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Two-factor authentication

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Well, I'm Gerembeau. My right password was claimed incorrect.
Finally, I got a reset mail but I was registered as lionrobe4 (and I had no other choice nor could I change my name into Gerembeau)

Please, free me and let me access to my original profile !
I am a little worried that this will curtail access for some of our less technologically adept members. I did have some issues with 2FA on my computer. I am concerned that this will escalate though; if I can spoof a phone number, she can too! At the very least this is a strong solution to the perceived sockpuppet problem.

The ban on new chats fortunately won't affect me that much, since I have made an effort to have DMs with like... everyone on the site, including you, already.

Also, is no one saying Melissa? Are y'all damnatio memoriae-ing her ass? We know it's her...
Actually, I'm lionrobe4 instead of Gerembeau. Don't know if we can or should start a conversation under my new profile ?
Actually, I'm lionrobe4 instead of Gerembeau. Don't know if we can or should start a conversation under my new profile ?
Yes, you’re listed under that name.
Actually, I'm lionrobe4 instead of Gerembeau. Don't know if we can or should start a conversation under my new profile ?
You're Gerembeau according to our file. And I sent you a password change message this morning, your file shows you changed it (we can't see what it is, of course, just the note that it was changed). Is all that okay now?

So, should I consider that Gerembeau is definitively dead ? So, I can't go on only as lionrobe4 ?
THX by advance
lionrobe4 is, as we see, still alive - but so is Gerembeau - so far as we're concerned, they're two separate accounts. You also changed your password as lionrobe4.
Sorry, I tried to be clear, I got reset email but I was not recognized as being Gerembeau.

I try again, who knows...
On both accounts, the two-step is 'disabled', you should be able to log in with either, using your new passwords.
No, it does'nt match, when I try to log as Gerembeau, I get the reset mail as being lionrobe4.

Gerembeau is dead, long live lionrobe4 !!!!
Our posts crossed. Probably best to carry on as lionrobe4. But I hope in time we'll be able to retrieve Gerembeau.
Dear Eulalia, I was logged as Gerembeau when I asked a reset password. When I opened the mail, I was marked as lionrobe4. So, I can change only the password of lionrobe4 -:)

My last words.

THX for all your efforts for the forum
Can we combine his two accounts? He posted an awful lot on his other account @gerembeau
Still using 2 step.:(
Still using 2 step.:(
I would like to disable my Two-factor as well. Don't feel like I need it.
Erm... not for me, at any rate.

Hey ho, I'll look again tomorrow...
All should be okay now - two-step 'disabled' on your files. But if you find you're still having to do two-step, and manage to get in, do as Barb explained - click on your avatar, or on your name on the bar at top left, select 'password and security, and you should be able to disable two-step there.
It seems that two factor authentication has been disabled by default for new accounts, but existing ones have been left with it enabled. At least, this thread shows that this is the case of several peoples' account, including mine. Luckily, I have had no problem disabling it.

If you want to do it yourself, it's easy:
  1. Go to https://www.cruxforums.com/xf/account/security .
  2. Next to "Two-step verification", there should be a "Change" button. Click (or tap) on it.
  3. On each of the options that show a "Disable" button, click (or tap) on it. Repeat as many times as necessary until you disable all them.
  4. ...profit! (or not :angel2: ).
I have also found the same trouble of other people. The confirmation code takes several minutes to arrive to Gmail, and in one case, after a failed sign in, I got *two* codes, and put the wrong one (which was rejected, leaving me scratching my head). I tried Google Authenticator, but it showed "CruxForums" on my phone in the app's main screen, which, I think, is completely unacceptable, for reasons that should be obvious.
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