?


Dorothy and I were having a wonderful time at the carnival. The sun was out and the weather was nice. It was the perfect day.

Something must have happened mid-afternoon. I think the wind shifted. That’s when Dottie wrinkled her nose.

She asked, “What the bloody hell is that, love? Is there a farm near here?” So I told her, “Let’s go find out, shall we?”

We made our way through the carnival to what looked like the back of the sprawling acreage. There was a building back there with the words Charity Dunk Tank where the smell seemed to be strongest. We were staring at it when we heard a lady scream bloody murder from somewhere in the building.

Dorothy grabbed my arm and gasped, “What the hell was that? It sounded like it came from inside!”

“Want to go have a look?”

“Yes… no… bloody hell; I don’t know.”

“We might as well have a look inside. The sign outside says it’s for charity.” And with that Dottie shrugged her shoulders as though she was willing to see what it was all about.

We went inside and saw a man at a counter. He smiled at us before giving Dorothy a thorough look-see. “Here to go for a dunk, love?” he asked with a smile. “After all, it’s for charity. We’re endeavoring to raise money for food and clothing for the orphans.”

“What do you think, love?” I asked her with a smile. “You always ride the ducking booths whenever they’re in town.”

“That’s because you love seeing me soaking wet.”

“True,” I admitted with a chuckle.

We had paid the fee and were just about to walk into the door when it suddenly opened. This couple walked out, although the attractive 24 year old lady on the man’s arm looked like she’d been through hell. She gave Dorothy a haunted look and then shook her head. “Don’t do it, love. You’ll regret it.” Then they walked through the door we’d entered, out into the sunshine of the carnival outside.

“You’re not having second thoughts after that, are you?” the man behind the counter asked Dorothy. “I’d hate to give back your money. Think of the children.”

“How bad can it be?” I asked. She looked uncertain, but she followed me as we walked inside.

There was a locker room for changing clothes. A sign on the wall read IT IS HIGHLY ADVISED YOU GO IN NAKED. I smiled at Dorothy and asked, “You don’t have any problems with that; do you, love?”

“I’ll give you a thrill,” she said with a smile, and she started to undress right in front of me.

We carefully folded her clothes into a basket. Then we went through another door. The smell was overpowering the moment we walked in.

A thick post was sticking up out of what looked like a tank of sludge. The smell was atrocious. Dorothy wrinkled her nose in disgust.

“Are you crazy? Do you expect me to go for a dunk in there?”

We read the instructions. She was supposed to be tied to the post. There was a metallic box embedded in the wall with instructions to push a big, red button for going down and coming back up.

I saw a length of rope that looked all slimy. I motioned grandly at Dottie… “Well, you paid for the experience.”

“I think I’ve changed my mind – OH BLOODY HELL!”

She yelped as I grabbed her and marched her over to the post. She stepped down onto what appeared to be some sort of support to stand upon. She immediately let out a wail of agony… “IT’S ALL SLIMY IN HERE!”

I started to tie her down. Then she let out another cry. “Bloody hell; that rope is all slimy too!”

“I think it’s because of that lass who just walked out. She must have been the last one to use it.”

“I’ve really changed my mind, love! It smells bad in here!”

“I think they’re trying to air it out, love.” Then I motioned up at the fans in the ceiling.

“No… please… bloody hell; don’t make me do this!”

“What’s the matter?” I chuckled as I secured her to the post. “You’re not going to disappoint the orphans, are you?”

“This is crazy! I’ve really changed my mind! They can keep the money; just get me out of here!”

“It can’t be that bad; can it, love?”

I chuckled as I finished securing her. Then I walked over to that metal box on the wall. I got ready to push that huge, bright red button that would send her on her way down.

She panicked and started to hyperventilate. “No! Don’t do it, love! I don’t want to be dunked in this smelly stuff! This is worse than being ducked in cold water!”

“I wonder what’s in there” and I peered down to have a closer look. I thought I saw chunks of animal shit floating just below the surface. It looked positively nauseating.

Dorothy looked over at me and glared angrily. “Don’t you bloody dare!” But by then my cock had started to harden in my trousers. Strangely I was all turned on at the thought of ducking her in that disgusting, slimy mess.
I smiled as I started to hit the big red button. She cried out “WAIT!” and I hesitated. “What?” I asked with a smile.

It’s… it’s bloody… you’re not really thinking of dunking me in this, are you?”

“Why not? It’s for charity, remember? Think of the orphans.”

“Get me out of here and I’ll fix them the bloody meal myself!”

“Yeah, but now I’m curious. I think I want to take this thing for a spin just to see what it’ll do to you.”

“But I’m the one who’ll be going for a - NOOOOO!”

I hit the red button and watched to see what was going to happen. About that time the post started to pitch forward. Dorothy began to scream bloody murder, just like that woman we’d heard when we were outside thinking about coming inside.
I couldn’t believe how turned on I was. Dorothy was going to hit face first. The post was pitching her forward and there was nothing she could do about it.

She really let out a cry of horror as she fell over. You would have thought she’d seen a ghost or witnessed a bloody murder. Strangely it turned me on even more.
She hit face first with a splat. I saw a huge eruption of sludge and bubbles. I think she was still screaming the moment she hit. I could only imagine the mouthful she must’ve swallowed at that moment.

The post swung her all the way down until it looked like she was standing on her head. That’s when she really started wriggling and squirming. It was hard to see her in the midst of all that green slime.

Being upside down submerged in that sludge must have been horrifying. I saw a geyser of bubbles as she wriggled around. I could tell she was really suffering.

I couldn’t help myself. I left her down there a good 20 seconds. The sign next to the button suggested 10-30 seconds, so I split the difference.
I hit the button again. The post appeared to jerk her back up. There was another explosion of gas and bubbles.

She slowly swung up to the surface. Then she emerged out of the slimy stew, coughing and sputtering huge chunks as a lot of it dripped off her naked body. That confirmed to me she’d probably swallowed some on her way down.

The post swung her all the way back up. She coughed and sputtered, her head lowered with shame. Chunks of green filth clung to her naked body.
I couldn’t believe how turned on I was. Then she lifted her head and let out a wail of grief. I laughed as I called out, “How was that love?”

“Terrible – the worst experience I’ve ever had!”

“It wasn’t that bad, was it?”

“You have no idea how much I swallowed! I was standing on my head holding my breath! It was horrible; I’m so humiliated!”

“Maybe you’ll feel different if you try it a second time.” Then I laughed as I swung my hand at the red button once more. She screamed, “NOOOO!” Then the post pitched her forward again.

She hit the surface face first with a huge splat. She went all the way down until she was standing on her head again. There was another huge eruption of gas and bubbles.

I could tell she was writhing and squirming like crazy. I could only imagine the hell she was going through. But I thought it was bloody arousing.

I gave her twenty seconds and then hit the button again. The post brought her back up. She swung up out of that slime dripping all sorts of chunks off her naked body before she slammed back into the upright position.

She was panting like crazy, her erect nipples showing through that sludge. I was sure it was some sort of farm animal shit. She paused with her head lowered to catch her breath. Then she let out another mournful wail.
“Better?” I asked with a chuckle.

“No, it bloody hell wasn’t!”

“Maybe one more,” I suggested with a grin. Then I hit the red button again.

She screamed into the heavens as she pitched over, hitting face first with a splat. Down she went until she was standing on her head again. A huge explosion of bubbles came up to the surface.

It looked like she was really squirming down there. That’s when I creamed my pants from my arousal. I felt ashamed and decided she’d had enough.

I hit the button and brought her back up. She swung all the way up into the upright position. I saw her panting like crazy in an effort to get her breath back.
I could tell right away something had happened to her down there. So I asked, “Are you ok, love?”

“Dreamy,” she panted with that familiar look in her eye.

“You’re kidding.” Then I looked at her dubiously. “You mean to say it’s not so bad now? Are you telling me you’d like me to send you back down?”

“Yes, please!”

I was incredulous; she had to be insane. But I decided to drown the crazy bitch anyway. “Ok; eat shit, love!” and I slammed that red button.

This time she didn’t scream as she pitched forward. It was more like a cry of eagerness for a ride she was about to enjoy. Then she hit face first with a splat.

She went right down until she was standing on her head again. She squirmed and bubbled like crazy. I gave her 5 extra seconds of disgusting slime time before I brought her back up.

When she came out of the green sludge she had a dazed look on her face. I’d seen that expression many times before. It’s the expression she always has when she’s been away with the faeries after a rather intense orgasm.

I smiled and shook my head. “Are you done, love?”

“One more,” she stammered drunkenly.

“Crazy bitch” and I hit the red button again. She cried out “YEEESSSSSSS!” and down she went.

She gurgled as she hit face first with a splat. Then she was standing on her head again, writhing and bubbling like crazy. There were a couple eruptions of bubbles before I decided she’d had enough.

I brought her up and then retrieved the hosepipe that was hanging from the wall. I sprayed her down pretty good until I got most of it off. But she looked like she was in la-la land.

I untied her from the post. But she was on wobbly legs. I had to help her back into the changing room. But she eventually told me she’d experienced three of the most intense orgasms of her life.

2018 (written for Dorothy Sep 18 ’18 by riwa)

(Poser renders are courtesy of C. Mike Hunt and are used for illustration purposes.)
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