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Today's Shot. Louise.

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I believe I'm going to like Louise very much, with her long black hair:). Even better, she looks to have a great butt:)
Darn, ImageMaker, just when I save some cash, you come up with more hot models that I will have to collect their pics and videos:doh:


High Priestess of Slaanesh
Matter of taste of course.

Specifically, do you like the taste of smooth skin, or the taste of wiry little hairs?
Definitely the smooth skin - nothing worse than getting hair in your mouth!


Shaved is great, no hairs in mouth.

fat slave girl

Regina Servorum
While I appreciate that, when indulging in a spot of cunnilingus, it feels wonderful to apply your tongue to a perfectly smooth labia, when it comes to the visual image I have a fondness for sixties and seventies erotica, when the girls were all natural. Almost as if they'd been caught unawares, and never expected anyone to see them naked. I find that incredibly arousing!

I'm quite hairy at the moment, although I do shave sometimes. Maybe DP69 and I should have a public cunt-off?


Definitely the smooth skin - nothing worse than getting hair in your mouth!
Could not agree more DP 69. Smooth is wonderful and makes the pussy so inviting. Short trimmed is nice, no long hairs and assuming the slit is shaved. Hairy, well OK but as someone said the hairs do get in your mouth.
Now when it comes to the male, shaved or hairy?
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