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The Slave Market

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oh brilliant! Thanks for posting that link jfrn27,​
we've enjoyed some clips from the Foteviken Viking slave-market -​
2011 5th catch was very popular, very cute,​
but I think 2012 1st, 7th and 9th catches will please the guys too -​
and the slavegirls are having a great time!​


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more of them and my dear RR go ahead I'm slavetrader:D

-5.jpg-7.jpggalleyslaves.jpghard slavelabor.jpgSlaveGalley1002A.jpgSlaveGalley1002B.pngSlaveGalley1003.jpgSlaveGalley1004.jpg


and here some specimen in my portfolio

auction-slave-Messaline.pngSlave Auction---Slave Barbie.pngSlave Auction---Slave Cherise.pngSlave Auction---Slave Donna.pngSlave Auction---Slave Edith.pngslave Audrey.jpgslave Barbie.jpg


and one in ceramic:D

ceramic slave.jpg


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the first one reminds Tree of his cousins in northwest Arkansas when they rounded up a batch of rebel slave girls. They took 50% of the bounty owed as long as it was paid in cash so they didn't have to pay taxes...
they also sent Tree a barrel of 'whiskey' they brewed... Tree gets very mean when he drinks it...
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