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Tibool Labor Farm Girls Colorized

Who do you think is the most beautiful?

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  • Lee-Ann

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Not just colourised but also cropped and mirror-reversed..
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I’m not criticising, just observing how the cropping changes the composition (also it does seem a shame to lose Tibool’s signature!)
Yes, but Tibool is in the title of the thread and Convictedwoman is concentrating on the characters. They could be useful in any "Tibool" type illustrated stories.


Hi. Did you do the colouring? If you did then please tell us how you did it.
I would be interested in Western colouring programs, too, because I know only one relatively cheap program in Europe and it is a Russian one, which sold very well in Asian countries like India, which were relatively poor in the 1960's and 1970's and now, the children or grandchildren there want to have the marriage photos of their parents or grandparents in color, using this program:

Some years ago, I got this program for free because they wanted to have some of their internet pages translated into different languages and if you were able to translate them from Russian or English into German or Spanish, you could get some of their programs for free for your translations. I only remarked that it is a Russian one, when I asked my funny and friendly female contact person, who was writing eMails to me in almost perfect German, what a strange kind of time zone she was responding from and she answered, she was sitting in the very cold and very northern "Russian city of evergreen tomatoes", in Perm, where they had their headquarters in those times!


Oh! OK, in those days it was around 55 Euros, I think. Well, some of the Russians are obviously becoming more greedy and some poorer at the same time ... after 22 years with the same government ...


By the way: As you may have remarked, even Germans do not work so much right now because even they are having "a little problem" with something which is sometimes called "C-19" and so they are thinking about what to do with their spare time. For example, I am only working 3 or 4 nights a week now and I would have some time to colorize pictures, which I once really liked to do.
So, if you have historical black or white pictures and would like to know how they might look like in color, you could insert them here and I could colorize them within two days for free if I like the contents of the picture, too.

If they are more complicated - for example a historical Scottish Plaid or a check pattern - it could take very long and it turns from pleasure to work. I could do this, too, but no more for free.

Examples of pictures I really liked to colorize:

I am sometimes fascinated by aesthetic historical photos in black and white - and sometimes, I simply liked to know how they would look like in color because (maybe it sounds a bit crazy) for me, it is like getting the feeling that you were really there in the studio / atelier of the photographer or the artist, when you see a picture in color which it never was.
Sometimes, I really don't know what it is better now. The original in black & white or my colored version of it - what do you think?

7 b-w1_ji.jpg 8 b-w1_ji clrd_jia.jpg 1 artphoto1.jpg 3 artphoto1 clrd 2.jpg 4 retroretro05-158_jia.jpg 6 retroretro05-158_jiaaclrd_ji.jpg Historical Eroticism Original.JPG Historical Eroticism 1.jpg

Oh, and this is me in my first and unfortunately last "Porsche Cabriolet / Convertible", colored for reasons of historical research:

rotes auto 3 clrd-neue Groesse.jpg


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The original in black & white or my colored version of it - what do you think?
To use that wonderful German word “Geschmacksache”, a matter of taste.. mine is for the black and white originals, and not just because of the originality factor (although that plays a part too).. there’s a photographer I like on DeviantArt who always uploads two versions of each photo, one in colour and one in B/W, and I prefer the B/W versions even though they are just as “original” as the colour ones. So I guess I am just a B/W zealot.. but I am glad to see these versions by @Convictedwoman they makes me see Tibool’s work afresh! :p

Those are some sweet ass wheels dude ;)


I think, it depends on the "sujet" / "subject" of a photo if color is better or not. On the one hand and in my opinion, a landscape in black & white and in strong contrast could look much better or "dramatic" than in color.
On the other hand, when I colorize a black & white photo, I sometimes remark parts or "hidden secrets" in a picture which I did not notice before and I can put them in a color which makes these secrets really obvious.

It is similar like the problem of the people who are suffering from a color blindness and the most common of these is the "red-green-blindness", which they only see in different shades of grey. Usually, it is not so obvious or terrible for them, but when they are once in their lifes collecting fruits together with "normal" color seeing persons, then they wonder why the others find for example strawberries much faster than they do. For us, "red" is a completely different color from "green" but for them green is dark grey and red is light grey.
So, I sometimes was almost "shocked" when I colored black & white pictures.

In my colorizing program, I put a color with a virtual pencil into a field of the picture and this program recognizes the most margins / borders of the fields automatically, so at first, I only see the black & white picture with some color lines or points in it.

I do not really see the complete colorized picture until I let the program "run" - and after some seconds or even minures, the final completed picture in colors sometimes made me really say loud: "Wooow! This looks much more surprising and better than I thought to be possible before!"
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