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Travel to Crucifixion Island

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This new story will take you to an island where the crosses reign.
Led by the Swedish couple who participated in the crucifixion to the death of volunteers in the great saga of Carlos, new candidates for the cross will experience an epic adventure. .

Travel to Crucifixion Island

It will be almost 10 years since my wife, Karine and I, Francis, spend our vacation on the Mediterranean at Cap d'Agde known for its nudist beaches and the libertine that reigns there nonstop.

This is where we met last year a Swedish couple who have the same tendencies as us in terms of sex and BDSM and who has a real admiration for everything related to the crucifixion.

I must say that my wife often spoke to me about her desires to be able to be fixed naked on a cross but, until today, we had never dared to take the step.

So last summer, Birgitt, the Swedish woman, told us that a few years ago, they had the opportunity to assist and even participate in the voluntary crucifixion of eighteen people in a lost corner of the Lybian desert. !
Not crucifixions for laughter but many real crucifixions leading to death.

Since that day, she has had in mind the image of these people struggling and suffering on their cross and she always sees herself nailing them, whipping them.
A real feeling of guilt persists in her and she has sworn at the foot of these crosses to end her life this way but to date, she has not found the possibility of keeping her oath because her companion, Bjorn, is always categorically opposed to the realization of this fantasy that does not leave her and that the possibility of being crucified does not yet appear on every street corner!

This year, our friends and we decided to spend the holiday season together and invited them to our house with a few friends.

The Christmas Eve was very tender and very penetrating, in fact putting the little Jesus in the manger, we did not stop.

The next morning, at breakfast, Birgitt told us in detail all the story she lived with Bjorn!

Arrived there via a forum specialized in crucifixion, they only intended to sexually take advantage of all occasions and to attend a truly unique spectacle, the suffering and death of people determined to go until the end of their ultimate fantasy, death by crucifixion.

At first it went without a problem, but as time went on, more candidates for the end on the cross came forward and we hired them as executors.
Their sadistic side pushed them, but soon she found herself loving her victims and the others too.
In addition, this cross acted on her like a magnet on a nail.
She began to envy these people, their situation on the cross!
She wanted to be nailed naked, totally exposed, to suffer like them, to enjoy like them, to die like them.
Alas or fortunately, there was no more cross available.
There, she swore an oath at the foot of the cross, in front of the corpses of these people that one day, she would join them.
This moment may have come.

One of our guests, a Canadian, told us that she had heard of this saga which she had to attend with a friend of hers, Kathy, but, at the last minute, she had to give up.
She never saw her friend who had made the trip.
Birgitt tells her to remember very well her friend who is one of the people she crucified and who died bravely on her cross after having suffered terribly and having gone through an unimaginable number of orgasms!

With that, Birgitt made us a proposal for our next vacation!

She discovered the existence of a small island lost at the end of nowhere, property of a multi billionaire and called "The island of the crucifixion".

According to her, this place is a paradise for lovers of the cross!
Nothing is compulsory there, but everything is possible!
It goes from the simple spectator to death on the cross, each one makes his program as he wishes.

I can imagine what she has in mind and probably aims for the final realization of her fantasy.

The proposal is tempting and we will think about it.

It is really an opportunity for us to discover all the facets of this torture that makes us so fantasize.


Terra Nova Tramp
I now refuse to be called Jennifer!

From now on, I want to be called Kathy as my friend who died crucified and that I have basically let go of.

I blame myself and deserve to undergo the same torture as her, but would I have the courage?

I find that the destination proposed by Birgitt is great and I hope that Karine, Francis and Starbuckslut will opt for this very special holiday but, knowing them all, I am convinced that the question no longer arises for them and that It is with a certain enthusiasm that we will leave together.

How am I going to be able to react to everything that is going to be offered to me there?

I always liked to be exhibited and offered naked to undergo the worst abuses and the worst humiliations!

It is in my nature and, in my BDSM club, even if I am not touched, I would enjoy just by being naked in front of naked or dressed people!

It's stronger than me, I react to the quarter turn, my breast ends, very sensitive, harden, my vulva moistens, my intimate lips part to give access to my soaked vagina and my clitoris which stands like a little dick.

Just thinking about it, I feel my stomach contract and feel an irresistible desire to be invaded in all my openings by large hard penises, swollen with blood that would plow me before ejaculating in me in long powerful and hot jets !

Without even touching me, I enjoy intensely.

I believe that I am ready to face this cross which attracts me and, even if it kills me, to leave towards my destiny, towards my final fantasy!

I regret not having been by your side, my dear friend, but I am happy to soon join you, to follow the same path as you



The proposal Birgit made to us appeals to me enormously!

I must say that I always dreamed of being nailed to a cross one day.

It seems that the suffering is terrible but that we also experience repeated orgasms.

I am a fountain woman, exhibitionist, terribly maso and very resistant to pain, but I wonder if I would dare to go all the way, to the point of dying on the cross.

I close my eyes and imagine the scene!
Sentenced to death, naked, flogged in front of a sadistic crowd, raped by all my openings, forced to parade always naked in the streets with my patibulum on my shoulders to the place of my crucifixion!
Nailed to my cross and erected under the jibes of people wishing to see me suffer and die!
I see myself on my cross, breasts raised by the position of my nailed arms, my shaved pussy, dripping, well open to view and available to who wants to enjoy!
Suffering the martyr but going through unimaginable orgasms that only the crucifixion can allow you to reach.

Really living this scene in thought, I can not help touching my clitoris and masturbating cheerfully.

My pussy squirts, I experience a crazy orgasm.

From what Birgitt told us, death is possible but not compulsory, everyone does what they want there!

I will do my best to convince Francis so that we leave with Birgitt and Bjorn in this paradise of the cross!

Once there, there will always be time to see what we want and how far we want to go.

I sincerely hope that if, as I want more and more, we go to this island, my companion, Francis, will not prevent me from realizing my fantasies and that he will accompany me whatever the desires that we have decided to make real.

I am really impatient and ready for anything.



The more time passes, the more I am determined to keep the promise I made at the foot of the crosses of these people whom I helped to crucify.

I have constantly in my head this image of me finally nailed naked to my suffering cross and enjoying before I die.
I talked about it so much to Bjorn, I folded his ears so many times with my fatal destiny which is inevitable that he ended up accepting and even decided, out of love for me, to accompany me in this suicide organized.

I am very happy to have told others about it, to have told them my whole story and to have offered to accompany us.

I believe I have convinced them and feel stronger knowing that my cross will not be tackled alone but surrounded by loyal friends.

They'll go all the way like me ?

I don't know but anyway, once they get there everyone does what they want and no one has to die!

I felt the women more receptive to my proposal and especially Jennifer who wants to be called Kathy as her friend whom I crucified!
I remember her as if it were yesterday, very courageous and very determined!
I still see myself licking her vulva and bringing her to orgasm, making her forget for a moment the pains of her crucifixion.
She died in silence, with dignity, a smile on her lips, happy to have managed to go to the end of her fantasy.

Physically, her friend looks very much like her and I think she is terribly angry at having let her die alone!

Starbuckslut also seemed to be delighted with my proposal!

I do not know her personally but she gave me the impression of being someone determined who seeks to exceed her limits whatever the cost, even if there is death on arrival.

I appreciate her terribly and am happy to have been able to make love with her last night, I love her breasts with large areolas and her sex yet well hidden by her intimate lips.
We will probably have the opportunity to make love again together and I hope that, when I will be nail to my cross, she will lead me to orgasm with her tongue wriggling on my clitoris.

The other two, I know them, I have never met anyone as resistant to pain as Karine, suffering is her kingdom but, from there, going to death is still a huge step cross !

Francis is more down to earth and I feel him more reluctant!
Finally, madly in love as he is with his wife, he cannot refuse her anything.

These four plus my Bjorn and I are going to be a great team!

I madly hope that everyone will be on the trip!


What an interesting thread!
I will be following it closely and perhaps I will “travel” to the island and witness some of the action.
I wish to all of you a long and painful and satisfying crucifixion!
Dear Carlos,
you are welcome, you can join us when you want to see us or to participate because the island has no shortage of crucifixions and free crosses.
Everyone is welcome!


I am very happy to have responded to the invitation from Karine and Francis and also to have met Birgitt and Bjorn. Jennifer, the Canadian, I already knew her and greatly enjoyed making love with her, who knew how to reveal herself in an intoxicating sweetness.

The proposal made by Birgitt is most enticing!

This paradise island for crucifixion lovers completely corresponds to my aspirations.

I have in my mind this desire to try a cross, to find myself exhibited in front of everyone.

I have already had the opportunity to test my resistance in the club but I believe that I have never managed to exceed my limits.

I have within me this need to suffer, to reach the divine moment when suffering gives way to enjoyment!
My best orgasms, that's how I reached them!
The more I am tortured, the more I am hurt and the more violent and devastating my orgasms are, I believe that then, I am no longer myself and, if I die then, I would not even surrender account.

Am I perverse, slutty, abnormal, probably, but I do not seek problems with anyone and, selfishly, think only of me, only my pleasure and also, in spite of everything, that of those or those who chose to share it.

I can't wait to leave even if I have to never come back!

The adventure is so exciting that I can already see myself there!

I fully trust the five people who will accompany me, I know that they have no back door and that to suffer the worst abuse in their company will be a daydream.

I hope to be up to snuff and not fall apart at the last moment!

I believe that finally, my greatest fantasy is about to come true.


After discussions and mature reflections, it's okay, we opt for this unique experience, we will test our reactions to completely improbable situations.

So there are six of us, Birgitt and Bjorn, Karine and me Francis, as well as our two friends, the Canadian, who wants to be called Kathy in memory of her friend, and Starbuckslut our English friend.

Well decided, the six of us therefore fly to our destiny without really knowing what we will find.

There is no airport on the island where we go and it is therefore by three hours by boat that we will end our journey.

When we got off the boat, I was very disappointed because it was not very engaging!

A pier then some offices and hangars, very industrial!
We were taken to an office where we took note of our reservations and where we were asked to leave all our personal items and all our clothes!
We each received a towel to cover our nudity, telling us that we would find everything we needed in our accommodation.

Once the formalities have been completed and a few hundred meters further, the landscape changes completely!

We change century, millennium and we find ourselves in a Greco-Roman city!

Everything is just white marble, immaculate, virginal.

A Roman villa with all comforts has been assigned to us!
Everything that a rich Roman patrician could dream of is there and, in addition, we are allocated four slaves, two females and two males.

We all die of envy to discover our mysterious island and, after a quick passage in the baths of the villa and a detour by the cloakroom, we all leave dressed with a very short Greek toga with a strap leaving half of the visible chest and, obviously, without any underwear.

We are like children discovering a new toy, our eyes gleaming while contemplating the wonders that await us.

Small shops, restaurants, drinking places, souvenir shop, jewelry store, everything a tourist needs and, on the agora, ten stipes for flogging.

For now, it's two PM and it's the hottest time of the day, everything seems calm!

We therefore continue our walk on a Roman see which bears the name of: "Crucibus aditum", avenue of the cross.


We leave the city and, directly, we arrive on a real field of cross.

On both sides of the track, crosses are erected two by two meters!
Some are free and others are occupied by people of both sexes, some are nailed, others are linked, some are dead and others are little better.

Despite the suffering visible on the victims' faces, it is rather calm.

Dressed walkers like us and even naked admire the crucified, watched by guards of both sexes dressed only with a loincloth which does not hide anything from their privacy.

It is truly impressive, incredible, as many people as the crosses have attracted.
We are really full of eyes and we are speechless, really not knowing what to say!

We arrive at a fork and turn right into the: "montem trahentium", hill path that we climb until we reach the top of this hill on which are also planted a dozen crosses. Always so impressed, we are content to admire these additional crucified ones who have chosen to dominate the island!

Another small path opens to our left, the "trahentium litore", the beach path that we take.

So here we are in a small cove with, planted in the water, a new series of crosses garnished with men and women staring at the sea.

We want to enter the water to be able to admire these crucified when a guard stops us and stipulates that to pass in the water before these crosses, we must be completely naked.
Our clothes quickly land on the beach and we engage in this warm water of a transparent green blue.

Barely after a few seconds, I see that Birgitt is attracted by a woman tied on a cross at the foot of which a man stands caressing her crotch!

She walks towards them, starts the conversation and beckons us to join her.

Directly, she makes the introductions!
The woman on the cross is called Aline and was the right arm of the "cruxmistress" during the adventure in the desert and the man is called Pete and is the widower of the mistress whom he helped to die.
Since this episode, they have not left each other and, like Birgitt, are obsessed with crosses and have been there for two days to test their wills to find out if they are strong enough to resist the cross that keeps obsessing them.
They rented the cross on which Aline is tied for the day in order to try the crucifixion for an hour .
Pete has already had his turn and says he is delighted with the experience, that, of course, the position is very uncomfortable and relatively painful, but that Aline greatly helped him by her presence, her encouragement and her caresses.

Exposed as she is, Aline is very beautiful and very desirable, moreover, Birgitt understood this and began to lick her completely offered vulva.
The reaction of Aline is not long in coming nor that of Pete who takes advantage of Birgitt's position to penetrate her suddenly.
Karine grabbed Bjorn's erect cock and masturbates it before kneeling in the water and offering him her mouth.
On the two crosses to the left of Aline are probably nailed definitely a man and a woman in their forties, Karine, Starbuckslut and I talk to them a little!
They have been crucified since yesterday and seem to endure their ordeal more or less well.
Starbuckslut bends over the man and, while stroking his balls, begins to give him a clever blowjob.
She grabbed my cock and, without further ado, directs me into her.
Kathy, for her part, undertakes to relieve the woman !
After having ejaculated too quickly in SBS, it is Kathy's turn to receive me in her.

After a good moment of enjoyment, we find ourselves stretched to seven in the sea watched by Aline from the top of her cross.

She looks really happy and looks very surprised to see guards walking towards her and freeing her from her cross.

A little stiff but very satisfied with her experience, she joins us in the water.

We are no longer six, we will be eight for the rest of the events.


Terra Nova Tramp
If I hadn't seen it with my own eyes, I wouldn't have believed it!

Crosses as far as the eye can see, people voluntarily crucified, some linked and, worse, many nailed until death ensues!

Besides, some are almost dead, living their last moments in endless suffering.
Women, men, old, young, beautiful, ugly!
There is everything and it is really impressive.

We walk very slowly on this Roman road, not knowing whether to look left or right!
The sight of these naked people is unimaginable.
What is also very striking is the serenity which can be seen on the face of each of the crucifieds as if all were happy to find themselves exposed on a cross.
It is very beautiful and very addictive, very exciting too!
I feel my pussy run down my thighs, imagining myself in the place of these people.
I know that I will also be like them, naked, exposed on a cross but, although I want to join my friend, I still do not know if I will have the courage to be nailed definitively to end my life.

But we are not yet at the end of our discoveries, after the climb of a stony path, we reach the top of a hill at a new field of crosses as busy.
the frame and the view are different but the result is the same, death for those who chose it.

Another path leads us to a small cove with, of course, another series of crosses by the ocean.

I like the place enough and, in order to be able to pass in front of the crosses, a guard forces us to put ourselves naked.

The water is warm and I can't help to totally immerse myself in it !

I hardly benefit because Birgitt has recognized a crucified woman and wants to present her to us!

While waiting for her to end her stay on the cross, we find nothing better than making love!

Personally, my head full of crucifixion, I could not resist a nailed woman, I spread her intimate lips, discovered her clitoris and started to stroke it before surrounding her with my lips and tickling it of my tongue!
She reacted directly, purring like a cat in heat.
A cock came to penetrate me and started to come and go in me in a very pleasant way!
Unfortunately, Francis must have been very excited because he was quick to ejaculate in me in long jets!
I now have two fingers in the wet pussy of the woman and did not let go of her clitoris.
The orgasm which crosses it is impressive!

I am happy with myself, for a short moment, I made her forget that her death was approaching by leaps and bounds from her and her pleasure knew how to replace her suffering.

Lying in the water, we witness the descent of the cross from the woman who, in fact, is called Aline before leaving for our villa, the fatigue of the journey being present in each of us.

However, knowing my companions, I very much doubt that the night which will soon fall will be very relaxing



Our trip went very well and I am terribly happy that the six of us are together.

The disappointment at the arrival site was followed by the discovery of a marvel!

This Greco-Roman city is splendid.

The real surprise was still to come and, as soon as I left the city, I found myself completely amazed!
This site is not the island of the crucifixion but the paradise of the crucifixion.

The alignment of all these crosses on both sides of the avenue is a real work of art!

These people, all volunteers and having chosen their torture, leave me speechless.
I find them all magnificent, whether they are tied or nailed to their cross, whether they are there to test themselves or to die, whether they are suffering or enjoying, all of them please me and make me want to.

I feel my pussy run and have a mad desire to touch them, to caress them, to help them but I am trained by Francis who tells me that, for the moment, we are visiting and not participating yet, alas!

The head filled with the images of all these crucified, I mechanically climb the path of the hill with the others to finally arrive at another crucifixion site.

I never thought that so many people would be attracted to the cross because on the top of the hill, a new field of cross appears to us.
Most of the crosses are occupied, it's unimaginable!
Here, on this height, we have a complete panorama of the whole island, I understand the people who chose to be crucified at this place!

I want to talk to them but, once again, I have to follow the others on another path that leads us to a creek where other crosses are erected feet in the water.

Guards impose nudity on us to enter the sea and pass in front of the crosses.

On one of them, Birgitt found an acquaintance and explained to us who it was.
Tied on a cross, she is busy testing herself.

The meeting quickly turned into an orgy and I must say that after taking care of Bjorn, he did the same for me, in the sea, it was exquisite and I think that the others also had a very pleasant time until when the guards released Aline since that is her name.

I can't get over the spectacle that I was given to contemplate today, my desire to find myself naked on the cross increases more and more, I think that this cross irresistibly attracts me!

I don't think I will ever leave this island.


Graf von Kreuzigung
Hey yes! My dear Lox, the world is small and only the mountains do not meet!
Aline and Pete are with us and will share our torment!
Aline! My still wandering ghost will descend over the Island, eagerly watch you suffering! I shall whisper inaudible hauntings in your ears! I shall administer you harsh ectoplasmic whippings, that will spiritually hurt ya like hell! Yes, Aline, Loxuru is around, and he will make you remembering him, without you recognising him! Aline, thou shall be tormented with unexplicable confusion and mares on your cross! (ghostly laughter, fading out).;)
(damn, maybe she likes it)!:D



I expected to find exceptional scenes on this island but what I discover at the same time as my companions exceeds, by far, everything I had imagined.

I thought I had gone back two thousand years!

All these crosses erected on the edge of this Roman road, these people nailed or tied waiting for their death or the end of their crucifixion test really impressed me.
I really would not have believed that so many people, in our time, are amateurs, even in love with the crucifixion which remains, without question, the slowest and most painful death that exists.

And the calm that reigns at this very, too hot hour is impressive!
I expected screams of pain but I could say that all of these crucifieds seem rather stunned by the sun and are busy recovering from the abuse they suffered and preparing for those who will follow.

We just pass and take the direction of the top of the hill where, there too, crosses are erected.

This place makes me think more of what I lived in the desert and the people who are nailed and dying on these crosses bring back to me these cruel memories that haunt me and excite me at the same time and increase my want to find me in their place.

Although in awe of these crucified people whom I have a terrible desire to touch, I let myself be drawn into another path that descends to the sea.

The place is idyllic and I can easily understand the people who chose it to die on a cross planted in translucent water and constantly refreshed by a gentle sea breeze.
A guard forces us to strip to get into the water and pass in front of the crosses!

The water is warm and good for our bare feet, scalded by the hot marble and injured by sharp stones.

- Birgitt! Is it you?

Where does this call come from, from a cross?

I turn around and, surprised, tied on the cross, Aline!
One of the main collaborators of the organizer in chief, Christina, who could not bear the death of the seventeen people whom she had crucified and wanted to suffer the same fate as her victims, and, at the foot of her cross, Pete the widower of Christina who helped her to die!

- My dear Birgitt, what a pleasure to meet you here!

- It's a shared pleasure but what are you doing there linked to this cross?

- It's a long story that I will tell you once my crucifixion time is over!

I find her very beautiful and very comfortable on her cross and I can't help touching her.

I run my hand between her legs and see that she is soaked!
I replace my hand with my mouth and my tongue and immediately feel her react positively!
Pete reminds me that he too is present by penetrating my vagina with a hard and very stiff cock!

After a while, the three of us enjoy together and I see that the others have also had a good time.

All lying in the water, we are waiting for Aline's descent from the cross to leave for our villa.
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