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I'm finally going to be able to fulfill the greatest of my fantasies, the one that keeps my pussy dripping when I think about it.

All my life, I have always loved that my breasts are tortured and, moreover, I must say that they underwent all the tortures possible and imaginable as long as the aftereffects do not last too long because life went on !
My ends were pierced by innumerable needles, they were tightened by ropes until they took all the colors of the rainbow, I was suspended but all this abuse, although having allowed me to enjoy enormously, always left me a little bit hungry.

Today, my last day, I am going to die and therefore have no further fear of these after-effects that will accompany me to my grave.

I am really happy and totally ready to definitely exceed my limits with the total destruction of my udders.

My pussy squirts when I see my executioners approach me with white-hot pincers in their hands.

I should be scared, terrified, but it's more of a feeling of pleasure that runs through me.

My pussy drips even harder as I feel the warmth of the clamps approaching my nipples and I cum straight away as they try to pull them out.

I'm no longer myself, I scream my enjoyment and it increases even more when they begin to cut my breasts little by little until only bloody sores remain in the places of my breasts of which I was so proud .

The rest is also part of my fantasy!

To die naked on a cross, my breasts completely destroyed and finally completed by a fatal flogging using flagrum Romans with thongs lined with shards, thorns and balls of lead.

I know I'm going to be completely devastated but that's what I wanted.

The lashes start to fall on my body but I am no longer in pain!

On the contrary, I have reached the point of no return and every time the whip tears off bits of flesh, I cum.

It's great to be able to die like you've dreamed of all your life!

It’s like my soul has already run away from my body!

My body is now just a heap of bloody flesh which does not stop my tormentors.

Little by little, I feel the life escaping from my body!

Lightning flashes through me and suddenly I feel like my heart is exploding in my chest, I can't breathe, I can't breathe, this is the end!

Goodbye my friends, goodbye life.



I look at Bjorn's corpse hanging on his cross and I'm quite glad he didn't have to be crucified for as long as we did!

For him, deliverance came sooner, and as he was not so inclined to appreciate suffering like me, his departure to the afterlife was very timely.

Me, still of course nailed naked to my cross, I start hoping that the last torture will happen quickly so that I can go and join him as soon as possible because the pain I feel has become really unbearable.

It started a while ago and Karine, Kathy and Starbuckslut have already joined my Bjorn!

I have to say that their suffering was truly unimaginable and their death must have been a deliverance for each of them.

Karine is no longer human as the whips destroyed her body and the two others, impaled, we must have seen their death coming as a blessing.

Still, it seems to me that Starbuckslut's final moments must not have been completely unpleasant given the generous support Corinne gave her.

I sincerely hope that when the time is right, this sweet little Dutch girl will also come and shower me with her expert tongue.

We therefore remain at three to await the passage of the executioners.

The first to have his legs broken is Francis, who seems to be at the end of his rope and seems to be slowly dying.

So here are my executioners stepping forward to take care of me!

The iron bars they hold in their hands seem indestructible and I can easily understand that no human bone can resist them.

The first two blows are for my shoulders which they demolish without even making an effort and the following ones hit me just below the knees revealing my broken tibia and fibula.

It’s impossible for me to describe how I feel because the pain is so strong and unimaginable.

I can no longer pull on my arms nor push on my legs, I have become a carcass of meat hanging miserably on the cross!

I'm choking and giving myself little more than a few minutes of life.

Luckily, Corinne had read in my eyes that I was hoping she wasn't going to let me down in my last moments and applies to my death coming along with my last orgasm.

I feel it coming, it invades me, I scream my pleasure, last trip without returning to the land of enjoyment because my sight has just been veiled, I no longer hear any noise, I feel serene, happy to go find others !

I smell like a ...



I see that I am the last of the group still alive!

I am happy for my companions that their agony did not last too long because I felt that they had all suffered enough before.

My whole lower body is asleep, already dead!

With broken hips and knees, I can only rely on my arms to allow me to hoist myself up more and more with difficulty and thus be able to inhale the little enough air so as not to suffocate too quickly!

So the trip ends!

Tomorrow our corpses will be depended and burned together before our ashes are scattered in the sea!

In the meantime, they serve as a meal for birds of prey who were on the lookout for death to be able to make feast.

Although still alive, these birds are already posed on my patibulum to await my death to feed on my flesh.

For now, there is absolute calm on the avenue!

Is it out of respect for our suffering and our death that the crowd who witnessed our agony is silent.

There is Corinne who walks towards me and asks me how I feel, if I am not in too much pain?

In a voice that was already overwhelming, I replied that I was simply going through what I wanted and that I was not unaware that the suffering I was going to experience was going to be abominable!

She also asks me if I don't want anything more and I tell her that I still wish I had some water to wet my mouth and lips.

Immediately she leaves and comes back with a spear with a dripping sponge pricked into it.

This cool water allows me to talk to her for a while and ask her to give me one last orgasm so that I can go away in a moment of intense enjoyment!

Slowly, she sets to work with certain pleasure and I quickly realize that my femininity is not at all insensitive as my legs and my entire lower body have become!

I let myself be carried away by the caresses of her skillful tongue and close my eyes, hoping to take my last breath as the orgasm passes through me.

Suddenly, in the midst of an orgasm, I feel my pussy squirt in Corinne's mouth as my breathing locks in and my heart stops beating.

I still have the strength to scream my pleasure before I let myself be carried away by death!

I am coming my friends, wait for me to make the trip together, I am with you, our fantasy is fully realized.



Here it is, everything is finished!

These people I got used to so quickly are all dead and their bodies, still naked and still hot, will remain on display until tomorrow on their cross!

Is such an outcome for the realization of a fantasy really reasonable?

I sincerely believe that to want to die this way naked on a cross, even if you have dreamed of it all your life, does not amount to madness?

It was their idea, it was their desire!

I also like to be exposed naked on a cross, to suffer infinitely, but I do not see myself, at least not yet, going to death despite the tremendous attraction that this cross has on me.

Anyway, I hope they were satisfied with my service and appreciated the way I helped them leave our world.

I am convinced that it was part of their desires to go through one last pleasure.

I still taste all their secretions in my mouth and I feel a terrible urge to make love at the feet of their cross.

I have this deep desire inside of me to receive a cum shower from as many men as possible!

I lay down on the floor, spread my arms and legs as far as possible and invite the spectators to come and possess me!

Amateurs are not long in coming and many people are in charge of fulfilling my desires!

I don't know how many times I have cum, how many cocks have penetrated me or how much semen I have received through all my holes and on my skin but I feel calmed down as if I need this to forget for a moment the real sorrow I feel at seeing my friends on their cross.

I call Jan who obviously participated in the gang bang I just had to tell him that I want to spend the night here at my friends' feet and accompany them until the end tomorrow.

I also assure him that, sooner or later, I will have acquired that grain of madness that will allow me to join them in death in the same way and in the same suffering as them.

For tomorrow, after the ashes have been scattered, I ask him to reserve a cross for me on the beach for four hours of crucifixion with, too bad for the possible after-effects, nails that will go through my wrists because I have this mad desire to feel pierced by these steel points.

He is free to accompany me or not!

I have become addicted to the cross and nothing can prevent me too from one fine day possessing me entirely.

I will join you, my friends, I swear it.


Assistant executioner
am i too late? this sounds like something i can tag along with




I just spent the night with my friends!

I didn’t sleep a night, I watched over them as if they had been my close family!

By the moonlight and the stars and torches that had been lit, they looked still alive, magnificent in their resplendent nudity!

Besides, I couldn't resist touching them, penetrating them as if they had still been able to feel pleasure thanks to my caresses!

I am very sad to have lost them and have deep in my heart a regret not to be with them, among them!

I think I sincerely envy them even though I currently don't want to die.

The sun has barely appeared on the horizon and already the guards arrive pulling a cart to transport the corpses to the crematorium.

Calmly, religiously, with sure respect, they unhook the corpses one after the other and put them on the cart!

I am prostrate, I never tire of contemplating these naked corpses that we take away!

I ask if I can be authorized to accompany them until the end of their journey?

The manager grants me this privilege and, to fully share their privacy, I lie on top of them on the cart.

Strange funeral convoy which brings us in front of the ovens which await them to reduce them to dust.

Two by two, they are introduced into these incandescent mouths which quickly turn them into ashes.

In about two hours, it was all over and I was left with an urn containing what remains of them.

Once at sea, it is my job to scatter their ashes, to hand them over to the ocean.

On the pier, Jan, obviously naked, is waiting for me and tells me that my cross on the bay facing the sea is waiting for me!

He preferred not to undergo this crucifixion like me.

I will therefore be alone in front of the sea!

Passing through the agora, my patibulum is waiting for me and it is loaded onto my shoulders so that I can lead it myself to the place of my crucifixion.

The sleepless night, the weight of the beam on my shoulders and the sharp stones that attack my bare feet make the road to the beach through the hill a real superhuman ordeal but I clench my teeth and c I'm totally exhausted that I collapse on the beach.

My patibulum is directly assembled with the stipe waiting for it and I am asked to put myself in position on the wood of my cross.

They tie my feet first before holding me with my arms outstretched.

I look at my frail wrists and wonder if I am not busy committing a gigantic stupidity but my desires are so strong that I am ready for anything.

So it is with good grace that I let myself go and wait for these steel points to pierce my wrists.

On both sides at the same time, the hammers hit the heads of the nails that secure me to my cross!

It’s horror, as if lightning had just passed through my body as it entered through my wrists! I scream, implore pity, insult my torturers but nothing helps, my wrists are well and truly nailed in the wood of my cross.

Immediately after, my cross was raised and I therefore found myself crucified, alone facing the ocean!

The pain makes me delirious a little and I seem to see crosses coming out of the sea filled with all my friends who come to accompany me in my suffering.

Little by little my pain subsides a little, my four hour crucifixion has started, will I come out with new ideas in mind?

I do not know !

This is another story that begins!



Assistant executioner
i'm a chinese tourist who came here to watch everyone getting nailed to crosses

all these women in their prime, so beautiful just like the island, becoming part of the scenery and i saw their every flinch and heard their every shout

though if anyone were to ask me to tell the truth, i longed to become one of them, to have my turn at putting away notions of dying of disease or old age and go out at the peak of my physical beauty and to contribute to the scenery as well and, hopefully, delighting the senses of the other tourists on this island...

i wonder if there's something i can do, or anyone i can ask about this
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