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The witch of Zugarramurdi

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I hope this exciting story continues beyond the unfortunate young woman's first confession!

If I remember correctly, Garazi is finally freed by her friend and his followers in the 1984 film Akelarre (Coven of Witches, Witches' Sabbath) ... but in historical reality it was different. Because the witch hunts of Zugarramurdi really existed. But of course this story does not have to stick to the course of the film or the complicated historical reality...

Out of interest in the historical background, I did a little research and maybe you are interested in it too.

The following can be found on the Internet for the place name Zugarramurdi:

Zugarramurdi in the mountains of Navarre stands for witch hunts, sorcery, myths and legends. Only 400 m from the village is the Olabidea stream, which, according to its Basque name, has its source in Hell (Infernuku erhka). The small river has dug a 120 m long and up to 12 m high tunnel here. Behind the tunnel-like cave entrance, a staircase leads down to the largest hall in the cave. The "Akelarres" or Coven of Witches are said to have taken place there. With the presence of the devil included…

It is not documented whether the dances of naked witches around the campfire and the rituals actually took place or were an invention of the Inquisition. One thing is certain: the inquisition judges ruthlessly persecuted, accused and tortured the residents of Zugarramurdi.

In 1610 they tried 31 local citizens - mostly women (about a fifth of the population of Zugarramurdi without children). They have been accused of witchcraft and their names are on a plaque at the entrance to the cave (pictures). Some survived after acknowledging their guilt and asking for forgiveness, but 13 died during the torture they suffered in Logroño prison (in what is now Rioja, on the Camino de Santiago). The remaining six burned alive at the market square there in front of a huge crowd.

So there were 31 accused of witchcraft; 12 who were forgiven after torture and confession (as also indicated here in this story); 13 who died during the extremely brutal torture , but only 6 who were burned alive as stubborn witches.

zugarra11.JPG zugarra14.JPG zugarra17.JPG zugarra21.JPG

Historical Outlook:

At the end of May 1611, the commissioner Alonso de Salazar y Frías left his office at the court of the Holy Inquisition in Logroño and went to the north of Navarre. Startled by the events in Zugarramurdi in 1610, he was supposed to end “the witch plague” that allegedly affected the entire region. Nobody could have guessed the scope of his investigations. Salazar was a more rational person, not one of those religious zealots of which there were so many at the time. He was looking for concrete evidence of the sometimes insane allegations that were going around. But he found no tangible evidence, let alone any real proof.

His investigations, however, uncovered many falsehoods and false statements, fantasies inspired by the witch madness and lies forced under torture. Alleged witch powder for flying turned out to be flour; most allegations were quickly withdrawn after detailed questioning of the informers. The results of his work actually led to an early end to the witch hunts in Spain, where only about 30 victims were counted who were actually burned for witchcraft - fewer than in almost every other country in Europe. It is inconceivable what could have happened if one of the zealots and not the rational Salazar had been entrusted with this task...

In the widespread witch stories, which are often set in Spain, this fact is mostly ignored. Again and again you may read there that the Spanish Inquisition was particularly bad - yes, in the relentless pursuit of alleged heresy, but certainly not in the pursuit of witches.

But this historical change didn't help Garazi or Unai anymore...



I hope this exciting story continues beyond the unfortunate young woman's first confession!

If I remember correctly, Garazi is finally freed by her friend and his followers in the 1984 film Akelarre (Coven of Witches, Witches' Sabbath) ... but in historical reality it was different. Because the witch hunts of Zugarramurdi really existed. But of course this story does not have to stick to the course of the film or the complicated historical reality...

Out of interest in the historical background, I did a little research and maybe you are interested in it too.

The following can be found on the Internet for the place name Zugarramurdi:
Thank you for your historical research and analysis. Some of it I already found and some is new to me. It's a subject that has always interested me and I am always happy to learn more details.

As for the story I am writing, I use the movie Akelarre as inspiration and I am not following the story precisely. There are some more scenes I am writing to continue after the first confession. And my story isn't all about the torture aspects, I also like to investigate motives of those involved, which is why I worked out the characters to something more than cardboard figures.

I hope you will enjoy the coming episodes, which I hope to finish soon.



That evening, Garazi was back in her cell. She felt sick. Her body was hurting all over, but the worst were the cramps in her abdomen. She was bleeding from her vagina and she had a fever. She didn’t care that she confessed to something she was not. She felt it was the only way to end this. She was sad though that she might die without a chance to say goodbye to her love. She fell in a haunted sleep.

In the morning the fever had left her, but she still felt horrible. Her abdomen was still aching and as she inspected herself, she had dried blood between her legs and on her vagina. But she didn’t find new blood and there was a sparkle of hope she was healing. Maybe she didn’t die after all. But just when she was getting a shimmer of hope, the door opened and Father Angel entered, dressed in his priest robes. She feared the man as much as she feared the inquisitor.

“How are you feeling, Garazi?” asked the priest with a friendly smile. “Do you feel relieved after your confession?” She shook her head and looked away.

“Do you regret having confessed then?” he asked. She didn’t dare answer him.

“You know, it was the right thing to do. You have taken the first step towards salvation.”

She remained silent and looked up at him.

“You need to confess a lot more,” said the priest, standing close to her. “You have to confess all your sins to me.”

She made the sign of the cross and said “Forgive me father, I have sinned.”

“No, I do not want words at this point,” he said, “it’s time to let your soul do some confessions.”

She looked at him without understanding and then gasped when he lifted his robes and revealed a semi-erect penis.

“Words are deceitful,” he said, “but your mouth can confess in other ways. Show me the way to your soul.”

He put a hand on her head and pulled her closer to him. She understood what he wanted and it was gross, embarrassing her to the extreme.

“Please,” she whimpered, tears leaping to her eyes.

“Use your mouth to speak with your soul,” he said, guiding her face closer to his penis. His cock smelled bad, the scent of urine and semen was strong. She tried to pull away from him, but he kept pulling her closer. She gagged when he pushed it into her mouth.

Interrogatio01.png(Source: Interrogatio - Die Metze)

“The inquisitor has my ear, Garazi,” said the priest slyly, “I can try to make him go easy on you.”


In the meantime the inquisitor and Don Fermin were upstairs, discussing how to proceed. They didn’t know about the priest’s visit to the cell of the witch and probably wouldn’t care either.

“She confessed,” said the inquisitor. “We can deliver her punishment soon.”

“I doubt she’s the only one,” said Don Fermin, “nobody becomes a witch without another witch.”

“That’s illogical,” said the inquisitor, “how could there have been a first witch then? Without a first witch, there could never be others.”

“Not my concern,” said Don Fermin grimly, “this young girl has others to work with, who have taught her. And I think I know where to start looking. Those Basques will learn not to mess with the crown of Spain.”

“This is not about politics, Don Fermin, it is a religious matter. I am fighting the devil’s work!”

“Yes, yes, of course,” said the nobleman quickly, “but I think both our goals will be served if you push the girl to confess who participated with her infernal services.”


Don Angel in the meantime was forcing the poor girl to suck on his cock. It was hard to get a full erection now that she was obeying and being in a dirty and stinking cell also didn’t help. But he knew how to get more excited by asking Garazi about some of the other girls in the village.

Interrogatio02.png(Source: Interrogatio - Die Metze)

“I saw you with some of the children at the river,” he said while Garazi kept using her mouth on his limp cock. It was hard to do, as he not only smelled bad, but he tasted worse. And despite her efforts he didn’t seem to be finishing soon.

“Isn’t that blond girl your friend?” he asked. Garazi tried to shake her head, while she kept licking and sucking on his cock.

“She helped you with the witch rituals, didn’t she?” Don Angel thought about the blond child. She was very young, probably didn’t even have tits yet. A real angel, with such a pure and innocent face. Ah, if only he could take her in for questioning. Thinking about such a young girl, naked and bound, suddenly gave him the erection he required. Garazi noticed how he grew harder and bigger. He even started leaking slime into her mouth.

“Ana is her name, right?” panted the priest. “Keep going, use your tongue, you’re doing excellent work, my child,” he grunted. Sweat was glistening on his forehead now.

“Did you make the child copulate with the devil? She took his horn inside her body, right? Just like you did.” Garazi shuddered and started weeping. His penis grew even harder and very warm in her mouth. She knew he was close now. But more disgusting than his deeds, were his words.

Interrogatio03.png(Source: Interrogatio - Die Metze)

“I bet Ana took the devil in her tiny ass,” he grunted. “And you helped him take the child. Holding his cock, guiding him between her buttocks, shoving it in…”

Suddenly he grunted loud, his penis twitched and he started spewing semen into Garazi’s wailing mouth.

“Swallow it, bitch,” he hissed and slapped her face. “You’ll pay for your sins!”

Interrogatio04.png(Source: Interrogatio - Die Metze)

Garazi pulled her face back, more semen spraying over her face.

“Ana was not part of anything,” she wept, “Please, you have to believe me. It was only me!”

“We’ll see,” said the priest while he adjusted his robes. “We’ll see…”

After the priest left, Garazi vomited, feeling sick to the core. And she realised it was far from over. She had to convince them she was the only witch. This time not to save herself or her love Unai, but to save the innocent girls of her village. She would rather die than give the filthy priest what he wanted.



“Christ died for our sins,” said the inquisitor while he held up a large candle. “He died on the cross, a most brutal and immoral way to die, but he turned the ugly into beauty and presented us with a horrid symbol of salvation. He gave us the light that has vanquished the darkness.”

Interrogatio05.png(Source: Interrogatio - Die Metze)

He now turned to the young woman who was stripped of her clothes and dragged towards a large wooden cross. She was put on the ground and then lifted up by her ankles. And while two henchmen held her up, a third bound her ankles with ropes to the crossbeam so she was hanging inverted.

Interrogatio06.png(Source: Interrogatio - Die Metze)

“You gave your beauty to the Beast,” continued the inquisitor, “and turned it into something hideous. No longer a chaste body intended to procreate life, but a false symbol of lust, senseless copulation and sin.”

Interrogatio07.png(Source: Interrogatio - Die Metze)

Garazi’s arms were pulled down and tied with ropes to the base of the cross.

“Fear not, young woman, the Lord has shown us the way of forgiveness. We know how to drive out evil and we’ll save you from darkness.”

The inquisitor lit the large candle, illuminating the scene. The room was mostly dark, except for a little bit of candle light on the table where the scribe was writing everything down that was happening. Garazi groaned. She had been gagged and could not speak, only grunt as her body had been manhandled into the inverted crucified position.

“Open her place of sin, the source of darkness, the root of all evil,” he said as the inquisitor gestured at the henchmen to prepare her further. The men used their fingers between Garazi’s spread legs, pulling her cuntlips wide open to grant access to her vagina. The inquisitor stepped forward, holding the large candle up.

Interrogatio08.png(Source: Interrogatio - Die Metze)

“Let the light drive out all evil,” he said and then he pressed the bottom of the candlestick between her lips and started to push it into her tight slit. Garazi cried out and shook as she wildly pulled at the ropes holding her in place.

“Do not resist the coming of the light, woman,” said the inquisitor, “do not denounce your rescue from the evil that has been seeded inside of you.”

He pushed the candlestick down, forcing it past her vaginal entrance and deeper into her tight orifice. The woman gave a loud but muffled wail of pain, shame and discomfort.

“Let the light set you free,” shouted the inquisitor, followed by several incantations in Latin. Deeper still the candlestick went, all the way down to her womb, where finally the broad base of the candlestick met too much resistance to go any further.

Interrogatio09.png(Source: Interrogatio - Die Metze)

Just as a candlestick in a holder doesn’t stay upright on it’s own, here too the candlestick wobbled, tilted and swayed with every jerk of the poor woman’s body. To give it more stability, the inquisitor used a smaller candle, which he received when he held out one hand, using his other to keep the larger candlestick upright inside the woman. Using the smaller candle he started to drip hot wax on the woman’s vulva, creating a fixing layer around the base of the larger candle so it was firmer stuck inside her vagina. Garazi screamed as she felt the hot wax dripping all over her vulva. The most horrid pain was felt when her clitoris was thoroughly covered with hot wax. Also between her lips a tight seal was created, burning the insides of her vulva, until the candle fully stabilized in this natural and living candleholder. Then finally the inquisitor stepped back, releasing the candlestick and leaving it in place. The flame flickered and the stick moved each time Garazi cried out and shook, her whole body wriggling and shaking with her weeping.

Interrogatio10.png(Source: Interrogatio - Die Metze)

After a few more prayers in Latin, the inquisitor gestured at the henchmen to proceed to the next phase.

“And now we will drive out the evil,” he said, “the beast may still hide inside a body that is illuminated by our Lord Saviour, but pain will drive him out.”

Interrogatio11.png(Source: Interrogatio - Die Metze)

Garazi screamed when suddenly she was hit on her stomach with a flogger. The leather strips of the flogger cut along her sensitive and tender skin, leaving red welts. She wept as the pain was so intense, she could hardly breathe. Another lash hit her across the stomach.

“Faster,” said the inquisitor, “don’t give the devil time to recover and hide himself in a new spot.”

Interrogatio12.png(Source: Interrogatio - Die Metze)

The lashes followed faster, hitting her sensitive stomach without time to let the pain ease down. Garazi screamed and shook all over as the onslaught continued.

Interrogatio13.png(Source: Interrogatio - Die Metze)

After dozens of lashes, the inquisitor stopped the flogging, but now he dripped hot candle wax on her nipples, covering both sensitive little knobs with a thick layer of hot wax, causing excruciating pains. When the lashes resumed, he told the henchman to focus on her breasts, lashing hard on her soft and sensitive orbs, sending flakes of candlewax across the room with each hit. Garazi was convulsing, choking and gagging at this point. And when they finally pulled the gag from her mouth, she vomited.

Interrogatio14.png(Source: Interrogatio - Die Metze)

“Thus we drive the evil from your body,” said the inquisitor.

Three more times they repeated this ceremony, until the poor girl lost consciousness.
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