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Tied Up

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These are a favorite of mine as well, partly because of the mouth spreader, but more so because of the reverse prayer binding of her arms. I like it the best when the bondage is a torture to endure, or at best extremely uncomfortable, and I think the binding in these pics do just that.
Glad you liked them. Perhaps I can find a few more. ;)
I saw this on the net I find it interesting


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Attempting to flee into the wild after the removal of female citizenship, like many women, she is unable to avoid capture. No longer a person, she is stripped down to naked flesh, and is stretched out taut on display, to be admired as a proud capture, before being cut down to serve out her role as naked chattel. Knowing like all women, she would eventually be caught, she has prepared for this moment, and remains stoic and resigned through the humiliation, but is still yet to get used to her new life as naked properthy, and the harsh training her naked body will soon be made to recieve.


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