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Lying naked, nailed to my cross, I have the impression that the pain that I am supposed to feel has passed into the background since my excitement and my sexual desires are important!

I obviously feel a certain pain where nails pierce my flesh but I have the impression that my breasts will explode, that my nipples will detach from me as they are hardened and point.
Where it works me the most is obviously between the legs!
My intimate lips which are usually already quite large are swollen with blood, my clitoris points out of its hiding place like a small erect cock and my vagina is dripping, open as if to invite penetration.

I move a lot, opening and closing my thighs, trying to rub them against each other to get to trigger the orgasms that my body expects, hopes.

Two couples have spotted me and are coming to me, a woman settles directly on my face and offers me her pussy to taste while the other, motherfucker fucked by her companion comes to take care of my vulva with a very clever tongue which transmits me electric waves which crosses my body from bottom to top.

I would like to scream the pleasure that invades me but the drooling sex that I am licking prevents me!

I pitch up, arch my arms, offer my erect clitoris to my mouth!
I am no longer myself, I sail in another dimension and when a very hard cock comes to replace the tongue which caresses me and that another comes to invade my mouth, that only prolongs the interplanetary journey that I am doing .

I am in paradise, it is nirvana, I would like it to last forever but the two dicks practically discharge into me.

In a semi unconsciousness, I see that the two women take their men in hand and then receive their tributes in noisy orgasms.

I almost forgot that I am nailed and that I will soon be erected to die slowly and cruelly on my cross.

My executioners who did not fail to masturbate while watching me enjoy offer me a shower of sperm before resuming their work!

My cross begins to rise and suddenly the pain takes precedence over pleasure!

As much as the horizontal position could please me, the path that leads me to verticality is difficult to bear!

The weight of my body rests more and more on my nailed wrists and I really have the impression that these will tear and that I will detach myself from my cross!

But the work was well done, I do not risk falling, the nails which cross my wrists and the feet are well in place and, in an increasing suffering, keep me well glued to the wood of my cross.

Once the vertical position is reached, it remains to stabilize my cross and anchor it definitively in the hole provided for this purpose.

The shock that accompanies the short fall of my cross in the hole is very painful and, immediately after, it is calm, stillness, my cross and I, firmly attached to it, are in place, ready to begin the last stage of my journey to my death!



There it's done !

I am now in the final position in which I will remain until my death.

I let the pain due to the shock of the fall of my cross in its anchor hole fade a bit thinking that, now, I am really on the path that will allow me to join Pete and my friends crucified in Libya, same torments and even death.

A man has already taken me through my first orgasm of crucified and, in my head, I take stock of the situation.

So here we are all eight definitively crucified, destined to suffer and die on our cross.

We will receive a drink every two hours, Roman style, with a sponge at the end of a lance but it will be fresh water, no foul mixture.

Flogging is also planned every six hours, light flogging, not murderous, about twenty shots in order to be able to test our reactions and our reflexes and see where we are in our agony.

One hour before sunset and until dawn, we will be hooked to spend the night!
This hook will not be mandatory and, if for men it will necessarily be anal, women will have the choice between anal or vaginal penetration or even both.
This will allow the muscles of the limbs to rest a little and facilitate breathing.

An additional injection will also be given in the mornings!

Then comes the fateful moment of the forty eight hours of crucifixion!

At that time the crucified ones still alive will be inflicted the torture which each one chose in order to accelerate his death which will logically follow in the next hours!

The crucified deceased will remain exposed as long as one of them is alive with a maximum of four days.
The dead bodies will be cremated together and their ashes will be scattered at sea.

Remembering the program that awaits us, I did not notice that a man approached me and I jump when he inserts two fingers into my vagina in search of my G-spot.

To enjoy is obviously authorized and even advised to us, the crowd has all the rights with regard to us and we are obliged to undergo all the sexual torments which people wish to impose on us.

The man does me a lot of good and sends me to seventh heaven, the orgasm that crosses me is divine and, sincerely, I love this digital rape.

Before feeling the pangs of the crucifixion that will soon follow, I am happy to be able to enjoy in such a way!

I hope that this will happen again often and replace for a moment the pains that I will not fail to feel.



Now my crucifixion has really started!
I wanted it and am very happy to know that my life will end at the same time as the realization of the greatest of my fantasies!

Under a blazing sun that burns my skin, I could appreciate the learned blowjob that a beautiful blonde out of the crowd was kind enough to give me!
This woman has a formidable technique and a fairy tongue against which I could not resist for a long time and I quickly gratified her with a powerful ejaculation that she seemed to enjoy.

The cross is cruel, it never gives the least moment of respite to its victim!

It starts with the pain caused by the nails which pierce my limbs and which, at the slightest movement, send like flashes of pain through the whole body!

But I move, I can't help it, I pull on my arms, push on my legs and realize that I am really undergoing the worst torture that will lead me to death.

I now have a crazy urge to urinate and I realize that I will not be able to hold myself long!
In permanent erection, I do not know where my jet will end up and as many people are massed in front of me, I feel that I will go through a huge moment of shame.
But it's stronger than soft and, suddenly, a powerful stream of urine spurts from my penis!
Fortunately, people laugh rather than blame me and consider it a normal reaction.

Around and in front of me, my companions discover at the same time as me the discomfort of the cross!

Of course we tested it with strings but being nailed changes all the data.
The whole weight of our body is now supported by steel points which pierce our flesh and make us scream at the slightest movement!
Soon the cramps will arrive as well as the difficulties to breathe normally, the thirst will settle and, even if we are watered a little, this will not be enough to calm this ceaseless desire to drink.

For sex, there is no problem, the crowd will not fail to take care of us but we have to think that each time we have fun, we will come out more and more exhausted because if the cross authorizes us these sexual interludes, it is to better regain possession of us then and tirelessly approach our death.

We have chosen the cross and we will have to endure it until the end, the fact of complaining and any regrets or remorse will not change anything, our path is definitively traced and we can only accept to follow it in pain and also, fortunately, in moments of infinite enjoyment that only the cross can offer us.



The first moments when you are crucified are quite strange!

When, like us, we are crucified volunteers, it is an unimaginable pride that runs through you.
I am happy with the situation I currently occupy!
Proud to expose my naked body, martyred and awaiting the intervention of people in the crowd to be able to reach summits of enjoyment which are only possible on the cross.

The injection we were given makes it easier to adapt to the delicate position I occupy on my cross because, once the pain caused by the erection of the cross and those of the nails that cross your flesh a little attenuated , it is the sexual side that takes over, in the head and throughout the body.

I feel terrible heat obviously caused by the blazing sun that literally cooks me but also internal heat that makes my breasts hurt so much they are so hard and my nipples are erect.
Between my legs, my pussy works on me unthinkably!
My intimate lips are swollen with blood, my clitoris has long since left its hiding place and my vagina does not stop flowing!

I got used to the idea that never again, given my high position, a cock will penetrate me but I impatiently wait for someone to touch me, to be caressed, to be penetrated with invasive fingers and tongues!

In the meantime, by performing my famous dance of the cross, I try to rub my thighs against each other as much as possible and, if no one intervenes, I really believe that I will manage to reach an orgasm so much is present in my head.

For the moment, the cramps announced in my members do not bother me yet and I manage to breathe almost normally but I do not have any illusions,
I know that these pains will gradually happen and I therefore have to make the most of these brief moments of respite from my cross.

Since time is a concept that I no longer control, I actually don't know how long I have been crucified and I am waiting for the first time that we will be given a drink because it will mean that I have been trained for two hours !

I also await the promised flogging because I know that it is in pain that I will be able to experience my most important orgasms.

I just saw that a sculptural blonde already gave pleasure to Pira before he made people move back a little with fairly large jets of urine.
I wonder what my reaction will be when I have, and it is certain that I will have it at one time or another, this desire to empty my bladder!
It is true that he, with his permanent erection, it was practically impossible for him to remain discreet as for me and the other women in my case I believe that this emptying will be less spectacular!

Despite the fact that I know I should stay still as much as possible, I always dance nonstop on my cross and, without realizing it for the moment, I am busy exhausting myself more and more.

How long my agony will last, I do not know, but I know that I will do my utmost so that the enjoyments are always more important than the suffering.

I also see a couple moving towards me, I spread my thighs to the maximum to show them that I am ready and want to welcome them! I have the impression that in a short time, I will experience my first orgasm of crucified and I am very happy.


Terra Nova Tramp
Now that I have managed to tame the pains of my nailing and the erection of my cross, I feel good.

Of course, I know I am condemned to die and I also know that my suffering will not stop increasing but this torture that I will suffer until the end, I chose it, I wanted it.

If a light rain could come to cool me down, I would feel even better!

But it's a dream and no cloud is in sight to hide this murderous sun which is really busy cooking and dehydrating me completely!

It must not have been hours since I was crucified but my saliva has become mushy and I wait impatiently for someone to come, as expected, to give me a drink.

As bizarre as it may seem, despite the thirst and the dryness that I feel in my mouth, my pussy does not stop flowing as if a miraculous source located in my belly constantly fed it.

My desires for sex are enormous, I want to be sucked on my tits, lick my pussy, knead my clitoris! In short, I want to enjoy, to experience phenomenal orgasms, that infinite pleasure pierces my whole body.

Obviously, I am now completely incapable, and this forever, of caressing myself!
Unfortunately, I depend on the good will of the crowd to be able to reach these enjoyments which I hope are enormous.

A couple approach me!

The man is very tall, he must approach two meters and has between his legs a sex of a length corresponding to his size.

His wife, small, has this respectable cock in her hand and pulls him towards me while masturbating him delicately!

The man's mouth comes just up to my breasts which he greedily kisses while his wife, while not letting go, introduced his tongue between my intimate lips and drinks the liquor that oozes while sucking me the clitoris!

It happens to me like electric shocks that run through my whole body!
I arch my back to allow the woman to better explore my intimacy and I purr like a cat in heat!

The heat that invades me is stronger than that of the sun and I start to cry my immense pleasure!

The lady presents at the entrance of my vagina the cock of her man who, suddenly, disappears in me and fills me completely!

I scream now with the impression that with each movement of the man, my vagina will be devastated!

This huge cock gives me an unimaginable pleasure, I do not think I have experienced in all my life such an orgasm and when I feel it stiffen even more, ready to unload, I am no longer myself but only a sex which is completely filled.
The discharge is giant, powerful and important and his wife takes it from me to come back and stick her mouth to my vagina and collect the semen of her man who escapes while sending me once more to seventh heaven.
In my whole life, I have never enjoyed so hard and so long.

I thank them for this divine gift and they answer me with a smile!

I am exhausted by so much enjoyment and let myself hang for a moment by my wrists.

Rapes like this one, I want more and hope that I did not come through my last orgasm but the first of a long series which will only end with my death!

I am thirsty more and more and wait impatiently for this wet sponge.

If my attackers want to come back, I'm really ready to welcome them again, that's how I love my cross.


When I was lying down, nailed to my cross, I had the chance to enjoy phenomenally thanks to the two couples who took care of me.

Now, vertically, the situation is different!

It is in the pain revived by my erection and the anchoring of my cross that I spend my first moments in my final position!

It is true that the position I occupy as condemned to death by crucifixion is not comfortable!

Whenever my back damaged by flogging comes into contact with the wood of my stipe, I feel pinching very painful and every time I move, the pain in my wrists and feet makes me moan.

Until now, these are the only pains that I feel but I know that time will do its work by bringing me new and increasingly painful reactions.

Other than that, everything is almost fine despite the fact that my blonde skin is baking in the sun and that an abominable thirst is tormenting me and that I am impatiently waiting to experience my first orgasm of crucified vertical!

I just saw Kathy carried away by noisy enjoyments as well as Karine and my neighbor Francis, I think my turn will come quickly because the crowd is terribly excited, rare are the people gathered at my feet who are not naked like us and ready to to embark on truly extraordinary sexual experiences.

A little blonde approaches me, declares me to be called Connie, to be Dutch and that, tomorrow, she will find herself bound for two hours on the cross left empty on my right, asks me if I suffer a lot and if it does I don't mind that she takes care of me a little?

I obviously answer in the affirmative and that I am delighted that she wishes to give me pleasure.

Automatically, her fingers get lost between my wide open thighs, she begins by gently stroking my clitoris and my anus.
I have always loved to be taken from behind and when her finger sinks inside my intestines, I cannot hold back a little cry of satisfaction.
Her thumb keeps tickling my clitoris and now her tongue has started to penetrate my vagina.

I would like to participate, push on her head so that it comes more deeply into me but, unfortunately, this is completely impossible for me and it is with my voice that I encourage her to continue her caresses, my words become more more vulgar and trivial at the same time as the enjoyment rises in me!
I stretch to the maximum so that she has easier to caress me and, suddenly, a devilish flash crosses my whole body and I scream my pleasure in flooding her face with my cum.
She does not withdraw, continues her caress, perseveres and leaves me no respite before another orgasm is triggered in me.
I don't know how many times I have enjoyed it but I cannot thank her enough for giving me so much pleasure.

I hope for her that tomorrow when she becomes my neighbor, she too will be able to benefit from such privileges so that the memory that she will keep of the cross is good and filled with orgasms.

I am now recovering and impatiently waiting for someone to come to water us because my thirst is growing.

It won't be long and it will tell me that my first two hours of crucifixion have just passed.
First two pleasant hours, expected!

The continuation is likely to be much more painful and my death will constantly approach.



A new wave of pain pervades me. It's gonna be a tough day. We're all hanging on our crosses. The final phase has begun. I'm sure we'll all endure to the bitter end...

Pain tears me from my brief blackout. I realize what's happening around us. We are all hanging on to our crosses. Not as high as in films and on posters, but low enough for the curious to come towards us.

Kathy and Karine are hanging next door and have already been climbed by some boys and brought into ecstasy. The last joys fade away. Karine is still dripping from her last guest.
Kathy is currently being treated and driven to orgasms by two visitors. If only there was not this incredible thirst.

Yes, right now it's this strange mixture of joy and pain that drives us to keep going. We are all thirsty and the pain in our nails is hellish.
The doctors will treat us again to give us more strength to endure these trials. For one thing, we have all realized. For all the love of the cross, there is no relaxing place once you are hanging from the forest. Every movement hurts, some much more than others, but pain is our companion.

As some waves of pain pass through me, I have to concentrate on myself again to absorb the hellish pain. Then I see this woman coming towards me. It is a beautiful, a big woman. She is tall and strong and could be a Germanic warrior, she is so strongly built.
She is in the company of two girls who are beautiful and apparently completely devoted to her.
The tall woman comes towards me and looks me in the eyes. In fact she is taller than I am and looks directly at me and her eyes are shining.
As she takes off her robe, one of the two girls is looking for something in the basket. It is a powerful strapon which she greases and the curved side presses into my abdomen. The device is quite chunky shaped but with the thin leather straps the strapon is attached to me.
The two young women now start to work the strong woman in her vagina, quickly the big woman gets hot and finally she comes back to me. Then the two smaller girls press the woman's strapon into her vagina and she starts an incredible fucking with me.
Shaking and trembling I take all her thrusts and faster than I like I am at my peak and come with loud screams.

The two graces now massage this incredibly big woman and manage to get her going so that I can get her the rest to orgasm with the strapon I put in.
With insane powers she grabs me and starts to rape me, this is almost a rape, but only apparently. Her companions make it clear to me that this is only an easy exercise and she does not want to rape me at all.

So this woman drives me crazy and my orgasm overcomes me. For the second time I surrender to my lust. Finally the big woman is also at the point and squirts. Shaking and trembling I hang on the cross and try to understand what I just experienced.
Then the woman already goes on and takes on my counterpart, the two beauties free me from this strapon and start to suck me off alternately.
Surrounded by heavenly feelings, it does not take too long before I surrender into ecstasy. It is unbelievable. The pain of crucifixion is mercilessly crushing my joints and on the other hand these girls chase me from one orgasm to the next.
Half unconscious from pain and lust I hang on the cross and I can't help it, I come in a last powerful surge of lust and vice.

After that the two beauties also go on to their boss, I hang loudly screaming on my cross, what will come next?



I am sure that never before had I been given the opportunity to attend such a spectacle, engaging, superb and so realistic!

These women and men who, knowingly, decided to expose their bodies, their suffering and their death in public excite me terribly and attract me in an incredible way.

Just by thinking that tomorrow I will have the opportunity to be able to accompany them for two hours, I literally liquefy, I feel my cum run between my thighs and I have this desire to give pleasure to these people all the time offer themselves defenseless to my caresses.

I advance moreover towards that which will be my neighbor of the cross tomorrow, I begin first by speaking to her, I seek to know if she does not support too badly this beginning of crucifixion and she answers me that if it is not was this blazing sun and an enormous thirst, she would feel almost very well, the pangs of her nailing and the erection of her cross gave way to a pain certainly permanent but currently relatively bearable.

The biggest frustration she is experiencing right now is sexual frustration because she obviously cannot satisfy the sexual urges that itch for her.

I pass my index finger between my legs between the legs in order to harvest a maximum of cum and then directs it towards the entrance to her anus which I gently caress before suddenly making it penetrate suddenly same time as my thumb in her vagina!

She reacts with a jolt as I capture her clitoris between my lips!

She arches then and shows me that my caresses have an effect.

My penetrations and the comings and goings of my tongue on her clitoris are becoming faster and more and more supported!
She takes off for the seventh heaven but I don't stop my actions and continue until her third orgasm crosses her, she screams, insults me, asks me to stop but I don't listen to her and prolong my sweet torture.

My face and my fingers are drowned in the cum that continues to flow from her pussy!

She tries to evade my caresses but, of course, her position on the cross does not allow it!

In spite of everything, I stop lutinating her and she falls back exhausted hanging by her nailed wrists!

She then tells me that I just killed her but thanks me for the series of orgasms that I gave her! I slowly move away from her, hoping that tomorrow, on my cross, I will have the chance to enjoy as much as she does!



Here are the guards who stand in front of each of us armed with a lance and with a bucket of fresh water in which a sponge is immersed!

We will therefore receive our first water supply, which means that we have been standing upright on our crosses for two hours.

With this zenith sun shining its criminal rays on our skins, water has become the universal remedy to cure us of all our ills!

I greedily suck the soggy sponge that is held out to me, this water is truly a gift from God which revives my life!
After three or four miracle sponges, I look at the guard and ask him to kindly project the rest of the bucket on me!
I expect a refusal from him but, surprisingly, he grants my request and it is with undisguised pleasure that I benefit from this improvised shower which makes me the greatest good!

My companions seem to enjoy this moment of well-being as much as I do and are certainly ready to continue their ordeal in a slightly more engaging way.

I am therefore ready for the future despite the fact that the muscles of my arms and legs are starting to stiffen and cramps are being born in all the muscles of my body!

I know that these pains will only increase and that the continuation of my ordeal will not be a long calm river but I do not regret my decision and I am happy to know that with each passing minute I get closer and closer of my friends whom I crucified and who, from above, are probably watching the evolution of my ordeal.



Being nailed as I am to my cross, I really feel like time has stood still! I no longer realize the passage of time and can no longer say how long I have been crucified!

The real pains of the crucifixion are now very present!

It's horrible what all the muscles in my body are making me suffer from!
They are all continually called upon and begin to tie together, especially those of my limbs that make me scream with my every move.

And yet, I can't help moving, to try to breathe as normally as possible, to continue to fill my lungs with this air which allows me to prolong my life!

This quest for oxygen constantly exhausts me and, in addition, I am as crushed by the heat, by its rays of sun which do not stop burning my skin and which must have given me a color "lobster ready to use"
But here's the time for our first refresh!

So it's only been two hours since we were crucified!

In my head, it seems to me that there was already an eternity that I was enthroned nailed naked on my cross.

This water that I am made to suck on a sponge is saving, it allows me to remove this sticky paste formed by my saliva!

Even if it does not cure the pain, it lifts my spirits and makes it easier to endure them, especially after having given me some sponges to suck on, the guards throw the rest of the bucket of water on my body!
This shower does me a lot of good and encourages me to continue my fight against my cross, to be able to resist it as long as possible.

I turn my head to the right and see that Starbuckslut looks just as happy to have been refreshed as I do!

I would like to start talking to her but a couple approach us, the man towards her and the woman towards me!

Directly my cock disappears into the woman's mouth while the man is busy with his in the exposed privacy of my neighbor!
I ask her if she likes these touches and, with a sigh, she answers me that never in her life has she been so excited and receptive to these caresses which follow one another and each time make her go through exceptional orgasms.
She feels very happy to have chosen the cross and hopes that when it comes time to die, it will happen in full enjoyment, that she really wants to die of pleasure!

She also asks me what are my impressions and I answer her that every time I ejaculate, I enjoy madly although being amazed at my sperm production which seems inexhaustible.

Our conversation ends there because it is carried away by an infernal wave of pleasure while I feel that jets of sperm will not be long in gushing in the mouth of the woman who puts all her heart in sucking my cock and kneading my balls.

So I donate all my production to her, which she greedily swallows.

I feel my form returning and impatiently awaiting what happens next.



Phew! It was about time, I thought I was going to die dehydrated nailed naked on my cross under this blazing sun which has no mercy on my completely burnt skin.

I can say that the successive sponges that I was handed and sucked completely cheered me up and the rest of the bucket that was thrown over my body also gave me life.

The pains caused by the cross are terrible but I believe that the sun's rays multiply them even more!
Thirst and sunburn are inevitable and continuous but I hope that, if I am still alive when the night falls, the freshness as well as the hook that will penetrate my anus will allow me to recover as much as possible despite the flogging that does not will not be long in coming.
Those there, I wait for them and hope that they will be sufficiently supported in order to further increase by several notches the intensity of my orgasms.
Pain is my life and I really hope I still suffer as much before I die!

In the meantime, I look around and see that, for the moment, my crucified friends do not seem to be doing too badly!

My Francis and Starbuckslut in front of me have just been honored by a couple again!
I saw them talking to each other until their discussion ended because they found themselves in full enjoyment, I enjoyed seeing them both enjoy almost together!

It looks like it will be my turn!

A handsome man, obviously naked and very well mounted is masturbating in front of me!
I spread my thighs and invite him to come visit me!

He tells me that tomorrow he will find himself tied on a cross next to me and is happy to be able to share my ordeal and my suffering for a few hours!

In the meantime, while continuing to rub his cock vigorously, he inserted two fingers simultaneously into the vagina and anus!

It's very good and I let him know by asking him not to forget my clitoris which is erect and waits for his tongue to tickle it!

From the outset, he does so and flashes of pleasure directly cross my entire body from head to toe.

It's unfortunate that at the same time he could not torture my breasts because, at that moment, my happiness would be further amplified!

Finally, you have to know how to be content with what you want to give and take advantage of the present orgasm which carries me away and makes me lose a little more the notion of passing time.


Terra Nova Tramp
How water can be beneficial!

I do not know how long this well-being, caused by the water that I have just been given to drink and that was thrown on my body, will last because the sun, which does not stop cooking me, will quickly make me disappear the few traces of moisture on my skin.

The only part of my body that is constantly wet is between my thighs and there is no risk of being dry.

In addition, I now have a mad urge to pee!

Generous to relieve myself in public, I try to restrain myself but after a while, it becomes untenable and I have to open the floodgates!
A hot and powerful jet wets my thighs and runs over my feet!

Obviously, it did not go unnoticed but, strangely, a woman walks towards me, takes off what serves as her dress and uses it to wipe my entire lower body.
While introducing her index finger deep inside my vagina and massaging my clitoris with the palm of her hand, she tells me that what I have just done is natural and that it does not shock anyone and especially not her who accentuates her caresses .

I arch my back, terribly appreciate the way this woman searches my privacy and I feel that once again I will reach high heights.

I see that her other hand is lost between her thighs and does not stop activating,
I do my best to retain my enjoyment and wait for her to join me so that our orgasms are triggered at the same time.
Her mouth has now taken hold of my clit that she nibbles!

I can not take it anymore,
I will enjoy, intense heat invades me and I can not help but scream my pleasure.
I also feel it start and, both together, are overwhelmed by the pleasure!

She collapses on the ground and is directly taken care of by a man who enters her directly while I let myself hang on my cross in search of appeasement but I need oxygen and force myself to pull myself up with my feet to get to breathe more intensely.

I witness the second orgasm of the woman on whom the man has just ejaculated.

It's terrible but this pleasant moment has already rekindled my thirst!
Unfortunately, I have almost two hours to wait before I get water again.

Too bad, I'm going to die anyway and I'd much rather enjoy all the pleasures than live an hour or two more while doing nothing but suffering!

I want to enjoy and still enjoy as long as I can and then die happy



The screaming has stopped. My strength ran out. Now I finally get water from a handed sponge and I greedily suck up the liquids. After a few sips of water the strength comes back quickly.

But the pain remains. Thanks to the medicine that was given to us we can at least endure this unrestrained pain without going mad. But the pressing pain of the nails is still there and does not let me find a quiet minute. I know that and my friends had prepared me for it. On the cross there is no quiet position, you will not find peace. Oh yes, my new friends were right.

Now I’m hanging here and on my back the first crust has opened again when I was rubbed. Now this pain is added to it.
In front of me I see this big woman, who brought me relief earlier, she looks at me lustfully again, I think she is not finished yet. Probably she is still looking for a second run.

My friends to the right and left of me are suffering as much as I am and at the same time we know that this was our goal for the whole trip, we wanted to go to the cross and wanted to feel the nails in us.

What a torment it must have been in the past, without this treatment with medicine, without the sexual arousal and all these satisfactions. In former times it was pure terror - no more no less.

Before I find further thoughts, the big woman is with me again and starts to knead my tits before she enjoys herself on me again. It takes maybe a quarter of an hour - I have lost the sense of time -
when I scream out my lust and the big woman comes out of my lap with a wet face.

Ahhh what a bitch, but she has driven me again so that I have come.

Laughing she goes away again and I know for sure that it was not yet. The last run is yet to come for all of us. What will we experience there, what kind of torture will await us there and what are our senses doing to us.

I am curious about what is to come and wait greedily ...



Definitely, Bjorn is not going well!

Hts whole body is sunburnt and his skin has taken on a reddish tint while his face is very pale, almost white, haggard!

The whole time that I was handed sponges dripping with water, and I sucked them greedily, I was looking at him and, despite the intense thirst that must be tapping him, he had hardly any reaction!
The only time he actually moved a little was when the rest of the bucket was thrown at him.
I have the impression that, more than his cross, the sun is killing him.
Perhaps the relative freshness of the coming night will give it some vitality, but, honestly, I can't see it resisting for long and it would surprise me if it still sees the sun rise! His cock, drugged, is still erect but it is with total indifference that he suffered the last touches that were lavished on him by people in the crowd.

He is really very far in his agony because I believe that it is a terrible sunstroke that puts him in this apathetic state.

Personally, except for the sadness I feel seeing Bjorn's condition, I feel good!

Without problem, I endure the foreseen pains of the crucifixion and now that I have just had the chance to drink, I am ready to face the rest of my ordeal and look forward to having as many orgasms as possible because ever, before being nailed , I have not experienced such intense.
My pleasures are awesome and I didn't think so much cum could escape from my pussy!
It flows constantly and it takes almost nothing for me to start towards endless pleasures!
My clitoris is still erect like a small penis and also serves as a switch by emerging between my intimate lips which are swollen, in which I feel a constant rush of blood.

Just thinking about it, I feel a wave of heat rushing through my body and pulling me to an additional orgasm that makes me cry out with happiness.

I really do not regret my situation and am happy to be able to finally join the people whom I crucified and whom I saw suffer and enjoy on these crosses which attracted me so much.

I will not fight against my cross, I will participate with it in my execution, my programmed death.


Assistant executioner
Very hot story and nice role play! But it would be better if no one died on such a beautiful island.. Young and strong men and women on the crosses must feel themselves like in Paradise not at cemetery or in hospice.


Very hot story and nice role play! But it would be better if no one died on such a beautiful island.. Young and strong men and women on the crosses must feel themselves like in Paradise not at cemetery or in hospice.
It is a journey of no return that these women and men have decided to take!
Their death is inevitable, they chose it and will go to the end!
Dying nailed naked to a cross is the biggest of their fantasies and they will make it come true.


Assistant executioner
A good journey is a journey that ends with a return home. Suicidal fantasies are too dark and unrealistic.:(


My crucifixion is getting really painful despite the drugs we have been injected!

The normal phenomena due to my position as a woman nailed to a cross are taking place and will only increase with the passage of time!

The permanent thirst, the skin annealed by the rays of the sun, the breathing which becomes more and more difficult because the pains which settled in my limbs no longer allow me to move on my cross as at the beginning!

Regarding thirst, I will be appeased for a moment because the moment of the first drink has arrived!
It is greedily that I suck the sponge that is handed to me at the end of a spear, they are not stingy because they repeat the operation several times and, after, they spray my body with the rest of their bucket .

I know that this appeasement will be very temporary but I take advantage of the present moment and of the quite relative freshness which is granted to me.

This wet interlude seems to please both my companions and me and Francis, my neighbor in pain, asks for my news!
I tell him that a permanent pain has settled in my whole body but that an insatiable excitement does not stop crossing me and that I have never felt so eager to be caressed and penetrated, to have this want to enjoy!
Seeing his permanent erection, I add that I guess his sexual urges are as important as mine!

He wants to answer me but a couple who have just come towards us and are starting to take care of us prevent us from speaking!

The woman, after having started to masturbate him comes to take him in the mouth while the man, the fingers well anchored in me, begins to lick my clitoris.

Words, it is no longer a question but the sounds that now come out of our throats represent the pleasure that we feel.

At the start of my pussy lightning flashes are born which spread throughout my body and lead me to a series of very intense orgasms.
Hearing a characteristic cry coming from Francis, I believe he has just ejaculated while I am already trying to recover by watching our attackers who have joined and also achieve infinite pleasure in being well integrated into each other.

This infinite pleasure means that the freshness that has just been provided to us thanks to the water is already only a memory and the return to reality is more and more painful but that is expected!

We are nailed to our crosses to suffer until death and nothing will change our destiny.
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