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The Riwa Story Thread

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Dorothy and I were having a wonderful time at the carnival. The sun was out and the weather was nice. It was the perfect day.

Something must have happened mid-afternoon. I think the wind shifted. That’s when Dottie wrinkled her nose.

She asked, “What the bloody hell is that, love? Is there a farm near here?” So I told her, “Let’s go find out, shall we?”

We made our way through the carnival to what looked like the back of the sprawling acreage. There was a building back there with the words Charity Dunk Tank where the smell seemed to be strongest. We were staring at it when we heard a lady scream bloody murder from somewhere in the building.

Dorothy grabbed my arm and gasped, “What the hell was that? It sounded like it came from inside!”

“Want to go have a look?”

“Yes… no… bloody hell; I don’t know.”

“We might as well have a look inside. The sign outside says it’s for charity.” And with that Dottie shrugged her shoulders as though she was willing to see what it was all about.

We went inside and saw a man at a counter. He smiled at us before giving Dorothy a thorough look-see. “Here to go for a dunk, love?” he asked with a smile. “After all, it’s for charity. We’re endeavoring to raise money for food and clothing for the orphans.”

“What do you think, love?” I asked her with a smile. “You always ride the ducking booths whenever they’re in town.”

“That’s because you love seeing me soaking wet.”

“True,” I admitted with a chuckle.

We had paid the fee and were just about to walk into the door when it suddenly opened. This couple walked out, although the attractive 24 year old lady on the man’s arm looked like she’d been through hell. She gave Dorothy a haunted look and then shook her head. “Don’t do it, love. You’ll regret it.” Then they walked through the door we’d entered, out into the sunshine of the carnival outside.

“You’re not having second thoughts after that, are you?” the man behind the counter asked Dorothy. “I’d hate to give back your money. Think of the children.”

“How bad can it be?” I asked. She looked uncertain, but she followed me as we walked inside.

There was a locker room for changing clothes. A sign on the wall read IT IS HIGHLY ADVISED YOU GO IN NAKED. I smiled at Dorothy and asked, “You don’t have any problems with that; do you, love?”

“I’ll give you a thrill,” she said with a smile, and she started to undress right in front of me.

We carefully folded her clothes into a basket. Then we went through another door. The smell was overpowering the moment we walked in.

A thick post was sticking up out of what looked like a tank of sludge. The smell was atrocious. Dorothy wrinkled her nose in disgust.

“Are you crazy? Do you expect me to go for a dunk in there?”

We read the instructions. She was supposed to be tied to the post. There was a metallic box embedded in the wall with instructions to push a big, red button for going down and coming back up.

I saw a length of rope that looked all slimy. I motioned grandly at Dottie… “Well, you paid for the experience.”

“I think I’ve changed my mind – OH BLOODY HELL!”

She yelped as I grabbed her and marched her over to the post. She stepped down onto what appeared to be some sort of support to stand upon. She immediately let out a wail of agony… “IT’S ALL SLIMY IN HERE!”

I started to tie her down. Then she let out another cry. “Bloody hell; that rope is all slimy too!”

“I think it’s because of that lass who just walked out. She must have been the last one to use it.”

“I’ve really changed my mind, love! It smells bad in here!”

“I think they’re trying to air it out, love.” Then I motioned up at the fans in the ceiling.

“No… please… bloody hell; don’t make me do this!”

“What’s the matter?” I chuckled as I secured her to the post. “You’re not going to disappoint the orphans, are you?”

“This is crazy! I’ve really changed my mind! They can keep the money; just get me out of here!”

“It can’t be that bad; can it, love?”

I chuckled as I finished securing her. Then I walked over to that metal box on the wall. I got ready to push that huge, bright red button that would send her on her way down.

She panicked and started to hyperventilate. “No! Don’t do it, love! I don’t want to be dunked in this smelly stuff! This is worse than being ducked in cold water!”

“I wonder what’s in there” and I peered down to have a closer look. I thought I saw chunks of animal shit floating just below the surface. It looked positively nauseating.

Dorothy looked over at me and glared angrily. “Don’t you bloody dare!” But by then my cock had started to harden in my trousers. Strangely I was all turned on at the thought of ducking her in that disgusting, slimy mess.
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I smiled as I started to hit the big red button. She cried out “WAIT!” and I hesitated. “What?” I asked with a smile.

It’s… it’s bloody… you’re not really thinking of dunking me in this, are you?”

“Why not? It’s for charity, remember? Think of the orphans.”

“Get me out of here and I’ll fix them the bloody meal myself!”

“Yeah, but now I’m curious. I think I want to take this thing for a spin just to see what it’ll do to you.”

“But I’m the one who’ll be going for a - NOOOOO!”

I hit the red button and watched to see what was going to happen. About that time the post started to pitch forward. Dorothy began to scream bloody murder, just like that woman we’d heard when we were outside thinking about coming inside.
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I couldn’t believe how turned on I was. Dorothy was going to hit face first. The post was pitching her forward and there was nothing she could do about it.

She really let out a cry of horror as she fell over. You would have thought she’d seen a ghost or witnessed a bloody murder. Strangely it turned me on even more.
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She hit face first with a splat. I saw a huge eruption of sludge and bubbles. I think she was still screaming the moment she hit. I could only imagine the mouthful she must’ve swallowed at that moment.

The post swung her all the way down until it looked like she was standing on her head. That’s when she really started wriggling and squirming. It was hard to see her in the midst of all that green slime.

Being upside down submerged in that sludge must have been horrifying. I saw a geyser of bubbles as she wriggled around. I could tell she was really suffering.

I couldn’t help myself. I left her down there a good 20 seconds. The sign next to the button suggested 10-30 seconds, so I split the difference.
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I hit the button again. The post appeared to jerk her back up. There was another explosion of gas and bubbles.

She slowly swung up to the surface. Then she emerged out of the slimy stew, coughing and sputtering huge chunks as a lot of it dripped off her naked body. That confirmed to me she’d probably swallowed some on her way down.

The post swung her all the way back up. She coughed and sputtered, her head lowered with shame. Chunks of green filth clung to her naked body.
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I couldn’t believe how turned on I was. Then she lifted her head and let out a wail of grief. I laughed as I called out, “How was that love?”

“Terrible – the worst experience I’ve ever had!”

“It wasn’t that bad, was it?”

“You have no idea how much I swallowed! I was standing on my head holding my breath! It was horrible; I’m so humiliated!”

“Maybe you’ll feel different if you try it a second time.” Then I laughed as I swung my hand at the red button once more. She screamed, “NOOOO!” Then the post pitched her forward again.

She hit the surface face first with a huge splat. She went all the way down until she was standing on her head again. There was another huge eruption of gas and bubbles.

I could tell she was writhing and squirming like crazy. I could only imagine the hell she was going through. But I thought it was bloody arousing.

I gave her twenty seconds and then hit the button again. The post brought her back up. She swung up out of that slime dripping all sorts of chunks off her naked body before she slammed back into the upright position.

She was panting like crazy, her erect nipples showing through that sludge. I was sure it was some sort of farm animal shit. She paused with her head lowered to catch her breath. Then she let out another mournful wail.
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“Better?” I asked with a chuckle.

“No, it bloody hell wasn’t!”

“Maybe one more,” I suggested with a grin. Then I hit the red button again.

She screamed into the heavens as she pitched over, hitting face first with a splat. Down she went until she was standing on her head again. A huge explosion of bubbles came up to the surface.

It looked like she was really squirming down there. That’s when I creamed my pants from my arousal. I felt ashamed and decided she’d had enough.

I hit the button and brought her back up. She swung all the way up into the upright position. I saw her panting like crazy in an effort to get her breath back.
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I could tell right away something had happened to her down there. So I asked, “Are you ok, love?”

“Dreamy,” she panted with that familiar look in her eye.

“You’re kidding.” Then I looked at her dubiously. “You mean to say it’s not so bad now? Are you telling me you’d like me to send you back down?”

“Yes, please!”

I was incredulous; she had to be insane. But I decided to drown the crazy bitch anyway. “Ok; eat shit, love!” and I slammed that red button.

This time she didn’t scream as she pitched forward. It was more like a cry of eagerness for a ride she was about to enjoy. Then she hit face first with a splat.

She went right down until she was standing on her head again. She squirmed and bubbled like crazy. I gave her 5 extra seconds of disgusting slime time before I brought her back up.

When she came out of the green sludge she had a dazed look on her face. I’d seen that expression many times before. It’s the expression she always has when she’s been away with the faeries after a rather intense orgasm.

I smiled and shook my head. “Are you done, love?”

“One more,” she stammered drunkenly.

“Crazy bitch” and I hit the red button again. She cried out “YEEESSSSSSS!” and down she went.

She gurgled as she hit face first with a splat. Then she was standing on her head again, writhing and bubbling like crazy. There were a couple eruptions of bubbles before I decided she’d had enough.

I brought her up and then retrieved the hosepipe that was hanging from the wall. I sprayed her down pretty good until I got most of it off. But she looked like she was in la-la land.

I untied her from the post. But she was on wobbly legs. I had to help her back into the changing room. But she eventually told me she’d experienced three of the most intense orgasms of her life.

2018 (written for Dorothy Sep 18 ’18 by riwa)

(Poser renders are courtesy of C. Mike Hunt and are used for illustration purposes.)
wow, ok, I love intense orgasms


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Hanging Rusty.jpg
Hanging Rusty

I chased her down throughout the mesas and canyons of the southwest. She was a slippery little devil. But I finally caught up to her in New Mexico in Apache territory.

She was on her horse when she took a shot at me and missed. I took a shot at her mount and didn’t. From that moment on she was on foot.

“You bastard!” she yelled as she took cover. “You’re going to pay for that!” Then she emptied her revolver in my direction. It was a waste of bullets as I ducked behind a low mound, so it didn’t do her any good.

“What’ll it be, Rusty?” I called out to her. “Do I leave you out here for the Apaches to collect? Or do you give up? They might be interested in a feisty thing like you! The wanted poster says dead or alive, you know, so it makes no difference to me!”

“I give up – I give up!” Then she stood up in her blouse and jeans.

I foolishly stood up to collect her, only to hear the sound of a Winchester firing as she took several more shots at me. I fired in anger before I ducked back down. The bitch narrowly missed me.

I heard a cry followed by “All right – all right; you got me, asshole! Stop shooting!”

“Let me see it, Rusty!” A moment later the Winchester came flying out.

“Anything else you’re packing?”

“I’m wounded, ok? Come get me!”

“You try anything and I’ll blow your fucking head off!”

I circled around from a different direction. Then I tossed a boot at her. It landed off to her left.

Quick as a flash she threw a knife in that direction. That’s what I thought. So I rose up and put one in the ground at her feet.

She jerked with a start before an obscenity flew from her lips. Then I took aim at her head. “Are we done here, Rusty?”

“Yeah, we’re done. You got me in the shoulder, you bastard.” Then she showed me the wound.

“I didn’t know you were left-handed.”

“You weren’t supposed to know.”

I slowly walked up to her. But I still didn’t trust her. “Take it all off, Rusty.”

“You’re joking.”

“Do I look like I’m joking? Do it or this one will go right between the eyes.”

“Alright, asshole.”

She did as she was told, removing all but her footwear. I’d heard the stories but I couldn’t believe it. Didn’t she know this was no place for heels?

“Anything else?” she asked as I walked up to her. I could feel a bulge growing down below. “What’sa matter, bounty hunter? Does that mean you’re glad to see me or what?”

She took a sudden kick at me. I barely dodged her heel in time. Then I tackled her to the ground.

She snarled obscenities as I took the length of rope dangling from my gun belt and tied her wrists behind her back. Then I checked her shoulder. I could tell it hurt, but it was mostly a flesh wound.

I tore her shirt into strips and used it to tie her ankles together. “Don’t go away, Rusty.” She spit another obscenity my way as I went to get Flame who was now grazing on a tuft of grass.

I brought him over and tied him to a nearby tree. I removed the saddle and blanket, dumping the saddle while spreading the blanket out on the ground. That’s when Rusty charged me, somehow having shed the shirt around her ankles, the wily snake.

I tackled her to the ground again before slapping her face hard. Then I started to undress. I could tell she was outraged.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?”

“I think you’re going to be too much work taking back to Dodge City while you’re alive. So I’m going to fuck you before I kill you.”

“You bastard! You can’t do this to me!”

“Yes I can, Rusty.”

She tried to fight me. But I threw her flat on her back on my horse blanket. Then I climbed on top her.

“Rusty, we can do this the easy way or the hard way.”

“Let’s do it the hard way, asshole!”

“Suit yourself.”

I rolled her over and pulled her up onto her knees. Then I forced myself into her cunt from behind. Strangely it was wet and dripping.

“Excited I’m going to fuck you, Rusty?”

“Fuck off!”

“No, I think I’ll just fuck away instead.” And with that I really started giving it to her good.

She let out a cry; she was nice and tight. I wondered how many cowpokes she had fucked and then killed, robbing them before riding off to find someone else to fuck and murder. Had she encountered me under different circumstances I might have fallen for her charms and been victim number 7… or was it number 8 by now?

She cursed me as I fucked her good and hard. I buried her face in the blanket to muffle her obscenities. Then she started grunting.

“Enjoying yourself, Rusty?” I cackled.

“I only enjoy fucking real men.” Her voice was muffled, but I could make out every word.

“Close enough for me,” I sneered as I fucked the shit out of her.

Before giving her my seed I pulled out and pushed my cock against her sphincter. She deserved my load in a more appropriate location. I felt it tighten up, but I just kept on pushing.

She cried out, “No – don’t!” But I paid her no mind as I pushed my way inside. Then she let out another cry as I fucked her ass.

This time her gasps turned to moans. What the hell was this? Was Rusty an anal whore?

She begged me to stop but I refused. She was nice and tight and she was clenching like a good saloon whore. She shook her head as she fell to pleading… “No… you can’t.” Then I rammed her good and hard as I unloaded deep inside her.

She let out a wail of misery before she stiffened. Then she shuddered hard. I slowly slid in and out until she came down from her high, panting like crazy.

“Damn you! You weren’t supposed to… do that!”

“Do what, Rusty?”

“Give me an orgasm, damn you! No one’s ever fucked my ass like that before. It’s the only way I can cum. You weren’t supposed to find out.”

“I guess that makes me a bad boy, Rusty. Now let’s get you all noosed up.”

“You’re not going to hang me, are you?”

“They’ll hang you back in Dodge, Rusty. But I don’t think you’re going to let me get you that far. So let’s do it now, shall we?”

I could have shot her right then and there. I was sorely tempted; she’d certainly given me ample reason to plug her. No one would have minded me bringing back a bullet-riddled body. But I wanted more out of her.

Still naked, I removed my lariat from Flame and formed one end into a noose. Then I tossed it over a branch to the tree. Rusty looked at me all wide-eyed and panting for breath.

“What do you think, Rusty?” I asked as I looped it over her head.

“You can’t! You wouldn’t!”

“I can and I will. You’ve been a pain in the ass this whole time, Rusty. I don’t think anyone is going to mind if I haul you in dead, even with a rope mark around your neck. Beats a hail of bullets, don’t you think?”

“You bastard!”

I hefted her up onto Flame’s bare back. She tried to kick me again before urging Flame to break free of the tree I’d tied him to. But he wasn’t going anywhere.

I quickly tied off the lariat to the trunk. Now if she got Flame to move it was going to cost her dearly. I finally had her attention.

She looked down to see my cock had gotten hard again. “You’re certainly enjoying this, aren’t you, asshole?”

“I certainly am, Rusty.”

“Eager to watch me swing naked?”


For the first time since I’d been chasing her she seemed to soften a little. She began panting for breath as her nipples hardened right up. Then I untied my horse from the tree.

“Ok, Flame. There’s a nice tuft of grass a few feet ahead of you. Go right ahead and enjoy yourself. There’ll be a little extra something there waiting for you.”

I pulled a cube of sugar from my pocket as a reward. I knew he’d go right for it as soon as I tossed it. That’s when Rusty gasped, “Wait!”

“Why? You got some last words you want to say to me, Rusty?”

She panted thoughtfully for a moment. Then she asked, “What’s your name? I suppose I ought to know the name of the man who fucked me and who’s about to hang me.”

“Jack. Jack Ford, son of Sam Ford, the guy you shot and robbed back in Abilene.”

She actually lowered her head as though she was a little remorseful. “I’m sorry about that, Jack. To be honest I think you’re doing the right thing. If our roles were reversed I know I’d hang you like this sure as shootin’. Besides, I’ll probably fight you all the way back to Dodge City until one of us kills the other. I won’t be able to help myself. It’s just who I am.”

“That’s kinda what I figured, Rusty.”

“Tell you what I’ll do, Jack. I’ll give you a private show. This one is just for you and your dad, ok? I don’t feel like hangin’ in front of a large crowd anyway, not with all those women watching as well as those impressionable young’uns. Just a small request though.”

“What’s that, Rusty?”

“Make it worth my while?”

I thought about it for a moment as I gave her naked, trembling body a long look. Then I smiled at her. “I think I can do that, Rusty.” And with that I tossed the sugar cube into that tuft of grass.

Flame caught sight of it right away and began to walk forward. Rusty let out a cry as she tried to hold onto him with her legs. But she just slid off his backside and began to swing back and forth.

She rasped and gurgled as her face went red. It was satisfying as hell watching her swing naked. Her nipples were really hard, her pussy wet and winking as my cum leaked out of her ass.

She danced for a good three or four minutes until she exhausted herself, a foot occasionally lashing out in my direction. I wasn’t about to get close enough for her to kick at me with those heels. She wasn’t going to die with any boots on, but I guess this was as close as she was going to come.

When she settled down I moved in, parted her legs and started licking her cunt. She had such a sweet flavor for being such a bloodthirsty whore. She stopped resisting and kinda went with it.

In our last few moments together I began to find myself growing fond of her. She grunted as she wrapped a leg around me, trying to draw me closer. She wasn’t getting any leverage, so it wasn’t helping to ease the strain around her neck. But I got the impression she liked what I was doing to her.

She began humping my mouth as her pussy winked and clenched. My cock was hard and dripping as she shuddered in my grasp. Then she was cumming in the noose… and I was cumming too.

She was defiant to the end, going so far as to spray me with her fluids. She even peed on me before she hung limp. I just kept on licking as I chuckled, “Ok, Rusty. I’ll let you have that one. But I get what’s left.”

I untied the rope and lowered her just enough for my cock. Then I tied her back up. “Now it’s my turn, bitch” and I proceeded to fuck her cunt and ass while she dangled from the noose. After all, Flame was hungry and I’d missed giving him his daily dose of oats three days straight during the long, arduous chase.

I took my time and enjoyed her body now that she wasn’t fighting me anymore. Afterwards I took her down, spread her out on the blanket and fucked her again. When I was done I found a sandy spot not too far away and buried her possessions along with her corpse.

It was the only time I never took a criminal back to collect the bounty. She paid me in full that day on the tree and the ground. I kind of think she would have approved, bitch that she was…

2018 (written Jul 11 ’18 by riwa)

(Inspired by the picture I found on the Internet and included for illustration purposes.)


Artist Susan Coquin
Hanging in front of audience
I am trying to imagine how or why these three would be hanged at a pool party. Is it in Hollywood? Are they starlets who somehow didn't make the director's cut? Did they draw losing tickets in the evening's "surprise" lottery drawing? Were they sent over by central casting? Were they "volunteered" by their husbands? This looks like a scene that only someone like Dolcett would dream up. :rolleyes:
...and why would they kick their stools away- especially the second and third women?

Great art but needs at least an implausible story with it!

I found these posts and realized I'd written a story for it but had not posted it here. So here it is.

Susan's Hanging Pool Party

It’s a warm day here in the southwest. I’ve finally opened my pool and have scheduled a pool party for the Memorial Day weekend. All my friends I invited are here and I’m not surprised. Not a one was willing to miss it, not after I told them that three lovely suicides would be hanging for our entertainment.

These days public suicides and voluntary executions are legal and have become a popular form of entertainment. I have even witnessed several first hand. They are usually quite erotic, a sight to behold. So I wanted to host a trio of suicides for my friends at my pool party to start the summer off right.

Rick’s the one who constructed the gallows, and I’m mighty proud of it. It’s a solid wooden structure that stands right next to the edge of my pool. He has constructed it quite well; three bladders are going to empty conveniently into the pool when the time comes.

The great day arrives and I sit in my specially built chair at the end of the pool, overseeing the festivities. As I look around, I see my guests standing in groups of two or three, buzzing excitedly about what is to come. Three of them are over by the nooses talking amongst themselves. I wonder if they’re having delicious ideas while looking at those three tantalizing coils of rope. Maybe one of them will volunteer herself for later in the day!

Fiery Margo in her red dress and auburn locks stands next to me, telling me how excited she is that her sister Julia will be hanging for us today. Julia is one of the three who volunteered to hang for my pool party. I’m terribly excited myself, and I can’t wait for the hangings to commence.

Our three suicides suddenly make their appearance by filing out of one of the side rooms. The buzzing of conversation quickly dies off as everyone turns to look at our special guests. They look absolutely stunning in their nudity! Immediately everyone begins to murmur admiringly, pointing and gesturing and talking about the hanging to come.

I see three sets of pert breasts… three sets of erect nipples. I’m quite pleased to see how aroused they all seem to be. They must be terribly excited about the prospects of hanging today for my intimate little group.

Since Rick built my gallows, I decided to give him a special place in the proceedings today. I nod and watch as he retrieves a wooden set of steps. He places them right in front of noose number 1.

“Go first, sis!” Margo calls out enthusiastically. There are good-natured chuckles among my friends as Julia blushes. But from where she’s standing it looks like she will indeed go first. What a thrill to see that sexy redhead be the first one to hang!!

“Let’s have a hand for our three volunteer suicides!” Rick proclaims as he motions at them, always the showman. Everyone looks and points and then applauds politely. The moment is almost at hand!

“Isn’t Julia sexy?” Margo tells me quietly, hands on her hips. “I can’t wait to watch her kick! In fact I almost volunteered to join her today!”

“There’s always the fourth of July, hun,” I chuckle. She giggles in response.

Rick retrieves three sets of handcuffs and then attaches them to the right wrist of each girl. For the process to be truly voluntary, each suicide must complete the work of binding herself. Her hands must not be free when she hangs, and it must be her own doing.

You see, this is not about them masturbating in the noose. It’s about them in bondage hanging to death, voluntarily giving away the pleasures of this world for the entertainment of my guests. But it will be an added thrill to watch those nooses strangle their delicious bodies! I won’t be the least bit surprised if any of them have an orgasm or two while they’re kicking their lives away.

Julia slowly climbs the steps and takes her place on the first stool. I can tell she’s a little hesitant as she reaches out and grasps the noose dangling right in front of her. I would probably be nervous too. But she loops it around her neck without the least hesitation, making sure the knot is situated near her right ear.

As she is getting herself ready, Rick moves the steps over for Frieda’s turn. I can’t help wondering if Frieda lives in a tanning booth; her luscious body certainly shows it. I think her bronzed form will hang nicely in contrast to Julia’s paler complexion.

Julia brings her hands behind her back as though fumbling for the cuffs. Somehow she manages to attach the free one to her other wrist. Now she’s ready and she watches Frieda right next to her work at looping the noose around her neck.

On the far end Jocelyn climbs the steps Rick has thoughtfully moved in front of her stool. She looks at the noose that awaits her and I see a flash of hesitation in her eyes. But that’s ok by me. I don’t mind if any of these girls show a little nervousness. After all, the trepidation of knowing one is about to hang to death is an integral part of the erotic thrill of the whole experience.

On the middle stool Frieda reaches behind her back and cuffs her arms together. She has less of a struggle with this than Julia did. It makes me wonder if she’s cuffed herself before, perhaps as practice for this very special moment? I smile with amusement at the thought.

At the end I see Jocelyn hesitantly loop the noose around her own neck. Of the three she seems the most reluctant. It makes me wonder if she was talked into doing something she really didn’t want to do.

She’s had ample time to back out. But the fact that she’s here and has voluntarily climbed onto the stool indicates she is willing to hang of her own free will. I’m particularly excited to see what kind of dance she gives us.

I watch closely as she reaches behind her back and nervously clatches the free cuff around her remaining wrist. There she’s done it; all three have done it. They’re fully committed now; each one is ready to hang for us. I can’t believe how excited I’ve become! And my guests have now eagerly lined up around the pool to watch!

Rick removes the steps from the three stools, pulling it well back out of the way. Then he slowly walks over to stand next to me. “You’re hanging pool party is all set to commence, hun,” he tells me quietly. I can detect the eagerness in his voice, an eagerness for these naked beauties to start swinging.

All three girls stand looking over at me expectantly, their toes hanging off the front of their stools. The pool area has gotten deathly quiet. And is that Jocelyn I hear whimpering a little upon her stool? Her nervousness is simply intoxicating!

“You may announce them, Rick,” I tell him formally. “After all, you did such a fine job on the gallows. It’s perfect!”

“Thank you, hun,” he tells me. Then he clears his voice before gesturing grandly…

“Ladies? You may proceed with your hanging! One at a time please; we wish to enjoy each one of you dancing for us! And it will allow your companions to take mental notes for the moment it becomes her time to swing.”
Pool party 4.jpg
For a moment nobody moves. Then Margo calls out, “Step off, Julia! Show everybody how my hot, sexy sister puts on a good hanging show!” A moment later Julia does precisely that by stepping forward off her stool, knocking it over backward as Frieda and Jocelyn both gasp at her.

She pitches forward with her legs fluttering until the rope pulls her up short. She lets out a surprised squawk and her eyes fly open. Then she starts to swing back and forth. Frieda and Jocelyn can only stare in awe, knowing they will soon be taking that very same fateful step.

Julia quickly gets a sexy grimace on her face, only now discovering that the truth of hanging is so much more than the fantasy. Her hands and arms jerk wildly behind her back as she gawks and gurgles. But her nipples are hard as little pebbles as her boobs bounce divinely. It’s a delicious display of pain, suffering and eroticism; it leaves me absolutely breathless!

“Look at her go!” my friend Stella gasps. “What a fuckin’ DANCER!!” Finnegan adds with delight. “She dances like she was BORN for the noose!” Rita observes with great admiration. All three are impressed with her sexy twists and gyrations. And so am I, especially since that look of agony on her face is simply priceless!

“Fuck yeah, sis!” Margo suddenly blurts out. “That is so fucking HOT!! Show these bitches how a true gasper hangs in the noose!!”

All the ladies across the pool ooh and ahh as Julia suddenly comes into her own. Has she heard her sister’s comments; does she want her to be proud of her performance? She suddenly starts kicking and swinging like a ballerina, her sexy naked body oh-so-animated as she strangles in the noose.

It’s a sexy dance, one hell of an erotic dance!! Even Frieda and Jocelyn cannot help but watch in awe from their respective stools. Is that fear or admiration I see in their eyes? Surely now they know what delicious suffering they have to look forward to!

Julia’s knees suddenly come together and she does this amazing little bunny hop! Her eyes roll as her tongue tries to poke out of her mouth. I swear it looks like she is having an incredibly hot orgasm right there in the noose, right in front of all of us!

I hear gasps and murmurs from my guests as they watch with great enthusiasm and excitement… “Oh fuck!!” “Would you look at that?!” “Is she cumming??!! I think she’s cumming!!” “Damn; that is SOO fucking sexy!!” Even Margo is enthralled by her sister’s performance, and I hear her blurt out, “Oh fuck; yeah!! Kick it, Julia; kick it, sis!!”

Julia jerks hard in the noose… and then suddenly hangs limp. Her sexy, naked body twists in place as it slowly swings back and forth. Then we all hear a splattering sound in the pool directly below her feet.

“Look at that, everyone!” Rick observes, and I motion with him. “She’s going all right… she’s pissing herself!” Others murmur and point with admiration. Frieda and Jocelyn just look at each other as realization sets in, knowing they are both in for a deliciously painful hanging.

Frieda stares at Julia’s limp, dangling body, no doubt observing the look of pain and agony on her face. She hesitates, appearing as though she is suddenly deep in thought. Has she changed her mind; is she having second thoughts? I cannot blame her if she is, not the way poor Julia suffered so admirably in her noose. But she has volunteered and is all noosed up; it is much too late to back out now!

“Well, Frieda; we’re all waiting!” Rick calls out to her. “Show us what you’ve got, girl!” She swallows hard before starting to step off the stool on her own. It’s as though she’s determined to carry through on her commitment to hang for us today.

Her stool topples behind her and for a split-second she’s in mid-air, gasping in shock at what she’s just done. The look of astonishment in her eyes is absolutely priceless! Then she hits the end of her rope with a little bounce.

Almost immediately her legs start pedaling, frantically kicking for the stool which is no longer beneath her. She gawks and gurgles as her arms jerk hard behind her back. She’s really having second thoughts now, but it’s much too late for that! Now we’re all being treated to the erotic sight of her agonizing dance as she hangs to death! Poor Jocelyn can only gasp at the sight before her, knowing she is next.
Pool party 13.jpg
Frieda’s motions are frenzied, her dance a mixture of panic and eroticism. She kicks hard, swinging with wild abandon! It’s wonderfully erotic and I have to fight to catch my breath as I watch!

“Damn; she’s good!” Rick says to me, and I have to agree. Even Margo is impressed.

“Fuck; what a fighter!” the fiery redhead blurts out. “She’s sure giving Julia a run for her money!!”

“It’s instinctive,” I murmur appreciatively as Frieda swings back and forth. “She wants to fulfill her commitment to us, but her body wants to live! That’s what makes her dance so divine, so moving!”

Her knees bend as she rasps for breath. She’s really fighting it now, fighting that constricting coil! Her orgasm is literally forced out of her body! I inhale sharply… nearly cumming right along with her. Fuck; what a thrill!

Jocelyn stands on her stool and watches Frieda in awe, her mouth open in amazement knowing she is next. I get the impression she doesn’t know what to think. It makes me wonder if she’ll be the one who tries to back out on her agreement to dance for us in the noose.

Almost always there’s one who is really hesitant in the end, one who ultimately resists. I know because I’ve seen several group hangings before. It’s why I’ve always wanted my very own hanging pool party to start out the summer on a high note.

Frieda’s body slows down, swaying gently as she twists and twitches in the noose. I sense she is still alive, although just barely. I don’t think she’s conscious, but her heart must still be beating in her chest. It won’t be for much longer.

Jocelyn’s foot slips and she looks like she is trembling noticeably. The wild look in her eyes is incredible… so erotic. I think she truly understands how much she is going to suffer as she hangs for us today.

“I’m not sure she wants to go through with it,” Rick murmurs in my direction. “She definitely looks like she’s having second thoughts,” Margo adds quietly.

I see something flicker in her eyes, something that tells me otherwise. I’ve actually seen it before in the expressions of girls who are fearful at first, but then suddenly become resolute in their determination to go forward. “Don’t worry,” I reassure them as I cross my legs. “She’s going to go through with it; I can tell.”

“How?” Margo wants to know. “How can you tell?”

Jocelyn surprises us all as she virtually leaps off her stool, loudly blurting out… “I want to HANG!!” It’s the exact same moment Frieda’s bladder releases… how appropriate! Inwardly, I know this one is going to be the best of all.

There is an audible gasp from everyone in the pool area as she launches herself into the air!! Then she hits the end of her rope and bounces with a loud “AWK!”

Her knees bend as she starts gawking and gurgling. Her breasts are so full, her nipples so severely erect as the noose profoundly strangles her. Then she’s cumming so very, very hard! My gawd; that sexy slut is orgasming up a storm!!

Jocelyn’s naked body writhes and twists and jerks like crazy. But amazingly those knees stay up! She grunts and gurgles as though she can’t stop cumming… WON’T stop cumming!!

There are gasps and murmurs of excitement from among my gathered friends as they watch the erotic spectacle. They are as stunned as I am at Jocelyn’s sexy dance of death! The one I thought would be the most resistant is turning out to be the one who wants it most, even more than Margo’s sister Julia!!

Jocelyn grunts and gurgles, rasping hard for each little breath while working those knees just as hard as she can. The expression on her face is one of sweet agony, such unbearable suffering so erotic with its intensity. It’s as though she’s fully embracing her hanging, hungrily welcoming those sweet, painful orgasms as she strangles to death!

The pain she’s enduring; such sweet agony! And the way her knees keep jerking upward makes me wonder if she’s trying to orgasm herself to death! I can’t even begin to imagine what that sexy slut is experiencing right now! But it takes my breath away, giving me my own dangerous stirrings and fantasies!

It’s the longest dance of the three and it’s erotic as hell! I’m on the verge of cumming myself; I swear I’m right at the precipice! Then Jocelyn spasms a couple of times before going limp, her sexy body twisting and turning as she gently sways back and forth.

The pool area goes deathly silent, everyone staring in awe at the spectacle we’ve just witnessed. Then Jocelyn’s body rotates until I can see her expression. There’s a look of bliss in those glazed, suffering eyes.

A moment later her bladder releases; we all hear it splatter into the pool below. It’s as if she is personally telling me, “Ok, Susan; I’m finished! You can cum now to the sight of my sexy, strangled body dangling for your pleasure!” And at that moment I most certainly do cum up a storm as she slowly twists in place.

I wince and shudder, trying not to scream out my ecstasy from such an erotic moment. Her bladder continues to empty, continues to dribble into the water below. It’s a hell of a climax to an incredible display! Even Margo is in awe, gasping and muttering to herself how sexy it was!
Pool party 21.jpg
Rick finally speaks up… “Ladies and gentlemen: this concludes the hanging portion of Susan’s pool party. I’m glad you all could be here today to share such an erotic event with her. Feel free to examine our lovely suicides up close.” Then he walks over and proceeds to move the stools away from the side of the pool, standing them up in the process.

I stand up and walk over with Margo, a bit wobbly from my orgasm, but feeling oh so fulfilled! Then we closely study each body. “That was so fucking sexy!” she finally whispers to me. “Don’t tell anyone I said so, but Jocelyn’s hanging was erotic as hell! Julia would kill me if she heard me say that!” I have to chuckle at that.

“Don’t worry, Margo; I won’t tell her,” I giggle. “However, I’m sure we can make some special arrangement for her concerning your ‘execution’ if you like. The day’s still young and I’m sure my guests wouldn’t mind witnessing another hanging.”

“Oh, Susan; don’t tempt me!” she gasps excitedly.

A couple of the girls come over and closely inspect the bodies, “oohing” and “aahing” appreciatively. Then Ruth approaches in that sexy red dress she’s wearing. Her eyes are glazed and she’s breathing funny.

“Susan, that was so exciting!” she blurts out breathlessly. “I can’t believe how turned on I am right now!” I smile and nod agreeably; I’m horny as hell too.

“Say, you wouldn’t be planning on any more hangings today, would you?” she asks hopefully.

“Now I don’t know,” I say, giving Margo a knowing smile. “Why do you ask?”

“Because I’d love to volunteer!” she gasps breathlessly. “Seeing those girls orgasm as they strangled to death has me all worked up. I’d like to be the next one!”

“Well,” I muse thoughtfully. “Maybe we can arrange something for later this evening when the sun goes down.

“GREAT!!” she gushes. “I can’t WAIT!!” Then I look over at Margo, and I see her eyes flash excitedly. When she nods eagerly, silently tapping her own chest with a finger, something tells me my party is about to be blessed with a hanging duet for when the sun goes down…

© 2014, 2015

(written for Susan Coquin May 8 by riwa; ed. Jan 16 by riwa)

(Story inspired by Susan Coquin’s blog and great poser renders which are used for illustration purposes only.)


Sadie cums to the blade1.jpg
Sadie cums to the blade

She was the one who picked me up at the bar. I told her I was in town on business and would be leaving in the morning. So she begged me to come back to her room, promising me we’d have the time of our lives and that it would be unforgettable. I figured a one night stand would be just the thing before going back home to the missus.

It was after 11 pm when she unlocked the door and let us in. Then she was all over me. I must admit she certainly wanted it bad.

In no time at all we were buck naked. It didn’t take long before I was hard and ready to fuck. We pulled the blankets off the bed before climbing on. But what she said next left me feeling uncomfortable as hell.

“I’ve never had an orgasm, Doug. But tonight you’re going to give me one. I know you are because I’m giving myself over to you.”

“That’s a lot of pressure to put on a man, Sadie.”

“Relax, lover. It’ll be easy. I promise you’re going to enjoy this every bit as much as I am.”

For the next couple of hours we fucked like rabbits in virtually every position imaginable. I tried to hold back on mine until she’d had her orgasm. But it didn’t seem to be happening.

She encouraged me to go right ahead and cum inside her. She said not to worry because she was thoroughly enjoying herself. I shook my head, figuring she was on the pill or something.

We took a break from our last fuck to allow her to catch her breath. Then she told me she wanted it nice and slow as she stretched out on the bed on her back. She’d gotten herself all worked up now and she said she was ready to cum. It was about time!

She arched her back, showing me her sexy tits. Then she reached back under the pillows. Imagine my shock when she pulled out a blue-handled knife about 6 inches long.

“Holy shit!” I blurted out as I started to pull out. She just grabbed my arms. “Please stay, Doug. It’s not for you; it’s for me.”

“Are you out of your fucking mind?”

“Damn right, I am,” she told me with a crazy smile.

I tried to pull out again, but she begged me not to leave her, not when she was so fucking close. Then she took the knife in her hands.

She smiled lustfully at me as she slowly brought it down until the tip was pressing into her belly button. “I can’t cum unless a blade impales me, Doug. I just can’t. This is a very special moment for me. I want to share it with you.”

“Are you fucking kidding me?” I didn’t know whether to be frightened or aroused.

“You’re not going to leave me when I do this; are you, Doug? I want your cock inside me when it happens. I want to be penetrated by both steel and dick.”

“Sadie, I don’t know…” But she choose that moment to force the blade into her stomach.

She inhaled sharply as she shuddered. I saw she’d drawn blood. Thankfully it wasn’t very deep; more like a small cut.

“Oh gawd!” she moaned. “Doug, I’ve… I’ve got to go all the way!”

“Sadie, I don’t know about this…”

“You twitched when I cut myself, Doug. You want this every bit as much as I do. Please say you’ll stay.”

“Sadie, I don’t…” But that’s when she forced the knife in a little deeper.

Her pussy clenched around my manhood as I twitched shamefully inside her. She gasped and moaned as she trembled with excitement. A thin line of blood trickled down her stomach, dribbling over her swollen clit and dripping onto my shaft sticking out of her. Now she’d really punctured something.

“Oh gawd, lover! That feels so good! I’m so fucking close!”

“Sadie, it’s not in very deep. You don’t have to go through with this.”

“But I have to, lover. I’ve already left a note back home and another in one of the dresser drawers.”

“I don’t care. The police will never believe it.” But she was growing more desperate.

“Please don’t make me do this alone, Doug! I want your cock inside me when I cum. I just can’t orgasm any other way.”

“Sadie, don’t…” But she forced the knife a little deeper into her stomach. Instantly her pussy contracted around my cock as she gasped a little sharp intake of breath.

“Ohgawd… I’m so fucking close… Doug, I… I have to go all the way! It’s got to go in all the way! It… it has to be fatal!”

“No it doesn’t, Sadie.” But now my cock was hard inside her, hard and twitching as she savagely milked me with her quivering cunt.

“I want it, Doug. I want it… and you want it too. I can tell by the way you twitch inside me each time I go a little deeper. It’s the only way I can cum, lover. I want to die with the blade in my stomach and your cock in my pussy.”

“Sadie, I can’t –“

“Tell me to do it, lover! Tell me to do it!” Now she grasped the handle with both hands.

The wound wasn’t fatal, but a little more blood was following the original line of red to trickle down her stomach. Maybe she could feel it caressing her clit as it dripped onto my cock. My mind was saying no, but my stupid dick was screaming yes.

“Tell me, Doug! Ohgawd; tell me! I’m so fucking close! Promise me you won’t leave me now!”

“Sadie, I don’t know –“


“I promise, Sadie.”

“Now tell me to do it, lover! Tell me to cum with the blade.”

“Sadie, I –“

“Tell me, damn you!”

“Do it, you fucking bitch! Stab yourself!!”

“YEESS!” and she pulled the blade hard into her stomach.

She let out a cry as her back arched. Then she was cumming, cumming incredibly hard as she furiously milked my cock with her muscles. I was so shamefully close to cumming as well.

She panted like crazy for several seconds to get her breath back as she came down from her high. Then she looked me right in the eye. “Again, Doug!” she panted. “That felt so fucking good! I’ve waited forever to experience that! Tell me to do it again!”

She grabbed the handle of the blade with trembling hands. Then she looked at me expectantly. I was sure the wound wasn’t fatal. But I couldn’t make any promises if she did again.

“Sadie, there’s still time to get you to a hos –“

“Tell me, damn you!”


“Stab yourself again, you fucking cunt!”

“YEEESSS!” and she pulled the knife out. Then she shoved it right back in with both hands.

Her back arched again as her head tipped back. Then she was cumming all over again. My cock went off inside her, my balls emptying. She let out another cry as she delirious shrieked, “I can feel you cumming inside me!” Then she was bucking and shuddering like crazy.

“Stab me!” she wheezed as she started to come down from the high of her plateau. “I want another one! I’ve never felt anything like this!”

“Sadie, I – “

“Stab me, damn you! I know you want to! Make me cum again, lover! All the way out and then back in!”

Two wounds in the same area were probably pretty serious. A third might prove fatal. But the crazy bitch wanted it so fucking bad.

She still had the strength to sit up. “Do it!” she begged as she put my right hand on the handle. “Stab me and send me to heaven, lover!”


“DO IT!”

Her eyes opened wide as I pulled the blade all the way out. Her breath seemed to catch in her throat as she started to hyperventilate. Then I plunged the blade into her stomach.

“YEEEEESSSSSS!” and her back arched as she fell over backward, shuddering hard in orgasm. She kept milking my cock so savagely that it never had a chance to soften. I began thrusting harder into her, becoming shamefully caught up in the moment.

“AGAIN, DOUG; DO IT AGAIN!” So I pulled the knife out and then plunged it back into her stomach. “GAWWWWDDDD!” and she was cumming all over again.

I fucked her good and hard as more blood trickled down her stomach over her clit and onto my cock. It seemed to arouse her even more. “FUCK ME WITH THE KNIFE, DOUG! FUCK ME WITH THE KNIFE!”

I pulled it out before brutally thrusting it back into her stomach. She gurgled as she shuddered hard. Her orgasm was so intense that she couldn’t seem to catch her breath.

“Keep fucking me… after I’m dead, Doug! Keep… stabbing me! Maybe I’ll still… cum after I’m gone! Say you’ll… fuck me, Doug! Say you’ll… stay with me!”

“I’ll stay with you, Sadie.” By then I was committed. So I pulled the knife out before thrusting it back into her stomach again.

She shuddered as she gurgled “Soooo…. Goooddddd!” Her back arched so much I thought she was going to snap her spine. I never thought a women could cum so fucking hard like that.

She was getting weaker, and she was having trouble breathing. Blood came up into her mouth. I think she was getting it down into her lungs.

Her lips moved; she was trying to speak… “…unnnnnnnnnn…. Mmmorrrrrrrrrrrr….” And with that I stabbed her again.

Her pussy clenched, although with much less intensity that before. She shuddered as her eyes rolled. Then her hands fell to her sides as she started humping, twitching and jerking

I grabbed the blade and twisted it hard in her stomach. There was a gurgle as she jerked a little more, her eyes rolling up into the back of her head. More blood came out of her mouth as well as the wound in her belly.

I don’t remember much after that; just bits and pieces. I think I kept stabbing her and fucking her. Her body would twitch and jerk, and I wasn’t sure if it was stray nerves or just what the hell it was. A strange part of me thought she was somehow cumming each time I stabbed her. But that was impossible, right?

I finally pulled out and collapsed into a chair. I remember staring at her bloody corpse as she lay there on the bed. I must have been dreaming or hallucinating because for a minute there I swear she smiled blissfully at me.

I guess I fell asleep because the next thing I clearly remember was the maid screaming when she opened the door and took in the scene.

(Jun 21 ’18)

(inspired by the manip done by Sadie on DFN)


"Is it all clear? Is it safe to post?" (riwa looks all around) "Ok, let's try posting Wicked Wanda's Hanging."

Ladies and Gentlemen, Famous at the End is proud to introduce to you…
Wicked Wanda!

Four bare-chested men in jeans sit in a mostly bare white room, waiting patiently. Chet sits on a bed reading a book, clearly growing impatient. Allan sits on a stool while going through his iPhone. Manny is on the other side of the room looking at a porno mag. Derek watches porn on a laptop sitting on a desk.

They do not know each other. But they are here for one purpose. They have gathered together to gangbang a prostitute being provided to them.

The door slides open and Wanda appears. She’s a full figured, sultry blonde standing at about five feet five inches. She is shorter than the men in the room.

She wears a very short black dress, fishnet stockings, and high heels. Her outfit proudly proclaims she is a slut. But she is here only for herself.

She walks right up to Chet sitting on the bed, now having his full attention. She paws his chest as he smiles at her. She teasingly rubs his crotch where a bulge starts to grow. Then she haughtily pushes him backward onto the bed.

She walks over to Allan who is all but drooling. She examines him closely, taking in the heady aroma of his manliness. She moves close to kiss his lips. But she smiles as she puts a hand between them, giving him a “humpf” before moving on.

She walks across to Manny who has been watching the entire time. He gives her his most charming smile. She runs a hand over his bare chest, noticing the growing bulge in his jeans. Then she gives him a derisive “Hah” before giving him the cold shoulder.

She goes over to Derek and gives him a good looking over. He eyes her up and down, no doubt looking forward to sticking his dick in one of her holes. She just snorts with disgust.

Wanda moves to the middle of the room as the guys get up and come over to surround her. She examines them all a second time. Then she rolls her eyes and looks upward as though asking, “Really? This is all you’ve got for me?”

They reach out to touch her body. But she shows no enthusiasm. They feel her up and grope her mounds. But she acts bored.

A couple try to kiss her. But she coldly turns her head away. She’s not the least bit interested.

They start lifting the hem of her short dress to feel up the skimpy garment covering her holes. She does not respond. Seeing her lack of enthusiasm makes them become frustrated.

Chet angrily goes over to the bed and grabs a remote control. One button makes a small section of ceiling slide open. Another causes a thick, black noose to lower.

He gives Wanda an ominous, leering look. She looks up at the noose and snorts. Her expression says, “Really? That’s all you’ve got for me?”

Manny grabs the noose and rubs it all over her as though trying to intimidate her. She doesn’t act the slightest bit afraid. As a result, her “customers” become more irritated.

Hands grope and paw, working together to force her out of her dress. She’s left in a thin black top that partially covers her mounds. A small set of bottoms protect her crotch. Both pieces have little white, plastic clips holding each one together.

On her right Manny pulls the noose down and loops it around her throat. She doesn’t even acknowledge his presence. He snugs it up, tightening it up behind her right ear. She doesn’t resist.

The fishnet stockings and heels are roughly removed. She grunts once, but otherwise she makes no move to stop them. It’s as though she believes they are beneath her and are not a threat.

The men pull her top aside, exposing her mounds. Her nipples are erect, her breasts quivering. But she doesn’t seem to mind, even as she casually loops one hand over Chet’s shoulder while another goes over Derek’s. It’s as though she doesn’t care what they do to her.Wicked Wanda.jpg
Manny takes the remote and activates the controls. The noose tightens, tipping her head. Amazingly she continues with her haughty attitude.

Derek and Chet start sucking on her nipples. Wanda acts uninterested. That’s when Allan pops the little clips to her top, allowing it to fall into his hands.

He tugs on the noose while looking at the others. They all nod in agreement. That’s when he grabs Wanda’s arms and forcefully pulls them behind her back, securing her wrists with her top. Wanda forces a yawn to indicate her lack of interest.

Chet and Derek pop the little white clips holding her bottoms in place. The garment falls away. Then all four begin groping, fondling and molesting her.

Hands and mouths are all over her. Fingers slide in and out of her cunt, which has slickened from her juices. She may act disinterested. But her body cannot reject the sensations she is experiencing.

The guys all nod at each other. Then they step back, giving Wanda all the space she needs. Manny operates the controls to the remote, and the rope pulls Wanda to her toes.

She trembles as she shifts around on the balls of her feet. The guys watch her for any signs of contrition. But there are none.

They all remove their jeans and briefs, revealing four impressive erections. Wanda doesn’t acknowledge their lust and desire in the slightest. She tries to fake another yawn, even as the rope makes it a challenge to breathe.

The guys silently motion at Wanda as though trying to figure out what to do with her. Chet grabs an imaginary noose around his neck and pulls, tilting his head to one side and making a face while sticking his tongue out as though telling them, “Let’s hang the bitch.” The others nod in agreement.

They look at Wanda as she looks back at them with disinterest despite the rope around her neck. She looks as though she doesn’t care and that she’s daring them to hang her. Manny’s face clouds angrily as he pushes a button.

Wanda gawks as she’s lifted up into the air. It is evident she’s in pain. But even now she tries not to show it.

Her legs flutter for the floor below, her toes wriggling and curling. Then she begins to kick. She’s certainly feeling it now. But she looks at them as though sneering, “Really?”

Derek and Manny walk up to her and grab her legs, obscenely splitting them apart. Chet walks up and sticks his dick into her. She rasps and gurgles as Allan savagely gropes her mounds while she’s being fucked.

After a nice, long fuck, Chet pulls out to leave a white creamy substance leaking out of her hole. Allan steps up to take his place as Derek and Manny continue to keep her legs spread. But this time Allan forces his dick up her ass.

Wanda jerks and gurgles as he fucks her hard. When he eventually pulls out, a second load trickles down her inner thighs. Then Derek and Manny let go, allowing her to dangle as her legs kick weakly.

This time Chet and Allan grab her legs and pull them apart again, revealing Wanda’s well fucked pussy with cream leaking out. Manny moves in to add his load, fucking her hard while Derek savagely mauls her tits. Wanda jerks and gurgles, her face red and her neck appearing to lengthen a little.

When Manny is done, a second deposit has been uploaded into her cunt. That’s when Derek steps up and cruelly shoves his dick up her previously fucked ass. He gives it to her nice and hard, enjoying the way she flinches and jerks.

When he is done, he pulls out, leaving a matching second load leaking out of her ass. Then Chet and Allan let go of her legs. The guys all step back and stroke themselves as Wanda tiredly sways back and forth.

She hitches and jerks as a stream of urine trickles down her legs and splatters the floor. Her tongue protrudes out of her mouth as her eyes glaze over. Then the guys start pushing her naked body back and forth, setting it to swinging as they stroke themselves.

When it looks like she is gone, they step up to her one by one, shooting one last load on her pussy and tummy. Wanda gets all four loads to cream her naked body. Then the guys grab their clothes and walk out of the room, leaving Wanda’s naked body gently swaying back and forth as her well-fucked corpse twists and turns…

(May 24, ‘18)

(Inspired by the manip I found)


If Wanda is too wicked for you, how about this one? ;)

Noose seduction
Noose seduction.jpg
“Fiera, are you sure about this?”

“Ramona, will you just pipe down! I haven’t even snugged it yet.”

“I don’t know about this. Are you sure?”

“Honey, I’ve done this dozens of times, ok? Would you just lighten up and enjoy yourself? How does it feel?

“I don’t know. You’re not going to tighten it yet, are you?”

“Will you just calm down? You’re supposed to be feeling tingly and getting excited. Are you getting excited yet?”

“Umm… maybe a little…”

“You see? That’s what I’m talking about. I told you you’d like it.”

“I don’t know…”

“Would you just reach down and start playing with yourself already? I didn’t go to all this trouble just for you to stand there like a bump on a log.”

“I don’t know. I suppose I can, uh…”

“You want me to reach around and…”

“No, I’ll do it.”

“You see? I can tell you’re definitely wet down there. Am I right?”

“Yeah, I suppose I am.”

“And your nipples are getting hard; right?”

“A little.”

“Look, this won’t be any fun if you don’t calm down and start enjoying yourself. Everyone else I’ve talked to says the noose is arousing as hell to wear. Isn’t it the least bit arousing around your throat?”

“Well… maybe a little.”

“You want I should tighten it? Maybe I’d better tighten it. It feels better when it’s snug around your neck.”

“Fiera, maybe you’d better…” *gasp*

“Isn’t that better? Doesn’t that feel sexy?”

“Uh… maybe a little…”

“Damnit, Ramona! You’ve got to get into this! Are you frightened?”

“A little.”

“Does that mean you’re becoming aroused?”

“Maybe so – do you have to have it so snug?

“It’s no good unless it’s snug. You’re just not getting into it. Here, let me feel how wet you are.”

“Fiera, you don’t have to finger me down--” *gasp*

“Hah; I knew it! You’re getting wet down there. I told you so! Now are you going to touch yourself? Or am I going to have to do it for you?”

“Fiera, I just don’t know.”

“Oh, you’re one of THOSE, are you? That’s what I figured.”

“What do you mean ‘one of--” *gasp* “Fiera, you don’t have to t-touch me quite like that, d-do you?”

“Doesn’t that feel better when I finger you and rub you all over?”

“M-maybe a little.”

“’Maybe a little – maybe a little’?? Is that all you can say? Maybe you’re one of those submissive types, the ones who need to be pushed and cajoled and forced. I think you’re going to need the handcuffs.”

“H-handcuffs? Fiera, you’re not going to p-put handcuffs on me, are you?”

“No, silly. I’m going to let you do it. Now where did I leave them? They’ve got to be over here somewhere – ah, here they are!”

“Fiera, I really don’t think I want to…”

“If only you could see what I see. I can tell how turned on you are. You don’t want to admit it, honey. But I can see how aroused you are. You just don’t want to admit it yet.”

“I am? Are you sure?”

“Don’t play coy with me. Now put these on, ok? Make sure you cuff your wrists behind your back.”

“I don’t know. I don’t think I want…”

“Oh for heaven’s sake! Would you just take ‘em already? They’re not going to bite! See? You’ve got them in your hands now. That’s not so bad, is it? Now pick a wrist and cuff one.”

“Fiera, is this really necess…?”

“Do you want to cum or not?”

“I don’t know if I can - *gasp* w-would you s-stop fingering me?”

“I will once you get on with it and cuff that wrist. Hurry up already. I don’t know about you, but I’m wet as hell. I’m tempted to force you to the floor and make you lick an orgasm right out of me. Would you prefer to do that instead?”

“All right – all right; I’m cuffing my wrist.” *click*

“Now put your arms behind your back and cuff the other one, ok? Ramona, it’s going to be super erotic once your hands are cuffed behind your back. I can tell you’re the submissive type. Trust me; I’ve done this dozens of times.”

“Are you s-sure?”

“Do you want me to do it for you? I will if you want… and I might not be so gentle about it.”

“N-no, I can d-do it.” *click*

“There, that wasn’t so hard, was it? Now the submissive is totally under my control. This gives me the chance to molest you by rubbing and fondling you all over.”

“Fiera? Mmmmm… uh, I’m not… mmmmmm… I don’t know… unnnnggggh…”

“Now to finger you myself since you kept hesitating.”

“Fiera, I think…. Unnggghhhh…. I don’t know if I like… mmmmmmm…”

“I told you wearing the noose would be erotic as hell. You’re really wet and clenching down there. I said it would be exciting, didn’t I? And your nipples are so fucking hard. I can’t believe how turned on you are. Mmmmmm.”

“Fiera, you don’t have to suck… mmmmm…. Would you stop fingering… unnnngghhhh….. ohgawd…”

“You’re really getting turned on now, aren’t you? I think it’s time we snugged the noose up a little more, don’t you? Let me just give it a little pull...”

“Fiera, I don’t - *rasp* Fiera… not so tight…” *gasp*

“Up on your toes now, Ramona. How does that feel? Doesn’t that feel sexy as hell? You sure look sexy as hell.”

“I - *gasp* - Down!”

“Oh for Pete’s sake! You are the most skittish girl I’ve ever noosed up! See? This end of the rope is loose in my hands. Now let me check that cunt of yours again.”

“Fiera, I don’t… mmmmm…”

“You’re wriggling and clenching, honey. I told you it would feel good. And your nipples are so fucking hard right now. Give me a sec; I want to suck on one… mmmmmm…”

“Fiera, I… mmmmmm… I can’t…. mmmmm… It’s so…. unnggghhh…”

“Ok, now I’m going to do a little test. I’m going to pull on the rope…”

“Fiera, no!”

“…and you tell me which way you like it more. Do you like it THIS way?”

“Fiera - *gawk* it’s too… it’s too… *gawk* please…”

“Or do you like it better this way? You can breathe better this way, right?”

“Yes, that’s better.”

“But it’s not as erotic; am I right? C’mon, Ramona; you can tell me. What; you don’t want to tell me? Which do you like more? This one with me fingering you while the noose is tighter?”

“Fiera - *gawk* rrspppp… gnnnhhhh…. mmmmm…”

“Or this way? Hell, honey; you don’t have to tell me. You were really clenching when I pulled on the end of the rope. Am I right?”

“Fiera, I - *GAWK* I cn’t breeeethe…”

“Yes you can, honey. And I can feel you clenching. Your nipples are so fucking hard they must be hurting by now. What, do you want me to remove the noose? Are you that freaked out? Ok fine; I’ll remove the noose and the cuffs. Just say the word.”

“Fiera, I… I don’t…”

“Just say the word and you’re free. No more sexual stimulation for you.”

“I… I don’t… I don’t know…”

“C’mon – c’mon; we haven’t got all day. I know a couple other sexy bitches I can call over this afternoon for some sexy rope fun if you’re not interested. Here, I’ll even let go of the rope.”

“Fiera, don’t.”

“Don’t what? You don’t like it, remember?”

“I… I didn’t… I didn’t say that.”

“Look, I’ve got a nice little stool over here we can play with. Do you want up? Or do you want to quit?”


“Excuse me? I didn’t quite catch that.”

“I, uh… I w……….”

“You’ll have to speak louder, honey. I don’t have time to waste if you don’t want to play.”

“I’ll t……..”

“What was that? Speak up, bitch!”

“I’ll take the stool.”

“You’re sure about that? A minute ago you were squawking just because I added a little tension to the rope. Are you sure you want the stool?”

“Uh… I, uh… yes… yes I am.”

“You’re not going to quit on me again, are you?”

“N-no, Fiera.”

“Ok, I’m bringing the stool over. Now show me you mean it.”

“Ok, I’m climbing the s-stool.”

“You really do want this, don’t you?”


“Even when I pull on the rope and finger you? You’re certainly clenching, so I assume you want it. Is that true?”

“Y-yes…” *nods*

“Now I’m going to go over here and tie this off – wait! Are you giving me that look? Are you going to back out? I though you said…”

“N-no, Fiera. You can tie it off.”

“That’s what I thought. Let me make sure it’s good and snug now.”

Gnnngghhh “Sssoooo… tighttttttt…”

“Up you go. This way you’re up on your toes. Those are the best orgasms, honey. You want a good orgasm, don’t you? Now that you’re up on your toes you should be able to have the best orgasms ever.”

Gnnnnghhhhh “Ffffeeeraaaah… sooooo tiiiiight….”

“But you can still breathe, right?”


“Do you like it when I finger you now?”

Gnnnnnnggghhhhhh *nods*

“Are you going to cum for me? Are you going to fucking cum for me? You’re really clenching while I’m fingering your cunt. Are you going to – there it is! I see those eyes rolling! That looks like it was a good one.”

Gnnnnnnnnnnnghhhhhh *nods*

“I got something special for you. I think they’re over here. Now where did I put them? Oh yeah; here they are. See these? They should really vibrate a couple of juicy orgasms out of you. Let me just push this first one into your cunt here. Damn, honey; you are so fucking wet.”

Ggnnnngghhhh… mmmmmmmmm…. “Cann’ttt balllllannncccc….. toes…”

“Clench your cunt, you sexy bitch! The longer you keep it inside, the more juicy orgasms you’ll have. Now let me push this one into that sexy ass of yours.”

Gnnnnnggghhh…. Unnngghhh…. Mmmmmmm…. Gssssppppppp….

“Having a little trouble keeping your balance? I see you’re shuffling around on the balls of your feet.”

Gnnnggghhhhh “Trruuuuuuuhhhhbbblleee…” *nods*

“Are you ready? Let’s see what happens when I turn them both on…”

Grrr…. Unnggghhhhhh… mmmmmmmm… rrsspppp…. “Feelllsssssss….”

“You’re really writhing around, aren’t you! You look so fucking sexy writhing around like that trying to keep your feet on the stool. You can still breathe, right?”

Gnnnnnggghhhhh…. *nods*

“Can you feel it swelling inside? It’s going to be a big one, isn’t it?”

Gnnngggghhhh… “Can’t….. keep….. balunccccccc…”

“If you lose the stool you’re going to cum so fucking hard. I can tell.”

Gnngghh…. Gnngghhhh… “Cummmmmmeeeeeeeeng…. Can’t keep…. Stoooooooll…”

*fingering own pussy* “Gawd, that is so fucking hot! That must feel incredible! Don’t you fucking love it?”

*feet slipping on stool* “Fieraaaaa…. Stoooollll…” gnnngghhhhh

“Go ahead. I’m here. Go right ahead and kick that stool away and cum up a storm. You’ve got a good, thick noose so you should last a while.”

Gnnngghhhhh… *knocks stool over* gssspppppppp *cough – cough*

“Oh fuck – oh fuck – oh fuck!” *falls to the floor and furiously masturbates* “That is so fucking hot! That is so fucking hot! Hang yourself, you sexy bitch!”

Ungh – ungh – ungh *shuddering*

“Fuck, I’m cumming with you! Fuck – fuck – fuck! Oh fuuuuuuuuuck!”

*legs kicking; body twisting* Gnnngh – gnngghhhh – gnngghhh

“Hump those dildos, baby! Fuck those toys! Gawd, you are so fucking sexy! Fuck; I think I’m going to cum again!”

“Fierrraaaa…. Hard…… breeeeeeth….”

“Relax, baby! Go with it! Hang onto those dildos, you sexy bitch! I can’t believe how fucking hot you look! You’re the best one I’ve ever hanged!”

*kicks; eyes widen in horror; struggles to breathe* Gnngghh – gnngghh – gnngghhh…. Unnngghhhh gsssppppppp

“Oh fuck – oh fuck – oh fuck! The way you’re arching your back! I can see you’re… your eyes are… oh fuck; I’m cumming again!”

Gnngh – gnngh – gnngh… gssspppp… unngghh

“Oh fuck! You just squeezed that toy out of your cunt! You must be cumming like crazy! Didn’t I tell you how hard you were going to cum??”

Gngh – gngh – gngh… rrssppppp

“Oh fuck – oh gawd – oh shit! The way you’re humping the air like that! Oh fuuuuuuuuuuuuuck! Dance, bitch; dance!”

Errrr…. Gnnnnnnngh….. esssspppppppp

*writhing on the floor masturbating* “Oh fuck; I can’t stop cumming! Baby, you’re the greatest!”

Unnggh – unngghh – UNGH! *gently sways back and forth*

“Fuck, that was a good one! That was such a good one, baby! Ohmygawd; that was awesome!” *panting as she climbs to her feet*

“Is that all you’ve got for me? Let me check your pussy. Damn, you’re still clenching. You’ve got a little bit of life left in you. That was so fucking sexy, Ramona. I don’t think I’ve ever cum so fucking hard. But from the looks of it I think you had one hell of an O, am I right?”

*pushes body; sets it gently swaying back and forth* “Not got anything to say? You don’t want to thank me for the best orgasms of your life? Damn, honey! I didn’t know how selfish you could be.” *gives body another push*

“Tell you what I’ll do. I leave you here so you can bask in the glow, ok? I’m sure you need the rest. Just enjoy yourself, ok? I’ve got to go back upstairs and get something to drink. Damn, that was hot.”

2018 (written Jul 5 ’18 by riwa)

(Inspired by the picture included as an illustration.)


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Hi Members, we starting today with collecting and concentrating Riwa's short stories in this thread.


I suppose I could add something new to this. But what I have to add could get me in trouble. Hmmm...

Professor Moore is a strict instructor. Some of her students decide to pay her back!
hang 761 A.jpg

Hanging Professor Moore

“You wanted to see us, Professor Moore?”

“Yes, Tamara. I’ve had it with you and Sapphire. You girls are always cutting up in class. You’re just not taking Early American History seriously.”

“That’s not true, professor.”

“Sapphire, you’re the worst; always making jokes and flirting with the boys. If you two aren’t interested in taking a history class then why are you sitting in mine?”

“Because we were told we had to have some history credits in order to graduate, professor.”

“Well, you’re not getting any credits out of my class, girls. I’ve tried my best with you. I suggest you drop out and try to enroll in another history class.”

“But we HAVE been paying attention, professor! Why do you have to be such a hard-ass?”

“Girls, whatever you’re ‘paying’ in my class, it certainly isn’t attention.”

“Sure we are,” Sapphire protested as she flung her red hair indignantly. “We learned all about how they hanged all those witches in back in Salam in the 1400’s.”

“You certainly didn’t learn that from my class, girls. And it was the 1600’s. Your noses are always buried in your iPods. But I do commend you for giving it your best shot looking it up on the Internet.”

“Professor Moore, that’s not fair,” Tamara whined. “Sapphire, let’s show her what we learned.”

Sapphire produced a length of hemp out of what looked like an expensive bag, no doubt purchased from one of their many self-proclaimed shopping trips – the bag, not the rope. Tamara pulled a chair up to the front of the class. She climbed on and then tilted up a piece of ceiling tile to expose a thick pipe.

Sapphire handed her the rope which her companion looped over the pipe. Then she began to form one end into a noose. The professor watched with a feeling of growing unease.

“Since when did you girls get interested in hangings?”

“Since reading about the time they hanged witches, professor. It’s really interesting. We thought we’d try to earn a little extra credit by putting on a little demonstration.”

“Girls, I’m really not interested – Hey, what are you doing?? Tamara stop it! Sapphire, what do you think you’re doing??”

“We’re just undressing you, Professor Moore. We heard they hanged the witches back then in their frocks and dresses. But this one website we went to said you should hang a girl nude. See? We know more than you think we do.”

“Sapphire, this is uncalled for. Tamara, you stop this right now – HEY!”

She was too shocked to cry out. Before she knew it they’d forcefully removed everything but her heels. If this was some kind of a joke, they were certainly taking it way too far.

“Girls, I’m going to report you to your faculty advisor for this. You’re out of my class. Hell, you’ll be kicked out of the university over this!”

“Not until we finish with our extra credit demonstration, professor.”

Miss Moore let out a cry as Sapphire bound her wrists tightly behind her back. “Girl’s, this has nothing to do with witches, Salem or American history!”

“That’s ok, professor. We know this isn’t Salem or the 1600’s. We’re just putting on a demonstration of what we’ve learned.”

“”Girls, I’ve had enough – WAIT!”

Professor Moore gasped as Tamara snugged the noose around her neck. “Looks good on you, professor,” the blonde observed with a smirk.

“Let’s get her up on the chair,” Sapphire suggested.

“Girls, no – STOP!” They just got on either side of her and hefted her up. Then Sapphire took the slack out of the noose before securing it as Tamara steadied the frightened professor.

“Ok, girls; you’ve made your point.”

“Oh, we haven’t finished with the demonstration yet, professor. Right, Tamara?” Sapphire chuckled as she sat on the professor’s desk, pulled out a file and began filing her nails.

“That’s right,” the blonde agreed with a dangerous smile as she touched the quivering professor on her bare ass. “There’s just one thing left to do.”

“Girls, you can’t do this to me! You won’t get away with it!”

“Actually we learned this from Dr. Tree’s class, professor. You know he teaches Hanging 101, right?”

“I should have known! Did that bastard put you up to this?” Then she crossed her thighs in embarrassment, trying to hide the fearful arousal she felt that was beginning to trickle out of her slit.

“No, professor,” Sapphire told her as she worked her nails. “We came up with this idea all on our own. But he did tell us you should hang a woman nude. Show her, Tamara.”

“Tell us what you think, professor.” And with that the blonde pulled the chair out from underneath.

Professor Moore finally let out a shriek of horror and disbelief. A moment later the chair was gone, her voice choked off. She dropped a few inches until the noose pulled her up short, leaving the tips of her heels a mere four inches above the floor.

“How’d we do, professor?” the blonde asked as the naked woman’s legs scissored. She pedaled as though riding a bicycle. Then she stretched her heels downward as though reaching for the floor again.

“She’s doing better than that clip we saw,” Sapphire observed, still calmly filing her fingernails.

“That’s because that one was fake, silly,” Then Tamara asked, “What do you think, professor? Do we get an A for extra credit?”

Miss Moore kicked and twisted, fighting the noose as she jerked her arms up and down behind her back. She rasped for breath, unable to make much more than grunting sounds. Her nipples were painfully erect as moisture dripped out of her slit.

She cross her legs, rubbing her thighs together. “Look at that; she’s getting herself off!” Tamara gasped excitedly.

“That’s nothing,” Sapphire replied with a yawn. “I wriggle more and make more noise than that when Bobby gets me off in the back of his Chevy!”

The professor kicked and struggled until she wore herself out. Her face turned red as she hung limp, her body gently swaying from side to side as she started to twist in place. “So what do you think, professor?” Sapphire asked matter-of-factly. “Is that worth an A or a B?”

There was no response other than drool appearing in her mouth to splatter onto her breasts as her tongue poked out past her lips. “I think she said it’s an A,” Tamara decided. “Let’s go get Professor Tree and bring him back and see what he thinks.”

“I bet he’s gonna love the way we tied the noose and hanged her nude,” Sapphire, agreed with a smile as the two coeds gathered up their bag and left the professor dangling quietly in her classroom. There was silence except for a quiet dripping sound of fluid off heels caused by a bladder giving way.

(Oct 15 ’18)


Slavegirl execution

For the last week I notice Master has not enjoyed my body the way he used to. It makes me wonder if he’s spending time with another of the girls in his harem. It would motivate me to work a little harder, but lately it’s been hard to put forth the effort.

We spend the night together where I do some sucking and fucking. But my enthusiasm is lacking and so is his response. I just chalk it up to one of those nights where we are simply less than enthusiastic.

I promise myself to do better next time. But I’m already starting to rationalize my recent performance. Perhaps I’ve grown comfortable with the good life he gives me.

I awaken in the morning to discover he’s already out of bed. I’ve been sleeping in lately. It’s another of my little idiosyncrasies I’ve picked up lately.

One of the other bitches comes to retrieve me. She tells me Master is waiting in the recreation room. It makes me wonder what he has planned in there.

On the way it occurs to me what device he has in there. I find myself wincing inwardly. Not another one??

Master likes to use his garroting device in there. I’ve watched him on several occasions. It turns him on watching a girl suffer and die like that. But I’ve never gotten into it myself.

I don’t know what it is that turns him on about that dreaded contraption. It makes a woman’s nipples hard, and she often squirts from a forced orgasm. He’s always ready to fuck afterwards. But it doesn’t do a thing for me, although I’ve tried to show my enthusiasm in the past. If he wants to do another one then I’ll put on my best act to let him know I love the way it pleases him.

When we arrive there’s this new bitch waiting for us with short black hair. She looks in better shape than I do; I’ll admit that. I need to spend more time in here, but I just can’t get up the motivation.

The number tattooed on her left breast reads #252. So she’s the next one eh? Maybe he wants to snuff her while I watch.

She waits for Master to walk in. He smiles at the both of us. I give #252 a little smirk, knowing what’s going to happen next. But my heart skips a beat when he announces, “#251, would you please take up a position on the garroting device?”

My breath catches in my throat as I stammer, “M-Master?” The bitch gives me a faint smirk of her own. Then Master starts to walk over.

Immediately I sit down. I know better than to disobey. A moment later I feel him securing my wrists to the back of the damnable device.

#252 gets on her knees and approaches. She forces my legs apart as I writhe and whimper. Master puts the metal strap around my neck and fastens it securely.

My mind is awhirl… “this can’t be happening! I don’t fucking deserve this!” Then I feel the metal around my neck tighten.

I rasp and gurgle as I tremble with fear. Master’s not really going to do this to me, is he? Then I glance over and notice he’s taken his cock out. He always has his cock out whenever he’s going to snuff someone in this chair.

The metal around my throat tightens a little more. I rasp and gurgle as the bitch fingers my snatch. It’s wet and dripping from a fearful arousal.

She fingers me as though curious how the garrote chair works on a female. It’s hard to breathe; drool spills off my tongue onto my breast. My mind screams this can’t be happening to me.

Master steps forward, allowing her to suck his cock. Then she moves in close and licks my dripping twat. I writhe and tremble when her tongue comes in contact with my dripping slit.

She goes back to fingering me until she looks up and asks, “Master, may I?”

“You may, #252.” Then she fucks me with her fingers. I tremble, rasp and shudder in horror and humiliation.

I feel the metal tighten around my neck. Now I cannot breathe at all. My body takes on a life of its own as my legs start to fly outward.

The voices are faint; I can barely detect them. “Can I make her orgasm as she dies, Master?”

“Yes you may, #252.” Then I feel a thumb on my swollen nub as she finger-fucks me.

I struggle to breathe but it’s impossible. My body shakes as more droll spills off my tongue. Then I’m cumming as I spiral away into oblivion, chastising myself for not having made more of an effort to please Master these last few days.

I do not feel his seed splatter my chest from his swollen manhood…

2018 (written Oct 31 ’18 by riwa)

(Inspired by guni's manip)


Strangling Grandma

I never knew my grandfather. For as long as I’d known grandma she was always single. But she talked as though she was seldom alone.

As I got older I learned from mom that grandma had men in and out of her life all the time. There were times we went over to see her, only to discover she had a new man in the house. And on more than one occasion we must have caught her by surprise because she would come out of her bedroom looking as though she’d dressed in a hurry to greet us. She always smelled kind of funny whenever we caught her like that.

I don’t know how old I was when I finally figured out grandma was a whore. That’s when it occurred to me all those men in her life were fucking her. It always made me stiff whenever I imagined grandma getting someone’s prick up her cunt. And whenever she came out of her bedroom to greet us while smelling of sex I couldn’t help getting a hard-on.

She always did seem to favor me. As I got older she liked having me over. She always talked about how handsome I was and how I was going to be a lady-killer when I became a man.

Mom didn’t like it when I went over to see her by myself. Maybe that’s because Grandma started kissing me on the lips as a greeting whenever I stopped by. And she always welcomed me with open arms and a big hug, pressing up against my crotch until I got an erection.

I’m not sure when it settled in my brain that grandma was coming on to me. She always wore these outfits that showed off a lot of cleavage. And she wore short skirts that didn’t cover very much. She always liked to bend over and let me either look down her blouse at her boobs or get a great view up her skirt from behind.

I don’t know how many times I developed an erection whenever I was in her presence. She never mentioned it, but I know she had to have known about them. It was hard to hide how aroused I was whenever I was around her.

It didn’t take long before I started having fantasies of grandma bending over and sucking my cock. Then the fantasies morphed into her inviting me into her bedroom so I could fuck her. I don’t know how many times I rushed home and masturbated after a visit, wishing she would have pulled me onto her bed and had her way with me.

Each visit became harder for me. She was always flirting mercilessly. And she would look at my crotch and smile whenever she saw she was having an effect on me. I knew it was only a matter of time before we gave in to our mutual lusts.

One afternoon she invited me over. She said her closet door was sticking and asked if I could fix it for her. But in my fevered imagination she was asking me to come over so she could finally experience her grandson’s cock.

I was so hard and horny when I went over. In my mind I knew she wanted me. She was just waiting for the right moment is all. And the moment had finally arrived.

I’d heard she was between men and that she probably needed a good fuck. By then I was full grown with a fully functioning cock. Naturally I figured the closet door was just a ruse. Surely this was the day our fantasies were about to come true because she needed me to satisfy her sexual urges.

I was already hard when I got there. She gave me a long kiss on the lips as she ground into my bulge like she always did. Then she thanked me for coming over, saying she’d been having problems with the closet door lately and that it would be no match for a strapping young man like me.

My heart skipped a beat when I followed her back into her bedroom - the holy of holies. That’s when I knew I was right. This was the day I was finally going to get to fuck grandma.

When we got inside I had to pause and look around just to take it all in. I saw a couple of sex toys on a wrinkled black beanbag. She must have been especially horny if she needed them to get herself off. That’s when I decided I was going to give her a good, hard fuck, satisfying her sexual urges while making both our dreams come true.

She blushed when she saw me looking at her toys. “Over here, honey” and she pulled me over to the closet. Then she tried to open the door while telling me, “See how it sticks, honey?”

I wasn’t buying it for a second. So I said, “I know why you invited me over here, grandma.”

She smiled as she told me she knew I would be able to fix her door. I smiled back as I told her, “But that’s not the real reason you invited me over; am I right?”

She got this confused look on her face. I straightened her out by pulling her to me and kissing her hard, humping her crotch with my hard-on. When she didn’t resist I reached behind her back and grabbed her ass, humping her even more.

She suddenly tried to pull away, pushing into my chest as her face went red. “Oh honey; you’re so sweet. If you weren’t my daughter’s child I wouldn’t hesitate in the slightest. But really; I just need you to fix the door.” I still wasn’t buying it.

“You want me, grandma; I know you want me. It’s obvious the way you come on to me every time I’m over here.” Then I tried to kiss her again.

“Oh honey,” she laughed nervously, trying to push me away. “I’m so very flattered. But I was just… all I was doing was flirting with you. It really fed my ego to see what kind of effect I was having on you. But I didn’t… I mean… I wasn’t trying to…”

“You want me, grandma; don’t try to deny it.” That’s when I started working the buttons to her blouse, the top three already undone as her cleavage drove me wild.

“Oh honey; I’m too old for you. Don’t you want to fuck girls your own age?” Now she was playing hard to get as she tried to hamper my efforts to get her blouse off.

“But I want you, grandma. We both want each other, don’t you see? Don’t you know how many times I’ve stroked myself imagining this very moment? Surely you know that, right?”

“Honey, really… this isn’t right… Jeremy – STOP!”

It was the first time she’d ever used my first name. But I knew the real reason why. It was because we were lovers now.

I got her blouse off, only to discover how much she truly wanted me. She was perspiring heavily, her nipples incredibly hard beneath that lacy black bra she was wearing. I knew she’d worn it just to please me, and from the looks of things she was every bit as horny as I was.

“Jeremy – STOP! What the hell are you doing??”

“I know how much you want me, grandma. I want you too. I want you so bad.” My cock was so fucking hard, my heart racing with unbridled excitement.

“Damnit, Jeremy; I don’t want to fuck you!”

I froze in surprise. Then I smiled at her. “There’s no need to play hard to get anymore, grandma. I know we both want it.” That’s when she yelled at me…


I stood there stunned, her lacy bra in my hand. Her exposed tits heaved as she panted for breath, her nipples fully erect as sweat glistened off her gorgeous chest. She was clearly excited… and yet she’d just said she didn’t want me??

“You BITCH! You fucking WHORE!”

In anger I wrapped her bra around her neck. Then I pulled on the ends. She clawed at my arms, rasping and gurgling as she tried to stop me.

I was furious, all the while my cock still hard and throbbing. “You tease me like that and then you say you don’t want me?? You fucking WHORE!” Then I really pulled on the ends to her bra.

She gawked and gurgled as I forced her downward. She tried to pry my hands away but I was too strong… too infuriated. Then her legs flew out from underneath her as I pushed her down onto that black beanbag.

She rasped and choked as I pulled hard. I was shocked, unable to believe my ears. How could she act like she wanted me, only to turn around and deny her own true feelings??

Her face went red as her eyes began to roll. Her tongue started to protrude as her kicks lessened. Then she didn’t fight me anymore as I pushed her hard against the black beanbag, her dildos strategically placed all around her head.

I finally stopped strangling her as I pulled the bra away from her neck. A red mark appeared where the bra had choked off her breath. But the look on her face indicated she just couldn’t deny her true feelings for me anymore.

I quickly whipped out my cock and started stroking. It didn’t take long. A minute later I leaned close and cried out with satisfaction as I splattered grandma’s face with my cream.
Strangling grandma.jpg
I stood there panting heavily for breath, seeing how sexy my grandma looked with her tits exposed and her nipples erect. Her mouth gaped open so invitingly. I didn’t understand why until I heard her voice whisper in my ear, “I want to suck your cock, Jeremy.”

I let out a cry of happiness, thrilled my grandma had finally come to her senses. I pushed my cock into her mouth and fucked it long and hard. Then I heard her voice whisper, “Now I want you to fuck me, Jeremy.”

I pulled out, lifted up her short skirt and looked down at her crotch. Her sexy black panties were soaked; obviously she wanted me bad. My heart was beating fast as I pulled them down off her legs.

I penetrated her wet, willing cunt. She was nice and warm, just the way I imagined it. I looked at her face as her eyes rolled up into her head with pleasure. Then I heard her whisper “Fuck me, Jeremy! Fuck me like a lover!”

It didn’t take long before I was hard again inside her. So I gave it to her really, really good. Her body rocked until I heard her moan as she whispered, “Yes, Jeremy; yes! Fuck me good and hard, baby!”

She came as I fucked her. I know she came; I could tell because it felt like she was clenching. We were lovers because she’d wanted my cock for such a long time. She couldn’t help cumming now that her lover was giving her the fucking a whore like her deserved.

I couldn’t help pulling out of her cunt. I wanted to coat her face again. Her eyes were rolled up with pleasure, her mouth gaping open as though she wanted my load. So I spurted all over her face and tits.

It was glorious. We fucked like that for a couple of hours until I was spent. Then I heard her whisper, “Now go home, Jeremy. Go home and tell everyone we’re lovers. Go tell the whole world.”

“Ok, grandma.” Then I quickly got dressed.

When I looked at her for the last time she was still lying on the beanbag. Her eyes were rolled into the back of her head, her mouth gaping open as though she couldn’t get enough of my cum between her lips. It made me start to get hard again. But I had to go home like she’d told me.

When I got home mom was waiting for me. She looked pretty angry. But I was about to fix that once and for all with some good news.

“Jeremy, where the hell have you been?”

“I just got back from seeing grandma. We’re lovers now, mom; don’t you see?” In response she slapped my face hard before sending me to my room. Needless to say it was not the response I was expecting.

She called up grandma, but there was no answer. So she drove over to give her a piece of her mind. She sure was gone a long time.

When she came back she told me one of grandma’s lovers must have gone over, strangled her to death and then sexually abused her corpse. She said the cops were there investigating her murder. It left me devastated when I realized grandma and I couldn’t be lovers anymore.

2018 (written for Restrangle Sep 27 ’18 by riwa)

(Inspired by a picture in his album I included.)


I could never forget


I could never forget. I do not know why they did not understand that. Perhaps they believed with time I would adapt to my new surroundings. And for a while I did. But I could never forget that fateful morning when they attacked my village.

I was only a child when they came charging in on horseback. Mother tried to shield me and got an arrow in her chest as a reward. Father attempted to protect my older brother as he raised a makeshift spear to fight back. Both went down together as more arrows flew.

I tried to run but there was nowhere to go. Anyway it was foolish of me to try outrunning a steed. One of the female warriors simply scooped me up onto her horse. Then she hauled me away as I heard the screams and cries of the dead and dying behind me.

She took me back to a village of a tribe of Amazons. She said her name was Thosestra and that she would be my new mother now. I tried to beat against her chest with my fists, screaming for my real mother. But it was like beating a tall tree with my hands in order to fell it to the ground.

She fed and clothed me, taking care of me as though I was her child. Twice I tried to run away. But I was always caught and brought back to the village. She would punish me severely, but then she would lovingly tend to the wounds made during my punishment. In due time she wore me down…


The other girls in the village looked down upon me, although Thosestra always showed me kindness and love. In time I saw the others learning the bow. I told myself I would show them all, so I learned the bow as well as the ways of the warrior.

As I grew older I became more proficient until there was no one my age who could best my skill. Soon I added the skill of the knife and the sword to my abilities. It was then that Duxestra, the ruler of the tribe, decided I was ready for battle. Thosestra could not disagree, although she wanted to.

I went out on a hunting party with several others. Only I and Eonteotone came back with game, our arrows flying swift and true. From that day onward I was no longer looked down upon by the others. I had become a full member of the tribe and was awarded great respect. And Eoteotone and I would soon become more than friends.

I did not fully understand the first time she and I were alone together. But her touches awakened something within me. My body sang with pleasure, and I learned to return that same pleasure to her as well. And for a time it seemed as though I had indeed forgotten…


Late one afternoon we were attacked by a raiding party. I rushed out with my bow and sword to defend the tribe despite Thosestra’s concerns. When the battle was over I had felled three male warriors with my bow. But we had lost two of our own.

That night we sang the song of mourning as we gave them an honorable burial, a song Thosestra had taught me years earlier. I sang passionately, for I knew the fallen well as I had grown to know each and every member of the tribe. The loss was a painful one.

Even then I thought I had forgotten. But I had not. It was only buried deep the way we buried our fallen.

From that day on I asked to be allowed to go on the raids with the others. I wanted to fight, to make them pay for what they had done to our beloved sisters. It did not matter which tribe or raiding party was responsible. I wanted to hunt them all down.

Thosestra was reluctant, not wanting to lose me in battle as she could not bear children. But Duxestra knew of my abilities and had to give her blessing. I was skilled with the bow and sword, and would be helpful in battle. The woman who had nurtured me all those years could not deny this and was forced to relent…


I went out seeking vengeance with seven of our tribe. They told me not to be so eager and to save some of the men for later to become slaves so they and others of our village could become pregnant. But I did not want a man in that way. Something burned within, a strange hunger that could not be quenched.

Our raiding party was successful; I killed two more with the bow and one with the sword. I even saved the life of Cakolyte who would have been run through had my arrow not sang out. Afterwards my passions were enflamed, and Eonteotone and I joined ourselves together once we were alone back at the village. But deep down I was strangely unsatisfied.

I went out on more raiding parties. I could not get enough blood. Sometimes I would go charging headlong into the enemy camp, throwing them into disarray to see an enraged Amazon in their midst swinging a sword. By the time the slaughter was complete often no male remained alive, my sword claiming many.

My sister warriors went back and reported my brazenness in battle to Duxestra and Thosestra. I soon gained a reputation as a fierce Amazon not to be trifled with. But there were others who wondered if perhaps I was a little too eager to jump into the fray, risking a premature death…


One day we learned of a secret raiding party seeking to destroy the Amazons. I went out with three of my sisters to track them down and destroy them. We would not allow this threat to reach our village and take away any more lives.

We found a camp with a smoldering fire, but there was no one around. Then an arrow came out of nowhere and pierced Glarses in the side, a mortal wound. Athippe fell next. Then I saw Xobrimeia caught by surprise by a male with a sword.

I knew I was too late to save her. But still I was prepared to dive into battle and give my life if need be. As she was dying she cried out, “Run, Ciodora; there is danger!” That’s when I bolted from my spot behind a tree. It was not a moment too soon as a moment later an arrow hit the trunk right where I had been standing.

I heard her cries of “Run, Ciodora; run!” Then she cried out no more. I blinked tears out of my eyes knowing her head had probably been taken as was the custom of our enemies. Mine would be next if I did not get back to the safety of the village.

My ears were sharp and I heard the sound of someone chasing me. I could run like the wind, but only for a short distance or until I could find a place to hide. But I could tell my pursuer was gaining on me. So I turned and drew my sword, ready to face my foe and to die if I must.

He came from a direction I did not anticipate, knocking the sword out of my hand as he knocked me down. Then he was on top of me, and the battle was over. The spot where I’d fallen was to mark the end of my existence.

I panted heavily for breath as I looked up at him. I saw the rage in his eyes as he drew his dagger. He was panting heavily too. But I was not afraid. I felt a peace as though I was about to be released from a heavy burden, a peace along with that same excitement I always experienced before joining with Eonteotone.

“Kill me now!” I told him proudly, preparing to die like an Amazon as I offered myself to him. Then he blinked as he looked at me in astonishment.

A smile flickered at the corners of his mouth. Strangely he stayed his hand with the blade. Then he told me, “You never could outrun me, Ciodora. All those times I chased you down by the stream, and I always caught you. Now I have caught you again.”

I stared in shock; who was this?? He saw my confusion. “Don’t you remember me? You have grown beautiful from the last time I saw you.” Then a name long forgotten came rushing to mind.


“It is I,” he breathed heavily. “I have caught you and you are mine. Now I shall have you!”

I writhed underneath him, torn between my duty as an Amazon and my remembrance of a childhood friend. Then he kissed me fiercely. I tried to resist, but my passions of battle and of nearly losing my life had once more become enflamed. Besides, he had conquered me… subdued me. To the victor belong the spoils.

He took me and I did not resist. He peeled off my garment, exposing my heaving breasts. Then he feasted upon them, weakening me even further just as Eonteotone was wont to do with her lips. Before long we were both disrobed.

He entered me and I felt a brief pain. It was the first time I had been penetrated despite the many times Eonteotone and I had been alone together. Then I felt a pleasure unlike anything I had ever felt before.

“Take me,” I moaned, ashamed of myself and yet desirous for more.

We were there until late in the day before we rose and dressed ourselves. He explained how he had been swimming in the stream and had hidden when the Amazons attacked our village. He also told me of finding my parents and older brother.

“I should kill you,” he told me sadly. “We are out hunting Amazons over what they did to our families and our villages. I have joined with others to hunt you down.”

“And I should kill you,” I replied, feeling very much in turmoil as I lowered my head. Seeing him had taken me all the way back to that fateful morning in my village. I remembered all; it had never truly been forgotten. Nor could it be.

“We dare not see each other again, Ciodora,” he told me as he started to go. “It is a life we cannot have, a life we cannot share.” I had to agree as I struggled to hold back the tears. Then he was gone…


I returned to the village, forced to report the loss of the others to the raiding party. I told them we had gone up against a cunning foe and that somehow I had escaped with my life. But I felt ashamed to be alive. Damianos should not have let me live.

Duxestra decided this particular raiding party was a great threat and had to be destroyed. Immediately I volunteered to go back out. But it was not to avenge the loss of my sister warriors. It was to avenge my own family by dying in battle. As an Amazon I deserved to die.

Thosestra did not want me going back out. I think she saw something in my face. But I was adamant, and because of my skills so was Duxestra. I would go back out to face my destiny. This time Duzestra would send seven additional warriors. And Eonteotone volunteered to be among them. Perhaps she sensed this was to be my last battle and wanted to die with me.

That night she felt a distance between us as we pleasured each other. I apologized and then gave myself fully to her. I wanted our last night to be one she would remember when she sang the song of mourning for me after I had fallen in battle…


The next morning we set out in search of our elusive prey. This time I knew who we were dealing with, and I advised my sisters accordingly. But I felt conflicted.

As Amazons we were all deserving of death. But I felt bad Eonteotone had come along. I wanted to spare her if it were possible, even though she too had caused her share of death and suffering.

We detected the smell of fire, and once more we warily approached their camp. I was sorely conflicted, caught between two worlds. I reasoned that perhaps it would be best if we all fell together.

We found the camp and made ready to strike. There were two males sitting by the fire. But I felt something was wrong. My senses did not fail me as warriors soon came at us from both sides.

Swords came out, and it was hand to hand combat. I saw Cakolyte go down, a sorrowful event after having previously saved her life. I swung my sword in fury and her attacker went down to fight no more.

They were well trained, but we were determined. There were losses on both sides, but we were getting the upper hand. I finally dispatched the last attacking male with a lethal slash into the abdomen. Then there were no more to fight.

I heard a victorious cry and I turned to look. Eonteotone had a male head upraised triumphantly in her right hand, blood dripping freely from the stump. But when she showed me the face I saw it was Damianos.

For a moment I was frozen in horror and grief, stricken by the awful sight of losing the last member of my village. Then in one swift motion I strung up an arrow to my bow and let fly. Eonteotone had the most astonished look on her face as she lost her grip on the head and collapsed onto the ground, bleeding from a mortal wound in her right breast.

I heard a gasp to my right and the words, “Ciodora, what have you done??” Before I could stop myself I quickly strung up a second arrow. Sikenia was too shocked to move out of the way, and I felled her as well.

I panted heavily for breath, ashamed at what I had done. I had avenged my village, but I had also shamed myself as an Amazon. I knew then what I had to do. I had to go back to the village...

…to kill and to die…


I crept in stealthily as I observed the women at work. But I could not just wantonly kill even though all deserved death. That would bring me even more shame.

I moved around carefully until I found Presaytie hanging clothes on a tree to dry. The memory of her arrows killing my father came strongly to mind. The memories were coming back, and I came up behind her and slit her throat. She gurgled and then went down, a look of utter surprise on her face when she saw it was I.

I quickly went to find Tulkileia, another whom I recognized as attacking my village. She was a short distance away so I strung and arrow and let fly. It found its mark; she would never attack another village.

The cry went up; someone had found the body of Presaytie. I had little time before they would find me. There was one more to kill.

I rushed there just as fast as my legs could carry me. Others saw me running and sounded the alarm. But I knew it would be too late for them to stop me.

I entered the hut of Thosestra and found her sitting there sewing a garment, no doubt something she planned to give me. I quickly pulled my dagger and charged her. Then I was on top of her, the knife at her throat. But for some reason I hesitated.

“I see it in your eyes, Ciodora,” she told me calmly. “I had hoped I could make you forget. But I see it was all in vain. Now you must kill me for taking you away from your family. Kill me, Ciodora; kill me now.” But I could not do it.

The tears welled up in my eyes and began to flow like rain. “You must kill me!” she hissed. Perhaps she too felt the same guilt as I. But I could not raise the dagger. Then strong hands pulled me away, knocking the knife to the ground…


My arrows were eventually discovered in the bodies of Eonteotone, Sikenia and Tulkileia. I was condemned to death by beheading. I did not resist.

I was disrobed, no longer allowed to disgrace the clothing of an Amazon. Instead I was forced to wear the tunic of a slave, those men we kept for breeding. Then I was taken outside the village.

As Thosestra was the one responsible for my upbringing, now she was the one responsible for my execution. I saw in her eyes how it broke her heart. I knelt upon the sacrificial ground and faced her as she hefted the sword in her hand.

“I am ready,” I told her. Then I bowed my head in shame. I would not die a proud Amazon, but as a worthless slave.

I waited for the blade to strike, but it was not forthcoming. Then I looked up to see the tears in Thosestra’s eyes, her shoulders slumped in sorrow. I decided my last words should be ones of honor to the one who had cared for me all these years.

“Do what you must. I have shamed the village and I must die for what I have done. Goodbye, mother; I love you.” It was the only time I ever called her mother or professed those words.

She stood upright as though renewed of spirit. Then I lowered my head. A moment later I felt a sharp pain in my neck before my world started to tumble.

I was never to hear the song of mourning my mother and many others sang later to honor me…

© 2015 (written Mar 8 ’15 by riwa)

(A story I wrote for an Amazon contest for another website over 3 years ago.)
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I owe it all to Zuzana

The three of us were drinking rather heavily one night after an evening of hot lesbian sex and erotic asphyxiation. We were high off our orgasms and the wine was flowing freely. It ultimately turned out to be a deadly combination for one of us.

Zuzana looked at me and smiled. “Dusa, you should open a business doing erotic asphyxiation. Kamila here could be your assistant.”

“You’d be our regular customer,” Kamila laughed. “You’d go broke inside a month.”

I smiled as I shook my head. “Many places have already sprouted up touting the benefits of bondage and asphyxiation, Zuza. I doubt I could add anything new that would attract a clientele that is not already being served.”

“Then you could specialize.”

“In what?” Kamila wanted to know.

“Lesbian asphyxiations that result in death. You could become a certified asphyxologist… maybe even a snuffologist.”

“There are no such people,” I chided her.

“Then you could be the first, Dusa! Kamila will help you; right Kamila? After all, you operate the wand so efficiently.”

“That’s because you orgasm so easily,” she chuckled.

“You should become licensed, Dusa. There are few licensed death dealers out there. Give the customer an intimate send-off by asphyxiating her to death. It would be such an incredibly erotic ending, don’t you think?”

“I’ve never killed anyone before, Zuza.”

“But you’ve damn near killed me on several occasions.”

“That is because I can get a little caught up in your orgasms to the point where I have one of my own as I strangle the life out of you.”

“Then do it for real. I will be your first, Dusa. You can do it downstairs in your basement with the equipment you already have step up for the likes of me.”

Kamila shook her head. “Don’t be foolish, Zuza. Dusanka does not wish to strangle you to death. And you do not wish to die.”

“Oh, but I think she does. And I would be willing to be her first.”

“Zuza, you are intoxicated. We all are.”

“I really think you should get licensed and set up shop down in your basement. And I am serious when I say I will be your first. Take plenty of pictures and video of my death to advertise your services.”

“Perhaps we’d better go to bed and sleep off such a foolish idea.”

“But I’m serious! I want to be your first snuff-puppet!”

“Come on, Zuza,” I laughed, helping her stand uncertainly on her feet. “Let’s get my ‘snuff-puppet’ off to bed. You can sleep it off here for the night.” Of the three of us she needed the most help to reach the bedroom. But we wisely stopped off in the bathroom along the way.
Naturally I thought that would be the end of it. But the next day Zuzana was quite sober aside from a wicked hangover when she brought it up again. She suggested I get licensed right away. And once more she volunteered to be my first.

I thought she was crazy and I told her so. She said I could have a lucrative career asphyxiating as many ladies as I wanted. She said I could charge any price and there would be those who would be willing to pay.

“I told you I’m willing to be your first, Dusa.”

“Zuza, you are talking foolishness.”

“But I can see in your eyes what it does to you when you strangle me. And I know what it does to you when you rip orgasms out of my suffering body.” She did have a point although I was a little ashamed to admit how much I enjoyed it.

“Dusa, I will help you. Let us go down to the magistrate and get your license. The State will happily give you one if it means giving them more money in taxes in the end. These days there are many people willing to live out their very last day at the hands of another. At least you can give them asphyxiation orgasms while they are passing on into the next life.”

I shook my head, although by then I was actually starting to give it some thought. I still told her, “Zuza, I say you are talking foolishness.”

“And I say you should go ahead and do it. I even have the title of your business in my head. You can call it ‘Erotic Endings’.”

“Zuzana, stop with all this nonsense!” But how was I to stop someone like Zuzana? When she sets her mind on something there is no stopping her.

She dragged me off to the magistrate. Two hours later I had my license. The crazy bitch actually paid for it.

We sat through a half hour presentation on how to fill out the necessary paperwork so that everything was legal. Then Zuzana made sure I went home with twenty forms. How the hell were we supposed to find twenty people who wanted to be erotically asphyxiated to death??

She was trembling with excitement when we got back to my house. I poured her some wine to calm her down. Then she started making calls from her iPhone.

I looked at her gravely. “Zuza, what are you doing?”

“I’m getting all my affairs in order. Then we’re going to check your video gear downstairs before calling Kamila to come over.”

“You’re serious about this, aren’t you!”

“Dusa, you have no idea! Hell, I orgasmed the moment the magistrate declared you now had the authority to take a life, especially knowing the first one is going to be mine!”

“Zuza, I tell you this is foolishness!”

“Is it?” she asked as she looked me right in the eye. She put her hands on my breasts through my clothes and discovered how hard my nipples had become. Then she reached her hand under my skirt and felt how wet my underthings were.

“I was right. You are excited at the thought of snuffing me. C’mon, Dusa.”

I sighed in resignation. “Where are we going now?”

“We’re going downstairs to check your video gear. Then we’re going to call Kamila to come over and help asphyxiate me for real. Everything is almost ready. I swear I’m going to explode if we don’t get on with it!”
Zuzana was not satisfied with all of my equipment. So we went out and bought another camera with a tripod. I told I appreciated all her help but that I was concerned this might be going much too far.

“Oh you’re going to go far in this business, Dusa. But I’ll be going no further than tonight after you and Kamila strangle me. Now help me close out my bank accounts so I can make the transfers to your new business venture.”

There was one final stop at the bank. The manager Hamil Zobrist didn’t even bat an eye. He admitted having seen to the transfer of funds to at least half a dozen clients in the last two weeks for death purposes.

From there we called Kamila before going back to my place. Zuzana gave me the keys to her property since she had signed it all over to me to dispose of and to use the funds as necessary. Her enthusiasm had not diminished, which was unfortunate because I now found myself becoming all caught up in her excitement that I was going to strangle her to certain death.

Kamila came over to the house and soon learned all that Zuza had done. She was astonished until she saw how excited the poor slut had become. Then she saw it in my eyes.

“You really want to do this; don’t you, Dusa!”

“I… I don’t know, Kamila.”

“I can see it in your eyes. Can’t you see it in her eyes, Zuza?”

“Yes! Fucking hell yes!! You’re really looking forward to snuffing me, aren’t you, Dusa!”

“I… I…”

I got no further as she embraced me while kissing me passionately. When she pulled away she told me how turned on she was at the thought I was really going to enjoy asphyxiating her to death. She said our combined enthusiasm would be evident in the pictures and video I was to use to announce myself to the community.

Kamila shook her head. “This is foolishness.”

“That is what I keep telling her, Kamila.”

Zuza looked at her and grinned. “Just enjoy yourself using the wand on me as she strangles me to death, you bitch!”

Kamila gave her an evil glare. “I fully intend to, you stupid slut. If you are offering yourself to us then I fully intend to enjoy myself.”

“Ohhh” and the crazy cunt orgasmed right then and there. I had to help hold her upright as she nearly toppled over while panting for breath. Then she gasped, “Now get me down to the basement, Dusa! Tonight the orgasms are going to cum thick and fast.”

“And you will be dying as you experience the last one,” I breathed into her ear. I’ll be damned if she didn’t cum all over again.

She stripped out of her clothes once we got downstairs. Then we set up the cameras so that I could record everything. Kamila promised she would help me edit a good promotional clip for the media.

There was so much I was tempted to do to crazy Zuza down in the basement. But I knew of her limits. She could only go so far with her orgasms before she burned out. And I wanted her last one to be magnificent.

Kamila and I strapped her to the X-chair. It is cushioned so her muscles would not cramp. But it spread her arms and legs into such a deliciously lewd position. She was panting by the time we had her secured.

We activated the cameras before we spent several minutes touching her all over while trying to prevent her from cumming. Zuzana is one of those women who find it incredibly difficult to hold back her orgasms. But I knew how to deal with her.

We soon had her writhing and begging. I just covered her mouth and nose with my hand so she could not breathe. Her eyes widened in alarm and excitement as her chest heaved from lack of air.

I let go and she gasped for breath. I covered her mouth and nose again as Kamila continued touching her all over. Her body was trembling; she was on the verge of popping.

“You may have the honor of the first one, Kamila.” Then I choked Zuzana with my hands as Kamila began licking her.

Zuza rasped and gurgled as her body instinctively fought against me while wanting to breathe. “Does it feel good, slut?” I breathed into her ear. “Does it feel good knowing I’m going to kill you tonight?”

Her eyes rolled as she started to shudder. Kamila got a faceful of fluids. I experienced an orgasm as well, even while I was in the outfit Zuzana had suggested I wear as a professional.

Kamila and I touched her body all over again as she tried to compose herself. Then I used a bag over Zuza’s face as Kamila licked her again. Once more she got a faceful of fluids as I bagged her to near unconsciousness. She chuckled afterwards, telling me seeing video of Zuza orgasming violently should be a good sell to the clients I was attempting to reach.

We oiled her down, rubbing it deeply into her flesh before starting in earnest. Kamila used the wand on the sexy bitch until Zuzana shuddered over and over again in orgasm. Then I rigged the noose to come down from the ceiling, hooking it around her neck and cinching it up.

Kamila applied the vibrating wand while I applied the words in her ear. “Ready to die for me, Zuza?” She just kept bucking and shuddering from orgasm after orgasm.
Zuzana sadie manip.jpg
I tightened the noose until she was really struggling to breathe. I knew she could not keep it up at this pace. Kamila applied the wand as I whispered, “Are you ready to die, my love?”

She rasped and winced as she tried to nod. “Can you feel the big one approaching, you sexy bitch?”

“Do it…. .pleeeese….. nooowwwww…” I was trembling like a leaf at her eagerness.

I nodded to Kamila. She smiled as she applied the vibrator full on. Then I tightened the noose even more until it looked like I was stretching Zuza’s neck.

She started bucking and shuddering, writhing like a wildcat against her bonds. I just giggled as I breathed into her ear, “Now I’m going to kill you, my darling. And I’m going to cum so hard while I’m doing it.”

Fluid started spraying out of her cunt. I barked at Kamila, “Keep the wand in position. This bitch is going to keep cumming as she strangles to death!” Then I winced as an orgasm overcame me.

Zuza’s body kept bucking and fighting as her back arched. Her face turned quite red before it started to take on a bluish hue. Her eyes rolled as though she was all caught up in a never ending orgasmic cycle. Then she went limp in the chair.

“Keep the wand in place just in case,” I told Kamila. A moment later Zuzana’s body seemed to go into little jerks and twitches. I found myself all out of breath as I climaxed again.

“Is she dead?” Kamila wanted to know.

“I’m not certain. Keep the wand in place.” Then I rubbed Zuza’s breasts as she started twitching a little.

I checked for a pulse, but I could not locate one. I did not think the wand was affecting my ability to find it. Then Zuza’s body seemed to orgasmically twitch again, although much less animatedly.

We kept at it for what felt like another 30 minutes until Zuzana’s body did not respond at all. I instructed Kamila to help me free her from the chair. Then I made the noose pull Kamila up into the air until the camera’s caught her hanging, her neck stretching as she pissed herself to fully indicate we had snuffed out the flame of her existence.

We left her dangling for an hour as we went upstairs for some much needed refreshments. Then we took her down and called for a disposal service. After her body was gone we looked at all the footage and spliced together some promotional material.

That was four months ago. Kamila and I have already used up those twenty forms. If anything, business seems to be picking up to the point where I’m forced to limit my services to about one client per week. And to think I owe it all to Zuzana and that one drunken night.

2018 (written Aug 3 ’18 by riwa)

(Inspired by a Sadie manip I included for illustration purposes.)


Another hanging in the park​

Dottie paused to look at the tree again. She stood there for the longest time, trying to imagine what it must have felt like for Giulia Farnici. After all, the authorities had found her hanging naked from a noose from this very tree.

What had she experienced during those final moments as the rope closed off her throat? What had it felt like? She could only imagine.

Was it suicide as some had speculated? Or was it murder? Dottie suspected the latter. After all, how could the woman have managed to hang herself like that?

She saw a middle-aged man approach with his little black terrier on a leash. She knew him as this was his regular route. She smiled and nodded.

“Good morning, Richard. Taking Curly out for his walk?”

“You seem to like this spot, Dottie. Didn’t I see you here last week… and the week before?” She lowered her head and blushed.

“What brings you here time after time?”

“I must confess I cannot help thinking about her… about what it must have felt like.”

“Would you like to share your thoughts with me… perhaps over coffee? There’s a peddler on the street I know who makes good coffee.”

“I am a woman of mystery, Richard. Some secrets I prefer to keep to myself.”

“Then perhaps just the coffee?” he offered with a smile.

She knelt and petted the friendly terrier. As usual the dog seemed happy to see her. “Perhaps for Curly’s sake,” she chuckled pleasantly.

He chivalrously offered his arm. She took it with a smile. Together they walked through the park back to the entrance where they found the peddler offering liquid refreshments.

Over time one stop for coffee led to another… and then another. Then it became shared lunches. From there it was only natural for them to advance to romantic dinners.
They had met at the museum of criminal history. Now they occasionally shared breakfast together. “Did you read the paper this morning, Dottie? There was another hanging in the park.”

“Really, Maria? Another hanging?”

The mature woman’s ear’s excitedly perked up at the news. She still had this perverse interest in Giulia’s hanging. Now there had been a second??

“They found her naked, just like the last one. Her clothes have not been found and she is not yet identified. They are wondering if the same individual committed both murders.”

“Unless she committed suicide like the first as some have speculated,” Dottie mused thoughtfully. “But I find that highly unlikely. Were her hands cuffed behind her back like Giulia? Would it not be a challenge to set up a noose, cuff oneself and then hang in midair like that?”

“The paper did not say.” Then Maria eyed her friend carefully.

“How many times have you been to that park to view the scene, Dottie? I know how it fascinates you.” In response the mature woman shrugged her shoulders, blushing before lowering her head.

“That many, eh? What draws you there time after time? Is it an obsession?”

“I cannot say, Maria.”

“Cannot? Or will not?”

Dottie blushed again. Then she looked at her friend as she challenged, “What makes you attend all those horror movies?”

“Touché,” Maria replied with a flush of embarrassment. Then she changed the subject.

“Are you still seeing Richard?”

“It makes Curly happy.”

“Yes, but does it make you happy?”

“Yes, it does.”

“Have you told him about your fascination with Giulia’s hanging in the park?”

“No I haven’t. But I think he already knows.”

“How soon before you go view the site of the second hanging? Tomorrow perhaps?”

“Why are you so interested in the perverse things that fascinate me?”

“Must I remind you yet again how I’m the town busybody?” They both laughed as they went back to their breakfast.
Several days later Dottie stopped by the location of the most recent hanging. The authorities had learned the identity of the second woman. Somehow it made the incident feel more personal knowing the name of the victim.

She found herself wondering what Sophia must have experienced in those final moments hanging naked like that. Had she hanged of her own accord? Or had she been murdered? Dottie strongly suspected the latter, and it filled her with a perverse sense of excitement.

What were her feelings at the moment of being hoisted up? Did she know she was going to die just like Giulia? What must it have felt like?

She saw Richard approaching with Curly on the leash. The tether was released, the dog barking joyously as it ran up to her. Dottie knelt to pet the eager canine as the owner came up to her with a smile.

“You seem to have a fascination with the park these days, Dottie… especially with certain trees.”

“I cannot help myself. Something keeps drawing me here.”

“Is it the aspect of hanging to death naked for all to see?”

“Yes,” she admitted, blushing as she lowered her head. He chuckled with amusement. But she thought she saw something sinister flash in his eyes… if only for a moment.
Their sexual encounters started out innocent enough. But Richard quickly learned how Dottie wanted more. Their fucking soon became passionate as well as more aggressive.

One night they went out parking. They fucked in the back of his car. For Dottie it was a thrill, being out where anyone might catch them in the act.

Four nights later they were out at night again. They parked at a well-known spot on the overlook. This time Richard challenged her to go topless.

Some men were known to drive up looking for a suck or a fuck. Richard dared Dottie to blow the first guy that walked past. The idea gave her such an erotic thrill that she walked up to the first male she saw; kneeling, unzipping his fly and then blowing him right there on the spot.

After swallowing his cum, she and Richard both climbed into the back of his car where they fucked like rabbits. Dottie experienced the most intense orgasm of her life. She was becoming deeply infatuated with Richard and the excitement he provided.
Several days later Dottie was in the park again. She was looking at the first tree where Giulia had been found. That’s when she heard the happy bark.

She turned to see Curly running up to her, dragging the leash behind. Richard was only a few meters behind. He smiled as he approached.

“Curly and I thought you would be here,” he said with a smile. He looked all around, noticing they were alone. Then he deliberately unzipped his fly and took out his dick.

Dottie gasped in shock, her heart beating fast. She hesitated for a couple of moments while looking all around. Then she knelt on the grass and began sucking him enthusiastically in broad daylight.

Giving a blowjob out in the open where they could easily be seen - and in that very spot, no less - proved to be quite the thrill. She reached down to rub her crotch as he thrust into her mouth. Curly kept pushing up against her, wanting to be petted. It was so erotic that she had a small orgasm as Richard filled her mouth with his spunk.
Dottie was getting more entangled in his dangerous, thrilling web. This time they went into the park well after dark. What’s more, she was only wearing black lingerie, at great risk of being seen by a passerby.

They paused at the tree where Giulia had hanged to death. Richard forced her to her knees where he fucked her mouth. Dottie got a healthy load of cum, which she dutifully swallowed.

At first she thought that was all there would be for the night amidst the trees. But he took her deeper into the park to the second tree where Sophia had hanged. That’s where he fucked her from behind while she bent over and grasped the trunk.

For the mature, perverse woman it was such an incredible thrill. The idea of being fucked on the same ground where that woman had hanged to death was intoxicating, if not extremely arousing. The orgasm she experienced was deep and profound.

They safely made it back to his car and then drove all the way back to her place. The sex afterwards was rough and exhilarating. Dottie had never experienced anything like it. It was as though Richard had invaded her private thoughts and was bringing out all those dark desires she’d never known she had.
A week later Richard challenged her again. This time when he came to get her, she got into his car wearing stockings, heels and nothing else. Dottie’s arousal was off the charts now that she was naked.

They drove out to the park again, causing her mind to swirl from all the erotic possibilities. There was a chill in the night air from the fall weather. But she was all hot and bothered, her crotch damp with growing excitement.

They stopped at the edge of the park and got out. That’s when Richard bent Dottie over the hood of his vehicle. Then he pulled down his pants and fucked her from behind, right there where they could be seen.

It was a hell of a thrill, especially when a vehicle drove by. It momentarily caught them in the glare of the headlights. A few moments later Richard pumped her full of his cream as she cried out in orgasm.
Another hanging in the park.jpg
He pulled his pants up before leading her deeper into the park. She shivered from the chill. Yet she was aroused beyond belief, wondering what else he had planned for her.

They stopped by the tree where Giulia had hanged. But nothing happened. Then a couple in their 30’s approached.

Dottie gasped in alarm as Richard called out, “Free suck and fuck from a whore? Free suck and fuck from a whore?” What surprised her was when the couple actually stopped.

“What do you think, Stella?” the man asked.

“That crazy whore. Go ahead and fuck her if you wish, Renaldo.”

Dottie was embarrassed yet terribly aroused as he unzipped his fly. She dutifully knelt and sucked him into full hardness. Then he turned her around and fucked her from behind as she braced herself against the very tree used to take Giulia’s life. The thrill of being fucked by another man in that very spot triggered a massive climax.

Dottie thought that would be the end of their night in the park after he had zipped up and left with his wife. But Richard walked her deeper into the park to the second tree, the one where Sophia had hanged. Another couple was standing there as though patiently waiting for them.

The mature woman felt an erotic jolt of alarm as he unzipped his fly and pulled out his dick. She was trembling as she dutifully sucked another cock. Then she was fucked from behind for a second time, this time while she also sucked Richard’s dick. It was quite a thrill being double-penetrated like that, although it was embarrassing as hell.

They started back to the car after the sex was over and she’d received a creamy deposit in both ends. Dottie couldn’t believe the night she’d had. It was definitely one for the books. And she was eager for more once they got back to her place.

They had not yet reached the tree where Giulia had been found when they rounded a corner. Dottie gasped when she saw a different tree with a white noose dangling from it. Her heart skipped a beat when she saw Stella and Renaldo standing there waiting.

“Richard?” she gasped with fright as she clung tighter to him. He just walked her right up to them. She squawked like a frightened bird as the woman calmly noosed her up.

“C-Richard? Wh-what’s happening??”

“Your fascination with the noose is about to become a reality, darling.” Then he reached out to grope and fondle her breasts, noting how hard her nipples had become.

Dottie inhaled sharply. He was joking, right? Surely he had to be joking! This was just some crazy game, right… merely an erotic yet scary part of exploring her dark fantasies?

She turned at the sound of someone approaching. She saw that second couple coming toward them from out of the dark, the man whom she had recently blown and fucked while his wife had watched. What were they doing here??

Another sound made her turn to look. To her horror she saw Maria approaching from a different direction. Her so-called friend was carrying a set of handcuffs in her gloved hands.

Dottie felt another erotic jolt, her senses telling her something was very wrong. But she was too shocked to react. She felt a flush of embarrassment at her nudity in front of all these people, despite them having watched her fuck right in front of them.

“M-M-Maria?? Wh-wh-what’s going on?”

“We’re hanging you, darling,” she said as though it was plain as day. Then she cuffed Dottie’s hands behind her back. The frightened woman shivered as she promptly wet herself.

Surely this couldn’t be happening, could it? Her mind screamed for her to do something. But the shock was too great for her to react rationally.

Dottie let out a loud “GAWK” as Renaldo and the other man hauled on the loose end of the rope. It pulled her up into the air until her feet fluttered nearly a meter off the ground. That’s when her senses told her this was all too real.

The rope tightened ominously around her throat, severely restricting her ability to breathe. Her legs stretched downward, searching in vain for solid ground. The pain of the constricting noose was not at all what she’d expected.

They were going to take her down, right? Surely they were going to take her down! This had to be Richard’s idea. Damn her for sharing with him her dark, perverse thoughts about what it must have felt like for those poor women to hang to death.

Dottie’s legs started to kick as they tied their end of the rope to a lower branch. She was shocked to see Maria cozy up to Richard. The other two couples simply stood there watching as she swung back and forth, twisting and jerking in the noose.

She could feel cum leaking out of her cunt and slithering down her legs. Was this how it had been for Giulia and Sophia? Had they been fucked and hanged just like this?? The papers had not said, and the authorities were being tight-lipped about any additional details.

She heard Renaldo ask the others, “Last one for the year?”

“It’s getting colder,” Richard observed as he watched Dottie’s lewd dance. “We’ll have to schedule the next one for the following spring.”

“I’ve already met a girl at the museum,” Maria offered. “She’s told me how she’s fascinated by the hangings in the park. I’m sure we’ll be having breakfast together within the next few weeks.”

Dottie was horrified. She was also mortified at the way she could not control herself anymore. She kicked and twisted maniacally, her hands jerking uselessly behind her back.

She felt great shame at the way her body was being displayed naked. She could feel her pussy clenching and flaring as her toes wriggled for the ground below. And the noose was ever-tightening.

It soon got to where she couldn’t get any air down her throat. Her chest heaved as her cunt leaked the cream from her recent sexual activity. She humped involuntarily as the noose strangled an orgasm right out of her dying body. Then she hung limp, two exhausted to fight anymore as she gently swayed back and forth. Her bladder releasing was the final indignity.

The group hung around a few minutes longer to enjoy the spectacle. Then they broke up, each couple heading off in separate directions. Maria went with Richard back to his car where he took her home and fucked the shit out of her before the lovers made plans for the spring for their next victim…

(Written for Dottie Feb 26 ’18 by riwa)

(Inspired by the picture I found.)


Drowning Ophelia
Drowning Ophelia.jpg
I always sensed it was my destiny, perhaps because my namesake in Hamlet suffered the same fate. Deep down I nurtured the seed and allowed it to take root. So I don’t know if it was by chance or if it was my destiny leading me down to the marina.

I saw him preparing his little cabin cruiser. When his eyes lingered on me I felt a chill run down my spine. It was as though I was looking right into the eyes of my killer.

“Hey, there.”


“What are you doing down here at the marina, little girl?”

“I was thinking it might be exciting to go out for a ride on a boat.”

“What’s your name?”


“Do you know what Ophelia’s fate is?”

I nodded as I told him, “Yes. She drowns in Shakespeare’s Hamlet.”

“Indeed she does. Do you still want to go for a ride with me?”

My heart was beating fast, my pussy damp with arousal as I brazenly walked to his boat. Then I calmly climbed aboard. “Ok, Ophelia,” he said with a smile. “Let’s take you out and drown you.”

His words gave me such an erotic jolt. I couldn’t tell if he was joking or serious. I assumed he was only kidding around, although a part of me almost hoped he wasn’t.

It was disturbing the way he’d brought it up so casually. For some strange reason I found the idea wildly thrilling, sucking water into my lungs for him during my drowning convulsions. Something told me he would enjoy tossing me over the side just to watch my drowning bubbles come up.

I took up a seat as he freed us from the dock. Then we slowly motored out of the harbor. My heart beat faster as we headed out to sea.

I looked back to watch the shore fade away into the distance. Then we were out in open water. I was both frightened and aroused.

I don’t know how far out we were when he cut the engine. We drifted to a stop out in the middle of nowhere. Then he came over and smiled at me.

“If you’re going to go overboard, you have to do it naked. You know that, don’t you?”

I gulped as I nodded with understanding. Then I slowly stripped out of my clothes, leaving them neatly folded on the bench seat. When I was done I turned and stood before him, showing him my goodies. My nipples were so hard, my pussy dripping like crazy

I looked at his crotch and saw a bulge there. He was more than a little aroused at my nudity. Perhaps he was turned on at the idea of drowning me.

I went up to him and slowly pulled his shirt up over his head. There wasn’t much hair on his chest. I didn’t mind, and I kissed his nipples before working my way down.

I loosened his belt and unzipped his pants, allowing them to fall to his feet. Then I pulled his briefs down his legs. His hard cock sprang free right in front of me.

I knelt down and took him into my mouth, swirling my tongue all around the shaft. He moaned at my skills. After all, I had to do a good job of tipping my executioner, right?

I sucked his cock for several minutes, getting him nice and hard. Then he spun me around and bent me over the side of his boat. A moment later he pushed his way inside my wet, dripping opening.

He thrust good and hard; gawd, how he fucked me! I don’t think I’ve ever been fucked like that before. It was as though I’d brought out the animal in him, sealing my doom.

He roared his release as he pumped me full of his seed. Then he turned me around and forced me to my knees. Once more I took him into my mouth, cleaning him off.

I don’t know how long I was there. All I know is he hardened right back up. Then he laid me out flat on my back on the deck before he fucked me again.

I cried out with joy as he filled me a second time with his spunk. I had a glorious orgasm feeling him add a second deposit deep in my pussy. Then we cuddled for a few minutes.

He finally pulled me to my feet. Then he had me sit on the edge of his boat. That’s when he went back to a locker and pulled out a length of rope along with a cement block with a metal half-ring embedded in it.

I gasped as he tied one end to my ankles. Then he looped the other through the block, securing it as well. “Ok, Ophelia,” he told me with a smile. “This is where you get off my boat.”

I felt an erotic jolt like you wouldn’t believe. I’ve never been so scared and so aroused at the same time. I just calmly turned myself around until I was sitting on the edge of the boat facing my destiny.

He set the block down on the edge of the boat right next to me. Then he left me there for a long moment to compose my final thoughts. My chest was heaving from fear and arousal.

My pussy was leaking his cum and my fluids onto the edge of his boat as I sat there quivering. I was wet as hell and trembling like a leaf. A part of me thought this was as far as he was going to take it. But another part of me stiffened as I got ready to drown for him.

“You’ve been great, Ophelia,” he told me from behind. I could hear the smile in his voice. Then he gave me a good, hard shove in the back.

I cried out as I went into the water with a splash. I came up treading water with my hands since I could only dolphin kick with my legs. I thought about freeing myself from the block. But what good would it have done? I was clear out here in the middle of nowhere.

I saw him at the side of his boat. He was naked, his cock nice and hard as he stroked it for me. Then he started to push on the little cement block.

I don’t even know what made me say it. I just gave him a knowing smile as I told him, “Go right ahead, lover. Send me to Davy Jones’ locker.”

I don’t know what I was more of when he pushed it off the side of his boat: horrified or excited. The block hit with a splash and sank from view, taking the rope with it. The last I saw, he was stroking his cock as the rope tensed up and jerked me under, causing me to let out an abrupt cry of bubbles.

My arms were free as I descended to the depths. I clawed for the surface before I was overcome by an explosion of white, hot pleasure. Then I was cumming and drowning, losing huge bursts of bubbles.

I twisted and jerked as my arms flailed like crazy. It hurt like hell as I was pulled to the depths. But the salt water made me last a little while longer. I actually felt my internal orgasms dying as another orgasm fully enveloped me before oblivion finally claimed me.

I have no idea what it was like at the surface for him during my final moments. I like to imagine he jerked himself off as he watched all those drowning bubbles come up. I hope he shot one last load over the side of the boat as a salute to my drowning performance…

2018 (Apr 26 ’18)


We were barely a week into shooting the movie when we were in the sack together. I could tell right away I was giving him everything his wife wasn’t. It was clear we were destined to be together from the start.

It didn’t take long for his wife to find out. But I didn’t care. Brad was everything I wanted in a man. And it was obvious I was everything he ever wanted in a woman.

One day that bitch Jennifer burst into my dressing room. I was bent over a table while Brad was fucking my ass. She got one look and her face went red with embarrassment.

Instantly Brad slowed down upon seeing his wife staring at us. “Did I tell you to stop?” I bellowed at him. “Fuck me, damn you!”

“Did I catch you at a bad time?” his wife observed sarcastically, her voice dripping with hatred.

“Get the fuck out of here!” I hollered at her. “Can’t you see we’re rehearsing for our next scene?”

“Of course,” she snorted in a huff. “I forgot. You’re playing the part of the slut.” And with that she walked out in a huff, slamming the door behind her.

“And don’t come back!” I hollered after her. I don’t know whether she heard me or not.
Brad and I kept seeing each other long after the film was in the can. I was looking forward to the premiere. Then I got this call from his bitch of a wife.


“Hey there, slut. This is Jennifer. You don’t honestly think you can fuck my husband here in Hollywood and expect to get away with it, do you?”

“Of course I do! I can do any damn thing I want! You can’t fucking touch me, bitch, so don’t even try! Now why don’t you be a good girl scout and let him go?”

“Because I want him back, you stupid slut, despite any filthy place that cock of his has been.”

“Well I intend to keep him, bitch. So what are you going to do about it?”

“That’s what I thought a slut like you would say. So I’m challenging you to a duel; that is if you’ve got the tits for it. We both know you got more balls than my husband ever thought of having.”

“Bring it on, bitch. I’m am action star and I do a lot of my own stunts. What have you got in mind?”

“I suggest a duel with swords, slut.”

“Swords?? Are you fucking kidding me?? You can’t even lift one up!”

“You might be surprised, slut. So how about it? Care to take me on one-on-one?”

“Why the hell should I have a sword fight with you? What’s in it for me?”

“Oh, that’s easy. The winner gets Brad. The loser, well… she loses her head. Literally.”

“Are you proposing I chop off that sweet little head of yours, bitch?”

“Only if you can beat me, slut.”

I thought it over for a moment. The idea of carrying her head to the premiere was something I could really go for. “All right, bitch. You’re on. How about the night of the premiere? I think there’s an empty building they’re remodeling just down the street.”

“Works for me, slut. I’m looking forward to carrying your head to your own premiere.” And with that she hung up.

The idea of taking Jennifer Aniston’s head to the premiere of the movie her husband and I had worked on gave me erotic shivers. Then my eyes narrowed as I considered the matter. What if the bitch had been taking lessons this whole time? Could I take the chance?

I knew someone who knew someone who knew a master swordsman. So I placed a call. I vowed them to secrecy before arranging for some last minute lessons. The last thing I wanted was to go to my own premiere as that bitch Aniston’s decorative ornament.
On the day of the duel I took the sword I’d trained with along with the gown I wanted to wear to the premiere. Underneath my street clothes I wore black spandex. I was ready for anything.

A friend who owed me a favor let me into the building where we were going to fight. I went to the room for our duel and then slipped out of my street clothes. The bitch showed up ten minutes later.

She was also in her street clothes. She had a little travel bag I assumed contained her clothes for the premiere. I told her to go right ahead and change right there in front of me.

She stripped out of her street clothes to reveal a black athletic bra and tight black shorts. Her breasts looked pretty good pushing through that top she wore. I just snorted as I opened my sword case and took out my weapon while she took out hers.

I was visibly impressed at what I saw. The damned thing looked sharp and long. And she hefted it with remarkable professionalism. It made me wonder just how much training she’d picked up just to use the damned thing for our duel.

We hefted our swords as we began circling each other. I told her, “Are you sure all this is worth giving up your head for a husband with a wandering eye?”

“You sure it’s worth giving up yours just for trying to take another woman’s man?”

“Bitch, in case you haven’t noticed he’s mine now. If you’re smart you’ll walk away right now and I’ll consider the matter closed.”

“The only way this matter ends is with your head on my mantel, slut.”

“I’m already picturing how the crowds will react when I carry your dripping head with me to the premiere.”

“SLUT!” she roared as she charged me.

I parried her thrust, only to have her continue approaching with slashes and thrusts. I blocked each one, only to find myself backing up. The bitch had picked up more moves than I’d anticipated.

I tried a counterattack, but she artfully dodged before going on the offensive again. A couple of slashes got dangerously close. I think one of them nicked my leg.

I have no idea where she picked up all that training. But she was much better than I’d anticipated. I found myself feeling a mixture of alarm and admiration.

I jumped in with a counterthrust, nicking her side. She cursed as she came back at me. I blocked her thrusts, although one came within an inch of doing some real damage.

Our swords clanked for five… ten… fifteen minutes. I have no idea where she found the stamina. The bitch had obviously been training for this moment. I found myself more and more appreciative I’d bothered to take a few private lessons.

“I want your head!” she bellowed as she charged me again. I parried her thrust, returning one of my own. She blocked it just in time or I would have taken a chunk of leg.

She slashed and I jumped back. I looked down, only to see she’d cut through my leotard. It felt like she’s nicked me just under my breasts. Her rage seemed to be fueling her efforts.

“You bitch! That was a $500 leotard!”

“I’ll buy you a new one for your funeral, slut!” Then she charged again.

I parried and deflected the blows, only to become aware that I was tiring. I had no idea how much energy she had and if it was more than enough to finish me. I couldn’t let this go on much longer.

I parried a blow and then proceeded to go on the offensive. We were evenly matched, but I began to attack with greater enthusiasm. Now the bitch had pissed me off.

I got a slash on my right side, but it didn’t feel like it went very deep. I pressed my attack, bringing my sword in again and again. One hard swing and I finally disarmed her, causing her blade to go flying.

She tried to chase it down, but I cut her leg. She tried to weave and dodge but I slashed across her midsection. It left a nasty red line below her tits.

She fell to her knees, gasping for breath. She was just as winded as I was. Then I pointed my sword right at her throat and declared, “Victory is mine, bitch!”

She panted heavily as she looked at me with pure hatred. Then I saw resignation in her features. “Victory is yours, Angelina.” It was the first time she’d ever called me by name.

I wanted to gloat. I wanted to humiliate the bitch. I wanted to slice her up into a thousand pieces. She just lowered her head, offering her neck to me before quietly murmuring, “Take what is rightfully yours.”

“Oh no you don’t, bitch! You’re not getting off that easily. Now I want you to strip.”

“You’ve got to be kidding me!”

“Strip, damn you, or I’ll cut up those tits so bad the coroner will have to attach a pair of new ones for your funeral.”

She glowered at me. But she did as she was told. I finally got to see what Brad must have seen in her when he first married her.

“Satisfied, slut?”

“On your knees, bitch!”

Once more she did as she was told. “You’re loving this, aren’t you? I take it you intend to humiliate me?”

“Wouldn’t you if our roles were reversed?”

“Just get it over with, damn you!”

“Not just yet. Now I want you to masturbate.”

“Go to hell!”

“Fine. I’ll just start by slicing up that pussy of yours. I see it’s dripping. What’s it matter if you touch it during your last moments on earth?”

“You’re a real sicko; you know that? You and Brad were made for each other.”

“At last the truth comes out. Now masturbate for me, bitch! Hurry up; I need to get your head to the red carpet on time!”

She gave me a dirty look. Then she started touching herself. “Do it like you mean it, bitch! I’m sure you’ve been doing it a lot lately since Brad’s been over at my house every damned night.”

She began touching herself until she really got into it. Her breathing became heavier. It was arousing as hell.

I was tempted to let her go all the way. But I was late for the premiere, although it was just down the street. I was about to have a unique accessory that was going to attract a lot of attention.

I waited until she was fully into it. Then I swung with all my might before she could consummate her pleasure. My sword connected with her neck and her head went flying.

For a moment she just knelt there, blood spurting out of her severed neck. Her pussy gushed urine mixed with her love juices. Then she collapsed onto her side, her naked body spasming as blood pumped out of her severed neck.

I hurriedly dressed for the premiere in a gown I’d planned to wear for the occasion. Then I picked up Jennifer’s severed head. I proudly walked out of the building and down the street.

There was a lot of noise as I approached, people talking as cameras snapped photographs. But as I drew closer everyone shut the hell up when they saw me. There was utter silence as I walked by, proudly carrying the bitch’s dripping head.
The duel angelina jolie carries jennifer aniston dripping head.jpg
No one dared say a word to me. Now they all knew who they were dealing with. It gave me an immense feeling of power.

As for the stupid bitch I’d just dispatched? The poor thing had a look of indignation on her face, no doubt because I hadn’t allowed her to finish her pleasure. But that’s just the kind of bitch I am.

2018 (written for Thor Nov 18 ’18 by riwa)

(Inspired by Thor’s manip.)


Seeking Absolution and Last Rites

Rebecca called me over to her house, telling me it was most urgent. She said she needed to see me right away. She also asked me to bring my rosary beads.

Fearing the worst, I rushed over. I knocked on the door, and her voice bid me enter. I rushed inside, still seeking her voice. It led me to a back room.

She was sitting naked on the floor, her legs spread lewdly. Cream leaked out of her vagina, and some was splattered on her breasts. It looked like she had been the focus of a very great, recent debauchery.

She had a rope around her neck that went up to the knob on the door. Then it came back down where it was attached to her foot. She seemed to be controlling the amount of asphyxiation she suffered. I sensed she had arranged this for herself.

I felt a shameful stirring as she rasped, “Father, I wish to confess.”

“My child, perhaps now is not the time.” I did not tell her I too now needed to confess.

“Please, Father! I need to confess!”

“Can’t it wait for a more opportune time, my child?”

“There is no better time than the present, Father! We must hurry! Afterwards you must give me last rites.”

“Last rites, my child?” Now I was stunned.

“Yes, Father; last rites! You must absolve me of my sins!”

“My child, are you dying?”

“I will be! Now please listen to my confession!” She rasped for breath, and I stirred once more, my member becoming quite uncomfortable under my robe.

“Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned. It’s been one month since my last confession. During that time I have fornicated with many men, several on this day alone!”

“My child, I am growing uncomfortable standing here…”

“Please, Father; allow me to finish! I have fornicated many times this day. Now I… unnh… wish to engage in the greatest sin of all… the sin of taking my life while in the midst of a great orgasm.”

“My child, you mustn’t…”

“Please, Father! You must absolve me by taking out your cock and spewing your seed upon me! Please, I beg of you!”

“My child, I cannot…”

“I have lusted after you from afar! And I know you have lusted after me too. I know you will not commit the sin of fornication with me. So I want you to desecrate my body for your pleasure after I am gone.”

“My child you mustn’t think like this!” Unfortunately my manhood had become disturbingly erect at her words and her nudity with the stains of sin on her flesh.

“Please, Father! Do it for me! You must satisfy this last request! Let me see it, Father! Let me see your lust for me!”

“My child, I shouldn’t…”

“Hurry, Father! There isn’t much time! Take it out! I want to see it!”

I did not know what else to do. Besides, the child seemed desperate. I deduced I would have a huge confession of my own after this day.

I took it out and showed her how hard I had become. But still she was not satisfied. “Now stroke it, Father! Show me your lust for me! Show me that we may both admit our sins and be forgiven!”

I did not want to lie to the child. So I spoke of my lust for her. In response she pulled on the rope with her foot, tightening the constriction around her throat.

“Yes, Father! That is what I most needed… to hear! Now stroke yourself for me… as you give me last rites. Forgive me… of my sins!”

“My child??”

“You must cum on me as I expire, Father! Only then will I experience my greatest orgasm!”

“My child???”

“Promise me! Please! Afterwards you can absolve me and I will be at peace! Promise me, Father!”

“Yes, my child… yes.”

“Promise me you will use my body after I am dead! It will not be a sin if I am dead! Promise me, Father! If I cannot have you in life, at least allow me this in death!”

“My child, I cannot.”

“Promise me, Father! Please!”

She looked hungrily at my erection. But she acted like she dared not take it into her mouth. “Promise me, Father! Use me as your act of lust for me that I may be at peace!”

“My child, I…”

“Hurry! Time is short!” She tightened the rope, and it made her rasp for air even more.

I stroked harder. “Promise!” she hissed, barely able to get any air down her throat. “Stroke… cum all… over my… face!”

I stroked harder and faster. Perhaps it was instinctive; perhaps out of a sinful desire. She looked at my cock so close to her face. Then she started to go into convulsions as her vagina gushed an immense flow of fluids.

My cock went off, splattering her face and her tits. She let out a sigh of contentment as she shuddered hard. I quietly whispered, “I absolve you, Rebecca. But who will absolve me?” I do not think she heard.
seeking absolution.jpg
Her mouth was warm when I pushed my hardness in past her lips. There were twitches as her tongue seemed to gather it into her oral cavity. Had she not been deceased, I would have guessed she was trying to suck me. Perhaps she was, even after death.

I removed the rope and laid her out on the floor. Then I climbed onto her. I slid my still hard member inside her, and I began to thrust.

There were twitches and spasms which I assumed were agonal. She was warm and it felt like she was accepting me inside her. At that moment I allowed full reign to my lusts.

I fucked the corpse of that dear child – that sweet, sensuous child. I groped her mounds as I had my way with her. I lustfully moaned her name over and over again.

I left my seed in her vagina. Then I used her mouth, imagining her hungering to taste my member. Then I went back to her vagina, fucking her over and over while situating her into several different positions.

I lusted after her until I was fully spent. At last, it had been purged from my body. I said a prayer over her and then prepared to call the authorities. Afterwards I ran a list of names through my head, wondering who could possibly absolve me of this great sin…

(Jan 11 '19)


The Witness

Tony’s lawyers kept delaying the trial until we finally tracked down their star witness to a penthouse apartment. Two officers were watching over her, trying to keep her safe. Leanne O’Neill was Tony’s girlfriend and had witnessed him brutally executing that bookie as well as ordering two other hits.

Mikey and I staked out the penthouse until we figured out the routine of the inhabitants inside. When the time was right we made our move. We went inside and easily took down both officers with our silencers.

Leanne started to scream until I pointed my weapon at her head. “Make another sound, bitch, and I’ll put one right between your eyes.” She whimpered as she dutifully shut her mouth.

We knew about the hot tub in the private alcove outside. When I found a wooden chair I began to formulate a delicious plan to take care of her. I gave Leanne a sinister smile as I sent Mikey out to the car and fetch the blue rope we had stashed away out there.

She looked at me in alarm when he returned with the rope. I told him to watch the place and make sure we weren’t disturbed. Then I took Leanne outside with chair and rope in my hands.

I slammed the chair down. Then I pointed it out to her. “Sit down, bitch!” I hissed at her.

She sat down as she blurted out, “I’m not going to testify, Bruno; you know that! They can’t make me testify!”

“You bitches will say anything to save your skin,” I hissed at her as I started tying her to the chair.
witness 1.jpg
“Bruno, you know I love Tony! You’ve got to tell him that! I swear; I wasn’t going to testify or anything!”

“How come you went to the cops, Leanne?”

“I didn’t go to the cops. Someone else made that call?”

“Who could have made it, Leanne? You were the only one there.”

“Bruno, I swear I’m not going to testify!”

I know you’re not,” I told her with a sneer. Then I went over and turned on the hot tub jets before telling her, “Isn’t Thursday your day to come out here for a soak?”

She turned her head and looked at me in shock. “How did you know that?” In reply I just tipped her chair back as I began working her over to the edge of the bubbling hot tub.

I got her right to the edge. Then I hung the front legs of the chair over the side of the tub. She let out a cry before I told her to shut the hell up.

She gasped and whimpered, begging me not to do it. “I know you normally like to soak with very little clothes on, Leanne. There’s no time to let you change into a bikini. But I can do this for you instead.”

I ripped open her white blouse and exposed her breasts. Then I gave them a savage grope. They were good tits; I understood why Tony liked her so much. It was too bad there just wasn’t enough time for anything else.

She cried out as I made her teeter on the edge of the hot tub. “Time for you to suck some water, Leanne.” Then I began to swing her off the edge.
Witness 4.jpg
She let out a scream before I forced her face down into the jetting hot tub. Bubbles came up that I know belonged to her. Tony felt betrayed and didn’t want me to go easy on her. So I didn’t.

I pulled her head up for a breath. She came up gasping and coughing. Water streamed off her face as some of those blonde strands got in her eyes.
witness 6.jpg
“You knew better, bitch. Tony trusted you. Hell, I think he really loved you. And you fucking betrayed him!”

“I didn’t, Bruno; I swear I didn’t!” I just shoved her head back down. Bubbles came up as I held her in place, making her suck water.

I pulled her head up out of the water again. She coughed and sputtered once more. Then she cried out, “Bruno; please! I’ll do anything!”


“Anything, Bruno! I’ll do anything you want!”

“Even fuck me, Leanne?” I asked as I savagely groped her exposed mounds.

She gasped and whimpered as her nipples hardened. Then she nodded as she blurted out, “Yes, Bruno; I’ll fuck you! I’ll do anything you want! Please don’t drown me!”

I must admit I actually thought about it… for about a second and a half. I figured the bitch would be a good lay. But I was angry at the way she’d betrayed Tony. And now she was offering to betray him again.

“That’s what I thought, bitch!” and I flipped her chair over backwards. She ended up on her back at the bottom of the hot tub spewing bubbles. Then I shut the jets off so I could watch her suffer.
Witness 8.jpg
I stood there and watched for several seconds. Then I pulled her back up so she was almost sitting upright in the chair. She gasped and sputtered, coughing moisture out of her mouth.

“Bruno; I’ll do anything! Please don’t drown me! I don’t want to drown! I love Tony; you know that!”

“You love your own skin, bitch! I’m going to enjoy watching you drown!” Then I flipped her chair over until she was floating face down.

She struggled in the chair, causing it to shake back and forth. Her hair billowed around her head. I saw a burst of bubbles that made me smile with pleasure.
witness 9.jpg
I heard a bubbly scream that was followed by a huge eruption of bubbles. Then she was shaking in the chair, hitching and bobbing in the water. There were little bursts of bubbles up at the surface, making her hair fluff and flow.

For a moment she really thrashed about in the chair. Then she began to settle down. There were a few more bursts of bubbles. Then she was still.

The water became peaceful as I stood there watching. I saw a few small bubbles pop to the surface through her flowing strands. Then her hair hung down as she floated quietly.

“I’ll pass on the message to Tony you’ve decided not to testify, Leanne.” Then I got out of the water. I went inside to find Mikey who was sitting there reading a magazine. At least he was wearing gloves.

He looked up to see me. He frowned as he noticed the condition I was in. “What the hell happened to you?”

“I got a little wet.”

“Where’s Leanne?”

“I left her soaking in the hot tub. We can go now.” And with that he put down the magazine and got up before we both headed for the door.

2018 (written Oct 10 ’18 by riwa)

Vidcaps are from a waterbondage clip and are used for illustration purposes.)


Going out in style
going out in style 2266120041quidam.jpg
Bertrand Chowsman found an unlocked window to the basement. He crawled inside and worked his way through the building until he came to the back door and let the three actresses inside. He still could not believe they really wanted to do this.

“Are you ladies sure about this?” he asked, still finding the whole thing hard to digest.

“Are you sure that thing will work?” Peggy Antwerp replied with a question of her own, motioning at the equipment he’d brought along.

“Ladies, I’ve been taking quality photographs for five years now. I can’t help it if nobody wants to hire me.”

“Well, nobody wants to hire us either,” Gwen Ustich lamented, the shortest of the three. “I guess it didn’t matter how many times I fucked Mack on his casting couch. He had nothing for me. All he wanted to do was fuck me.”

“Same complaint here,” Dorothy LePerch added with a sigh. “It’s been months of nothing but broken promise after broken promise.”

“At least you’re going to be famous now, Bert,” Peggy told him with a smile. “Your photographs will be the talk of Hollywood.”

“I don’t know,” he replied dubiously. “Who the hell am I going to show them to? Who’s going to believe me? Won’t they throw me in jail?”

“Just think of the stink you can cause if they threaten you with jail time,” Gwen reminded him.

They quietly moved through the darkened building to the stage. Bert and Peggy had little lanterns they’d brought along to help illuminate the way. They finally found the switch for the stage lights and turned them on, illuminating it with a soft glow.

The three girls looked around wistfully. “Well, we finally made it here,” Dorothy observed with a heavy sigh.

“Yeah, but it’s going to be a one-time performance to an empty house,” Peggy replied sadly.

“Bert here will make sure we’re famous,” Gwen told them. “Let’s look around back. Bert, you said we’d find what we needed behind the stage, right?”

“Should be back there somewhere, ladies.” Then he shook his head as he helped them with their search.

They rummaged around in back until they found three lengths of nylon rope used for hefting displays into the air. Meanwhile there were plenty of metal frames and beams dangling from above to hold the curtains and displays in place. Bert found one that looked promising.

He snooped around some control panels until he found a lever that looked like it might work. He pulled it and watched as the metal bar came down. It looked like it would work just fine.

The ladies stood under the bar with their ropes in hand. Each one quietly began to form one end into a noose. “Thirteen loops? Gwen asked softly, her voice betraying her wavering nerves as she glanced at her companions.

“What does it matter so long as they work?” Peg acknowledged her companion’s noose and said it was coming along just fine before going back to her own. After all, they’d agreed to personally prepare their own ropes.

They finished the nooses before checking each one to make sure they functioned properly. Then they tied them off to the metal bar Bert had lowered. “Better check the weight, girls,” Peg said quietly.

She pulled on her rope as the others pulled on theirs. They tried to lift their legs up off the floor of the stage, seeing if the bar could hold their combined weight. It swayed and creaked a little, but otherwise it seemed strong enough. Besides, the ladies didn’t weigh all that much.

“Do we need chairs, Bert?” Dorothy asked uncertainly. Bertrand went back over to the lever and moved it in the opposite direction. Sandbags behind the backdrop lowered, causing the bar to rise back up.

“No, girls,” he told them quietly. “I think this will do it. Lever down; bar comes down. Lever up; bar goes up. It looks like there’s enough counterweight to keep you aloft.”

“Lucky guy,” Peggy told him with a smile. “I guess you get to serve as our executioner.” But Bert hadn’t paid attention to her words as he was checking around other switches.

He threw one out of curiosity to see if it meant what was marked. The sound of applause suddenly rang out all around them. The girls turned to look at the empty rows of seats in astonishment.

“What the hell was that, Bert?” The sound abruptly died off.

“I guess some actors need fake applause to get the audience to stand up and clap, Peg. I guess everybody has an ego to stroke.”

“Including us?” Peggy observed sadly. The others looked at her but said nothing. Each one secretly harbored the pain of not getting to experience for themselves the thrill of a cheering throng.

“I like it,” Gwen finally told him. “Can you play it while we’re hanging?”

“Great idea,” Dorothy added with a smile, feeling her mood lighten. “We’ll finally get the cheers we rightfully deserve.”

“Girls, really. This is totally insane.”

Bert came out, only to discover the stage was empty. He looked all around in confusion. “Now where the hell did you ladies go?”

“Back here, Bert,” Peggy called out from behind a partition “We’re changing into proper attire for our last performance. You can get your equipment ready while we’re back here.”

“Crazy girls,” he muttered to himself, shaking his head as he went and got his camera ready on its tripod.

He couldn’t believe it when they’d originally sought him out. At first he’d hoped it was a legitimate proposition that might propel him on his way to something substantial. He couldn’t believe what they wanted him to do for them. The only reason he was even going through with it was the fact they’d given him their life savings, a tidy sum considering what they had left on hand and what they were proposing.

He was stunned when they came out from behind the partition. All three were completely nude. He tried to stutter something as they came forward, but the words failed him. He had no idea he would be treated to this!

“Well, Bert?” Peggy asked, pirouetting before him. “What do you think?”

“Damn, girls! Why aren’t you in show business?”

“Producers, directors, casting agents – I tried everyone,” Dorothy sighed. “At least now I’ll be noticed with your pictures floating around out there. Make sure every newspaper in the country gets a copy, ok?”

“We’ll finally be famous,” Peggy added with a wistful sigh.

“Get a shot of us with our nooses,” Gwen directed. “Show everyone we did this on purpose.”

“Ok, girls. If you say so.”

Bert went behind his camera and lined them up. All three grabbed each other’s hand and held it up in unison with their nooses in view. They posed until he snapped off a couple of pictures.

“Ok, ladies. Now what?”

“Now we hang of course,” Peggy told him with a smile. She’d been feeling a little anxious. But now she was starting to get into it. Or maybe she just wanted to get it over with before she changed her mind.

“Just like that?”

“Just like that,” Dorothy told him. “Although I was wondering…” She paused as though considering something.

“Wondering about what?”

“Shouldn’t we have our arms tied behind our backs? To show the industry how they held us captive to a system that never did what it promised?”

Gwen and Peggy looked at her for a moment. Then they nodded in agreement. It seemed rather fitting actually.

“Sounds good to me,” Peg verbalized for them all. “Can you find a little more rope to tie our arms behind our backs with?”

“Girls, I don’t know about all this. Do you really want to go through with this?”

“You took our money, Bert. Aren’t you going to honor our last request?”

He looked at Gwen for a long moment. He hated to see her beauty destroyed with something so cruel as a noose. But they seemed determined to go through with it.

“I’ll go look.” Then he went behind the backdrop again as the ladies began whispering amongst themselves.

He emerged with three small lengths of rope. “Will this do?”

“Perfect, Bert,” Peggy observed with a smile.

She nodded at her two companions. Then they all got down onto their knees. Together they obediently brought their arms behind their backs.

“Girls, you, uh… you don’t have to be on your, uh… oh never mind.” Then he began securing each woman’s hands behind her back.

“Ok,” he said as he finished binding Dorothy’s wrists together. “Anything else?”

Gwen suggested, “How about another picture with us bound and on our knees?”

“Good idea,” Dorothy added. “It will show us in our proper role of subservience. Besides, I don’t know how many times I found myself in this position trying to suck my way into a movie role.” The other ladies nodded as they murmured their agreement at her observation.

Bertrand went behind his camera and adjusted the focus. Then he snapped the picture. “Got it?” Peggy asked, sounding both nervous and excited.

“I got a picture of you three on your knees with the nooses above your heads.”

“Perfect,” Gwen said to him.

“There’s just one more thing, Bert.”

“One more thing, Dorothy?? Ladies, this is hard enough for me as it is. You have no idea how much it pains me to hang you like this!”

“Does it really bother you, Bert?” Dorothy asked with a coy smile. “It looks like you might not be so bothered after all.”

“What?” In response she just smiled and licked her lips at the bulge she saw in his pants.

Gwen saw it too. “I think you’re right, Dorothy. He seems excited at the prospect of watching us hang.”

“Shouldn’t we tip the executioner with a last blowjob?”

“Good idea, Peg,” Dorothy said with a smile. “How about it, Bert? Interested in giving the condemned their last meal? Might be your last chance.”

“C’mon, Bert,” Gwen added. “It’s not like we haven’t done it before.”

“Uh… ladies I, uh… oh hell.”

He slowly pulled down his pants and briefs, displaying an embarrassing erection. He looked to be a good six and a half inches. The ladies all smiled and licked their lips.

“Ok, Bert. Bring it on over. We’re in the appropriate position, and as our executioner you’re certainly entitled to a little extra compensation.”

“Aren’t you ladies frightened?”

“Of course we are,” Gwen told him. “We just need a little something to focus on right now as a distraction. Besides, you really do look like you’re going to enjoy this. I hope you’ll ‘salute’ us with your cock as we hang for you.” The other ladies chuckled at her remark.

Bert stepped up to Dorothy first. She gave him a good sucking before he moved over to Gwen. She eagerly bobbed up and down on his cock before he pulled out and gave Peggy a turn.

He went up and down the line, allowing them to hungrily suck his dick. It was shameful and yet terribly erotic. He couldn’t believe these three would-be actresses were sucking his cock before getting ready to hang for him.

“I’m about ready to cum. Who do I give it to?”

“Give it to Dorothy. It was her idea.”

“Bert, make me wear it for all the times I had egg on my face after sucking to get a part and then not getting a damned thing.”

Dorothy gave him a good sucking until he began to gasp. He pulled out and spurted all over her face. She moaned like a whore as the other two jealously looked on. Peggy couldn’t help muttering, “Lucky bitch.”

Bertrand helped them to their feet. He had to lower the bar a little more so he could get the nooses around their necks. He saw how they were going to be hanging pretty close together.

His hands trembled as he began looping each coil around each neck. He cinched Dorothy up last. She thanked him for the privilege of sucking him and then wearing his cum on her face with pride. She told him she hoped they all put on a good dance for him and to get as many pictures as possible while they were still kicking.

Peggy told him, “Now take one more picture with the ropes around our necks please.” Bert nodded before going back behind the camera. They tried to smile for him as they nervously stood in place. But their faces faltered just a bit now that they were so close to the end.

He snapped off the picture. “I got it, girls. Anything else?”

“Now hang us, Bert,” Dorothy instructed. “And play that applause for us, ok? We want to go out in style.”

“Are you sure?”

“Do it, Bert!” Gwen declared, bucking up her courage. Peggy just nodded solemnly. “And keep your pants down so we can see your hard cock,” Dorothy added with a lustful smile.

He sighed heavily before heading over to the lever. They all stiffened with anticipation. A moment later the applause began.

All three tried to stand proudly at the faux adulation they were receiving. It was surreal for them to be standing naked onstage to an empty auditorium. It was going to be even more surreal the moment they found themselves hanging in midair.

Bert pushed the lever upward. The bar rose up, pulling the ropes with it. The three naked ladies were taken off their feet right up into the air.

Bertrand made sure they were a couple feet off the floor before he rushed back to his camera. The bar began to sway as Peggy and Dorothy began to kick while Gwen’s feet fluttered for solid footing. So far it was holding their weight

He focused on the image and then started taking pictures as they bumped into each other while struggling in their nooses. He was forced to separate the conflicted Bertrand Chowsman from the professional Bertrand Chowsman. After all, these ladies wanted good photographs. And he’d made a promise to them upon taking the last of their cash.

Gwen finally joined the dance as her legs began to kick. All three jerked and swayed, bouncing off each other as their legs went every which way. The bar jerked from their gyrations, making Bert stiffen with apprehension. But it seemed to be holding their weight just fine.

His cock had hardened back up, shaming him to no end. But this was what the three ladies wanted. Their beauty and sincerity made him want to do his very best for them. He just hoped it might shame someone in Hollywood who had previously dealt with these fine ladies. But he doubted it would have any lingering effects on any of the production studios…

Peggy had no idea it would hurt this much. But she’d agreed to go through with it like the others. She caught sight of Gwen struggling next to her and concluded her new-found friend was suffering every bit as much as she was.

Looking down she caught sight of Bert’s erection as she kicked and struggled. He seemed embarrassed by it as he kept his head behind the camera, snapping picture after picture. But he seemed to be deriving some sort of sexual pleasure out of it, judging by how hard his cock had become.

Peggy thought that was appropriate. All the studio heads had derived pleasure from her body. In a way she thought this was rather appropriate for the situation. It felt like the proper sendoff for a woman like her who had fucked to get into the door, only to be rewarded with spurting cocks and crushed dreams…

Gwen kicked and struggled, her arms jerking helplessly behind her back as she bounced off the bodies of her two companions on either side of her. It was getting harder and harder to pull in a breath of air. But she felt a strange warmth begin to blossom from within, manifesting down in her crotch.

Deep down she was glad she had sucked Bert’s cock along with the others. He deserved it for all the trouble they’d put him through. She hoped nothing bad would happen to him over this. She also hoped their pictures would be seen by the whole world and that they’d become way more famous after they were dead than when they had been alive.

She kicked and struggled as her throat closed off. It hurt like hell. Then she felt a hot flush as her body responded in orgasm. It seemed to soften the agony she was going through…

Dorothy did her best to put on a good show for Bert and the others. She kicked and twisted as the bar jerked them around, causing her to bounce off her shorter companion. Gwen’s legs briefly wrapped around her before letting go. Then she gurgled at the agony she was experiencing.

She heard the cheers echoing from the rafters. It made her kick a little harder. They were finally getting the applause they all deserved.

A surge of excitement fought through the pain to crest within her as her thighs rubbed together. There was a strange mixture of pain and pleasure flushing through her body. But it hurt so bad she was willing to accept any pleasurable feelings she might happen to experience.

She was glad she was wearing Bert’s cum on her face. Judging by his erection it looked like he was enjoying the show. And since this was the only production she would ever star in…well, along with her friends… she wanted it to be the best show ever. Then her throat closed off and her body responded by fighting even harder to breathe…

Bert’s cock stiffened noticeably as he focused on taking picture after picture. Gwen Ustich’s bladder suddenly gave way as urine trickled down her legs off her toes onto the floor. She seemed to be going first, and he tried to capture the moment on film.

Next to her Peggy Antwrep seemed to be rubbing her thighs together, or at least trying to. She dolphin kicked as she grunted her agony. Her face was turning a disturbing shade of purple.

On the other end of the bar Dorothy LePerch suddenly jerked hard as fluid spewed out of her crotch. It didn’t appear to be urine. She had actually sprayed from an orgasm that was part pain and part pleasure.

The ladies finally began to settle down, no longer bumping into each other. Peggy’s bladder gave way as she gently swung back and forth. Then Dorothy began dripping fluid off her toes as well.

The ladies had jerked against the bar, causing them to swing wildly. Now they began swaying together as though in synchronous unison. Bertrand snapped a couple of pictures, catching them in one with their legs slightly off to the right as though they were doing a synchronous pirouette.

They settled down until their ropes creaked as they gently swung back and forth while the faux applause continued. Bertrand snapped off a couple more photos. Then he quietly gathered up his things before pulling his pants back up.

For a moment he didn’t know what to do as he stood there looking up at them. He finally decided to leave them dangling for the morning crew to find. He even left the applause turned on so it would be playing in the background when their bodies were discovered. It would be a fitting tribute to three woman whose lives and careers had been crushed in the cruel place known as Hollywood.

2018 (written Nov 15 ’18 by riwa)

(Inspired by the picture manipulated by Quidam Martin.)
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