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Our good CF friend and appreciator of pain, @StarbuckSlut, set a little challenge for me the other day. Having ascertained that I was familiar with the very popular UK TV series Downton Abbey (a series that, I believe, has found its way onto many national TV networks by now, including the US), she asked me to consider the three main 'babes' in the show - Lady Mary Crawley, Lady Sybil Crawley and Lady Rose). McClare. Having got them pictured in my mind's eye @StarbuckSlut then asked me to consider the following. If I had them in a courtroom and could set one of them free, make one of them the executioner and leave the third as the condemned to be executed, who would I choose for which role and why?

My creative juices were so stimulated by this that I decided to write a short narrative describing the scene and outlining my choices (including pictures of course).

My offering is posted below for you all to (hopefully) enjoy. However, moreover, both the 'Slut and I would love to hear of your choices of three from which ever TV show/Movie you like, and also what roles you would apply based upon this scenario to each of your chosen.

I have called the 'punishment' the Tri-Terror, which is the name of this thread, but the actual method of execution can be anything you wish it to be. Don't feel obliged to write a narrative (though if you wish to that would be just awesome), simply detail your choice of show, character, roles and execution.

In then meantime here is the opening tale "Tri-Terror - Mary, Sybil and Rose" ...
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Tri-Terror - Mary, Sybil and Rose

“Will the court please rise for Judge Fossy.” As one single entity, the court room, gallery and all, stood in unison as the esteemed Judge took his seat and stared down at the prisoners.

“Well, I must say that the three of you have to be the prettiest triumvirate of jail-birds I have ever seen.” He took a moment to ogle the three girls, before coughing lightly and averting his gaze to review the charge sheet before him.

“Sybil Crawley, are you present?”

“Yes, your Honour, I am …” her voice was not strong, but neither was it weak, as she addressed Judge Fossy and his revered bench.

“And, do we have Mary Crawley?”

“Yes.” Was the only word said in response, causing the Judge to look up from his sheet.

“Have her expose her breasts please, she will not hold either me or my court in contempt, and must learn the proper way to behave.

“This is ridic …” Mary was about to speak again when a slap to the face stopped her from digging the hole any deeper. The raised eyebrows of the venerated Judge told the actress that she needed to do as she was told. And so, with very evident reluctance, she reached to the zipper of her Orange jumpsuit and pulled it slowly down, revealing first of all her side breasts and then, as the metal clasp continued its journey, her bare curves and naked abdomen were revealed in full. A courtroom assistant tugged the suit off her shoulders to complete the task.

Downton Detainees.jpeg

Judge Fossy stared and made play of nodding slowly. “So, I ask again, is Mary Crawley present?”

“Yes … your honour,” came the more full reply.

“Good. And so last, but I am certain not least, you must be Rose McClare?” He peered down at the most slender and delicate of the three girls.”

Rose nodded.

“You must speak up my dear,” The Judge spoke softly to the young actress who was the only one of the three to have her wrists cuffed.

“Y … Y … yes your Honour.” Her voice was fragile and infused with terror. Judge Fossy smiled, he like that.

The charge sheet was once more referred to.

“You are, the three of you, here before me today, to answer for your crimes. Specifically, you are charged with inciting the public by demonstrating lustful provocation. You repeatedly appeared in a very popular TV show, and yet showed not one single inch of your naked bodies to actually fulfil the promises that your performances inferred.”

There was a pause, before he added.

“How do you plead?”

There was a voice from behind the three girls, that of their lawyer. “Guilty my Lord, all three of them confessed to insisting that their contracts for all episodes of Downton Abbey included a strict ‘no-nudity’ clause.”

The Judge now shook his head sagely. “Dear me, dear, dear me …” He looked up at the girls, his eyes staring, for a long few seconds, at Mary Crawley's hardened nipples.

“Girls, your crimes are most heinous. Do you not realise the frustration that you cause whenever a Downton Abbey episode is broadcast? There are untold repercussions … men, and women, taking their unsatiated desires out on their partners. Wrecking homes, getting drunk, taking drugs, muggings and general senseless violence … all because you appear on their TV screens to tease and provoke them.”

Another pause.

“You must be taught a lesson. I intend to bestow the maximum punishment for the crime. You are, all three of you, to be subjected to the ‘Tri-Terror’.

The knees of all three visibly weakened, they knew what Judge Fossy was bestowing upon them.

Slowly his eyes scanned the short line-up of attractive actresses. “So, as you no doubt realise, this means that I may offer one of you clemency. Freedom from any further part in this unhappy situation, to go back to your profession and show the public that you have learned your lesson.” He could see the eyes of the detainees flickering around the room, attempting to find signs that the one to be offered her liberty would be them.

“And …” The Judge continued, “… you will also know that of the remaining two, one will be the executioner and the other, unfortunate soul, the executed.

The Judge paused, and whether intended or not, it was highly dramatic. A quiet whimper could be heard from one of the girls … Rose, delicate little Rose.

“I can also declare that the execution method will be ‘The Bit’!” The court room gasped in unison and now Rose fell to the floor, her knees finally giving way.

As she was helped to her feet, Judge Fossy continued. “For anyone in this room that is unclear what ‘The Bit’ is, let me explain. The device is set between two metal poles, and is designed with the technicalities of a large drilling bit in mind. The condemned girl will be secured in the harness, with the very tip of the bit nudging against her already moistened labia. The executioner has control of the speed that the bit will operate as it begins to drill, slowly at first and then with an ever increasing pace, into the victim’s body. It will puncture her internal organs, vitally and fatally as it screws its terrible path all the way through her body until it appears visible once more, dripping in human gore, through some part of the ill-fated person’s head.”

The Bit.jpeg

At this stage Mary could no longer contain the meagre contents of her stomach and threw up onto the polished court room floor. Immediately she looked at the bench and proffered her apologies, fearful that her lack of resilience would be held against her as the Judge made his choices.

Proceedings halted for a minute of two as her mess was cleaned, then the Judge looked earnestly at the unfortunate threesome.

“Given that of all of you, Sybil was the one who delivered most on her implied promise by becoming pregnant and having a sexual relationship with one of the Abbey’s Staff, she will go free.”

As Rose collapsed to her knees once again, and Mary fought to hold down further nausea, Sybil stared open-mouth before gabbling out a stream of incoherent thank-you’s.

“Your freedom goes with a suspended sentence though girl, which will last forever. You will never again seek to remain clothed throughout the entirety of any TV or Movie presentation that you are, from hereon in, involved. Do you agree with those terms?”

“Yes, oh yes, of course,” the lucky girl was almost sobbing with relief.

“Good, then take her away.”

Another pause ensued as Sybil was removed from the court room.

“So, now we are left with the two of you. The two most provocative, groin-teasing little sluts that I have ever witnessed on my living room screen.”

“Please Judge, I … I am s … s … so sorry, I won’t ever …”

“Silence!” Mary’s stammers were quieted with a wave of Judge Fossy’s large hand.

The Judge took a deep breath. His gaze shifted to Rose, who was now being physically supported by a court official either side of her. The poor girl held her breath, but then exhaled when his eyes moved to regard the topless, exposed Mary Crawley.

“You, Miss Crawley, have been in the show since its inception. You know what the viewers want, and yet you steadfastly refuse to show any bare flesh at all.”

“I … I … will your honour, I promise …” She began to plead, but was once again silenced by the raising of the Judge’s hand.

“However, it is you the public wants to see naked the most, and so I bestow upon you the role of executioner in this forthcoming dreadful vignette.”

“Oh my gosh!” Mary brought her hands to her face and wept openly.

“But you also will carry a suspended sentence for the rest of your life, that will see you too brought to ‘The Bit’ should you refuse to remove your clothing in any production with which you are, from now on, involved. Do you agree with that?”

“Oh yes, your Honour, yes, yes, yes …”.

Rose stared aghast. She could not speak, her senses rendered numb, and her voice becoming dumb.

“You, Rose McClare, are condemned to die in a Public execution by being skewered to death on ‘The Bit’.” His simple, yet all-telling, pronouncement concluded with a banging gavel.

“Take them both away, the execution will commence at 9am prompt tomorrow in the Execution Hall.”

And, with nothing more to be said and done, that was that.

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Teller of Tales
The People vs. Elaine Benes
"Will the defendant please rise," the judge intoned. She rose, along with her defense attorney, Jackie Chiles.

"Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, how do you find in the case charging the defendant, Elaine Benes, with the murder of her friend and former lover, Jerry Seinfeld?"

The foreperson, a severe looking older lady who, for some reason, had brought with her to this solemn judicial proceeding, a loaf of marble rye bread, stood.

"We find her not guilty, you honor," she announced. Gasps went up throughout the assembled audience. Reporters from all the major papers and networks were hurriedly typing on their laptops.

Detective Barbara Moore turned to her colleague (and lover) Detective Stan Goldman, looking both shocked and peeved (a look that wasn't unknown to Detective Goldman). "How can that be, Stan? We worked that case hard. We had a mountain of evidence. Assistant District Attorney Susanna Gonzalez was great. And the defense attorney, that Jackie Chiles, sucked. It's a travesty of justice."

"Well, Moore, that's what happens when you have an unsympathetic victim. Did you see that forelady? She scowled every time they mentioned his name. You win some, you lose some, Moore. Now let's go home and I'll give you a good dozen with the cane on your tight little to work out our frustration and then we can fuck and go out for a nice dinner, OK? How about Indian, tonight?"

"Geez, Goldman, you really have a one track mind..."

"I saw three tracks right there, Moore."

It was a week or so later that the detectives were called to the scene of a presumed suicide in an apartment on the Upper West Side. The deceased lay in her bathtub, the water stained a deep pink by blood that had run out of her slit wrists. A large kitchen knife lay on the tile floor beside the tub. "Stan, that isn't her, is it?"

Stan held a few pieces of mail that had been lying on the desk in the living room. "I'm afraid it is Barb." He showed her the top one. "That says 'Occupant', Goldman."

"Sorry, Moore, try this one." It was a Visa bill addressed to "Ms. Elaine Benes".

"So, what do you think, Stan?"

"Of course we'll have to wait for one of Charlie Yang's Medical Examiners to have a look in order to be sure, but it looks to me like she knew she killed George Constanza, despite what the jury said, and she couldn't live with the guilt, so she killed herself."

"That would mean that she was let go, but also sentenced to death and was also the executioner."

"Bingo, Moore! Unless Charlie Yang and his team of medical examiners decide that maybe it wasn't suicide, but that's a whole other story..."
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Jon Smithie

Tri-Terror - Mary, Rose and Sybil
Interesting challenge. I liked the scenario, right up to the Bit. Although I agree with the Judge that the crimes of these three women are very serious, I'm hoping Judge Fossy will commute Rose's sentence to a flogging and a few hours in the pillory. But I know how strict he can be. I think she should be given consideration for a generous display of cleavage in "Pride And Prejudice And Zombies":

lily james3.jpg

And baring her lovely self in "The Exception":

lily james22.jpglily james21.jpg
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Jon Smithie

I might be mistaken, Fossy, but I think a young Michelle appeared in the early days of the UK tv prison saga "Bad Girls" and did in fact show some flesh.
Michele also fulfilled the terms of Judge Fossy's probation in a Netflix series called "Godless," (s1e6.) The large scar is a result of an earlier assault on Alice, the character Michele plays.

michele dockery Godless s1e6.jpg
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I might be mistaken, Fossy, but I think a young Michelle appeared in the early days of the UK tv prison saga "Bad Girls" and did in fact show some flesh.
Then all the more reason to be relieved that we made her the executioner!

Actually if you want to see her 'in the flesh' so to speak, then watch Godless, the western series. She is very hot in that ...
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