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Tied Up

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Thomas Chaser

I read somewhere many years ago that prolonged hanging upside down was a torture/execution practiced in Asia. The victim would hang by the ankles, with gravity forcing all the blood down to the head, until they died. Because the head and face would become red, it was called the 'Chinese Lantern'. I have no idea if that's true or not.
Hanging upside down isn't a favorite position of mine, but it does give good access to the undersides of the breasts for.... whatever is on the agenda.
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Cruel World did something like this recently for an "Obstinate Girl Student" video with Veronica. Vidcaps attached. It also included water dunking and bag suffocation torture.


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Graf von Kreuzigung
Some girls wearing rope and tape.
"Fuck you!? After all the effort I did to tie your legs according to good practice? You should have asked before!":doh:
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