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Time passes very slowly and more and more painfully when one is nailed to a cross!

My limbs are literally tied with cramps that never go away and my breathing is more and more complicated.

Thirst, although the heat has diminished a little, is still present and throbbing.

For the third time, they come to drink us, but this moment of well-being will be directly followed by the first scourging on our crosses.

It will therefore be six hours since we were crucified and our strength is diminishing more and more.

Of course, I went through exceptional orgasms but after each pleasure, I come out very tired and the recoveries which follow these great moments are more and more long and painful.

Finally here, I have just been watered and, now, the thongs of the whip will come and tear my skin.
Very professional, our torturers know how to go about it and take care that no part of our exposed bodies is spared.
The whips crackle and each time leave new painful red streaks!

For some, this flogging is a source of pleasure but for me, it is only a question of pain and I want this torture to end as quickly as possible and that I am left in the face of my agony.

They finished and made sure I was marked but not bloodied.

Unfortunately, it is not over yet because they will prepare us for the night and settle in on our "hooks"!

These pointed "hooks" of about twenty centimeters pass through the stipe through a prepared hole and we are then lifted by the guards so that the end is presented at the entrance of the anus.
You just have to let yourself go down and impale yourself painfully on these horns that tear us apart.

Once in place, this foreign body firmly anchored in us and which we cannot get rid of, constitutes a fulcrum which allows a certain recovery for our members which are then less stressed.

So here I am ready to face the night which is gradually falling,
I would like to sleep but my pains are there to keep me awake and to remind me constantly that I am nailed to a cross and that I will soon die.

Despite the "hook", the night will be long.



... But this is not a fantasy that you want to bring to life in reality ...

That’s why it’s called a fantasy. In my fantasy I walk on the sun, I breathe under water in 3000 meters depth, I live with the fishes and I feel very comfortable in space between the stars. That is fantasy. My fantasy. You may have other fantasies.
But let’s have ours.

It’s the least you should do.

Thank you.


The nails in my joints hurt. I check the wounds and they’re infected. The flesh around it is reddish, it hurts a lot. I knew this would happen. Even modern nails can’t cry so well that no infection can get into you.

I’m still sweating and all the water we’ve been given doesn’t change the fact that we’re thirsty more and more. Oh how I sucked out every sponge that was handed to me and absorbed every drop. I would be very grateful for a rain but this island doesn’t seem to attract the clouds. The mountain behind us could collect the clouds and make it rain. That would be nice, we could drink. Drink at last. But I only see some clouds at the edge of the mountain, if they will reach us at all, I don’t know.

Earlier the medical scholar was with us and gave us another injection. With this we should survive the rest of the way and tomorrow evening, yes, tomorrow evening it will probably all be over, unless we hold out even longer. I don’t know and my friends next to me suffer as incredibly as I do.
Yes, suffering, it’s like the big brother of lust. For a long time now I can’t really tell whether I’m going through a cry of lust through an orgasm or whether the painful hostages are cutting my back.

In both cases this incredible feeling comes up, which I call „pleasure pain“. It is this what I was looking for, this pain of lust that drives me through the insane feelings and stimulates my pleasure center in the brain so much. The people who took me, who rubbed my clitoris and drove me to the highest ecstasies, all these experiences were worth coming here to this island.

Here comes the flogger again and he starts his work on my right side. We get a good 20 strokes, or is it more, I can’t do the math. He comes closer and closer to me.
The woman next to me is being whipped and she sprays, I am so happy for her that she can experience it that way and ...


The first blow hits me and immediately the pain is there, still there is pain and only after the first 10 blows will it change. Little by little the feeling changes, the pain mixes with the pleasure. These people know very well that you must not give more than 20 strokes, otherwise the pain will return.
When he lets go of me, I tremble all over my body and the wave of lust slowly ebbs away. What strange creatures our bodies are, they try to protect us in the moment of death, and sell us suffering as lust.

I look around. My friends hang around me. Our row is a bit curved, so I can recognize my friends. Their loving bodies, marked by blows and blows, yet so wonderfully graceful. Oh how I’d love to have sex with each of them one last time until my body gives out. But first I have to wait and see how I get through the night.

A last look to the west, there are now thick clouds coming towards us. Maybe we will be lucky and get the rain that everyone here is waiting for so much. I heard some guards talking hours ago that this year the rain is taking its time and he is hoping for a strong, if short, rain.

So I hang here and night falls upon us. The stars are in the sky, the advantage of living close to the equator. Here the twilight is over quickly and then it is night. Again I look for the constellations I know but I can’t find them. In Canada the stars are much further north. But I see at the horizon quite small and almost inconspicuous the Southern Cross.
A breeze blows over my face, it brings some coolness.

Whether this is also good for rain, I hope so.

Exhausted, I sink into a dreamless sleep...



My body is now used to the sufferings inflicted by my cross!

My incessant dance makes me suffer terribly but I have to move constantly to be able to breathe!

Despite a continuous thirst, I keep sweating and, because of this, I have become the target of the many insects that attack me continuously.
Flies, wasps, and other predators have probably figured out that the moves I keep making are harmless to them and all take advantage of my position.
Tonight, I guess the mosquitoes will come and replace them and have a blast on my naked body so exposed.
This is part of the ordeal!

I have already had drinks twice and I see that they are preparing for the third time!

It will therefore be six hours since I have been crucified and, normally, that will be the moment of the flogging.

Twenty lashes on my burnt skin, I expect the worst and, indeed, the thongs of the whip do not spare me and make me scream in pain!
No way to escape it, each stroke is precise and hits where it hurts!
My erect cock seems to attract them and every time it is touched I feel like I'm going to pass out because the pain is so excruciating!
But, I held on, it is not this torture that will kill me.

Now, they are installing a "hook" on my stipe to supposedly allow me to recover during the long night which will soon fall!

They lift me, present the tip of this horn at the entrance to my anus and abandon me to my sad fate!

Slowly, carefully, I let myself go down and allow this invader to fully penetrate me!

I feel that this point is scratching my intestine but I try to endure this new pain until the moment when I find myself totally invested but posed!

After a while, I realize that this extra fulcrum on my cross is beneficial because it relieves a little of the muscles in my arms and legs which no longer have to support all my weight.

I greedily suck on the sponges they then hand me and once again enjoy the shower that follows.

I feel better, I am still in pain but now I can breathe easier.

The relative freshness that the night will bring me will also do me good! I am ready to resist again and to struggle with my cross!

For how long ?


Terra Nova Tramp
The sun is already much lower in the sky but that is not why the shade protects my naked body that the burning rays always reach.

Time flies, it's true, but I'm not unaware that it's not in my favor!
Every second, every minute and every hour that passes brings me closer to the fatal outcome that I myself have chosen, my death on this cross which will not let go of me.

The muscles in my arms and legs are now completely tied up and crippled with increasingly painful cramps!

My whole body is in pain and I have the feeling that the effect of the injection I was given this morning is wearing off and that I must expect. may the rest of my crucifixion be more and more painful and difficult to bear.

But here are the guards heading towards me!

One of them holds a whip in his hand.

I had forgotten this yet programmed flogging and really wonder how, in addition to my current ailments, I will be able to endure it.

The first blows come and, strangely, don't make me suffer too much!

On the contrary, they install in me a feeling of well-being which starts from my pussy and spreads throughout my body!
I start screaming with pleasure asking my executioner to hit harder, to destroy me!
I hit a pinnacle of enjoyment and don't even realize it's over.

I am now truly exhausted and let myself hang down by my wrists when I feel myself lifted up on my cross.

Dropped, I feel a certain pain being invaded by the anus of a sharp point which is introduced little by little in me.

I had also forgotten that they were going to settle me on a "hook".

Well installed in me, this pointed dildo gives me feelings of well-being and I am very happy to be able to rely on it.

I never thought that this foreign body stuck in my anus was going to be able to relieve my muscles in such a way.
It is as if a new, much less painful crucifixion has begun.

In addition, the water provided to me through the sponges and the improvised shower help to restore my strength and cheer me up.

I am ready to face the night which is falling.



How slow and cruel the crucifixion is! Nailed like me naked and exposed on my cross, I have long lost track of time.

The only things that I am well aware of are this continuous and excruciating pain that never lets go and affects all the muscles in my body as well as this pain from the scorching heat and the blazing sun that makes you feel terrible thirsty and dehydrates you. step by step .

Of course, I love to suffer, but I much prefer more focused and violent suffering to this long and painful journey to death.

Yes, I enjoyed thanks to anonymous people in the crowd but I would really still like to be able to undergo very painful abuse that leads directly to gigantic orgasms.

This is the third time that we will come to drink us and I know that a flogging is also planned!

I look forward to it and hope the guards won't spare me and help me reach new heights in enjoyment.

The guards start and the first blow I get on my chest already puts me in a trance!

My pussy that doesn't stop sinking starts to squirt like it's waiting for these shots to expel all the cum she makes!

The blows are varied and, the first time the thongs reach my clit, I scream all the pleasure of the orgasm going through me.

Unfortunately, twenty strokes is not much and, despite the intensity of my enjoyment, I found it a bit short and not supported enough.

They now install a double "hook" on my stipe and lift me so that the tips can be in front of my two holes.

I let myself go down delicately and feel these foreign bodies painfully invade me.

Once in place and the pain of these penetrations a little reduced, I feel better and feel that this intrusion will allow my members to recover a little.
The sponges that I am given to suck and the "shower" that follows refresh me a bit, especially since the night will soon fall and this fucking sun will stop cooking me.

I therefore take advantage of the present moment while knowing that my cross will not give up and that, as a willing victim, it will inevitably lead me until my death.

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Night is falling and torches are lit all along the avenue of the cross making the spectacle offered by the crucified even more impressive.

These flames which dance and are reflected on our bodies give us ghostly appearances.

I put up with the flogging and the pains I experienced did not even scratch my morale, which remains high despite the fact that the time of my death is getting closer and closer.

Drenched and now installed on this pointed horn which hurt me but which I support quite easily, I am ready to face my first night of crucified.

This is unfortunately not the case with Bjorn who has hardly any reactions and that death should soon take.

Even when he was whipped, he remained listless and quite indifferent to what was forced on him!

It pains me to see him in this semi-comatose state which does not bode well for him!

His breathing must still be a little easier since we put him on this "hook" which is well anchored in him.

His only visible reaction was when he was splashed with water on his body and I really wonder if he tried to suck on the wet sponges that were handed to him.

A woman has just come to stroke his cock which is still erect but, in front his lack of reaction, gave up and came to me who reacted directly by experiencing certain pleasure and by proving to him that I was still far from me. let go and die.

I expect my poor Bjorn to die anytime soon.

Basically, I am happy for him that this ordeal, this torture does not last too long because I feel responsible for his suffering, I know I am guilty of the fact that he is there nailed to a cross, it is for me he did it and it is for me that he will die.



The crosses which will welcome us Jan and I tomorrow morning are ready and awaiting us.

I look forward to this moment and I regret in advance that I was only tied to her because I sincerely would have liked to be nailed!
To feel these steel points piercing my wrists and feet but this is reserved for people who have decided to die on their cross!
In addition, it would have left me permanent aftereffects that I do not want.

So tomorrow I'll be content to be tied for two hours on this cross which attracts me more and more.

In the meantime, although I know that I should come home and go to rest to be in good shape tomorrow, I cannot leave this place of suffering, these crucified people that I esteem more and more.

I just started to stroke the man we call Bjorn, his cock is erect and I took it in the mouth but he doesn't seem to have had any reaction, to feel no pleasure !

I believe that for him, it is the beginning of the end and I would not be surprised if he died in the next few hours.

On the other hand, his wife who is nailed next to him seems much more at ease and seems to appreciate the finger that I have just introduced into her vagina!

Her clitoris, clearly visible comes out of its hiding place and is stretched as if inviting my tongue to come and stroke it! It is without hesitation that I seize it with my lips and the tickle of my tongue!
Directly she takes off and enters, as in a trance, in enjoyment!

I believe women are more resistant to pain and more receptive to caresses!

The six friends who are here nailed naked to their crosses seem, in any case, to be famous exhibitionists and masochists.

I don't blame them because, frankly, that in their place, I would also be like that. I can't wait tomorrow morning to accompany them for a while and experience this crucifixion which tempts me terribly and attracts me more and more.

In the depths of myself, it is towards a total crucifixion, a nailing of my limbs and an exposure in my total nakedness until death that I would desire but I will resist this cross which calls me!

Maybe later, but the time for my death has not yet come.


I wonder how my crucifixion would have gone if I hadn't been injected with drugs before I was nailed?

With the passage of time, the pains I feel get worse and worse but, although constant, are still relatively bearable.

Obviously, these painkillers do not prevent my muscles from tightening and starting to no longer obey my brain because of cramps that do not subside, but allow me to remain conscious by resisting this pain.

I fear the moment when the effect of these sedatives will diminish until it disappears because I believe that I will have all the difficulties in the world to endure the pains that must have been felt by those condemned to death by crucifixion in Roman times.

On the sex side, I know that I have never needed medical help to boost my arousal but with this injection, I am surely more receptive and reach peaks of pleasure much faster.

I'm not complaining and I'm happy to be able as often as possible to be crossed by orgasms of such intensity.

My death will probably come from progressive asphyxiation but, in the meantime, I am open to all caresses and penetrations.

I know that in a short time I will once again receive saving water and look forward to it because the thirst I feel is truly endless.

Here is a guard who walks towards me but it is not a bucket he is holding in his hand but a whip!
I didn't think about it anymore, but it is true that flagellations are planned during our crucifixion and the moment of the first must have arrived.

I love to be whipped!
I have always enjoyed feeling those leather thongs mark my skin and lead me to gigantic orgasms.
It would have been a great pity that by being nailed naked to the cross and on the way to certain death, I would not have been able to benefit from this torture which I adore as an affirmed masochist.

Yes, the lashes hurt me, yes, I stretch myself to the maximum to show my executioner that I adore it, yes, I accept that my breasts are torn and, yes, I feel like leaving in a big enjoyment, in the orgasm I hoped for.

It was very fast and already my torturers installed a "hook" on my stipe and lift me to present my anus to this long point which easily penetrates my intestine.

There is no way to get rid of it, it is well anchored in me then, I might as well take advantage of it and rest on it for one can allow the muscles of my members to recover.

The water that I am given to drink and sprinkled with does me a lot of good!

I feel ready to face the rest of my crucifixion and hope, nailed naked and exposed to everyone, to attract spectators to come and take care of me and make me come.

I feel that the night and its freshness will be very pleasant and that there will still be time tomorrow to think about my death.



Night has now fallen and I must say that the relative freshness it brings is beneficial.

The crowd that is still gathered at the feet of our crosses has melted and our crucifixion has become more intimate!

I strike up a conversation with Birgitt who is right in front of me and ask her how she feels and if she still appreciates being crucified naked as much while obviously knowing that the end of our story is getting closer and closer, may our cruel death come and will soon take us away.

She replies that for her, everything is going as planned, she loves this continuous suffering that she considers to have deserved and that she absolutely does not regret having chosen this cross to end her days as she had imposed on her. 'others before!
This ultimate fantasy is also the one she has always dreamed of achieving.
She is very satisfied with all the orgasms that have gone through her so far and that she still hopes to experience until the end.
She tells me that she has never felt such pleasures before.

The only thing bothering her is the state of Bjorn that she dragged after her and who now seems to be living her last moments.

Sure enough, Bjorn looks like he's slipped into a deep coma and I'm not giving him much longer to live.

After Pete whose heart gave way too quickly, the crosses are in the process of obtaining their first death.

We know that we are all going to die but we try to prolong as much as possible our ordeal on these crosses that we have chosen.

Like Birgit, I feel good!

Our executioners are not stingy with water and the "hooks" who support us are a precious help, a luxury for our members!

In a moment we are going to be whipped once more and I am a little worried because it seems to me that the effect of the drugs is starting to wear off and my pain is less and less bearable.

I must resist until daybreak because a new injection is planned.

To help me think too much about this suffering, I have already relived the whole story of my life several times in my head and, strangely, these are the good times that most often come back to me.

Just thinking about it, I feel my pussy sink and I go through an intense moment of happiness.

No, I don't regret anything and am very happy to be where I am!



The night is here. It's probably our last night, I'm not sure yet. But with the way we're hanging on to our crosses, it can't be much longer.

The last flogging for today has just taken place. Aline was beaten badly over the breasts and Birgit was also beaten badly. Nevertheless the floggers try not to let us die too soon. They have clear instructions how long we should suffer. They have also given me 20 lashes and now the floggers are looking at the clouds that are coming closer and closer.

Even though the night is beginning to get darker, the clouds seem to be gathering above us. We are stuck again in row and limb on our crosses. Next door and opposite, other people are hanging, some freshly crucified, some from the days before. We are not alone.

We're just seeing the guards move to safety. Apparently, they don't want to get wet.

But we were mistaken. They are afraid of the thunderstorm that has gathered above us and no sooner has the last of the guards disappeared under a protective roof than the first lightning bolts crash down.

Finally rain sets in. We get a cooling off. With open mouths we long for the fresh rain. It is something different than the water from the sponges.

At that moment a lightning bolt strikes down and hits the woman with the fat breasts opposite us, who is hanging diagonally in front of me. We see a lightning bolt hitting the woman and driving at the nail of one arm into her body and the cross, over the belly and breasts to both legs, to finally tread out of the nails in her feet and disappear into the ground.

The woman twitches once more, a bloodcurdling scream, and the woman is already hanging dead from the wood, roasted and with torn skin. There where the lightning has rushed over her body, there are the torn remnants of skin and form a trace of the burn. But the woman has had it. With glass eyes she hangs steaming in her nails. Definitely dead. Her belly looks as if the organs had burst internally. It steams and hisses. It can go that fast.

But that's all it was. The thunderstorm will last another 15 minutes, but there will be no more lightning strikes. A rain follows, the first rain we can see and feel here.
As the guards pass by again I hear someone say that it is finally starting to rain and that it is over a month later than usual.

We are hanging by our nails on our crosses and did we really think that the rain would bring us some relief? Kathy and Karinne are enjoying the water, well it brought the cooling down. Dirt and sweat have been wiped off our battered bodies, but we also have less grip and hang more often in the nails and in the hook we have been inserted.

I see Francis next to me starting to smile. The cooling down has done him good, and so has the fresh water. The other girls and I also look a little more relaxed than before. But our nails are suddenly pulling us back to reality.
Even though the night is there, the stars shine above us, it is not an experience to switch off, but a new torture for us.

Wet on the body and surrounded by the night wind, we refresh ourselves until the pain takes over again. Tomorrow we continue - tomorrow on our last day?



Decidedly, for crucified people condemned to die like us, the night is much more pleasant than the day!

This fucking sun no longer roasts us and the "hook" on which we are impaled allows us to breathe almost perfectly!

If it weren't for these mosquitoes that torment me and bite me all the time, I think I'd feel perfectly fine.

In addition, the few onlookers who are still there at the foot of the crosses take many more initiatives.
A woman has just finished sucking on me and is enjoying my sperm which I generously gave her and which she deserved.
It must be said that I really just had to deal with an expert!
I just had a really great time, this fellatio was divine.

Suddenly, the sky is covered and big black clouds appear.

After the wind has started to blow, the rain begins to fall, drue, a very violent stormy downpour that makes us all a crazy good by drinking us, washing us and refreshing us .
But the sky is tearing and a very violent storm sends very close lightning!
The thunder is deafening and lightning comes to fall on the cross of a recently crucified woman!
She explodes, literally struck by this lightning bolt that has just ended her ordeal on the cross.

We escaped it beautiful, finally, die a little earlier or a little later, what importance!

Once this stormy interlude is over, I fall back into my pains that I had forgotten for a short time.

These pains seem to increase and this is surely due to the effect of the pain-relieving.

My cock is still permanently erect and, the more I look in front and next to me, I feel more and more excited by the exposed bodies of my companions!

The total exhibition of their naked bodies displayed on their cross gives me sexual desires that I obviously can not realize and that reverberate like lightning in my lower belly .

I suddenly feel in my balls and my cock a climb of cum that I can not remember and which suddenly springs triggering my pleasure at the same time as I scream this solitary enjoyment that appreciates a couple who came to me and does not hesitate to prolong this privileged moment .
The man takes my cock in his mouth while his wife, on her knees, also administers oral sex while caressing energetically.
We noisily enjoy the three of us together before the man returns his wife to take her brutally for their greatest pleasure and mine too.

The night stretches slowly and soon the first glimmers of dawn will appear and the heat will come back to torment me .

Maybe this is my last sunrise!


Terra Nova Tramp
The crucifixion is decidedly much more bearable at night than by day!

The fact that you no longer have to endure this blazing sun is undeniably a good thing.

Well installed on my hook, I feel much better and the cramps that have invaded my arms and my legs make me suffer much less.

I definitely love my position and my cross which will kill me more or less soon!

This feeling of freshness lifts my spirits and I look forward to people in the audience taking an interest in me and coming to make me go through impressive orgasms.

I am definitely a famous slut because, to have chosen to die crucified especially for these crazy pleasures, you have to be really obsessed and masochistic .

Just being able to be exposed naked excites me already terribly and knowing that death is closer to me leads me to desire only sex to alleviate the pains that I feel and that will become stronger and stronger as time passes .

Despite the water we receive every two hours, I still feel a constant thirst and, even if they refresh me with the rest of the bucket, I feel sticky!

I sweated a lot under this blazing sun and I have already urinated several times in addition to the cum that do not stop escaping from my pussy, sincerely, I must not smell the rose and it takes people who come to caress me and lick me a lot of good will to face the smell that must come out of me .

I would pray that it rains heavily in order to cleanse my body!

Looks like my prayer is going to be answered because big black clouds are hiding the stars.

Suddenly, the sky tears and the thunder begins to rumble while lightning lights erotically illuminate our naked bodies.

The rain, I mean a real deluge falls on us .

What a delicious feeling that this very fresh water that flows over my body up into the smallest hidden nooks making me a huge good.

The lightning seems to be getting closer and closer to us and suddenly lightning crashes on the cross of a woman already crucified before us!

The guards will not have to give her the knockout blow because she is struck in a split second.

In the end, I wonder if this is not the extreme solution to end her ordeal!

You can't feel like you're dying.

But the sky calms down and here we are again in our cruel and slow crucifixion.

I'm happy because I feel like I'm still going to see the sun rise!

I know I'm going to die but I realize it's not yet for the next few hours.

So my crucifixion will continue and I feel that I will still be able to enjoy it .

My insatiable libido is eagerly awaiting sexual assaults on the part of the spectators!

Come quickly, I'm waiting for you, come lead me to many orgasms.



The best time I spend on my cross is when the guards come to whip me!

So, I have just gone through a terrible orgasm while being caressed by the straps of the whip!
I obviously suffer on my cross but the pains I experience, although increasing over time, are regular and constant and do not allow me to cross the threshold of pain, when it turns into enjoyment.

The masochist I am feels the need to feel more intense and sudden suffering.

In the humid heat of the night, I of course went through other orgasms caused by spectators sometimes very gifted in sucking and titillating the clitoris but I believe that these orgasms could have been more intense if I had not chosen to be penetrated by a double "hook"!

My clitoris is well accessible and erect but my vagina is clogged and no caress can reach it.

Since it is impossible for me to get rid of this invasive dildo, I can only wait until the morning for my situation to change.

In a few minutes, the weather changes and a veritable deluge falls on us accompanied by lightning and lightning that lands on the cross of a woman recently crucified!
In a second, she dies without probably realizing what has just happened to her.

We escaped it beautiful and we are still all eight to fight on our crosses .

Yet I have just heard that Bjorn is not well at all, those I can see, Kathy, Starbuckslut and Francis seem to support their crucifixion quite well, they have, like me, look relatively serene and, although aware that the only possible way out of their ordeal on the cross is death,

They try to make the most of the realization of their ultimate fantasy by enjoying as much as possible!
I believe that, like me, they love to be exposed naked and at the disposal of all, that their torment with the many moments of pleasure they have experienced and will still experience is what each of us has been waiting for!

How many more will we be when the sun rises!

Only the future will tell.

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The night, although less painful because of this long and pointed hook deep in my ass, seems endless to me!

The cramps in my arms and legs are still there but since I use them a lot less to be able to breathe at my ease,

I feel better! I still feel very tired and would like to get a little sleep, but we have to believe that the crucifixion is so made that, even during calmer and a little less painful moments, it is totally impossible to fall asleep.

The storm that has just descended on us has brought animation to our fields of crosses and, if I had been a spectator, I would surely have appreciated the Dantesque sound and light that it caused but, nailed as I I am, it is with enormous apprehension that I went through this moment!
I know that I will die soon but I want to resist my cross as long as possible and, when I saw this woman toasting while being crucified like me, I admit that I was afraid that the lightning would strike me down also.
On the other hand, the heavy downpour that followed was rather beneficial!
It was as if the sky was granting us a saving shower so that we could better face the following events.

I felt like washed, rid of all the dirt that covered my body!

I believe that the Dutch couple who are going to be crucified for laughs by my side tomorrow like me very much because each in turn, they came to pay tribute to me for my greatest pleasure!

She, first of all, who sent me to seventh heaven playing with my clit like an artist plays his instrument while he took her from behind! In my enjoyment, I imagined that this magnificent cock, surely hard as a rock, it was in me that it sank and smashed my pussy deliciously.

I screamed in pleasure for a long time and, when I saw him cum inside her, I really had a reaction like feeling the powerful jets of hot cum inside me.

I sincerely wish them to be able to enjoy in such a way when tomorrow they will be bound to their cross.

Despite everything, this enjoyment awakened the pain caused by the nails piercing my feet and wrists but I didn't care, I knew that I would suffer and I am also here for that because this suffering increases in me the intensity of my orgasms.

I know very well that, as soon as the sun is up, they will give me a new injection of doping products but I wonder if I will not refuse it in order to better feel the pangs of my crucifixion that I have been waiting for so long.

Who will win in this dilemma, the masochist who adores suffering or the pleaser who hopes to go through many more orgasms before giving up the soul?

Night brings advice and it will occupy my mind to weigh the pros and cons before dawn.

For now, I feel good and have no regrets.



I think it's over for Bjorn!

He was completely unresponsive and even in the height of the storm he didn't flinch, his head tilted to his chest and no movement whatsoever.
He therefore precedes me in this inescapable death towards which we are all heading more or less shortly.

Despite the fact that I knew he was going to die, tears began to flow down my cheeks still wet from the torrential rains we just suffered.

Suffer is a big word because I think we all enjoyed this unexpected shower that fell on us.

Despite his passing, Bjorn is still erect and I imagine that cock inside me making me cum as it has so often since the start of our relationship.

Just thinking about it, I can feel my pussy sink and my clit stand up a little more!
I rub my thighs as much as I can against each other and manage to trigger an orgasm in me that feels like a gift we give each other for the last time.
I scream my pleasure so loudly that I attract a woman who plunges her fingers directly into my vagina and whose tongue deliciously attacks my clit.
No time to recover from the orgasm I had given to myself as I leave in a mad rush where the image of Bjorn is constantly present in my mind.

I will fight to the end!
I want to fight until the end of my strength for Bjorn and for all those I crucified earlier and for those who have courageously accompanied me on this one-way journey.

The dawn is getting closer and closer and I know that my situation is going to deteriorate more and more because, normally, we will be whipped again and we will also remove our hook.

After that, every hour that passes will be an hour saved on death.

This death that awaits me does not really scare me, I am determined and happy to end my days nailed naked and exposed on my cross.

This is my fate and nothing, not even my hapless Bjorn, could have changed my mind.

Here is the dawn, the sun coming back to torture me.

Maybe it's my last morning?

I want to make the most of it.



Definitely, this storm that was really not on the program refreshed us and made me understand that lightning is much faster and less cruel than the crucifixion we are undergoing!

It didn't take long for lightning to strike the crucified lady next to me!
She did not have to realize that her ordeal was over and died, was freed from the cross by this lightning which hit her head-on.

Bjorn is also dead, after Pete, he's the second man to leave us prematurely!

Women are decidedly better armed than men in the face of torture and death.

I have heard the very masochistic women who accompany me to the nearby crosses say that they did not feel the real suffering they hoped to feel by being crucified!

It is true that the injections we have received make our pain absolutely bearable and, even now, its calming effects ensure a crucifixion much smoother than expected.

So I just told the others that I was going to ask that nothing more be injected into us so that our crucifixions would be closer to those practiced by the Romans.

Everyone agrees because it will also accelerate our death!

The sun is starting to rise on the horizon, so our second day, nailed down, will begin!

The guards will come and remove our hooks, whip us once more, give us water anyway and let us fight against our crosses in a much more bitter struggle because when the effects of the sedatives have completely disappeared, the pains will be much more present.

Tonight, how many of us will still be alive?

Death is coming and none of us will be able to avoid it!

We are all aware of it, we have chosen it with full knowledge of the facts and are determined to face it until the end.



Pain rips through my dreams and I am awake again.

That wasn’t sleep, just a quick snooze. Now I hang here like my friends and wait for the coming sunrise.

The helpers and executioners come and remove everything that brought us some relief. Bindings and hooks are removed and we suffer much more pain than the last days. The pain is hellish, but it gets worse.

The hostages are going again and we are whipped and flagellated.

The leather straps cut deeply into our skin and leave the classic marks. Yes, that’s what we’ve been getting all last time but this time it’s much harder and more painful.

Fortunately we get plenty of water to drink. We have long since stopped asking where the water comes from. After the last treatment by the doctors we take some water and the last possibility to keep the pain more bearable.

The painkiller injectors are removed and from now on we suffer the complete horror of a crucifixion.

I hang in the nails, tied on hands and feet and nailed to the wood. With incredible pain I try to breathe.

Breathing in is not the problem, I can no longer get the stale air out of me easily. Everything hurts like hell. My lungs seem to want to burst, but I simply cannot breathe freely anymore. So the pain is hellish and it tortures me. Next to me I recognize my friends.

They too are full of pain and suffer the same cruel game. Sweating blood and water I hang there and fight for every breath. But the fights become more and more difficult to get enough oxygen.

Cramps and pain, plus shortness of breath, I think it can hardly get any more painful. Now I wish for an end soon, because I am running out of strength, if I only knew how long this will go on.

The pain in my hands, feet and through the wood is unbelievable. Next to me my friends are hanging, they look as if they have been freshly washed, the miracle of the short rain.

The heat, however, will soon fry us again and I will suffer just like them. Breathe, if only I could breathe.
But that’s exactly what I wanted. I tremble with pain and suffer even more pain and cramps.

Now I begin to scream, but what is that? Instead of a strong voice, only a rattle comes over my lips.

The henchmen begin to laugh, they know exactly how we must suffer and they rejoice in our suffering.



It was a very long night for Jan and me!

I hardly slept so much I thought about the cross on which I will be tied for two hours today!

It has become a real obsession for me, I believe that I have never wanted something so much in my life, as soon as I close my eyes, I see myself fixed naked on this cross and, automatically, I feel my pussy getting wet, literally sinking.

In a few hours, I will finally be there and, in the meantime, I review my new friends the crucified for whom the night has also been endless.

Their "hook" has just been taken away from them and, deprived of this point of support, their ordeal will be much more painful because, in addition, they will no longer receive an injection of sedatives!

Bjorn is dead!

I suspected he wouldn't last much longer because already yesterday his reactions were reduced to a minimum, I thought he wouldn't spend the night there.

The others seem ready to continue fulfilling their ultimate fantasy.

They are being whipped and most, despite or because of the pain, derive very important masochistic pleasures from them.

Now they are allowed to drink and be sprinkled before the sun turns scorching again and begins to cook them again!
None of the seven are complaining and seem rather happy to prolong their ordeal.

I can't help but stroke a few as I walk by and I have to say that I find as much pleasure in giving them happiness as if I received it for myself.

Jan does the same thing as me, and we end up joining together and making love at the foot of these crosses under the interested gaze of the crucified.

It’s ours now, and it’s with unparalleled excitement that I am tied to my cross!

The ropes that hold my arms and feet are really tight to the max and before I even get erect I feel a definite pain that probably won't leave me until I am taken down but I like it and I am there precisely to experience the crucifixion as close as possible to reality.

Here it is, my cross is erected and I am happy to finally be exposed naked in a suffering which will only increase and, I hope also in pleasures that, it seems, only the cross can you provide.

I am proud and begin to dance on my cross, taking care to expose all my privacy to the spectators present.

Feeling those stares on me practically brings me to an orgasm!

I feel like I'm really going to have the best two hours of my life.



I didn't realize it but that night I was really good!

This morning, after my hook has been removed and an additional scourging has marked my already damaged skin a little more, I begin to feel the real pains of the crucifixion!

I almost forgot about the cramps that tortured my limbs yesterday but now that they have to kick in to allow me to breathe, the pains have woken up and will continue to grow stronger until the end.

So they decided to stop injecting us with sedatives!

I find this quite normal because I do not see why those condemned to die nailed to a cross would not feel the real pain of their torture.

I also feel that the pain relieving effect of the previous injection is starting to wear off.

From a libido point of view, these famous effects seem to last longer because I am still erect and still have these urges for sex.

I see the little Dutch girl and her friend being tied on their cross!

It's crazy how happy this woman looks to find herself naked on her cross!

If I weren't crucified, I would go and stroke and lick her to show her that I too could make her cum terribly like she did for me and then I would go and suck her mate like he did. did so well.

I don't have to worry about them because, as soon as their crosses are erected, the spectators come towards them to show them that the strongest orgasms that we can experience, it is on a cross that we reach them .

Apart from this little derivative, I must say that now my pains are getting stronger and stronger and I'm starting to experience the worst pains in the world to be able to bear them!
My arms and legs would make me howl well with every move and my wrists and feet have surely been infected with the nails going through them and throwing me like very painful lightning bolts.

We are all fighting against our crosses and I have to resist thoroughly because I am the last representative of the male sex of the group.

Maybe I am next on the list and my death may now be very near!
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