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Nepos would be heading South soon to his residence in Londinium, but in the meantime Verecundus was eager to find out why the head of the Empire in Britannica was so keen to see these captive girls, one of whom he understood to be a Roman Lady …

Very interesting indeed!
Indeed :popcorn:


The Wall – 14

The moon was full and the duplicarius was becoming weary when he and his entourage descended from the old roads and slunk into the dimness of a wooded hollow to rest and water the horses.

Although they were allowed to sit, a tether tied the naked captive girls, arms high, to a tree. The legionnaires looked longingly at their prisoners; desire clearly evident from the moonlit expression on each lust-hungry face.

Lilah closed her eyes, exhaustion taking her body and forcing her to rest, but Valeria was too scared, unaware of where she was being taken and why. So, as a soldier, fresh from washing himself in the nearby small stream, approached the prisoners, it was Aulus’ wife who slunk back into the shadow of the great thick trunk to which they were secured.

The legionnaire was a strongly muscled man with long hair that breeched the custom for Roman soldiers. It was this aspect of his appearance that struck Valeria as strange.

“You look like barbarian monster,” was her ill-timed rebuke as the man crouched before her, his mouth breaking into a smile. He was wearing nothing but trousers and shoes, his chest was bare, his face and arms cleaned from the stream.

He said nothing and Valeria waited, apprehensive, scared and desperate.

His hands moved to her outstretched legs and slowly climbed her slender limbs until he ascended above her knees and trespassed onto her quivering thighs.

“Pl … please do not do this …” she begged, but it made no difference.

Her loud groan was lost in the gentle breeze as the night chill blew up just a little from the stream. It was dark all around, the blanket of gloom lit occasionally by the flaming torches that marked the hastily established perimeter.

“Oh, by the Gods,” Valeria whispered as his large hands splayed out over the tops of each thigh and his thumbs parted the soft, dry folds of her mound, massaging just below the spot where her neatly trimmed pubic hair began.

“I like my hair long,” he replied in a somewhat belated manner, it ties up during the day, but at night …” he left the closure of his sentence to Valeria’s imagination.

“Ohhhhh!” The wife of Aulus bucked as her stomach lurched and thick fingers, more than one, opened her up and slid deep into her body.

“No, please, no, ohhhhhh …”

Then the soldier grunted, and the fingers withdrew.

“Mæ …”

“Huh,” he grunted again as Valeria was left gasping against the tree trunk to which her wrists were bound high above her head. Tied in a similar manner, Lilah repeated her word “Mæ …” (me), and then, in order to indicate better what was on offer, the Brigante girl opened her mouth wide and licked her lips around her tongue.”

“þē Ič Mæ” (you do me).

‘Long-hair’ stood and took a step to his right. It was very clear what the barbarian bitch was offering, and in his mind, which currently only had one thing on it, he could sense that the filthy Brigante would be a more accomplished cock-sucker than the grimy Roman whore.

“Bite and she dies,” he growled, not knowing whether the dirty cunt could understand him, although in truth he knew that he couldn’t harm the governor’s prisoners. But fucking one in the face would be just fine.

The Brigante girl could not comprehend his words, but this man’s expression told of their meaning.

As he stepped closer towards Lilah, her lips were already parted. Valeria turned to see what was happening but made no objection or any attempt to stop it.

"Mmmmm!! Fuck!! Good little cunt ... yessss ..." The soldier grinned, watching Lilah’s mouth slide along his shaft, before she let out the first gag as her parched, dry lips took in more and more of his raging hard-on.

Then he went to work on her.

Lilah gagged and groaned, her nose pressing into the crotch of the soldier raping her face, his heavy balls smacking against her drool-covered chin as her lips finally met the base of his shaft. The barbarian drooled away on the cock in front of her as thick saliva dripped down to her chest and breasts.

‘Long-hair’ held his open palm firmly against the back of Lilah’s head and rammed his cock home. The poor girl’s eyes widened as he held her in position, her face pressed hard into his groin cutting off her entire air supply, until, without warning, he used his firm grip in her hair to fuck her mouth mercilessly, thrusting deep and slamming into her hard and fast. Lilah gagged but could nothing to stop him or slow him down.

Then he came, his seed spurting forth in jet after thick, white jet, making the Brigante bride choke and splutter, tears rolling down her face, creating pale streaks as they wore away the dirt that had become ingrained in her skin.

Lilah did not swallow, a decision she'd soon regret because, without any place to go, his juices soon found a new escape point. She choked again before sperm shot out through her nostrils, making her eyes widen in shock as she gagged once more …

Mercifully, with a broad grin on his face, the soldier pulled backwards so that he could direct the residual shots into her mouth. Until she sealed her lips and forced the thick discharge down her throat.

“Look at you, you savage bitch,” he laughed, putting his still dripping cock back into his lose fitting wool trousers. Lilah had long strands of his seed dripping from her nose and running out of the corners of her mouth …

“Fucking filthy barbarian cunt …” he muttered as he walked away, making no attempt to wipe the evidence of his pleasure from Lilah’s face and body.

Valeria was dumb-struck, filled with horror at what she had witnessed, but she also knew that this barbarian girl’s selfless act had just saved her from that very same fate.

It was a short while later that a more benevolent legionnaire placed a rough-hewn blanket over the shivering shoulders of each girl, an act which undoubtedly saved their miserable lives as the night progressed and the bite of the chill grew more perishing.


Dark clouds had begun to give way to the very early morning and Valeria knew that she should sleep, but she simply could not. Although the meagre blanket had being draped over her back and shoulders, her bare legs and upstretched, bound arms remained exposed. Despite both girls having been allowed a gulp or two of water, she was cold and hungry. By the time the retinue continued on its way, both Valeria and Lilah could hardly put one foot in front of the other …

To Be Continued ...


The Wall – 15

“They are here?” Nepos continued to look out across the fields as he addressed his Praefectus directly without turning to look at him.

“Yes Governor.”

“Where, exactly?” Nepos knew that there was no prison or dungeon at Vindolanda.

“In the anteroom outside the Strong Room Governor.”

“The room sunken below ground.”

“Yes Sir.”

Nepos nodded as he began to imagine the two girls, one a savage barbarian and the other a Roman Lady, chained to the cold stone. The room had deadbolts and rings secured into the walls and he knew they would be shackled.

“Are they clean?” he asked Iulius Verecundus.

“Yes Sir, we already took them to the Tyne …”

The River Tyne was down the slope in the valley beyond Vindolanda and Nepos could imagine the nubile female flesh being cleaned in the chilling water.


Now Nepos turned to look at the Praefectus. “Yes Iulius?”

“Might I ask what you intend to do with the captives?”

Nepos studied a moment and then moved out onto the wooden platform that abutted his Villa, indicating that Verecundus should follow him.

“Look out there Praefectus,” the Governor said with a sweep of his arm, what do you see?

“Fields and trees Sir,” he replied.

“Of course, but you should also see a battle ground. Rolling hills and river vales through which our barbarian enemies can attack at any time, and it’s the same to our South.”

“But that’s why we’re building a wall, is it not Governor.”

Nepos smiled. “It is, of course, but a warning to those savages showing them what will happen if and when the rogues amongst them are caught, will be no bad thing. “

Iulius Verecundus, nodded. He could guess what was in the Governor’s mind, or at least he thought he could.

“And the Roman whore, Sir?”

“She will endure the same fate and serve as a warning to our own people, especially the women who serve our men, reminding them that they must remain dutiful in all ways at all times.”

As he spoke Nepos became so animated and excited in anticipation of what he was about to do that it sent a shiver up the spine of a veteran soldier like the Praefectus!


Lilah’s hair was damp, her right cheek pressed into the cold, uneven stone floor. The slight movement simply from breathing hurt. Trying to open her eyes, little splinters of white pain jabbed at her forehead, and she groaned, quickly shutting the heavy lids again.

She knew that her wrists were shackled behind her back and her neck once again collared. The chain ran upwards, and was secured to the wall. The retinue of soldiers and their captives had reached another town whereupon she, and the Roman girl, had been literally thrown into the river Tei (Tyne). They had stumbled into the freezing cold whereupon the soldiers had mocked them endlessly, keeping the girls falling around in the water until there was no dirt or grime remaining upon their nubile flesh.

Lilah looked across the gloom of the new holding place at the Roman girl. She was delicate … a little flower. What could she have done to deserve this fate, whatever this fate turned out to be? She slept like she was unconscious. Lilah felt exhausted, but the other girl … she seemed almost dead.

Then slowly, very slowly, the erstwhile Brigante bride tried to open one eye, and saw nothing but stone floor in the vague light; before glancing up to see a deeper darkness. Lilah rolled onto her right side, feeling sick with dizziness. Her head hurt. Twisting and wriggling she could see, through the shadowy gloom, a chain leading up from her neck to a thick ring in the wall.

Steps, echoing. Lilah tried to twist onto her left side, groaning again and her head touched the floor. Clenching her teeth against the pain, she shut her eyes once more. The steps drew closer, two sets? Three? She waited, lying there, swimming in pain and cold.

A hand in her hair suddenly, grabbing a fistful, jerking her up so that she was suddenly on her knees, the chain tugging at her collar, stretching her neck. Lilah moaned.

Then the hand moved with a savage jerk, tightened, pulled her head back so that Lilah was staring at the ceiling. Something on her throat, cold, sharp. She was beginning to shiver from the chill which was eating into her bones, little spasms that she tried hard to control.

A knife danced before her eyes.

"You’re going to be our entertainment you savage bitch!”

Lilah did not understand a word of what was being said to her, but she understood only too well the language of the blade, and she held her breath waiting for this Roman bastard to cut her.

“Efne brêotan Mæ hûru” (just kill me now).

A hand, reached out and stroked her cheek, touching the left side of her head ...

Lilah groaned, turning her head, she could not help but respond to the comforting touch. Then suddenly, a sharp slap across her face, the taste of bloody copper in her mouth, brought her tumbling back down to the harsh reality.

She swallowed, her breath coming in short shudders because she was so cold.

"Never turn away from me," said the man. The hand came back, stroking her jaw with one finger, and he moved the knife back into position before Lilah’s eyes, touching the tip of it to her cheek.

Then, for no apparent reason, another smack across her mouth, Lilah’s head jerking back and hitting the hard wall behind her.

She groaned and the legionnaire laughed.

“Tomorrow we begin, you barbarian cunt …”

And with that the legionnaire left the two captive girls alone for what might well be their final night on this damned earth …

To Be Continued ...


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“But that’s why we’re building a wall, is it not Governor.”

Nepos smiled. “It is, of course, but a warning to those savages showing them what will happen if and when the rogues amongst them are caught, will be no bad thing. “
It's what you're thinking roman bastard ? !
This country is the Picts'country and, like an amazon, I'll always be on their side !
Dont hope that it will be some crucified "savages" who could discourage any warriors to get your legions out off this lands !
Contrary, for one crucified , ten will be getting up to fight !!!
... and at the end, your wall will be inneffective !

PaskellCrux01_5_2b (3).jpg Amazones-vs-Roman-legion.jpg


It's what you're thinking roman bastard ? !
This country is the Picts'country and, like an amazon, I'll always be on their side !
Dont hope that it will be some crucified "savages" who could discourage any warriors to get your legions out off this lands !
Contrary, for one crucified , ten will be getting up to fight !!!
... and at the end, your wall will be inneffective !

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Loving the passion Messa, and that is one re-enactment I would like to be involved in! :)


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Iulius Verecundus, nodded. He could guess what was in the Governor’s mind, or at least he thought he could.
Ummmm … let me guess … he’s thinking crucifixion, isn’t he? :rolleyes:

“She will endure the same fate and serve as a warning to our own people, especially the women who serve our men, reminding them that they must remain dutiful in all ways at all times.”

You mean they just might crucify her too? :confused::facepalm:


The Wall – 16

“Tiberius, come in, come in …” Nepos welcomed the wealthy Merchant into the guest room of his Vindolanda Villa.

“And this is Aulus I assume,” the Governor said as a smaller, more slender man walked in the slipstream of his elder and more gregarious sibling.

“Thank you for inviting us, Nepos,” Tiberius replied without really knowing why they were here.”

“So, the Roman bitch is your wife, is she?” The Governor said to Aulus, who shrunk away a little when being directly addressed by Nepos.

“Yes Sir, she was …”


“Sorry Governor, is, still, of course.”

Nepos nodded and paused whilst his two visitors were served with wine.

“I have asked you here to make sure that you still want me to go through with this, and have …”

“Valeria …” Tiberius filled in the gap.

“… yes, that’s it, Valeria … made an example of.”

Aulus looked at his brother as if seeking guidance on what to say.

“Do you?” The Governor urged.

Tiberius took the lead.

“Yes Nepos. We feel privileged to have provided the means by which you are able to set an example to the Roman women, not just here in Britannia, but all over the Empire, reminding them of the importance of serving their men wholeheartedly. Is that not right Aulus?”

“Oh, erm yes, it is Sir, of course.”

Nepos put down his cup and looked earnestly across at his guests. “Very well then, we will begin.”

He signalled to Iulius Verecundus, his Praefectus, who was now waiting at the frame of the door. “Fetch the first one, make it the Roman bitch.”

He then turned to the Merchant and his brother. “Come, join me in my tent where further refreshment awaits us and we can observe proceedings.”


Valeria raised her head, the light coming into their cell heralded the dawn and possibly her last day alive, or certainly as a free woman, not that she was particularly free in this bound and chained state.

Moments later an alarming clamour could be heard outside as chickens clucked and boots scraped the dusty ground.

Sitting up, Valeria groaned and glanced across at the barbarian who was already looking across at her through the tired whites of her eyes.

Then the door opened and she knew that there would be no more waiting, and suddenly she wished that time would drag more slowly. The hapless girl could sense that whatever was planned would move quickly from now on, leaving little time for thought or hope. Straining to see outside, her eyes shifted anxiously to the sound of keys jangling.

Two of the Praefectus’ guards assumed positions outside the stone room, one silent whilst the other leaned in, speaking through the faceplate of his helmet.

“It’s time.”

Despite knowing how futile her movements were, Valeria backed up against the cold, hard wall, and felt herself trapped. Lilah wasn’t even looking at the guards, her face remaining buried between her upraised knees.

Would it be the barbarian girl that they took first, Valeria wondered, or maybe both of them at once. But no …

The skin of both her thighs rubbed nervously together, the warm, trembling flesh of her buttocks had been bitten by the sharpness of cracked stone on the floor beneath her, and then the thick wooden door screeched fully open.

She eyed the silhouettes of the approaching guards ... and with dismay sensed how hard and erect her nipples had become.

It was to be her.

The guards seized Valeria’s arms, unshackled her wrists, ankles and collar and wrenched her outside. She wailed, her remaining spirit crushed, whilst Lilah remained unmoved staring at the floor.

Aulus’ condemned wife choked on her own breath as she looked at the crowd already assembled outside. Every pair of eyes staring unabashed at her dramatic exposure, and she knew that they were noting every muscle, every little piece of her body, how it trembled as she stood before them.

Valeria knew her movements were provocative, graceful and filled with femininity, she could not help it, that was how she was. She closed her eyes, carried by confused thoughts of muddled memory, Aulus’ cruelty clear to her now as never before!

Then the man dressed as a Praefectus stood before her. Valeria did not know his name but at that precise moment the cords on her neck stood out as she drew strength from somewhere and spit in his face.

Instantly the Praefectus’ eyes glowed with indignant rage. He drew back his shoulder and slapped her head with such viscous force it threw her whole body sideways.

Valeria reeled at the blow, her cheek throbbing with pain, and glared back at him, quivering in stunned silence as he addressed the crowd.

“Let the will of our Governor Nepos be carried out. The torture of this whore, a Roman woman who besmirched the good reputation of her husband and family, will serve as a warning to all women of the Empire. Let his will be carried out upon her sinful flesh.”

At this final intonation of her fate, Valeria’s heart began pounding so hard it felt like it was going to explode. Dragged inexorably onward to the place of her impending punishment, she bucked and thrashed in tear-filled hysteria, arms held immovably tight.

To Be Continued ...

Praefectus Praetorio

Brother of the Quill
“She will endure the same fate and serve as a warning to our own people, especially the women who serve our men, reminding them that they must remain dutiful in all ways at all times.”
A worthy lesson for all women - especially the complainers!
Then the man dressed as a Praefectus stood before her.
The true hero of the tale emerges. Strong, handsome, wise, confident, powerful, respected...I could go on forever if you wish me to...

This is a truly wonderful story. The entwining of character and position and the steady horror approaching the girls, it is captivating. An outstanding job, dear sir!


The Wall – 17

Valeria attempted the impossible which was to detach herself from the naked walk she was once again being forced to endure, but this time her inexorable fate would be ultimately be more punishing, though as yet, she knew not what ‘the torture’ would be.

The Roman captive girl smothered her sobs and somehow found her legs again, assuming a timid pace on limbs that threatened to buckle at every step. With head hung low, she grew conscious of her movements, of her pale skin covered by the blotches and marks that her recent arrest and incarceration had inflicted upon her body.

The slim waist, the naked cheeks of her rear swaying sensuously, slender hips … she was so keenly aware of the stares from the Townsfolk of Vindolanda and the soldiers alike.

She could see the new wall in the near distance, being indisputably erected and running off into the faded horizon away from the town on both sides. It was magnificent and powerful, but right at this moment, as Valeria approached the place of her punishment near to the building site, all work ceased and the attention of the 1st cohort of Tungrians was turned elsewhere.

Then she was there. Standing before the North Gate and staring at the whipping post! She writhed and recoiled in horror, only to collapse into the clutches of her guards.

Her whole world spun, forced to gaze incredulously ahead at the large rounded length of wood, sunk into the ground. Both guards stood quietly, giving her plenty of time to study this hovering nightmare. Overcome by the sheer power and expectancy of their intent, Valeria felt her fingers clench and unclench. Large tears formed in her eyes as she stared in fear and without understanding at this ominous piece of rough-hewn tree, mounted upon a wooden platform, one side worn smooth no doubt from the writhing of beaten bodies.

It was a whipping. Only a whipping. If she survived it what then? Freedom? Infamy? Execution?

Valeria had seen whippings before, of slaves and miscreants, but somehow now she was staring at it, the post looked even larger, more sinister. She still could not quite believe that today, it was for her. Her faceless guards gave her a few playful shoves of encouragement. Shoulders bunched up, poised on both heels Valeria pulled back, trembling, legs firmly set in the dusty, stone covered ground, her firm rounded breasts made high and taut by her need to adopt such a stance ... for in these last moments she was determined to maintain a modicum of poise and dignity.

With a determination that was weakening by the second she flung her arms upward and wrenched herself free, refusing the assistance of the guards ... and on trembling feet strode determinedly toward the tall post, appalled at the sight of it but with head held high.

With her body weak and her chest heaving, Valeria surrendered to the intense animal eroticism of the moment, hating it but unable to avoid the sensation of lust that emanated from every watching body, whether male or female.

Her thighs, glossed with warm sweat, touched lightly together. Fully aware of the effect her denuded state had upon her escorts, Valeria knew they were watching her... the tilt of her hips, the sway of her buttocks, the graceful rhythm of her long legs as they moved, all superbly feminine ...

The short, final walk seemed interminable. For long moments, weak and dizzy from fear, palms sweating, muscles throbbing, she stepped toward the dreaded post. Her eyes fixed on two iron rings bolted to the underside high off the floor, spaced a heads-width apart. From them hung gleaming iron chains, connected to thick leather cuffs to embrace her wrists and forearms.

The structure seemed enormous, overwhelming, looming over her, dominating her confounded world ... and in spite of herself Valeria lost her tenuous hold on any courage that had remained, fresh tears filling her eyes. She felt the men grasp her by the arms, dragging her forward.

“Please do not do this,” she whispered, her voice trailing off into nothingness ... Her svelte body hoisted upon the top step of the platform; she could do nothing but watch the guards secure her wrists into the tight manacles. Quivering gasps of panic welled in her throat; her fettered limbs pulled so high above her head that she was stretched onto the very tips of her toes.

And then she saw him. Aulus, standing with his bastard brother and the new Governor, whatever name the Praefectus had said was his. She could not recall his name, but she saw all too clearly as her husband stared at her, arms folded, a gleam in his eye. He hated her, she knew that, and she hated him even more. Always had, ever since night fell on the eve of their wedding, when Aulus returned late to their sleeping place accompanied by three drunken friends. She had been well and truly relieved of her virginity that night!

“Bastard!” She found the strength to yell, “I’m innocent, I’ve done nothing you know that Aulus!” Her husband remained stationery, saying nothing.

“Rot forever in hell!” She added as her final words.

To Be Continued ...


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Loved this depiction of her foreboding at the sight of the post, followed by a description …so real and engaging that I read it twice … of her determined show of resignation coupled with brave defiance … as she freed herself to make her own way to the post. As I said in an earlier post …. I can identify with Valeria so so much!
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